It is time to put the pieces back together

Do you still remember those parts of you that you were compelled to let go of?

They have become disowned, detached, denied.

But is there anyone to blame?

You were vulnerable, fragile, and frightened.

The society, the situations, the self-doubts,
and even the people you hold dear…
You thought these were right.

Little did you know that by putting everyone else first,
parts of you slowly broke…

To keep the family peace.
To cover up the shame created by a hurtful comment about your body.
To brush off the inappropriate touches as normal.
To act like it didn’t matter.

…not realizing how much it would affect your wholeness and change your future.

Your sovereignty has slowly been diminished, fading out.

This was not what you hoped for, nor what you envisioned life to be.

But how long will you let it happen?
How many more times will you deny pieces of yourself that want to be heard,
seen and understood.
Can you afford to lose any more of yourself in the process?

Take charge of your life!
Time to call back ALL of you!

You are strong

But collectively,

A 5-day online replay
of soaring female energies, who were massively real and
vulnerable about themselves,
and let go of body shame and trapped family loyalties.

Reclaim the scattered pieces


Bring them back home to you..

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