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Group Programmes and Collaborations

My life’s work is to help women and couples understand why they feel stuck and guide them through a process that restores their radiance and unlocks all the pleasure and possibilities they are capable of.

To journey fully into the depths of your body, soul, sensuality, and business and become even more of the leader you were destined to be.


Would you like to be free from the frustration of not having it all figured out by now and finally understand the inner fix, instead of searching for another thing to change on the outside?

How about results that get achieved rapidly and fundamentally, and know with certainty what you truly want in life right now, as well as what you can create for yourself for the next 30 years?

It’s never too late to live a life YOU love.

Taking A Course/Programme/Group

Taking a programme is the perfect way to uplevel and calibrate to a new energy without committing to a long-term coaching container. You’ll be in my energetic field, as well as other women who are also on the path of transformation. Certain programmes can also be done at your own pace, allowing for extra flexibility and lots of time to integrate these transmissions.


All my programmes, whether they are 1:1 or in a group are a full-bodied, full-feeling, direct coaching journey.

I call it a journey because it’s designed to find authentic ways to bring you back to your fullest self – mind, body and soul – NOT just talk around the issues.  

Using many of my different bespoke processes, we’ll tune in to what it feels like to be you, address any lingering trauma and learn how to bring pleasure and delight back into your everyday life, while fine-tuning your nervous system to be able to hold you and the gift you bring to this world and have it shine through in more ease and flow.

Once you are able to bring your own beliefs, needs and desires into focus, your outlook will shift too, in ways that previously seemed out of reach. You’ll unlock into a deeper connection to yourself, and your world.

Life will feel different, but the difference is really in YOU!


Group Programmes

Masterminds, collectives, and group programmes to help you tap into pleasure, emotions, and new frequencies to fully embody all of you.


Transformative offerings with other high-impact women to help you step fully into yourself, your life and your business.

Isn’t it time to come HOME to YOU?

Methods & Courses


Scrumptious Communication


After years of coaching women, couples, other coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs, the one thing we are constantly doing is COMMUNICATING.

With each other,
With the Universe,
With ourselves…

Yet, oftentimes, this is where there is the most charge!

We all crave connection and want to be seen, heard, understood and loved!

Communication is the key to having a better relationship, with yourself, with your higher power, with your partner, with your kids, with ALL that is around you. So often we forget we are all walking each other home and we are here to have a human experience!

This masterclass will bring you back to the basics and have you remember that everything you do and be is a COMMUNICATION.

These are just some of the techniques you will learn in this life-changing masterclass.





Your power is your very ESSENCE!

Embrace this SCRUMPTIOUS BODY of yours!

This is not just teaching, this is a full on experience. You WILL release all old stories, intense experiences, shame or judgement that have been holding you back from BEING in your SCRUMPTIOUS Body.

It’s time to take a step into your full SCRUMPTIOUS power.

It’s time to take a step into your full SCRUMPTIOUS power.

Scrumptious Bodies, coming home to ALL parts of you is a 10-day course of layer-by-layer healing…
Taking off your masks and external personas…
peeling off the protective layers of your mind, heart, body, and spirit…

owning who you are, your values and…





The Scrumptious Collective

A collective of like-minded women who are on a mission to have more scrumptiousness in their lives.

Come together in a mastermind of entrepreneurs, who are high-achieving, and life-loving, and know that there is so much more that life has to offer.

Build your legacy with ease and grace and a hell of a lot of PLEASURE!!

We meet virtually twice a month for coaching, mentoring and transmissions.

Once every 6 months there will be a Full Day Scrumptious retreat, either in person, or online.

6 Months minimum commitment, rolling membership.




What does it really mean? What emotions, thoughts, and body sensations come up when you feel something?

For most of us… We may be trapped in a life which feels like a rat race, working, running on empty and we may have been numbing ourselves for a long time. Doing anything to keep busy and avoid having to feel something, anything!

We are taught it is wrong or bad to feel certain things. Such teachings have been imprinted in our emotional wiring.

Is this what is happening in your life too? Are you tired of fighting to ignore certain feelings instead of embracing them?

Do you even recognize that you are living discombobulated from your emotions and body? THERE IS A WAY OUT! But the way out is ONLY through! What would be possible if you allowed yourself to FEEL FULLY?


It is time to put the pieces back together. Do you still remember those parts of you that you were compelled to let go of? They have become disowned, detached, denied. But who is to blame?

You were vulnerable, fragile, and frightened. The society, the situations, the self-doubts, and even those people you hold dear. You thought these forces surrounding you were always right. Little did you know that by putting them first, a part of you slowly broke…

…not realizing how much it would affect your wholeness and change your future. Your sovereignty has been slowly ripped off. This was not what you hoped for, nor what you envisioned happiness to be.

But how long will you let it happen? How much more can you afford to lose of yourself in the process?

Take charge of your life! You are strong alone. But collectively, NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR POWER.


Create the life you are meant to live.

In which love, abundance, passion, and fun freely flow through you! This is the quest you have been waiting for to understand YOUR inner power and learn how to use it so
YOU can live the life you want…

Your life, your terms!

Even after you have done all the mindset work, you may still experience a nosedive in the quality of life. How long can you keep doing this? What if all you need to do is revisit YOURSELF and understand YOUR soul’s purpose?

Fulfill the mission that you were born to
materialize and which yet somehow has eluded you.

It is time to step into the FULLNESS of YOU!

This interactive workshop is where you will achieve the keys to unlocking YOUR soul’s purpose. It will be around 2 hours in the special Facebook group with like minded people.

THE E.L. Method

Journey into the depths of your body, soul, sensuality and business so you can alchemise your greatest gifts and become the leader you are destined to be!

Be held in a sacred container of leaders supporting you to get real with yourself to unlock the deepest parts that are stopping you from leading at your greatest potential.

Explore new ways of understanding the unsaid patterns playing out in your psyche, the trauma stuck in your body, repatterning your nervous system and discover the embodied wisdom you hold.

Co-taught with Christine Borschneck consisting of 8 modules in a membership portal, 8-weeks of intensive group coaching and a private Facebook group.
Learn more below.


This program will transform leaders like you who long for a deeper understanding of how to find your way into pleasure, into arousal.

The word pleasure may already be quite confronting or perhaps you do not really know what we mean by it. You may notice that there is a part of you that is inquisitive and wants to know more, and there is a part of you that screams, “NO, I do not want to know”……

In our world PLEASURE is a feeling of being present with what is, accepting it fully. Find out what your Core Erotic Blueprint™ is and how you may have been speaking a different language to your partner. It is like a whole new world opens.

The world of sensation!

R4 - Rapid Release Rewire and Restore

This is my signature course that I have designed after helping hundreds of women and couples heal. It is a combination of tried and tested techniques, including but not limited to hypnosis, NLP, EFT tapping, Metaphysical processes and Somatic Experiencing.

Used to release the emotional and physical charge associated with pain, anxiety, phobias, trauma or other intense experiences.

Once there is an emotional charge, either positive or negative, it is difficult to achieve our goals.

R4 takes away this charge and instead replaces it with a way to rewire the brain with new pathways to find our way back home to the totality of who we are.

This coaching method will not only change your life, but how you interact with all those around you!