Episode 33 Get Ready for a Journey into Self-Discovery, Power, and Pleasure with Sydney Campos

On: Oct 31, 2023

Hey Scrumptious Souls! Welcome back to another delightful episode of The Scrumptious Woman Podcast. I’m your host, Juliette Karaman, and today we have a truly special conversation in store for you. We’re diving deep into the art of embodying abundance with a dear friend and an absolute powerhouse, Sydney Campos. Get ready for a journey into self-discovery, power, and pleasure. Let’s jump in!

In this episode, Juliette is joined by the radiant Sydney Campos, a visionary dedicated to helping individuals embrace their authentic selves and live their purpose. Together, they explore the transformative journey of self-discovery and how it leads to creating a life filled with abundance. They touch upon vital aspects like shame, desire, and capacity, shedding light on how these elements influence our experiences. Sydney emphasizes the importance of playfulness, joy, and acceptance in the process of embodying one’s true essence. Through candid conversations, they inspire listeners to rekindle their inner light and embrace the profound magic of being alive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Releasing Shame: Recognizing and clearing shame from our lives is crucial for unlocking our true potential and experiencing abundance.
  • Building Capacity: Cultivating the capacity to feel our power, desire, and intuition is a transformative step towards living authentically.
  • Tuning into Desire: Acknowledging our desires and where we feel them in our bodies is a powerful practice in embracing our true selves.
  • Permission to Play: Embracing silliness, playfulness, and allowing ourselves to be free from societal conditioning can be a revolutionary step towards deeper connection and authenticity.
  • Acceptance and Freedom: Accepting our reality and making choices from a place of acceptance allows us to step into our true essence and live a life filled with joy and purpose.

Remember, Scrumptious Souls, you have the power to embrace your abundance and live a life that truly lights you up. Dive into this episode and let the wisdom shared inspire your journey towards a more embodied and joyful existence!

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    The Scrumptious Woman EP33

    Sat, Oct 28, 2023 1:30PM • 23:59


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    Juliette Karaman, Sydney Campos

    Juliette Karaman  00:00

    Okay, well, my beautiful guests, Sydney is devoted to creating heaven on earth and all the moments. So she has been guiding visionaries around the world to embody their true selves and powerfully live their purpose since 2012. advising companies mentoring leaders training, intuitive facilitators or architecting, the world’s next social community, Sidney, what she does is a new minutes bridges into new dimensions.

    Juliette Karaman  00:36

    Tell us more.

    Juliette Karaman  00:39

    Take up all the time to actually write listen to your bio. But you know what I would like to hear from you what it is and how you bring people how people can find you.

    Sydney Campos  00:50

    Thanks, Juliet, it’s so wonderful this year, you look great. By the way, it’s been a couple lifetimes since we last connected here. And yeah, I just so thankful to really be available to support those who are ready to deepen in their embodiment, and really show up in their power really show up and their mission and their purpose. And you can simplify that all to say like, I really help people come fully alive.

    Juliette Karaman  01:21

    Huh, beautiful. And how did you get into this?

    Sydney Campos  01:27

    Well, I think my life just initiated me, you know, one, dark night after the other to remember my own path and my own gifts and my calling, you know, as you read, you know, to create heaven on earth, it’s actually not something that we create externally, you know, I mean, it’s fun to create and build things in the world externally, but we can only really create the new things we wish existed, the new experiences he wished existed, when we have, you know, created the sense of presence and connection, authenticity, love within ourselves. So really heaven on earth as an experience we come to embody. And then from that place, you know, what do we want to create? How do we want to play?

    Sydney Campos  02:10

    Juliette Karaman  02:10

    It’s interesting, right? Because I hear that so often. And I’m actually speaking on a panel

    Juliette Karaman  02:18

    in October, in person in London, with a whole bunch of guest speakers, about how we can call it that heaven on earth, how we can bring the life forth that we want, and that we are creating. And I can understand that a lot of listeners that are listening to this podcast, will have some kind of idea, but take you through three concrete steps that you take your people through that, you know, how can you bring more of what you want to tear into your life?

    Sydney Campos  02:49

    Yeah, well, everybody is so unique. You know, it’s like as you as I’m sure you understand, like, we’re all we all have such different trajectories and this awakening or embodied ascension process, as I like to call it and yet, there are a few things we all tend to have in common. And I find that you know, the common thread and really supporting someone to awaken into more of their power, their purpose, their connection to their true selves to their divinity, to their passions, really starts with and it has been the case for me again, and again, starts with really doing a deep dive around shame. And cleaning, shame, meaning shame out of the body, cleaning it out of your ancestral lineage and just you know, clearing the density and the heaviness that shame can just really have in our lives in so many subtle and not so subtle ways. And it’s really the biggest blocker to our magnetism to our power to our desire. So that’s something I really specialise in is that’s been a major part of my life and path and then you know, from there the next two things I would say are, you know, you’d start to build capacity in your body and your physical body mental emotional, even psychic body capacity to actually feel your power your aliveness your desire, your passion, your Listen to your intuition, I would say is actually probably step two and three is like turning on your, your multi dimensional gifts and abilities to receive listen to trust and act on your vision.

    Juliette Karaman  04:16

    I love it. So many of us are saying the same and I was just talking to someone about capacity about actually building out that capacity like 10 years ago, I would not have been here and using your gifts What is that all about? Right? If you were like yo but I’m using my gifts I’m using my brain that’s what God gifted me. Yeah, I’m using my intuition but oftentimes we don’t slow down enough to actually hear what the universe what, what gifts are coming in what we we can be like a little antenna we can actually receive right it’s like the radio dial if we, if we dial it to the right radio and some of you might

    Juliette Karaman  05:00

    Remember this, you can actually receive that channel. But if you’re not open to receiving that, and if you’re busy doing things and being busy or trying to be liked or like you said shame, right? If we’re not slaying that shame, if we’re constantly thinking, Oh my God, but I’m not worthy or, or it’s selfish of me to do that I should take care of my children, my parents, but then we don’t hear and then we can’t receive.

    Sydney Campos  05:28

    Yeah, and really the worthiness piece comes up a lot around shame, if you’re carrying shame and density around, you know, not feeling like you’re good enough or that you’re bad at some level, this can be so deep in the subconscious. And yet, I really find it such a universal wound that so many people have, and it’s so conditioned in our society and our, you know, family models, and it’s just something we’re really here collectively to clear at a very deep level and, and to be free so that we can receive and, you know, we’re naturally our bodies are designed to be receptive to be receivers, you know, we’re literally antennas tuning forks. And so it’s like a frequency game, how do we clean our energy field, our body, our cells, our DNA, to just be the natural magnetic receiver that we are.

    Juliette Karaman  06:18

    I love that how we are just receiving, all right, and how we can clear that so what are some of the exercises you would take through just just for someone that’s just stumbled upon this and is maybe like, just starting to wake up to the possibility that we can actually receive what we want? What what are some of the things that you talk about? Because I mean, one of my things would be like, shame, let’s let’s look at that. So like, what? What are the things that were told to you? Like, even something like have you ever been told shame on you by your parents when you’re doing something wrong? How did that load into your body? Where can you still physically feel it?

    Sydney Campos  07:09

    Yeah, I mean, it means something that really comes up around this is just going kind of right to the root, I like to go really deep. And I know we talked about this in our last episode, and it’s it you know, what comes up with sexuality and not just sexuality in the way we’re conditioned to orient to that, but just desire? And what do you really want? What do you really desire? What is something that is lighting you up about? Being alive? And? And where do you feel that desire in your body, right, we can navigate where shame is in the body, it usually tends to live in the lower, you know, reservoirs of the root and the, you know, the pelvis and the womb and, and then it’s like, Where does your desire live? Can you feel actually can you start to track a feeling of desire of passion of something that’s pulling you into inspiration into creation, and something that even turns you on, you know, and start to build capacity for that sensation in the body as well and not get so lost in you know, maybe looking at the trauma or feeling the pain, we can kind of do things simultaneously, we don’t have to like heal all the shame, but where we can start to cultivate aliveness and desire and passion and start to let more of our power and life force flow through. And then as we start to do that, we actually intrinsically let shame start to alchemize and move out and just clear out because the higher frequency energy, we start tapping into through play, and desire and pleasure, just helps to clear the body in really effective, very efficient ways, much more so than like mentalizing or intellectualising or, you know, talking through all the stories and repeating I know, you know, all of this. And so I just love to get people into a place of play. And my medicine is really especially lately has just been silliness. And I’ve just done so much healing of my own masks that I’ve worn and the stuff I learned to do to make you like me and take me seriously, I just don’t even give a fuck anymore in a lot of ways in it, it tends to shock people. And I actually feel that is the medicine needed on this planet right now is the more of us that can liberate you know ourselves from not caring and just being willing to be silly and playful, and however we’re feeling in the moment but for me, I actually like to poke poke fun at serious situations, like say people come to my workshop or retreat or, you know, and they’re like, Okay, I’m ready to do the serious embodied ascension work like let’s do this trauma healing. And I will just play with that and you know, make make a silly joke or start playing, you know, just let the inner child come out and then people just can’t wait to have that permission to let themselves just relax. And then from there and relaxation, we come into deeper presence. We start to elevate the field of consciousness, we start to elevate our fruit, our frequency and our receptivity naturally, and people’s intuition start turning on and then we can talk about like, hey, what do you actually want to be creating in your life? What kind of game do you want to be playing?

    Juliette Karaman  10:06

    I love this. I had just today actually my episode with women or other erotic blueprint, which came out and it was all about flirting with lying and being playful. Because so many of us just think like, yes, we’ve had tough shit happen to us in our lives. And we overcame it. So it’s absolutely perfect. Have a bit of fun, be playful, really learn how to not take yourself so serious, right? Because some people are just so oh my goodness, let’s laugh a little bit. Because they’re just kind of thing if you think back gets a little puppies, and if you look at children at their utter delight, in light in life, right, a little little toddler picks up a bowl and just squeals with laughter. And the puppy licks a baby or also toddler and the two of them are having such a good time. And it touches everyone around them. And this is what I often say to people, it’s like, if you can’t quite tap into that energy, just remember that. Remember a moment when you saw two people in absolute the light with each other having so much fun. How did that affect you? What did you feel in your body? Right?

    Sydney Campos  11:31

    Yeah, I mean, an edge. I don’t know if you relate to this, I’m curious like an edge for me now is like actually building more of my own capacity for even like higher ecstatic, blissful pleasurable states, which it feels like, you know, to me more power, more of my power, more of my essence, more of My Divine blueprint is like coming in coming into the cells. And I know this is true for everyone, right now, like we’re all being asked to embody, to come in to come alive to like, really inhabit our vessel. And from there, it’s like, we can access such deep sensation all across the spectrum of a feeling and it’s beyond good and bad, and emotions. It’s like, just it’s like ecstatic being and then you start to see, like, wow, our whole society has really conditioned us to just turn that all off. And it’s pretty revolutionary to start to like, turn it back on again.

    Juliette Karaman  12:26

    And I also completely agree with you. And then I’ve also seen where some people really blow out where they don’t have the capacity to actually hold on to that and then bring in, it looked like we don’t want to say bad or good things. But you know, they bring in some denser energies that are actually more tough for them. And then life is on a roller coaster, and they go down a little bit again. So it’s really building that capacity, doing your your embodiment exercises, and finding the joy in it. It doesn’t always come naturally to people.

    Sydney Campos  13:06

    Yeah, I’ve really been I just relocated to New York City, the last couple days after being in Hawaii for years until bloom and just like this jungle Beach, Paradise places. And I’m like, Yeah, I’m back in New York after years away. And it’s actually so fun being here. Like I have a totally new nervous system. And it’s fun feeling all the shifts and integrating, you know, the past selves that were here and I hit rock bottom here like 12 years ago, that was my where I started my awakening was here. So there’s so much here and and something I’m really present to is just how, like there’s this feeling of like some like loneliness, and like I could feel like a yearning people are I can feel it in the field here like this yearning for a deeper connection and realness. And that feeling of like being surrounded by people, but not actually feeling connected, feeling lonely. And it’s, I don’t feel that way. But I can feel it. I’m just observing in the field around me with so many people and so much data like, wow, this is so fascinating. And I wonder how many people are going through this in the world right now? And just like yearning for this deeper intimacy with themselves with life with other people, but they’re not sure they’re not aware of like, if that’s possible, or like, how to start initiating that type of depth in themselves and in their lives. You know, so I’m just I’m exploring that. I’m like, oh, like, what are we going to like what’s happening here in this ascension process humanity, like people want to be deeper.

    Juliette Karaman  14:45

    Isn’t it true, though, and thank you for sharing that. And wow, 12 years back in New York. And I remember first going to New York when I wasn’t at all on this ascension path. Mama Mama or little babies and flying over from from Europe and but still noticing the pressure that people put themselves under in big cities. And even then it was very palpable to me, it’s always been palpable to us, we just kind of learn how to numb down or how to protect ourselves from feeling so much. So I completely get it every time when I go into London, I’m like, Oh, that is there’s some dark stuff going on in certain parts, right. And they’re like some people with some heavy thoughts. And this is one of the gifts I want to give to people that are just starting this path and just starting to tap into their intuition into their gifts. We all have this, we can all feel we can feel the energy field around us. When you come into a room immediately, you’ll have an idea like, oh, yeah, this feels inviting. I want to spend stay here. You might have that that feeling of deja vu? It’s like, Oh, I’ve been here before I know these people. Right? So this is where you’re actually picking up on the energy, which is a much for yours, or what’s drawing you in? And then you have more dense energies where you’re like, Nope, don’t want to go there. Absolutely not. And then, you know, we as mothers, as parents sometimes push our children’s like, no, go and give Uncle Joe kits are like, no, no, no, don’t want to do this. So if you just think back to things like this, you actually will know you can actually feel the field. Everything is in it.

    Sydney Campos  16:42

    Thank you for that. Yeah, permission. Yeah, we’re just ready to give ourselves full permission to be who we are, which is energetic beings, infinite souls incarnated in these vessels that can really feel so everything and, and that’s the point, you know, the point longer I go on this path, I’m just like, I’m here to have experiences. I’m here to share. I’m here to create cool stuff and help people and for the, for the joy of it. But really, I’m here to have experiences that helped me to learn and grow and just deepen in my capacity to feel and enjoy and play. It’s like, really to enjoy this, this experience. There’s nowhere else in the universe. And I think beyond this universe, if you could imagine there’s more than just this one. And maybe more than even words could describe. And this is the only place as far as I’m aware that we can actually be in a physical experience and a body that can feel that can taste that can touch that can hear music, that can taste food, that can experience the physical sensation of like oxytocin and love and pleasure and our, you know, orgasmic physical like energy flow, and just, you know, it’s meant to be fun. And that might sound counterintuitive to everything we’ve ever been taught about being successful and being on this path, and not whatever, you know, but I’m pretty sure that’s why I came in. So I like to remember that.

    Juliette Karaman  18:15

    I love it. I am loving this, that we are all here to have fun to play, to learn our lessons, but to look at ourselves with a little bit of humour. Just like the world doesn’t need to be so serious. We can actually just bring in everything that we want. I guess if we really it does feel like our soul chose this human vessel, right? It’s like, okay, let’s have some fun. Let’s play here a little bit.

    Sydney Campos  18:51

    Yeah, and I love exploring that in you know, every area of your life. That’s a great, you know, inquiry to be in for everyone listening is like, okay, yeah, like I want to be more fun and enjoy my life more and, you know, this permission thing to be who I am sounds cool. How do I do that. And a great exercise is to really just like take inventory of like, every part of your life, I like to take my clients through like, you know, the top seven. So kind of look through your life and the areas of your career, your family, your relationships, your financial life, your creative, I call it like joy and creation, you know, your artistic life, your play, and then you know, and relationships can be not just your intimate family relationships, but your relationships with colleagues with friends, like, depending on how deep you really want to go. And then your nutrition, your health, your physical wellness, and then your movement, your activity like you know, your spiritual life, your intuitive development life. You can add or take away whatever areas don’t resonate, you know, and then or do resonate. And then really sit and ask, like, what would my life be like if I allowed myself to just have some Have more fun enjoyment and play in this area of my life. And this is also where your intuition can help you answer these questions for you, it can give you ideas, it can give you an inspired action, a way that you can commit to allowing more fun and play and pleasure into your daily life. And it can be simple little things like, and you might come up with the most cute or silly like creative things, but they’re for you. And these can be rituals. These can be gifts that you give yourself, these can just be commitments that you make, because they feel good for you. And nobody else even needs to know about it. You know?

    Juliette Karaman  20:37

    I love this. It’s one of the questions that I liked. I like to do their five F’s or seven F’s, right? Friends, family, finances, etc. So it’s very similar to you. And then often it would be like, okay, so rate yourself on a scale of one to 10 How well are you doing all of this? And sometimes it’s like, oh, my finances are a little bit not so good. And then people only focus on finance and fun, just goes out of the window. And I even put fucking in there, you know? It could be anything it could be touch, it doesn’t actually have to be, you know, it was another app. Where can you have a bit of touch? Where can you just actually learn how to touch your face your skin? Slow down enough that you like it? And one question that I love, love, love. And I’ve been asking I’m doing this 30 Day scrumptious snus challenge on Voxer with with some people, and just seeing the change is incredible. or hearing the change, right? So one of the questions today was what if you can’t mess it up? If you can’t fuck it up? What you know, there is no way in an earth that you are in the universe or anywhere that you can fuck this up. What would be possible? What would you be doing? What would you be feeling? And what what are you what’s happening for you now knowing that, you know, there’s no way that I can go wrong? What would you try? And the answers that come back are like out of this world, there’s so much fun.

    Sydney Campos  22:14

    Oh, I love that. Yeah, that reminds me of just acceptance is the answer to all of our problems pretty much and we get, we get to be out of time when we just accept you know, so simple. It took me so long to get it though. Like, wait, I can just accept my reality. And then I can be free and like move on to actually create a choice from like more of my essence and less of conditioning and all these other subconscious programmes that were making my choices for me I had no idea

    Juliette Karaman  22:44

    completely, right. I love it. Sydney, tell me how people can find you. You’ve dropped work at a drop some beautiful gifts that you are gifting everyone but tell us about it.

    Sydney Campos  22:58

    Oh, for this beautiful community. And thank you so much again, for having me. I’m just so thankful to connect with everybody here. And, you know, thank you for taking care of yourselves by listening and just being in this type of consciousness field and I felt like it would be really supportive to share the abundance bundle from the embodied ascension Academy. So this is a set of some of my favourite meditations and just guided activations that really help you to embody abundance, which is of course connected to embodying your power, your purpose and your pleasure.

    Juliette Karaman  23:36

    I love it. Oh my god, I will definitely download it myself to listen to it. I’m dying to listen to your things as well.

    Sydney Campos  23:44

    Thank you, Juliette. Yeah, it’s such a pleasure to connect with you. I just, I love your energy and your spirit. And yeah, it’s just such a blast to collaborate.

    Juliette Karaman  23:54

    Thank you so much, my love

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