Episode 31 Unlocking the Mysteries of the Soul: Journey into the Akashic Records with Natasha Nicole Harris!

On: Oct 24, 2023

Welcome to The Scrumptious Woman Podcast!

In this enlightening episode, Juliette invites Akashic Records guide and teacher, Natasha Nicole Harris, to delve into the mystical realm of the Akashic Records. Natasha shares her personal journey from an IT background to becoming a guide in this ancient wisdom, offering insights into how the records can guide us on our soul’s path.

Juliette and Natasha embark on a fascinating conversation about the Akashic Records, an infinite source of wisdom and understanding. Natasha beautifully likens them to an energetic database, storing every thought, feeling, and action we’ve ever experienced. These records provide a unique opportunity to uncover past life experiences, identify root causes of patterns, and initiate profound healing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Akashic Records Find Us: Natasha emphasizes how often the records seem to find individuals, guiding them towards this deeper understanding of their soul’s journey. Trust those little nudges and whispers.
  • A Path of Unfolding: Natasha shares her own journey from a corporate background to embracing her gifts. It’s a reminder that life’s path isn’t always linear; sometimes, it’s about taking those leaps of faith.
  • Trust in the Unseen: Embracing the unknown and trusting that we are supported can be unsettling. However, leaning into trust can lead to profound shifts and transformations.
  • Gentle Unraveling: It’s okay to take things at your own pace. The Akashic Records offer an invitation, not a demand. Trust in your own timing and comfort level.
  • The Power of Clearing and Healing: By exploring the Akashic Records, we gain the tools to release what no longer serves us. It’s like rebooting our internal programming for a more aligned and vibrant life.

Natasha brings a wealth of wisdom and warmth to this episode, providing a window into the profound world of the Akashic Records. If you’re curious about exploring your soul’s journey, don’t miss this insightful conversation!

Resources Links:

For more information on Natasha Nicole Harris and her work with the Akashic Records, visit her website http://www.mindbodysoulenergy.co.uk/.

You can also connect with her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/natashanicoleharris/


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The Scrumptious Woman EP31

Mon, Oct 16, 2023 11:25AM • 30:27


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Juliette Karaman, Natasha Harris

Juliette Karaman  00:00

I have the wonderful Natasha Nicole Harris with me. We have together with 1/3 person created this incredible essence retreat. We’ve been together in our mastermind for the past two years I think together co created just a lot of fun. Now Natasha is an Akashic Records guide teacher. And actually I’m gonna let her explain what this means herself.

Natasha Harris  00:31

Oh, right. Well, that’s a big topic. Yeah, so I work with the wonders and ancient wisdom of the Akashic records. And I’m sure we’ll, we’ll talk a little bit about more precisely what they are. But I do past life readings, I do mentoring, I support people to really come into understanding their true soul gifts, their child, their soul wisdom, and really supporting them to allow that that wisdom that gift to flow through them in everything that they do. But I also teach the Akashic records, teach healers, coaches, practitioners, to access the Akashic records on their clients behalf and to really support their clients doing next level work and next level abundance and wealth. So, yeah, it’s a juicy topic.

Juliette Karaman  01:19

Now, I’ll be very honest, until about eight years ago, I had no idea what Akashic records were. And I remember getting to this sacred medicine journey. No idea why I was going to that but I was just listening to my intuition. I was listening to the breadcrumbs. You know, I always say that, like, I was just following those breadcrumbs and it was like, all I needed to know where the next one is, and I just kind of like jumped slightly freefall, you know, coming off a cliff or like no idea where this is going to land but it’s. So that is where I first heard of the Akashic records. This was my shaman and we did sacred medicine Bufo which is this tote medicine and it is kind of like when you inhale it, it feels like it’s it’s near death experience, right? It’s like the ego disappears, you become one with the light with the wind with everything. I really remembered my near death experience and then helped my sister with that when she when it was time for her to pass over. So those were my bread crumbs. Now there was someone there in that experience that was having a really difficult time to let go. So she got stuck in the fear like oh, no, no, no, no having onto to my Shaman. And my body started vibrating, sort of vibrating really fast, and I started gibbering. I started. I don’t know, I guess that was channelling my gift. I was like, I have no idea what I said. But I just started doing stuff. And she started to calm down. So like, oh, okay, that’s interesting. So then I had an in person session with my chairman. He’s like, Oh, yeah, well, you should just read your Akashic records. I’m like, my, what my wants are like, you know, after I left the session, like what was that, again? My records of fast forward, I have done your course. And I’m like, Whoa, okay. This is incredible. Yeah. So explain a little bit what exactly. Akashic Records mean.

Natasha Harris  03:25

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s incredible, isn’t it? I just want to just acknowledge what you just said there about, you know, they find us you know, we hear these little, little whispers and so many so many times, I often hear people saying, you know, I just heard about the Akashic records, I stumbled across you. I’m here don’t really know why. And it’s like the records, the Akashic records, find us, they found me for sure. So, what are the Akashic Record Akashic records, I’m gonna keep it really short and succinct, but they are vast, they’re infinite. They’re an infinite resource of wisdom, knowledge, understanding of you know, who we are and everything else like that. So, so just to know that they are, they are really vast, but the Akashic records in a nutshell, it’s it’s for me, it feels like a bit like an energetic database of all the past experiences, thoughts, feelings, actions, everything we’ve ever done. So if we think about everything that we do every thought feeling action, has an energetic resonance. So you know, we we have sound we speak something out loud, it carries out into the universe, as a vibrational field, every action movement, everything we do has this energetic imprint. Now we know now with science that we can’t destroy energy. We just can’t, we can’t unsay things. We can’t undo things. We can’t, you know, undo anything really act energy, once it’s out there it is in the field, but we can transform it, we can transform it from and sadness to joy, we can transform it from fear to wonderment, we can transform it from something that feels heavy shadow dark, to something that feels expansive, vibrant light. But if we can’t destroy it, then where does it go? Where where does that energy end up. And that’s what resides in the Akashic Record. It is like an energetic database of all of those things that we’ve energetically put out there. Now, the enter the Akashic Record, our we each have, our own very own Akashic record is created, the moment our soul is born. So the moment our soul comes into creation, with like this beautiful puff of light, beautiful light that gets created in the universe, and that’s where everything from then is stored. So that means if we do believe in past life experiences, everything we’ve experienced in a past life gets stored in the Akashic Record, as well as our unique soul frequency, that unique light that we are, so that we can tap into it and allow more of that to flow through us through everyday actions. And then when we’re looking at past life experiences, now we’ve can only look, we only need to look back at history to know not been so kind, we’ve probably been through some traumas in past life. It really identifies this the core root lifetime that our energetic pattern was created. So if we we’ve experienced things over and over again in this lifetime, and we’ve locked, looked at what’s caused that in this lifetime, we can actually go back to see where was it created? Where was it? Where was it? What’s the root cause of it. And then when we know that we can heal it, clear it create space, and create a pathway for us to do something new and different moving forwards?

Juliette Karaman  06:47

In a nutshell, I love it. Because when I first heard of the Akashic records, I’m like, you know, I looked it online. It’s like, oh, a vast library of stuff. So I’m like, oh, okay, cool. So it’s actually a library, I can go to physically, it’s like, oh, yeah, no, not quite. But I love how you explained it. And also, when what was coming up for me when you were explaining that it’s kind of like, if we look at our computer programme, if we look at our history, we actually know what we’ve, what we’ve browsed what we’ve looked at what’s happened. So I kind of like, I don’t know why it is this analogy, that metaphor that just kind of like hitting in where it’s like, we can kind of like, compare it to a metaphor. And it’s kind of like how we like like rebooting a computer as well, right? When we receive certain things, when we clear stuff, when we rewire our brain and our nervous system. It’s like rebooting the computer. And it’s like, oh, all that old gunk that was there, which you know, you can get to with the Akashic records, and we’ve all you know, we can then heal, and then the computer just runs a little bit better, it runs faster, it runs more alive, aligned.

Natasha Harris  08:03

That’s exactly it, you know, I come from an IT background in a pre my previous. You know, I was, I was in it, I was an IT programmer. And so it is a bit like, you know, we are coded, we’ve coded for these things. And then when we come to doing the reset, where we’re actually clearing out the cache, if you like, you know, we’re clearing out those old codings. And we’re resetting and we’re allowing for something new and different to come into play. If we choose differently, we are always at free will and choice. We always get to choose whether or not we want to hold on to an old pattern, or we’re ready to release it and try something new. The Akashic Records just give us the signposts give us the clues of what we’ve coded for, where it started, and how we can really start to do something new and different and give us that clear pathway in order to make it a little bit easier along a bumpy road. So yeah, it’s a good analogy.

Juliette Karaman  08:59

Isn’t it funny? I actually didn’t know that about you. So okay, so that is opening up now. Yeah, as my listeners know, and I’ve told them a few times, I don’t prepare questions. So my guests come on here and we just go with whatever path kind of arises. And at the moment, you have just given me a beautiful little earbuds like so what was your path? Before you got before the Akashic records found you?

Natasha Harris  09:30

Yes. So I think for me, you know, doing something along the lines of it, and I was project manager and, you know, I had done coding, I really was very much shut off and quiet to my my gifts and to opening up and being open to this. I kind of knew I had this sort of sixth sense about things, but I was always like, well, I don’t really know what it is. I don’t really understand it wasn’t a language that I had with people in my circle. So just kind of get got on with things went down the corporate route. And there was something really strong inside me at one point in my sort of late 20s, where I was really walking the corporate route, I was doing really well. I was being promoted. I was I was enjoying what I was doing. But there was something in me was like, I don’t like who I’m becoming in this, in this corporate environment. I’m becoming hard on the exterior, I’m walking a path that I don’t really feel comfortable in. And I kept coming back to this question of like, Is this really my path for the next 30 years working? And that thought terrified me. And so I was like, it was like, almost like I had to jump ship, I had to jump out I had to find a different path. And some opportunities came to me. That led me abroad. Let me let me back to nature, which is such a huge part of me, I grew up in nature grew up in the in the forest. You know, with holidays, going back to my pet, like my mom’s roots in Austria, in Vienna, and Tirol. And those beautiful, that’s where I spent a lot of my childhood. And it really brought me back to this is what’s important for me community, grass roots, being in nature, and it awakened something for me, but it took me some years to really come into starting Yoga, you know, recognising that I was connected with my body, starting to receiving messages, you know, doing a coaching course, you know, finding out about Reiki and energy healing and going oh, something it means telling me I need to go do this Reiki course, no idea what Reiki is. So I was very good at just going, Oh, just go and try that out or try that out. And that’s what really led me it was just like one step after the other. That kind of led me and then one Sunday afternoon, like a Kashuk records K was coming to me and books, and courses and all these kinds of things. And I was like, I need to do more of this. And I was like, I don’t know what it is. But something in the saying that Tasha, do it. Step in, learn more, discover more. And it’s just been like, wow, and here I am. 12 years, 10 years later, you know, working in this field and doing readings for people doing hundreds of readings and loving it.

Juliette Karaman  12:24

I love this. So you had your little breadcrumbs to? Yeah. And that’s what we so often hear where someone’s either had to hit rock bottom or, or hit a point in their life where they’re like, No, I’m not sure I want to be this person or like you said you didn’t like the person that you are becoming. It’s just like, oh, is this all there is to life? And oftentimes we we associate that with midlife crisis and very often we’ve ticked all the boxes, right? Okay, so we’ve my school, university, if your college or university, house first house, perhaps you get married, have children, job career, and then all of a sudden, it’s like, Okay, so we’ve ticked all these boxes, we’ve gotten all our needs fulfilled, and we’re on the pyramid weren’t going up. But there’s a deep sense of longing, a deep sense of wanting something else. And why I have a good marriage. Kids that love me, I have you know, all the, the finances are going well, but there’s something that’s missing. Yeah.

Natasha Harris  13:38

Yeah, definitely. And I, you know, I really, truly felt that like, as well, on the exterior, you know, I had a I had a flat was in my 20s, I had a flat in London, I, you know, I had a boyfriend, I was in a partnership. I was like, I was kind of like I was I was good, like, things were good. But there was again, that something that was like, This can’t be my life. This isn’t my life. I kind of I kind of knew, but I had not an ounce of a clue what it was in, like, in comparison, what it could be. And if somebody had said, this is the path you’re gonna walk by that laughed, I laughed and said, Not a chance. Like, what are you talking about? And even sort of 510 years ago, you know, I think if someone had said, this is where it’s still gonna follow, it’s still unravelling. And now if someone was going to tell me where I was going to be in five years, probably go no, like, don’t like Don’t be ridiculous. I know. It’s continuing to unfold. And that’s the beauty of it. It’s just it’s an ever unfolding, blossoming flower.

Juliette Karaman  14:40

I love it. Flower and blossoming flower, a path which just continues to show the next few steps forward. We’re gonna take one minute for our sponsors and we’re back Back again, Natasha Nicole Harris, I’m so happy to have you here. Now we’ve been unravelling a little bit, the Akashic records how you came from a computer background and got yourself into coaching and still not quite understanding that how the Akashic Records came to you, yes, you do understand, but you know, and how you are guiding others in the. And when we left you, you said something really beautiful, you’re like, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me in five years time. And that’s the beauty, right? Because we’re energy, we’re energetic beings. So the one thing that we do know, is that Nothing ever stays the same. And I know a lot of people actually struggle with that. And if you know, they want everything to stay the same, or they want things like at least that they can grasp onto some kind of continuity. I have two kids that are very dyslexic, and I’ve taught loads of kids and adults on the spectrum. And the one thing that they really struggle with is change. And then we do know that change is constant. We know that we were born, or we know that we dis physical body deteriorates and dies at one point, those are the only two concepts that we know are going to happen in our life. And everything in between is one big adventure. And sometimes it does feel like you’re holding on you’re like on that roller coaster you’re holding on for dear life, you’re like, Oh, my God, where am I going?

Natasha Harris  16:36

It’s really unnerving, isn’t it, it can be really unsettling. And I think, you know, that we, we do want to hold on. And I noticed that even doing this work, you know, there are elements of me that still want to hold on, still have a little bit of control. I’d like a few answers. And it’s really leaning into the trust, trusting that we are, we’re going to be okay, that their life is a learning life is an unfolding that, you know, we can’t always predict. There’s always those little crumbs that we talked about. And it’s really trusting, leaning back, that we are really truly safe, that we’re okay that we’ve got this, that nothing is can derail us to such a massive extent that we don’t know ever how that we will never come back from it. So it’s like, how can we lean into a little bit more trust, knowing that things are really for us that they’re going to support us that we are supported by our guides were supported by the realms of the Akashic records. There’s always someone looking out for us the little nudges the little taps on the shoulder. And the more I just trust in the things I can’t explain the things I just seem to feel no understand, the more my life can unfold, the more willing I am to go. I have no idea can I just let go? Just a little bit more of the control. I do my human desires, and take that little step. And it’s not always comfortable. Even when we trust fully. It’s not that comfortable. But when we trust more, it becomes more comfortable. That’s for sure.

Juliette Karaman  18:16

Everyone just to take a breath, because I’m feeling like the collective energy of people like oh my God, not trusting. Are you crazy? Huh, just actually bring us back to our bodies right noticing what is going on for us right now. When you’re hearing Akashic Records trusting just you know, a souls journey past lives. Really being curious what is coming up for you? Right? Is that like, oh, that’s all a little bit woowoo? I don’t know what she’s talking about. I’m just gonna shut this down. Or is there a little inkling of like, oh, oh, I’m a little bit intrigued here. Oh, let me actually Google the Akashic records. How do you spell that? Out? Just kind of. Yeah, and it might not immediately land or sink into. But yeah, you’ll know once you’ve started listening to this podcast, and especially heard now, the Akashic records. Stay open. And notice, where does it start to show up in your life? This is how it works with sacred medicine. Often we hear a lot of people doing Ayahuasca journeys, other sacred medicine, mushrooms, all kinds of things. And for the longest time, I just didn’t hear that that was not in my reality, right? That was not in the consciousness that I was working in. And all of a sudden, that started to appear. It was like a little bit curious, like, Oh, okay. And then it came a little bit louder. I’m like, okay, and then it was a little bit louder. So I’m like, okay, okay, okay, I’m hearing you. What do you want me to know? Right and this is like it is like the Kashuk records, like, it’s like a book all of a sudden, like, Hey, I’m here, come have a little more peek inside.

Natasha Harris  20:09

It’s always an invitation, it’s always an invitation. And that’s why why I really truly love it. And, and it is a feeling, we want to know it and understand it with our heads with our minds with logic. You know, I get that, I like that, too. You know, my human still wants that. But it’s a, it’s a, we, we, when we can just tap into that feeling. There’s a little it’s like a little nudge, it’s like a little Paul, it’s like a go explore that go find that go, go go no, go find out more. And even doing a client reading today. It was like, the thing was that she said was like it’s joining the dots. It’s like this, this understanding that past life that route lifetime, it will take it’s joining the dots, it gives us those clues, our soul hears it, we may not want to hear it funny, but our soul hears it. And then it filters through. It’s like this beautiful resonance that starts to, to we start to embody, we start to feel it and start things start to shift and change. And that’s the beauty of it, we start to consciously understand what, what what’s shifting for us what’s changing how these things that don’t serve us that don’t feel good anymore. Just like we don’t want it anymore. Like something’s calling us to change it. And that’s the beauty of this work. It really is deep, but it can be quite gentle as well.

Juliette Karaman  21:38

I love it. So you switched, what did your immediate friends family? What happened when you just kind of like what, I don’t know, 90 degree turnaround or even 180 I was right.

Natasha Harris  21:59

It was gradual. So I think the people alongside me kind of worked gently taken along the journey with me. And I’m, you know, truly blessed that, you know, my childhood best friend of wet since I was 11 is still my best friend now. And you know, we’ve walked different paths, but we’re still, you know, very much connected, our families are connected. And it’s a, I think people have just kind of come to accepts, you know that I walk a different path, that I’m very open with it, that I still have a lot of logic in me, if it doesn’t make sense to me, I’m not just gonna go off or, you know, go off on one. It’s like, it’s for me, it really is about sharing those little sprinklings of of what we need to hear. And if we’re not open to it, that’s totally fine. But I do know that we we are moving and shifting and we are more open to receiving these messages from the Divine from source from the Akashic records from our guides to support us on the journey because we are, we’re realising and we are recognising that more and more. And if you’re still listening, I know that I’m speaking to you that there is something more for us, there’s something different for us that we that we’re ready to explore gently step by step, it’s not ripping off the band aid, it is a little little nudge, follow those nudges, you can always slow it down, you can speed it up, you can do however you want. So it really is about this beautiful exploration of what we want to want to ask soul wants us to to know.

Juliette Karaman  23:43

And I love this. We said you can just slow it down. Right? You don’t have to jump head first. I mean, some of us do. Yeah. I’m a little bit of a thrill seekers, I just kind of like jump and there’s no ground on me whatsoever. I’m like, Okay, I trust. But yeah, a lot of nervous systems are like, yeah, no, we have a lot of trauma on board. We have a lot of intense experiences, that’s not going to work when like, hold on. Yeah, we can do two little steps. And I’d love to ask you, when you have a client that somehow doesn’t quite resonate with how often do they come back years later and say, Oh, my God, that reading that we had, it’s like, now I’m understanding what you’re actually saying to me.

Natasha Harris  24:36

Yeah. So it’s so interesting that so many people, like will message me, you know, even a couple of years later, sometimes longer and say I’ve just listened cuz I record all the sessions. I’ve just listened to the Akashic reading again. That was something that guided me to to listen again. And I just get it on a whole nother level. So it’s just it I get that so often and it’s so beautiful to hear, because that’s the sprinkling. Like, that’s the invitation that it opens up. It’s like it they talk about it and yoga you know, you’re you’re, you’re de layering the onion, it’s like we don’t want to just, you know, open ourselves up become bendy become stretchy, you know, we’ve got full movement, it’s like, we have to do these things gradually. And that’s the same thing. It’s like, we we have something that we want to shift and change. And we’ll do it in our own pace. We are always in control, we have free will no one’s doing anything to us. And that’s also the beauty of the Akashic records, you know, they will support us in doing it in a timeline that suits us that supports us and from what you were saying, you know, this, the people around us, so that they won’t all run a mile, and they won’t all disown us and say, What on earth is she doing? What is this door she’s opened. And so we can start to really unfold that we are speeding things up in, you know, in general, the universe is moving quicker, but it’s still at a speed that we can we can navigate and we can we can dictate for ourselves.

Juliette Karaman  26:08

Beautiful, I really, really love this. Natasha, tell us how can people find you if they’re like, Okay, this Akashic Record thing I sold, I want to just find out more about it. How can I learn how to read? What what are the options? How can people?

Natasha Harris  26:27

Yeah, so there’s a few different ways my my website is actually Mind Body Soul energy.co.uk. But you can find me across all the social media platforms, as Natasha Nicole Harris. So come and find me find me there. There are offerings on my website, you can sign up to a free activation Akashic activation meditation where I guide you into the Akashic records. To release something that is feeling like you want to just want to release something you can let it go. Sign up for that, download that free activation, it’s really beautiful feel for yourself what it feels like to come and play in the Akashic realm. And then if you also want to come and learn if you’re a healer, Coach practitioner, come and join my Akashic Records course, learn how it can really elevate not only your life, but those of your clients and do much more. Sort of incredible work with your clients, help them to join the dots of anything that you’re working with them around me that health, wealth, relationships, entrepreneurship, business, money, and all that encompasses it all.

Juliette Karaman  27:32

I love it. So there’s access to everything. So you don’t have to call yourself a certain coach, because you just know that you go into the records, we clear spell. Yeah. Now one last question. Yeah. Do you get your records read? Or do you do that yourself? Always.

Natasha Harris  27:52

So that’s really interesting. I both actually. So I will do work and healing and clearing when something comes up in my own records, because I’ll get a sense of it. And the more I, the more I play in this field, the more I’m able to and more access I have to it. And it’s like, it just comes and it’s like, oh, okay, clear that. But also, I do go to other practitioners for some healing, because even as a practitioner, we have things in our own blind spot. We have things that we can’t quite see, we can’t quite work out, fathom, understand. And so when we go to someone else that we trust that can support us, it’s a beautiful co creation in that space, to allow us to really see our own blind spots. You know, we are human after all. And yeah, and it really helps you to work through it. So it is a matter it is an element of both for sure.

Juliette Karaman  28:50

Beautiful. Well, I have loved our conversation, people will definitely give you a follow up all the notes will be all the ways to follow in Tasha will be in the show notes. So please have a look at that, click through to her website, click through to her socials. And please share this episode with people. If you think that oh my god, this is someone that really wants to understand about this, I am going to share it. So my request to you is downloads, subscribe, leave a review, leave a review that’s really really important. So leave a review so other people can see like oh, this is a podcast to follow. And then if you want to be a get a prize as well leave your review send it to me at Juliet Caramon and my Instagram and you will get scrumptious dates a six module programme for free.

Natasha Harris  29:50

Wow, that’s amazing. How lucky is that sighting? Thank you so much for inviting me on this podcast I’ve always loved talking about the Akashic Records always brings Mi joy.

Juliette Karaman  30:00

It has been incredible. I am sure that a lot of listeners, their minds are slightly blown and they’re like, whoa, okay, I’m hearing the Akashic records. Let’s just hear a bit more about it and let’s start to explore my listeners. We will see you or we will hear you next time on The scrumptious woman. Thank you

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