Are you an Erotic Blueprint coach ready to take your practice to the next level? 

Are you ready to dial up the volume and amplify your impact and income?

Are you ready achieve Rapid Results in the shortest time frame possible?

Are you ready to give your clients your full attention within luxurious and safe surroundings?

Are you ready to create a sustainable pleasure strategy witnessing them and their remarkable growth?

Both for you and your cherished clients in the most easeful and energetic alignment.

 If so, my loves, a VIP day or Experience aligns perfectly with your aspirations!

Imagine having the power to create captivating VIP experiences that transforms lives in profound ways.


The Blueprint VIP Experience.

In this immersive 6 week collective programme, I will guide you step-by-step on how to craft an unforgettable VIP experience that sells effortlessly and opens up more opportunities and propels both you and your clients to new heights in your lives and businesses.

Discover the secrets behind designing irresistible packages, selecting venues to suit their Erotic blueprint, and curating exquisite moments of pleasure that ignite unbelievable breakthroughs. 

Learn how to create a seamless VIP experience that captivates your clients’ senses and has them feeling safe, seen, nourished and held in a seamless experience.

During this transformative 6-week journey, you will:

Receive a VIP 1:1 call with Juliette, valued at £1111

Unleash your Creative Genius: Tap into your unique strengths to craft a tailored experience that caters to the unique needs and desires of both you and your clients.

Engage in a mix of personalised mentoring, mindset cultivation, embodiment practices and dynamic hot seat coaching to fuel your growth,

Magnetic Marketing Mastery: Position yourself, get comfortable with being visible, both in social media and in-person presence.

Effortlessly attracting the attention of high-paying aligned clients.

Create captivating visuals, graphics and brand assets such as questionnaires and compelling brochures.

Discover the art of taking striking selfies and utilising social media as a platform to showcase your life and expertise. 

Plan the customer journey, ensuring that it is a smooth and unforgettable experience for you and your clients.

Design your VIP experience to protect your energy and enhance theirs.

Access powerful resources and templates that will elevate the quality and efficiency of your VIP offerings

Please note, my loves, that availability is limited as we maintain a small group size to ensure the utmost quality and attention to detail.

This is not for everyone! Trust yourself! You will know if this is the mastermind for you.



Commencing August 21st, 2023@ 6.00 pm UK/ 10.00 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern,
for 6 consecutive weeks.

Extra Bonus if you book before 8/8

A 1:1 Tune In Session valued at £555

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