Spinal Attunement is a multidimensional, globally accredited modality founded by Sigourney Belle that combines Western principles of trauma healing with Eastern Philosophy and subtle, energetic work. 

Spinal Attunement works on the neuroendocrine system through the spine and the peripheral nervous system. It awakens the body’s natural intelligence, which is all innate to us. A session will help get to the root of what is happening in the body by unwinding the tension that keeps the body in a state of contraction and disease.

Through work on the parasympathetic and sympathetic spine gateways, energy centres, and body meridians, tension gets released, and the body is brought back into homeostasis and alignment and a deep connection with your true self.

I use different embodiment exercises and EMDR eyemovements for the integration of the Spinal Attunement session, which aids in rewiring the neural pathways and builds capacity in the nervous system, thus creating lasting change.

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What is Included?

If you purchase the drop-in session, you receive 1 x 30-minute group session.

If you purchase the membership, you receive 2x 30-minute group sessions each month.

Calls USUALLY take place on:

The first and third Thursday of the month at 6.30 pm UK time.

On the next page  you can choose your session(s)

By aligning your energy., emotions come unlocked and move out. It keeps our frequency crystal clear and changes the vibration that we emanate out in the world. It also affects how we attract.

Think of it this way: you are an instrument, and your energy is everything.

Frequent attunements are advised to release the energy that gets stagnant and holds us back from being in our highest alignment.

Sessions will take place on Zoom and are mentioned in UK time

*Members can attend both sessions; make sure you book in for both slots!



“ Juliette, I landed a new client out of nowhere the night after our group session. I do not know how she found me!”

“The offer that we put on the house was accepted the hour after our session”

“The pain in my neck is completely gone”

“I was on the verge of moving out. After the clearing, my husband and I are stronger than ever.”

“I am free from cancer, and the fear of it coming back is gone.”

“Money that was stuck in a transfer, landed in my account a few hours after the clearing.”

“I was asked to speak on a summit after the group throat clearing. I am still amazed at how this works.”

“You won’t believe but after that really intense session we had, I manifested an increase in salary without having to ask for it.”