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On the next page you will book your session, you will be find an assessment form to fill in before our session to give me as much detail as possible into what is occurring for you physically, emotionally and spiritually.


What is Spinal Attunement?

Spinal Attunement is a globally accredited modality that combines Western principles of trauma healing with Eastern Philosophy and subtle, energetic work. A Spinal Attunement session will support you to get to the root of what is happening in your body by unwinding the tension from the nervous system that is keeping the body in a state of contraction and dis-ease. We work with the parasympathetic and sympathetic spine gateways, energy centres and body meridians to release tension and bring the body back into alignment.


The addition of Somatic Work and eye movements to the integration of the Spinal Attunement session aids in rewiring the neural pathways and builds capacity in the  nervous system,  thus creating lasting change.