Spinal Attunement is a multidimensional, globally accredited modality founded by Sigourney Belle that combines Western principles of trauma healing with Eastern Philosophy and subtle, energetic work. 

Spinal Attunement works on the neuroendocrine system through the spine and the peripheral nervous system. It awakens the body’s natural intelligence, which is all innate to us. A session will help get to the root of what is happening in the body by unwinding the tension that keeps the body in a state of contraction and disease.

Through work on the parasympathetic and sympathetic spine gateways, energy centres, and body meridians, tension gets released, and the body is brought back into homeostasis and alignment. 

My sessions are always a mix of different modalities added to spinal attunement to give the most potent transmission.

Energetic clearing, EMDR eyemovements and somatic grounding techniques are incorporated in the sessions.

As humans, we attribute meaning to everything.  The way you FEEL about something is how you rate it as “positive” or “negative”. Either way there is electrical “charge”- for or against.

It is this emotional electric charge that holds you back from the potential transformation you can BE.
In an attunement the release happens in a way that there is no “story”, no thought. The body has an innate way of moving stored emotions; The Spinal Wave. This may be visible or be ever so slight; the  body is realigning back to wholeness at cellular level.

Client love

“ Juliette, I landed a new client out of nowhere the night after our group session. I do not know how she found me!”

Client Love

“I was on the verge of moving out. After the clearing, my husband and I are stronger than ever.”

Client Love

“I am free from cancer, and the fear of it coming back is gone.”

Client love

“I have been trying to fall pregnant for months with no luck. The month of our session, it happened! I believe it was because I let go of all the emotional baggage stuck in  my body. I felt so safe with you to let that happen. Thank you!”

Client Love


I feel like reborn!

Thank you so much again!! 🥰

Client Love


So much has moved after 2 group sessions!

After the first one, I spent the rest of the evening tapping into my emotions and had a good cry. The next day, I felt lighter, clearer, and so much more spacious and the pain has completely gone!


Hi, I am Juliette Karaman-van Schaardenburg. I am a mentor and teacher who helps high-functioning women and couples heal and rediscover the most important relationships in life–the ones they have with themselves, each other, and with the world!

My journey to embodying The Scrumptious Lifestyle has been an interesting one! Losing more than half my body weight, having been hospitalised on and off for 9 months and remembering an intense sexual trauma set me on the path to deep healing and liberation. I promised myself that as I continue to heal and thrive, I will spend the rest of my lifetime helping others do the same. Because living a life that feels liberating in every way – mind, body, and soul – is the gift of a lifetime, for you, your lineage and your future generations.

My quest for inner peace and liberation took me on a journey to specialise in multiple certifications such as EFT, Tantra, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP, CPD, Erotic Blueprint, Spinal attunement mastery, Special Educational Needs for children and adults on the autism spectrum, and of course Interior Design. I have alchemised these modalities into my methodology that I lovingly call, “The Art of Scrumptious Living” and support clients in turning their pain into gold.

Whether it is helping a loved one pass on, learning to live again after the intense loss of a child or overcoming body shame and trauma, the one thing my clients have in common is the way they FEEL about their lives.

I am a master at evoking emotions that have been repressed for years, decades even, and moving stagnant energy  in the body through and out! I am fiercely loving and adore my 4 adult children, partner, dog and ex-husband and have an outrageous, infectious laugh!

My podcast, The Scrumptious Woman, has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives since I started it a year ago , paying it forward!

My mission is a world where sensuality, Scrumptiousness, spirituality and pleasure reign and become the non-negotiable of life!