Stepping into the spotlight and embracing full visibility isn’t just about being out there.

It’s about an alchemical process.

It’s a sacred journey where you set free your wildest dreams.

Starting by witnessing yourself, step into the LIGHT and let yourself be KNOWN as the LEADER in your field, creating world wide IMPACT.

“Visibility is the key.
If people don’t know who you are, they can’t appreciate what you stand for.”
– Oprah Winfrey –

Putting yourself OUT THERE or allowing yourself to be FULLY SEEN

…are entirely different frequencies!

Do you FEEL like:

You are putting yourself out there. You are showing up…… 

Yet it feels like something is missing….

And you are not getting the results you quite desire, neither impact or income…

Consistency… It is different for everyone, yet in order to be seen, keeping our energy consistent is vital.

You can have the best strategy in the world, but unless you are honouring the highest version of yourself,  the right FREQUENCY and ENERGY, it isn’t going to create the outcome you want…

It’s time, my love, to know that it is SAFE to be seen and successful!


Are you ready to create a strategy for yourself and your business to embrace your VISIBILITY and attract success and 

EMBODY who you REALLY are?

Is a HIGH Level hybrid between a mastermind and a programme, focussed on RESULTS in SAFE and SUSTAINABLE way!

What does being wildly visible bring up in you?

Let’s FEEL into this:


Most likely it will bring up a combination of contrasting emotions, body sensations, and thoughts.

So many of us entrepreneurs want to create a ripple effect in the world, and yet there is something that is holding us back from being VISIBLE…

For the world to see ALL of us, our little quirks, our imperfections, our brilliance, and our self-doubt.

Yet there may be a fear of being judged, of being too outspoken, of being too much, or too small.

We carry these emotions in our bodies and psyche, most of the time very unconsciously.






BE prepared to live your most SCRUMPTIOUS life, beyond what you thought is possible!


Transforming all the parts of you that are still blocking you from

unleashing yourself fully…

so that you can be truly visible and bring that aliveness and energy into your business.

Through a myriad of: Embodiment practices,

Group Spinal Attunement™,


Energetic Clearings, Activations

and the

The Alchemy Method®,

we will bring safety as an anchor into your body, creating a new way to train your brain and nervous system.


Creating a strategy using new concepts in order to implement sustainable success…

so that you can have clarity, confidence, and capability to be the creator of your destination. 

Through a myriad of:

skills strategies and tools,

Be firmly rooted in your vision for yourself and your business

How to use Social Media for consistency and generate results

How to attract and maximise PR and Podcasting opportunities.

How to attract aligned clients through collaboration and partnerships.

Who is Scrumptious Visibility

The Collective for:

Leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists and guides who are ready to expand and embrace their FULL radiance.

It's for the person who wants it ALL in life, purpose, and relationships.

Who want to create more of a ripple effect and increase their impact and income.

Who want to step into profound alignment with their purpose, unlocking new transformative methods and creative pathways that elevate their leadership.

Are you ready to claim YOUR space and

embrace your brilliance?

Let’s journey together!

What’s Included?

Scrumptious Visibility, the Collective, is a rolling 6-month transformational mastermind. Blending holistic and sacred strategies with concepts, modalities, tools and quantum healing & energetics for yourself and your business.

A monthly teaching to expand your knowledge

Guest teachers who are experts in their field

A monthly healing session to remove any blocks OR to imprint desired qualities.

A monthly Q & A, hotseat coaching call with Juliette and other thoughtleaders to accelerate your success.

a bi-monthly 1:1 Tune-in Session with Juliette, valued at £999

A dedicated Collective shared space with aligned leaders in the Mastermind

Access to a dedicated members library for the past recordings.

This is a client-led Collective so there will be surprises along the way, and they will appear when you desire them most!



The first 10 people who invest in themselves and their business
receive a guest expert slot with me on my podcast,The Scrumptious Woman®.

 It is in the Top 2.5% of over 3.2 Million Podcasts worldwide and has had over 250,000 downloads in under 7 months of starting it.


This is what Scrumptious Growth is all about!

It’s time to get visible and there is no better podcast to do this on!

 When do the calls take place?

We have calls the first 3 Mondays of each month for 60 minutes on Zoom

This is a rolling mastermind with a minimum 6-month commitment.

Clients Words…

“Juliette, your gift is beyond words. It’s a feeling.

I have seen countless healers and no one has even been close to touching the deep inner wall I had up from trauma as a teen.

I am blessed to have you in my life, to experience firsthand your magic and love.

Every woman deserves to be freed from their trauma.

You are a beautiful conduit for channeling the words, energy, and release of trapped memories.

Thank you for sharing it ♥️”

Jennifer Bitner

Executive Event Concierge, Mexico

“I am so so grateful for you!! 🙏🙏

Thank you so so much

for making yourself available on short notice on a Saturday

to support my husband ❤️

I’m so glad that he could get the support he needed while it was still fresh 🙏 you are a miracle worker.


Adrienne Rivera

Breathwork Coach, USA

“Juliette’s warm, loving, and generous connection has allowed me to see myself in a way that I never have before.

She shines light in the places that I’ve been hiding to expose my own wisdom in my own time.

She is fiercely loving and somehow leaves you feeling beautiful, capable, strong, and ready to face the world, knowing and honouring that this is truly who you are.

Thank you Juliette you are a gift to me and a greater gift to this planet.”

Sue Ann Maccara

Coddiwomple Coach, Canada

“Gracious, generous, supportive and a cut above are just a few adjectives that describe Juliette’s coaching style.

Juliette has an incredible ability to hold space for you to learn and grow. Her intuitive insight into what you need each session is spot on and provides a clear path for growth and expansion at a rate that far exceeds expectations.

What I especially appreciate about Juliette is her strength of character.

I am an accomplished woman who has a keen bullshit detector. Juliette is no bullshit.

She is the real deal and I was lucky to have her as my coach.”

Mary G

Erotic Blueprint Coach, USA

In my work with Juliette, she holds such presence for me to explore my inner landscape.

She offers deep, intuitive guidance from her vast experience as a coach and human.

I always come away knowing myself in a new and interesting way, ready to take on the next level of life.

I could not recommend working with Juliette enough…

It’s life changing!

Dr Kate Caine

Osteopath & burn out coach, Australia

 You create a safe environment for us Juliette, to be able to express ourselves freely.

In the beginning, I didn’t want to be visible at all. but then it got easier due to being supported throughout.

I was extremely touched by your vulnerability Juliette and in doing so losing none of your power!

The big lesson here-

Be Yourself!

If you are enveloped in your own authenticity you are doing things right.

You dont have to mould yourself to suit others.

Do this in your own Scrumptiousness. 


acupuncturist, Scotland

“My aim is to help close the gap between being SEEN
EMBODYING Visibility
in a way that is so natural, it is like breathing air.

Your Investment In You…  

Your VIP Option 

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