You have been in my world for a while and know you want more:
This is a 1 year deep-Dive
access to all the below 

The Scrumptious vault includes access to all Live programs and masterclasses, pus access to all evergreen programs, masterclasses and trainings.

Attend recorded programs and trainings with immediate access.

Automatic invites to programs and masterclasses when they run live.

Access to Scrumptious Confessions- the behind-the-scenes podcast: all about healing sexual trauma through BDSM and embodiment

2 x a month Spinal Attunement and Energy clearing



Pay in Full Bonus:

1 VIP Alchemy Session with Juliette


Coaches and Therapists





Service providers

Women who are wanting more intimacy

Women and couples who want to clear  pain and trauma

Learn Juliette’s method to removing all limitations in your mind and psyche to bring in the Scrumptious life you deserve. Become magnetic AF, have the best intimate relationships and have a thriving business.
Attract dream clients, get booked on Podcasts, speaker engagements and be your most authentic self!

The Vault contains dozens of trainings to help you move into the most unashamedly, pleasurable life and business.

Imagine what could happen in a year….

A year dedicated to your BEING and your deep evolution.

Attuning your body, psyche and emotions to hold more, to be more visible and of service to the world.

Practices and Embodiment exercises to anchor in what you have learned.

Conversations about emotional intelligence, and energetics of leadership.

Conversations and trainings on how to get featured in the media, on podcasts and how to use those opportunities to create the biggest impact.

I am inviting you to come into the world of Scrumptiousness and to transcend to new heights together.