Rapid Release Rewire and Restore Method
& Spinal Attunement


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On the next page you will book your session, you will be find an assessment form to fill in before our session to give me as much detail as possible into what is occurring for you physically, emotionally and spiritually.


A 1:1 private, 45-minute session with Juliette.

You will leave a lot lighter, more joyous, and a feeling that years have come off your shoulders.

Juliette uses her modality to release, rewire, and restore your nervous system and intense experiences and bring in more joy and space.

This modality was created after helping hundreds of coaches and therapists uplevel their skills and help their clients. She has combined it with her deep knowledge of hypnotherapy, IFS, NLP, shamanic work, EMDR, and Somatic Experiencing to create its unique flavor in helping to release emotional and mental content.

Adding Spinal Attunement to the end of the session will support the integration by unwinding and unblocking the exact points of tension in the body and nervous system that may remain.

The parasympathetic and sympathetic spine gateways, energy centers, and body meridians are used to release tension in order to bring the body back into alignment and into a deep connection with your true self.

A bit like a tuning fork to tune your instrument!

“You are a genius! I am speechless, so much value in one call!

I thought I had so many tools to take myself and others down to a zero, but that technique, wow!
I have never been able to even say my aunt’s or cousin’s name without crying and now I feel so complete!

I love having another tool for processing feelings and the session you took us through was the only one I ever did that helped move the feelings through me so quickly and I felt so light and so much love when we were done! And it only took 5 or so minutes! Remarkable!

Also witnessing you and what you’ve been through is literally mind blowing. You are so beautiful in your work and how you lead your life. Truly an inspiration, I am in awe of you!🤍”

Lisa Cheatam

Master Jeweller, New York