The Scrumptious Experience® Receive & Reveal Couples Retreat

The Scrumptious Experience® Receive & Reveal Couples Retreat


A Three Days & Two-Night Experience – It’s your time to Reveal, Receive, Rewire and Restore your Relationship.


This will include the following ingredients and more:
  • Three Scrumptious days and two nights of immersive Private mentoring with Luxe intimacy ingredients to bring out your god and goddess…to release, receive and reveal your true Scrumptiousness and the integration of this in BOTH of you!

  • Both 1-2-1 and joint, in-depth relationship and intimacy mentoring, including Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Sensual experiences and healing with Juliette.

  • Reveal what YOU truly desire, and how your relationship can be enhanced in order to receive more scrumptiousness, pleasure and intimacy into ALL parts of your lives.

  • Improve communication skills in order to ask for what you desire and rewire yourselves for more intimacy, joy and happiness.

  • Identify and clear intimacy wounds and body shame. Learn how to read each other’s pleasure language, and be confident in how to implement different pleasure practices which will heighten and restore the experience of you as a couple.

  • Body pleasure mapping: revealing what EACH of YOUR ways into pleasure is.

  • Discover each other’s Pleasure blueprint through somatic experiences, body reveals never lie!

The ultimate gift to your relationship. Couples leave feeling younger, more invigorated, and with much more gusto for life and each other!

“As a couple who has done decades of personal development, spirituality, and coaching, we did not think there was much that we could learn… Or that anyone else could teach us to FEEL more. How wrong we were!! Not only is Juliette extremely discrete about whom she works with, but she also had us FEELING like we were her only VIP clients. The 4 days that we spent with her were utterly life-changing for us. Looking back, it was not so much what she DID that changed us, but the complete presence and complete acceptance of ALL our parts that was the game changer. Not only has she saved us from the brink of a divorce, both our businesses have had higher quarters than ever and we have started implementing the plan of teaching at an orphanage in Cambodia to give back and leave a legacy.”

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