Spinal Attunement 1:1 Session

Spinal Attunement 1:1 Session


What people are saying after an attunement session:

  • I’m high today on fire, with lots of energy.. my lethargy is gone. Something shifted, I don’t know what… I’m able to access my peak state .. thanks so much.”

  • “ Juliette, I landed a new client out of nowhere the night after our session. I do not know how she found me!”

  • “The offer that we put on the house was accepted the hour after our session”

  • “The pain in my neck is completely gone”

  • “I was on the verge of moving out and leaving my husband. After the clearing, my husband and I are stronger than ever and able to communicate without getting activated .”

  • “I am free, the fear of cancer coming back is gone.”

  • “Money stuck in a transfer landed in my account a few hours after the clearing.”

  • “I was asked to speak on a summit after the group throat clearing. I am still amazed at how this works.”

  • “You won’t believe but after that really intense session we had, I manifested an increase in salary without having to ask for it.”

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