Spinal Attunement Group Drop-In Free Session

Spinal Attunement Group Drop-In Free Session


Drop in at this special group Spinal Attunement session to sink into your body, and release the tension and emotions that may be trapped and holding you hostage.

It is time that you notice what is available and the potential transformation you can have by attuning and aligning your energy.

Think of it this way, you are an instrument, and your energy is everything.

To sound and perform at its best, you need to be attuned on a regular basis to release the energy that gets trapped and is stuck.

This is often what is holding us back from being in our highest alignment and keeps our frequency crystal clear.

It is a frequency upload and changes the vibration that you are emanating into the world, which also affects what you attract.

If your instrument is out of tune, it isn’t going to sound good, is it? 🙂

This session will take place on Zoom on the following date and time

Sunday, 12th November at 6:30 pm – UK Time/1:30 pm Eastern

Get ready for your Transformation!

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