Alchemy Session – Special Price


A 1:1 private, 40-minute session with Juliette.

You will leave a lot lighter, more joyous, and a feeling that years have come off your shoulders, without whatever was holding you back.

Whether this is removing trauma, phobias and bad habits or installing a new identity, you will have profound and lasting shifts.

Rewire from:            Restore to:

Stuckness                  Freedom

Fear                              Love

Stress                          Peace

Scarcity                      Abundance

Juliette will take you through her Rapid Release Rewire and Restore modality to release fears, emotional and mental content, and intense experiences to bring more joy, space, and grace.

It is a radically effective set of psycho-emotional and metaphysical processes that access and completely transmute emotional blocks at their root.

This modality was created after having certified and mentored hundreds of coaches and therapists to up-level their skills and help their clients.

She has combined it with her deep knowledge of hypnotherapy, IFS, NLP, shamanic work, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Spinal Attunement and Quantum healing to create its unique flavour.

All sessions need to be taken within 3 months from the time of purchase.

All sales are final

“You are a genius! I am speechless. So much value in one call!

I thought I had so many tools to take myself and others down to a zero, but that technique, wow!
I have never been able to even say my aunt’s or cousin’s name without crying, and now I feel so complete! The session you took us through was the only one I ever did that helped move the feelings through me so quickly, and I felt so light and so much love when we were done! And it only took 5 or so minutes! Remarkable!  You are so beautiful in your work and how you lead your life. Truly an inspiration, I am in awe of you!🤍”

Lisa Cheatam, Master Jeweller, New York

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