Love Your Mid-Life Method



The Love Your Mid-Life Method

Learning to love your life at a point where you’ve lived a little bit more of it is a form of reawakening, and in my experience this is super-charged through a special combination of mind and bodywork.

I have developed a methodology that brings facets of my mind and body coaching expertise in Trauma and Somatic Release, Emotional Freedom Technique, Erotic Blueprint, Orgasmic Meditation and Tantra together into a singular process. 

By going deep below the surface and the spoken into feeling the full spectrum of you, we’ll release deeply ingrained, unseen patterns and spark new ways of being.  

Together we’ll break the pattern of taking responsibility for how everyone is feeling except yourself.  It’s time.


You’ll re-

…discover your essence and what lights you up

…connect with your loved ones and their appreciation for who you are (rather than what you do)

…gain confidence in yourself and your desires


By learning how to

…treat yourself the way you want others to treat you

…communicate with your partner openly and lovingly

…practice self-care without feeling selfish

…state your needs fearlessly, now and in the future


The Journey Back To You


01 — Departure: A last look of where we are now

At the start of the journey we’ll take a close up view of what behaviours and emotions you’re leaving behind, as well as celebrating what you want to hold onto – in yourself and others!

02 — Baggage Check In: Breaking free from our past

Here we’ll go deep into your imprinting and finally break the patterns that have been ruling your life without you even realising.

03 — Upgrade: Becoming a high value (mid)-life woman

We’ll shatter the negative programming that society (and often women ourselves) has around what it means to be a woman, and discover how your value rises as you move through life.

04 — Enjoy the ride: Seeking out true pleasure

Here you’ll learn how to become a Pleasure Detective in every aspect of your life, tune into your body and instincts and see how sensuality is not confined to the bedroom.


05 — Connections: The key to powerful relationships

Bringing your newfound sense of self into your relationships, we’ll look at how to communicate clearly, openly and lovingly, and help you find your YES by going into your NO.

06 — Arrival: Creating a powerful (Mid)-Life

We’ll explore how it feels to be in your essence, going into your sensations and voicing what you are now thinking, seeing, experiencing.

07 — Where next?!: Embodiment and integration

Now that you’ve arrived, in your fullest self, learn how to implement your learnings for the rest of your life, and where you can take yourself next!

The Mid-Life Method is….

A direct coaching experience for women who have everything but feel like something is missing .

It will connect you deeply to the real you – your body, beliefs, senses and desires – and your loved ones in new ways.

It’s a full-bodied, full-feeling and full-on journey back to yourself, and I’ll by your side every step of the way.