VIP Mentorship 1:1

My life’s work is to help visionaries and leaders understand what is in the way of them being Fully expressed.  I guide them through bespoke experiences that restore their radiance and which unlock all the pleasure and possibilities they are capable of.

To journey fully into the depths of body, soul, sensuality, and business and become even more EMBODIED and VISIBLE in your leadership.

Engaging in one-on-one work is the most profound and potent way to collaborate, co-create, and supercharge your personal growth. With laser-focused attention tailored to your unique requirements and aspirations, this is the chosen route for those yearning for the most profound alchemy.

Unearth clarity regarding your life’s purpose, recognize the opportunities destined for you and manifest your dreams with unwavering confidence.

You have achieved remarkable success, yet certain facets of your life continue to elude you.

There could be those unspoken, hidden desires within you, yearning for liberation. Sometimes, all it takes is someone who’s tread the same path to

illuminate that one elusive blind spot.

Rather than seeking external solutions, consider this a heartfelt invitation to embark on an inner journey of ALCHEMY!

The magic lies in understanding that incremental, nearly imperceptible changes can yield monumental effects.

Results materialise with breathtaking speed and depth, altering the course of your life and that of those around you.

It’s never too late to embrace a life that resonates with YOUR heart, and it need not be a grueling endeavor!

 Ready for a Deep Dive?

Seeking a more personalised touch in your transformational journey?

Consider the transformative power of 1:1 VIP Mentoring with me.

Private mentoring propels you into a life drenched in scrumptiousness, filled with ease and pleasure. We dismantle stress, struggles, and masks that might be impeding your progress, replacing them with the frequencies of joy, love, and scrumptiousness.

Juliette opens her schedule for VIP SCRUMPTIOUS EXPERIENCES monthly.

These immersive encounters cater to individuals and couples ready for a profound exploration, offering rapid, transformative results.

Are you ready to embrace this journey?


A full day of alchemy!


Receive the full Experience and reveal the FULL YOU!


A Three-Day & Two-Night Experience – It’s your time to Reveal, Receive, Rewire and Restore your Relationship.