What My Clients

Are Saying

Find out how my methods have worked for some of the clients I have had the pleasure of working with.

As a couple who has done decades of personal development, spirituality and coaching, we did not think there was much that we could learn…

Or that anyone else could teach us to FEEL more. How wrong we were!!

Not only is Juliette extremely discrete about whom she works with, she had us FEELING like we were the only VIP clients.

The 4 days that we spent with her were utterly life-changing for us.

Looking back, it was not so much what she DID that changed us, but the complete presence and complete acceptance of ALL our parts was the game changer.

Not only has she saved us from the brink of a divorce, both our businesses have had higher quarters than ever and we have started implementing the plan of teaching at an orphanage in Cambodia to give back and leave a legacy.

 — J & B, New York

I have a confession to make: I was skeptical AF when I signed up for the first ‘free week of Scrumptious Dates,

How could one week possibly transform my 17-year relationship? But holy guacamole, was I wrong! Here are just a few ways that my partner and I have changed:

  1. Our communication has improved so much, no more hidden agenda or not asking for what we want.
  2. Our love and sense of fun has massively deepened, it is like we are couple of teenagers (rediscovering) each other.
  3. We have created US time and the joy of actually planning a date morning, knowing that we get to spend time on US ONLY!

if you’re feeling skeptical like I was, do yourself a favor and try Scrumptious Dates. Your relationship  will thank you.”

 — Marc, London

‘I was intrigued how this spinal attunement could help with the pain I have been feeling in my body as I go through chemo.

I am so happy I went through with it, and even though it was a zoom session, I could feel the energy move through my body. At one point my hips raised as I was lying down and my body made a sort of rotation movement. All of this was involuntary, I didn’t know that this was possible!

My pain has gone down from an 8 to around a 2, and I feel marvelously relaxed. There were a few tears later on in the day, an emotional release, as if a heavy weight had been lifted off me.”

 — Sonja, Paris

“The gift of feeling my body slowly unravel and release. My mind kept telling me “I am not going to feel anything”, but my body told me differently.

It is subtle, like an unwinding of the spine and feeling a difference of temperatures in different body parts, an uncoiling.

It was an emotional  process, but so freeing. I feel like a heavy weight has come off my body”

 — Laura, Australia

‘After 3 sessions with Juliette, the trauma that I had experienced and kept me from being intimate with my husband is a distant memory.

I hadn’t realised how it had impacted me all these years. Not only did she help me, but she saved our marriage.

We are looking forward to our in person VIP immersion to rekindle our intimate life and bring more joy back into our marriage.

The best investment ever!”

 — Heidi, Lawyer, New York

“I am deeply grateful for the work we did together and all you did to support me. It has been an incredible transformative few months for me. The shifts in my energy is incredible. You helped me so much to get here. I may not have realised at the time how much the work we did together changed me.

Thank you”

Phoebe, California

‘After doing an in person Spinal Attunement session with Juliette, so  much changed!

My husband and I connected more deeply. I got a raise at my work and less hours. A dream client dropped out of nowhere and paid in full for a 3 month coaching package.

I would have doubted that all of this was due to one session, but I know the power of this work. My channel has opened much more clearly and I am now firmly connected to this earth. The imposing thoughts have completely ceased and my body is stronger than ever.

It really did feel like the instrument of my body was being tuned and aligned. “

 — Natasha, Kent

” I came to Juliette with a deep anxiety around being ill and dying. 
Although I am young and relatively healthy, the fear kept me from functioning normally and kept me very dependent on my partner and friends.

After the first session, I felt like the fear was a distant memory and I could not remember why it seemed so important.
Juliette took me through her Rapid Release Rewire and Restore process and recorded a meditation for me to listen to for 7 days afterward. Life changing!

Next I worked with her on being more confident and getting to grips what I want to do in the world. Again after one session, it became clear.
I reached out to someone I knew in the fashion industry and I now have the job!
This would have never been possible without the coaching and clearing with Juliette.

I am secure and happy in who I am now. These were the most transformative 3 months that I have ever gone through, and it all seemed so easy”

 — Katarina, Moscow

“They say someone comes into your life for a reason. This is truly the case here too! 

I have suffered with fear of flying for years and used to  medicate myself before getting on a plane. I was on a plane to San Francisco and did not have my pills with me, and I started having a panic attack and could not stop shaking. Juliette sat next to me and told me to look at her, breathe with her and took me through some sort of process. Within no time, I was able to breathe again, my body stopped shaking and I was calm enough to enjoy a movie and dinner on the flight. We chatted a bit more and she explained how often time a fear or phobia like this is rooted in a past trauma.

Within a month of working with her, I released my fear of flying. I never thought I would need a therapist or coach, and had used medication and alcohol to get me through tough times. The work we did together was so deep and completely changed me. I no longer use alcohol and medication as a crutch to feel.

I hadn’t recognised how much resistance I had to feeling emotions and what sensations were going on in my body.

I am truly a changed man.
Thank you god for putting Juliette next to me on that plane!”

Paul C, Finance Director, Los Angeles

“You are a genius! I am speechless, so much value in one call!

I thought I had so many tools to take myself and others down to a zero, but that technique, wow!
I have never been able to even say my aunt’s or cousin’s name without crying and now I feel so complete!

I love having another tool for processing feelings and the session you took us through was the only one I ever did that helped move the feelings through me so quickly and I felt so light and so much love when we were done! And it only took 5 or so minutes! Remarkable!

Also witnessing you and what you’ve been through is literally mind blowing. You are so beautiful in your work and how you lead your life. Truly an inspiration, I am in awe of you!🤍”

Lisa Cheatham, Jeweller, New York

“Juliette, your gift is beyond words. It’s a feeling.

I have seen countless healers and no one has even been close to touching the deep inner wall I had up from trauma as a teen.

I am blessed to have you in my life, to experience firsthand your magic and love.

Every woman deserves to be freed from their trauma.

You are a beautiful conduit for channeling the words, energy, and release of trapped memories.

Thank you for sharing it ♥️”

Jennifer Bitner, Executive Event concierge, Mexico


“Working with certain people, it’s something about just being in that person’s presence or their energy that changes you. There are some people in this world who are like lighthouses they just emanate a certain energy.

I, 100% feel like working with Juliette, every time you work with her, you’re getting a download some sort of frequency, an upgrade.

There is a frequency upgrade that happens and it changes you and what you’re emanating into the world. Your vibration up levels, you are becoming clearer and the sound of your bell reaches farther into the world.

It’s not anything that you have to consciously do. In fact, it’s really mostly subconscious. I don’t want to substitute unconscious for that because they’re not the same thing.

Juliette, thank you so much.

Things are shifting for me and in ways that they never have and I appreciate it. I look forward to what’s yet to come.”

Bettina Essert, Erotic Blueprint Coach & Be Priestess, USA

“Working with Juliette has changed my life, I do not even recognize the woman I have become.

Her impeccable holding, warmth, and love made it easy for me to transform.

With her guidance, we moved through deep, stuck trauma that had been with me since childhood in no time.

The safety I felt in exploring my dark parts as well as finding the deep pleasure in reconnecting with all of me.

For the first time in my life, I believe the words she spoke to me, “You will never forget who you are”.

It is like a light has turned on, and it continues to radiate.

The combination of online work and a VIP day was divine. By the time we met in person, I was already a changed person and this was the icing on the cake!

My relationship with my kids is more fun and my partner and I are deeply connected again. We can’t wait to delve into the couples’ work with Juliette.

You can not give yourself a greater gift than this! This may sound cheesy, but, “You are so worth it!”

Gina, New York

“It was so good to be in Juliette’s presence after the group mastermind she led completed.

Being in her presence was deeply healing and beautiful. In a group of other women, I found my voice again and was able to be held after having discovered a massive trauma.

A few weeks later Juliette led me through her bespoke process which showed me to understand a shadow I had been playing out.

The shadow manifested in me being attracted to men who would blindside, manipulate, and control me. I would lose all sense of self. And most importantly trust in myself and my intuition. What has been striking in this new awareness, is how on point my intuition is and has been. And so, I see the ultimate goal here was to allow myself to have this deep trust in myself. I no longer need to look outside of myself to find this. I feel a deep embodied sense of self, worth, gnosis, and trust. I feel liberated and I know this is only the beginning of this expansion.”

Ranelle, Coach,  UK

“The Spinal Attunement with Juliette in November changed my life.

I actually made the shift to not be putting up with some levels of bs that used to be my norm. Made the holidays easier with my family to no longer have those old identities feeling like they unwound my work.

She’s like a massage for the spirit!

Gotta do this at least quarterly, but really as frequently as you want to level up to!”

May Gerhart, Finacial Coach,  USA

“Juliette had been on my radar for a few years, and when I saw her Spinal Attunement session on her stories, I was intrigued. I am a successful business woman who makes millions with coaching and property, yet there was a pull to do a session with her.

Before our session, the house we had bid on fell through. In the session I got a massive headache and felt a bit queasy. This quickly passed and I felt really grounded, relaxed and calm after our session. 3 hours later the real estate agent called to say that the owner had changed his mind and accepted our bid. We paid the deposit the next day.”

Veronica,  UK

“When I heard Juliette speak at a retreat, I knew I wanted to work with her. It was a gut feeling, a real knowing. She spoke from the heart and told us that what all the other speakers had said about niching down makes sense to some people, but to her it didn’t feel true to her, so she never niched down, and instead helped people with different programs. This rang so true for me, as I always have felt that I have had to put myself in a box to do as the experts say.

Joining her 6 week program was incredible, and of course perfect timing as I had just left a difficult relationship. Within weeks, I booked my first VIP clients and had the best time helping them bring their relationship back to life.
I gained confidence and expanded to a different kind of coaching because of the support I received in her group. She taught me to truly trust myself, and to stay in my own lane, without comparisitis, and that by “Being” me, I attract clients and people in my life that are on the same frequency. I had heard all of this before but I had never fully embodied it as I do now. ”

Sophie, Empowerment Coach,  USA

“A reflection on Juliette

A powerful wise master.

I’m deeply grateful for the transmissions you shared.

Your commitment to your own journey has led you to where you are now in order to share these codes and wisdom with us.

Your authenticity and raw, deep, embodied love with that joyful, sparkle of humour mixed through it, had me feel that it was finally safe to deeply land in my body.( I don’t use “makes me feel” anymore after your teachings! 😉)

With your guidance and support I have been able to open in a way I have never had access to before. There is so much energy coursing through me and I don’t shy away from it anymore but use it for creating the most incredible visuals for my business.

You have been a true inspiration to me and the times that I do get triggered, I ask myself, “what would Juliette do?” and I use the tools you’ve given me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Tammy & John, California

Juliette is a force of nature,

and she is also a force of nurture!


Dr Mark Goulston, Psychiatrist & Executive coach, USA

You create a safe environment for us Juliette, to be able to express ourselves freely.

In the beginning, I didn’t want to be visible at all. but then it got easier due to being supported throughout. 

I was extremely touched by your vulnerability Juliette and in doing so losing none of your power!The big lesson here- Be Yourself! If you are enveloped in your own authenticity you are doing things right. You dont have to mould yourself to suit others. Do this in your own Scrumptiousness.

 — Denise, Acupuncturist, Scotland

That was so powerful- I’ve never had closure around my dad’s passing, but if feels complete now.

I love how how you bring lightheadedness to such heavy emotions.

Thank you so much Habibti!

 — Dr Rabia Subhani, Psychologist, USA

“Thank you Juliette for our session. I’m forever grateful to you for guiding me and helping me dissolve and integrate some really tough internal knots.

Your loving and guiding presence helped me have a breakthrough in terms of money energy.

Before coaching, I was feeling stuck with regards to money and there was a kind of stuck and choked energy.

During the session, you guided me to go to places within my psyche where there were multiple layers of stuckness around money. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to go beyond without your support.

After the session, my choked energy completely dissolved and I felt so good and free internally.

Thank you for your support and amazing presence which was helpful in healing my money wounds and helped me experience Freedom and inner joy.
I did the homework you set me and have been going to have a coffee in a luxury hotel over the past 3 months to calibrate to that degree of wealth.

Last week, I raised my prices and out of no-where a new client appeared who signed on for a year at my new (double what I used to charge) prices!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, transform and become a new energetic match for this kind of wealth ✨❤️😃”

Yayati, Executive coach,India

I am so so grateful for you!! 🙏🙏 thank you so so much for making yourself available short notice on a Saturday to support my husband ❤️

I’m so glad that he could get the support he needed while it was still fresh 🙏 you are a miracle worker

Adrienne Rivera, Breathwork coach, USA


The session with Juliette was gentle and very nourishing like there was a quantum surgery happening on my body, going into my cells.

As we went deep, the next day I started to have an almost unbearable physical pain next to my heart correlated with what had opened up for me.

I shared the situation with her and immediately we had a long-distance second session.

It gave me the opportunity to rewrite some of my DNA.

After, the pain was almost gone and I felt an upgrade happening in my whole being.

I went on a 13-hour sleep and the next day the pain was completely gone.

I feel a part of me died, some timelines have been shifted, more solid and more in my power.

It was an incredible transformational journey and the medicine that is flowing through Juliette is an extremely powerful one.

Kaya, Cyprus

“As a man, at times it is difficult to feel and to allow that feeling to give you signs you should follow.

In one of the exercises, I really felt a definite no and then a yes, just by listening to my body!


Also, communication is what you tell your body, I wasn’t aware of that. This now has brought so much awareness to how I have talked to my body, and what stories I have been running! Communication is everything -to self and to others. Juliette has a wealth of experience in life, in relationships, with children, and with self, which felt like coming home.

So much recognition, and she teaches so well, creating a safe space to share and learn.

Big thanks, Juliette!”

Victor, The Netherlands

“Before joining, trying to run my business felt like a roller coaster that wasn’t getting me anywhere. With every high I’d have an even bigger low – crashing and burning in self-doubt that left me feeling paralysed.

It felt physically painful and incredibly exhausting. Logically, I knew what steps to take in my business, but it felt like my body just couldn’t keep up.

Since joining the method, I haven’t had any big crashes (and still going strong months after!). I feel like I’m making steady progress instead of one huge leap and ten steps back.

I’m able to catch and regulate myself before blowing past my edges, so I no longer experience all the exhausting extremes. I have way more awareness and capacity than before.

When just one thing would have sent my nervous system over the edge, I”m now handling four of those things with ease. These changes have been deeply foundational and have affected every part of my daily life. 

The depths of safe space that Christine and Juliette hold for expression and transformation are likely to be deeper than anything you’ve previously experienced or even thought possible.

I am eternally grateful for their hearts and leadership, as I would not be where I am today without their presence in my life. “

Courtney, Canada

“The progress I have made in these 12 weeks has been absolutely astonishing!

I feel I can hold myself in any company and feel I have so much more access to my body, which used to feel so unsafe due to so much trauma I have experienced.

My ultimate vision for my work is to take the most disempowered people -with autism and ADHD, who are traumatised, and have these additional vulnerabilities – help make them the most empowered person in the room through embodiment work.

Literally guide and show them exactly what is going on and no one is going to manipulate you any more! I just feel so excited about that!

This creates such a legacy, and it creates such a ripple effect. I just keep seeing the Wizard of Oz where you know the wizard was behind the big curtain and then you open the curtain and say, “Oh, well, this wasn’t like some big mystery.”

I just didn’t know all I needed to do was to open the curtain.

My biggest learning was to be around you two, who have really vast regulated nervous systems, and taught me how to start having that for myself! 

Christine and Juliette have been absolutely stellar, they share their knowledge in bite-size pieces, with a lot of love, humour and ease, which made it so attainable for me!”

Samantha, London

“After our session in August, a lot more of my behavior and feelings about my sexuality came up.  My partner and I are navigating through the walls and barriers I created to protect myself. One thing that came up was my tendency to joke about sex with people, especially male friends and colleagues.  I realized I do this as a pre-emptive strike against them, to indicate that I’m “cool” about sexuality.  So that I can control the conversation about sex, even though no one else is talking about it!  That was hard to access.  Lots of tears getting through the blindspots, and then making the connection to my experiences with sexual trauma as a kid was powerful insight.  I’m less anxious about sex, I don’t put as much pressure on myself to orgasm and we are having more fun and connection when we make love.  I can even say “make love” without rolling my eyes.  I always thought of sex as a set of activities separate from me. I feel more integrated now.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

A month or two later…..

Juliette, Celebrate this magic day and you!  We met in a course and I was immediately drawn to your sensual energy.  It wasn’t just sexy, although you are, damn…your energy was about the SENSES and being present in the body.  OH fuck did I ever want some of that!  You graced me beautiful sessions to address a sexual trauma and sent me on a new trajectory.  I’ve been enjoying my senses more and more in a non sexual way, which is fresh as hell!  I am mindful of smells, tastes, touches, sights, sounds…and then the beautiful mix of the senses inside of my body… I feel sensual.  Thank you and big love to you.  xoxo”

Miki, Canada

“Juliette’s soothing voice and intuitive skills provide a powerful combination that helps you to go deep into the practices and create real inner movement and transformation. I highly recommend a coaching package with her. She is masterful at having you feel calm and loved as you work through your trauma and pain. She gently guides you back to what you wanted to work on and keeps you on track. I came to her feeling so much rejection and pain and after a few sessions, I feel vibrant and full of love, for myself, for my life, for others.”

Catherine Jones, Los Angeles

“Juliette’s warm, loving and generous connection has allowed me to see myself in a way that I never have before. She shines light in the places that I’ve been hiding to expose my own wisdom in my own time.  She is fiercely loving and somehow leaves you feeling beautiful, capable, strong and ready to face the world, knowing and honouring that this is truly who you are.  Thank you Juliette you are a gift to me and a greater gift to this planet.”

Sue Ann Maccara, Life-coach,Canada

“I decided to work with Juliette, as I had some childhood trauma that had recently surfaced. I felt very safe and held by her throughout the whole time and she was there with me every step of the way. This enabled me to face what was going on inside of me and to heal. After the sessions I felt much lighter, freer and more hopeful. I now feel confident in my relationship to myself. I feel more alive and vibrant and no longer have this trauma holding me back from connecting to my partner.  I would highly recommend working with her, especially if you struggle with surrendering!”

Claire M, UK 

“Gracious, generous, supportive and a cut above are just a few adjectives that describe Juliette’s coaching style.

Juliette has an incredible ability to hold space for you to learn and grow. Her intuitive insight into what you need each session is spot on and provides a clear path for growth and expansion at a rate that far exceeds expectations.

What I especially appreciate about Juliette is her strength of character.  I am an accomplished woman who has a keen bullshit detector.  Juliette is no bullshit.

She is the real deal and I was lucky to have her as my coach.”

Mary G, USA

“I did a forgiveness ceremony with Juliette and I was able to let go and love again. It was so beautiful to surrender ❤️”

Diane Deal, USA

“After working with Juliette for 6 months I look back at my life and don’t recognise the person I was when I started. My life looks nothing like it did then. I am no longer looking to others to give me the answers, I now trust myself and my ability to make a change. My relationship with my husband has rekindled and we are more intimate and loving towards each other than we have ever been. I ask for the kind of attention I want without fear that I will be too much, what a great lesson that has been! I am so grateful for getting the tools to communicate what is on the inside of me so that I could include him, no longer shutting him or my children out. I can not believe what a short 6 months have done to my confidence, my relationships!

Thank you so much for helping me realise that the life I wanted was right in front of my eyes!”

— Zeinab K, Beirut

“Juliette has been holding an incredibly safe and loving space for me while also guiding me clearly when necessary so that I could go deep into processing stuck emotions.” What helped me most was the permission to surrender deeper into the wisdom of the body. I got to express parts that were until then hiding in the basement.

She is masterful at having you feel calm and loved as you work through your trauma and pain. She gently guides you back to what you wanted to work on and keeps you on track.

As my coach and mentor, I very much appreciated her clear and concise feedback. Juliette always showed me the exact next step I needed to take in order to uplevel my coaching skills.

Thank you Juliette for your clear and loving guidance.”

Lavinia Lazar Erotic BlueprintCoach. Germany