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Inside Pandora Podcast


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Bonus Episode – Highly Sensitive Folks & Sexuality

Christine & Juliette interview Jessie Fresh a coach in Sex and Intimacy with an expertise in dealing with highly sensitive folks. If you can feel emotion without emotions being spoken about, feel like a fine tuned antenna with the folks you hang with because you ‘just know things’, you don’t want to miss this.


  • Body Image/Shame

    In this episode we open the doors on body image and shame. A topic that affects most of us in some way or another. What were the stories we were brought up with, the societal influences that shaped our beliefs around what normal bodies look like.

    It’s time to break the myths around what beauty is. A healthy outlook on beauty has the ability to transform your life and allow you to be seen in the world in a way that feels safe an honoring.

    Dare to open Pandora’s Box and come inside…

  • Sexuality

    How we all love a good gritty conversation that tantalizes the senses and feeds the mind. Come and join us as we dive into how we are erotically wired and what holds us back from having a fulfilling sex life.

    When we are in our bodies, dialed in to our arousal and willing to surrender into pleasure, a vast array of aliveness surfaces and infuses itself into our lives. When we are navigating our lives based on pleasure and what feels good, we can follow our own compass allowing us to navigate into places we didn’t know existed.

    Open your own Pandora’s Box to explore what hidden gems live inside. We will share how we look at our own shadows and how it led to owning our desires & untamed self.

  • Trauma

    Getting real about how our life circumstances can play out in the bedroom, in our relationships and our own relationship with ourselves. Intense experiences can be like burglurs in the night, stealing the very vital life force that would make our lives epic.

    When we are harbouring the energy from unresolved life experiences, it can lead to body pain, a desire to not be ‘in’ our bodies, not able to trust ourselves or our environments and creating an overall inability to feel like we belong.

    Join Juliette & Christine in this real conversation where they start to unpack the impacts of traumatic experiences.

  • Kink

    To deny our Kink is to deny a very vital part of yourself. We all have a desire for pleasure, question is, are you allowing your voice to be heard in order to have your needs met? Do you even know what your needs are? Join Juliette and Christine as they explore Kink in some of it’s realms. Kink doesn’t have to be whips and chains but can also be power dynamics and taboo. There’s so much to explore when playing with power dynamics, sensations and pushing your own edges. Whether your just dipping your toe in or a seasoned kinkster, hop on to this podcast that is sure to tantilize your taste buds.

  • Shame

    The essence of shame can leave us feeling isolated and disconnected from those we love as well as ourselves and our bodies.

    Shame is when we believe we are fundamentally flawed. It is the emotion that is often at the core of not feeling like we belong in this world or we don’t fit in. When we are operating from a place of shame, we are not living our lives based on our own compass rather the compass of others such as society, friends, family. We fear loosing love and connection and therefore not connecting in with what is ok and not ok for us as individuals but rather look externally for validation of how to live our lives.

  • Self Care & Self Regulation

    Juliette and Christine team up together to bring you tangible and easy ways to live fully in your body. How can we begin to take care of ourselves during the holidays or during stressful times. They chat about the holidays, navigating triggering family functions, self regulation, exploring ways to reconnect with ourselves & tips and trips to stay grounded.

    Join them in continuing the exploration of bodies, connection & self regulation.

  • Letting Go

    Letting go, the phrase sounds pretty simple but is it really? Being able to detach yourself from energies and situations which do not serve you is at the hallmark of spiritual development. In this podcast we explore what true detachment means and how to implement it in your life so that negative situations and events do not wreak havoc on you and your efforts to grow into the person that you were meant to be.

  • Emotions

    When we open our whole self to the entirety of our experience, we often are met with all kinds of rich emotion, sensations, thoughts, awareness’. In todays podcast we will be exploring the expansive & turbulent world of emotions. Sometime we get caught in believing a certain type of emotion is better than another. We deem ‘negative’ emotions as wrong, and ‘positive’ emotions as superior. When in fact some of the deemed as negative emotions can be the very vehicle to unlocking deep passion, wisdom, and transformation.

  • Yes/No Interoceptive System

    In this episode we explore the importance of really being embodied and exactly what does that even mean? Everyone is talking about embodiment these days yet how can we recognize what our inner signals are trying to convey to us? Due to many different life circumstances we often haven’t been taught, encouraged or have had embodiment modeled to us.

    Trauma can deeply lodge within our Nervous System, so that you may not even be aware of the undercurrents playing out within the body. When trauma has been left unattended, it can feel unsafe to be in the body which leaves us without any navigation system at all. An example might be when you don’t notice the uncomfortable tightenings of your belly when a certain ‘someone’ comes into your space. When we don’t notice these subtle clues of the body, how can we ever find our way to a life that feels authentic to us?