Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September 2024
Wadhurst, East Sussex

ESSENCE: an immersive experience to come home to SELF

Led by three amazing women, Liz Sergeant, Juliette Karaman and Natasha Harris

This is the UK’s first retreat for high-performing women that uniquely brings together and aligns all aspects of your ESSENCE

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ESSENCE is for women in their 40’s and 50’s who desire to come back home to themselves so that they can elevate their leadership potential and soul-led impact with like-minded women in a beautiful, luxurious setting.

It’s the perfect way to take a break from hectic work & family life to look after yourself and give your well- being and Essence a boost.

During this one-day in-person retreat we will hold an expansive space where you will…

Relax in the most beautiful setting and align your frequency to the effortlessness of your Essence :

Nature ceremony and heightening of your senses, opening your intuition to self and others.

Reveal your hormonal success keys:

For cycling and non-cycling women, being in conversation with your hormonal ebbs and flow is the unspoken success key for women at the top of their game. Learn how to listen to and optimise your natural rhythm for the most ease and flow in your life.

Embrace your emotional wellbeing:

We will explore how you can bring awareness to your emotions as well as release, rewire and grow. In a safe and beautifully guided space give yourself permission to step into your full sensual self, and explore what gives YOU pleasure!

Fine tune your soul frequency:

Become conscious of your energetic resonance in the world and learn how to amplify your soul’s potential. Discover how to recode past life energetic patterns and shine brightly.

Together we will unleash your wealth and wisdom from within so that you can step into your most potent self!

“The retreat yesterday was the most magical thing ever.

To be in a room with so many beautiful

and empowering women was out of this world.

I still have to pinch myself that it happened”

~ Lucy ~


“This retreat gave me the courage to let life unfold and trust in the adventure. I now feel myself moving with natural flowing energies and for the first time in a very long time I have stepped into my truth and now shine for who I truly am! “

~ Victoria ~

The whole experience was wonderful Natasha, Liz & Juliette did an amazing job of creating a safe and supportive environment from which to learn, share and enable big releases and expansions”

~ Marina ~

Limited EARLY BIRD spaces remaining – Sign up now
Full payment is required to secure your spot
All sales are final


10AM – 8PM

Welcome smoothy & greet

An expansive and nourishing day

Beautifully curated sessions

1:1 time with your hosts

Attunements sessions

Health assessment

Time to be in nature

Lunch & refreshments

Drinks and Dinner


10AM – 2.30PM

Welcome smoothy & greet




Support and guidance to
continue living your best life.

A fabulous Essence gift bag filled
with goodies and resources worth
well over £100 to take home with you.

Exclusive discounts to future
events and courses

We can suggest a range of hotels and airbnb’s nearby

Travel to and from the venue is not included

ESSENCE is for you, if you:

Want to celebrate your femininity and your growth potential.

Feel something is holding you back from stepping into your Full feminine power.

Have more fun and pleasure in your life while being the power house that you are.

Are wanting to BE instead of DO.

Desire to feel fully expressed in WHO you are and your UNIQUE gifts.

We know from our work with hundreds of high-achieving women that too often we become stuck through our disconnection with our body (hormonal imbalances and dysfunction); emotions (unresolved life events and wounds); and soul (past life energy blocks).

That is why we’ve created ESSENCE for women who…

Desire to step into your true soul led leadership potential from where your impact becomes magnetic AF, while you are having the best time of your life.

Have ambitions to elevate your visibility and growth to make a significant change for good in our world, with more ease and grace……

Have a bigger vision of yourself that you yearn to bring out into the world… and are ready for it, while being turned- on, magnetic and having fun!

Know that alongside the power of other women you are capable of incredible transformation...

During this beautifully curated days you will deeply connect with your inner wisdom and the wisdom of those around you…

Align to a higher knowing of self and all of her potential

Become so lit up by the collective energy that is present

Leaping into your new level of life will be effortless

Feel sparks of pleasure and sensuality to bring back into your life, leadership and business

Have inspired clarity around your personal growth and deep insight into your leadership up-level

The soul knows our energy and essence is so much more than the physical manifestations that dominate and define us.


This is very much a gift for you, not just for now but forever. The expansions and learnings you will gain from this day will benefit you in everything you do. I am so grateful to have attended this retreat and recommend to anyone interested in building deeper self-love, respect and trust

~ Caroline ~

“From the moment I arrived I felt at home. It was a beautiful day surrounded by such amazing women. It was exactly what I needed to give me the courage to step away from things that weren’t working and start to build my own life”

~ Ranelle ~

All food  will be cooked by Lee Glen former Executive Chef of Soho House London & New York with 25 years’ experience cooking in Michelin restaurants

Women’s Immersive retreat for Mind, Body and Soul


As your retreat guides, it’s our honour to be bringing you a truly unique immersive weekend retreat for your mind, body and soul.




Juliette will guide you to emotions held in the physical body and psyche. Through release and somatic exercises and spinal attunement, you will create a deep connection and awareness with yourself. These sessions will honour and celebrate ourselves as women and form part of a sensual shamanic experience.



Liz will reconnect you with the essence of your health and hormones. Revealing how to be in conversation with your body and attune to your hormonal success keys. She will explore how opening up these channels of communication aids us to hear the intuitive wisdom held in the body.



Natasha’s sessions will connect you with your Akashic Records to reveal old patterns that you have been carrying with you for lifetimes. She will show you how to tap into this beautiful energy and activate it, so you can come back to our Soul Power & Wisdom. It’s time to shine brightly.


“This day exceeded all my expectations on so many levels. It was so powerful meeting like minded women led by three shining stars”

Join us, and a small group of incredible women, in a beautiful, luxurious and expansive space in Wadhurst, East Sussex, where we have a magical treat in store for you.

Somatic experiences, Nature, Breathwork, Visualisations, Attunements, Connection, Release, Reflection & Celebration
Also nourishing refreshments, tea & coffee and delicious soul-nurturing lunch and dinner.

Plus a fabulous Essence gift bag filled with goodies and resources worth well over £100 to take home with you!


Limited EARLY BIRD spaces remaining – Sign up now
Full payment is required to secure your spot
All sales are final


“This day exceeded all my expectations on so many levels. It was so powerful meeting like minded women led by three shining stars”

Want to attend our Spring Retreat? dates are:

27th – 28th April 2024