Episode 86 Unleash Your True Voice: Emily Thorner’s Journey of an Ultra Soprano to Healer

On: Jul 9, 2024

Hello lovely listeners, and welcome to another episode of The Scrumptious Woman. I’m your host, Juliette Karaman, and today we have a truly remarkable guest, Emily Thorner, also known as the incredible Ultra soprano and CEO of Moon Rising. Emily uses the power of frequency, psychology, and quantum healing to raise the frequency of the world and help countless individuals. Her energy is palpable, and I cannot wait for you to hear her story. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Episode Summary:

In this episode, we delve deep into the fascinating world of frequency healing with Emily Thorner. Emily shares her journey in music and in healing, integrating her voice with her mission to help others to. We explore the layers of personal growth and the profound impact of frequency on our lives. Emily recounts her experiences at a crypto convention and a significant event in Africa, demonstrating the transformative power of her work. We also discuss the connection between the throat and sacral chakras, and the importance of embracing our true voice.

Key Takeaways:

The Power of Frequency: Emily explains how she uses frequency in her singing and healing practices to raise the vibration of individuals and communities.
Personal Growth in Layers: The journey to discovering one’s purpose often happens in layers, allowing gradual and sustainable personal growth.
The Throat and Sacral Connection: There is a deep connection between the throat chakra (our voice) and the sacral chakra (our creative and sexual energy).
Embracing Your True Voice: Freeing your voice involves releasing karmic patterns and activating your throat chakra to communicate your truth powerfully.
Trusting the Journey: Trust is crucial in the journey of self-discovery and healing. Emily emphasises the importance of trusting your intuition and the process.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP86

Welcome to another episode of The Scrumptious Woman. I have with me Emily Thorner, the most incredible, nicknamed Ultrasprano. And you are the CEO, the owner of Moon Rising. What I loved reading about it is the power of frequency. You don’t only use it in your singing, but you use the whole mix of psychology, frequency, quantum, healing, all of this to help raise the frequency in the world and lots of different nations.

So I’m going to let you speak about this a little bit, but it’s it just reading your stuff and feeling your energy has been absolutely incredible. So welcome. so much. I’m so excited to have you on here. Not only are you like a world star, right? In your own yeah, with your voice, you are affecting millions of lives.

Thank you. Yeah, we use frequency for everything here. It’s a, it’s really going

from the gift that God gave me and then opening up. Layer after layer of the lotus flower of how it can really impact everyone in such a huge way. Yeah, here to bring the sounds that help the world.

Ah, I love it. So when did you know that this was coming through you? Oh, gosh. Always go straight in.

I’m going to, I take from that you mean when did I know it was for a bigger purpose. Yes. Yeah, it happened in layers I think if it happened all at once I think if you went back in time and you could have told me that what I’d be doing now I would have been like, Nope, not possible.

So it happened. It happened in layers. And it really had to come from me doing the work first. I think there’s no avoiding the truth of that. Like for all of those out there that have some form of a healing purpose or some form of a greater purpose, which I believe is. Really all of us, if we can just tap into it, that we all have that greater purpose, but yeah it happened in, in layers of time.

I can jump into one specific story which happened in 2022. And this was when I had already built my business. I was already working with people clearing, karmic patterns for many programs. And at that point, hadn’t really put it together with my singing yet. And I was in Dubai at a crypto convention That two friends who knew my healing work invited me to.

And one goes, Emily, just do it. And I’m like, what do you mean? Just do it. And then suddenly before you know it, I am doing energy work in a crypto convention, singing, moving my hands, doing things, just letting God lead. And, we were at this convention where people have paid a lot of money for something else.

And then suddenly they’re all coming up to me going me next. And people are crying. And, grown men are like, I want to experience that every day, someone across the way, goes, no, nothing turns my head, but that turned my head. What are you doing? Yeah. There you go.

And isn’t that interesting? So you were already singing for people when did the singing start? Singing has been my whole life, my whole, whole life, like you can imagine a tiny little infant. Singing. That was me. But those were, days where it was just that first stage that one is ready for where you think it’s just singing, right?

You think it’s just singing to get somewhere and then little by little you realize it’s actually singing for a much bigger purpose than you. And that’s it, right? So you, okay, so why I started this podcast, and it’s almost a year ago, this weekend, it would be a year ago, was really to get these codes that we all have in our voices, in our energy, to get that transmitted out so that more people can pick up on them.

It become embodied and then they have them and then it’s oh, okay, that was a no brainer. I don’t know how I know this, but I’ve picked up on it, right? And I love getting these little nuggets of information where people are like, oh my God, I listened to this one lady. She was talking about the horses.

I did the same thing with my dogs and they absolutely listen. It’s like crazy. It’s I’ve always been doing this all my life. I’m like, exactly. That’s what it’s all about. You recognizing that you have this gift or you had this gift already as small was it was singing and then all of a sudden more and more things dropped in from whatever from spirit, God, guides, universe, your infinite self, however you want to call it because people get triggered, right?

I’m just like, I’m going to just call it whatever you want to call it because for everyone it’s different. But recognizing how people get touch, right? How it opens their heart and how it opens their like, like almost the interwebbing of our energy that it can just pass through. I I believe that we are all divinely put here for a purpose, that we all have such a huge purpose, and that we’re on this giant journey to wake up into that purpose.

And we might at one age think, okay, it’s this. Like I thought it was just to sing opera and then it turns out it’s actually so much larger. Opera is a stage. My business is a stage much bigger than all. It’s to raise the frequency of humanity. It’s infinite stages. It’s infinite spaces. It’s literally about music that brings us to a higher level of our highest possible awareness, right?

But I believe that we all have a bigger. Purpose in us, waking, waiting for us to be in that space of service, waiting for us to tap into it, waiting for us to just, wake up that part of our energy and wake up that part of us that is waiting and wanting to like from our highest desires what do you want?

Everybody wants something. And I believe that we all, you We gotta follow that one. We gotta follow that desire. We gotta listen to ourselves and not what we think we should do or how we think it should look. That’s too small. It’s too controlled. Like really what do I do? I help people to wake up.

that up. And I feel like that with that, if everybody’s doing that, like that’s one of the reasons I love your podcast. I’m so happy to be here. I’m so honored to be here. So thank you. If we can tap into what is innately ours. There is nothing that can stop us. There’s nothing that can stop any of us.

It is infinite wisdom that is available in every single one of us. It’s just, will we allow ourselves to go there? Will we allow ourselves to be big? Will we allow ourselves to be noticed? Will we allow ourselves to be free? And it’s such a good point that you make will we allow ourselves to be this big, right?

All the conditioning that comes in society, parents, partners, whatever you’re too much, you’re too this, you’re too that, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Or you’re not big enough, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The mind fucks. And, but then also I was thinking about this earlier because this week I had three people on the podcast.

All of a sudden, the whole visibility thing. All three of you had issues coming on. And I’m like, Oh, interesting. Do I need to clear my energy? Is there something in the energy for you? It was the helicopter for someone else. It was two other appointments. Someone else got ill and she came on yesterday.

She’s No, this was the third time I was going to come on and I just realized there’s something in me that wants me to stay small. So I said, screw it. I’m actually going to come on this podcast and just send my codes out. I’m like, thank you. But it’s interesting, right? How we self sabotage. We don’t, we’re not even aware of it.

Yeah, whatever happens, we’re like, oh, okay, are you really sure that you want to be, in your case, you’re already massively visible. We can always get, get a bit more visibility, but I’ve really noticed where that

safety aspect is such a big deal. Absolutely true. There’s a lot to say about that energetically too.

So what do I do? It’s the voice, right? Like it’s about frequency. It’s about the voice, but one of the biggest things that people go to me for is specifically their voice. And it, and a lot of people think, does that mean, Emily, I have to be a singer or want to sing? No. Often they end up doing it, but that’s not actually it.

It’s really about your voice, which includes like your throat center is also. Being seen, being heard, being understood, being received. And for so many of us, and I want to say maybe even more women, but for so many of us, there’s so many complicated pieces of that puzzle that people end up having to look at and work through to feel safe, to be seen, to be able to be themselves without being seen.

Fear of judgment or will someone misunderstand this and the more voice work you do, the more freeing of this throat center, which is something that people do in my voice program, for example, you stop caring. The more you literally just stop caring and start to just Realize I’m totally safe to be me and that can be messy.

It can change. It can evolve. I’m always evolving. Like we’re never done evolving. Like that would be, we’d be dead. And then, but that’s the part where people are just so scared. Stagnant and so stuck in wanting it to be a certain way and listen I’m a mom of four kids. Two of my kids are on the spectrum, so they have dyslexia, dyspraxia and stuff.

Like a little bit on the spectrum, but it was just really interesting because I went deep into psychology afterwards wanting to help and talked to a lot of children on the spectrum, more of autism and then high functioning Asperger’s, et cetera. And you know that. The one thing for them that’s really important is that they can count that something stays the same.

And that was the most difficult thing to teach them. It’s look at what you can preempt some stuff, you can also just go with the flow and actually just continue to believe in yourself. So I remember there’s this one boy that I taught when he was like 13. I got an email from him, a few, probably a year ago, saying, Oh my God, I’ve, I finished in university, high honors, top of my class.

And I still remember those few times that you just gave me such good embodied wisdom of if someone is here, put out your hand, that’s how close they want you to come. They don’t want you right here. And he said, all of that has really helped me to trust myself. Beautiful. But it’s so interesting where we just, sometimes we need someone just to hold our hand.

Yeah, all of us, I, we’re constantly evolving, as mentioned, like it is this, it’s never a line, right? I really believe it’s a spiral. I really believe it is. You meet something a few times, as many times as it takes, and then you move up the spiral and you go into your next stage, your next evolution.

Yeah. But you will absolutely be met with, teachers and guides and people that lead you along that way and people who have those puzzle pieces. And one of the big things that I really sunk into as as a message, as a download or whatever you want to call it was that we all have these puzzle pieces for each other.

Like we’re all stretching each other. We’ve all and that’s why I feel like it’s so It’s so important to A, really learn to trust yourself, like you were saying, and B, to trust that guidance no matter where it leads you, whether it leads you to a different location, whether it leads you to work with somebody, whether it leads you to someone’s music or someone’s offering, whether it leads you to a certain conversation trusting yourself along the yellow brick road of life is so essentially key because It will never be wrong.

It will never be wrong. And you will lead you if you let yourself be led. So beautiful. I call it the little breadcrumbs. The Hansel and Gretel, the little breadcrumbs. So you just notice the next one. And you might not see the whole path, but you’ll notice the next one. And it’s, sometimes it is like feeling like jumping off a cliff freefall, not quite knowing where it’s going to land.

That was actually an image that I was really quite moderately obsessed with a few years ago was this image of someone kind of free falling into the ocean, into the unknown. Little did I know that really meant like free falling with spirit. I didn’t understand it back then. But to, again, follow that nudge, follow that intuition.

It led me across the pond twice. I lived in the U. S. and I lived in Germany. Now I’m in England. And there’s probably also an Italy a chapter ahead of us at some point ahead of me. Love it. But yeah, the yellow brick road, the breadcrumbs, and for whoever listens to this, it led you to this podcast. So there’s a reason.

Completely. Now, I heard you say that you have a voice. Program. Could you give us just like one or two nuggets of what that contains or what are some of the exercises that you can get people to, cause I do energy work and a lot of people I open up their throats as well, but what are some of the things that you do for our listener?

And it’s Hey what’s one thing that you can give me as a nugget that I can. It’s really about freeing your. Voice. Being in your most natural, your

most big, your most free, your like, the most like, being in your truth and feeling good in your truth. Because your truth, not the truth of all the different people around you, which sometimes we can be very clouded by.

Is the biggest thing that’s going to make a difference in this world. Your truth paves that path. Your truth makes that path. So in the program of the voice, we do a lot of karmic pattern release. So we’re releasing all of the patterns that haven’t served your voice, which again, can be patterns of being misunderstood or feeling unseen, or the time that, you expressed yourself for example, like in another lifetime and it had some kind of repercussion, like Somebody who was jailed or, all these things that we may not have any awareness of.

In fact, most of the time we don’t. But all these things that actually really affect how you show up in the world now. Because again, it’s not just about Am I a singer? Most people who take it are not a singer, but it’s how I show up, how I communicate, how I connect, how I am received, how I communicate in business.

It is such an important business tool. I just want to say that too, but. Really, I feel like your voice is your biggest tool for your impact in the world. So we release patterns, and we also activate the voice and bring light into the voice so that your throat chakra becomes like this unstoppable force, but it’s yours.

It’s just like it’s shining up what’s already yours. It’s upgrading yourself in a way. Like I always think about upgrading like a computer in some way, right? Like it’s like download, like now it’s Apple 17 or whatever, up to 18, but it extends your throat chakra, but it’s upgrading that shift.

Or upgrading your throat center so that It reaches a higher point that other people receive you differently, and I actually will give a, an example that I came up with maybe two or three weeks ago, which is a bit goofy, but people liked it. So I’ll share, which is if you think about it like a video game, right?

If you’re taking the voice program or any one of my programs, but specifically here the voice, you are shifting your throat center, right? And so you’re, it’s like throat center plus 10 points. You walk into that next level, you walk into that next level of your life, whatever it is, and you’re going to have a different experience and a different outcome with everyone you meet and opportunities that find you or don’t find you or now can find you because your throat center has gone up 10 points.

You can have two different players in the same game, and the one with higher points, or rather the one with a more activated throat center, is gonna have a more favorable outcome in the world than the one who doesn’t. So the voice helps you to be in your highest truth and go through powerfully because you’re in your voice, no one else’s.

So good, right? I activate the Pleasure Center or the Sacro a lot as well. That’s my gift. That’s how I came into this. So it was all about, releasing. So I release a lot of sexual trauma for people. And those are the people that come to me a lot because I’ve had massive sexual trauma and often, oftentimes we have to it.

have gone through something. Not everyone, but yeah there’s a moment where you’re like, Oh, okay. But I love that you are actually using like the upgrade version, right? Like I say, Oh, okay. It’s like our iPhone. We upgrade we, we get the new software for it. And this is what happens.

To all of us, we actually just get upgraded until we reach a different frequency. Yeah. Also, if I may, what you do has a lot of connection to what I do because for a lot of people, sexual trauma and anything that’s stuck in the womb, where we’ve been with our yes or no really affects how free your throat center is.

Oh, so true. Feel to be in your voice. So actually the sacral and the throat, totally. So connected, I know. Probably one of my, yeah, one of my biggest exercises that I take people through is their nose. And actually, I’ll do all kinds of weird stuff to just let them, get comfortable with now and just notice what happens in their body and how stuck they are and where there’s just contraction.

So yeah, no, I absolutely love this. So tell me a little bit about this incredible forum in Africa that you sang at and that you changed the whole trajectory.

I’m like, how long you got? It’s a long story. Wow. So this was, Really purpose times millions. Like this was everything has led up to this moment. And this moment is not the only moment. There’ll be many moments more. Where to start? It started with energy. I was at the climate change forum and this man turns behind, behind him and goes, Oh my God, I can feel you.

I was like, huh? Again, energy is so big, of course, but He read my purpose like a book. He felt me a mile away and I didn’t even have to tell him that I was having, dreams where I’d be woken up in the middle of the night with names of African cities and going, what is going on? And he says, at some point, you’re going to help us in Africa.

You’re going to help us in Africa. You’re going to help us in Africa. And that moment came. In April, that moment came in April. It’s, there’s an ongoing very large project that this man has been leading. And this person Fardsam, he, he’s raised China. He’s helped China from, I believe it’s millions to trillions.

And now he’s on a determined road to do it in Africa, because again, he’s doing, His God given gift and following his messages and following the messages that come and he’s like Emily you’re part of it You’re part of it and I’m like, okay And I knew I knew and it was like wow my higher self has signed up for something really large speaking of bigness and Gosh, so he already had this delegation of put together of people with different gifts and different offerings for DRC and the whole purpose was the coming together to help develop DRC to help, because I don’t know if you’ve been to Congo, most people haven’t probably been to Congo, but it’s not a very, it’s not developed.

And it means a lot of love, a lot of help, a lot of money, a lot of support, a lot of awareness, a And most of all, maybe a lot of love. And so he had already been, beginning to get forward this notion of I want to help develop in DRC. I want to help develop Africa. I am, this is his, you know, his path here.

Consist, I am committed to helping build Africa. And, Anyway, so he has us come together and before I know it, I am asked to sing a hymn in DRC. And I, I had a whole plan of I wanted to sing a specific song, etc. No. It was what they asked for. And so they asked me to sing a hymn. A hymn that was, dedicated to Papa Simone Kimbangu Kiyangani.

I have the gift of the photo actually over there from his grandson. It’s in the background. Took that all the way from DRC. Anyway, This hymn was honoring who they believe in. Very powerful words such as my god is not black nor white huge Yeah, so huge. So I was asked to sing this and let me tell you I had to go through every kind of spiritual initiation I am sure Every kind, because it had to be done properly.

It had to be done with so much respect. Pure, just, dignity. I’ve never bowed so much in my life to the land. I’ve never, bowed so much to a person who absolutely deserves it. And it really just was a very humbling, huge thing. Huge experience. And so if you go straight to April 6th, after speaking to the land, after asking for permission, after, the initiation of being in an eight hour conversation with somebody about Africa that I didn’t plan, that was literally for me to learn.

We’re in this temple and I’m asking for cleansing for the whole space before I sing. Because again, I sing healing codes, right? I sing love, but you have to make sure that everybody like that. Everyone’s ready to receive. And I ask for cleansing for the space. I ask for angels to help me. I ask for all of the support I possibly can.

And I kid you not, it starts raining like a rain you’ve never seen. It starts raining so hard that you can’t hear the speakers. It starts raining so hard that it’s raining inside the temple and people are like rushing around with buckets, trying to stop the rain and you got like I’m on camera on every single, someone’s got me on camera everywhere and I’m just like, Oh my gosh, it’s like kind of humorous.

Like how much I was on camera. My best friend’s I see you. And I’m like, okay. But anyway, with the cleansing of the rain and feeling the purpose of Feeling my higher self’s purpose, feeling what I was there to do, which was essentially to bring love into that space.

There is no comparable feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. It was one thing, like I’ve done, as I said, or maybe I didn’t say this, but I’ve done 17 Healing programs and moon rising. I’ve sung already all over the world. There was no greater feeling than the feeling of knowing what I was about to do from an energetic perspective and how honored I still am to have been asked and chosen to do that.

So Spain. Sorry? It’s big. It’s massive. It’s pretty big! So it’s, it’s raining like crazy. The rain stops 10 minutes before I sing. Aha. Of course. And then I get asked to go on stage and I sing this hymn and I sing it acapella for 50, 000 people. I can feel it. Oh my God. And I just sing, love.

And I just sing, I see you. I believe in you and it was the summary of this is a nugget amongst all the nuggets of what I’m here for, which is to awaken humanity. And it was the most incredible soul given moment of my life. And I was told don’t touch him, right? Don’t touch the, don’t touch the spiritual chief of Africa.

Don’t touch him. And he reaches out to shake my hand. Did. And you see me like, Oh my God, what do I do on camera? But all to say this was part of a bigger whole and the speeches, the speech that Farsam gave on this day. So huge again, so much honor done in such a profound honored way. And I want to make that super clear for anyone.

For anyone who hears this, it was done with great care. It summarizes that 26 cities will now be developed in Congo. And there is a 10 year plan to help build Congo, DRC, and Africa. And I will just give a hint and say I’m not done singing there. I’m not done with my work. There’s more coming next summer, so stay tuned.

But Beautiful, because Congo at the moment really does need our love, right? There’s a massive genocide happening there and amongst other countries as well, but it’s Congo is very not developed, right? Yeah, so it’s beautiful. Incredible 26 cities being developed and with all the jobs and with everything that means, the prosperity.

Like when I left, they were having conversations with the government and calling up investors to help pave the roads because even the roads are all, it’s so hard for them to get anywhere because everything is just not developed. But I think that is such a big summary of.

Of what it can be and also why the work that I do Is so needed because I could have never been ready for that moment No way would I have been ready for that moment had I not done all of the karmic pattern work I’ve done all the activation work i’ve done had I not lived this because I wouldn’t have I wouldn’t have been aligned to that.

I wouldn’t have let myself go there And I think that’s all to say, as I said, everybody has a purpose. Everybody has a destiny. Everybody, and it’s going to be different for all of us. There’s no comparison. There’s no comparison. We’re not meant to do that. But you can only be ready for as high as you allow yourself to go.

And when you do the inner work and you live it and you breathe it, and you literally let yourself stretch there, you will go farther than you can ever imagine. Yeah. And it’s like what Marianne Williamson says, right? The biggest fear that we have is of ourself, how powerful we are. I’m probably, misquoting, I’m quoting it in the way that I remember it, but this is it, right?

If we actually just tap into how powerful we are and all that, all these, what we may think as setbacks or trials have actually been for us. And I keep remembering and sometimes when it gets tough for me too, I’m like, fuck’s sake, mom, really? Did I choose this? I don’t remember choosing this.

I want out. I want a refund. One of my first spiritual teachers said, if you can outrun it, run. And then she’s but you can’t. It’s true. Your path will be your path. It will have challenging moments and challenging steps, and it will have beautiful moments, and it will have moments where you’re just watching the sunset, but every single part is there to serve you.

Every single part is there to serve you. And will we allow, again, I just keep hearing the word allow ourselves to go Where our self really can go. And I really pray that everybody who hears this takes this as a sign of, yes, I will. Yeah, and that’s it, really. So some of the listeners that are listening to us whoever is hearing our codes and is getting some of this, hello, yes.

What are two or three steps that you would say, hey, start with this, start the unblossoming?

What would you have liked to know, I don’t know, 20 years ago?

It’s bigger than you think.

And the second one, or rather the first one I actually heard was yes and. Yes, and. Yes, and. Don’t stub your toe at a door just because you can’t figure out that door. Yes, and. There will always be a path. There will always be a way. Don’t try to measure it. Don’t try to control it. Yes, and. When I work with people in the hypermind too, which is a space of activation into your highest future.

Yes, and. There’s always infinite possibility for someone. Always, even in the moments when it doesn’t look like it. Yes and. This is a call to remember who the you are and to love the journey even in the sticky parts. Yes and. Completely. And I would say also people that are So suffering with health and finances and things, it’s just really give yourself that grace and just know that it’s just this breath the next breath the next expansion and the next don’t know where it’s going to go.

And I’m saying yes. And I’m trusting. I do have some advice to give to that actually, because I have had lots, I’ve seen clients through every sticky moment you can possibly imagine health Finances, all of it. Relationships, money, all of it. Is to be so kind and patient and loving with yourself and not against yourself, not in friction with yourself.

Because I think a lot of people just want to go where they want to go and when there comes some kind of a challenge or some kind of a lesson or obstacle or, a human part of the journey, right? To be kind and loving in all moments and realize that you’re always supported, even when it doesn’t look like it.

Even something with your health can show you something about you. It can all, everything has a purpose. I’m not saying it’s desirable for those moments to happen. And I can think of my family that’s gone through so much, for example. But, You are always safe. You are always safe now. You are always now.

Every single given moment is a gift. Every single given moment is a gift. Every moment. And to not work against yourself or be in subconscious punishment of yourself, but instead to give yourself grace. Because when you allow that grace, often that’s when the road towards healing, whatever it may be, whether it’s in your health.

Or a change in your finances or whatever it is opens up as a possibility. Yeah, it’s it’s interesting when I got into sacred sexuality and moving through lot of stuff, a lot of a lot of trauma that I’ve had. It started with A relationship breaking down, but I didn’t recognize it until I spent nine months in hospital fainting.

I was like, Oh, where’s this happening for me? It’s Oh, okay, actually in a relationship where, yeah, didn’t work with the seven children that we had between us. A lot of love there. And there were just some things that we reached. paid our part in it. So I’m like, Oh, interesting. And it was just that next step.

So it was conscious sexuality that I got into leading a whole movement in the UK, then shamanism, then going to a ceremony, remembering my near death experience that I had as a child. I’m like, Oh, and going back to oneness. And I was like, Oh, and that actually helped my sister Passover. And then a year later, my father, and then half a year later, my mother, and then some of my clients.

I’m like, oh, I just trusted him. I have no idea why I’m doing this, but that’s when my channel started to open. No idea, but I’m doing it. It’s and I still like half the time I do things, I’m like, Don’t know. I trust it. But the inaction sometimes is the most difficult bit, right? It’s I’m ready to go, and it’s yeah, no, we’re not 100 percent there yet.

We’re not there, so just nope. You can just stay there in that beauty, and then when it’s a full yes, boom. That’s 100 percent true. 100 percent true. We are always calibrating to all the moments. Even in the not happening moments, even in the inaction moments. I think that’s, that is just absolutely true.

Like to know that there’s always something happening beneath the surface, behind the scenes, even if you can’t see it. And to trust the process. I love that you emphasize the word trust. Yes. What did my best friend to say to me? Something like, you are such an example of unwavering faith. And I am, because I am.

So many wild things have happened and also I have taken so many leaps off the cliff into the unknown consistently because I trust my compass. I trust it even when it’s scary, even when there’s no proof because there never is, and for all my clients that continue to trust me. Trust and lean into their highest knowing, their destiny, their, who they are.

When they lean into themselves, the answers will come and all things will work out. And that perfect timing, that perfect clock, the perfect wheel. It’s exactly, trust is, I think, essential if you really want to go as full as you possibly can, which I hope everybody does. Ah, this has been a delight, my darling.

Will you let our listeners know how they can work with you and where they can find you? Where, it’s been an incredible conversation. They must have picked up on a lot. It’s been so fun. I could talk to you literally all day and I hope everyone has loved this. I’ve had an amazing time, so thank you.

You can find Me mainly on Facebook. I talk the most about my healing work on Facebook, so Emily Thorner Moon You can find me there. You can find a little bit more music forward on Instagram and I’m also on LinkedIn, but Facebook is the biggest. In terms of how to work together, there’s a few ways.

There’s always ways that will suit you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me by direct message. I totally would welcome that. So the doors are open. The Voice is a program that you are all so invited to if that part spoke to you. The Voice has Countless, successful stories to it. And I’m happy to, welcome you to that.

If that feels like it’s right for you on the higher end, there’s something called the hyper mind, which I love, which is all about working in a triangle and it’s like over there, but I actually have a singing bowl that broke in a perfect triangle as I opened this. And I’m like, that is magical. And it’s all about one person holding a foundation, one person holding a foundation and with the foundation, you shoot to the sky.

And then you rotate that. And so in that, we are actually doing custom one to one activations together. So for somebody that hears that’s I want to go as far as I can, as fast as I can. I’m so all in, I’m feeling this, I’m trusting myself. The hypermind is the way to do it. So long as there’s spots, so definitely reach out as soon as you hear this.

And then know as well, I also do one to one if someone wants to go that way. And I also have a platform if you want to go more of a self led slower way. So there’s lots of ways. So just be aware. It’s like a smorgasbord of different ways, but don’t we all have lots of different ways and what might not be what you think the highest offering now or calibrated to where you’re at now, someone else is exactly at that level what needs to come in.

It’s Oh, this is an evergreen or this is something you can self study. So I love that you have all these different ways. Everything will be in the show notes so please listeners, look into the show notes and connect with Emily she is an absolute star. All the meanings of this word. Thank you, Fran.

This has been so joyous and to whoever hears this, that, I can’t wait to get to know you and thank you for spending time with us today. Thank you.

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