Episode 77 Leadership Lessons of Equine Energy with Nadia Boersch

On: May 7, 2024

Welcome back to another captivating episode of The Scrumptious Woman! Today, I am delighted to be joined by the remarkable Nadia Boersch, who currently resides in Belgium and possesses an extraordinary bond with her majestic horses. Through her unique expertise, Nadia shares invaluable insights into leadership, drawing upon the profound teachings of these magnificent creatures.


In this enlightening conversation, Nadia Boersch shares her journey and expertise in breeding Arabian horses and harnessing their energy for leadership coaching. With 17 horses under her care, Nadia explains how each interaction with these animals offers profound lessons in leadership, particularly for women in managerial roles. She emphasises the significance of understanding and aligning one’s energy with the horses, as they provide immediate and judgment-free feedback, facilitating transformative learning experiences.

Nadia vividly illustrates how horses, as herd animals, respond to energetic cues, reflecting the qualities of effective leadership. She highlights the role of the alpha mare and the nuances of energy dynamics within a herd, paralleling human organisational structures. Through anecdotes and insights, Nadia elucidates how horses intuitively respond to the energy of individuals, offering guidance on achieving authentic leadership presence.

Key Takeaways:

Energetic Reflection: Horses serve as mirrors, reflecting individuals’ energy and offering immediate feedback on leadership presence.
Herd Dynamics: Understanding herd behaviour provides insights into organisational dynamics and effective leadership structures.
Balanced Leadership: Integrating the divine feminine and masculine energies fosters authentic, impactful leadership qualities.
Online Equine Coaching: Innovative approaches enable remote participants to benefit from equine-assisted leadership development.
Self-Awareness and Growth: Embracing vulnerability and self-awareness catalyses personal and professional growth, aligning with equine energy principles.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP77

[00:00:00] Juliette Karaman: Welcome back to another episode of The Scrumptious Woman. I have with me Nadia Birsch, who is in Belgium at the moment, right? And you are this incredible woman who has the most beautiful horses. And what you are teaching leaders and especially female leaders is how horses have so much to teach us and how leadership can be really learned.

[00:00:29] Juliette Karaman: by interacting through with horses. Welcome.

[00:00:33] Nadia Boersch: Thank you so much for having me, Juliet. I’m so happy. I’m so excited for this conversation.

[00:00:38] Juliette Karaman: I’m super stoked about it. And I know that we talked a little bit before we hit record. And you were just saying that. So actually, I’m just gonna start at the beginning.

[00:00:49] Juliette Karaman: Tell us a little bit about your horses. What do you do with them? How many do you have? I know that you were saying you have a lot of mares and you were talking about your stallion, but let’s just start at the beginning.

[00:01:02] Nadia Boersch: So how many do I have is a very funny question because it literally changes almost every day.

[00:01:08] Nadia Boersch: We get new ones, we sell some, we have babies, so we’re waiting for two babies to be born at the moment. And yeah, right now we’ve got 17 here. So from young to old mares, mainly mares one stallion and two tiny boys and yeah, what we do with them is first of all, I breed Arabian horses and second and, or second, I don’t, it doesn’t matter which is first or second, but we coach with them.

[00:01:38] Nadia Boersch: So we. Have them support us in our energy work and the way that we show up as leaders in the way that we show up in our divine feminine, in the divine masculine, how we play with those energies. And in particular regarding leadership, when it comes to managers, entrepreneurs, politicians. And speakers, there’s so much we can learn from the energy of the horses and how we integrate it into our soul and having this direct feedback and real time transformations, because the horse gives us immediate yet judgment free feedback, and that’s what makes it so powerful.

[00:02:23] Nadia Boersch: They read our energy. They reflect back. back to us. And then the moment we shift our energy, they reflect it right back to us. So that gives us like this trial and error approach of learning leadership and being in the best possible energy. And it’s incredible. I love it so much.

[00:02:40] Juliette Karaman: I love this. I love this.

[00:02:42] Juliette Karaman: Can you give us like one concrete example, how that works. I’m a horse woman, so I understand, but if there’s some people listening, they’re like how does horse, how does it feel your energy and then reflect it?

[00:02:56] Nadia Boersch: Yeah. So the first thing is that horses are herd animals and horses are flight animals.

[00:03:02] Nadia Boersch: So that means they need to be able to communicate in the herd within milliseconds. If there’s a lion out somewhere. That means the whole herd needs to be able to move within a couple of milliseconds. Everybody needs to communicate, be on track, and go the right direction at the right speed. And the leader is the one that would decide.

[00:03:24] Nadia Boersch: So the alpha mare would decide, okay, this is trouble, we have to get going. And. Who decides who’s the alpha male? Because it’s not necessarily the oldest one. It is the one with the most leadership qualities and the most resources that is the alpha and horses read energy field. So that means. Every energy has a frequency and horses cannot say Ooh, you’re angry.

[00:03:49] Nadia Boersch: But horses can be like, this is a very bad energy. So I’m going to step away from you because a leader does not have the energy of anger. A leader always is always confident, would always show up, would always be very present. And so they follow the energy. And so when you’re in a very low frequency, the horses would reflect that by stepping away, by stepping back, by retracting from you, by stopping, by, a lot of people would start pulling them and be like, but come on I really want this.

[00:04:18] Nadia Boersch: It’s no, in this energy, you don’t want this. And when you’re in the vibe, you’re in full power, you’re in positive vibes, you’re in the energy of love and gratitude and full confidence and power. I call this leadership by presence to give it a title. That’s when they would just follow you. You don’t need a lead rope.

[00:04:36] Nadia Boersch: Walk here with herds following us behind us because they just feel our power, our energy. They tap into it and they’re like, we trust you completely. We follow you no matter where you go and what you do.

[00:04:47] Juliette Karaman: Beautiful explanation. And I love that part where you said that they’re herd animals and the alpha mare, not the alpha male, but that it’s actually the female.

[00:05:00] Juliette Karaman: And we’re Yeah, she has those qualities of leadership of come on, rub them up, but okay, it’s time to go. Like the mama mare, would you do this? And it’s funny, because I remember we used to live in Holland next to a field where there was this big pony, like almost a big pony.

[00:05:23] Juliette Karaman: And the owner was just really afraid of it. So we had this little wooden plank and I’d go over the little moat and I’d go there and I’d ride it and I’d just hop on without, without a bit, without anything and just like bare, bare, no saddle, nothing, we just put my arms around it and it would just go and have fun with me, but it’s such trust.

[00:05:47] Juliette Karaman: Just absolute trust between the horse and the rider or the walker or just the person that takes care of them.

[00:05:55] Nadia Boersch: Yeah and you know that shows that you have must have had back in those days and still have of course but very potent leadership qualities like you didn’t have any fear you didn’t have any worries.

[00:06:07] Nadia Boersch: Freeze. You didn’t have any anger. You were just like, completely heart open, walked up to that pony and were like, shall we have some fun? And the pony was like, yes, let’s go. Let’s do this. And this is exactly the way the horses reflect to us because if we go into this like tense energy and we’re like, we have to, and we must, and we should, and all of these things, we get to release and drop all of that when we’re in the energy and the capacity of the horses.

[00:06:33] Juliette Karaman: I love this. So do you do this with people in retreat? Do they come on VIP days? How, do you have groups or is it one on one work? How does this work?

[00:06:43] Nadia Boersch: We do all of it and we do online as well. So I’ve been working really intensely to transfer the energy of the horses online so that we can do this on a screen.

[00:06:54] Nadia Boersch: And I have to say that I myself am quite surprised how well it works.

[00:07:00] Nadia Boersch: So that’s been really incredible to do energy readings, to do so we obviously have energy sessions as well, or one on one sessions here. We have companies coming here for team buildings, for management trainings. But my favorite really is the one on one work where we can go really into depth. And and my favorite also definitely is working with women managers, female entrepreneurs, like this is what really We hear the stallion back there from talking about female managers.

[00:07:30] Nadia Boersch: He’s coming into the picture.

[00:07:32] Nadia Boersch: Making sure his presence is known.

[00:07:35] Juliette Karaman: Bit of the divine masculine over there, huh? Holding it all together.

[00:07:40] Nadia Boersch: Exactly.

[00:07:41] Juliette Karaman: So how does this work? Do people actually need to know horses or are they just interested in leadership and trusting the energies? Say a bit more about that.

[00:07:53] Nadia Boersch: Yeah, so people need to have no knowledge with horses whatsoever.

[00:07:58] Nadia Boersch: In fact, I find that the less people know, the more, the better the outcome. Because sometimes people would interpret things or do things in a way that they have been taught to deal with horses, which is really not allowing the horse to come through in its natural energy, because they would be like, it has to be at this distance walking next to me or in front of me or behind me, or, there’s all these like boxes that they put around it instead of just enjoying and tapping into the energy.

[00:08:24] Nadia Boersch: But you don’t need any prior knowledge. We don’t ride all the work. and we just tune into the energy. We also do a lot of work with we do meditations or we do yoga with horses or we just enjoy their energy and their vibes. And that is where the power really comes in.

[00:08:44] Juliette Karaman: Oh, I love it. I’m in a mastermind where there’s actually someone in Canada that’s doing something similar.

[00:08:51] Juliette Karaman: So really enjoying seeing that. And my sister was a great horse rider and She has twins as well, and one of the boys, one of the twins, the boy had cerebral palsy. So for the longest time she tried to get him to ride and just because horses and people that are less able bodied, Don’t really take care of them.

[00:09:18] Juliette Karaman: It’s so beautiful to see like I would come to Holland and then work with them and with other kids and just to see the gentleness of the horses. They know that there’s something maybe not working optimally and they just recognize it’s okay, we need to, slow our energy down and be much gentler and recognize the fear as well in people.

[00:09:40] Juliette Karaman: Yes.

[00:09:41] Nadia Boersch: Yes, they recognize the fear. They’re very powerful when it comes to therapy. And also any form of, mental or physical limitations is something that the horses reflect, but in a very beautiful way, because they would push you forward, but in a nudging way, and they completely respect.

[00:10:03] Nadia Boersch: The energy and they feel when people are weaker than they are and that they need to support that, I would put it this way. They need to support that. If you have a small child on the back of a horse, they would usually, if they’ve not been abused and not been used too much and lost their true energetic capacity, they would.

[00:10:23] Nadia Boersch: Then a horse would always take care of a small child. Like I’m fascinated at, I have had so many experiences with children where, something would happen and the horse would be overly careful not to touch the child or not to hurt the child or not make sure it doesn’t fall off and things like that.

[00:10:40] Nadia Boersch: And we don’t work with children per se, but we have had here children, obviously from friends or clients, and it’s always interesting to see how the horses engage with that. Like the, they feel that, okay. This is a 50 kilo thing, or a 20 kilo thing, and I’m like 500, so I’m gonna take care of this little baby.

[00:10:59] Nadia Boersch: Pregnancy as well, by the way. It’s like dolphins.

[00:11:02] Juliette Karaman: Yeah.

[00:11:04] Nadia Boersch: So they feel when they’re pregnant.

[00:11:06] Juliette Karaman: When the people that are coming, yeah, that I was going to say riding with them, but yeah, people that are coming to visit you are pregnant. Yeah, because we also, we have a different scent with everything.

[00:11:17] Juliette Karaman: They feel it energetically as well. A

[00:11:20] Nadia Boersch: hundred percent. And I’ve had cases with clients that I worked with and then I was like, interesting, like the horse is acting so different. To this person and to other clients. And then in hindsight, I found out they were pregnant, but it was too early for them to say.

[00:11:34] Nadia Boersch: And I was like, Oh, now it makes so much sense because the horse was doing this and the horse was doing that. And the horse reacted like this when you did that. So I was like, gosh, this is incredible how they feel it and how they engage with that completely differently.

[00:11:46] Juliette Karaman: And it’s so cool. So are you seeing the difference between the sexes of the horses?

[00:11:53] Juliette Karaman: So if you work with mares, primarily, and say females, and then if you work with a stallion with females what’s the difference there? How do you see the difference? There

[00:12:05] Nadia Boersch: is a huge difference. The mares, it always depends on, the hierarchy and the ranking of the herd. It depends on who you work with and and they also each have their individual personality, their individual magic, as I would say.

[00:12:20] Nadia Boersch: So something, some gift that they bring to the table in the coaching context of where they are. You want to say hi?

[00:12:26] Nadia Boersch: They would really, you would look at what is it like a lot of times I would have people coming through coaching and they don’t really, 100 percent know like what they’re coming for or what the next step is. And then I would see which horse would approach them or engage with them. And I’d be like, could it be that this is one of the topics you’re dealing with, because this is this individual horse, this is magic.

[00:12:49] Nadia Boersch: And that way, all of a sudden they’re like, Oh yeah, completely true. And that horse would roll or show some signs of letting go, releasing energy. So to invite them to release and things like that, it works. online, offline, like it’s so fascinating to see how they react, but the mares in particular are very much, there’s a lot of competition as well in the mare world.

[00:13:11] Nadia Boersch: So we see a lot of similarities to behavior that we find in humans. And when it comes to the boys, so the stallions are, Interesting because you get to tap into the energy of the divine masculine and especially as women working with this energy, it’s really interesting. I’ve experienced this myself the last couple of days because my stallion just came home from the UAE two weeks ago.

[00:13:36] Nadia Boersch: So I haven’t seen him for a year and two months. And yet I have evolved so much during this time and really tapping into my divine feminine. and noticing how I am now reacting differently towards him than I used to. I used to be extremely masculine because he’s a big boy and he, he’s loud and there’s drama and he’s screaming for the mares and if there’s breeding they can be very dangerous as well because, they’re like, they want to go for the mares and then if you’re in the way you’re in the and exiles.

[00:14:06] Nadia Boersch: You don’t exist. You’re air. So it is really finding that balance between I’m in my power and I am leading you regardless of whether there are, he’s screaming again, regardless of whether there are mares around or not, I am the leader here. But I used to be very fierce with him of not necessarily smacking him, but being like, very, energetically strong and be like, you have to listen.

[00:14:32] Nadia Boersch: And you have to, it was very much in my masculine energy of trying to control him. And now I’m tuning more into the divine feminine of being like more soft, more gentle, yet, defined in my feminine leadership, grounded and being like, okay, I’m just not going to take this from you.

[00:14:51] Nadia Boersch: It’s you can wait and we can do this in calmness, but you’re not going to jump around and be an idiot. And, but it’s different energy. I used to get very upset and very angry. He’s like, why can’t you just behave? And now it’s more of this grounded energy. It’s okay, I’ll wait until you calm down and when we continue to walk.

[00:15:09] Juliette Karaman: So true. But it’s I noticed this in my days when I was doming, when I was a professional dominatrix. And you would see these dominatrixes that would be angry at men, and for me it was always like, no, really calm, very calm, and just the presence, right? That is what we go to these people for. It’s we go because we want to have massive presence, that someone actually witnesses us.

[00:15:36] Juliette Karaman: That was, but yeah, once you understand that energetic switch, it’s the world of difference. It’s everything just opens up.

[00:15:47] Nadia Boersch: And this is a beauty because I now get to practice this here, this like very thin line between being in control, being in my presence, being fully grounded, being in my power, yet not trying to be dominant and controlling, but still remaining soft and still remaining in the divine feminine.

[00:16:05] Nadia Boersch: And it’s very interesting because he reflects it immediately. It’s like the moment I get into my masculine, he gets He’s masculine. He’s Oh, okay. We’re on the stage again. Ah, okay. Go away. And he do things. I’m

[00:16:15] Juliette Karaman: more masculine than you.

[00:16:17] Nadia Boersch: Yeah, exactly. I’m more masculine than you. So get out of my way.

[00:16:20] Nadia Boersch: It’s I noticed that I really have to contain my energy. Like when I approach him to take a tour from the meadow, or I work with him, I really have to like, focus on my presence, like my energy, be completely grounded. And then go in and not be like, if I have a million to do’s or if I’m in a rush or if I, we have a dinner plan and I need to get the horses in quick and then I need to get the stallion in.

[00:16:45] Nadia Boersch: Yeah, forget about it.

[00:16:46] Juliette Karaman: It’s no, digging in the hills, not coming.

[00:16:50] Nadia Boersch: Yeah. So it’s it’s really interesting how, and it takes milliseconds. It’s one tiny thought in my mind and it just. The whole energy of the horse shifts, but with the stallion, even more so than with the mayors, because the stallions are always looking for whose boss are you, or am I, and they would challenge you much more, they would challenge your leadership much more.

[00:17:13] Nadia Boersch: I would, for example I’m not yet 100 percent sure how I’m going to integrate them into the coaching. Maybe from the distance or online is no problem, but physically, yeah, it could be a dangerous situation. So if you stand between the stallion and their mare and the mare, good luck. And somebody who has no experience with horses, that would be potentially extremely dangerous.

[00:17:32] Nadia Boersch: That is not something I would do, but I’m still really excited about getting him involved energetically, because I think there’s so much that we can learn as women and as female leaders of being like, I feel, and I think you can probably confirm this. I feel that at the moment there is a lot of, in particular in management and C level executives.

[00:17:56] Nadia Boersch: If they’re women, they tend to be very masculine and not tapped into their feminine, and yet we need. women that are powerful yet grounded and tapped into the softness of the divine feminine. And I don’t see that a lot.

[00:18:15] Juliette Karaman: No, I think if you look at the corporate world, it’s, they’ve really had to show their their tenacity and work harder than a man because, it was so difficult getting ahead as a trans woman.

[00:18:28] Juliette Karaman: Most entrepreneurs that I work with, come out of that world because they’re burned. They’re all of a sudden it’s Oh my God, what do you mean feel? I don’t want to feel. I shut that part of myself off. I’m like, yeah that’s part of the problem, right?

[00:18:43] Nadia Boersch: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

[00:18:45] Nadia Boersch: And this is also where I also come from the corporate world. I also left not because I was burned out, but I had a health scare and then I was like, okay, This is no longer for me. And I remember the days and I remember looking up, to the boards and the directors and being like, where are the women and what are they like?

[00:19:03] Nadia Boersch: Can I embody some of what they’re embodying? Can I be like their being and their. I can’t think of one example where I was like, you know what? This is the woman I want to be when I grow up and I become, and my dream was always back in the corporate world to be one of the OC level directors.

[00:19:20] Nadia Boersch: And and I looked up to the loan. I was like, no, because there’s always one area. That’s missing. It was either, they were extremely powerful and they were at the top, and they were making tons of money and they were traveling the world, but they didn’t have a family or a marriage, or if they had a marriage, it wasn’t happy and they didn’t have a lot of friends and yeah, they were successful by traditional means, but they were not happy.

[00:19:43] Nadia Boersch: So I was always like no not for me. Thank you very much. So where are those women? And I believe that we can make that shift and that we can. Get into that place for sure.

[00:19:54] Juliette Karaman: Completely and it’s really interesting because when you were speaking earlier about the stallion and the horses already what came to me is like this is really good for relationships and of course now of course you confirmed it again, right?

[00:20:10] Juliette Karaman: But it’s how the horses can teach us about relationships, about how to be more in our feminine, how to be more trusting. Of course, there’s a whole part of co regulation. Any animal or any other human that we co regulate with, we feel safe. All of a sudden we start feeling our bodies again.

[00:20:29] Juliette Karaman: It’s oh! I can feel sensations that I didn’t know I had. What is going on in this body, right? And these are all a little bit discombobulating, like with some of the executives that I work with, and they’re beginning, it is this is just annoying, I’m feeling so much, I’m feeling sensation in my hands and my feet and there’s like constriction, and then there’s this big waves of stuff, it’s I liked it when I didn’t feel that much.

[00:20:56] Nadia Boersch: I get that a lot as well in the work with the horses is really people start to feel because they actually become aware of their feelings and their energy frequency. Because, yeah, most of us, and even, I work with this every day on myself. And with clients, but I also noticed Oh, wow. What is the energy I’m walking around with?

[00:21:19] Nadia Boersch: And Oh, wow. And the horses reflected back immediately, but sometimes it even takes me a couple of minutes to realize what’s actually going on and being in the awareness and the presence and being like, okay, all right, how can I shift the energy field? How can I shift this as quickly as possible in order to go back to neutral and then to a higher frequency?

[00:21:39] Nadia Boersch: And that’s what’s really fantastic is that they just show us immediately. It’s you’re in the wrong frequency, dude.

[00:21:47] Juliette Karaman: That’s it, right? Because so often we don’t, we forget. And I keep saying awareness is really the first step towards self love because it’s, Really, purely loving yourself when you start becoming aware of the energy that you’re in.

[00:22:00] Juliette Karaman: And it’s something that just for me sometimes, it’s okay, let’s just do a little body scan. I’m like, oh, okay, there’s a bit of clenching going on there. And immediately you want to start judging yourself oh my God, I’m clenched, you know how to do this. And it’s no, let’s just be aware of what’s happening.

[00:22:16] Juliette Karaman: It’s oh, my jaws are also locked. It’s oh, interesting. 5, 000 thoughts going through my head. I’m like, okay, let’s take a few breaths and just like land for a little bit. What do I need now? It’s oh, I need to stick my feet in the grass. You do that for two minutes, you come back and your energy is just completely different.

[00:22:36] Juliette Karaman: But yeah.

[00:22:37] Nadia Boersch: And that’s why I love the spinal attunement that you do so much, because it’s literally like the body work and energetically cleaning the body and being aware and feeling the energy shift is incredible.

[00:22:50] Juliette Karaman: What’s that? You don’t have to access the head. No monkey mind. It’s yeah, it’s been probably the missing piece because I’ve done so much mindset.

[00:22:59] Juliette Karaman: I’m a hypnotherapist. I’m an EMDR therapist. I’m a coach. I’ve done God knows how many certifications. And then this bit was like, Oh. The emotions are actually stored in and around our body and in the different energy fields. And all it, there’s a little blockage. It’s if you look at an artery that might be slightly clogged.

[00:23:20] Juliette Karaman: All you do is tick, move the energy a little bit.

[00:23:22] Nadia Boersch: And we see this a lot with the horses as well, is that the horses store the energy, or animals in general, store the energy for their owner. And so if you’ve been dealing with trauma, oftentimes you’d find horses with really weird symptoms or things they’re running around with.

[00:23:40] Nadia Boersch: And then when you look at it, you’re like, like I had a couple of months ago, one of my little fillies, she lost her mom. That was my hard horse. And all of a sudden she developed these symptoms on her legs where they were completely scraped open and I figured out it came from the lower back. And then I felt, okay, what is happening in my body?

[00:24:00] Nadia Boersch: I’m also blocked in my lower back. Where does the lower back come from? What is that associated with childhood trauma? So I had to release my trauma in order for her to release hers. And that way we were both freed. And that’s a really beautiful process as well to see how animals reflect us. as well. And that is just incredible when you start realizing how much the animals actually show us about ourselves and storing our trauma.

[00:24:29] Juliette Karaman: So much for us, right? And you see this with, yeah, with dogs because they’re just dogs and cats are smaller animals, people have more of them. And people going through animals that have the same ailments time and time again. It’s like when is it going to click that the dog or the cat is actually sucking that energy out of you into their body trying to alchemize it for you?

[00:24:55] Nadia Boersch: Yeah, and I actually had my biggest life transformations were always came from the horses were showing it to me by becoming sick. And then it was one and then the next one and the next one within a very short period of time, like really big things were happening. And I was like, okay, universe, what’s happening?

[00:25:15] Nadia Boersch: Tell me, what do I need to look up? Tell me and stop taking it out on my horses. And and so learning that and shifting that of, understanding there’s some trauma stored somewhere, there’s something you’re carrying, there’s something you’re not looking at, and the animals are reflecting that back to us.

[00:25:31] Nadia Boersch: And it depends on how fast we want to listen to the message and how fast we want to transform that.

[00:25:37] Juliette Karaman: Or do we want to listen?

[00:25:38] Nadia Boersch: Yeah sometimes, when you’ve got really bad stuff going on, you’re like, okay, I have to listen. Because for a lot of times, it really took me like, The first one, then the second one, two, three weeks later, then the third one.

[00:25:50] Nadia Boersch: And by the third one, I was like, okay, I’m listening. I’m listening. What do you want?

[00:25:54] Juliette Karaman: We constantly get messages and sometimes we just don’t slow down enough. There are so many we’re doing and doing. Nadia, this has been an absolute pleasure. Please let me know. How can people, I would be like, yo, how the hell can I work with this?

[00:26:10] Juliette Karaman: And online as well. Explain a little bit. How can people get in touch with you? We’ll all be in the show notes, how do you work with people?

[00:26:17] Nadia Boersch: So I work, can people find me? I’m on social media. It’s always my full name, Nadia Birsch. And I also have a website, nadiabirsch.

[00:26:25] Nadia Boersch: com. So where I have got regular I’ve got loads of events where people can join. I’ve got free things like free meditations for full moon or. Tomorrow is Spring Equinox, so I’m going to do a little meditation for that as well. So there are lots of resources to tap into and work with the energy from the horses.

[00:26:42] Nadia Boersch: And there you can also find the information on the online readings and corporate team building things, management events or management workshops. Like all of the things are basically on the website. But what I love doing most is actually, Engaging with people, having a short coffee chat and understanding what is it that they’re looking for, that they really need, and then what is the best option for them to work with.

[00:27:08] Juliette Karaman: Perfect. So this will all be in the show notes. Everyone, please go into the show notes. Have a look. If working with horses and leadership, if that really resonates, if there’s a part of your heart, if there’s a part of your soul that just fluttered and opened and said, Oh my God, yes, this is possible.

[00:27:26] Juliette Karaman: Then you know exactly what to do. So Nadia, thank you so much for being on. It’s been so much

[00:27:33] Nadia Boersch: fun. Thank you so much for having me, Juliet. It’s a pleasure as usual, and I’m so delighted to be in your world, work with you, be part of having spinal attunements regularly. It’s just such a blessing. So thank you so much.

[00:27:48] Juliette Karaman: Thank you. And listeners, as always, please share with all your loved ones and who want to know about this.

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