Episode 76 Unlocking Trust and Embracing the Unknown: A Journey to Self-Discovery with Mary McMonagle

On: Apr 30, 2024

Hello, lovely listeners! Join me, Juliette Karaman, as we embark on another enlightening episode of The Scrumptious Woman. Today, I’m delighted to host the incredible Mary McMonagle, a healer and coach who empowers women to break free from their limitations and reconnect with their essence. Our conversation dives deep into the realms of trust, surrender, and the power of embracing the unknown. Let’s explore together!


In this episode, Mary McMonagle and I delve into the profound journey of self-discovery and healing. Mary shares her personal experiences, including a traumatic incident in Mexico that challenged her trust and forced her to reevaluate her beliefs. We discuss the importance of trusting oneself, embracing discomfort, and finding safety within, even in the face of adversity.

Throughout our conversation, we explore the interconnectedness of feminine and masculine energies, the significance of balance, and the transformative power of listening to your body. Mary offers invaluable insights and practical tips for anyone seeking to unlock their inner strength, overcome limitations, and manifest abundance in their lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trusting oneself is essential for personal growth and transformation.
  • Embracing discomfort and uncertainty can lead to profound self-discovery.
    Finding safety within is the key to breaking free from limitations.
  • Balancing feminine and masculine energies fosters harmony and alignment.
  • Listening to your body’s wisdom is crucial for holistic well-being and manifestation.

Tune in to discover how you can harness the power of trust and surrender to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Let’s unlock the limitless possibilities together!

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The Scrumptious Woman EP76

[00:00:00] Juliette Karaman: Good morning, good evening, good middle of the night, wherever you are, welcome to another episode of The Scrumptious Woman and I have with me Mary McMonagle and you are, you have, I, We met about, what is it, a year ago, year and a half ago, I came onto your podcast, living Your True Vibe podcast, and I absolutely love what you do.

[00:00:25] Juliette Karaman: You are, you’re a healer, you’re a coach, and you really help woman and it’s mostly women that you work with, right? Get back into breaking free from their own limitations and getting back to their essence. So it’s all the stuff that I love, and we have lots. We’ll meander into some juicy topics, but.

[00:00:48] Mary McMonagle: Thank you. I’m really excited to be here just because I know your energy, Juliette, and I loved having you on my podcast and being in your energy. So I know this is gonna be a really expansive episode.

[00:01:03] Juliette Karaman: It was cool, right? No, I didn’t even have podcasting on my horizon when we chatted last.

[00:01:10] Mary McMonagle: I had no idea.

[00:01:11] Mary McMonagle: Wow. Isn’t that such the energy though? It’s like right now I feel like there’s so many unlimited possibilities. It’s like you might not even know what’s possible for you right now, but once you step into that, oh, unlocking so much opportunity.

[00:01:30] Juliette Karaman: And it’s beautiful that we were chatting just before we hit record that we’ve both had physical ailments, let’s say it that way.

[00:01:40] Juliette Karaman: I’ve had a hip operation, you’ve had problems with one of your legs. And what’s coming through is really the word trust. When you said that to me, it’s just Oh, it’s interesting that yes, we get the mobility back again, but that life really happens for us. There is a bigger picture.

[00:01:59] Juliette Karaman: And it’s so difficult, like when you’re in the nitty gritty of at the moment like some finances stuff coming up, or the stuff like in the Middle East, or in the Congo, or in other parts of the world where there’s just so much intensity coming up, that it’s really difficult to go to trust that everything has For reason.

[00:02:23] Mary McMonagle: I love that because trust has been my lesson for sure. And for those of you listening, I had a really traumatic experience in Mexico. I was on a retreat where I could have actually lost my leg and three, three layers deep hip stitches. So this is some deep healing. But one of the things when you think of trust and I’ve been sitting with this Juliette is Okay, how do I really trust that this is serving me?

[00:02:54] Mary McMonagle: Because before we hit record, I was sharing with Juliet where I am in pain. I am uncomfortable. I am dealing with a lot of discomfort and right now some infections. And but I also bring in the balance of well, I know this is serving me. And when it happened, and I have the full episode on my podcast, but when it happened, I got the message, Mary, this is a blessing.

[00:03:20] Mary McMonagle: You can’t see how this is a blessing just yet, but are you willing to trust me? It’s no! In that moment, as they’re sewing my leg together, I was like, yeah, God, I will trust you because.

[00:03:37] Juliette Karaman: There’s nothing else to do, right? Tiki, come.

[00:03:40] Mary McMonagle: It’s either lean into that’s a blessing, or oh my god, I’m never gonna, I’m not gonna be able to walk, I’m not gonna be able to do these things.

[00:03:46] Mary McMonagle: And So what it comes to, what I found to bring it down of what it comes down to is how willing are you to actually believe in yourself because I believe in this, I’m get preparing for a huge quantum leap in. My relationships in my business in my life and I am being prepared to become the woman who already has that.

[00:04:09] Mary McMonagle: So I’m in this period now where okay, Mary, you can go back to the vibration that you were being at, or you can trust that is where you’re going. And how would Mary show up during these moments?

[00:04:21] Juliette Karaman: Beautiful. So what really hit a chord there is believe in yourself. So to all the listeners, yeah, I’m sure you have had these moments where you’re like, yeah, no, I don’t want to believe in myself.

[00:04:37] Juliette Karaman: Don’t trust, money is shit. My relationship is shit. Everything is just it’s not good. I’m having a pity party. I want to just Die in my city. And it’s okay, perfect. Now, have you felt all of that? And have you moved through that now? Because, that’s the only way to really feel it is to move through it.

[00:04:56] Juliette Karaman: And so what would you say to women who are maybe in an abusive relationship or in a relationship that they don’t want to be in, that are not earning the money that they want, that are actually just not living the lives that they want? What? two concrete things that you would say, believe in yourself.

[00:05:17] Juliette Karaman: How would we start with that? Yeah. One, I want to validate that it’s a mind fuck where if you’re in a position where you are in an abusive relationship and, or even a toxic job and work environment, that is a mind fuck because you are It’s you are receiving something, but it’s a false sense of something.

[00:05:42] Mary McMonagle: So what I see with a lot of women who are in abusive relationship, they sometimes feel like they are receiving, they have, okay, I’m with this man and maybe he pays my rent or the bills. So I’m receiving that sense of safety. So I, one, I would say, what do you feel you’re actually receiving from that relationship?

[00:06:02] Mary McMonagle: Because it also, you might feel like I’m receiving attention, but it’s a false sense of that. Because a lot of women are, cause it sounds, It’s easy to say just leave the job, leave the relationship, but energetically you’re receiving. So then start to actually define what that is for you.

[00:06:25] Mary McMonagle: Start to define what safety is for you because then you’re going to see, Oh my gosh, that this actually isn’t safe at all. And then you can start to peel back the layers. to then where you feel safe within yourself because you have to bring that energy or back within yourself before you take that leap of faith because if you suddenly cut all the cords and you haven’t allowed yourself to feel safe, to feel loved, to feel supported, then you’re then you are going to fall and not necessarily that’s not a bad thing because this has happened to me but i’ve learned from my mistakes hopefully and hopefully you can too is to give that to yourself first so and then if you were we were to explore that’s a whole other topic and way to go down the path

[00:07:15] Juliette Karaman: but that’s it right so it’s just what Everything is always safety.

[00:07:20] Juliette Karaman: Our nervous systems, our bodies are built in a way that we’re animal bodies, right? And when we, when some traumatic experience happens to us, which happens to all of us, it’s only how it goes. continues to affect us. Some people just shrug it off. You and I might have a little skidding car right in front of us, doesn’t do anything to me, and you’re like, oh!

[00:07:44] Juliette Karaman: And we’re like, okay, what happened? It’s just how it kind of lodges in your body and how you remember it and what it brings up for you now. But really, it’s Start noticing that. Start noticing it. Start bringing that safety back to yourself. It’s like, when have I ever felt safe? Have I ever felt safe?

[00:08:03] Juliette Karaman: Because a lot of times

[00:08:04] Mary McMonagle: it

[00:08:05] Juliette Karaman: hasn’t.

[00:08:06] Mary McMonagle: I love that. Have I ever felt safe? Because that’s a, actually a very powerful question to ask yourself. Have I ever felt safe? Have I ever felt safe? And how do I feel safe? Because also to get back at what you were sharing, Juliette, about the body and our brains were wired for safety.

[00:08:24] Mary McMonagle: I look a lot into evolutionary psychology because also to bring it back even to your previous question, if you are to leave a relationship or a job, part of you, it might feel like you’re going to die. The party is going to die because you are leaving the tribe. And what happens when, all the way back to the cavemen era, when you leave the tribe, there is this fear that you will die.

[00:08:49] Juliette Karaman: Yeah. There’s no food, there’s no shelter, you’re out in the open,

[00:08:54] Mary McMonagle: but

[00:08:54] Juliette Karaman: it’s still ingrained in us, right? That’s still being brought down.

[00:08:58] Mary McMonagle: It’s being brought down. And so to then talk about this amazing topic that you pulled out, safety. Really exploring that one. I think back to safety. It’s actually wild when I ask myself what makes me feel safe.

[00:09:11] Mary McMonagle: I feel safe when I’m surfing, which is crazy because you’re in the ocean. There’s sharks. I’ve gotten concussions from my surfboard. But when I’m out surfing, how am I feeling? I have to do this. greater existence. I look out. I see the clouds. I see the sun. I see that God didn’t put me here to just breathe air.

[00:09:35] Mary McMonagle: He put me here for a huge purpose. So when I welcome in that safety, I’m welcoming in my purpose. So really ask yourself, yeah, what makes you feel safe? Maybe it’s To go into the bathroom and being in the bathroom for closing the door and you get away from the kids and the dog and everything for five, ten minutes.

[00:09:58] Mary McMonagle: Cool. But how are you feeling? Maybe you’re feeling relieved and that’s what you want to welcome

[00:10:03] Juliette Karaman: in. And that’s the beauty, right? Because so often we look for safety outside of ourselves. We look, yeah, it’s oh, if I have a quarter of a million dollars in my bank account, then I’ll feel safe. Then I’m like, oh, my nervous system can just unpucker my butts and cheeks, and it just feels like, oh.

[00:10:21] Juliette Karaman: But it’s like, what does that actually mean? It’s oh, I feel safe when I can provide for my children. When I know they’ll be taken care of. It’s so where am I taking away the responsibility of these kids that are already in their 20s to start taking care of themselves? So it’s really interesting.

[00:10:41] Juliette Karaman: It’s does that actually have me feel safe? Or just does it have me feel better about myself? They’re just some little tweaks. For me, the safety is I feel safe when I go outside in nature. Yeah. Feeling the sun on the, on my cheeks and the mind, the monkey mind just stops for a minute and it’s I don’t have to do anything, I can just be.

[00:11:03] Juliette Karaman: And for me, nature is a big one, meditation just being, but also like cooking can also really get me into that state, into that flow state where you’re just, everything works well and you’ve got people coming in and everything, like for me. When I’m in flow that means like sometimes I’ll be like cooking like crazy and then all of a sudden I, I look at my phone and I’m like, oh, three people just signed up for a course.

[00:11:27] Juliette Karaman: I’m like, isn’t this great? When I’m having fun or when I’m out walking my dog or when I’m out, Buying my flowers or arranging them when I’m doing my pleasure practices, I call them. That’s when the universe when you want to say God or universe or how your higher power, however you want to call it, that’s when it’s like, Oh, you’re doing things you enjoy.

[00:11:48] Juliette Karaman: So here you go.

[00:11:49] Mary McMonagle: Yes. And also what I pulled for that, Julia, and what I feel someone needs to hear is your. Really stepping into not being in control. You’re stepping into the unknown. And how do you, because when you become more comfortable with being in the unknown, you feel more safe. You feel more that you’re able to trust yourself.

[00:12:13] Mary McMonagle: And what do I mean by this? You could be, the unknown is literally happening. Every single second. You could be cooking a meal and realize, okay, you don’t have onions. So what can I do to replace the onions and create this meal? That’s the unknown. So I feel like it’s

[00:12:30] Juliette Karaman: so concrete.

[00:12:32] Mary McMonagle: Yes, for someone listening, where can you recognize?

[00:12:37] Mary McMonagle: Where you are already embracing the unknown, you might go to into a coffee shop for the first time And you don’t know what you’re gonna get You don’t know what the mirror the menu is gonna have and it’s like when we embrace those moments of the unknown and not needing to control, you might be like, you might have to like, oh, let me look at the menu so I don’t, so I get in there and I don’t look dumb.

[00:12:59] Mary McMonagle: No. Begin to let that go because then you’re leaning into the unknown. You’re leaning into allowing yourself to trust yourself, which then funnels into safety.

[00:13:10] Juliette Karaman: I love it. It’s, it is those little moments. And I’d forgotten that people, certain people, don’t like to try new restaurants or new coffee shops.

[00:13:22] Juliette Karaman: For me that’s so far out of my horizon that I, that I don’t even remember that there are people like this. But I remember I got I was invited by a friend of mine. It was her birthday. And she wanted to spend it with a group of six women in a very posh restaurant in London. And for me, it’s a restaurant that I’ve been to many times.

[00:13:46] Juliette Karaman: So I was just like, easy, perfect, go down, sit at the table, talk to the waiter, have no problem. And then I noticed the woman around the table that were looking at the menu and the prices. Yeah. just weren’t comfortable at all in that we’re calculating, if they could have a starter and a drink or not.

[00:14:06] Juliette Karaman: And I was like, Oh, and this is such a different reality that I hadn’t actually recognized that people go through as well. So it’s, it was so good just to step out of my comfort zone and to actually notice what’s going on.

[00:14:23] Mary McMonagle: To be reminded of that. Yeah. Because it’s also what I hear in that. It’s look at those two separate examples of like energy just in general, like that from you’re operating from the energy of, Ooh, this is going to give me pleasure.

[00:14:38] Mary McMonagle: And I’m enjoying this company and celebration where the other women are so worried about, can I afford this? Or can I limit, let me limit this and let me limit that. And it’s such a beauty. It’s such a, it’s such a beautiful example because. when you get to let go of maybe what you think is possible and then step into what actually is possible, that is your norm.

[00:15:03] Mary McMonagle: You’re like, this is just my normal night out, which is amazing. For someone listening, it’s how can you start to step into what is possible for because that becomes your norm. If you are someone who makes 5, 000 every single month, then you have told your brain that I make 5, 000 a month.

[00:15:27] Mary McMonagle: So maybe the next month you make 10, 000 in your business or wherever, then the following month, you’re most likely actually going to not, you’re going to make probably way less than that because your energetic capacity is able to hold 5, 000. That’s what you believe you’re worthy of. So the, where you believe you’re like, I’m worthy to go to these nice restaurants.

[00:15:50] Mary McMonagle: And this is my norm where that might just been like, Oh, Once a quarter, once every other month kind of thing for those women.

[00:15:59] Juliette Karaman: And it’s beautiful because I coached a coach in India about this. And he’s like, how do I raise my prices? And how do I actually just, how do I step into that? How do I step into that?

[00:16:10] Juliette Karaman: Step into raising my prices and feeling good about it, et cetera. And I’m like, so is there a hotel somewhere near you that’s quite special and that, when you go there you’d really like to spend an evening in, in, in a hotel room there. He’s Oh, I’ve never thought about that. And he’s yes, actually there is a hotel there.

[00:16:30] Juliette Karaman: It’s but I can’t afford to go, to go and have dinner there. Even. I’m like, great. That’s cool. But how do you feel about going there and having one cup of coffee or one lemonade and actually just sitting in that energy of what’s possible, what else is possible? So he did that.

[00:16:48] Juliette Karaman: And he did that for three weeks. I gave him homework. I said, I want you just to go once a week there, take your wife for a coffee if you want, go if you’re by yourself and just do some journaling. If even if you want to take a coaching call there, Just sit in that energy. And after three weeks, he texted me, he said, Oh my God, I’ve raised my rates and I’ve had three new clients sign up.

[00:17:10] Mary McMonagle: Wow. Yeah. Yeah. I believe it. Because when you are in that energy, the people who are going there, that is their norm. They are, that is their normal space. And actually, you get out of your capacity of limited thinking. Where An example of this, when I was a waitress years ago, I used to be so afraid to try to upsell items on the menu, and really try to rack up the bill because we work off tips.

[00:17:43] Mary McMonagle: So the higher the bill, the more money you make. And when I realized I don’t do that because I, when I was a kid, we only went out to dinner when it was like a rare occasion and we didn’t really have a lot of money to spend. So I had this sense of guilt. So when I released that guilt and I realized that actually this is a normal thing and you normalize being able to have this abundance mindset.

[00:18:10] Mary McMonagle: Then you really are able to, yeah, then raise your prices. You’re then able to say, you know what, I am going to get dressed up nice and maybe I’m going to go sit at a bar and I’ll just order one drink because if that’s, logically, the logic is important, right? I hate the term, the manifesting terms that go around on TikTok, which is be delusional.

[00:18:36] Mary McMonagle: That’s not how, yeah, people say, oh, just be delusional, or the act as if, but There’s to a certain point because I’m all about balance. We do need our logic. It’s very important to keep your head screwed on.

[00:18:48] Juliette Karaman: So masculine, right? We can be in our feminine. We can be in that flow, but we also need a bit of the masculine structure behind it.

[00:18:56] Mary McMonagle: Yeah, because the masculine is safety at the end of the day it’s,

[00:18:59] Juliette Karaman: we have both of us, both of them in us, but it’s okay. My feminine can go wild knowing the masculine’s actually got it. And it’s okay, this is where, this is the limit.

[00:19:11] Mary McMonagle: Yeah, so exactly. It’s okay, this is the limit, but the feminine’s going to be there at the bar.

[00:19:17] Mary McMonagle: imagining that she just signed however many clients, she’s going to be sitting there celebrating the money that she has. She’s going to be, or you’re going to be, your energy is going to be of someone of importance. And you know what this does, because this is literally a real life example, it makes you magnetic.

[00:19:36] Mary McMonagle: And I’ve had people come over to me, start conversations, And then become clients or business deals. And it’s I literally, I have, I set my intention. Every time I leave the house, I make money. I make money. And it’s so true. I could literally be walking my dog down the street and run into, this is another example, run into a realtor, have a conversation.

[00:20:00] Mary McMonagle: Oh my God, I have the perfect person who could be a client for you. I’m like, amazing. Even just. Beautiful. Yeah, setting the belief system that you are someone who is of value.

[00:20:12] Juliette Karaman: And I love this because it’s really, it’s in that energy of what else is possible. I am in my highest I’m in the highest frequency that I am at the moment because I’m having fun and you and I are both recovering, but it’s okay, but we’re still hopping on this podcast where we’re talking about this stuff.

[00:20:34] Juliette Karaman: We’re really vibing. It’s so what else is possible? And just be open. You don’t need to receive the actual thought immediately, but just receive the energetic download and then knows what’s going to show up, but it will.

[00:20:51] Mary McMonagle: I love that because. As you and I are both healing and as I’m healing, I have had to lean into what’s possible.

[00:20:59] Mary McMonagle: Okay. I have to go to this doctor appointment. And at first I was mad because it’s going to take up so much more time and my time is so valuable. And I’m like, Mary, lean into what’s possible. How can you really enjoy this experience? So I’m trying to, cause I work from home. So I’m at home all the time. And I’m like, Ooh, I’m connecting with this person.

[00:21:18] Mary McMonagle: Ooh, the doctor was hot. I’m welcoming in that kind of energy. So that’s where, okay, then we can allow the de lulu, be delusional to come in where it’s like, how can I really make this experience as it is? Because I recognize, okay, this is something that is, is this is something that I could look at as taking.

[00:21:42] Mary McMonagle: And meanwhile, it’s. It is, it’s just an adjustment that I have to make because even today, I’m, I was struggling this morning with some pain and I have a packed day and I fell into my body. Body, do I need to cancel these calls and readjust? And sometimes we just need to ask ourself that question. We just need to.

[00:22:05] Juliette Karaman: Because we live so disconnected from our bodies, right? I know that. We both had a story, but, my whole story was, fainting, and then living completely disconnected from my body. So I do the same as you. It’s just oh. So I had a call just like until about two minutes before your call and I’ve got one call after this.

[00:22:25] Juliette Karaman: And then I had some calls from clients this morning and I was like, okay, I’ve got about an hour and a half in between and I’m still healing. So let me actually go on my magnetic mat, let me go on my cell mat and go for 20 minutes and just put my feet up and make sure I put some ice packs on. And it was like those little things where all of a sudden then your energy just gets, it’s like you’re recharging your battery.

[00:22:53] Mary McMonagle: Yes, and it’s so simple because for someone listening, all you need to do is ask yourself, What do I need in this moment? Because even last night before bed, When I was looking at my schedule for today, I was like, wow, I’m jam packed. So what do I need? Do I need to sleep in and then begin my day? Or do I need to wake up earlier and do my morning routine, which is my yoga, my meditation, my walk.

[00:23:22] Mary McMonagle: And my body said, I thought my head was like, no, I need to sleep. And this is what’s so beautiful when you tap into your body. Cause your body knows everything. My head’s no, Mary, you need to sleep in. My body’s Mary. I need to get up early, I need to move, I need you to stretch me. Even though I still was had a little pain this morning, that’s why I feel lit up about my day, and I’m able to bring in that balance, because I think a lot of people are afraid to start to connect with themselves in that way, because then they might feel like, oh I’m just gonna not get anything done, and I’m just gonna have to lie in a bed all day, which is important, but that’s where.

[00:24:04] Mary McMonagle: listening to your body is going to be key in asking yourself, what do I need?

[00:24:09] Juliette Karaman: And it’s so true that, I had exactly the same this morning. I was like, oh, okay, I’m just going to take it easy. I’ve got a 10 o’clock call. But my body’s no, you walk up and down that driveway all the way to the road and then all the way back down.

[00:24:22] Juliette Karaman: And I was like, oh, okay, that’s a bit slippery. I haven’t done this without sex, but it was just like, great. And then you just feel so much more. A line that your day generally works. And I also know that there are people that procrastinate and just say, Oh no, I’m just going to lie in bed all day or I’m going to work the whole time.

[00:24:42] Juliette Karaman: It’s like finding that beautiful balance between, and sometimes it might be like, okay, I’m going to work for two hours now. And that’s head down, know that I’ve done it. And then the rest of the day I can be more in my flow and it can just come in and out.

[00:25:00] Mary McMonagle: Yes, I like to think I’m the queen of balance, just also given my, I’m a Libra sun and moon, so we’re the scale.

[00:25:08] Mary McMonagle: And so this week, I have a very busy week up until Friday and Friday I just have one call and I committed to myself, Mary, one that call and we’re not doing anything else. We’re not, we’re focusing on, Oh, I have to add this into this funnel. I have to reach out to that. No, absolutely not. I know my body feels safe because my body’s okay, ma’am.

[00:25:33] Mary McMonagle: And my head’s cool, we’re going to get this stuff done because that way I don’t like to fall behind. I hate falling behind on things, but I know come Friday, I’m going to commit to that promise to myself because not only will I be. Growing stronger and trusting myself because I will commit to that, but also I’m going to allow the integration and I’m going to allow myself to have that time to just surrender and appreciate the rest of the week.

[00:26:05] Juliette Karaman: I love it. Ah, there’s been, it just, it feels like there’s a massive expansion in your field at the moment, and trust is a big one, surrender, they’re all the things that come up for a lot of us. Tell me, Mary, how do you work with people? How do they find you? I know you have your podcast Believing Yourself.

[00:26:29] Juliette Karaman: Sorry, Believing Yourself was what I was talking about, but Living Your True Vibe, that’s the podcast. Believing Yourself is what keeps coming through when I see you.

[00:26:39] Mary McMonagle: Yes, thank you. But tell

[00:26:41] Juliette Karaman: us a little bit how you got into this, how people can work with you if they want to do one on one courses with you, whatever.

[00:26:49] Mary McMonagle: Yeah. So right now, yeah, I am in such a shift, such an expansion. I’m shifting the kinds of people that I work with. So I’m working, I’m shifting into helping women who are similar to me. They’re very independent. They’re very, you are ambitious. You love your life. You love the impact and the business that you’re creating.

[00:27:13] Mary McMonagle: Yet, deep down, you want to call in people who you, love. So that’s where I’m shifting my business now towards solely speaking to women who are ready to allow that love into their life. And so that’s where I’m headed. If you are curious or interested in around that connect with me on Instagram at marymc4.

[00:27:35] Mary McMonagle: And also I have a free quiz. So you can DM me quiz. And the quiz will is what’s blocking you from love. And this quiz is so healing. Like I set the intention that this quiz is going to shift you and help push you into healing what is blocking you from love. DM me on Instagram quiz.

[00:27:58] Juliette Karaman: Oh my God, that’s cool.

[00:27:59] Juliette Karaman: I’m going to DM you a quiz. I’m always like interested in how people set up their quizzes and this just sounds like, wow, if it’s, get a free tool. Absolutely. Mary, it’s been an absolute pleasure. I’ve loved having you on. All Mary’s details will be in the show notes. So please have a look at the show notes and as always, share this with your friends, share this with family, share this with people that want to hear this because the more that we share, the more that we care, and the more that we can create a world, which actually is just magnetic as fuck.

[00:28:36] Juliette Karaman: And that, my loves, is it for today. So we will see you on another episode of The Scrumptious Woman.

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