Episode 62 Embark on a Journey of Desire and Manifestation with Julia Lally

On: Feb 9, 2024

Hello, lovely listeners! I’m thrilled to have you join me for another episode of the Scrumptious Woman podcast. Today’s conversation is truly special, diving into the realms of desire, manifestation, and the powerful feminine energy. Get ready for an enlightening journey!


In this captivating episode, I delve into a riveting discussion with Julia Lally. We explore the intricate dance of desire and manifestation, touching on topics ranging from feminine power to the wonders of the spine. Julia, a seasoned mentor and advocate for embracing desire, shares profound insights into her experiences and the feminine arts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Desire as the Gateway: Julia emphasizes how desire is the doorway to power, encouraging listeners to explore and understand their deepest wishes.
  • The Feminine Arts: We unravel the mysteries of the feminine arts, recognising the potent force they hold in creating a resonant, influential presence.
  • Spinal Attunement: We shed light on the transformative power of attunements, exploring its role in unlocking energetic potential and manifesting desires.
  • Magic in Chaos: Julia shares personal experiences of navigating through chaos and breakdowns, highlighting the magic that often emerges from challenging situations.
  • Dual Nature of Life: Acknowledging both the expansive possibilities and inevitable contractions in life, we discuss finding balance and embracing the journey.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP62

[00:00:00] Juliette Karaman: Good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are. I am with you with another episode of The Scrumptious Woman. And I have with me the incredible Julia Lally. And she’s a writer, a businesswoman, and a sex magician. I love that word magician, which is woman and couples to really find the pleasure and the source into sex as a source of magic and power.

[00:00:29] Juliette Karaman: Orgasm as a Gnosis. Tell me more about that. That is like probably the best bio that I’ve read in a while.

[00:00:40] Julia Lally: Orgasm as a form of prayer. Let’s go there. Okay. So I got involved with all this, originally that the first, I remember back in London and maybe I was in my mid 40s. Like seven, eight years ago.

[00:00:55] Julia Lally: And I always tell this story There’s always that woman at the school [00:01:00] gate. I don’t know if you had this experience, Juliet, but it’s there’s always that woman who you you know, you catch there and you’re like, yeah, okay, yeah you’re the other one here is what the fuck, what is this motherhood thing even about, right?

[00:01:12] Julia Lally: And And I found that woman at the school gate and we started going out and she said to me, Julia, this is amazing workshop where bunch of women get together in a circle and have their clit stroked. And it’s a form of meditation. And I remember just thinking, look, I’m 45, fuck it, so we went to this workshop and I was like I’m never going to do it, I’m just going to find out what it is.

[00:01:35] Julia Lally: And that was the beginning for me. That was the door. That was the gate, that was the gateway drug. That was where I Realized, obviously I thought it was a very strange, very very strange experience, but at the same time, in all honesty, there was this one experience where I decided to go for it, and I was in this circle, and the women were all having their clit stroke at the same time, and the sounds that filled the [00:02:00] room, it like literally transported me.

[00:02:02] Julia Lally: I was like, this is Church. This is my church, right? No, no offense to any of your listeners who may have very different belief systems, but for me, that was just like, Oh my God, like the power of that. And so I got quite involved with that. And and then there came a point where I was like, okay look, if you.

[00:02:22] Julia Lally: I don’t want to work for this organization. I don’t want to be, I want to know who I am. Like who am I as a leader, a witch, a woman, right? What’s my magic for the world? Yeah. I found myself, I went training in other places as, like we all did, in various different places.

[00:02:40] Julia Lally: Yeah. Tantra, trauma. Relationship stuff, all those kind of things. And I realized that at my core, what I was really interested in, because although, you spoke in my bio that I help, at the very kind of basic end, I’ll help women uncover their pleasure [00:03:00] and their orgasmic potential, for example, or I might help couples who want to reignite the Passion and power between them.

[00:03:08] Julia Lally: But yeah, but like at my deepest center, what I’m interested in is that church of orgasm, that where can we go when, as women manifesting in the world, when we Tap into that. And so I developed, a whole teaching modality around all the different various codes that I feel are important, but sex practice probably being the most central.

[00:03:40] Julia Lally: Yeah, so if you, yeah,

[00:03:43] Juliette Karaman: sorry, good, I’m like, tell us more about the sex practice because I’m sure a lot of people are like, okay, so you help people get, have incredible sex life, but you’re also using a sexual practice or a practice involving [00:04:00] the genitals for manifestation, if I hear that correctly, for having an incredible life,

[00:04:06] Julia Lally: in a nutshell.

[00:04:08] Julia Lally: Yeah, that’s basically it in a nutshell because a lot of the people who are listening to this I know will be aware of feminine energy and masculine energy and they’ll be really interested in Getting into well one or the other like I’m very masculine oriented. So for me, it was like, okay How can I start opening up my feminine energy my body my pleasure all the things that you know you talk about so eloquently as well and you know at the end of the day When I there is this spot where it’s okay it doesn’t matter how hard you organize or effort or create or plan.

[00:04:46] Julia Lally: If you’re not embodied and feeling the thing, then the juice will basically leave the room. And you don’t stand a chance in hell of manifesting that or having that [00:05:00] land in your life. And so

[00:05:02] Juliette Karaman: when I say I’m going to stop you there for a moment. And I want everyone to actually take this in. So manifestation Anything that you want to pull towards you, unless it’s embodied, unless you walk your walk, you talk your talk, you actually be that person because we hear about embodiment a lot, but actually what embodiment means is like that we’re not living disconnected from our body and that we feel everything, that we experience everything in this flesh suit that we have at this point in time.

[00:05:39] Juliette Karaman: Sorry, I wanted to just like, Reiterate. Yeah, no,

[00:05:43] Julia Lally: I feel we could probably talk for hours. It’s so good to see you, Julia. It’s just yeah, let’s go. Let’s go. Ultimately then sexual practice is a very powerful form of embodiment practice, right? So it’s like the most embodying force we have. Not only can we use it [00:06:00] as a nosis, in other words, a form of prayer, a dancing with the muse, a drawing in of the magic to what it is that we want.

[00:06:08] Julia Lally: But we can also use it in a really simple way. And often when women come into my world, this is where they start. It’s just allowing and getting safe with a little bit of pleasure because on the path to manifestation, especially for those of us that go for it. Buyer beware, right?

[00:06:31] Julia Lally: It’s yeah, wink. Then actually having a gentle pleasure practice can really help. Sue them, regulate. So just from that perspective alone, sex practice is really a powerful thing to do. It’s one of the ways that I regulate my nervous system, right? But on another hand, we have this architecture inside of us, which [00:07:00] is powerfully orgasmic, which means that we can know God or therefore, The limitless within ourselves.

[00:07:12] Julia Lally: And that’s obviously mind blowing. And we can talk about that. But then of course, there’s the grit of coming into alignment with that. And actually, you know what that means in terms of a spiritual practice. So I hope what I’m saying is giving your listeners a bit more of an idea of this kind of sex as prayer.

[00:07:33] Juliette Karaman: I love it. I talked to my one of my mentors, Jayama, who is the erotic blueprint inventor. And we were talking about pleasure first. That’s always been her thing and how she runs the whole business. And I just know for myself in the last, what is it, 10 years working in pleasure, when you talk about the word pleasure, immediate people just shut down.

[00:07:58] Juliette Karaman: Their eyes they’re like, [00:08:00] I don’t think we have access to that. Why do you think that is?

[00:08:03] Julia Lally: Okay. I wonder why that is. What do you think?

[00:08:08] Juliette Karaman: For me it’s a lot of conditioning. Pleasure has to be sexual. When you’re talking about a sexual practice, I can almost feel the buttholes like clenching up, like tight Oh my God, we’re going to have to go to sex.

[00:08:20] Juliette Karaman: Actually, pleasurable. For me, it’s what are my bundles of joy? I, this is why I call it scrumptious because pleasure gets censored. I just call it scrumptious. It’s that life cheese, that orgasm. It’s the, yeah. Yeah. Everything that runs through us.

[00:08:36] Julia Lally: And everybody can feel a scrumptious woman.

[00:08:39] Julia Lally: Everybody can feel the pleasure and the power of a woman like that, because first of all, it’s the most generous force in the room. Yeah. It’s, it magnetizes through generosity. And this is why all of us coaches and people leading in this space. are completely turning reality [00:09:00] on its head. It’s what if we lead from generosity, because we’re so full of the scrumptious energy?

[00:09:09] Julia Lally: Isn’t that a world you’d like to live in?

[00:09:11] Juliette Karaman: And it’s overflowing, and when people talk about filling your own cup, you’re like but this is my practice, this is what I do so I’m always overfilling, and last night I had the killer of a motherfucking headache, and I never get headaches, so I’m like.

[00:09:26] Juliette Karaman: What is this? And my nose started sniffing and I was in the middle of running my mastermind. I’m like, Ooh, I’m actually just not feeling so well. So instead of teaching them something, I’m like, listen guys, we’re going to do a bit of hot seat coaching and everyone gets to know each other. We had a new person that comes in.

[00:09:44] Juliette Karaman: And then today. Tomorrow I was supposed to do a half a day VIP online, and today I just cancelled it. I’m like, you know what? No. I’m not gonna be at my best, so whoever my client is not gonna get the best either. Let’s [00:10:00] just cancel it, and I know it’s annoying a day in advance, but yeah, it’s, I just wasn’t feeling well.

[00:10:07] Juliette Karaman: And then my other podcast guest canceled. So I’ve just got you today. It’s perfect.

[00:10:13] Julia Lally: It’s perfect. And you see there, there’s a, an example of. of generosity because you, I reached out to you a while ago and you said, yeah, I’m pretty booked up. And I was like, yeah, I bet you are. And it was like, okay, we’ll just connect in the new year.

[00:10:27] Julia Lally: And then you reached out and said, Hey, I’ve had a cancellation. Come on. Then I saw your Facebook post where it’s I am basically inundated. I’ve got everybody sending me their books PR agents trying to get onto Juliet’s podcast. And I was like, fucking hell. Honestly, I almost cried.

[00:10:43] Julia Lally: I was like, Julia gave this spot to me and that, that’s an example of just how generosity touches people. I was just like, Oh my God, okay, let’s jam.

[00:10:56] Juliette Karaman: And thank you for actually Letting [00:11:00] me experience what it was like for you, because I’m a generous soul and I don’t actually always recognize when I reach out like that, I’m like, Oh, let’s do it. And for me, it’s just the most normal thing in the world. I don’t think about it twice. It

[00:11:14] Julia Lally: is actually quite rare though.

[00:11:18] Julia Lally: Yeah.

[00:11:19] Juliette Karaman: Thank you. You have your own podcast. Tell me a little bit about your podcast because listeners might want to have a little listen to it. Yeah. Julia’s incredible podcast. Bye.

[00:11:29] Julia Lally: Yeah, my podcast is just me ranting and stories and it’s a little bit edgy. It’s quite funny. It’s probably gonna trigger you.

[00:11:39] Julia Lally: It’s like where I let loose a little bit and it’s where I’d like people to have a chance to Get to know who I am. And also, just to tune into my field, which I hope is joyful. I think that’s a deep part of who I am. Also generous, but also power. It’s come on, let’s, the world [00:12:00] really needs you, so let’s get to it, yeah. And that’s it,

[00:12:03] Juliette Karaman: right? So often people pussyfoot around, around any subject, and I love that you say power and femininity, and yet your bits of masculine that you know, because we need to merge the two and otherwise no shit gets done.

[00:12:19] Juliette Karaman: Yeah. I’m very much in my flow, my phenomen, and then I’m like, Oh, shit. Okay. This booking system’s not working. Get it organized. And then I’m like, my little feminine is splattering. It’s No, someone save me, someone do it for me. And then my own masculine comes in and is Hey, woman, you got the shits, and it’s like that intermarriage that we have ourselves. But it’s so often it’s Oh, poor, you’ve had a poor day. Oh, poor you. And then I know that when we were Yeah, in a different coaching area together, we always heard that what [00:13:00] really resonated with me then when you were also talking about the school gates is I remember as a mom of four, I would have my coffee dates with the mothers.

[00:13:08] Juliette Karaman: And one of them would be saying, Oh my God, you won’t imagine what my child did. He, he ate his And the second one would say, Oh my God, mine sets, set it on fire. And the third one would say you don’t believe what mine did, the whole third floor is being flooded because of him.

[00:13:26] Juliette Karaman: So it’s we outdo each other on what, how terrible life is. And then actually remembering that. You know what you can empathize with people, but you can still say, hey, I hear you and that sucks and I’ve had an incredible day. Yeah, I’ve had great sex with my partner. I’ve seen my kids. I’ve gone for a walk.

[00:13:51] Juliette Karaman: And I remember being with this woman and when they’d look at me, they’re like, What the fuck? Really? Is this even true?

[00:13:59] Julia Lally: And then, [00:14:00] at worst, they turn on you, right? Yeah, they’re Oh,

[00:14:03] Juliette Karaman: What? You’re not going to commiserate with us? I’m like, yeah, I can commiserate with you, but it doesn’t mean that I have to dim my light, that I have to become a different person than who I am.

[00:14:13] Julia Lally: That’s right. That’s right.

[00:14:16] Juliette Karaman: And you teach all this stuff completely, right? I’m sure you get your whips out and tell people, get them into line.

[00:14:23] Julia Lally: It’s funny, people who say, Julia, you’re such a natural dom. I’m like, no, I’m the most submissive person you ever met. She’s looking at me like, I don’t believe you.

[00:14:33] Juliette Karaman: I No, I do believe you, but I just do think that, we might just get a flogger at her. I

[00:14:42] Julia Lally: love that about you so much. Yeah, coaching is very much like that, isn’t it? It’s like, how am I going to find the spot to penetrate? It’s a very masculine skill in that way. It’s very feminine in the sense that I’m feeling all the time, as I’m sure you are.

[00:14:58] Julia Lally: It’s you’re just reading [00:15:00] someone’s energy all the time. But how am I going to get you to, how am I going to get you to that spot where it’s painful and pleasurable at the same time? It’s very related to sexuality, so much of it. It

[00:15:13] Juliette Karaman: is, right? It’s like a little bit of BDSM, that sweet spot of pain and pleasure, but that it gets people to love enough that it’s oh, I don’t want to continue being in the same pattern.

[00:15:26] Juliette Karaman: Repeating the same, I wouldn’t even call them mistakes. But the same energetic loops, and hey, we’re all guilty of it. I notice where I’m still in the same Oh, I just get out of it a bit. Yeah. I’m like, Oh, that didn’t last five weeks. Now it’s a day or now it’s a minute or whatever.

[00:15:45] Juliette Karaman: But we recognize I’ve been here before. Yeah,

[00:15:49] Julia Lally: as like my mother before me and my mother before her. Yeah, no more. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

[00:15:58] Juliette Karaman: And it’s interesting, right? Because as [00:16:00] coaches, mentors, teachers, I don’t even know what to call this anymore. I’m sure you’ve done. If I can read your energy, you’ve done a shit ton of work as well.

[00:16:08] Juliette Karaman: And, do we call ourselves healers? For the longest time, I hated that word. And now I’m just like, I read energy. Yeah, I get, I move energy. I help move energy that’s stuck. Just move it through your body and block it. Is it me or does it just come through me?

[00:16:27] Julia Lally: Yeah, that’s interesting. It’s interesting.

[00:16:30] Julia Lally: I’ve been watching your spinal work today. I was actually thinking of that because I Kate got into something and I did some of the the trauma humming, and I was like, oh, I wonder if Juliette would do this by moving her spine. Very very interesting work indeed. Yeah, I don’t call myself a sex coach.

[00:16:47] Julia Lally: I don’t really even call myself a a coach or a mentor. I guess I’d call myself a mentor. I call myself a witch. And that’s just that for me. I the thing is

[00:16:58] Juliette Karaman: That’s

[00:16:58] Julia Lally: going to turn some [00:17:00] people off. But I, I’m just like, I don’t, I really don’t care because to my mind, it’s I am the, this is the whole basis of manifestation for me.

[00:17:10] Julia Lally: It’s I am the resonant force. If I, shit happens to people, but there is there’s something that I can take command of and that is my state of resonance. And if that isn’t a spell, I don’t know what is like that is surely. Yeah, that is the influence, that is the tone setting of the room.

[00:17:30] Julia Lally: So if we get, if you think, if you think of somebody who’s very sensual or, they move, the energy in the room gravitates towards them. So it’s a really key power and practice for us as women, I think.

[00:17:47] Juliette Karaman: Completely. And I love that you say, I don’t really care if people are drawn to me or not.

[00:17:53] Juliette Karaman: Because the beauty is you’re you. And people will, for like Marmite, people will either [00:18:00] love us or they’ll hate us, which is fine. And then they’re not our people and they’ll find their people, which is I have a little mastermind on, on visibility and how, to be yourself. And I can teach them what I’ve done, but I’m like, no, I want you to find what works for you.

[00:18:19] Juliette Karaman: I can, yeah, of course I can teach you what I did and I’ll teach you that anyway. But then let’s actually figure out what it is for you, and what are all the little niggles, the little little snakes in the grass that, yeah, the little beliefs what did a parent say? Where did this come from? Or don’t even need to know where, but just being, start becoming aware of what are all these things that are actually keeping you from your infinite being?

[00:18:49] Juliette Karaman: Your infinite self. We’re all teaching the same stuff, aren’t we?

[00:18:54] Julia Lally: I think so. This is why I think we’re all witches, nobody, you don’t have to go along with that. I literally [00:19:00] feel this is a lineage. And I did actually feel that from that first coaching container was like, what is this though?

[00:19:08] Julia Lally: This is not written down. This isn’t like the Bible, but it’s it’s coming through. Like everybody’s doing the same thing. And that’s amazing, right?

[00:19:20] Juliette Karaman: But it’s also, there’s, the world is so big and there’s so many people that have no idea that you can actually change your state.

[00:19:28] Juliette Karaman: You can change your finances. You can change Yeah, you can call in the man of your dreams, the woman of your dreams, the whatever of your dreams, the job of your dreams, and you don’t have to. work so hard, but really start believing in ourselves and that we are that infinite being.

[00:19:48] Julia Lally: Yeah. Yeah. I know.

[00:19:50] Julia Lally: And that practice, that the idea of, there’s something that this is. Something that I think the sex practice really helps people with, [00:20:00] because, to go into that inner architecture and that biology that we know from Tantra, that, because, I started off with a clip but then, it’s a slippery road from there.

[00:20:13] Juliette Karaman: Before you know it, there’s all

[00:20:14] Julia Lally: sorts of other stuff going on. And, of course, you get to respectfully, softly, you get to the point of the cervix, right? The innermost chamber, if you like, right? And then, as you practice with that, Then I realized because I’d had these sexual experiences in my life where my mind literally gave way to God.

[00:20:37] Julia Lally: I was literally flying through the universe, at one. So talk about infinite potential, like if you can marry that with intention and desire, that is incredible power. And then as I researched it, I found out that, you may well already know this, it’s probably kind of common tantric knowledge, that the, you move that energy to the pineal [00:21:00] gland in the brain, and the pineal gland gets erect and actually squirts DMT.

[00:21:06] Julia Lally: And I was like, fucking hell! Like now I know what that was, and so marrying that with desire and intention is to my mind, it’s is there a, there’s surely a reason why we all feel, or we’re taught to feel ashamed of our sexuality that, a sexually abundant woman, like you were talking about the school gate.

[00:21:26] Julia Lally: is somehow wrong and shameful and maybe it’s because it’s actual access to God inside us. Maybe there’s a reason that we were told that not to go there.

[00:21:40] Juliette Karaman: Isn’t it interesting? Yeah. Yeah. And it’s so true, the pineal gland and so it’s interesting, right? A lot of people are trying to find themselves and do a lot of plant medicine and I’ve studied under a shaman and I’ve.

[00:21:55] Juliette Karaman: done a whole bunch of things and re remembered my own near death [00:22:00] experience and then helped that to have my sister pass on, my father, my mother. Yeah. So all the plant medicine and ayahuasca and everything else right in the before. And then once you have that neural pathway and then we hit the pineal gland and then we add sex on top of it, it’s Oh, I can go back here and I don’t actually need any outside substances for anything anymore.

[00:22:25] Julia Lally: That’s so fascinating to me and, that, yours is such an example of that and that, As we come into midlife, it’s like we can hold the weight of those experiences. It’s like that’s really strikes me about your field. It’s whatever you’ve got, Juliet’s gonna handle that, it’s like you’ve been through some stuff, right?

[00:22:45] Julia Lally: That’s a compliment, it’s, yeah, it’s a thing. So yeah, so that’s part of what I like to teach people, but also at the same time the the coming into alignment with that vision is a whole other thing, [00:23:00] right? That’s the really difficult

[00:23:02] Juliette Karaman: work. Talk us more, talk a little bit, if you want to talk a little bit to that, what people can expect there.

[00:23:10] Julia Lally: I guess when we had that mutual wink, it’s okay, so it’s Like the feminine arts, the witchy lineage, whatever you want to call it. Desire is the gateway, right? It’s to a lot of women, I’m sure you’ve come across this. They don’t even know what they want. And that’s their starting point.

[00:23:27] Julia Lally: What do you mean? What do I want? I don’t know. Like, how can you have any power in the world if you don’t even know what you want, right? But then I latched onto this. I really latched on to this idea of desire and just jumped, I found myself getting quite ferocious around it.

[00:23:42] Julia Lally: And, but in particular, the last couple of years, two years ago, my family and I was like, okay, what do we want? We want this jump. Let’s do it. Let’s go. And what’s been really interesting to me is normally, if I speak a desire or embody a desire. [00:24:00] It came quite quickly, but this one was just so deep, really, and so big for myself, that all the ways in which I wasn’t aligned inside with that desire began to truly kick my arse.

[00:24:16] Julia Lally: Chaos. unlike any, anything I’ve ever, been through before. And so I think that’s where it’s like buyer beware is desire is a really powerful force. It is the seat of the feminine. The feminine is ultimately destructive and that’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing.

[00:24:36] Julia Lally: But, you can temper yourself. And if And this is where the masculine energy comes in because it’s if the masculine is not in alignment with the feminine then the universe is just going to literally kick you into shape, it’s going to show you all the places.

[00:24:52] Juliette Karaman: Where you’re not quite clear yet.

[00:24:54] Juliette Karaman: It’s oh yes.

[00:24:55] Julia Lally: Where you’re not quite clear yet. My god yeah. Yeah. And [00:25:00] that’s that’s tough

[00:25:00] Juliette Karaman: work. It’s humbling. And Just when you think you have gotten there, you realize you’re at the bottom of a massive mountain and you absolutely know Fregol. Yes. It’s it’s Interesting.

[00:25:16] Juliette Karaman: The more that I study, the more that I learn, the more modalities I do, the more I open up. I’ve been doing Akashic records reading, and then all of a sudden it’s I don’t actually even need to know if it’s a spell, if it’s this or that. It’s all just interference. It’s clear the energetic interference.

[00:25:31] Juliette Karaman: I don’t need to know what it is. I just. My clients get stuck in their head, so let’s just move it. And it goes so quickly. And the most

[00:25:38] Julia Lally: powerful way you find is through the spine. What are your main tools for moving? The spinal attunement?

[00:25:45] Juliette Karaman: I love spinal attunement because it gets you really into your body.

[00:25:50] Juliette Karaman: But even my Spinal attunement has completely changed into how it was taught to me. And that Sigourney Bell also, says, listen, this is how, what [00:26:00] happens, right? So I add, I do a lot of cord cutting with it, forgiveness. Bits from other modalities that I’ve trained in, that I used to teach and then it’s just clearing stuff through it, clearing interference to it really quickly.

[00:26:17] Juliette Karaman: And that’s been probably in the last two months that I’ve just upped that and the incredibleness is that all of a sudden things start to appear in people’s lives like, oh. Yeah, I do. They do a little intake form what do you want more of, and how did you find me, what are your ailments, and obviously, a bit more.

[00:26:38] Juliette Karaman: But then it’s oh, I would like to have a bit more financial abundance, and then, houses show up that haven’t, that, that, that, that. that weren’t available, that kept on getting stuck, money all of a sudden unstuck from a bank, physical ailments. I’m like, okay, it really is energetics.[00:27:00]

[00:27:00] Juliette Karaman: Yeah. It’s fascinating. We move emotions. We keep our emotions stuck in our body. And that’s what’s keeping the duck from tapping into that pineal gland, which then is like an antenna. And magnetizes or expels stuff, that’s the whole thing. It’s like you can either be a magnetizer or you can be like, no, I’m pushing it away.

[00:27:24] Julia Lally: And it’s fascinating work, isn’t it?

[00:27:27] Juliette Karaman: But there’s so many ways. There’s not one way. And I think, I call it my Juliet’s box of jewels because there’s so many different tools in there. And it just depends on what is right for the client or what is right for the group. And we’ll start with one thing and then obviously I’ll be doing hypnosis or something.

[00:27:47] Juliette Karaman: I’ll start with an attunement or with actual proper coaching. I’m like, Oh, we need to pivot.

[00:27:54] Julia Lally: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just not being, it’s a good

[00:27:57] Juliette Karaman: job tied down to anything. Like it [00:28:00] doesn’t have to look a certain way. It doesn’t matter.

[00:28:02] Julia Lally: Yeah, that’s right. It’s very freeing for sure. Yeah.

[00:28:06] Juliette Karaman: So besides your coaching and your witchiness.

[00:28:11] Juliette Karaman: You are a mom and you also run another business. I hope you’re happy, don’t you?

[00:28:16] Julia Lally: I do, yeah. In fact, I run three businesses. Holy moly! Kapoli! Yeah, it’s a little bit much. Actually, one of them’s got to go. Yeah. Talk about masculine overload. My God. Yeah, it’s it’s been a thing. But, we had this business.

[00:28:33] Julia Lally: We still have this business in the UK. And, It, we fix bicycles. That’s it. We teach people to fix bicycles. And my accountant’s always you work with sex and bicycles. Like you can’t quite get his head around it. It’s yeah, they’re quite compatible really. It’s anyway, so we ran this business for a very long time.

[00:28:51] Julia Lally: Talk about magic. We were like, okay, look, Brexit was happening in the UK and I don’t have a European passport, nor does my husband and nor does my [00:29:00] son. And this is typical of me. Okay. I’m just like, fuck that. No. And it was like, Julia you can’t actually fight that. It’s nothing’s going to, you’re not going to change it.

[00:29:11] Julia Lally: But we decided it was like, okay, look, what should we do? Do we stay in Britain or do we make the jump? And we decided to make the jump and we packed the car up. We literally got in the Eurotunnel on, like there was not one other car in the train. It was coming into COVID time and we got to Bern where I live.

[00:29:32] Julia Lally: It was utterly, here’s an example of pure magic because you don’t, your mind’s not in the ways because you don’t know any different, but you don’t. You’re a total beginner. So we drove all the way to Bern and we had this Airbnb and this was mid October and the Brexit line came down in December the 31st.

[00:29:52] Julia Lally: So basically we had like 10 weeks from arriving at the Airbnb. To get [00:30:00] jobs and a residency through. And if anybody who knows, it’s like, it can take months to get residency in Switzerland and you have to get an apartment, which can also take months to get an apartment because nobody wants you because you’re not Swiss.

[00:30:16] Julia Lally: You don’t go. You don’t spit when you speak kind of thing. I love the Swiss, so that’s probably a bit rude. They’re awesome, really. They’ve been very kind to me. But, it was basically if I’d known. It was an impossible thing. And what happened was just like the Airbnb woman said, yeah, we’ve got a flat here.

[00:30:34] Julia Lally: You can have this flat. It’s fully furnished. It’s a month’s notice because it’s COVID and so I’ll make it really easy on the terms. And then we started a company, gave ourselves jobs and then went and put our residency in. And I remember like it was a week before Christmas and we were just like, Oh my God, we’re not going to get it in time.

[00:30:54] Julia Lally: And after the 31st. That’s it. If you want to live in Europe as a British person, [00:31:00] sorry to say this to all the Brits listening, but you know that you’re applying, it’s like trying to come here from Africa. You don’t have a way in. Yeah, so anyway, we were like, okay, it’s bloody ridiculous, isn’t it?

[00:31:18] Julia Lally: But anyway, there we were and we went to the start and was like, okay, how’s the residency application going? And I’ll never forget this guy was just like, you’re not going to get this unless I stamp this now. Oh, yeah. And we were like, basically, if you don’t stamp this now. Then we’re going home and we’ve lost everything.

[00:31:37] Julia Lally: And he was like, okay, and he stamped it and he said, welcome

[00:31:40] Juliette Karaman: to Switzerland. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it incredible? I’ve lived in Geneva and I’m Dutch, so I’m very happy that I have my Dutch passport so I can live anywhere in the Europe, European Union. You can live wherever you want. But there are things that we don’t think about.

[00:31:56] Juliette Karaman: When I got married to Tekerim, my ex [00:32:00] husband, who’s Lebanese Palestinian, his aunt wanted to come to the wedding in Holland. Everyone needed to get visas. We needed to vouch for them. It was such a big deal. Once you’re European, or American, or maybe New Zealand, Australian, and once you’re in the big cities, big countries, you don’t think about these things.

[00:32:21] Juliette Karaman: You

[00:32:21] Julia Lally: have no idea of the value of your passport. Yeah. Oh my god,

[00:32:27] Juliette Karaman: right? Yeah. So look at this magic that you pulled off in 10 weeks. Yeah, and

[00:32:33] Julia Lally: it just got bigger and bigger from there. That’s right. And here’s my son who’s my son goes into the local school. Not only can he not speak German, but like they all speak Swiss German.

[00:32:43] Julia Lally: So he’s just he’s just very difficult, totally isolated. And they’re like, okay, you need to get an apprenticeship. And, that’s difficult to do. And he’s okay look, I want to be a sound engineer. And they’re just like, no fucking way. No way. You’ll be working at Migros if you’re lucky, the supermarket.[00:33:00]

[00:33:00] Julia Lally: Anyway, lo and behold, what happens? He’s at this bar, like this gig, my son, when he was like 15. And he meets these people from the local studio and they’re like, come and have a practicum at the local studio. And now, a year later, they are literally, they have created an apprenticeship framework for him.

[00:33:21] Julia Lally: Can you believe that?

[00:33:22] Juliette Karaman: So anyway, Isn’t it good? Yeah, I’m just breaking at this point really. Bragging is good, but you’re also giving really concrete examples of how this magic works. How actually staying in our power, pulling it in.

[00:33:38] Julia Lally: Yes, and somehow getting the mind out of the way. I have to say to be realistic.

[00:33:44] Julia Lally: There’s also been the opposite extremes as well. So there’s been a huge amount of loss, a huge amount of culling, a huge amount of kind of of absolute contraction and chaos. There’s just been both and it’s really. Fascinating to me as to [00:34:00] what’s possible and what’s the opposite of that.

[00:34:03] Julia Lally: And this kind of like the grist for the mill in between, like anything’s possible and also complete breakdown is possible. And so basically, where do you want to play?

[00:34:13] Juliette Karaman: And that’s it, the duality of life. But as long as we can release the charge, the energetic interference of either wanting it one way and repelling towards the other, if we can just neutralize that, then we’re Oh, yeah.

[00:34:29] Juliette Karaman: Okay. So that was a bit shit. Yes. Okay. Yes. Okay. I survived it.

[00:34:33] Julia Lally: I survived it. And that’s the, I often say that to clients, they’re like Oh, I’m having feelings. And it’s that’s right. That’s it. That’s all it is.

[00:34:46] Juliette Karaman: We are

[00:34:46] Julia Lally: having feelings. Congratulations. Yeah.

[00:34:50] Juliette Karaman: And how often have we actually numbed down those feelings, right?

[00:34:53] Juliette Karaman: Those were the women That’s the woman that I was, right? Yeah. Look, everything looked perfect from the [00:35:00] outside, and on the inside it was just numb and, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Didn’t

[00:35:06] Julia Lally: want to feel too much. And it started to crack. Yeah. Yeah, the way I do it, the way I dissociate has always been through masculine control.

[00:35:16] Julia Lally: I’ll get everything in order. Slightly OCD esque. That’s how I do it. I always get annoyed with the people who are like, they control through the feminine. Because they’re just like, so chilled. They’re totally in flow, but they’re, like, totally topping from the bottom, and I’m like, everybody

[00:35:32] Juliette Karaman: can see,

[00:35:32] Julia Lally: how annoying is that? It’s everybody can see I’m neurotic, and they think that you’re enlightened, but I know you’re not.

[00:35:39] Juliette Karaman: Isn’t it funny? But I really see that control, and I see it in definitely one of my kids a lot, who’s very dyslexic, and for him, one thinks when he’s not in control, it just feels like his whole life is falling to pieces, right? Because reading is It’s a bit of a challenge. Things, you just, [00:36:00] things differently.

[00:36:00] Juliette Karaman: Incredibly yeah. But then if there is change, and we know that the only thing that there is change, he just finds that. And then he’ll try to control other parts of life. So it’s oh baby.

[00:36:11] Julia Lally: It’s nice they’ve got you for a mum.

[00:36:14] Juliette Karaman: I enjoy it. Darling, this has been a beautiful kind of like journey all over the place.

[00:36:20] Juliette Karaman: Could you let our listeners know where they can find you? What kind of courses do you do? Do you do one on one, work your podcast? What’s it called?

[00:36:30] Julia Lally: Thank you so much for giving me the chance to do that. People can find me at the Julia Lally on Instagram. You’re welcome. You can find pretty much everything I do through my link tree.

[00:36:42] Julia Lally: At the time this podcast is going out, I’m just about to run Initiate, which is my three month sex magic container. That is juicy. We practice. online together, sex practices, the cameras are off, the sounds are off, but it’s, there’s a [00:37:00] powerful field created in order to manifest something.

[00:37:04] Julia Lally: And there’s also my ongoing monthly membership container, which is low cost, low entry. You can come in, if you don’t like me, you can leave again, called the temple. And you can find all those things on my Instagram and including my podcast, you can find there as well.

[00:37:20] Juliette Karaman: Perfect. Perfect. I love it.

[00:37:22] Juliette Karaman: This will all go in the show notes. So have a look at the show notes and you can find Julia. Julia, this has been an absolute delight. Thank you so much for coming on. I’ve loved it

[00:37:33] Julia Lally: too. Yeah, you’re very welcome. Thanks for having me. Big hugs over the internet. Much love. Okay. Bye for now.

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