Episode 61 Conversations on Life, Love, and Facing Mortality

On: Feb 6, 2024

Hello, my loves! Juliette here, to welcome you back to another heart-to-heart on The Scrumptious Woman podcast. Today, we dive into the symphony of life, exploring relationships, healing journeys, and the profound art of letting go.


In this episode, I shares insights from my unique role as a death doula, guiding individuals through life’s transitions. I reflects on the beauty of maintaining relationships, drawing from personal experiences of friendship with my ex-husband and co-parenting our four children.

Key Takeaways:

  • Relationship Building: Juliette emphasises the importance of genuine connections in an age dominated by social media. She encourages listeners to cherish the basic human needs of being seen, heard, understood, and loved.
  • Life and Death Conversations: The episode delves into Juliette’s experiences assisting those facing life-threatening illnesses. Explore the emotional challenges, the power of presence, and the significance of slowing down in the face of mortality.
  • Healing Journey: Discover Juliette’s holistic approach to healing, incorporating hypnosis, energetic healing, and spinal attunement. Uncover the value of releasing the constant search for a cure and allowing the body, mind, and soul to return to a state of peace.
  • Preparing for Death: Juliette reflects on the honour and complexity of helping someone prepare for their death. Explore forgiveness, resolutions, and the deep introspection that comes with facing the end of life.
  • Reflecting on Life: Listeners are encouraged to ponder their own relationships, slow down, and honour every connection. Juliette discusses the importance of acknowledging regrets, finding peace, and embracing a scrumptious approach to life.

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Stay scrumptious, my loves, and remember to treasure each note in your life’s beautiful melody. 

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The Scrumptious Woman EP61

Juliette Karaman (00:02.018)

Hello, my loves. I’m happy you’re here with me again today. And today I wanted to talk to you about something that happened this week.

Now you know.

take a breath here. I’m noticing how I’m actually holding my own breath. So I want everyone to just become aware of their own breath, what’s happening there. You don’t need to fix anything, but just become aware of it. It’s interesting, I was going to talk to you about what happened this week and relationships. And then I noticed that I was actually holding my breath.

as I was speaking, which is not always so easy to do. And then it sounds like we’re talking from here. So that’s why I got everyone to take a breath.

So we’re always in relationship with ourselves, with those around you, with the universe, with your guides, with your angels. If you think about that, yeah, we’ll get a little bit wound up some conversation maybe.

Juliette Karaman (01:15.126)

But notice that the most intimate relationship that we ever have is one to ourselves.

And that’s where I come in.

So this week I had a conversation with someone that I hadn’t spoken to in a long time. Used to be a friend of my ex-husband and you know he and I, my ex-husband and I are still very friendly. We spent last week together in the apartment of our kids, funnily enough.

And a lot of people ask me about that. It’s like, wow, how can you and him 10 years old be such good friends? You share holidays, you share so much love for him. And for me, that’s not even the right question. It’s just like, how can I not love him? He’s been part of my life. I have four incredible children with this man. You know, we’ve…

co-parented and we’ve co-created and we’ve made these, had these four beautiful young adults come through us.

Juliette Karaman (02:39.246)

So I’ve always stayed in a good relationship with him and we’ve always built on that. And that is something that I see with social media. Relationship building is not something that people do anymore, that we don’t take enough time to actually understand people, to stay curious, to want to know what’s going on in their lives. And I talk about this often.

Most of us want to be seen, heard, and understood, and loved. And those are the basic needs of a human being.

So a lot of you might know that I’ve had the privilege. Okay, I’m gonna take a breath here because I know it’s a little bit emotional for me.

Juliette Karaman (03:37.814)

But I’ve had the privilege of helping.

people move over to a different realm, helping them die.

Now, it’s not something that I advertise or I don’t even know how you would advertise this. How do you bring up in conversations like, oh yeah, I help. I’m a death doula. I help people move on.

clear their minds, clear their emotions. I help them become so present that they can let go of all the attachments here in life. They’ve put together their will. They’ve made sure that they know what will happen once they get buried, where their money goes, where their charities, how that gets set up. All of that.

I’ve helped with not only my sister, my father, my mother, but two of my clients.

Juliette Karaman (04:46.422)

And this week I was in conversation with someone who has a life-threatening disease and he’s younger than I am. So my first response, and I’m breathing here, so I’m going to encourage all of you to really take a breath as well because it’s an intense topic. And it’s a topic that we should often.

or I don’t like saying should, but in this instance, we should put some attention on it, right? We want to be able to leave things for our children that they don’t have to rush around and do everything when we have just passed over, because that is the most vulnerable time. And that is yet the time where you have to arrange the funeral and you have to then clean the house.

make sure that everything is in order and make sure that the accounts don’t get blocked. So I was talking to this man who’s undergoing treatment for his illness and he is in such a state not only physically but mentally. One of these overachiever, high, I’m not even sure if it’s overachieving but you know high achieving.

multi-millionaires that has worked really hard and has built himself up from scratch, from not much. And he now is at the top of his game and he has not slowed down enough. He has not taken the time to integrate. It’s been go, like that. And what has happened is that his body is now rebelling.

His body is now in so much disease. He’s trying all kinds of Western medicine, all kinds of alternative medicine, and his mind is still spinning, and his emotions are coming out, and he’s crying, and he doesn’t quite know where to go. So I took him through a hypnosis session, and I did some energetic healing, some of the spinal attunement that I…

Juliette Karaman (07:14.278)

learned and that I’ve instinctively been doing but now I understand the science behind it.

Juliette Karaman (07:22.346)

And the relief both in the energetic field and visibly on his face, in his demeanor, just the way that he was, that he was feeling. Where he’s like, oh my god, I don’t think I’ve been this present without feeling super emotional about what’s going to happen to me in the next five years or four years without

being manically trying to search for something.

I can actually feel parts of me healing. And this is where we forget that when we’re so busy searching for something, searching for the right, for the next cure, that is where we put our attention. And like I said, where we put our attention, that’s where the energy glows, where the energy flows to.

So the more that you’re stressed about finding that cure, you know, and constantly keeping yourself in that state of fear and, oh my God, I have to do this and this and that. There’s very little time that your body or your psyche or even your soul can actually be, can get back to the state of beingness.

Juliette Karaman (08:58.35)

So this man has asked me…

Juliette Karaman (09:04.846)

to help him prepare for his death.

Juliette Karaman (09:10.526)

and it’s an honor and at the same time.

Juliette Karaman (09:20.238)

There are so many emotions that come up, right? It’s like, oh, let me introduce him to all my healers, all my alternative healers. And yes, those are some of the steps that we will take. This will be a long, this won’t be one, two, three fix, or it won’t be fixed at all, but it would be a deep holding. And not everyone can hold to that extent and can actually feel to that extent, right?

So there are a lot of emotions that come up for me, thinking like, ooh, he’s a friend. Haven’t seen him in a few years, but yeah. Yes, he’s still a friend. There’s still that relationship between us. And oftentimes all my clients become my friends, right? Because the more attention you put on someone and the more that you ask questions about them, about what’s going on the inside, what’s happening for you right here, right now.

the more that they open up and the more that they become part of you.

And I’m really honored that he’s given me this chance to, for him to come to peace. There are definitely some resolutions and there are some people that he wants to forgive.

probably a lot of conversations to have had to release the charge that he’s feeling towards

Juliette Karaman (10:53.15)

some of these people in his life, some of the people that he cut out of his life. Because, you know, to be honest we all cut out people from our lives because we have gotten hurt and it’s better for us to have some boundaries and to say hey you know that energy I can’t have that energy in my life.

And you get to a point when you know that you only have a few months or a few years or we never know how long we have to live anyway.

So if you can live for today, really do that. And then especially if you know that your time is near, and that is the time that you go inwards and that you say, OK, let bygones be bygones. Let those feuds, let they just… What were you thinking? Why is that so important?

deep down there’s still some love that I have for these people. There’s still some kind of connection that I want to make. So deeply honored that at this point in people’s lives, they actually do want to go inwards and do want to make those changes and want to slow down. And for them really to realize what has my life…

here on this earth been? What have I achieved? What have I given back? Yes, I’ve made millions and yes I’ve helped lots of other people become very rich, but what have I done? Have I set up charities? Have I helped kids through school? What do I have my own children? What have I done for humanity? And these are the beautiful questions that…

Juliette Karaman (12:52.458)

We get to ponder, or I get to ponder with my clients that are at this stage in their life. And it’s been such an honour to be there for them, to have them look back at their lives.

really have no regrets. And if they had regrets, work through them. Clean it up. Yeah, if you’ve snapped at someone or if you’ve been mean to someone, if you’ve done some things that you’re not so proud of, acknowledge them. Move through them. Duplicate them. Release the charge. And that’s what we can really do.

go when we realize that our job here on earth is gone. It’s finished. We can go. We can go in peace and that has been a beautiful experience to watch the peacefulness in people’s faces as they take their last breath and they become one again. So my love’s a little bit more intense, fond drinks today.

really notice.

Juliette Karaman (14:17.795)

Where are you curious about the relationships that you have in your life? Where can you slow down a little bit more and really honour each and every one of them? Put attention to them. Where can you honour yourself and really be proud?

because your attention is the biggest gift that you can give anyone.

As always, much love and stay scrumptious.

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