Episode 60 From Depths to Union: A Journey of Love and Ascension with Kristen Stuart

On: Feb 2, 2024

Hello, listeners! Welcome to another scintillating episode of the Scrumptious Woman podcast. I’m delighted to bring you a heartfelt conversation that dives into the depths of personal growth, relationships, and the journey towards ascension. Join me, Juliette Karaman, as I chat with the wonderful Kristen Stuart about finding union and ascension in the tapestry of love.


In this episode, Kristen opens up about her profound journey of self-discovery and the relief that comes with facing the depths of her experiences. Juliette, with her insightful questions, guides the conversation through the complexities of Kristen’s relationship with Mike and the transformative impact of suppressed memories. The couple’s shared journey through trauma, adventure, and ultimately finding union paints a beautiful picture of resilience and love. The discussion explores the spiritual connection Mike shares with the land and the shamanic energy that infuses their lives.

Key Takeaways:

1. Embracing Depths: Kristen shares her courageous journey of facing and navigating the depths of suppressed memories, leading to a sense of relief.
2. Union Through Trauma: The couple’s resilience through individual traumas becomes the foundation for a deep and meaningful union.
3. Spiritual Connection: Mike’s spiritual connection with the land and shamanic energy adds a unique dimension to their relationship.
4. Balancing Adventure: The discussion highlights the shift from adrenaline-fueled experiences to a more nuanced appreciation of life’s joys.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP60

[00:00:00] Juliette Karaman: Welcome to another episode of The Scrumptious Woman. I have with me the beautiful Kristen Stuart, who is An extraordinary woman, a carrier of light, of codes, an activator, leading woman into their most powerful truth. I’m trying to bottom line it.

[00:00:28] Kristen Stuart: So good. Welcome. Thank you so much. It’s such an honour to be here with you and this conversation we’re about to I could feel it building over the last 48 hours.

[00:00:41] Kristen Stuart: the energy as we start to weave the fields together, essentially, with what wants to stream from our soul connection.

[00:00:52] Juliette Karaman: Isn’t it interesting? And it’s been in the making for a few months already, right? It’s for a [00:01:00] few lifetimes.

[00:01:01] Kristen Stuart: Absolutely. I love that. And yes, and it’s interesting because so much has shifted.

[00:01:06] Kristen Stuart: In such a big way since we had set up this call. Say more. So much has shifted in the collective. I feel this month of November, we’ve really anchored into a completely new frequency. To me, I saw November 7th, 8th revealing how like new earth had anchored in. And so it was this complete dissolving of the old and anchoring into this new frequency of existence is what I’ll say.

[00:01:34] Kristen Stuart: And thus calibration as our human comes into, it’s like this new frequency calibration of what is here for us now.

[00:01:45] Juliette Karaman: And

[00:01:45] Kristen Stuart: then, yes,

[00:01:46] Juliette Karaman: let’s breathe. Yeah.

[00:01:48] Kirsten Stuart: Ha. Yes. And then feeling this. really start to amplify and I could use the word pick up speed through the 1111 [00:02:00] gateway, which has always felt significant to me personally. There’s a strong resonance with the potency of November 11th.

[00:02:08] Juliette Karaman: What’s the potency for you?

[00:02:10] Juliette Karaman: Because I know everyone has a slightly different connectation with it.


[00:02:15] Kristen Stuart: find So for myself, it has held great significance in my life, starting with being in the, I felt very called to the Sacred Valley of Peru for 11 11 11, 12 years ago. That actually precipitated my first, big, I’ll call it spiritual awakening, as I became aware of there was a whole lot more going on and suddenly found myself merged into a state of oneness while I was there with my spiritual mentor, yoga teacher mentor at the time.

[00:02:51] Kristen Stuart: And that’s a piece of the story, of course. And then what was super interesting was. Exactly 11 years [00:03:00] later, last November, I was powerfully called to be in Egypt at that time, where I actually put my own retreat on hold that I was going to host in Peru, which had become an annual event over the 11 11 portal, and was called to Egypt to be on retreat with others who were working with light codes and working with light language and transmission.

[00:03:26] Kristen Stuart: And what happened in Egypt showed me that I had created, there was this connection from what began in 11, 11 11, and there was a completion in a way of an 11 year cycle and an opening connecting, I’ll call it an energetic pathway between Peru and Egypt.

[00:03:49] Juliette Karaman: The 1111 in 2000. An 11 portal. Yes. Yeah.

[00:03:55] Kristen Stuart: Why 1111?

[00:03:56] Kristen Stuart: Why is it significant? And it’s felt [00:04:00] like a great invitation into the greater mission for myself. It’s been a calling, a powerful calling, and has precipitated massive quantum leaps in my life on an energetic level, and an invitation to continue this. ever evolving path of ascension, ultimately.

[00:04:23] Kristen Stuart: And accessing new, it’s like accessing new dimensions is what has happened every time. And there was an experience I had that I’ll share when I was in Egypt that really linked this up because I was speaking to the connection between Peru and Egypt and how 11 years later I felt this powerful call to return.

[00:04:45] Kristen Stuart: To go to Egypt. And I was in a temple. We were in Karnak, I believe. And the I was invited by a guard and there’s guards inside of the temples that [00:05:00] take you to secret locked off temples. And this guard invited myself and one of the women I was with, Amakizia, to this locked off temple. It was a locked off ISIS temple.

[00:05:11] Kristen Stuart: And he took us inside and he said, you have eight minutes and he said, there’s holes in the wall at the back of this temple. Go there and put your, plug your thumbs in. And, this is feeling like a very Indiana Jones experience, which really was the entire journey in Egypt for me. And I go to the back wall, and I plug my thumbs into these little holes in the wall, and I leave.

[00:05:33] Kristen Stuart: And I land inside of a portal site in the Sacred Valley of Peru, which is where Doña Vilma, she’s a fourth generation Quechua curandera, a dear náñay sister for me, she had taken me the last time I was in Peru, which was 2019. And it basically appeared in this site and then it was this, it was this feeling of landing back in this temple in Egypt and going, we just opened the passageway [00:06:00] that needed to be opened.

[00:06:00] Kristen Stuart: That’s why. I needed to be here at this time. Yeah. So it was one of those otherworldly experiences that sometimes it’s did that really happen? And of

[00:06:13] Juliette Karaman: course. And I can imagine that a lot of people listening, if they’re listening to this podcast, They understand why they’ve been called and they may not quite comprehend what is happening or what you are speaking to, but they can feel the energetics.

[00:06:31] Juliette Karaman: And

[00:06:31] Kristen Stuart: I feel like it’s it’s the invitation to simply follow the prompts and trust the energy as we learn. That this gets to be our universal language once again. Now

[00:06:43] Juliette Karaman: I know that you and I have talked a bit that we have men in our lives who are very cerebral, grounded, which we women when we’re out there need from time to time.

[00:06:57] Juliette Karaman: Absolutely. And they can feel [00:07:00] what’s happening. Yes. And yet there’s a bit of not sure what’s going on here.

[00:07:06] Kristen Stuart: Yeah. How do, how does. How does the masculine interpret? And I’ll use the term the masculine because it is that energy of very grounded, practical, tangible action taking. And, my husband and I have been married for almost 20 years and have clearly been through many lifetimes within that time.

[00:07:29] Kristen Stuart: As I have, pursued this path and the spiritual journey and these Experiences continue to open more experiences that are difficult to make sense, yet there’s this feeling that he gets from me when I’m speaking that he doesn’t have to understand it, it’s simply he gets to support from his lens and [00:08:00] his understanding that I’ve had a very Unique experience or, touching into these intangibles, the unseen world.

[00:08:11] Kristen Stuart: And he trusts that so long as we can find this balance and that there’s, the presence is what is key. He doesn’t need to fully get what’s going on and that’s okay.

[00:08:24] Juliette Karaman: And isn’t that beautiful? It’s a way that we can be with people in the world. They don’t have to understand what we’re going through, but we touch upon this when we started recording.

[00:08:34] Juliette Karaman: This is why I started the Scrumptious Woman podcast. Your voice, my voice, other people’s voices carry codes, carry energetic codes that are felt, that are soaked up like raindrops into the skin, right? We, the moisture. We just. plump up the skin from that. And this is what it [00:09:00] feels like for me for energy when I receive your codes, your energetic codes from your voice, from the way that you are, from your light.

[00:09:09] Juliette Karaman: And a lot of people also get this from us. What they don’t intellectually understand.

[00:09:16] Kirsten Stuart: Yeah, we’re, we’re speaking in energy and we’re speaking in, truth and the energy of truth is so tangibly felt. And when we were getting started in our conversation, I said, it’s the power of voice.

[00:09:33] Kirsten Stuart: It carries the essence of the soul. And this is something that I hear a lot in my world from clients and, connections, like the one that you and I immediately felt with each other. It’s, there is a resonance here. There’s a soul resonance. There’s a frequency that feels exquisite when we get to be, when we are in shared space together.

[00:09:53] Kirsten Stuart: And even when we’re not it’s the communication and the energetic signature that is emanating. And something [00:10:00] about it feels like home.

[00:10:02] Juliette Karaman: It does, right? It feels just like coming

[00:10:05] Kirsten Stuart: home. Yeah and the feeling of, I love how you use this term, the plumping up. It’s like our fields connect and we start to communicate. And the voice is bringing forth communication. But the whole time there’s this whole other, it’s like this wave of.

[00:10:24] Kirsten Stuart: frequency, this wave of energy in a certain vibratory frequency that’s in motion as we weave the field with our light, we weave the field with our voice codes. And this is what is moving all around us at all times. And it’s beautiful when the voice brings this forth as expression and it’s, I have this visual quite often.

[00:10:49] Kirsten Stuart: It’s I see the, it’s like the voice transmit what is coming from the heart. And it’s like seeing these different notes, these different musical notes, these song notes [00:11:00] that carry this gorgeous song, a harmonic. And when we come into connection with people where it feels like home, it’s like we weave in this.

[00:11:11] Kirsten Stuart: soul song, these harmonics together and we make beautiful music, right? It’s like the music that is divine love, the music of our divine dance, our soul dance. And I really believe what we’re all simply remembering and remembering each other right now.

[00:11:30] Juliette Karaman: Completely. And this has me think back of Probably when I started my journey about 15 years ago, I was in this intensive, sacred sexuality is what brought me into my spiritual awakening.

[00:11:45] Juliette Karaman: And I remember we were all singing, one person was singing, and then all of us joined in, and someone had a little, and whatever it was, an a cappella. But the whole room was vibrating at [00:12:00] such an incredible frequency. We had these beautiful shamans from Peru over. It was, yeah, it was just magic.

[00:12:08] Kirsten Stuart: I love that. Yeah, and when I was in Egypt last year for, we were, we had a private ceremony booked to be in the King’s Chamber on 11 11. And our group, we began all singing. And singing in light language or bringing forth the sound, the universal language of light that wanted to stream from each individual as we were.

[00:12:31] Kirsten Stuart: We were activating the codes within the chamber and bringing in what wanted to stream for us. And it was so gorgeous to have this circle of people were in the pitch black in the chamber with the sarcophagus, where the mystery school initiates used to go, where Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were, and it was opening the energetics and letting.

[00:12:57] Kirsten Stuart: Being in this divine exchange is how it felt. [00:13:00] Like we were there with our codes to activate. And then the codes of the temple were being activated and released. And we were weaving the field with this light. And it was one of the most moving and powerful experiences of my life.

[00:13:16] Juliette Karaman: It’s beautiful. I remember Egypt well.

[00:13:19] Kirsten Stuart: Yeah there’s incredible medicine there. There’s no doubt.

[00:13:23] Juliette Karaman: I went for my honeymoon and now that you’re actually mentioning it, a lot of activations happened then. I just wasn’t quite open enough to receive it.

[00:13:34] Kirsten Stuart: Yeah, sure. The lands call us when the soul, the lands call us home to remember, to pick up our soul’s remembrance, to pick up the remembrance of.

[00:13:44] Kirsten Stuart: We could say timelines, lifetimes, the remembrance of wisdom, the original divine wisdom. And one of the big things that I feel this last couple the last few years especially on a [00:14:00] global scale has us awakening and remembering the truth of our power as all is sourced from within as we return to the remembrance of the source we are as a fractal of the divine source, light.

[00:14:15] Juliette Karaman: And it’s such a mindfuck when you’re stuck at that part, right? You’re like, how do I? How?

[00:14:22] Kirsten Stuart: Yeah, and it’s always there, let go of the how and be the one. And I recently offered an experience called, becoming one with the one. And the becoming essentially is, remember, you are one with the one, nothing has changed.

[00:14:39] Kirsten Stuart: And it’s opening to that more and more. And this is where we get into the scrumptious, is what I like, to use your term. It’s this is where we get into that divine, the eros, the dance with the divine, the sensual. Remembrance that we are ultimately living this life, making love to the divine, and to live in this frequency, which is [00:15:00] the bliss frequency, which is the miracle frequency of this is how good it gets to be.

[00:15:07] Kirsten Stuart: And even though we’re living at a time and where there’s a lot going on in the world that holds a lot of density and challenge, and we have, we’re walking as powerful leaders carrying this duality, leading while holding this duality in knowing that It is the amplification of our light, and it’s not from a place of bypassing anything.

[00:15:29] Kirsten Stuart: It’s from a place of, this is how powerful we get to be in our leadership, to hold this beacon, to be this pillar, no matter what. And know as we claim this, let this emanate through the field. Let our light be more contagious.

[00:15:47] Juliette Karaman: I love that word.

[00:15:48] Kirsten Stuart: And then it, what it does is it picks up more power.

[00:15:51] Kirsten Stuart: It picks up more momentum as we, we weave this light, this unconditional love, this embodied [00:16:00] divinity. We are it. And then this is like the dance that we are in. And this dance is recognizing Every voice code that comes through every, every aspect of our light that gets to radiate into the field is compounding and building more upon more of this.

[00:16:17] Kirsten Stuart: And then that light, it’s it bumps into someone else and turns on their light. And then this is what we get to do. And it’s I’ve had this vision for three years. It came to me late 2020 of seeing the glow As this, this matrix of light that we are lighting up together. And it’s all the lights simply that start shining, like the vision of the airport map, in the back of a, when you’re on a plane and you.

[00:16:46] Kirsten Stuart: Pick up their little card in the seat in front of you and it shows their hub airport and then all the flight paths and that’s how I see what we’re doing. Of course. Yeah.

[00:16:58] Juliette Karaman: Yeah, it really is, right? [00:17:00] I get it in, I get it in my mind’s eye too. I see the whole globe and just the lights like you said with the little roots.

[00:17:09] Juliette Karaman: And for me, everything is pink gold, red gold. And that’s just the sacred geometry that always comes through for me. I start seeing the grid everywhere. Yes, exactly. And just like little Tick, tick, little lights going up until everything is twinkling like little Christmas

[00:17:27] Kirsten Stuart: lights. Absolutely. And as we are also moving around the globe, those that resonate as lightworkers, activators, doing grid work it’s going to Egypt and activating the light and then seeing that emanate and then really, we’re going to these I feel very called to, different sacred lands, sacred sites, powerful vortexes, the chakras of the universe the, activate this activation of the Kundalini of the cosmos and on the earth.

[00:17:56] Kirsten Stuart: And as we move, it’s like we open more light and then [00:18:00] we carry it with us and open more light. And then this ripples out, and as someone said, I feel like everyone’s being called to Egypt right now. I said, certain people. And isn’t it interesting? Yeah. Or, Portugal is another hotspot right now that I’ve been really feeling.

[00:18:16] Kirsten Stuart: And we go to these lands when we’re ready. And, I began when I look back it’s always so beautiful to reflect on how in, gosh, as a little girl Forty years ago, I went to Hawaii for the first time, and I remember landing on that, on the island of Kauai as a nine year old girl, and I immediately felt like I was in another world.

[00:18:42] Kirsten Stuart: I said, my first words were, I feel like a mermaid here and for anyone that resonates with the ancient civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis, we know that, Hawaii is ancient Mu, the land, the area of ancient Lemuria and it’s, and to be in the space now, 40, 40 years later and [00:19:00] in the level of like on this path, what I’ve learned and the awareness that has opened and the connection to These lands and these timelines, and it all makes so much sense.

[00:19:10] Kirsten Stuart: And why I was called to these places like Costa Rica and Bali in the mid nineties, late nineties, like this was my soul beginning. It’s really following the prompts of being called to these lands. To activate, to remember, and open the consciousness that was there for me.

[00:19:32] Juliette Karaman: Isn’t it interesting, right? So you said this all started for you in 2011.

[00:19:38] Juliette Karaman: Who were you before? Who

[00:19:40] Kirsten Stuart: was I before 2011?

[00:19:42] Juliette Karaman: I the nine year old already knew she was a Lemurian.

[00:19:45] Kirsten Stuart: Yeah, exactly. My path, I’m based in the Canadian Rockies. It’s west of Calgary, Alberta. Outside of Canmore Banff as which are beautiful destinations. And I was very, so I moved to [00:20:00] Canmore in 2001 and felt called there to be with the mountains.

[00:20:04] Kirsten Stuart: The mountain energy has always been powerful for me. And I feel like it’s the, the innate medicine woman in me was ready to come alive. And, my path at the time, I was. I think my first job was beer tending, serving tables when I first landed and also leading adventure trips for teenagers at the time, which evolved into working for a guiding company, which is where I met my husband.

[00:20:31] Kirsten Stuart: He was beginning his path to become certified as an international mountain guide and That was my only, I did a brief stint as an office girl working in marketing and that then pursued my hiking guide certification as I wanted to lead hiking trips in the Rockies and internationally, which was a very brief.

[00:20:55] Kirsten Stuart: period of time is great. Now you’re employed for a couple of months of the year because our summers are very short [00:21:00] here. So this led me into becoming a personal trainer. And I, for years, I worked as a personal trainer and hiking guide, and then stepped on a yoga mat. I’d already stepped on a yoga mat for the first time.

[00:21:12] Kirsten Stuart: in 2002 and that there was something in me that came alive and I knew that was a path I also wanted to pursue. And so I did step into this, very manifesting generator style of me become, working as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and hiking guide. 2011 was me beginning, I had a dream to open a yoga studio called Sacred Roots.

[00:21:40] Kirsten Stuart: And this is what I was planning and so approaching January of 2012, I, I had gone to Peru for 11 11 11, came back, was, basically what had happened was I had a kundalini awakening and came back. I [00:22:00] remember landing in Calgary International Airport from Peru going, it felt like I crash landed energetically.

[00:22:08] Kirsten Stuart: It’s wow, it is so heavy here. We’ve got work to do to amplify the frequency. And then this is where I would say the dark night of the soul. Journey experience was about to begin. I was on an accelerated path, riding the waves of this kundalini awakening, launching a yoga studio, and all of it was in this big energy that was compounded by the fact that I’d been living a very adrenaline fueled lifestyle as a climber, an alpinist, ice climber.

[00:22:42] Kirsten Stuart: That was the lifestyle my husband and I had and It was like the perfect cocktail that led to the perfect crash. Seven months later, I was on the floor in the yoga studio. Family intervention, essentially, to close the [00:23:00] studio because I was incapacitated by burnout severe anxiety, panic attacks, which led into psychosis, which led me to the edge of life in 2012.

[00:23:14] Juliette Karaman: Oh, wow. Thank you for sharing that. Yeah. Can I actually feel it? So I want to just pause there for a moment.

[00:23:22] Juliette Karaman: Kundalini awakening is, people always say, oh, I want a kundalini awakening. I’m like, let’s get your nervous system in state that you can hold it first.

[00:23:32] Kirsten Stuart: It is, right? It’s holding this level of energy. Yeah,

[00:23:36] Juliette Karaman: I’ve seen people blow

[00:23:37] Kirsten Stuart: up. Yeah. And the team that worked with me, I had a mental health team at the time because it was, this was a very serious situation.

[00:23:45] Kirsten Stuart: And I remember this team saying to me months later, how did you make it back? Because most people that we’ve seen who were in your state don’t.

[00:23:58] Kirsten Stuart: And I, in that [00:24:00] moment, I knew that this was going to turn into. My life’s calling. Like this, I was being, initiated into the next levels of what I was really here to do. And it started with, out of 2012, it was, my journey was home to self love. Through the awakening. And that was the first part of the path.

[00:24:24] Kirsten Stuart: of embodying self love and my coaching practice fell into my lap at that time as women basically saw me skyrocketing with this yoga studio and then it closed and I disappeared and then I emerged and it was like how did you go from there to here 2013 2014 I decided to continue teaching yoga, but bringing it forth as, ultimately by looking back, was a coaching program utilizing the ancient wisdom teachings and practices of yoga, [00:25:00] meditation, breath work, the semantics.

[00:25:02] Kirsten Stuart: To regulate the nervous system, because I had clearly blown mine.

[00:25:06] Juliette Karaman: And it’s interesting, right? Because in 2012 or so, that really started becoming the nervous system started becoming much more well known and how important it is to regulate ourselves and to really recognize what the role of it

[00:25:22] Kirsten Stuart: is.

[00:25:23] Kirsten Stuart: Absolutely. And essentially, I called myself the conscious coach, and it was, we’ve got to live more consciously. We’ve got to live in presence. In our presence is where our greatest power is. In our presence is where we are powerful creators when we’re aware of what we’re creating.

[00:25:42] Kirsten Stuart: Because we’re not in these, rushing into the future. Like where anxiety lives or stuck in the past, which is where the, the depression can live. And there was a, obviously I had to journey through a lot of self forgiveness. Because I remember, hitting the [00:26:00] point of it took a while before I felt comfortable to go back to teaching yoga because I felt like a fraud.

[00:26:05] Kirsten Stuart: It was, how do I show up and be this, as this woman’s teaching about the embodiment of love and light and divinity and living as this, yet I actually was trying to exit the planet. And there was so much shame in that. It was the deepest shame and guilt. For a while I was like, I can’t go. I can’t do this.

[00:26:27] Kirsten Stuart: I, let me go get a job that is completely outside of this world of wellness and consciousness and spirituality. I have

[00:26:37] Juliette Karaman: those moments from time to time still.

[00:26:40] Kirsten Stuart: But there is the deeper calling that kept propelling me forward. And it was like, this is your medicine to now share what you lived through, what you learned.

[00:26:48] Kirsten Stuart: The journey over, that is continual, as we know, this ascension journey. Path of bringing, supporting women and coming home to themselves. And I remember being [00:27:00] interviewed once and the question was, what is your mission? And they said, if I walk one woman home to embodied self love, I’ll fulfill my mission.

[00:27:09] Kirsten Stuart: And it’s getting into these conversations and recognizing that a lot of my self worth at the time. And, everything was based on. Things outside of me. What I was, what I was doing and though I had never, I’d never lived with an intention of I need to make it big in the world, success was not tied to financial success or anything like that.

[00:27:36] Kirsten Stuart: I always, I was always When I look back, I think my life was based on how joyful and adventurous, and perhaps at the time, and wild can I live?

[00:27:48] Juliette Karaman: I love it. Bit of wildness.

[00:27:51] Kirsten Stuart: It’s, there’s some stories that, it’s wow, I can’t believe I, I did that and made it through alive. And a lot of the stories also are experiences in [00:28:00] the mountains, climbing with my husband, Mike, who was training to be a guide at the time.

[00:28:04] Kirsten Stuart: And the bigness of what we chose to do out there, which was. It was like two young, late 20 year olds running around, getting high on adrenaline and seeing how far we could push it.

[00:28:18] Juliette Karaman: I was gonna say push the envelope and until nature, until divinity says, Hey, ,

[00:28:24] Kirsten Stuart: watch up. And pushing through fear, and I feel it’s relevant to share this here too, is , A lot of the motivation for that for me was.

[00:28:34] Kirsten Stuart: from trauma that I had been through and it was sexual trauma and So underneath everything that we’ve been talking about was a gaping wound that had never been addressed Yeah, and so that’s where

[00:28:48] Juliette Karaman: my speciality comes in

[00:28:50] Kirsten Stuart: exactly and for me it was It’s recognizing later on, and truthfully it’s wild, but it’s only been in the last couple of years where I [00:29:00] see that so much of, that fire and that warrior esque frequency that I’ve always thrived in, really, it, a lot of it was coming from I was going to get so strong and push through all fear so that no man would ever do that to me again.

[00:29:17] Kirsten Stuart: And so it was like the satisfaction of being in the mountains and swinging ice axes into frozen waterfalls and like feeling the power build in my body. There was a part of that was so that I would get so physically strong I could defend and protect myself no matter what. And even as we’re speaking like the emotion comes up in my throat of looking back and realizing now.

[00:29:43] Kirsten Stuart: That was a driving force, but I was, what I was doing was bypassing that part of, that necessary part of my healing

[00:29:51] Juliette Karaman: journey. And it’s a part that we all have to go through, and we never think that we have this on board until all these little [00:30:00] pieces of the puzzle don’t quite fit. Yes. And then for me, there was A real remembrance.

[00:30:09] Juliette Karaman: A physical remembrance. My body actually started to shake like an animal completing the trauma cycle. and visions and memory and everything just came flooding back in and I was like, oh, yes, because I had built myself up enough that I could actually hold it all. And that, and the psyche is

[00:30:34] Kirsten Stuart: incredible.

[00:30:35] Kirsten Stuart: It’s fascinating. And for me, The blasting through to the surface of all of this, to its final pieces, has been over this last year. This was what 2023 was for me.

[00:30:48] Juliette Karaman: Beautiful. Ah, I can just feel like the expansion, the heart chakra, oof.

[00:30:55] Kirsten Stuart: Freedom. Yeah, it’s

[00:30:56] Juliette Karaman: deep work. Freedom.

[00:30:58] Kirsten Stuart: Yeah, freedom.[00:31:00] Full liberation.

[00:31:01] Kirsten Stuart: There was, it’s I’m free, I can breathe. I get to lay down the swords, the ice axes, the swords.

[00:31:09] Kirsten Stuart: I’m safe. I’m safe. And I’m free of, I’m free of this story where it’s no longer in my, it’s part of the journey. Yet, what I clearly saw was how I was still holding the trauma in my body until I was no longer holding the trauma in my body. 20 21 years later, 22 years later, here we are.

[00:31:38] Juliette Karaman: Yes. Yep. I I can so relate. And It’s often women in their 40s, 50s, 60s that I’ve worked with that have always said, No, we’ve had a great childhood. Everything’s perfect. And then you just unlayer and unravel some of the cross [00:32:00] wires. Yes. And all of a sudden everything starts coming flooding in.

[00:32:05] Juliette Karaman: And that’s when The safety needs to be recreated. Yes. And really to recognize that we are safe. We are here. We are in our divinity. And that’s when the, the tools come in, and the holding of the husband, and the children, and the, and where disease also creeps in.

[00:32:25] Kirsten Stuart: Yeah, and it, and it’s incredible to, to be here.

[00:32:29] Kirsten Stuart: I, Mike and I have been married for, almost 20 years. And, That this piece was still there and it’s just like this massive opening and what feels like dreams coming true, in the depth that we have struck at this stage, 21 years after meeting and 19 years after marriage and, that, that piece was something I finally [00:33:00] consciously and thanks to consciousness.

[00:33:04] Kirsten Stuart: Got to free myself from and this it was about it was earlier last year I remember thinking because this it was starting to come forth right and I realized wow I this needs to be dealt with because this is what is this is preventing the full union for him and I and It’s been a challenging relationship because of it and and this Marriage is a journey, for sure.

[00:33:31] Kirsten Stuart: And these words came in and it was, You can run but you can’t hide. And it’s true. You can run but you can’t hide. And it’s time to make sure this story is no longer hijacking your life, your marriage, your relationship to money as well. The nervous system needs your attention and we’ve got to liberate.

[00:33:56] Kirsten Stuart: This from you once and for all and this was all what started [00:34:00] pouring in and then as that’s coming in as you shared The memory started coming out and there’s my human going. I don’t want to go there like I you It’s like feeling the resistance and knowing as soon as I said, let’s go It would move really quickly as well because I also recognize how quickly we get to drop the old and What that I was ready for it.

[00:34:25] Kirsten Stuart: I was ready I built that capacity within myself to go into these, the deepest depths and once and for all, it is time. Thank

[00:34:37] Juliette Karaman: you for sharing. That is just scrumptious, beautiful. How does Mike feel about it?

[00:34:42] Kirsten Stuart: It’s, there is, how do I want to word this? He’s relieved. Ultimately, he’s relieved and there’s emotion as I feel like the patience of this man.

[00:34:54] Kirsten Stuart: Has been incredible. What? I mean it was several years into our relationship [00:35:00] before I remembered what had happened to me. Because I had suppressed and repressed it so deeply. And there were more than, there was more than one incidence but I hadn’t even considered the previous two incidences as sexual assault or trauma.

[00:35:15] Kirsten Stuart: It was like, no that didn’t happen, and essentially he has known that this. This is what has been a core part that has held a fracture in our foundation, in our relationship. And we had, essentially we met a year after this had happened to me and What was two years after he had a, a traumatic experience with a close friend in the mountains.

[00:35:42] Kirsten Stuart: And so it’s, when we look back, it’s like we, we met and we both came in with pretty traumatic experiences. And then we just hurled ourselves into the mountains to, to play. He was becoming a guide. I was along for, [00:36:00] I’m always up for any adventure and, not to make light of the story pieces, but also you just see, it was like, okay, now let’s go run around in the mountains, high on adrenaline and drinking too many Red Bulls and caffeination beverages and pushing ourselves, like how fast can we climb this?

[00:36:20] Kirsten Stuart: How much can we do these back to back days of 13 hours, 15 hours in the mountains, pushing our mental and physical maxes? And for me, it’s I was like I’m going to keep up to him because that’s how I operate. A little competitive, and it, you just see all of it, and there’s so much beauty to, the adventures that we lived, and the mountains literally that we climbed, and then, the metaphorical mountains that we have climbed together in our life, in our relationship, on our own journeys, and looking back, filled with the richness of all of it, and to be at this place now, where I feel like [00:37:00] we finally found our union together.

[00:37:03] Kirsten Stuart: Because there’s nothing in the way anymore. And that makes me like, just ecstatic, obviously ecstatic. And so grateful that we kept going and kept calling each other higher, which is. Relationships. I see you and I hold you in your highest power. I see you and I hold you in your highest power.

[00:37:27] Juliette Karaman: And it’s so beautiful because you’re also, we mentioned in the beginning that he’s not quite on the spiritual path, but he is. It’s different.

[00:37:36] Kirsten Stuart: It’s more, I would say his Otherwise he wouldn’t be with you, right? Yeah, exactly. And that’s it. He feels it. His connection with the land, with the earth, it’s very he has a very shamanic energy, his, he listens, he can hear the mountains, what they’re saying, essentially, same with the trees.

[00:37:54] Kirsten Stuart: And when you spend that amount of time out in the mountains in such a deeply [00:38:00] connected way and in an environment that has serious consequences, as far as what can happen out there and, going through close calls and different situations and scenarios, but for him as a mountain guide.

[00:38:15] Kirsten Stuart: It was a 10 year journey to become internationally certified. Oh wow. Yeah, the quickest usually anyone can do it is about 6 years, but it’s a journey. It’s a big path.

[00:38:28] Juliette Karaman: Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize it was that long, but it’s like an initiation.

[00:38:33] Kirsten Stuart: Yeah and exactly, that’s what it is.

[00:38:35] Kirsten Stuart: And his passion for the earth, his reverence for Pachamama, mother earth, his reverence for the beauty, and like my, one of my favorite memories and we still share this. It’s like a tradition when he’s out in the mountains, he’ll always send me a photo from wherever he is, whether it’s on an ice climb or an Alpine climb.

[00:38:57] Kirsten Stuart: And when he’s up high and[00:39:00] he’s catching what’s called the Alpine glow. It’s when the sun crests, the first light of the day shines. onto the glacier where he’s camped or something and he always captures that sunrise shot and that’s our Like, communication is when he, the photo can make it through, because a lot of times he’s not, obviously, in, in a cellular range where he can send anything.

[00:39:23] Kirsten Stuart: Any more in signal. Yeah. But when he does, it’s, that photo comes through and it’s like the connection for us. He’s you’re up here with me. Because I have chosen over the last, eight to 10 years to, I’m not as interested in pursuing those experiences like I was in my. late 20s through my 30s.

[00:39:44] Kirsten Stuart: It’s, I enjoy more, I still enjoy all of it, but just in different ways, not as adrenaline induced, it was before. I don’t like to suffer as much anymore, is what I’m saying.

[00:39:57] Juliette Karaman: But it’s funny, right? If we think about it,[00:40:00] so these high sensations that we’re feeling, we can numb it by doing sports, lots of sports, going out to nature, doing what you and Mike did, drinking too many Red Bulls and coffees. We can drink, we can do drugs, we can do too much sex, we can shop. There’s so many ways that we can just refrain from feeling.

[00:40:22] Juliette Karaman: Yes,

[00:40:23] Kirsten Stuart: the addictions. Yeah, let me find pleasure and flow state, high state in a different way because it allows me to. not feel the depth that wants to be felt, the shadow aspects or, what needs to come to the surface. So I’m just going to go over here and keep running around in the mountains.

[00:40:44] Juliette Karaman: And anything, right? As a mother, you can be your kids can be your outlet. So I just have to laugh at time, from time to times. But I called my brand Feel Fully You. I’m like, yeah, okay. Every time I don’t want to feel, I just get whacked on the head.[00:41:00] It’s you called your brand Feel Fully You.

[00:41:02] Juliette Karaman: I’m like,

[00:41:02] Kirsten Stuart: oh yeah. Yeah, forgot about that one. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, universe. The universe, the universal smackdown.

[00:41:10] Juliette Karaman: And it’s so interesting, today I wrote a post about having pleasure and scrupulousness and sensuality in your life right now. Is it frivolous, is it feeble, is it, and then I keep thinking, it’s I don’t actually think, I feel it, I just know this is my path of ascension and this is how.

[00:41:32] Juliette Karaman: We talked about it earlier. This is how I shine and how the lights go on around me. Or blow out around me when there’s too much electricity.

[00:41:43] Kirsten Stuart: We, we blow the internet together or whatever else. And living sensually. Is living in bliss it’s living ecstatic, it’s living in the Eros, which is what we’re here to do.

[00:41:58] Kirsten Stuart: We’re here to live [00:42:00] in this joy and to, this is why, this is ascension. We’re here to live in an ascended state here on earth, that’s, I think a lot of people thought we’re going somewhere and it’s, we’re here to bring it through us. This. scrumptious living, this erotic living, this ecstatic living, this joyful living because it is a contagious way to live and let’s let this catch on and ripple as we mentioned earlier.

[00:42:29] Juliette Karaman: Completely.

[00:42:30] Juliette Karaman: I love this. Tell me, where can people find you? What is your buzz? I know, I know your buzz, but I want to just have our listeners feel a little bit, give some links, let them know how to come into your

[00:42:46] Kirsten Stuart: world a bit more. Thank you. So I can be found on Instagram at underscore Kristen Stuart, K R I S T E N S T U A R T.

[00:42:55] Kirsten Stuart: My website is under upgrading process right now. [00:43:00] And so the most, the quickest and easiest ways to connect with me are through Instagram or Facebook. And I will share, I had I had this, I have the Sacred Femme brand frequency with me and I’ve been merging essentially as I see this as a movement of awakening women into their embodied divinity, awakening women into their sacred leadership.

[00:43:22] Kirsten Stuart: And so I’ve, I love to simplify. So I’ve moving everything into one Kristen Stuart platform. I do want to express that here as this is the, this is what’s going on right now. Instagram, Facebook, I’ve got some really fun and beautiful ways to connect and be inside my world. Travel with me to sacred lands.

[00:43:44] Kirsten Stuart: I’ve got upcoming global retreats happening, which I’m very excited about. And bringing in the ancient wisdom teachings, Andean shamanism is one of the lineages I’m deeply connected to through the priestess path of the Nustia sharing [00:44:00] the teachings of Kundalini and Yoga Nidra meditation.

[00:44:03] Kirsten Stuart: And then the light work with Akashic records work, alchemy work, the sacred geometry, it’s more of the working in the unseen and weaving through the medicine that I share. I would be, I would love to welcome anyone who feels connected to this conversation to reach out and even say hello and share your aha or something that came up for you and go give the Scrumptious Woman podcast the greatest love, what you have created, Juliet, and has accelerated into the quantum realms.

[00:44:40] Kirsten Stuart: at such a beautiful light speed is such a testament to how powerful these conversations have and, that the world needs to have more of this. So I want to thank you for that and for the invitation to be here to have this conversation which, as we know, could go on for [00:45:00] hours upon hours. When we come together, it’s just it’s like walking into the temple together in sacred soul sister space and just picking up where we left off timelines and lifetimes ago.

[00:45:13] Juliette Karaman: Incredible, right? Thank you so much for being here.

[00:45:17] Juliette Karaman: Delightful.

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