Episode 58 Journey to Stillness: Exploring Intuitive Energetics with Dr. Niikee

On: Jan 26, 2024

Welcome to The Scrumptious Woman, I’m your host Juliette Karaman, and today we will be exploring metaphysics and consciousness. In this episode, we’re honoured to have Dr Niikee, an expert in intuitive energetics. Join us as we discuss unlocking inner wisdom and the transformative power of stillness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intuitive Energetics:
    Dr Niikee explores intuitive energetics and its impact on our experiences. Understanding how energy shapes perception.
  • Power of Stillness:
    Emphasising the importance of stillness and relaxation. Transformative effects on expanding consciousness.
  • Breaking Mental Constructs:
    Dr Niikee on stress, mental health, and the role of the nervous system. Challenging perceptions about mental health.
  • Tips for Inner Wisdom:
    Practical advice for tapping into inner wisdom.
    Shifting to heart-centered decision-making.
  • Metaphysical Insights:
    Delving into metaphysical concepts and interconnected consciousness.
    Perspectives on the evolution of collective consciousness.
  • Trust and Faith:
    Exploring trust and faith in self-discovery.
    Recognising life’s interconnectedness.
  • Addressing Mental Health:
    Acknowledging rising awareness, especially among the younger generation.
    Dr Niikee reflects on societal attitudes and open dialogue.

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Thanks to Dr Niikee for her insights into intuitive energetics and unlocking inner wisdom.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP58

Juliette Karaman: [00:00:00] Welcome again to The Scrumptious Woman. I have with me Dr. Niikee, who is an incredible woman, doctor, naturopath, healer, and helps other healers. reach an even higher state, right? I want you to actually explain it in your own words.

Dr Niikee: Hey Juliette, it’s so lovely to connect with you again. So I guess my work has been in evolution over, the past 30 years.

Dr Niikee: When I first started studying naturopathic medicine, I was drawn to the esoteric nature, proper holism, body, mind. Spirit and, through that time, I made it through the energetics and then ended up in the university. And, of course, doing research, you need to research tangible things.

Dr Niikee: [00:01:00] And so I ended up, stu doing studies on vitamins and minerals, studying nutritional biochemistry of all things Wow. With a fascination for the esoteric, that, did get me through medical school so to speak. And it’s I guess it’s come the full circle because my true heart has always lied in the mysteries.

. Yeah. And working in that way, it’s, really opened up to a co creation now, a creation of what the Ascended Master Guides that I’ve been working with for a number of years have been teaching me different ways to work. with energy. And, so the evolution now is me teaching others to do that.

Dr Niikee: And, to be able to support, it’s not only other healers, but those that are on the healing path as well. For those who have a desire to break those repeating patterns. In the past, I love saying last millennium because it sounds so long ago, but, we [00:02:00] were different people. There was so much density being held in the earth that, just doing energy healing was really moving a lot of surface energy.

Dr Niikee: just to start to get the flow to create this expansion. And now we’re in new times that everything is so much more expansive that we have the opportunity now to break the cycles of repeating patterns by being able to access the deeper layer programs, whether they’ve come through this timeline.

Dr Niikee: through our genetics, through the DNA coding through other timelines and things like that as well. And so we’re at this prime opportunity to really create the permanent change that we need as a collective to be able to move through and into the new earth, which is really

Juliette Karaman: exciting.

Juliette Karaman: I love this. Can we just backtrack a little bit? When did your love for the esoteric [00:03:00] and the planet and the earth and energy, when did that start? Was that like early on in childhood? Did it come later?

Dr Niikee: Yeah, when I remember back to my childhood, there was always things that Seemingly seem strange, outside of the box.

Dr Niikee: I’ve always had other layers of awareness and, even conversations and things with with other. Entities, for lack of a better word, other frequencies that are around, through my childhood was really just curbed that more or less to fit in as you do in those days when I could have ended up in a mental asylum that I have, really disclosed, the what was happening inside and out, and I guess that creates a lot of Shutting down of those sorts of awareness and [00:04:00] it’s not that, I have any special gifts.

Dr Niikee: It’s that we’re all able to do this. The only thing that is preventing us from being able to access higher frequency information is our limiting beliefs. The belief that it’s not possible, the doubts and the fears that we have, all of those things being stressed, even, with a constricted nervous system, we’re just not able to access, we’re not able to access the greater reality because that’s an expansive state and we can’t be expanding while our whole body and nervous system is being constricted.

Dr Niikee: When we’re doing the overdoing and all of that sort of thing, too.

Juliette Karaman: Completely, and that’s why I wanted to ask you about your childhood, because I have, four kids, and they’re in their 20s now, but I remember one of my children had what we called an imaginary friend, and he called him Seiko, and I’m like, okay.

Juliette Karaman: And for the longest time, I remember my, my, my ex husband now is just it’s just his imaginary friend, and I’m [00:05:00] like, no, he’s actually. really talking to someone. And I said, just don’t, let’s not dampen that. Let’s just let him have his thing, right? And it’s, but I see so many parents that, and where you also said you had to fit in.

Juliette Karaman: We probably have all had some kind of experience where we felt something, where we’ve had a deja vu, where we’ve thought of someone and the phone rings, where we’ve You know, the manifestation, all these things worked. And you’re like, whoa. And when you’re children, when you’re a child, this is open, right?

Juliette Karaman: It’s the pathway is so much clear. So it’s just recognizing it’s like, Hey, how about we let our children be children? What about we start looking at our own beliefs? And it’s Oh, is this possible? What else is possible? How about we let them be their sovereign little beings while still, stepping into the framework of what is known, right?

Dr Niikee: [00:06:00] Yeah, a hundred percent. And, it’s so limited what we do actually know. And, even when you get to higher level academia people who are very well learned recognize that the more we learn, the less we know. Because there is so much more than is written in textbooks and, written by even people before that and, the whole purpose of research in its purest form is to continue to add on to information, not repeating the same stuff, not, doing things that aren’t really adding to the body of literature in that way and awareness.

Dr Niikee: And, even now Having done, the full circle, and I’m working so much more deeply with energy and energetics. Again, now that it’s. really clear that the science can’t show us the level of [00:07:00] what’s happening within the ethers. The instruments aren’t sensitive enough to be able to detect what’s happening.

Dr Niikee: And, this is a whole nother conversation, but the scientific method itself is limited in that it can only. It can only describe a magic bullet for a population of people, and we’re all individuals, we’re all unique, and so there is not one treatment that’s going to be suiting everybody in that way, and that’s one of the reasons why holistic medicine is always having mixed results, it’s not the fact that the research, that the treatments may or may not work, it may or may not be the correct treatment for that person.

Dr Niikee: In that way, and so it’s, the scientific method is way too limited to, be able to even start to, describe what, what’s coming into awareness now of what is actually possible in the ethers.

Juliette Karaman: Completely. And I love where you’ve taken us a full circle again.

Juliette Karaman: It’s like [00:08:00] functional medicine and then holistic medicine and where, so if someone comes to you with, say, an ailment or something’s wrong in their body. What do you look at? How does how does it work?

Dr Niikee: Yeah pretty much now it’s we just go into a meditative state and relax and then I just allow the guides to show me.

Dr Niikee: What’s happening with the person and I’m more or less facilitate, I facilitate, whatever I’m seeing or hearing or feeling and, most interestingly, it comes through depending on how the person who’s receiving it best receives and so I know if people are more clairvoyant, the stuff I’ll receive is more visual because as I describe it visually, it’s going to mean more to them than if I’m channeling, You know, some knowledge and awareness, which works better for others in that sort of way, and I had a lot of [00:09:00] resistances at first as well, particularly having gone through all of that academic prelude and in the middle and, and then challenging my own sanity, to myself, some of the stuff that the guys are starting to show me, I’m just like, Whoa, am I just like really losing my mind now, over the years, but I’ve just really allowed myself to, to step out of the way and being able to witness the magic.

Juliette Karaman: So beautiful. And it’s, I love that you’re saying it’s you’re questioning your sanity. Because I think a lot of people of us that are on this path of awakening the new world, whatever you want to call it, times we’re just like, Oh, can we just go back to being Quote unquote normal, right?

Juliette Karaman: Back to the world how everything was, we just, get to a nine to five job, have our troubles, have our things, and then you just realize that you really can’t, right? Once you’ve been shown a little bit, it’s okay, this is actually now our job [00:10:00] to help others.

Dr Niikee: And once you can make it through a lot of the initial, turbulence, it’s, you don’t want to turn back anymore because it just gets better and better.

Dr Niikee: Of course, other things come up from time to time, but then it’s almost like a knowing that once you allow yourself to sit through the evolution of that, that it gets even lighter. And more fun and lighter and more fun and lighter and more fun, as you go along. It really makes it worth it.

Dr Niikee: That initial, possible uncomfortability from the recognition of what, a disharmony or a distortion might be in our energy, but then being able to bring that through to recognizing the gift of that is what actually creates long term value. Transformation as well. So it stops those repeating cycles when we allow ourselves to witness the evolution which is the reason we have these things.

Dr Niikee: Starting to move away from, the problems we have a [00:11:00] bad and we just want them to go away. It’s recognizing the light that they bring through their transformation and this is what breaks the cycle. This is what breaks those repeating cycles.

Juliette Karaman: Yeah, and really seeing where all of these are gifts or it’s oh, okay.

Juliette Karaman: You may be stuck in the same cycle again, but then you’ve gotten one little piece of information. It’s oh, I moved through it quicker this time, and then it’s changed slightly. It’s oh, I’m not stuck in the same way that I might have been stuck before. But I’m, and also for me, what it’s been, it’s just been like a sense of humor.

Juliette Karaman: I just get to laugh at my my, my patterns, my things that come up. I’m like, oh, hello, are you back again? Or can we move through it with a little bit more ease this time?

Dr Niikee: Yeah, a hundred percent. And this is the embodiment of the evolution, because if we were just to meet a Evolutionary aspect within our consciousness in one go and it was gone.

Dr Niikee: Would we even remember the [00:12:00] evolution? And so it’s as they cycle around, they do cycle around at another layer. And so we actually get to witness our evolution. In motion, so to speak. And so again, it’s really starting to move away from this concept of good and bad and being able to actually recognize the greater reality, which is that, life is happening for us and not to us, which I love that saying

Juliette Karaman: I do to, and I’m sure a lot of people at the moment are like, how can wars and how can what’s happening in the Middle East and in Yemen and in Congo and in all these other places where one human life is more important than another human life, how can that be for our evolution?

Dr Niikee: Yeah, it’s so fascinating, isn’t it?

Dr Niikee: And it’s it really, when I feel into things like that, it feels like it’s the breaking [00:13:00] of old cycles by the recognition of those that are in it, that do we keep playing this same game or is it time to start to create differently?

Juliette Karaman: And that’s it, right? You think is history repeating itself in a different area, in a different leaders, different everything.

Juliette Karaman: It was like, or are enough of us waking up and saying, hey, this is not the way. We can actually find a different way if we’re not so set in our fixed ways.

Dr Niikee: Yeah, a hundred percent. And, I guess I am really grateful that I’ve been aware of. This path, not very clearly for a very long time. And, for quite a lot of years now, it’s like it is done.

Dr Niikee: It is done. It is done. And now it’s just a matter of time because. Everybody’s free will and nothing’s predestined. And so it’s only a matter of time now that the energy shifts [00:14:00] enough. And because we are a collective and everything’s interconnected that the extension, or I prefer the term expansion, because it.

Dr Niikee: In energetically, it’s expansion. We’re not going up. We’re actually expanding. And in that expansion, we get to witness, we get to witness so much more.

Juliette Karaman: I love that. So tell us more about, instead of Ascension, because a lot of us use Ascension, you use expansion, which I really love because we go into the nothingness into.

Juliette Karaman: Further instead of higher, right? Because I think with the whole higher, it’s, there’s a lot of hierarchy. It’s oh, I’m in the 5D and I’m in the 12D and I’m in the this, and it’s is that really what we want to do? Do we want to have more schisms, more division there?

Dr Niikee: Yeah, a hundred percent.

Dr Niikee: And the reason that I Moved away from me using the term Ascension is because it does it really assumes [00:15:00] hierarchy, doesn’t it? It’s like I’m raising higher and higher while the others are lower and lower when, in reality, it is expanding because what actually happens is. Yeah, as our consciousness expands, as our energy expands, we actually are able to access more of the inner and everything.

Dr Niikee: Even this one might blow some people’s minds. It blew my mind the first time it came into my awareness as well. But yeah as we’re expanding, what happens is because everything already exists In every moment. And as we expand, we get to see what’s already here in on the inside of that. So as energy expands, we witness deeper and deeper inside.

Dr Niikee: , which is the other dimensional realities, which are the inside. So it’s the evolution. Whereas when we are sitting in physicality, we’re the furthest away from source. Yeah, [00:16:00] and as we expand, we’re actually start to move inward and inward back towards source, which is. Which is the center, which is the center of everything that, split its energy to the furthest realms to experience everything and then is moving back towards, so it’s moving back towards itself in the center.

Dr Niikee: And, the beauty of expansion is that the recognition and everything is already here. It’s already here, ready for us. And then as our awareness expands, we get to understand more of the intricacies. And it’s like fractals. Have you ever seen fractals? That’s actually what’s happening. It’s the everything that’s inside of the inside of the inside is.

Juliette Karaman: Explain to our listeners what fractals are. Because I’m getting there, but my head is still like getting itself around.

Dr Niikee: It’s probably, I would recommend Google. If you [00:17:00] Google fractals, you’ll see pictures of it. But in essence, what it is that the main picture that you’re seeing on the outside contains.

Dr Niikee: Pictures within that contain the whole picture almost like holograms and as it spins it’s like the whole picture is inside the picture is inside the picture is inside the picture

Juliette Karaman: so to speak. A little bit much sometimes for the human mind to actually understand but there will be part of. Your body, your soul, your inner being that really trusts this and that it lands and you’re like, Oh, yeah.

Juliette Karaman: And for some people, this is not available to them yet. They’ll be hearing this and they’re like, This is so far out. I just don’t get it. And which is fine too, right? How do you speak to that? Some people, yes, this will land and they’ll be like, Oh, I’m interested. I want to learn more. This is really like my soul’s calling.

Juliette Karaman: Or others are just like.

Dr Niikee: Yeah, and you know everything’s frequency and [00:18:00] timing as well like you’ll find if you’re interested in this stuff you spend a lot more time in contemplation and it’s in that contemplation that you receive more revelation and realization around other parts and you stay open to information and that’s something that the guides are always speaking to as well is that when we hear information we may not understand yet to stay open and oh that’s interesting because that keeps the field open so that when we’re open to receive and we stay open to receive more information then when all of the pieces of the puzzle are there then we expand a little more.

Dr Niikee: And we expand and that sort of continues the expansion. But if we, if we receive information that we don’t understand and go, Oh, no, that can’t be right. It creates a constriction and a closing. And so then that limits the capacity, to be able [00:19:00] to gather more information more rapidly as well.

Dr Niikee: But the fascinating thing, and the thing that I love is because we’re a collective frequency, those of us who can now, or who want to, we choose to, is probably more because we all can, that’s another really important thing. Those of us who choose to spend our time in these realms, that it is.

Dr Niikee: Expanding our collective consciousness, because we are collective, and expansion is also higher frequency wavelengths, so the more we expand, the higher our frequency, but I only use the term higher because when we think about Frequencies. It’s the frequency of wavelengths past the dot point just to get into the science of it, but that is actually a higher number of free because there’s more wavelengths.

Dr Niikee: Yeah, it’s faster. That’s it faster. So a faster frequency. And because we are [00:20:00] collective, this interconnectedness is expanding everything. It’s expanding everything everywhere. And, even when you think, Okay. 10 years ago, it was like, if you meditated, you’re a little bit weird.

Dr Niikee: And now it’s if you don’t meditate, you’re a little bit weird, and it’s only been 10 years. And

Juliette Karaman: I was wondering, is that just me because I’m into this or? But then I actually look at my kids and they’re like yeah, they’re into consciousness and they’re into, they’re not into meditation much, the girls, the twins, it was really rubbed off on me and they now really are very conscious of getting their point across.

Juliette Karaman: in a very positive way and no negativity and no, no harming the other person, but really just like saying, Hey, this is my point of view and completely you can disagree with it, et cetera. So I’m just like, I look at that. I’m like, wow, you’re 22. Are you already doing this? And then one of them [00:21:00] is Oh mommy, what was it?

Juliette Karaman: She wanted, she’s an artist or she wanted to make this project. And of course the whole Palestine thing had has her coming up with more ideas. She’s oh mommy, I got all these ideas because, somehow she channels and she doesn’t know yet. Yeah. And also in times of grief, because when her boyfriend passed away, she Made these incredible big big paintings and now she’s channeling stuff and had to do some kind of cloth.

Juliette Karaman: Not even 10 hours later, I sent her a message saying, Hey, I’ve come across this, would you like that? She’s Mommy, that’s exactly what I mean. That’s exactly what I was going to do. How do you know that? I’m like, this is it, darling. This is manifestation. This is how

Dr Niikee: it works.

Juliette Karaman: Interconnectedness, right?

Juliette Karaman: But it’s just interesting where they’re starting to see stuff. It’s like. How did you know? How did you call me? We went to London this [00:22:00] weekend and saw them on Saturday, on Sunday, and on Saturday we’d seen some other friends. So Alex and I are like, Oh, let’s go to a movie. And it’s and there are thousands of movie theatres in London, right?

Juliette Karaman: So it’s just texting the girls and saying, Hey, see you tomorrow. We’re going to a movie theatre there. And they had just left that moment, the same movie theatre. So they’re just like, Okay, this is getting a bit weird, Mommy. I’m like, yeah, it’s not. But it’s little things like this for people that don’t understand it.

Juliette Karaman: This is where it’s starting to show up, where you all of a sudden start seeing all the synchronicities in life. Like all of a sudden like two weeks ago, I said, Oh, I want to receive more flowers. Within two weeks, I’ve received four bouquets, they’ve just, showed up on my doorstep. I’m like, Oh, thank you very much.

Dr Niikee: 100 percent and it’s back to that presence, isn’t it? That presence and that stillness and the, aligned action, all of these things that [00:23:00] when we have it in our awareness, they’re happening all the time. Yeah. And when you’re attuned to notice, that’s when you start to see what’s actually happening.

Dr Niikee: But, when we spend too much time in our head worrying about dramas and worrying about, the next door neighbours or worrying about, stuff that, you know, worrying about watching television too much. Just dulling all that out, like life gets passed, life passes by. And, we can miss so much when we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to be in the moment, to reflect on what’s happening in our environment.

Dr Niikee: And then when you start to see that it starts the snowball effect, because then as you see, the more you witness, the more you believe, the more you get to see. It’s like that, it’s that circle of becoming.

Juliette Karaman: Completely. So I love also where you’re saying is we’re so busy, and being busy is, I know you also talk about the nervous system a lot, but it is one of our ways to keep, it’s [00:24:00] a nervous system dysregulation, right?

Juliette Karaman: So we just, keep going. So that we can’t feel that we, that we, because it’s uncomfortable to feel a lot of things. What would you say to people that are like, yeah, but I’ve got, I’ve got I’ve got to support my four children. I’ve got to support this, that, how do I come off the hamster wheel?

Dr Niikee: Great question. It’s, When you look at the human psyche it, the research speaks a lot to perception that creates stress, not situations. And so it’s really about, yeah, the way that we see things and interpret them is what creates the stress. If you believe you have to continue to do what you do to support your children, then Does it need to be stressful if that’s what you’re doing and you’re lucky that you can support your children in this way?

Dr Niikee: So it’s really just changing the narrative or the awareness [00:25:00] around the narrative that really changes everything. And once the nervous system can then relax. You end up perceiving so many other ways to do things as well, other opportunities everything just changes when we can operate from spaciousness, from the awareness that we’re not trapped.

Dr Niikee: Again it’s perception. It’s perception and old patterns and programs, a lot of limitations came through our ancestors because that’s how it was for them. Yeah, that’s how it was for them last millennium. It was like, don’t talk about anything, shove more stuff down in your system so that your nervous system will never recover, but we’ll just pretend everything’s good, and this is where like our generation, this is where we’re so stuck because we were still born in the density of last millennium, whereas now it’s changed.

Dr Niikee: Like this millennium, everything’s already changed and lighter so that the children coming through since the year [00:26:00] 2000 are already why it differently already? Why differently? Because they were already born into a different pattern of frequency that was, surrounding our Earth.

Dr Niikee: The hard work is with us because we were born into all of these old programs and born under the energy of that matrix as well.

Juliette Karaman: So cool, right? Yeah. And I love how you keep bringing it back. It’s perception, right? And this is it. We have been born into this limitation, but also, where has society played a role?

Juliette Karaman: Where have your parents, where has all of this played a role? And once you start becoming aware, then that is the question, right? That’s okay, so what other awareness can I bring? Like for me, it was like, oh, do I actually need to stay stuck in? doing something that I don’t enjoy. And it’s and then it’s opportunities come my way all of a sudden.

Juliette Karaman: It’s Oh, thank you. That’s fun. Yes, I’ll do that. And then it’s Oh, actually by [00:27:00] saying no to one opportunity, which, would have made me an X amount of money, two or three things came in, which gives me exactly the same amount of money, but it’s actually trusting that and staying. It’s cause that’s the whole thing.

Juliette Karaman: Sometimes it’s Yeah, but now would be good, thank you, or last month would have been really good, instead of just actually staying open and it’s Oh, what happens now? And then you just notice that things just start coming through.

Dr Niikee: 100%. I love that. How you brought the trust and the faith.

Dr Niikee: And we’ve been trained to overthink everything, which is only using a small part of our mind. When we can move the energy from the thinking mind and into the heart, breathe through the heart space and feel what you know, not think what you know, because the thinking mind, interestingly, is limited in the way that it can only make more scenarios.

Dr Niikee: We can’t make decisions through analytical thought. All [00:28:00] the brain, the mind can do is to give us more scenarios. And we actually do need to use our felt sense to make decisions. The mind can’t make decisions. If you’re having trouble making decisions, it means you’re overanalyzing. We actually need to breathe into our trust center and make the decision.

Dr Niikee: And with that awareness, that’s like when you do have. When you do have inquiries or you are wondering what route to take or, all of these things, it’s just pause and breathe. Breathe through your beautiful heart space, come to that felt sense and know that, know that and that on the inner, your inner wisdom is wiser than you

Juliette Karaman: So on that note. Could you teach people how to tap into that inner wisdom? What’s a yes and no? I do it somatically. I’m sure you can give us a little like little thing that people can take away. It’s what is your yes? What’s your no? How do you teach people to really start becoming aware of that inner wisdom?[00:29:00]

Dr Niikee: Yeah, because the information is always there. It’s about us aligning to the frequency and the first ones making space. Is so having some time for relaxation, prioritizing that so you can relax and when your body is relaxed, your energy expands and when you’re in that expansive state, you can reach that stillness and it’s only within the answers are within the stillness.

Dr Niikee: When we’ve got chaos going on all around, it’s like there’s no space. There’s no space to receive subtle information when we’re overloaded with things. Really allow yourself to relax. And I’m sure you’ve all had an experience where you’re, if you’re laying back on your floaty in the pool and, just loving the day, then all of a sudden inspiration lands.

Dr Niikee: It’s like it was probably there waiting for you to get relaxed enough for it to land. And, so in five minutes a day. I [00:30:00] recommend all my clients and students five minutes a day will change your life, just five minutes to unplug whatever that looks like to you, what you’re going to enjoy, but just really allowing that opportunity to be.

Dr Niikee: To simply be

Juliette Karaman: beautiful, and that means no distractions, no phone, no this, no that. Because a lot of us like guided meditations and this is all good, but you’re still being guided by something outside of yourself, right? And I noticed a difference last night. I decided to leave my phone downstairs and I used to do this.

Juliette Karaman: for years and then I got out of the habit of it and I slept so well. I put on an eye mask and I like quarter to eleven I was out quarter to seven like really late. I woke up this morning, I’m like wow. That’s, that’s definitely some good sleep that I haven’t been getting because my phone’s been next to me.

Juliette Karaman: And just the urge to go on to it. It’s [00:31:00] oh, I can’t sleep. So let me quickly email this or let me listen to a meditation. But here it was just like, no, this is just me. And this morning I was like, okay, I’m ready to go. Let’s do.

Dr Niikee: Yeah, beautiful. And the phones are always receiving frequency, like that’s messing with sleep patterns as well.

Dr Niikee: Completely. In that way, even if you like put it on flight mode or something, so the phone’s not receiving frequency. All night too and and I think guided meditations can be really good at first for people just to help to practice stilling the mind. It really is. It’s a practice. I had so many people have said to me in the past.

Dr Niikee: So I can’t meditate. My mind’s too busy and it’s that’s why it takes practice. It took me a long time to be able to be able to even sit still, let alone, still my mind, back in my earlier days. I can

Juliette Karaman: do it for ages either. So for me, what really helped in the beginning was walking meditations.

Juliette Karaman: It’s [00:32:00] just like just, set my timer for 20 minutes or, watching your watch and just have one question in my mind and just see if I can get the answer from it, from just observing where I’m walking what nature is providing for me. And that was really where I tapped into some deep wisdom.

Juliette Karaman: I was like okay, me, nature, walking. Those three things, breath. All of those really helped for me.

Dr Niikee: Yeah, it really is because it’s a receiving. It’s not something we can seek. And that’s one of the biggest contradictions in our modern world is we’re constantly seeking.

Dr Niikee: And it’s like seeking is a construct of doing, which is the thinking mind. Again, the felt sense is that open risk receiver. It’s an open container of receptivity, which we can only access through the stillness and nothingness. in that way. And so it’s really just allowing the practice to hold the pause.

Dr Niikee: That’s why meditation is so powerful because you can entrain yourself to be able to stop the crazies of the [00:33:00] mind. Again, it’s no one’s fault. We’re all programmed like that. We all had crazy minds once upon a time, until we made the conscious choice to practice differently. And, as you breathe and allow more space, and then within the space, you’ll start to notice stuff dropping in.

Dr Niikee: It’s really beautiful to, to know that we’re all capable of doing that as well, but it just takes practice. It’s not very many people can jump on a bike and ride a bike for the first time either, so it’s just like everything else, like practice.

Juliette Karaman: Completely, and it’s contrary to what we’ve been taught.

Juliette Karaman: It’s like we’ve been taught to do more, to pick more pressure and then, people get to burn out. It’s Oh, and then you’re forced to actually take it easier.

Dr Niikee: Yeah. Yeah. Totally. Totally. Isn’t it? And I see, I saw that quite a lot. I used to work more with physical conditions when I was doing naturopathic medicine and working in the medical school and things like that.

Dr Niikee: And it was like, that’s the reality. Like the body just [00:34:00] makes people stop them.

Juliette Karaman: I remember spending nine months in and out of hospital when, it’s like, Oh, okay. I’m good. Body is making me listen. All right. It’s you’re not going to listen. Bang. Smack on the head. You’re going to listen now. And it’s and that’s why I think we’ve seen so much disease lately.

Juliette Karaman: And then it’s just, it’s Hey. Listen to your body. Come back

Dr Niikee: to it. Especially mental health, isn’t it? I remember when I was first working in the medical school, it was, I was putting together a presentation and the top ten leading causes of death, mental health wasn’t there. And then I did a rewrite half a dozen years later and look at redoing the stats on this particular presentation and mental health was number three.

Dr Niikee: It’s like it came out of nowhere in such a short amount of

Juliette Karaman: time. Yeah, and I see it’s really rife and a lot of my clients are a little bit further on in life. And then I’ve got a lot of [00:35:00] youngsters tweens, I call them, late teenagers and early twenties. And they are just like, like what you were saying around the 2000, 1998 to, yeah, to 2005 or so.

Juliette Karaman: That’s it. Those are really the people that love working with me and all of a sudden are so aware of mental health and how it is affecting them. And they’re also speaking out about it. And I love that this age group and that these gen, I think they’re Gen Zs, aren’t they? Or Gen X? I don’t know. I always get

Dr Niikee: them confused.

Juliette Karaman: But they are really calling forth. This, it’s Hey, let’s actually talk about mental health. It’s not taboo

Dr Niikee: anymore. Yeah. Yeah. A hundred percent. And, one of the most fascinating things when I was doing studies on the nervous system and I wrote a big review paper a few years ago.[00:36:00]

Dr Niikee: When you look, the nervous system controls all of the other body systems. And when you look at the effects on the mind, stress creates mental health. And, in my experience, I believe it like, wrote in my, in some writing just quite recently that about, I believe about 50 percent of mental health is a stress disorder.

Dr Niikee: It’s not even the brain, it’s the nervous system. And I reckon it’s probably like 80%. I was being generous saying 50 percent because when you really look at the effects, even on, on the frontal cortex and the whole body physiology, it’s like stress is what’s happening to everybody. Most people, I believe.

Dr Niikee: Yeah. Completely. Yeah. Having problems with their mental health.

Juliette Karaman: Wow. This has been a beautiful talk, Niikee. Tell me where can people find you? How can they get in touch with you? What’s

Dr Niikee: happening? Ah yeah, on my website, so www dot [00:37:00] Dr. Niikee spelled the way that I spell it, so n double IKEE, with a DR in the front.

Dr Niikee: dot com. On the socials, you can look me up there as well. Dr Niikee, if you google me, you can find all research papers and all of that sort of thing. But yeah, I think my website pretty much, has everything on there. My school, I have a school. I’m the principal for the School of Metaphysical Practice, where I do teach about energetics, the science of energetics, intuition.

Dr Niikee: The new modality that I’ve been in co creation, with my guides as well, intuitive energetics. So working on that as well, which is really

Juliette Karaman: exciting. And you have a ton of information. I know you have a really beautiful ebook on there. So people just go on your website and then have a look.

Juliette Karaman: Yeah.

Dr Niikee: Yeah. Sounds great.

Juliette Karaman: Thank you, my love. It’s been wonderful. Wonderful having you.

Dr Niikee: Yes. Always great to see you too. Much love. You too.

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