Episode 57 Guided Epigenetic Release, Self-Love, and Wellness in Alternative Lifestyles with Sharon Marie Scott

On: Jan 23, 2024

In this conversation, Juliette sits down with Sharon Marie Scott to discuss the power of guided epigenetic release and its ability to release trauma at the cellular level. They emphasise the importance of self-love and celebrating one’s desires, especially in alternative lifestyles such as kink and polyamory.

They also explore the concept of creating choice and finding wellness by listening to the body’s yes and no responses. Sharon shares her work in the Woo Underground, a private membership community that intersects spirituality with alternative lifestyles. The conversation highlights the transformative journey of healing and self-discovery.


Key Takeaways:

  • Guided epigenetic release can release trauma at the cellular level, freeing individuals from the past and allowing them to create their present and future.
  • Self-love and celebrating one’s desires are essential for personal growth and transformation.
  • Creating choice and finding wellness involves listening to the body’s yes and no responses, allowing individuals to make empowered decisions.
  • Be a ‘yes’ until you’re a ‘no’.
  • Alternative lifestyles, such as kink and polyamory, provide opportunities for self-exploration and growth.
  • Trusting the body’s intuitive responses can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and a more fulfilling life.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP57

Fri, Jan 19, 2024 5:53PM • 32:24


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Juliette Karaman, Sharon Marie Scott

Juliette Karaman  00:00

Welcome to another episode of The scrumptious woman. Now I have with me Sharon, Sharon Mary Scott. And she’s a queer kinky relationship rebel a matar multidimensional healer. And I actually kind of caught myself that are you a shoe? Are you they them? Or are you both?

Sharon Marie Scott  00:23

I’m definitely she her. Thank you for asking.

Juliette Karaman  00:25

Perfection. I’m just realising like, oh, I went straight into that.

Sharon Marie Scott  00:30

I love that you asked me.

Juliette Karaman  00:33

Right. And sometimes we just forget, it’s like, Whoa, I screw up like that all the time. Right. But I love your healing modality guided epigenetic release. It’s a potent, traumatically guided combination. I’m gonna ask you a lot about this. of somatic healing, inner child work, nervous system regulation, bioenergetic, healing, ancestral and past life integration, that releases trauma at the cellular level. So a person past is no longer dictating their present, or their future. And don’t we want all of that because we’re always like, either in the past or future predict, projecting. You host private subscription community, the Whoo, underground. I mean, what is that for a for a title? Incredible. That intersects spirituality with alternative lifestyles, sex, positive, LGBT, LGBTQ, kink, BDSM, polyamory open, relating, with a focus on how to transfer, transform, personal into guilt free pleasure. I love that. So basically, in a nutshell, very similar to what I do, but a very different thing. It’s perfect. In many ways, right?

Sharon Marie Scott  01:58

That’s what I think is so beautiful, is just every path, every path that we, you know, every interaction, every relationship, every moment, you know, is an opportunity for healing. I love that we have two different ways to show people that.

Juliette Karaman  02:15

And there are so many, right and I’m sure that you have twisted and turned and pivoted and pivoted again and new tools came on board, and then you made something your own. And this is the beauty of this work. We received so much. And I know that you’ve done a lot of things as well. I’ve gone to a lot of courses and taken on a lot of things and made them your own. And this is the beauty right? We take on what really resonates with us, we make it our own. And then the rest we just discard and that might not be for us that might be for other people.

Sharon Marie Scott  02:53

I agree. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s, I think what’s so beautiful about the journey I’ve been on is to see how clearly because I came from non spiritual roots, you know, I was a writer and creator of comic books and video games and filming books. That’s what I did before. So, you know, to come from there. And then I finally I ended up taking like a sabbatical to finally tackle my own trauma from my childhood, which included sexual abuse and incest and emotional abuse and neglect. And it was in that process of turning inward and healing myself. And finally, like discarding, like the shame that I carried around my desires in relationship, my desires in the bedroom, you know, the kinky my kinky proclivities and my fetish sexuality that, that the though the awakening happened once I when I finally, I basically loved myself into expansion. And then all of these gifts came online, they of course, the gifts were always there, but I just wasn’t aware of them. And now I’m getting to unlock new ones, you know, every few months, really, it feels like Isn’t

Juliette Karaman  04:01

it incredible? I mean, there’s so many pieces there. So first of all, from a cartoonist and writing books to really working on yourselves right on yourself. So at one point, you realise, like, hey, there’s something holding me back. And then what did you say expansion into self love?

Sharon Marie Scott  04:25

That’s really what I find the journey is about, you know, with my clientele, for example, you know, it’s really about how much permission can I give them to be okay, with the things that they’re desiring for their lives and for the love and for relationships? And, and when they finally do that for themselves, you know, the world shifts, and it’s a it’s a challenge to describe, you know, the result of the client work that I do, because what will happen? I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of definition of trauma that you use. But my definition I think that is so that everyone can relate Who is Gabor Ma Tei is definition from the wisdom of trauma. And he basically says that trauma is responding to a present moment as if it were the past. Anyone you’ve defined trauma like that, you really realise how prolific that every person on the planet has experienced that kind of moment. And so, the work in turning back to the self, and really starting to be kinder to the way that we speak to ourselves, you know, no longer perpetuating the voices of others, that were telling us all the things we shouldn’t be doing all the things we feel ashamed about, know that really turning back and learning how to really love the self and celebrate ourselves for our desires instead of even just, you know, tolerating them, but celebrating them and celebrate them as a piece of who we are, you know, that is a transformative moment of surrender, and expansion follows. And it’s just, it’s almost like a science really, isn’t

Juliette Karaman  05:54

it? Incredible, right. I mean, I’ve I’ve interviewed quite a few people by now. And we’re all saying the same thing, but in a very different way. But we’re basically it’s all about coming back to the self. And the more that I speak to people and and very different modalities, you know, a lot of them have been coaches or spiritual teachers. But there have also been some some completely different people. And they’re like, turning back to self turning back to self really trying to bring what’s on the inside out. And I love how we’ve all gotten to this point, but through very different ways. And I would love to hear what your guided epigenetic release is, that’s one of your channelled or one of your programmes that you created, right?

Sharon Marie Scott  06:51

Yeah, it was, it was, it was me, really starting to unlock the spiritual gifts, along with some training that I had, along with just my life experience as a storyteller, because believe it or not, my storytelling is a huge component of this healing modality, because it is a shamanic Lee guided experience. And that is really all about storytelling. And it is collaborative. So. So we’re, we, I think that generally, I think a lot of people have heard of the book, The Body Keeps the Score, and it’s Bessel Vander Kolk, goes into the way that the body stores memories. And really, it should be said, the body mind, because it’s really can’t be separated from the mind. But so how the body mind stores memories, and, you know, what I’ve discovered in my modality and in the client work is that, you know, we’re holding on to these slower, or discordant frequencies that are associated with those traumas are really what we might just call emotionally overwhelming experiences, you know, especially as children, and we don’t have, we don’t have adults necessarily, that are able to guide us, you know, emotionally, in the ways that we would have needed. And so the body holds on to these discordant frequencies. And what I do is, I’m able to help you identify where that frequency is being held in the body, and then loosen it up and ultimately release it all together, so that you are literally no longer carrying that frequency and your, your entire energetic body is now vibrating at a higher frequency. And that can that is the lift, that’s what I’m talking about the world shifting around you. It’s literally that as you as you are now vibrating at a higher frequency, you now are magnetising, higher frequency people higher frequency events around you. And, and we know that the genes, you know that, that the way that we express is the way that the genes can turn on and off. And that’s the epigenetic part. So as as we release these frequencies from the cellular memory from like the cellular water, it turns on and off these pieces of the the way that this DNA expresses, and again, like the result of a series of healings is that you have to notice afterward, you just won’t respond to life in the with with the fear programming and the trauma programming that you’re carrying anymore. And you have to notice afterward it’s like, oh, well, for me, it was a personal experience, like a simple one, where I was walking to my car from an outdoor mall, and I drove home and I arrived home and realised I hadn’t even looked over my shoulder to make sure that I was no one was following me to my car because I grew up in a very dangerous neighbourhood. And I just realised when I got home, how much freer I felt, I didn’t feel like I had done something wrong or like, I should have been more cautious. I actually felt safer and more confident and like, I didn’t need to do that. So the fear never came up. And so the mind will sometimes still engage occasionally. But then when it tries to reach back to the actual frequency, it’s not there anymore. And so you you literally just in some ways you have don’t even have those thoughts anymore. They’re not even accessible to you anymore. You know? There are some extreme circumstances where other echoes of other past moments will still come up. But in the, in the work that we do, you will learn how to hold space for yourself. So I never want a client to be dependent on me, you know, for the rest of their lives. It’s all about teaching them how to hold space for themselves and see them selves through this work through the embodied experience of the healing completely, because that I mean,

Juliette Karaman  10:28

healing as a word sometimes gets overused a lot I feel in this. Yeah, personal development. And it’s just like, it just feels like there are cross wires. And all we’re doing is like, wiring them back together. And like creating those neural pathways so that untangling that, that yarn that that bowl of wool that’s just gotten tangled, we’re just untangling it, so that you don’t get stuck in that fear. And I love that example that you said about yourself where you might have not even noticed it, because it was subtle, but very, very massive. Right I am I’m also hypnotherapist and I’ve just kind of like, retrain or read it or my modalities into something that that works like you do. And then really moving energy moving, cutting the cords and everything. And working with someone one time and where they’re terrified of getting on planes. And then between that hypnotherapy and my art form method and doing some other more energetics on them. I just like I got on a plane, I didn’t even think about the fears, right? Go out and go to their airport. Still, I still had a bit of apprehensions like, Oh, how’s that gonna work. But on a scale of one to 10, where there used to be like a 10. There were maybe a two there like, it was just like, Yeah, I was a bit apprehensive, then I completely forgot about it. I fell asleep on the plane. I watched the movie and I was like, This is what I get with people when they’ve worked with me for a while. They’re like, I never had that. I show them my note back and they’re like, well, oh,

Sharon Marie Scott  12:16

you remind me I love to talk about like what it means to be healed. Because, you know, obviously, and I love and I’m still looking for new phrasing, because like even using the word healing, you know, in terms of the law of attraction, you know, there’s an implication that there’s something to be healed from. And it might be more like, you know, allowing wellness, you know, that’s like an Abraham Hicks and allowing wellness instead of saying healing. But what it means to be healed for me is not that you never have these thoughts anymore, or that an insecurity never bubbles up. It’s that you, you have all of the tools to see yourself and hold yourself lovingly through the moment. And you can become a compassionate observer and the voice that is saying that thing, is it a distance from you. So you’re able to sort of see it from a distance and say, Okay, well, I can jump in the hamster wheel of that thought or that the echo of that trauma if I want. And occasionally, even I do like, unlike that sounds, tidiness feels good, I’m gonna jump into that anger will today because for whatever reason, that feels good, but for the most part, I get to not choose and say, you know, or I can just let that outside, I get that that’s a programme running inside of me. And I have empathy for myself and for the person who experienced that thing that created that hamster wheel. But I’m going to choose not to jump in it today, I’m going to choose to transcend that entire set of programming and say, Who do I want to be in this moment? What choice do I want to make for myself, and then move from that place?

Juliette Karaman  13:39

It’s so beautiful. It’s all about creating choice, right? And what I love what you again, reiterate it, you know, we’re giving the tools to people so that they can use these tools in themselves. They’re not bound to keep coming back to you to me to other people that help them. But really, it’s like, take these tools on board, use them. Really take what you love. Use that again, make it your own out a bit of this out. It’s like creating this beautiful recipe of what works for you. And exactly like you said, it’s healing may not be the right word, but really about finding wellness finding our way through so that we can choose to not get triggered, we can choose to clear that interference to our highest power, our highest self, and then it’s just like, oh, okay, I can choose to like yeah, today I feel feel like crap. And I actually want the whole world to commiserate with me. So I’m gonna just just feel sorry for myself a bit. And then you recognise how quickly you can change your state. It’s all about state change, isn’t it?

Sharon Marie Scott  14:51

It is and it’s about like you said, being in choice and in choices such a, you know, choice reminds me of consent and consent. such a big topic in the alternative lifestyle communities that I am a proud steward of. And, you know, you know, again, in this place of like, there’s such a place of shame, you know, around bedroom play around multiple having multiple relationships or not monogamous relationships and or are kinky play? And, you know, again, how much can we say yes to ourselves? How much can we hope? How much can we let go of the voices of shame that tells us that what our relationships should look like? Or what our what our, you know, if I desire, a type of, you know, taboo play in the bedroom? Like, why is it that, that someone else needs to have an opinion about that, like, it’s this, it’s this deep turning back to the self, with all of the self love that you want to give everyone else? You know, it’s like, I find, I think I think I’m changing topics a little bit. But like, I find myself, I see the pattern of people looking for things outside of themselves, that they’re really looking for from within, you know, they’re looking for wholeness, that doesn’t come from outside of the self, they’re looking for healing, that doesn’t come out from outside of itself. It’s how much are we allowing it all of it ends up turning back toward the self. That’s where all of the all of the transformation is.

Juliette Karaman  16:27

Yeah. And I love where you touch upon that you are Stuart and you. It’s called the whoo underground, is that your group that you run, but really like kink to? Boo? Things that turns us on? Why do people need to have an opinion about it? And why should we care? First of all, right, that’s another one. But we do because we’re afraid to be visible to be out there and to be shamed for it. And what are all the things that we’ve heard from our parents or education is

Sharon Marie Scott  17:06

our religion running? Heads? Yeah, and there’s, and there is a damaging dichotomy that happens between the train and the programming that were that were raised with that are relationships and REG, and play, etc, need to look like this or even our identity as queer or not queer, you know, it’s supposed to look like this. And if you don’t look like this, then you’re sort of banished from the tribe and, and so we grow up with a strong programming that becomes really hard to confront, you know, as an adult, because we’re so trained to be fearful of that disconnection to community. And so I’m so the blue underground is trying to do the opposite. It’s trying its offering and inviting people into community, where, you know, it’s not like we it’s not that we talk about alternative lifestyle stuff every day. But it’s like just offering a space that have basics, you know, so that people that are kinky, or queer or polyamorous have a space where they can just be themselves and get the same kind of support and community that someone else who isn’t a part of those communities would. So it’s really more of just like a baseline to that offer. But in the so I do have a free Facebook group that will underground where we sort of just have the online chats, and it’s fun. But then I have the private membership, which is it’s also called the Blue underground, and that is hosted on a platform called circle. And there, I have courses there, I post monthly content that includes education, journal prompts, stretch exercises, so you can practice things and like really start to play and understand your nervous system. And then each topic also has a guided meditation activation, or like shamanic journey to go on. So we have topics like consciousness, the shadow self, how the body stores memories, the power of pleasure and play, I just dropped the law of attraction for November and then it’s going to be followed up in December by sex magic. So it’s, it’s there, there are these spiritual principles that you get to now you get to embody your lifestyle, one or all of those lifestyles, but with this spiritual foundation that doesn’t tell you, you need to feel ashamed for it. And in fact, let me show you how to celebrate yourself

Juliette Karaman  19:17

within those spaces. I love that and it’s it’s just so important, right to be curious to start opening yourself up. I mean, I’ve I started this when I started with with a lot of couples that didn’t have sex for ages anymore for like, 20 years. And they came to me he’s like, I just think I’m gonna have a divorce. I’m like, what for? It’s like, what our sex life is impossible. I’m like, well, that you can learn you can learn how to come together again, or how to maybe experience other things, you know, are you open to that? And it’s like, but that’s why it’s like okay, so let’s start taking all Love this apart. And it’s beautiful way where? Yeah, because Because I remember at one point, you know, I was polyamorous at one point but when when I first married I thought that was this is it for life, right? And these were the things that I the values that I was brought up with how I saw myself. And then this whole world started opening at 1.0. Like, oh, and it’s so easy to notice where you can shut that down and it’s just like, oh, that’s wrong, or that’s crazy? Or why would they want to do this? And for me, every time that I’ve noticed myself, say something, think something. Just notice, like even a contraction in my body. I’m like, How can I be curious? What is that? Let’s let’s dive into that a little bit. Right? So I have like this fear of jumping out of out of planes of, of height. So I jump out of a plane just to like, go through it. So for me, that was the whole thing. It’s like, how can we actually just be curious about this? How can I learn about this? How can I get to ISIS?

Sharon Marie Scott  21:06

I love how your drift were drifting through the different alternative lifestyles and getting to touch on them because they’re also they’re also part of my personal identity. And, you know, I’m in the middle of writing a book proposal. And it’s called more Agha me. And I mean, who knows what the title will change but more or less spiritual? Yeah, spiritual Mavericks guide to something more than monogamy and it’s about confronting the conditioning, the conditioning of the one true love fairy tale of the happily ever after forever part that relationships can’t change that you have to end mesh and really lose your identity and relationship. And, and you’re right, like, there’s a different it’s I also teach like, there’s a yes and a no from your body, you can you can ask your body a question and get a yes or no answer. But then there’s then there’s the answer of fear. And fear is not a yes or no. It’s more like a not yet. Or a not until or yes, if these circumstances play out in a certain way. So learning how to read the bodies, yes and no, versus the fear, like you talked about and when you’re just fear, I love your solution, like when there’s fear, then move to curiosity and then see what happens then let’s see what happens in your body now is your body I guess, or no. So these are again, these are just, you know, all of these, it’s there’s so there’s such powerful principles, the law of attraction, the way the body can speak to you, you know, consciousness itself, understanding the shadow, self, these are all such powerful fit spiritual foundations. And then, you know, again, being an alternative lifestyles, we are naturally in shadow, right? It’s naturally a thing that is judged by society. So it’s in some ways, we are on Fast Tracks, those of us in alternative lifestyles are kind of on spiritual Fast Tracks, because we’re being constantly confronted with the internal programming and the shaming and we get we have we get more opportunities to learn how to be in relationship and how to expand ourselves and see ourselves reflected in the other. Yeah, I can go on and on about how much I think being in relationship is to be on a spiritual journey of knowing more deeply.

Juliette Karaman  23:17

I keep telling people, like some people have their ascension journey through poverty and money, things, you know, sexuality and everything that brings up everything, not just

Sharon Marie Scott  23:33

to like, keep I mean, yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, please, now have completely

Juliette Karaman  23:36

what I’d love to just point just just go dial back a little bit. It’s like, so most people that are listening to this know this, but for those that don’t know, how do we, how do you teach your yes and no is in your body? Is there? Is there something that you can easily teach listeners to do? Yeah,

Sharon Marie Scott  23:56

yeah, easy. It’s actually super, super simple. I have a little ego too, but it’s super simple. You You know, you can ask your body truths that you know to be true. And then you watch for what you tune into the body response. And then you ask your but your you say things aloud, that you know are are abject ly not true. And then you listen to the body again, to see how the body responds. And you do it over and over again until you have the until you have your own vernacular down. So like for me, a yes is a feeling of openness, and no contraction. Sometimes it’s even a feeling of kind of a warm, but a warm vibration that comes up like say, from the lower belly, like the second chakra and kind of spreads up over my body. So those are both yeses to my body. And then the know would be almost a feeling of nausea in my stomach, generally a sense of contract madness, you know, sort of, you know, so if I say my name is Sharon Marie Scott, I feel I just now felt like this little burst of vibration, but if I say you know, I love candy. I can actually Okay, so I just feel my body just now like kind of like, like I my body had a feeling. So, you know, yeah, if you’re tuned in enough and you’re really paying attention, because it does take a lot of mindful participation to notice like, a little bit of vibration. Where’s the vibration sitting? Is there a is there suddenly a lump in my throat? So it takes it takes some practice to, to learn how to do that. But once you do, you know, you’re off. Like it’s a super powerful piece of magic. Yeah.

Juliette Karaman  25:29

It’s so good, right? Because I remember when I first started doing this, and I was teaching people’s like, well feel your body and they’re like, What do you mean? I’m like, Okay, I’ve got a backtrack that. So I’m like, Okay, stand up, stand up, feet, shoulder apart, shoulder width apart. And I said, just go ahead and close your eyes and ask yourself Is my name and then insert your name. And you see the people sway forward or backwards or sides, like, great. Now ask yourself is my name, whatever, and I give them another name. And we’d see what the note was, are like, Wow, that’s so cool. I’m like, great. So no, you can actually feel what that feels like. Now start doing this, when you’re sitting down, start doing it, when you’re driving, just start playing around with all the different ways you can actually start to feel in your body when your body is giving you those energetic impulses. So which is really good, like if you’re on trying to not eat sugar, or say that even if you’re allergic to something you can ask your body is like, should I have this thing on the menu? And it will actually just tell you now, it’s super cool.

Sharon Marie Scott  26:44

I agree. I mean, I love watching a client’s face when they suddenly understand that, wow, this is actually magic, or it certainly feels that way. And I don’t, I don’t think it’s a sad thing, if you think the world is magic. So I think I like that as a baseline.

Juliette Karaman  26:59

Absolutely Don’t we all want a bit more magic.

Sharon Marie Scott  27:05

You know, another quick technique, by the way, just very quickly, is to put something in your hands in your open palms. And then to you kind of state stabilise yourself, like you talked about your legs shoulder width apart, and you let your body settle in for a moment. And you’ll find your body actually will move a little bit kind of, for me, it’s a little bit of a figure eight, it kind of configures itself, and then it will still. And then like, let’s say you put a piece of food or a supplement in your hand and you want to know whether you your body wants it. And then once you’ve done the calibration, your body will either lean forward, which is a yes. Or it will lean back, which is a now so that’s another interesting technique. Isn’t it

Juliette Karaman  27:43

cool? I’ve got like my little pendulum that I bought for a lot of things because sometimes you’re just like, oh, it’s because you’ll feel something in your body. You’re just like, Is this even mine? Or thoughts? Come here and I’m like, Oh, that’s not even mine. And then I just quickly test and whatever if there’s a penny, if I’m on a call a penny let was really quick because I can do it without getting up or without muscle testing. I’m like, Oh, great. That’s not mine. Okay, let’s clear it. Boom.

Sharon Marie Scott  28:17

Love it so quick to get the obstacle out of the way so that you can you know, again, get back to your own energy. I love it completely.

Juliette Karaman  28:24

So you said you have a beautiful ebook that people could actually learn how to do this through an e book I use Yeah, yeah. How do people find Yes

Sharon Marie Scott  28:38

My website is www dot Sharon Marie scott.com And there are links all over the website that website to take a dive either say yes challenge which is really great for look like to practice starting to say yes to yourself especially to the thoughts and stuff that you have and there’s a you can sign up for my newsletter there there’s a link to my free Facebook group and certainly other pages and stuff if you want to learn more about the membership and things but and I have just I have a number of free guides that I constantly am offering in the free Facebook group and on my on my private membership as well. So yeah lots of free resources I have one for called EQ for conscious perms you know for emotional intelligence and how you want to approach your your journey and kink I have a kink fundamentals for submissives I have sell you know using love languages for self care lots of great tools with a spiritual foundation.

Juliette Karaman  29:32

I love it how long have you been doing this?

Sharon Marie Scott  29:37

I’ve been doing directly this work for about two years now. Yeah, otherwise I was a comic book writer and you know video game

Juliette Karaman  29:46

was because I see your passion I can feel your passion you’re like got all this free stuff just an explore it and see if you like and if you don’t like it, then that’s cool too.

Sharon Marie Scott  29:57

Yes, just be Yeah, yes. Yeah. Yes, until you’re a no, that’s, I think that’s a great motto for life VIPs until you’re

Juliette Karaman  30:06

not set, right, be as until you’re now that is probably the best best advice I’ve heard in a long time. And I said that all the time I forgot about that one. It’s a beautiful way to look at life to look at things that you’d like, or you might want to explore. And that’s where where you start playing around the kink world, right? So you can, yes, until you’re now and it can always change and then No, doesn’t become a yes, just in the scene because you know, we want to actually be safe. Lots and lots of when I

Sharon Marie Scott  30:41

Oh, thank you. I’ll just say lastly, like when I finally celebrated myself, for my taboo desires, you know, that’s when my life changed. That’s when that’s one of the relationship to myself changed. And then again, the world completely shifted for me. That’s what I want other people to feel I want them to feel that sense of aliveness and self love. And like that life can actually feel bigger, more brighter, you know, than I ever, ever thought it could.

Juliette Karaman  31:10

It’s interesting, right? Because you’re using kink and how that open to you. And I use the word scrumptious mess but it’s all we’re all saying. So let that lifeforce but we were born with that orgasm that kink that that scrumptious and those whatever you want to call it actually is get back in taxes with it.

Sharon Marie Scott  31:32

Yes, the life that aliveness that’s where I find my aliveness. Yeah, my erotic self.

Juliette Karaman  31:40

Beautiful. This was incredible. I’ve really really enjoyed chatting to you. Thank you so much for

Sharon Marie Scott  31:47

coming. Yeah, I’m so appreciative. Thank you so much for the conversation today. I can talk about it all day.

Juliette Karaman  31:55

Thank you and listeners, please share this with your loved ones people that are on the fence about learning about kink learning about alternative lifestyles, not quite sure where they fit in. If they might be clear, might not be might be, you know, just just on the edge of things. Share this with them and get all your free resources much more slowly.

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