Episode 56 Navigating Life’s Journey: Karen Dubi on The Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way

On: Jan 19, 2024

Hello, wonderful listeners! It’s Juliette Karaman here, your host at The Scrumptious Woman. Today, we have a special guest, Karen Dubi, the brilliant mind behind “The Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way.” Karen isn’t just an author; she’s your go-to online lifestyle coach and business mentor. With a mission to revolutionise the path to extraordinary growth, abundance, success, and leadership, Karen brings her infectious personality and wisdom to crafting a life that takes your breath away.


In this episode, Karen shares her personal journey of overcoming challenges, embracing growth, and finding the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. From battling an eating disorder to becoming a nutritionist and life coach, Karen’s story is one of transformation and resilience. We explore the power of a growth mindset, the impact of self-development, and the importance of finding light in the darkest moments.

Key Takeaways:

Transformation through Challenges: Karen’s journey from an eating disorder to becoming a life coach showcases the power of personal growth.

The Role of Yoga and Eastern Medicine: Discover how yoga and Eastern medicine became the foundation for Karen’s work, emphasizing the harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

The Quirky Side of Personal Development: Karen’s lighthearted approach to coaching, infused with humour and silliness, breaks the stereotype that personal development is always serious.

Comparison and Growth: Unpacking the harmful habit of comparing ourselves, Karen emphasizes the importance of being present and embracing growth in the present moment.

Influencing the Next Generation: Karen’s children, inspired by her journey, embrace the concepts of manifestation and personal growth, highlighting the generational impact of conscious living.

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A massive thank you to Karen Dubi for sharing her insights, wisdom, and a touch of quirkiness with us. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of growth and self-discovery, check out Karen’s book, “The Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way.” Head over to her website or find her on Instagram for upcoming live events and programs. Until next time, stay scrumptious!

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The Scrumptious Woman EP56

Mon, Jan 15, 2024 12:26PM • 25:31


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Karen Dubi, Juliette Karaman

Juliette Karaman  00:00

All right, good afternoon. Good morning. Good evening, wherever you are hello to the scrumptious woman. I have with me Karen Dubi, the creative mind behind the art of getting out of your own way. Now, have we all gotten in her own way? Yes, right. She’s not just an author. She’s your go to online life, online lifestyle coach and business mentor, especially for purpose driven woman. She’s a visionary founder of fierce from brand, where her mission is to revolutionise the path to extraordinary growth, and parallel wealth, abundance, success and leadership in both their businesses and personal lives. As you come to know, Karen, you’ll be drawn to her infectious personality and her light heartedness. She effortlessly weaves her wisdom and expertise into every aspect of crafting a life that takes your breath away. With Karen, it’s not just about acquiring knowledge, it’s about unlocking the energetic codes to have it all. You are in New York based in New York, to have a gorgeous family, three children and two gorgeous Labradors Golden Retrievers. I love it. Welcome, welcome. Welcome.

Karen Dubi  01:23

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Juliette Karaman  01:24

I’m so pleased to have you here. And I remember first meeting you and first, kind of like meeting your energy. If I’m really office. I think we’re on a call together. And I’m like, Oh, hello, this is really beautiful and uplifting. And I know that you have that in your bio. And I’m like, Yes, that is exactly the energy that you bring

Karen Dubi  01:48

to the world. I didn’t know it was my energy. But I think that working with so many people, it seems that that’s what i do i uplift and so I, I own it, working

Juliette Karaman  01:58

with so many people, that’s what you do. Right? That’s how you how you bring it. That’s that’s the part that I heard. Yeah. I

Karen Dubi  02:05

I am uplifting, and I’m very silly. I have a quirky kind of personality. I love to make jokes, and, and laugh, but I also have a very serious side to me too. And so it’s it’s not all just fun and games. And it’s not all just jolly, Jolly. There’s there’s a there’s another side to that, too. I’m super cool.

Juliette Karaman  02:29

But at the same time, I kind of also love that you say it’s like I have this lightheartedness, I have this jolly side of me, I have this this sense of humour, because a lot of people just think that healing coaching during this personal work is really hard work. And it has to be very serious,

Karen Dubi  02:49

I think that we can find a nice or light side to everything that we do. Even in the dark times. It’s kind of like the yin and the yang, the duality really, and there’s the most disturbing or distressed times are not just a flatline, of of low, there’s less low. And in those like glimpses or those moments where we’re not in the lowest, whether it’s emotional or physical pain or something, there’s always an opportunity to know that it’s not just like a constant flatline of that. And if that’s the case, then we’re in a fluctuation so I tried to find light in the dark, a lot.

Juliette Karaman  03:31

And that is so needed, especially now what’s what’s happening in the world, right? I think I wrote a post about this yesterday, where it’s like, trust and trust that we are actually bringing the light into the dark so that we can bring the light in so that we can start seeing again, and what’s happening in the world. And, and I love that you just say when it feels like a flatline, like, oh my god, can I go any lower? Right? Like nothing is going right in my life. It feels to me that you’re like, oh, but what are the things that aren’t going well? Is there just one little thing that we can find that is going well,

Karen Dubi  04:09

there’s always got to be something it’s unfortunate that some people don’t know how to see that. And that’s, that’s where our work as changemakers happens is simply being able to help those the people learn whether it’s individually or across the board and being able to spread an impact the the whole understanding that there’s more, there’s more for everybody there’s there’s an opportunity for more. So I don’t know we may not work with the exact person who’s at that low but we can work with someone who knows that someone who knows that someone and that’s how we start spreading more light

Juliette Karaman  04:44

completely and I see this with some people that are just starting their their personal development journey, right. And they’re like, oh, but you know, you have it so easy because you’ve already done this much or you were born into money or you’re this or you’re that and it Like always painting the picture greener, the grass is greener on the other side. And then when when I just say like, Hey, let’s turn that inwards instead of always come parasites, right? Like, looking at what’s going on parasites like me, what’s what someone else is doing well, and why they’re having it easy because it’s so easy to compare yourself, but start looking at your life. What are the one or two things that you actually love about yourself? And when I do that, they’re like, that’s crazy. No one’s ever asked me that. And I’m like, That’s why I’m asking you right now,

Karen Dubi  05:38

Let’s confront What’s interesting, though, is, we don’t even only just compare ourselves with other people, I think that we have learned that in society, like, am I as thin as this person, am I as pretty as this person am I as smart as this person. So it’s, it’s this superiority, inferiority, because if we’re comparing ourselves and we’re stacking ourselves against what we perceive, we’re see other people is doing we’re being we’re having, then we’re either above or below that. And, and so if we’re, where we’re constantly in that comparison, we start doing that to ourselves, too, we’re comparing our own selves to what we used to be or what we think we are supposed to be. So it’s not even just comparing to other people, it’s comparing to what we think that like the gap between where we are, and where we think we should be. That is, either an opportunity for destruction it creates like us to always feel like not enough, or it becomes the inspiration for us to propel and want to move, and just become the better version of ourselves, like always moving in the direction of evolution.

Juliette Karaman  06:45

So what I love is that you’re saying is like, we’re comparing ourselves to others, and we’re comparing ourselves to other what we used to be in the past. thing we were and what an incredible body we had, or how healthy we were, or how whatever, you know, how smart we were, whatever it was, or future, projecting what we could be, instead of being in watch, we are now

Karen Dubi  07:10

Yeah, yeah, we’re always we’re always looking either at the ruminating over the past or projecting into the future, and really, in the present is where we are not in the comparison mode. And that comparison of above or below superior, inferior better or worse than anyone or, or our own selves is, is is really being present. Because that doesn’t happen in the present moment.

Juliette Karaman  07:35

Tell me a little bit about your story. How did you get into this?

Karen Dubi  07:40

Well, I did start in younger years with an eating disorder. And I then took the power and used it to become a nutritionist after I got through my own personal issues with it, which took many years and then I I started working with women or young girls that had eating disorders, both there were because because the real years of eating disorders, and it could obviously be beyond these years, but it’s it’s young teenage hood, like pubescent areas like 12 years old, all the way through, like 30s. That’s like the big, the big majority of women. But some are still plagued with eating, eating disorders, and body dysmorphia, through the whole their whole lifespan. So it really can be any age. But I worked with a lot of women and I devoted myself to trying to heal people who had issues and were suffering this. And in doing so I started really, personally becoming more involved in self development. I was learning yoga, and meditation and breathing practices and learning things like from Tony Robbins at the time, Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, they were they were the popular motivational speakers at the time. So I was listening to a lot of that stuff. And I really started getting much more into the, into the idea of self development, personal growth and development and mindset work. And with yoga. Interestingly, yoga is considered to be by most standards, people think it’s like just flexibility. But Yoga is the study of the mind, and how we can suffer less. And then I started learning the sister science of yoga, which is iron, beta, Eastern medicine, so becomes the harmony of body and mind and spirit. And so that became like the foundation of everything and then the continuation of me learning, self development and personal growth and things like that sort I found people who were so inspirational to me that I, I really just devoted myself to life coaching and that continues as of only recently to have become business mentoring. I never thought of myself as a business mentor but in growing my own business and becoming entrepreneurial and understanding the sophistication or the mindset that you have to have in order to to grow and have impact and reach far and wide to women and help change people’s lives, you have to also consider the business. It’s not separate. But we are our vocation and craft, and we are business people. So that became part of my work as well. And who I work with now is

Juliette Karaman  10:19

my clients. Isn’t that funny how we evolve, right? We go on this journey for ourselves to heal ourselves or to I don’t always like that word heal, but to make peace with all the parts that we may have orphaned off. Right. But that may still be bringing us some some disharmony. I’m trying to say it in a different way than than most people love

Karen Dubi  10:41

the different way. No, I love it in a different way. Because, yeah, we’re I mean, we’re, no one has ever healed. Like as it’s a done deal, or it’s a process of dealing with things that have hurt us, held us back. And it made us emotionally feel, feel able to do certain things. And it’s a process of continuing to move beyond that. So I love how you phrased it. Fantastic. Thank

Juliette Karaman  11:06

you. But it’s so funny, because I see myself also now at the moment teaching other life coaches or therapists, entrepreneurs, just like, part of that come. I’m not a business coach, but yet that is the evolution Right? And, and the acceleration and how, because we have been there, we have done these things, we can kind of teach people a shortcut. It’s like, you don’t have to go through as many as many jobs that I’ve had to make any other money loops and have jobs and backing up. And all the bits just give you the shortcut. I think

Karen Dubi  11:48

even parenting is the same. It’s like, I would hope that I’m my kids, my, my kids will be better parents than even I and I pride myself on on my relationship as a mom to my kids so much. But we hope that generationally, they’ll, they’ll even learn and do better. So working with clients, it’s similar. It’s like, I hope you don’t have to go through as many trials and tribulations to get to the point of growth that I had to go through. And that’s that’s how we that’s how we that’s how we go through this. Helping people kind of collapse time by being more efficient. Learning, mirroring and modelling people we learn from them completely

Juliette Karaman  12:31

right. And all we can do is teach them what has helped us. And it sounds like you have a lot of tools on board as well. And this is what I love, learning new things, making them my own, and discarding the things that didn’t work for me, I can still teach them to people saying hey, for me, that didn’t work. I like to adjust it this way. But go ahead.

Karen Dubi  12:53

Yeah, that’s we’re working in teaching like helping helping to move beyond some conditioned ideas generate generational ideas of money and wealth and abundance, moving people into a growth mindset from a more scarcity mindset has become something I didn’t come from a common or a very popular narrative, which is I went from rags to riches I didn’t ever have that kind of, I have nothing I didn’t know how to pay the bills, I had no food to eat. And I’ve recognised that a lot of people who even come from money, still have issues around money still have limiting beliefs around wealth and abundance and the fear of not being able to hold on to it or not being able to replicate it or the ideas as to what people with money, believe or act like or live like and there’s so many different kinds of things that go on with with wealth and abundance that limit people from even actualizing it or feeling that they are worthy of it or deserving of it or the possibilities and the magic that can happen in full potential. I love working with with that. Paradigm pletely

Juliette Karaman  14:14

and it’s such a beautiful paradigm right to work with. I just had a Coronavirus. I think you know her well Christine Lucan who’s his money expert on earlier and there are so many belief systems that aren’t even ours. And what I love is that you say that you keep bringing your children in in your relationship with your your children, you’re very proud of that. Oh, is you coaching and being in this personal development world? How have you seen the change in them? How old are they first of all?

Karen Dubi  14:47

My youngest is 18 My daughter Ashley, and then my son is 21 Adam. Yeah, he’s in his last year of college and then my oldest daughter Olivia is 24 and she works in wealth manager I’m in now in Manhattan. Wow.

Juliette Karaman  15:03

So I can see some of the stuff that that’s going through what you’re teaching also with the kids, right? Well, two

Karen Dubi  15:11

days ago, my daughter says to me, my youngest daughter, Ashley, she says, I want to do some, I want to become an influencer and do some Ambassador work. I want to find a company that I really resonate with. Okay. And I said, good for you. And so, you know, I’m supportive of that. So she sends me a screenshot of a company that all of a sudden out of the blue reached out to her and said, we’re looking for an ambassador. Is it the right company? Probably not. But, but underneath of it. She writes, manifested exclamation point. I know what I know. I’m teaching my kids, what, what, what feels like my journey and my path. If my kids are saying to me, I manifested something, I know that they hear me. They’re listening to me, they’re resonating with the things I talk about. And that is everything. Isn’t

Juliette Karaman  16:04

it? Incredible? I mean, your kids or my kids or similar ages, my eldest is 2524. And then twins, 22. So they’re there and you know, in the same age range, more or less, right? And absolutely, even if you don’t necessarily teach them, they see by example. And one of my twins, I’ve got twin girls asked me yesterday, and we haven’t had a big discussion. She’s like, Mommy, with everything that’s happening in the world. I just see a lot of people at my uni that are really struggling. They have survivor’s guilt, they are emotionally, just just you know that they’re down, they don’t know what to do. They don’t know if they’re doing enough, if they should be going on peace process, if they should even be talking out loud about how their feelings are, because that might hinder all of all of their their chances in life. So sit, listen, and she’s like, Mommy, can you come and speak to us? And can you give us some of the tools? I’m like, of course, I’ll do that. So I’m in the middle of putting together a little package for for them and coming to speak at some universities just to give the young adults that are really the voices of our future, right to give them the emotional tools, how to deal with trauma, how to deal with, with emotions that come up, how to think about manifestation, but really like to bring it down into really bite sized pieces that they can do every day and how they can change.

Karen Dubi  17:31

Yeah. When I wrote my book, my ideas of who my audience would be were people, my age contemporaries, adult people, as I would tell people, just in conversation, the title of my book, everyone would say, Oh, I could use that I need to get out of my own way. And so many of my kids and their friends and friends I would meet in their in their colleges. And it started to spread like wildfire that that age. That generation was so enthusiastic and interested in reading the book that I gave the book before it was published, to several of them to read. And they are now in the book as little little blurbs of like reviews that they wrote, for me, I have like two or three pages of reviews from all different age, like from 18 to 27 years old, I have a bunch of different reviews from them, because I couldn’t believe how much that generation wants. They’re thriving for the idea of growth, and shifting and creating more expansive mindset. I love it so much.

Juliette Karaman  18:43

Isn’t it incredible? And I noticed exactly that same trend, where for me, it was like I was working with women, and we have couples in their 40s 50s 60s 70s sometimes, but really, you know, usually not under 30. And then all of a sudden, all these like tweens, you know, between teenagers and their 20s started to show up and be massively enthusiastic and really hungry for this knowledge. So I love how alive that is and how exactly the same happened for you and, and how we, as parents do influence our kids and how even at times when they shrug their shoulders and they roll their eyes. I’m like, Oh my God, she’s added again. Actually, they’re using the tools that we give them.

Karen Dubi  19:35

Yeah. When when my kids make make that mockeries or jokes to me, it’s it’s only out of love. I know that they they’re really impressed with how I’ve grown even as in the years as being a mom, I continue to grow and they see that night. I think that that’s what makes me so happy is seeing the impact or the person that they can see that you’re never going to stop growing. It’s always about out learning and curiosity and continuing to elevate yourself. And if they see me as their mom continuing at my age to do it, then I know that they know, their future is completely limitless. Limitless.

Juliette Karaman  20:12

Isn’t that cool? And really, these are the leaders of the future, right? So all we’re doing is giving them a little, little little step up, and it’s like, Here, use these tools. Don’t let it take you as long as it did us. But you know, we don’t even say that. It’s like, run with it. Random. Fly, you go. Yeah, go we can do is give our kids wings and roots. Right?

Karen Dubi  20:39

For sure. route so that they’re grounded and, and wings so that they could go as high as they want?

Juliette Karaman  20:44

Completely. Oh, what a delight. So Karen, the art of getting out of your own way? That is the book, right? That is the book. That is the book. It’s it’s available everywhere. When did you write this?

Karen Dubi  21:02

I wrote it two summers ago. And it was released. It took me it took me about a year to write even though I don’t think that the whole process should take or could needs to take that long. It takes whatever it takes. But it doesn’t need to take that long. I think it could be done shorter. But my computer created an alias account in my 13 Chapter. And all of my stuff disappeared.


It was slow.

Karen Dubi  21:29

So I had to rewrite the whole thing. And it turns out, it was better. I wrote it better because I got better at writing over time after having to sit and write and write and write and write I got better. And so the second time it was, it was a charm. But it took it took about a year to get it done from start to end. Because of that. Isn’t

Juliette Karaman  21:47

it incredible? Right? Sometimes the universe God, whatever you want to call it, it’s like gives us a little thing. It’s like, No, we’re gonna lose your first 13 chapters. Yeah, you might just have to surrender with that a little bit more and rewrite it. I know that I’ve been writing my book, and I’ve kind of like, pause to start the podcast, but also recognise it’s such a good way to get your thoughts in order. And to really bring it across to someone.

Karen Dubi  22:19

Are you happy with your decision to have pause the book to start your podcast? Yeah, I

Juliette Karaman  22:24

think I think it needed it needed my attention. And there’s something about the frequency of my voice and other voices that I wanted to bring forth. And now I also feel that alongside it can definitely the book can now start taking shape. Again,

Karen Dubi  22:42

I love that your voice and the voice of others together needed to be heard. Well,

Juliette Karaman  22:48

we all carry these codes, right. And people do hear them, they get activated by them. Although I love to write there was just part of me, actually saying, hey, now there’s something in the voice. There’s something in that that really wants to come forth. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last four months.

Karen Dubi  23:10

It’s amazing. I actually I have been considering to start a podcast too. It’s a nice way of communicating to people and having having short excerpts of content and opportunities for insights from different conversations that you have with people

Juliette Karaman  23:31

lately, and I think a lot of people do lives on on Instagram and on Facebook and on Tik Tok, and then whatever the social platform social media platform is that we do. And yet it feels like like with a podcast, you can just download it, go on a walk, and then change your mindset, change your energy, just state change your state and soak up that energy that is being sent out to you receiving it. Bang, I am looking forward to you having a podcast or actually just to continue watching your journey. It’s been really beautiful to see your journey over the last two years. And I was asking you where can people find you? How can they get in touch with you the book they can get? But if they want to do coaching with you, what do you provide?

Karen Dubi  24:24

Oh, yes. So my website is Karen dv.com. And I do a lot of promotions on Instagram and Facebook of all my upcoming things. I have a lot of programmes that I run. Mostly live I have some self paced programmes, but I prefer to do things live. So it’s really in the energy. And if if the course is repeated like a few different times in the year at least it’s current and it’s me as I am now as opposed to the energy I was a few months back. So I like to do live things. So Karen dubey.com is my website. And Karen, I’m sorry, Karen dot Dooby is my Instagram. And then you can look there and find all of my upcoming events. My book, The Art of getting out of your own way is available on my website. And it’s also available on Amazon and Google reads so you can you can look either on my website or go directly to Amazon to find the book. And I would love to share it with you. Perfect.

Juliette Karaman  25:23

Karen, thank you so much for having you. It’s been an absolute delight.

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