Episode 54 Sacred Journeys: Navigating Tantra, Healing, and Conscious Living with Sacha Fossa

On: Jan 12, 2024
Welcome, lovely listeners! In this episode of the Scrumptious Woman Podcast, your host Juliette Karaman welcomes the incredible Sacha Fossa, an intimacy, sex, and relationship expert. Join us on this captivating journey as Sacha shares her insights and experiences in the realms of tantra, healing, and conscious living.

Key Takeaways:

1. Sacred Sexuality Journey: Discover Sacha’s transformative journey from diverse educational pursuits to becoming an expert in intimacy and conscious sexuality.
2. Healing Path: Explore the intersection of trauma, healing, and spirituality in Sacha’s life and how it shaped her approach to helping others.
3. Pleasure Practices: Learn about the importance of pleasure practices, creating a pleasure list, and prioritising intimacy in daily life.
4. Organic Living: Embrace the significance of organic living, connecting with nature, and finding joy in the simplicity of life.
5. Communion with Life: Dive into the concept of communion with life, acknowledging all emotions, and practising conscious awareness in addressing global issues.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP54

Fri, Jan 05, 2024 9:31PM • 38:45


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Juliette Karaman, Sacha Fossa

Juliette Karaman  00:02

Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon wherever you are welcome to the scrumptious woman podcast. Once again, I have with me the fabulous Sasha Fossa who is an intimacy, sex and relationship expert, lots of tantra experience lots of experience of conscious sexuality and just in the realm of relationships.

Juliette Karaman  00:28

Welcome to the scrumptious woman.

Sacha Fossa  00:34

Thank you too. Happy to be here.Welcome everyone.

Juliette Karaman  00:38

I’m super happy you’re here. Sasha, what I want to start with, and I know that we’ve done a recording before, and it somehow just didn’t work well, so I got corrupted. So we’re trying number two. How did you get into relationships and Tantra and conscious sexuality? What your How did you learn that this?

Sacha Fossa  01:04

Huh? Yeah. Guys a good question. Right?

Sacha Fossa  01:10

Well, it was my healing path. And my healing path became my career path. So it shows me it was really never in my right mind what I have considered that this is what I would be doing. For for my passion and living and just told you no Dharma mission, whatever it was, I wanted to be a veterinarian as a child. And I went to, I went to five different universities. I studied psychology, various liberal arts, early childhood education, environmental studies, environmental education, all of it. And none of it was working for me in terms of really what I wanted to do. And I had such massive trauma ongoing and different experiences familiar relationship, sexual, really, from childhood throughout my life that at the same time, I was on this path of healing. And the healing path after an attempted suicide in my early 20s just became the only path of like taking a break from everything. And just focusing on this massive healing arts dive, spirituality, counselling, all of it, and I just never stopped. And around the same time that I started the path. Early on, I discovered a workshop that said sacred sexuality, and I thought, I’ve never seen those words together before in my life, and I want it I want to go, my boyfriend at the time dumps me, he did not think that this was something we should be doing. And I let my guidance take me to this workshop as a young 20 year old where everyone was much much older than me, it turned out to be a very advanced workshop. So my Tantra journey was very traumatic in the beginning, as well of this juxtaposition of intense red Tantra, with white Tantra. And really back there, there was a lot of lack of boundaries and consent, and you could just kind of end up in like almost a big orgy Peaceworks

Sacha Fossa  03:45

not fly today. So I learned an awful lot. How I would want to teach and what I would want to present and how I wanted to, you know, eventually walk the path and share it with others in a new way.

Juliette Karaman  04:04

Thank you, there’s so much a lot there. So in your 20s, while you’re studying different directions, and it sounds like a lot of environmental, and seemed like you were already a very conscious person that you knew that there was something that you wanted to help your first metropolitan area and wanting to help animals wanting to help the planet was without the environment. The jump to helping other people is not that great? And if you kind of look at it in that lens, it’s not that great, but also to kind of you had to hit rock bottom yourself, right? And that’s where it’s like, oh, I attempted to leave this planet and to not be here. Yeah, and I, the more people I interview, the more that I see that There’s some kind of click almost that our soul has to make. And you’re talking about Dharma and finding your path, and that you’ve never actually realised that this would be your dharma. This would be your path. And for people that are listening to this podcast, they will know what Dharma Empath means. But it’s like, what is your soul’s calling? Right? Why, why? Why did you incarnate or why did you come onto this earth? What is your message that you’re bringing to the world? And to me, I look at this as a 20 odd year old already Finding Conscious sexuality. I remember when I came across that in my 40s, late 40s. So you know, a long time later, I was like, oh, so what happened when you read the two words conscious sexuality, because it feels like there’s a little bit of energy there, and then we’ll go to red and white Tantra afterwards.

Sacha Fossa  05:54

Yeah, well, it actually said sacred sexuality. And I was so into the spiritual New Age community at the time, and meditating and doing all of that stuff. And it was very much a disembodied experience of, you know, the lower chakras and the higher and Oh, such such crap, I look at it this doubt. But anyways, it was all a great exploration of the, you know, I think part of being in the tantric world, of course, to have the path. And just in general of our experiences, some of us tend to have to go to extremes of all spectrums in our lifetime. And that would really be me, you know, and that was the the sacred sexuality piece just fell into like, well, here, I’m always highly sexual. It’s confusing. With all the spirituality I’m doing that says this is wrong way. I actually was studying as well, ancient goddess history. And I was writing a, I did my final. After my fifth, fourth University, I completed my liberal arts degree with the focus on empowering adolescent girls. So that took me also into the, the sexuality piece that I was healing in myself, date rape, and just horrible experiences and adolescent girl in terms of discovering my own body and sexuality. And so that kind of also led to this sacred sexuality. Oh, this was goddess stuff Bay. This was ancient cultures. This was the way it used to be.

Juliette Karaman  07:40

So for a lot of people, sacred sexuality, red and white Tantra. If you’re talking about borders, I mean, I have been in different sacred and conscious sexuality things. My way was also it’s like, I don’t know for some of us, the path is sexuality. Right? For other people, it’s money for other people it is ascension, or it’s trauma or something else for I think, for both you and me. It’s sexuality and trauma, and how can we help others? And that just woke us up enough from our deep slumber to actually help others? What would be your advice? I mean, looking back at your 20 year old now, what would be if someone is coming into this world and thinking, Oh, sacred sexuality, tantra, their erotic blueprints, all of this sounds a little bit dangerous, but it also sounds quite enticing. What would your advice be now to them?

Sacha Fossa  08:47

So much they’re right. I would actually first teach them about different personality types of narcissism and psychopaths and sociopaths and cults and how to steer away from that. And what you might end up with when you’re on a path and you’re seeking and you’re, you’re still traumatised, right people prey off of traumatised people.


Especially women. It’s true, let’s be honest. Yeah.

Sacha Fossa  09:17

So that was, you know, it’s always like being the victim because I’m so naive, and I think everyone’s Wonderful. Well, no, there’s a lot of evil on the planet. That’s just the reality. And people need to recognise that and be more aware of who they want to hang around with and the things they’re doing and to also never give their power to anyone else. It is about your own knowing your own awareness. It is not about that teacher outside of you. It is not about that next healing path and the next drug of more of like, what can I fix myself with whether it’s a drug or a supplement, or more sex, more and more meditation, or more running or whatever it is, it’s like, fill in the blank nothing wrong With you, you’re not as messed up this thick, and go inwards. And don’t judge yourself and be so harmful in your own, you know, path of, of just simply being a human and awakening on this planet in a body. I mean, I believe we’re infinite consciousness in the body. But allow yourself to also feel and be that humaneness and make those mistakes. That’s it up and you know, get up and do it again and try something more fun next time.

Juliette Karaman  10:34

I love this advice, make mistakes. Don’t be so afraid. I mean, this is what I tell my clients like I’m trying to that but oh, you’re gonna make mistakes. Like, relax your bum. hearted when you’ve had sex before the first time you do this? afterwards? My buddy does I’m sorry.

Sacha Fossa  10:58

Yes, I love the Charles Barry used to say when I studied with Charles, it’s wind of the goddess with

Juliette Karaman  11:10

isn’t it wonderful, right. And really, you touched on such a good point that we all want to belong. And we’re all looking for a way that we feel that we belong, a way to feel valued a way to feel that we belong. So we’re looking outside of ourselves. And that’s where it’s very easy to become part of a cult without us actually knowing it. I mean, I’ll be honest, like I was part of a sex cut, I look back and and I’m like, gosh, that was That was hilarious. I learned a lot. But a lot of people didn’t come out of it in that way. A few of my friends that I would look back, I was like, wow, okay. And yeah, we leave at the time when you’re like, Okay, those were practices that were not cool. And I’ve seen a lot of that. And I know that you just started talking about it a little bit, the red and the white towel, try and wear. What I’ve seen is a lot of the teachers having temple night and having sex with the students were for me, it’s like, oh, that’s transference. We can’t do that. You know, like, every bone in my body is like, No, you can’t do that. That’s not ethical.

Sacha Fossa  12:27

Yeah, yeah. And I just want to make a little two of, you know, I think I was always trying to belong. And I don’t care about that anymore. I’ve actually discovered that I love to be alone. I thrive on being in communion with all of life, and not having to make it about tribe, people called community. It’s like, I just have a different sense of well being of communion with everything. And there’s not a need for what I used to feel like of having to fit in anywhere, because I’ve just, I’ve never fit in anywhere. And that’s just the way it is. And for those of you on the planet that are feeling that way, it’s perfectly okay and celebrate it instead of becoming a wrongness about you. You know, another tip would just be this comes from the Access Consciousness, but it’s just a fact. Right? Your greatest what you think is your greatest wrongness is your strongness.

Juliette Karaman  13:35

How you Yeah, how you rephrase that? What your biggest, strongest. Yeah, and it’s so often that we can’t see like, what we are most seeking for, is the gift that we bring to humanity, right? Like we’re seeking for well, we keep looking at, but that’s actually what we bring, because we can see that in ourselves. And it’s exactly what you’re saying.

Sacha Fossa  14:02

Yeah, yeah. And I think there’s also a lot of focus constantly on Dharma and mission and purpose. But what if it’s okay to just be here to be the gift of being embodied, and just being new. And you don’t have to put so much pressure on but I think it’s wonderful, I found something that aligns with my being and soul to be bringing into the world. But that may not pan out for everyone. Maybe they’re just the gift of just being just being and it doesn’t have to be so much about, you know, Oh, I feel I don’t feel so sexual, or I can’t have as many orgasms and things like that. Well, I would say if you learn how to have more orgasms, and any just more pleasure in your body, you’re just gonna be happy or happier, healthier, and more of the gift of you and so it kind of come from that place about it. You know, About being all about just being you.

Juliette Karaman  15:04

I love this because there is so much pressure in these coaching communities in the spiritual communities is like, what is my gift? And I just came off a call. Someone says like, I just don’t know, what am I here for what is my year for 2020? What’s my word for 2024. And I’m just like, words. And if you don’t have an intention, and you haven’t done your, your, your vision board, and if you just are in debt, and they’re living in this, this body suit that we have, right, this this flesh suit that we are in right now. So I love what you’re saying. And that’s what we’re doing, were expected to do a certain thing we’ve we’ve so learned that doing and being and performing has given us some sort of identity and some sort of purpose and some sort of approval of others that it becomes like effects. It’s like giving me the the heroin or whatever it is, but like, give me more of that. So I’m going to continue to do and to do and to do and that’s where you get to complete burnout. And and this is where that how can you take step back? And actually recognise that you are in your being? Things come to you? And how can you start asking the right questions of yourself of the universe, your higher power of whatever you want to call it, right? Some people like to call it God, some people like to call it universe of your infinite being, whatever it is, it’s that consciousness. But whatever I ask it, I’ll get certain sales, what you ask is for you, right? And that’s the madness that I see is people say, Oh, this is the way to make 100,000 pounds or dollars or whatever, I’ll teach you how to do this in three months. That’s like, that’s your way. And,


yeah, that’s

Juliette Karaman  17:09

just like, that’s not my way. So anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent A little bit.

Sacha Fossa  17:17

So I’m alignment. What we think are tangents to write all the places that I thought were like tangents in my life that were perfect in terms of taking me into, you know, another another piece of have more embodiment, and have more peace and a more joy and a more ease. And I’m more learning for me to bring to my clients, you know, of all these pieces. So, yeah, besides this, you know, I don’t separate them, really. But I have tremendous, you know, credentials, and work and talents in the wellness arts, as well as the intimate arts as well as the erotic art. So to me, it’s all like this piece together. So when I work with clients, there’s a lot, it’s very holistic. I do 30 different types of healing modalities. So it’s energy and body work. And all of it’s not just the sexuality focus, it’s okay, let’s look at the whole picture. Because you can’t just, it would be like, you know, just looking at one little tiny piece of a person that just you’d have to look at the whole puzzle, right? We know that. They love

Juliette Karaman  18:32

that. And that is so true, right? So often I’ll get people, couples and rec, oh, we’re not having enough sex. And I’m coming to you to introduce him to pleasure, you know, so that you can do a little pleasure. And so like, I we’re not having enough sex, we’re not intimate enough. Or, and then, actually, there’s so much else missing, or have someone saying, Oh, I’m not making enough money. I don’t want to have more clients. And it’s like, actually, let’s look at how you’re not loving yourself and all kinds of other stuff shows up and they’re like, well, that’s not why I came to you. I’m like, I get that like, what how can we working on this? How can we work on working on pleasure and increasing my pleasure and having more what I call scrumptious in this in my life, that lifeforce. How can that change everything around me? When I came to wanting to work on my intimacy and having sex with my, my, my wife, all of a sudden my business is exploding and it’s tripled in revenue. Or you get the people saying I wanted three new clients. And all of a sudden, you know, what’s happened is my boyfriend of 10 years has proposed to me and we’re having a kid and my business is booming.


Right? Yeah. That

Juliette Karaman  19:58

thing, how do you think that How does that work? How, just what are one or two pleasure practices that we can take our listeners to so that they can kind of get an embodied feel for it?


And they get a taste?

Sacha Fossa  20:15

Well, that’s the thing, right? There’s like, so much out there about embodied pleasure practices. And I, you know, depending on the client, and I give them something from Mama Gino or Jaya or Tantra in some way, or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But actually, I like to go into more specifically, well, what are the client’s blueprints? What’s going on in their body? And what would actually work for them? Right? My pleasure practices change every day. It’s not a discipline of something that’s like, strict and confining for me, because nothing like that works for me. I’m always just Shapeshifter going around, right? And it’s like, I always do things new. So, you know, starting simple for anyone. What I’ve had them do pleasure list, all my clients session, one pretty much is your home play is going to include top of the list. What for you? Is pleasure. And I’m talking embodied pleasure. Right? Where your body

Juliette Karaman  21:24

embodied. Pleasure. Let’s break that down for our listeners, because you and I know but a lot of people are like, not sure. Embodied pleasure. Tell me Yeah.

Sacha Fossa  21:39

Well, it’s an experience in the body of internal sensation of, you know, good chemicals, whether it’s serotonin, dopamine, whatever we can get into science of it. But it’s a sense of real well being, and something that just feels lighter. Okay, it just feels lighter in the body.

Juliette Karaman  22:02

So it doesn’t need to be sexual, it could be playing with your kitchen. The way that the sandbanks your your, your face, it could be someone giving you a massage could be anything smelling a rose, whatever eating.

Sacha Fossa  22:17

If you’re kinky, it could be a nice smack on the butt. Or twisted the nipple of a stove anything.

Juliette Karaman  22:28

Like water here so that I can just hit people on the screen. And it’s still true, right? So you start with people making? Yeah, how many say start with 10 or so or even a longer list? But you know, for me, it’s always like, like, start with 10. And then we can build on that. Really, it’s like what gives you pleasure, I call it my mind bundles of joy. Where do I have a lot of joy? What what what brings me pleasure, because to take away the stigma of pleasure, because everyone thinks, oh my god, it has to be sexual. And so what brings you joy? What pleases you? What, what’s what is your body? Where’s the tingle? Where does it kind of like, maybe get to get chicken skin? The goods goosebumps

Sacha Fossa  23:12

is actually the erectile tissue.

Juliette Karaman  23:19

Gonna get straight to determine. But yes, it is direct thing is your body and bonding. Alright, so that’s tip one, what’s the lighter,

Sacha Fossa  23:33

right? Um, let’s see. Well, so too. It’s great, you know, with couples, of course, to have them do to pleasure, their own pleasure list. And then they do a list together and maybe even put it on their refrigerator. If they have kids, maybe they do one with them as well. And then every week, you’re assigned to choose from the list, right? And then if your partner is grumpy, or your kids grumpy, you tell them to go to their pleasure list and choose something off of it and take the time to go do it. Right. It’s just

Juliette Karaman  24:11

it’s so simple, but it’s not easy. And we forget to implement. And that’s it. It’s taking the time to just do this to make your list. Then you have them you can add to them, put them somewhere where you can see them. Remember, it’s like, Oh, I like doing that.


Let’s do that.

Sacha Fossa  24:30

Yeah, and I guess let’s, I wasn’t sure what I was gonna bring Next, when you said time, right? So we all know that it’s a constant thing in relationships, if there’s not enough time for intimacy, right. I mean, it’s just really What are you prioritising in your life? What is more important to you? We probably do what we prioritise. So, you know, it’s always interesting to me to see where people are, don’t have enough time and Then I have clients that like, literally have like so much going on. Right and they are way more than these other these other clients, but they prioritise lovemaking every day in the morning or some type of connection, right, everything is based on first, the prioritising the pleasure in the body and the connection and the intimacy. And that’s really for myself what I do in my own body, right, it’s always about like, if I’m grumpy, depressed stuff’s going on. For me, I’m not going to take a pill. I’m not going to go do some weird thing that’s I’m going to go have an orgasm and set myself up straight. You know, multiple, depending on what is going on whether I need a really deep cervical orgasm to really blow through the yuckiness in my body or whether I just did a good really intense clitoral one to move some anxiety out or a G spot and Jackie elation to feel some emotion. I really will work with you know, my body first. And if I’m in again, it doesn’t have to be sexual. Sometimes it’s just first I need to go take a bath, just just chill with some salts and oils. And you know, and just focus on always returning energy that’s not yours, because we’re just these amazing energy beings picking up shit non stop, return it all out that’s not yours. And really come into your own presence again, and alignment with the Earth, which is our I believe our larger body. So if we’re not connected to the earth in nature, then we’re not going to feel very well in general and you won’t be very healthy.

Juliette Karaman  26:54

And that’s so true. Right? Where can we come back to ourselves? And yeah, you talk about orgasms and sexual orgasms, which is great. You can also have like, an orgasm by smelling something by an it doesn’t have.

Sacha Fossa  27:11

It doesn’t have it? Yeah.

Juliette Karaman  27:15

It’s an eargasm. When you hear something you’re like, Oh, my goodness. Yeah. So we kind of like use Gazans for anything. I like everything. And then when you take that stigma out, because there’s a little bit like, Oh, she’s talking about orgasm, oh, my God, I need to go and fiddle with my clips. I don’t want to do that. I don’t have time for that.

Sacha Fossa  27:34

Right? I don’t have time for that.

Juliette Karaman  27:37

Do you have time to take two breaths? And can they be really conscious? And can you recognise how the air comes through your body and, and that could be already enough to set someone off. It’s like, oh my God, I didn’t recognise that this was pleasurable. So I love how you just bring it to light, come back to ourselves come back to nature. The more that I see people actually come out of big cities come into nature again, it’s like where they’re like, when they come to me, I live outside of London. They come to me and we have this nice house and beautiful views overlooking valleys. And like, Oh my God, I didn’t recognise how much I needed this. And that’s it because we’re everything in life is so quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. We need to quickly do this and quickly that oh, don’t worry. We live in a city and there’s subways and metros, and buses and cars and people in there bumping into there’s so much energy and it’s all schism like this that we don’t we pick up from from other people, like you said, we pick up their energetic negative negative thoughts and this and that, and it’s like, we forget to kind of cleanse ourselves. So nature is super good for that. Water, what you’re saying meditation coming back, coming back to the body,


just to orgasms,

Sacha Fossa  29:00

and also being following what’s organic, right? Kind of that what you’re describing is really about what is organic is going to naturally feel it’d be better for your body, whether it’s organic food, or just a more organic lifestyle. Just really, you know, the last year on screens or listening to the news and all of that stuff and just playing and being in the body organically is it’s just the way you’re gonna be happier and healthier. And it’s

Juliette Karaman  29:37

an orgasmic and especially because I know that I’ve gotten caught up in like, the whole news of what’s going on. And my kids were just in Vegas and I was just embarrassed and then my I left and then my kids were there and it just bombed. So you know me as a mom. It’s like, what’s happening with my children? It’s really difficult to disconnect from it. It’s not impossible at all. But you know, it’s like, Oh, where am I? Where is that pulling my attention? Where is that energy actually like, like, I’m being pulled towards that the whole time that I don’t have any attention for myself for pleasure for, for nature that that, you know, I’m just like, like the blinkers are on and I noticed that for myself I got ill. So it’s like, okay, I have to take a step back. That means the screen down. I was actually here, the internet blew here then the whole power blew, I was like, Okay, perfect. Candidate. And my own Yeah.


So yeah,

Sacha Fossa  30:44

that’s wonderful. Yeah. And I believe we need to also not, of course, I know, that wasn’t what you were saying. Or referring to, but I think it’s good to point out, there’s a whole spiritual bypassing that happens, and a whole, like, just be in the light and just be positive, the false positivity movement and all of this, it’s just crap. It’s like, Your anger is potency, you know, my anger at what is going on in this world that is absolutely asinine, and disgusting, is a power that creates change in my well in my being, you know, to do something different, to create some movement, not to be in depression around at all, not to feel powerless around at all. And so, you know, I think it’s really important that we also get into that aspect of really clear like awareness of, and more consciousness and not avoiding things, but going bigger to seal the even larger picture, right, of what’s possible for humanity and what’s possible on this planet and making the changes in one’s own life towards that and, and maybe sharing more information with people that they’re not aware of, if you have a little bit more awareness than they do, if only if they’re able to listen, if not forget about

Juliette Karaman  32:14

it. They’re not always able to listen, I’ve noticed very much myself, but that sounds it’s like, Oh, okay. I get curious about them. I get curious about myself. I’m like, okay, maybe I didn’t explain that really well. And yeah, like, maybe they just weren’t ready to listen to a different point of view. And they became that persona that has to have their way and I was like, Okay, I see where a lot of time I had that too. And perhaps in this way, okay, let’s just be open to it. So it’s, it’s, it’s such a beautiful interplay of where you can, where you can connect and where you can stay in connection with death. And,

Sacha Fossa  33:00

you know, I love that, like the connection and communion, if we went even, like bigger stuff, I think what people are missing even more than just like, Oh, I’m not connected in with community, or I don’t have a partner or whatever it is, well, you don’t need those things to have communion with all the molecules with all of the energy with all of life. There’s ways to practice as well. I guess it’s a practice maybe at first, but eventually, if you just shut up, quiet and I get into nature, the communion will take over, it will just happen. You will suddenly at some moment, find yourself in communion with it all. And then maybe if you live in nature, just hold your pet. Right, whatever.

Juliette Karaman  34:02

Right, get human touch, get animal touch. I simply go go and hug a tree in the park, right? It’s a tree huggers, and they look at me like, yeah, take your shoes off and just stick your feet in. Yeah,

Sacha Fossa  34:16

I’ve always been a tree hugger. I have no qualms about going right up and laying my body up against trees and my body will go and people might look at me like I’m a little strange, but I really

Juliette Karaman  34:33

I love this. Oh my god, today’s been so good. So I should tell me where people can find you. They’re like, Oh, my goodness. I want to hear more about this woman. What does she do? Are there courses that I can take? How can I just be in communion with her and communication with her? My

Sacha Fossa  34:51

website is sacred. Temple arts. So arts, plural. I’m sure there’ll be a link in the show notes. So, essentially it’s sacred temple lights.com. That’s my business. The sacred temple is your body. And the arts are the wellness, intimate and erotic arts. So I also have a Master’s Degree in Health Arts and Sciences. I’m a sex educator through Planned Parenthood, advanced source, tantra teacher, erotic blueprint coach, like you are through Jaya, plus all the healing arts. So there’s a lot of credentials and a lot of pieces here. So it’s essentially I work one on one with clients or with couples dividuals in different relationship, dynamics, and I work virtually or in person or combination of both. I am located in Massachusetts, on the coast and a lovely, beautiful little town. So basically, I design a custom design all my programmes, I don’t do anything cookie cutter, I find that extremely boring and painful. So I will really gather information from you of what your desires are. And I do have kind of a, you know, more core curriculum around sex education, and relationship education, that’s cutting edge and tantra practices and erotic blueprints that are like, these are necessities everybody needs to know. But I create so much more beyond that, of what it is you’re desiring. And I work with all kinds of individuals from, you know, generally from 20. On to I’ve had clients in the 80s. But generally I do get like mid 70s is more. This, you know, wide range, couples, singles, all all walks of life, I also understand, you know, differences with with financial stuff. And so I really try to make it work for individuals in terms of a budget or a plan to see what’s possible for them. And so essentially, if you go to my website, you can sign up for a complimentary consultation with me. And then we can start from there or you can text or call and there’s also always a programme that I do have that’s on sale that you will see in the banner right now. It’s still a holiday one that I’ll be changing it at some point when I get around to

Juliette Karaman  37:39

it still good for now. Incredible multitude of credentials and tools, massive toolkit. Go to your website, you’ll find a very generous offer of complimentary one on one coaching with you finding out what you may want, what you desire. And then there’s something else that you know another programme, one of the many programmes that you have there. Excellent. It sounds like that is a beautiful way forward and how people can connect with you. Thank you so much for being on this has been an absolute delight. Thank you.


It has Thank you. Thanks, everyone for joining. Hope to see you sometime.

Juliette Karaman  38:25

As always, please share this with your friends. If your family was someone that you think oh my goodness, they need to listen to how to woman talk about sacred sexuality about everything else that we spoke about in our podcasts today. Much love

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