Episode 53 Joy Unleashed: A Spirited Odyssey with Barbie Kalev – Celebrating 250K Downloads and Embracing the Scrumptiousness of Life!

On: Jan 9, 2024
Join Juliette in a jubilant celebration as she welcomes the incredible Barbie Kalev to the podcast stage. Together, they raise a virtual toast to commemorate reaching 100,000 downloads in just four months (Although we are now celebrating a quarter of a MILLION!! 250K ). 
Prepare for a captivating episode filled with insights, laughter, and the magnetic energy that Barbie brings to every conversation. Cheers to this milestone moment and the wisdom that awaits! 🎉

 Key Takeaways:

1. Overcoming Overachieving: Barbie shares her journey from overachieving to embracing a more feminine energetic approach.
2. Energetic Insights: Discussion on human design, recognizing interference, and clearing energetic blocks.
3. Joy in Challenges: Finding joy in life’s challenges and appreciating the simplicity of the present moment.
4. Inner Happiness: Reflecting on inner happiness, self-discovery, and the ongoing journey of healing.
5. Importance of Connections: Emphasising the importance of intimate connections and simplicity in daily life.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP53

Fri, Jan 05, 2024 6:30PM • 35:00


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Barbie Kalev, Juliette Karaman

Juliette Karaman  00:00

All right, so let’s, let’s start. Barbie, I’m so happy to have you here. We were just talking about how energetically new things become a new norm. Right? We were talking about the podcast that exactly four months ago I started it and how last week I got to 100,000 downloads and that last time you saw me I was on 33,000 downloads and that just quickly multiplied and how now 33 million is the is the number that kept coming through. And I don’t know if that’s downloads if that’s people that we we sect with the light that we bring, but it’s just I’m creating in that new space that we create, I know that this is what you brag to people as well. Can you talk about how you do this as well?

Barbie Kalev  00:58

Yeah, so first of all, I have to say congratulations and seeing you navigate life, as are you a six to seven sound like a like an like an HD specialist, but I’m not I’m just a little bit obsessed with you. Are you a generator?

Juliette Karaman  01:16

minded manifesting generator,

Barbie Kalev  01:18

okay, but six, two, and so you’re slightly older than me, but I have so much resonance with you. And I’m, I’m just some 49 I think you’re 5555. Okay, I knew that. And just to see you really step into your visibility era

Barbie Kalev  01:39

is so

Barbie Kalev  01:42

beautiful and to see you navigate life and to see you in this particular time of your life where you’re very openly sharing the the highlights of your your podcast, and then the the tough parts of your life with so much loss. And I’ve been asking my I just gave myself because I was here with the I’ve been asking myself, What does scrumptious look like for you? Right now? And so that that’s that’s been one of the questions that I’ve been excited to talk about, because you asked, you asked, bringing in the New Energy. And yes, that’s what I’ve, I help and I have been helping people bring into their lives with my work. But the truth is that I’m just at 49, I’m just coming out of a major hermit mode, and introspective period. And I only recently realised that there was a part of me and we’re getting real, real fast. I only recently realised that there was a part of me that had lost the magic, the scrumptious ness of life, like I’m really freaking good at the hard stuff. Give me Give me anything, right? Like, I’ve got this, I can handle it. And so it’s only very recently that I’m like, Oh my God, but yes, this is happening. This is happening in my personal life, this is happening in the world. And yet, can I be open to can we be open to the magic? And and it’s just, it’s just the shift in our in our perception. But what does that look like? And it looks different for each one of us. Right? So for me, yesterday, I woke up and I’m like, I don’t know if it’s my hormones or what and my husband is a functional medicine practitioner. And I said, Yeah, babe, I’m kind of just feeling kind of low, you know, and I know that I need my, my hormones checked, but I went on a walk. And I came back in a totally different state. And I had, I had a scrumptious day, you know, I’m like, maybe this is what Juliet mean? It’s about being scrumptious, right? Like, I don’t know, like, how does she live? scrumptiously? Because, like I said, I know that it’s different for each person. And so the way that I do that with other people, my clients and my team is what does this person actually desire? Are they living head? Are they living in their body? I know I’ve lived in my head for many, many years.

Juliette Karaman  04:38

Right? And so many of us do that. And I love how we get real and where we go all over the place with this podcast. My listeners knows they know that I never have set questions and we actually just really go where the Energy wants to flow right because this is the realness of life and this is one of my gifts, the gifts of intimacy and and by actually like, like creating this intimacy so that we people can see into me and into you. And we can find the gift there. So it’s interesting. So you’re a six, two as well, in human design. I’m a generator with emotion generator. And I’m a money, Jen with emotional authority as well. So it’s interesting we just had. My last guest is Nadia, who is a specialist on human design and jinkies. So she really tried to explain this a little bit. So for people that haven’t listened to go back to the last last episode, and really listen to an idea is, but what you say it’s like, how often do we live in our head? And how often do we kind of like, power through so what I heard you say is like, I’m really good at doing the hard stuff. Right. And I think this is also conditioned into us where it’s like, you have to work hard to earn money, or you have to do this. And when all of a sudden you start taking the pressure off and really recognising that whatever you might have blown out, you might have had a little, like emotional like, yeah, you’re you’re up to your neck, and you can’t take it anymore. Whatever it is, you just start to realise it’s like, oh, I want to change my state. And that is what I mean with living scrumptiously. Right? Living, it’s scrumptious to me really means that energy that orgasm, that chi, that lifeforce that we have running through us, and that we often disconnect from and that we’ve always had, but that we disconnect from. And you say that you bring it to your clients as well, and that you get them to connect to your head to their body again. Will you take me through how did you get there was you said you lived in your head? I mean, I still resonate, right? Yes.

Barbie Kalev  07:00

Yes, yes. Yes, I was. It’s so funny, because I feel like you really are like a mirror to me, because that’s what I want to ask you. But this is your podcast, right? So I guess I have to wait until you come on my podcast, because I’m like, how did she get there. Um, so it’s, it’s been a long winding journey. Like for all of us. I did an astrology reading the other day just for fun. And she said to me, You are a very sensitive being. But one of your coping mechanisms and your powers was the ability to disconnect because you were so sensitive. So I won’t get into my past, but it does include my brother having cancer. And moving to the United States. Without me I got abused during that period when I was in South America. And so there there has to be that there was a disconnect. I don’t know if there has to be, yeah. But as a result of my brother, being sick, and getting all the attention, I I was very driven to shine and to get all the attention. And so the way that I did that was by excelling in school. So I was extremely driven. I got my PhD and French literature and I did all the things and then I entered, I stumbled upon a network marketing company, now called body and I’ve been with them for 16 years. I’m quote unquote, new to the coaching world, but I’ve been mentoring and teaching it forever. I was a little girl. But I went from achievement and accolades as a way for me to gain the acceptance, the recognition, to entering into a company that valued and praised me for achievement. So I got all the gold stars i all the awards, all the trips, all the money, all the things, and yet at the very height, which felt at the very height of my success, I felt empty. I had just fallen in love. So I’m like, How is this possible? I’m in love. I’m rich. I’ve got the body I’ve never had, and I feel freaking empty. And so that was really, I guess, the awakening?

Juliette Karaman  09:42

Yeah. And it’s interesting, right? Because it doesn’t sound like you’re at rock bottom. And a lot of people say, Oh, you’ve got to get to rock bottom. And I’ve noticed where I actually my body had to give up on me before I stopped long enough to listen and not over give of myself And yeah, and noticing all my little patterns that I was stuck in and to still continue to show up. And from time to time I’m like, Oh, Hello, old friend, I know you really well. Let’s see if we can move through it slightly quicker at this time. That’s it. That’s

Barbie Kalev  10:18

it, because it’s so easy for me to fall back into that pattern. And again, it sounds like I’m an HD astrology expert. Not at all. This is all new to me, actually. And I actually have a lot of masculine energy in my chart, apparently. So it is very natural to me. So I got to the height of my success. Here I am having all the things feeling so empty, it did feel like rock bottom, because I didn’t see the point. And that was a really scary place to be. And so I hired a coach to get me to the next goal.


We’ll be right so I’m laughing because we know what orientated Yep. Right. And so

Barbie Kalev  11:02

I got out of burnout I learned to appreciate but it was a process because then I got to the next phase of burnout. And that’s when my body actually gave out on me with just couldn’t. And this is where I discovered your world with Melanie, Melania and Leia, and then you appeared on this call, like this goddess in a bathtub with champagne in one evening, I was like

Barbie Kalev  11:29

Reagan a woman.

Barbie Kalev  11:32

And for about two or three years. So I was I was making some figures per year. And so I was, I was, I was doing well and I’m happy in my relationship. But I was afraid to work, I was afraid to unleash the beast inside of me masculine energy that is a freaking beast. So I didn’t know enough about you know, masculine feminine energy and empowered energy and all that stuff. And I was afraid I was afraid that if I worked a little bit that the spark would get lit up, and that I would once again go full throttle. And so for two to three years, I really, I hardly worked and my business kept going, which was wonderful. But that’s when I was like okay, I’m not meant to do nothing. And I’m not meant to coast and that’s when I discovered that there’s this whole other world that I didn’t know about right with feminine energetics and and that’s what has changed and so now I refuse to grind myself to the ground I mean it’s the change has been slow and fast because I discovered another way coming into my body has also been a long process it’s not just like you know, exercise do yoga meditation because that’s what I thought I’m like I’m doing all those things it’s what does it really mean to come back to your body and for me it is a it’s a daily moment to moment practice it’s so easy for me to slip out which is what I believe makes me not I believe I know what makes me a great coach because a mentor because I understand

Juliette Karaman  13:25

I’m right that’s the beauty and especially if we are going to bring it to add to human design the six to line the six the six we just keep getting more information we keep living life so that we can teach transmits ring the codes forwards because at one point even stopped being a teacher you just transmit the stuff right. so that others can pick this up. Yeah. I it’s really the lived sense of being being who we are. And then yeah, the fun part of it, too is like that we want to go and just be by ourselves and Herbert a little time. But anyway, it’s a beautiful story I love what you’re saying is that you couldn’t actually believe that by not working. You still managed to keep a really good income. So already your your feminine energetics already this was working for you. And you’re already planting yourself in desire and you’re bringing that into your field.

Barbie Kalev  14:35

That’s right. That’s right. And I I just I know that. You know, my friend said the other day, she’s like, people act. They say that they that money is energy, but they act like it’s a finite thing. They can count it. Like that’s right. But I really feel and I know that money is energy. And so it’s it’s going to flow it’s going wanting to come, we’re going to be okay regardless of what I do. And that feels really good and to be just to be to exist to be and to share this essence and your essence, which is why I enjoy your energy. I’m like, Oh, I can feel her. I wonder if he does what people feel with me is so important. I used to think that I had to do do do, give, give, give, Do do do some more so than people learn, and it’s just a deepening for me now of don’t have to do so much. I don’t have to constantly give so much.

Juliette Karaman  15:48

over again, over giver, recovering over giver, I’ll just say well, remembering because I’m not sure I’m ever going to be completely out of it. Which is fine. And that’s the thing, right? Where you said like, like, getting back to your body? It’s a constant thing. It’s the awareness of like, Oh, where are my thoughts hijacking me? Where are my emotions? Hi, Jackie, where I? Am I numbing myself with social media and all the horrible pictures I’m seeing and where do I want to get on that bandwagon or aware of where am I not in the highest frequency of joy and scrumptious? pneus. And being me, because once you I think hijack is actually really good word because it’s our energy is not in that high frequency. It’s just like it’s being pulled in one direction in the other direction. I know we’re in a dualistic world. But once we can get rid of that, those energetic blocks as energetic frequencies that are keeping us in that box once we can unbox it ourselves. And then it’s like, oh, there is so much more possible. And I can also see where a lot of people will be very frustrated. And then like, yeah, paid. Everyone talks about energy being being an money being an energy, but how come it’s not here yet? You know, how can I attract more? And this is always the question, How can I do it? And how can I do it yesterday?

Barbie Kalev  17:19

We’re impatient. And so the question for your podcast, it’s like, how did you get to 100? By the time this episode comes out, in however many weeks, you’ll probably be like 4 million. But like, I didn’t even ask you. I didn’t even ask you how, even though my human brain is like, we let that happen. Right. But I’m like, because it just did. I mean, you’re so in. In the flow. It’s your time. It’s it’s just it is.

Juliette Karaman  17:52

It’s funny, right? I was talking to a coach who was put in contact with me earlier, we hadn’t met before. But he wants to start his podcasts and starting I think this month.

Juliette Karaman  18:04

So he was just like,

Juliette Karaman  18:07

how I know like, that’s not the question. It’s just who do you get to be and I’m like, What is your mission? He’s like, Oh, well, that’s what I help people. I’m like, good. Just turn it to yourself. What’s your mission? What do you like talking about? I gave him some strategies like not to keep them not to make the podcast length too long of an episode. Because yeah, people’s attention is usually around 2535 minutes. Some people we can listen to forever, but it’s just like, just get a few in and people like to binge Listen, I’ve noticed, I had these people saying to me, it’s like, Oh, my God, I had you on eight episodes. I listened to eight episodes one after Yeah. And I was like, Well, okay. Or it’s but you know, I know that I’m the same like if I find an incredible series or something on Netflix, or great books, and I’ll buy from the next thought from that author, I’ll buy two or three of them. Because I kind of want to stay in that frequency gives me something right. And we liked like, Nadia, my My other guest was saying it’s like we receive each other’s frequencies. And we all have codes, right? So you have some codes that I may not have, but by us being together, I get a frequency upgrade, you get a frequency upgrade, we kind of like exchange energy by being in each other’s presence, and then all of a sudden, it’s like, you know, something shifts, a little door opens and energetic frequency or at a different things, and you start magnetising new things.

Barbie Kalev  19:40

Yes. So two things number one, so I haven’t podcast two

Juliette Karaman  19:46

that has tell us what’s it called?

Barbie Kalev  19:49

It’s next level greatness.

Juliette Karaman  19:52

Next Level greatness. Yes. Next

Barbie Kalev  19:54

Level greatness. And I have to tell you, that when you launched it

Barbie Kalev  19:59

oh A week later. I think it took you a week to have like, 20,000 Something downloads. And I don’t remember, but I remembered because my, my, my brain went to like, oh, it’s taken me 16 months to get to for me thinking 1000 parasite. parasite is right. And I was are you drinking champagne? No. Um, well,

Juliette Karaman  20:25

I actually I haven’t drank champagne, no logged, it might have become Bucha that you saw me drinking. But

Barbie Kalev  20:32

anyway, so I saw where my brain went to comparison mode. And I, but I quickly recognised it. And I brought myself back and I’m like, this is her journey. I have no idea of where you’ve been before. Again, this is there’s no comparison. So I just was able to be happy for you. But I did have that moment of, ah, I’m not there. And what do I need to do? But it’s like, Who do I need to? Who do I need to be, we all have our different process. And our and things can change overnight. And so I quickly let that go. And I was able to truly, truly celebrate your success. Because I think what happens a lot of the times is we get stuck on what’s not happening for us. And then we we we ride that wave as opposed to jumping in the energy are plugging into the magic that is happening in your life and that frequency, and writing that. So I had a very interesting experience. The other day, I went to a my first in person event in years. And because I was so disconnected for so long, I didn’t realise that I was actually good at reading people’s energy. Mm hmm. And that is part of my human design and my gene keys that I can feel things that I can see things, I see the bigger picture, I automatically can see what is often a pattern. And so I went to this in person event with enlightened women. And the experience that I had was the women who were very clear on who they are, what they’re here to do. There was no interference. That’s the message that I got. That was the frequency that I received. And for the women who were also creating magic and putting magic, they were all entrepreneurs putting magic out into the world, when I felt their self doubt and insecurity. That was the predominant feeling. So the aha moment that I had for myself was this, of course, this is felt when we are presenting ourselves on our podcast or social media in our business. There’s that interference complaint. And so where are we creating interference? Where do we need to clear some of those blocks? And I

Barbie Kalev  23:15

don’t feel that from you. The reasons why I just enjoy like, I really do find you scrumptious. I don’t feel that interference. Even if I know that there are difficult circumstances in your life right now. So

Juliette Karaman  23:34

thank you. And I think that is something that we all work out. Right? It does get to be easier, right? Because a lot of people saying, Oh my God, you’ve done so much healing, you’ve done so much work, when does the work ever stop. I’m like, probably when I’m dead, when I’m actually not in this meaty body anymore, but when I’ve passed on, and when my energy actually is still there, but it’s a different frequency. And it just has a different meaning. But there’s also the myth of it having to be really hard for and this is where I think you can then tap into actually the different frequency. We talked about this earlier where you said, Yeah, I was good, hard. efforting and I have been there to efforting and I would always know what other people needed and I know what you need, or let me help you have this. And once you get away from that, then you recognise that actually, perhaps the podcast is not meant to be that huge or but perhaps you being in that room there gave that code to someone that they now carry with them and that they now are spreading out into the world. So it’s just having that massive trust of like yes, every day we do the work and what others people would other people feel as success might be something completely different for you. For me, it’s like if one person shows up, that means that my message is going out into the world. If I show up, I show up for me. I show up because I want to do the work because I want to bring this forth and at times, yes, I’m like, Oh my God, you know, I just feel like going back to sleep watching Netflix, eating 10 cookies or not doing anything. And also recognising that it’s that state that frequency, we can we can shift that state we can change our state so quickly.

Barbie Kalev  25:34

Yes, I was when I was walking one of our dogs earlier today. I was just thinking I was listening to Eckhart Tolle, and he was saying, you know, how am I going to feel when I get the house? He’s like, him, he’s kind of funny. He’s like, Well, I’m going to feel exactly the way that I do now. And I think so many people still they pursue worth things, thinking that it’s going to change their state. So okay, my podcast is at 20 something 1000? For example. How am I going to feel when we do reach 100,000? Probably the same. Probably. That’s more on last unless we begin to enjoy the process now.

Juliette Karaman  26:20

Completely. And that was it, right? Like chasing the 100,000. Like, ah, that was my aim reaching 100,000 people. And then once I got there, it was like disbelief and like, because oftentimes something good happening to us is more difficult to process than something bad happening. So it’s like, oh, I stick my feet in the grass was like, okay, like, calming my nervous system down. I’m like, I’m just about to blow. Yeah. And then it kind of became a new normal. And I’m just like, oh, so this is now. Yeah, there, it’s not so unusual to I feel very differently. And this is what I’ve talked to you. Yeah, I have twin daughters of 22. And I’ve got two boys, 24 and 25. I talked about to the girls and to their friends, they were talking about cosmetic surgery, and how they would feel and why certain people would want it. And I’m like, I actually think it’s really good for people to work with a coach or to work with someone to already feel good about yourself to already imagine yourself as you are. And then if you get the bigger boobs, or the smaller boobs, or the nose job, or that this or that, or, or whatever it is, you’re already feeling good about yourself. It’s just a little added thing. How many people have I seen that actually? Or how many mothers have I worked with that their children have actually committed suicide after? After cosmetic surgeries because they still felt a shit as before. And it’s like,

Barbie Kalev  28:04

less than just idea. Yeah, and it’s this applies to anything that applies to beauty it applies to well, if people only knew that becoming wealthy, won’t actually change anything unless you change in the process. That’s why I’m so relaxed about it. And I did get the rooms. And when I was 23, I had, I had an ex husband that said that my eyes were droopy and so I wanted to change them to make him love me more. And I had like a, like an eye lift or something. I don’t even know what it was. And it left scars in on my face that are a reminder for me for ever. And now I’m okay with the SARS. I don’t want the boobs. I just haven’t gone through the process. But yes, I totally agree and understand that it’s, if we can, I mean, this sounds so basic, right? This is so basic, and we can truly just enjoy the process where we are right now, as we are doing the thing, all of the things, all of the things and the big thing for me in my life right now, because we are navigating very difficult circumstances is how can I add in the joy even with the pain? And what I was thinking was, there’s there there are folks who they’ve gone through difficult life events, and they’re still living in the past. So they’re still holding on to that like baggage, right? Just Kids who they are their identity. But then what about those who are navigating difficult circumstances in the moment, which is you which is me. Where’s the joy to be found and This, it’s in this moment, like in this very moment, I’m so enjoying this conversation next month.

Juliette Karaman  30:07

And that’s it, right? I mean, it’s it’s not rocket science. I mean, if we look at all the 1000s of books and all the gurus and whoever has been talking about this, we all bring it down to the same thing. It’s like inner happiness, inner peace. Now, bringing it back to the where is your little light? You know, where’s that little point of light that you can hook into today that you can, or just this moment, like, you and I are having a massively intimate connection? You know, we might not, we might oppose politically or whatever. I mean, I don’t even think we do. But it’s just like, but we are having an intimate connection. If the world could just come back to where can we become intimate with each other? Without all the other noise? And then we come back to the where can we become intimate with each other? Where can we become intimate with ourselves and really notice, even with all the stuff going on in our lives, where can we find that vibration of joy of scrumptious nurse of whatever the word is for you?

Barbie Kalev  31:19

It’s that it’s that it’s almost like wait, how can your message be so simple? Right, because because we tune into different people’s frequency, right? So mainstream, you know, there’s Dr. Joe Dispenza, which is somewhat mainstream Eckhart Tolle, which the public knows, and then there’s you, and then there’s me, and someone will resonate to what I’m saying, someone will resonate to what you’re saying in the way that you’re using your language and your body and your being and just so even though I say this all the time, it’s not rocket science. But there are so many forget, right?

Juliette Karaman  32:06

We also forget, it’s like I forget every, not every moment, but I forget a few times during the day, and I get hijacked the way my energy is not mine anymore. I’m like, oh, okay, let’s do some clearing, let’s do whatever tools we can use, right? Because we all have an abundance of tools. And thank God for that. Right? And there are so many people around the world helping each other with different tools, so that it’s not difficult to get your hands on some tools, so that you can clear yourself and they can not be stuck in that story of the past of what happened or future projective how you will feel while actually lets us find the joy in where we are now.

Barbie Kalev  32:51

Yeah, and I just burped and I listened to that episode that you had with Melanie not the episode but the channel. And you were talking about burping and farting and I’m on the plane to this and I’m like burping and farting. And as you’re speaking right now I’m like why am I burping? So thank you thank you for that Juliet we’re clearing some stuff right now.

Juliette Karaman  33:14

Yeah, and that’s it right to a lot of people who don’t know this when you pass gas when that energy Yeah, moving of course you know, if you’ve had a lot of cheese in my case, I’ll be I’ll be passing a lot of gas. But when I work with people energetically either I or the other person will start yawning will start burping will start passing gas. And that is all the energetic frequencies just moving around a bit and that’s completely fine. This has been the light for my love you too. Thank you. Can you let me know where where can people find you? Where they’re like, Barbie? I want to get to know you want to be in your world?

Barbie Kalev  33:57

Yes, on Instagram of Barbie dot Kolev. And on Facebook Barbie Barbie collab. And I am currently I have like all these links. I’m currently working on my website. So that is not up yet. But it will be by the end of the year. This has been this has been such a pleasure. Such a joy. I feel such calm. Just cast.

Juliette Karaman  34:26

And that’s it right. It’s just I like saying to people, it’s kind of like a fly on the wall. It’s friends or it’s people being intimate with each other with what’s going on in their lives. We give some tips. We give some ways for people to move through what might be going on for them. But it’s just like you’re just having an intimate peek into what two scrumptious women are saying.

Barbie Kalev  34:51

Yes, this has been wonderful. Thank you so much Juliet, you are amazing. Thank you for being here.

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