Episode 52 Embracing the Sacred Masculine: A Journey to Self-Validation and Healing with Amy Lee Westervelt

On: Jan 5, 2024

Welcome to another episode of The Scrumptious Woman! In this episode, host Juliette Karaman engages in a captivating conversation with Amy Lee Westervelt, a woman of many facets—mentor, mystic, mother, and goddess. They explore the profound concept of the sacred masculine, its role in self-discovery, and its transformative power.*


In this insightful episode, Juliette and Amy delve into the essence of the sacred masculine and its crucial role in the journey of self-recognition and healing for women. Amy, self-described as a mentor mystic mother goddess, shares her evolution and the importance of connecting with the sacred masculine within. The discussion navigates through the concepts of duality, contrast, and the reciprocation of trust and affection.

Key Takeaways:

1. Duality and Recognition: Amy explains the significance of duality in experiencing self and how recognizing contrasts in others contributes to self-awareness.
2. Inner Masculine as a Divine Guide: Amy guides stressed and strong-willed women to connect with their inner sacred masculine, fostering self-support, love, and guidance.
3. Reciprocation and Trust: The discussion explores the reciprocation of trust as an essential element in the relationship with the sacred masculine, leading to a deeper understanding of self.
4. Receiving as Empowerment: Amy challenges societal norms by emphasizing that receiving is a form of empowerment, a recognition of one’s divinity.


Juliette and Amy wrap up the episode with a vibrant exchange, expressing the transformative power of embracing the sacred masculine and its potential to revolutionize self-love, validation, and the pursuit of desires.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP52

Wed, Dec 27, 2023 5:18PM • 27:49


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Amy Lee Westervelt, Juliette Karaman


Amy Lee Westervelt  00:00

Welcome again to another episode of The scrumptious woman and I have with me a very scrumptious woman, Amy Lee Westervelt. Now you are a woman extraordinaire. I don’t quite know what category to put you in, because we can’t box you in, which is beautiful, right? Coach, mother, psychic healer? I mean, why don’t you actually explain what who you are?


Amy Lee Westervelt  00:33



Amy Lee Westervelt  00:34

so loaded question for sure. Um, I am, the way I like to describe myself is mentor mystic Mother Goddess. And that’s because like you said, I wear many hats. And I play many roles in this earth scape that we call home. But also, I’m constantly evolving. And I feel like I’m one of those people, I could never get a tattoo of what I do on my face, because to get it removed pretty quickly, I honestly, I mean, just, you know, going with everything that’s going on in the world, and the way that my opinions and my thoughts are evolving, and I sometimes don’t even recognise who I am the previous week. But if I was to say, you know, like what I do in the world, I would say that I help, you know, stressed out strong willed women connect to the sacred masculine part of them that wants to support them, love them, guide them, that inner divinity that’s there to advocate for them so that they can start to create validation and healing from the inside out.


Juliette Karaman  01:42



Amy Lee Westervelt  01:43

And I really love where you said that, from one moment to the next, we don’t even recognise ourselves anymore, because we evolve, right? And then I know that we spoke about this afterwards, I can’t put who we are and what we do, and a little bio, it doesn’t actually work. And even when people meet you or me or a lot of us, it’s just like, so what do you do? I just thought completely. And I love that you have your mom of five kitties as well, aren’t you? Yeah,



yeah, that that didn’t that didn’t come in the instructions for this life. That was, that was a surprise. Um, but you know, when you when you love to hang out with your partner as much as I do, it’s on happen. So, and


Amy Lee Westervelt  02:31

I love this, I’ve been hearing this divine masculine and feminine. And so many people have explained it in a way which is female, and male. And it’s evolved so much from that. And I know that some people are still very much in that gender position about it. Would you explain to our listeners just a little bit how, how you came about it? And when what you mean with your divine masculine, your inner masculine? And how that helps you?



Yeah, so basically, what it comes down to is, the self is genderless, you’re absolutely right. But in order to experience its self, there needs to be contrast, right. So if you’re showing up in the world, in the feminine, then it makes sense that the contrast that you would need in order to see yourself would be the masculine. And so if a person shows up in the world is their masculine, then their inner other would be feminine. And the difference is just it’s it’s the contrast, right? So it’s like, if there’s the hard, then there’s the soft, and you can’t see the soft, unless you have the hard to compare it to. So if we think about like, when we started, you know, way back the beginning, when creation started, there was one thing there was one thought there was one entity that created or when one thought form that created everything. And in order to have something not be that thing, it had to be separate. So from the moment that creation began, and this is this was downloaded into me, we had duality. We cannot experience self without duality when you look at somebody and they trigger the shit out of you, because you’re looking at them and you’re like, oh my god, like she drives me nuts. That’s because you recognise the contrast. You’re like, well, this is what I don’t want to be. And I couldn’t see that. I didn’t have that in me. And also value the opposite of that, right? And so when we start to recognise that we are everything, it makes the picture make more sense. Now, when it comes to this inner other, when we look at it from the contrast, we can then see ourselves through the lens of the other. So for example, you think of yourself, you think of Juliette, you think you’re looking through your own eyes, I’ve got blonde hair, I’m looking over here, I’m looking over there, but if you suddenly make yourself object. And now all of a sudden, you’re outside looking at the you that you are, and you can’t feel any of the insecurities. You can’t feel any of that, oh, I have this hangnail, you’re just looking at this gorgeous Goddess of a creature. Look at how she loves humanity. Look at how she creates so much wholeness look at look at the pure perfection of her. And so connecting with the sacred masculine energy in the case of the feminine, really helps us to witness our own divinity in a way that we wouldn’t be able to do if we didn’t have that alternative perspective, so to speak.


Amy Lee Westervelt  05:37

And I love what you say about duality, right. And also the charge that comes with it the interference, right, it’s like, we want to be one we want to be the goddess, but we don’t want to be the whatever the devil though, whatever the opposite is for us. But unless we can embody both of it, and unless we can release that charge, that interference that pulls us to one or that pushes away from the other. Just can’t, and I love how you explain that. Using that inner masculine, that divine masculine to really see yourself right, because we don’t see ourselves we would see reflections in the mirror of who we think we are or what you mirror back to me, that is how we can then really see the whole perfection of the human in front of us.



Absolutely. And it’s through that perfection that we recognise that there’s almost like a romance that’s taking place. If you think back to when you were young, and you really go oh my gosh, that boy or that girl liked me like they, you know, they looked at me, they gave me the nod. It’s like you’ve got this energy inside of you this just like. And we tend to put that away when we couple up when we have you know, had this big, beautiful wedding and we were the beautiful white dress. And then from that moment on, it’s like everything’s downhill. And when you start connecting to this energy, and you recognise you’ve got a secret admirer every single day, who wakes up every morning next to you and it’s like, you look ravishing, you are amazing. I’m going to provide for you all day today, I just want to hear everything you desire, just lay it out there be as vulnerable as you need to, because I am here to make all of your needs. And all of your desires come true. And all I need you to do is surrender to my leadership. Can you do that? And most women are like, Nope, you’re the enemy. You’re terrible, you know, like, I don’t want to receive receiving makes me vulnerable. And so when we start to open up this energy and recognise this is you, it’s just an aspect of you can’t be, it’s like you can’t drive two cars at once. You can have a Jag and you can have a Lamborghini. And you can own the keys to both, but you can’t drive them both down the street at the same time. So what we’re recognising is this duality is the consciousness and stepping into the feminine, and allowing herself to be supported by the masculine, and then stepping into the masculine and allowing himself to enjoy the receiving of the feminine. They’re both eyes, but we can’t drive them both at the same time.


Amy Lee Westervelt  08:14

That’s such a beautiful essay, he can’t drive both cars at the same time. I love that. Or for me, I’d only seen it like the bus driver were like we’ve got all these personas, we’ve got all these these parts of us. And not everyone is capable of driving the car at that point. You might have your three year old sitting in the back as a drive. It’s like no, no, no, no, no, you don’t get to drive the car. But really the way that you portrayed this and kind of like played with and I love that the central energy that you’re creating here is that you have this lover inside of you, that just wants to adore you worship you hold you. And I think this is where woman that can start to feel where they can actually go like, Oh, I can actually do that for myself explain a bit more, how would they go about it?



Yeah. And what it also does is when you recognise that you have this internally, you get to be a lot more discerning about what you take in externally. Now all of a sudden, women are no longer having to settle for bread crumbs, from their partners from their co workers from their clients. You know, you get to be a lot more discerning about what gets to be in your energy when you know that what you’ve got right here is already perfection. Everything else is just the cherry on top. And I think that’s really where the shift comes is being able to recognise that you don’t have to settle. You know, we hold our partners to a higher standard. We hold our clients to a higher standard, we hold our lives to a higher standard because we recognise my sister used to have the same. She won’t ever admit that it was her saying, but she taught it to me when I was little, it takes a mighty good man to be better than no man at all. Sure, you could say the same about women. But it really kind of echoes the sentiment of like, we’re already perfect. And so anything that’s going to come into our field that’s going to come into our our awareness gets to be absolutely aligned.


Amy Lee Westervelt  10:33

Isn’t it beautiful? I remember my first coaching. Pitching course my first certification. I remember flying to New York for seven weeks, seven weekends. The first weekend, we were told that we were perfect. And everyone is fighting against this. And now we’re not perfect. And what do you mean, look at my flaws here. And it took basically a three Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, it took some people until Sunday to move from the seats of like some of the people that we get are like yeah, I get it. I’m perfect. I’m I’ve been born perfect. As a baby. I was perfect. I just had some, some things come in some beliefs come in. But actually I realised that I’m perfect, perfectly imperfect. So they were sitting on one side. And it took pretty much just four days, three and a half days for people to move to that side. And there were still some that still didn’t believe it. And this is what I was talking about this the other day, and it was yesterday with a friend of mine, Judy, and she’s like, but we have freewill. We have freewill. And we fight it this is how the how the energy attaches like we fight for for, you know, knowing that we are right for our free will. And we fight for for not being perfect. And this is what I think what’s just what’s at the bottom of humanity and suffering and pain.



Yeah, I think you know, you make a good point, I think that we fight for it, because we don’t trust it. We don’t trust like what happens if it just wakes up one day and decides not what if the universe decides not to support me, then i i At the end of the day, I am the one who is in charge of my own well being. And if heaven forbid, the universe fails me. What do I do? Who can I blame? You know, well, I shouldn’t have counted on the universe, right? And so it’s definitely a mindset shift that has to take place where it’s like, Okay, what if you’re completely destitute, what like, let’s just take everything away, you’re sleeping on someone’s couch, you know, if that maybe you’re sleeping on a park bench, you’re still here. You still you could still become a millionaire, you could still like, even at the deepest, darkest moment, there’s still perseverance, there’s still awareness. So ergo, something is keeping you here something is creating a safety net, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Right? And so can you allow yourself to recognise that that just like your parents, you know, when they throw you up in the air, they made sure they caught you, hopefully, or those trust falls, right? That that energy, which in our case is the sacred masculine, because that is the contrast, right? If we’re the human, then the inner is the Divinity, it’s the part of us that that is connected to source that we have a relationship with or don’t, that is providing that contrast. So human versus goddess, you know, masculine versus feminine, dark versus light, all of this duality is taking place. And so when we come into right relationship with this energy, and we kind of just lean back and say, Okay, I trust you to take care of this. We have to take that next step and say, and even if no, there is no even if because if I say even if that’s the negation of the trust, so it’s so hard, but like, the more that we feel into it, and the more and the more we look at the evidence, you know, how many times did the universe let you die? In this lifetime, anyway, not right. Yeah, something’s happening. I always say, you never see a CAT skeleton and entry. They go up there, and it’s very scary, but they come back, you know, and so starting to lean into this relationship and also recognising that that trust now this is this is one of the deepest parts of this. The trust in and of itself is the reciprocation. So when we think about a relationship, he gets me flowers. Oh, I need to do something nice for him. But But when it comes to the masculine, receiving is the reciprocation. Trust is the reciprocation, it’s not giving a thing, it’s not gifts, it’s them being allowed to see you receive. And so many women are turned off from that from the masculine completely. Because if I let him see what I love, now, all of a sudden, he has, you know, he has something on me, he knows what I desire, he can control me with my desire. But again, coming back to trust sacred masculine is like maybe I don’t want to control you. I want to lead you, I want to guide you, I want to bring you to the promised land. And all I need you to do is trust me, do you love me enough to trust me? So when we look at it from the perspective of reciprocation, of affection, I think that that makes the trust piece a little bit easier to swallow.


Amy Lee Westervelt  15:59

I love this, just how can we trust? How can we receive I mean, I remember when I first started my personal development journey, I’d go to these retreats, and they would put me at effect, and I’m like, does that mean, like, you’re gonna sit in this biggest chair, you gotta put your feet up, and you can’t do anything. And I was like, Saran, like a household with seven kids. I’m like, What do you mean? Are we general almost, like everyday? God? It’s time, like, no, everything that you would like, you need to ask for. I was like, but I can just get my own water. It’s like, yes, you can. But your challenge is to ask for it. And then to receive it. And then if you don’t like it, to make an adjustment, and I was like, really? So I’m sure a lot of women are like, receiving, I think has probably been my lifetimes journey. Where it’s that cycle of giving, receiving to do it again, right? Where we’ve been taught that it’s better to give maybe.



Yeah, exactly. And it’s interesting, because, you know, you and I, we love the kink world, right. So you look at restraints, like, why men like restraints, it’s not because it’s like, Oh, I get off in the fact that she can’t move. It’s like, she can’t reciprocate. She literally has to just sit there and I get to watch her ride with pleasure. You know, or like for me, like I finally uncovered my degradation kink. And I’m like, why is this there? It’s not that I like to be made to feel less that I am going to push away any kind of pleasure of receiving. So when you’re calling attention to the fact that I don’t have a choice but to receive, oh my God, my whole body just lets go. It’s like, I don’t have a choice. So I might as well feel good, right? Because up until that moment, until I’m being essentially forced to feel the pleasure. I’m like, oh my god, what would my mother say? And this makes me a bad girl and all the but when you remove all of that, and it’s just like you love the way this feels, don’t you? And don’t get me wrong. My sacred masculine is a dirty, dirty eggplant, okay. Something he says something’s put, I need that and that is there. Now not everybody’s sacred masculine is going to be like, you know, kinky, dominant, like, mine is. Mine happens to be a, what’s the word I’m looking for? The very, it’s it’s escaping me at the Capricorn. He’s Capricorn. So he’s very, like, okay, we’re doing this, and we’re doing this and we’re, you know, he’s very dominant, and not everybody’s will be that way. But being able to lean into that relationship, and you know, like, I’m doing something and I’m getting frustrated because I’m a goddess, and it’s like, okay, okay, you know, so really being able to create that relationship. And then my husband’s in a bitchy mood, or he’s just being whatever and is in his feels. I can walk away and still be fulfilled, and taken care of in the way that I need to be and not come back when he’s ready with resentment of like, you left me you know, it’s like, my needs were met baby, you don’t worry. Like you come when you come. And you don’t when you don’t, and I’m fine in between. And can I just tell you, and I know you know this because you’re like me, it makes you so disgustingly magnetic to everything around you when you don’t need anything. The world is like, how can I get into your energy? How can I how can I make eye contact with you right now because you don’t need me. And when you don’t need you are an energetic match for everything you desire.


Amy Lee Westervelt  19:52

So if you had a fun, it’s funny. The moment I thought of your husband, my cat is the husband to have that you brought them up. Don’t like, of course.



Love that. He loves that conversation the other day with arrows on a walk with him. And he’s like, that was so cool to watch was like, yeah, absolutely. Like, you know, like this is he’s here. And I remember one day I was telling my husband about something that I had, I was talking with arrows about. And I came back in my room and I was like, I hope it’s okay that I said that to him. And he goes in this world, your his butt in that, you know, in our world, your mind. And I was like, okay. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.


Amy Lee Westervelt  20:38

And that’s the thing, right? So I’m a DOM, my partner’s a DOM. So that brings a little bit of like, doesn’t know magnet doesn’t quite work, right. So I’ve learned how to switch with him. And me being a DOM is more a life choice and more because I learned how to do that. But it doesn’t mean that in relationship I don’t want to be held and that I just want to actually surrender to suffer. It’s because it might work, I’ve had to actually hold people and hold that container really tightly in and deal with trauma. And for me, kink has really helped with trauma and helped me helped others through traumas. And when you were talking about being tied up or being told what to do it this is one of the things that I do often with my clients is have their partner’s tie them up, and it might just be their legs like and a mermaid thing. But the body can actually visibly relaxed the whole nervous system, it says that you’ve got this, I don’t have to make decisions, I can just be there. And of course, you have to kind of like look out for for little signals like that, which is why I think Don should always be very trauma informed and see all of this. But the beauty is like, can we surrender? Can we just, you know, let go because no one wants to have someone who’s like, clenched up. But um, yeah, that butthole was tight as any day was actually like, people that are relaxed that can can go with the flow, but that also can just surrender into that beautiful, dominant energy.



Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And for me, it’s been so therapeutic. I mean, there was a really long time where I was very much in the closet about my non vanilla proclivities. And our, you know, obviously, our sex life suffered from that. And then one day, my husband’s like, what gives? How come you’re never there? And how come you never want I’m like, why. And once we open that can of worms, it was like, a whole different, a whole different energy. But you know, this, this kind of came about, and I know, we’re backing into this backwards, and we don’t have a lot of time. But this came about because my husband did a 40 day water fast. And he was just not there. I mean, he went on a journey inside of himself, he, you know, started looking like Christian Bale and the machinist he was like, 12 pounds or something. And he was just very much not. Not I mean, how do you go from being a dominant and like, someone, you’re following someone’s energy, and then he’s like, you know, what, I’m just going to check out, like, as a sub that’s, you know, especially a TPE sub, that’s like, a big shock. So it kind of started to go crazy, a little bit. And I was like, Okay, well, I’m not going to cheat on him, right? I’m not going to, you know, I don’t have the ability to do that anyway, on my own car or anything. So like, what am I going to do and, and that is where I started to connect to this sacred masculine energy was out of necessity. And then once my husband came back into the picture, it was like, Oh, wait, I get to keep this. And so that’s kind of it was accidental. But it became such a powerful part of my life. And then when I started playing with it with clients, it started becoming a powerful part of their lives, too. And before we knew it, it was like, Okay, now all of a sudden, instead of pulling the external validation, like hits of, you know, oxygen from everywhere else, let’s learn how to make it internally. And so once we did that, I mean, this is the cure for world peace. This is the fountain of youth. This is if I show you pictures of me five years ago, you wouldn’t even believe it was me. Like, I’ve reversed the ageing process. I’ve I mean, it is it is absolutely the medicine for this for this dimension, this work, connecting to that inner other and so I’m really, I’m really looking forward to more people kind of popping like popcorn and having these downloads in their own way to bring their own spin on it. So that this can start becoming mainstream for the world. I think it’s really going to be life changing. I


Amy Lee Westervelt  24:34

love it. I mean, I call it my scrumptious pneus Yeah, the orgasm that runs through us you call it your, your inner muscular. I kind of like that. Yeah, having the masculine lover. So how can people find you do you break? Do you do this in a course how, how did they learn more about this?



So I have an Instagram it’s called the Amy Lee Westervelt. Pretty easy and I have have on their free five day. So the way that the thing that I call it is energetics. So you take arrows and then the pertaining to when you put those two together and it’s like it’s beautiful. So energetics masterclass, it’s a free little five day. Well, it was five days but five hours, whatever, that you can binge and then you can find me on Facebook I think I have a tick tock I do have a tick tock so yeah, I’m pretty easy to find by my name. But yeah, I got I got all kinds of goodies. I


Amy Lee Westervelt  25:30

love it so people can find you on all the usual suspects. And then do you take people through a course or or what what happens afterwards? They benches, they like this, they love it. And they’re like, Okay, I want more of this in my life. How do I feel?



There’s kind of like a three part integration process. The first part is devotion, which is showing up in devotion of this energy of this inner divinity of being like, Okay, I know that I kind of ignored you for a long time, you’ve got to kind of show that could faith that you want to be there that you want to be in this relationship before we even start working on it. So that’s the first piece and then we go through connection, which is where you get to know each other you know, the meet cute figuring out what his energy is, what your energy is, and then what your energy together is. And then integration is basically where you take this vow of integration and you actually marry that inner part of you. I think history calls it heroes gammas fully matrimony, where you actually come together with this energy internally, and you basically surrender your, you know, creativity and your desires to the leadership and the protection of this inner other and you kind of integrate the two and that’s really where the manifestation and the magic starts to happen. I love


Amy Lee Westervelt  26:48

  1. Now, I can’t imagine that some of the women and men may be listening to this, like, that sounds like I’m gonna have a threesome in my marriage.



Little bit. The only difference is he doesn’t get to enjoy him like you wouldn’t even know where to find him. You know? Like he does


Amy Lee Westervelt  27:04

through some? Yes,



I do. I do reverse harem situation all the way.


Amy Lee Westervelt  27:13

Love it. Love it. Love it. Oh my god. This has been absolutely incredible. I love what you bring to the world. I love your your vivacious nurse. You’re, I mean, there’s such depth to it as well. But I know we’ve we’ve just covered like the tiny, tiny little tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more that you do and you bring and you are. But it’s been wonderful having you.



Thank you so much for having me, Julianne, it’s been my sincere pleasure long time coming and I look forward to having you on my show as well. Absolutely.


Amy Lee Westervelt  27:45

We’d love it. All right, my love’s

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