Episode 49 Unlocking the Secrets of Sensual Exploration: Dive into the Art of Adaptable Intimacy and Fearless Sexual Discovery with Leidy Dahiana

On: Dec 26, 2023

Welcome to another incredible episode of The Scrumptious Woman podcast. Today, we’re in for a fantastic exploration of sexuality with the incredible Leidy Dahiana. So, grab your drink, get comfy, and let’s dive in!

In this conversation, Leidy Dahiana and Juliette discuss the importance of exploring sexuality without a specific goal or destination. They emphasise the need to constantly adapt and communicate with partners, as individuals and relationships constantly change. Leidy Dahiana encourages permission to experiment and acknowledges that mistakes may happen along the way. She also shares information about her coaching services and in-person immersions. The conversation flows naturally, reflecting the host’s approach of following the energy and allowing the conversation to go wherever it leads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sexuality should be approached as an exploration without a specific end goal.
  • Constant communication and adaptation are necessary in relationships, as individuals are constantly changing.
  • Permission to experiment and make mistakes is important in sexual exploration.
  • Leidy Dahiana offers coaching services and in-person immersions for those interested in exploring their sexuality further.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP49

Fri, Dec 22, 2023 9:34AM • 36:50


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Leidy Dahinana, Juliette Karaman

Juliette Karaman  00:00

All right, lovelies, good to have you back at the scrumptious woman. I have with me the incredible Leidy Dahinana. And she is a mother,

Juliette Karaman  00:13

a sex and transformation coach, a movement specialist and an inspirational speaker. She is the most incredible dancer. She spent 20 years training and coaching in various fields all over the world spreading her message of fierce communication, radical self responsibility and embodied pleasure lady is, is on a delicious mission to raise the collective frequency on this planet, by helping us remember who we are infinite erotic beings who have a ship tonne of superpowers.

Juliette Karaman  00:55

Right, and I love how you

Juliette Karaman  01:00

merge all these things together. Being a mother, we’re just talking about your mother of a two year old, still breastfeeding, running your own company living in a country which is very foreign to where you’re from, right? Like the language, the culture that

Juliette Karaman  01:17

being a mother being a new mother bringing in sensuality, sexuality, and pleasure into your life. While going through all of it, it’s a lot.

Juliette Karaman  01:27

It’s a lot.

Leidy Dahinana  01:33

Laughter helps. Pleasure helps.

Leidy Dahinana  01:37

It’s a lot, but it’s also it’s giving me a lot of strength and superpower. So they, they kind of work both hand in hand, the harder it gets, the stronger I get, the more pleasure I have the ground into. So there’s been a lot of opportunities in it all. And I’m, you know, I’m super grateful for them for that. Yeah. And I love it. Because, you know, I mean, I remember when I had four kids in under three years time, so you know, I don’t recommend that to anyone because that’s really tough on both your body in any marriage or any kind of relationship, and just your mind and fiscally, everything, your sanity.

Juliette Karaman  02:14

I was gonna say it gets easier. But you know, my tickets are my two eldest sons, 24 and 25. Just have world war three together. So no, it doesn’t always given.

Leidy Dahinana  02:26

You just have different types of challenges.

Juliette Karaman  02:30

So it’s easier they will get along when they cool. Yeah, sometimes they don’t. I’ve got four kids. Yeah, I’ve got two boys and then twin girls. Oh,

Leidy Dahinana  02:43

I want to twins I’m doing some manifestations for twins. I have twin brothers. So

Juliette Karaman  02:51

yeah, my sister had twins. My grandfather’s brothers were twins. And it’s all in the genes, right? Oh my god. Okay, you have

Leidy Dahinana  03:01

to tell me that nitty gritty

Juliette Karaman  03:02

that when you’re on this, when you have kids, you don’t necessarily have time for yourself, you really don’t have time for yourself. So tell me how do you and your partner how do you find time for yourself with a little two year old?

Leidy Dahinana  03:19

Okay, so I think the first thing is that there’s no such thing as finding the time. Because you won’t find it’s, it’s really about creating the time and then that may sound cliche, but it’s the only way and I’m all for spontaneous pleasure and play. But I’ve never had to be so organised about putting pleasure in at the beginning, I had a resistance around it. But then I just realised this is the only way if I don’t get intentional about it, because prior to having Zion, we would have focused on you know, all day and all night and afternoon and morning, you know, so it just we don’t have that much time and the energy is not infinite. You know, after I’ve been breastfeeding all day long. And Zion has a little habit where he would like breastfeed on one boob and pull on the other nipple pull way grab you know so so they’re both very tired and when I’m done with that I’m definitely not wanting to be touched in certain parts of my body. So first I kept the self pleasure practice because pleasure with my lover has to be very specific. I need to first ground ground myself. And then I need to find a way okay, am I ready for another body another energy to engage with me because I’m so touched out from Zion. Engaging with me all the time. So really beautiful.

Juliette Karaman  05:03

I want to just kind of anchor that in. You’re breastfeeding here at nurturing this other, this child, this other human. And yet you want to connect with your lover your partner? And it’s like, do I actually have the capacity for this? Right? And I’m just slowing it down, because people might need to just allow themselves to realise it’s like, oh, I never thought about this, I never realised that I might need to just check in with myself.

Leidy Dahinana  05:35

Yeah, thank you for this slowing down, Julia, because I’m like, Yeah. And, and to that point, there has to be a slowing down of like, okay, I want pleasure. But I actually need distance first. And that gives me pleasure, just distance, you know, first ground, and then checking, what do I need? What do I want to I just need a self pleasure session for me, do I actually just want to cuddle with my lover is it about having an intimate conversation where I can vent and cry and kind of collapse, and then maybe move in to play. So I’m slowing down, getting intentional, and then letting it be messy and imperfect, like, sometimes we’ve had sex with Zion Next was sleeping, that’s not ideally how I want it to happen. But sometimes, that’s how, you know that has been the way to work. Sometimes we start and we can finish and we have to start and restart and, and just kind of being okay with that. So letting go of a lot of maybe standards of perfection or has to be like this, or I want this playlist or, you know, sometimes it’s just, this is what I can get not in a depleting kind of way, but if I get some of this, this becomes my adult play. Because I cannot be in like mama land all day. So it becomes a little bit like a fuck you to mama land, I’m going to adult land, I’ll see you later. And that makes me feel really good kind of just to separate and rebel from all that responsibility and all that like goodness and go be like a bad girl and adult for a little bit and then recharge to come back and do it all over again.

Juliette Karaman  07:33

I love this. And there’s also a bit that you said like let’s let go of the perfectionism of the searching for an orgasm or wanting to finish because I mean I remember like how many times have we actually initiated or just started like massaging or kissing and then one of the kids are like Oh, come on. Like do I need to get to the new do I need to get to the bathroom? And yes, I would escape to the bathroom from time to time and just put my head in between my my my knees and just read for a minute since I can I can do this but it’s it’s not slowing down and not having a goal not having an outcome love that you said sometimes I just need to vent I just want to be held or maybe just being touched it doesn’t intimacy doesn’t need to look or feel a certain way. And it can be messy. And as long as both of us are on board with that. Okay, now it can be anything it can look like anything. It’s that moment of connection.

Leidy Dahinana  08:46

Yeah, I need to cry when I’m tired and it’s just like a release so just even doing that like I need someone or I need to cry and just letting him hold me in that space being witnessed in my crying becomes a really big turn on because then I can create space I let go of something that’s touching a lot of space and then I make all right now I have space so yeah, I turn on and pleasure doesn’t look the way look before it just it just changed I’m not who I was before. You know there’s been also the grieving of that. Which has played a big role in that’s the slick ongoing that hasn’t ended. It’s like I’ve embraced my new life. And you know, there’s a lot of times where I’m like I just want to like check out and go do mushrooms somewhere like party my ass off for three days and I can do that.

Juliette Karaman  09:40

So I’ll take that lane please thank you very much like what I used to do that would be super cool or you know, be very spiritual and then just like forget about my life over that. Yeah, I know we all like that from time to time. Love that from


a reason why I had a baby.

Juliette Karaman  09:58

I love that, wow, tell me more for gearing up

Leidy Dahinana  10:07

or just flowing. I never wanted kids, I was obsessed with my freedom. I loved it, I prioritised it over anything and everything I was, it was my biggest lover, it was just so juicy to do whatever I wanted, I didn’t like committing I love getting up one day and be like, I’m gonna move to Thailand. I’m gonna go to Brazil, and having no one depend on me. So I just never I never had the craving. And it was already 38 years old, never had the craving never wanted, it couldn’t understand why someone put themselves under such a responsible life. Like, why would you want without responsibility, I didn’t get it, I would often ask people, but why, like Ken and most people couldn’t explain what you just know, you know, and then they, they laugh, and then it makes it all worth and I’m like, some doing this for a moment of laughter like it was, I couldn’t relate, you know, you know, if you talk to a person who’s not a parent, it’s just, we cannot even, it’s

Juliette Karaman  11:15

not in their energy, it’s just not in their energetic field. They don’t. So just doesn’t

Leidy Dahinana  11:21

exist. And I don’t blame them. Because I was that person. I just didn’t, I couldn’t understand it. And, and I, I did mushrooms with my lover. And we love to kind of do these ceremonies together. And, and I had like a religious spiritual experience, my only one ever. And it was a woman and she’s like, I’m tired of waiting for you. You know, I’ve given you all your freedom, it is time to do this. And she said, these are prime conditions, this mission is bigger than you. This is about all the mothers is about continuing life. Your mind cannot comprehend how important it is. You just have to surrender to it. A woman has to come through you. So I had a boy and I’m like, maybe I the new version of me with the new woman that had to come through I don’t know, or maybe the following kids that are coming. But it was a very it was very strong. And like another part of me came out and she said I’m tired of you suppressing me. You’ve been suppressing me all my life. I want to be free. And then the other part she’s like, Oh my God, thank God I’m tired of folding the ship down on my own, you know, the not wanting to have kids version of me. And it was just like mind blowing like it was so powerful. And I just after that i said i i cannot resist this any longer. There was something there you know, and I just felt so deep in myself. And I opened myself to it maybe this was March and December I got pregnant. Wow.

Juliette Karaman  13:04

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes we really do need that external imprint almost like like the little remembering it’s right for us in our body and our psyche in our soul to remember what our souls mission was, right? What we were actually what we came into this world and, and I see more and more people turning to sacred medicine like mushrooms, Ayahuasca buffo anything else right? I mean, I’ve done a lot of shamanic work with fans as well. And it’s kind of like helps remember, helps that neural pathway, get there a bit quicker and then we don’t often need the plants anymore to get back to that place of oneness. A pleasure remembrance.

Leidy Dahinana  13:57

It almost feels like who I really am, is just starting to come out. I think I was living just maybe from my ego. It was fast. It was about a lot. It was it was just a different frequency. And now that ironically, I want to get pregnant again. I just feel like I was meant to be a mother. And I want to have lots of kids it went from I don’t want no kids so oh my god this one is too much. And I had all those nights where I regretted it. I was literally made a mistake. What did I do? I

Juliette Karaman  14:35

can’t give it back.

Leidy Dahinana  14:39

This lasted for a while and I know a lot of people don’t talk about this but I so

Juliette Karaman  14:43

honest that you do because we some of us do feel that right?

Leidy Dahinana  14:48

And they both existed. I loved him and it was great. And I also was so overwhelmed and I just thought I just fucked up my life because I can’t change this now because I know somebody with like, severe allergies, so it was not like an easy, you know, every day he had an allergic Eruption 1234 and 15 It was very difficult. And yeah had many dark nights of the soul just just really dark thoughts and and now that he has gotten better, and I’m just settling into enjoying motherhood. I’m like, Oh my God, I want more. My body right now Juliet, just one sperm. It’s just all that I want. Is like craving it a hunger for it. And I’m not fighting in my mind is like no one child is easy. We can have our life back. We have one in my body is like, nope. Horseback.

Juliette Karaman  15:48

And some of us Yeah, are meant to have more kids. And some of us I mean, for me, in the beginning, it was quite difficult to it just wouldn’t work. Try and get pregnant. And then the moment that both of us said, yeah, there are a lot of orphans in the world. Why don’t we just adopt, like, make that decision. Like, that sounds actually like a really good thing. And I find it and I had lots of miscarriages in between ectopic pregnancies. And if I look back at it, I would have had a children naturally, if all of them come through. I was like, Wow, isn’t it interesting how we make a decision like, Okay, any child, I’m just meant to be a parent. And it doesn’t matter if it comes through naturally through me, because children just come through me, they’re not 100% off to me, right? So it was just so interesting that when letting go of that expectation of how it should be, then all of a sudden, the door kind of the floodgate opens.

Leidy Dahinana  16:54

Wow, I’m in awe of you. I’m just like, one, you’re grounding me so much. By the way, thank you. Just like your essence is very grounding and delicious. And I cannot even imagine what you went through. You know, you talk about it very lightly. Right now it doesn’t seem charged. But that sounds like a lot.

Juliette Karaman  17:13

At that point card. Yeah. When I remember it and bought another dog, I’m like, Okay, well, I’m not pregnant. So let me give my love to another dog. And I remember her friends with baby. It’s really fun. It’s good practice for having babies. And that just kind of looks to me, like, you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. Like, no, but you know, it’s one step from being completely free, where you don’t have anything by the years. So having an animal that you have to feed and walk in this mat. And then when I had babies, I’m like, Whoa, okay, I now laugh at that person who said this to me earlier. Tonight, isn’t it beautiful? We can just kind of pivot and laugh at our not even stupidity, but just ignorance at that point, because we hadn’t educated ourselves. But we hadn’t lived through that.

Leidy Dahinana  18:02

Yeah. Yeah, I, I almost want to apologise for everything I said before I had a child because I just the ignorance was was so there was it’s just a different planet, there’s no way of explaining it. It’s just you cannot understand. And, um, and it’s humbling. And it makes me really even now, whenever anybody is in a different situation than me just like, I don’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes. And I, you know, I have no right to judge like, I just don’t know, because I have felt things I would have judged before having becoming a mom. So it’s been humbling and it just has made me a better a better human. Like, I don’t care what you told me that you’ve done. I’m like, there must have been a reason you did your best with the resources that you had, where you were and and we move on, you know, so isn’t it

Juliette Karaman  18:54

interesting because we talk about curiosity, having curiosity about what’s happening for the other person in the coaching world and the intimacy world and the sex world a lot. And then you still notice where you’re judging or like, Oh, I’m a judgy little fuck or, and which is great awareness what, what really happens on this path of ascension is or becoming aware, or becoming aware of where our energy is getting hijacked, where you know, we have points of view we were judgy we rebelled against something or we pull towards something. And that is full interference of us being in our most infinite being. And motherhood is a way in sexuality is a way in money power. There are so many different ways that you can start being aware of where the conditioning is actually hijacking your energy. And the more that you start becoming aware of it, there are 5000 different practices that you can do to move stuff through you. And I know that you and I both have the extensive toolkit of, of doing that. And yeah, it’s we still get hijacked. I mean, just this morning, I got hired. And I had my kids calling me from Dubai and one and two o’clock in the morning and I was like, trying to arrange a hotel for what of that I’m like, Oh, my God, this is ever gonna stop and then the whole the whole world and then you see all these babies dying and it’s just like, whoa, okay, I need to just release, release, release. keep releasing, releasing that charge and keep thinking, how can I keep that bird’s eye view on what’s happening? And how can we come back to humanity to curiosity, what’s happening for each other?

Leidy Dahinana  21:04

Yeah, yeah. Let me just breathe because you said a lot of deep stuff right there. You know.

Leidy Dahinana  21:12

It just makes me think that being a mom gives you this opportunity to have this unconditional love, right? Like, doesn’t matter what Zion does, I’m going to love you. And now I get that that is the way ideally that we should all love each other. Even if you’re not my son, even if I’m not your mom. If I can start to see another human being the way I see Zion, that’s a process that’s not an automatic thing. You know, it’s like, My child, my blood, my skin. But I can see how that’s the way it’s meant to be. You know, like, I’m just more patient, you know, if he smacks me in the face, like throws a tantrum, and that’s like a little ungrateful motherfucker, but I’m gonna love you. I’m gonna love you anyway. I might like to curse. I don’t know, how many bleeps you’re gonna put in.

Juliette Karaman  22:07

It will say explicit, explicit material. But that I remember when mine started talking, I was like, Oh, I gotta watch out a little bit.

Leidy Dahinana  22:18

I say. Yeah, I think I said, Fuck, once. I don’t speak to him in English. I speak to him in Spanish and my lover in Croatian, because I really wanted to learn Spanish and we’re living in Croatia, like, I want us to have our little world together. Amazing. I literally, you know, Suffolk once Just once He repeated it like it was he just knew it was juicy. And like, so. They’re magical. They they’re way more events than we they’re just on another level. I feel. And I’m here to teach us I think, more than we are here to teach them so

Juliette Karaman  22:54

completely. Our kids teach us so so much. So lady has gone back a little bit to how you

Juliette Karaman  23:03

help others. Right, I

Juliette Karaman  23:09

mean, you’re a sensuality coach, you help people have juicy sex lives, intimate relationships, communication, dance, you kind of blend it all. And I think there’s a lot of fun in what you also try to rig into just like a lot of humour and a lot of permission.

Leidy Dahinana  23:29

Yeah, I am. One of my superpowers is play. I’m just really good at play. And I love teaching that. But a new developing thing that has been growing is monogamy in long term relationships. Because I was a cheater. I come from like, open marriage. Like I just was like, I don’t I just want to have everything that I want. I want to know commitment and and meeting my soulmate who did not want to be in an open relationship force me to say, okay, how can I still be infinitely playful and an experience infinite pleasure within a container? And I think at first I felt like, it’s not gonna work like. And he has just expanded the creativity and ability to really bring pleasure with one person. And I think right now that’s one of the things that I’m most passionate about, like, how do you sustain it because not that it’s easy, but first year, second year, third year of you can sleep with wherever you want, like there’s so many options, but the longer you are with one person,

Leidy Dahinana  24:54

it just becomes a little different. So yeah, so you want to tell Knock on the door.

Juliette Karaman  25:01

I love it. So the smorgasbord of different people different sensations. I mean, I had five lovers at one point, right? So it was great. And I had a bit of that. That was Yeah. After my, my divorce and then the after a second relationship, kind of what completely haywire, I was like, Okay, I actually don’t want to be in one long term committed relationship. So I had different people, I did different things with different different continents and some work to go out to dinner and to go to play live. And to go to a museum. We have another one’s we’re, that’s it funny. So we wouldn’t really see that much else. And it was kind of like, nice to be able to do that. Because I used to have so much charge on it. And I’m like, Why the hell would you want to do that? Yeah. So me learning about myself, like, anytime I have a question. Like, why the hell do you want to do that? It’s like, okay, there’s a lot of charge there. There’s a lot of interference there. That’s the point to look at. So I started exploring it. And that’s really where it is, right? How can you start exploring that and then come back to it’s like, oh, but I’m actually also really happy with one relationship. But how can we bring plan to that? How can I ask for what I want? And how can I also be so resourced that I feel juicy in myself? So that might mean like, yeah, I shut the door. I’m like, yo, Alex, I’d need an hour by myself. And that might be actually just getting asleep. Cuddling my dogs, yeah, doing some self care, like, like, like, like things like bath, or you’re putting on music and just allowing the grief to move through my body, doing a spinal attunement session on myself or getting someone else to do something on me, or going and getting massages. Sometimes it’s as little as creating my little bundle of joy, some herbs and flowers from the garden, wherever I’m just looking at that touching my skin. And then when I’m resource when I feel that cup of juiciness, I’m like, Okay, now I can invite you to come and play. And that doesn’t mean that it has to be sex all the time. But it could be anything like you said, you’re just like okie stroked my hair. You know, what, what about us in our relationship do you love? What are the areas that you think we can improve? What are the bits that you really are yearning for? But you don’t dare say and if we play lots of communication games like this? Yeah,

Leidy Dahinana  27:44

I like how you said that sometimes even just taking a bath or being alone. Like I find, before I had all these ideas about what self care and pleasure you know, were going to be and now that I’m a mom, and I may not have time to put the pedals and whatever, self pleasure sometimes, just being still in present, not distracted with Netflix, not trying to put a dildo in my pussy, like just just like a pause to so pleasurable when you allow it to happen. Because there’s so much I should I’m a sex coach, I should have this like elaborate self care, self pleasure, you know, milk bath. And so to me, simplicity has become very pleasurable. It just kind of like, letting go of all the extras, the easier something is sometimes the more pleasure I’m in because there’s less for me to do, even when it’s for myself. There’s a reason why I was bald for so long, a little bit of work. I don’t need to do my hair or anything. So I’m less to me is more and, and I’ve been really leaning into spoil me sessions I like to call them Oh, it’s not always about both of us. That That. That doesn’t, that doesn’t always work. The more you feed me selfishly, the more energy I’m gonna have to feed you selfishly and then the more energy we both have to enter the space together with creativity and curiosity, so I think that is my biggest my like my like my go to like, I would like a spoil me session where you massage my pussy for an hour and I want it to be a bossy massage. I want to tell you exactly what I want. Then I want us to completely stop and do nothing. And maybe in that pause if I want more than I’ll ask but I want to leave room for the unexpected. You know, like I get really specific almost like ordering a sandwich And the more I do that, I sort of got my turn on just goes through the roof because I I realised in this letting go of layers that I actually don’t always enjoy the multitasking. I’m in the most pleasure when I’m just being pleasured.

Juliette Karaman  30:20

And it’s interesting, because you’re saying, I’m bossing around, but it kind of feels you’re giving really good instruction so that you can surrender. I mean, being a dominatrix being a Dharma is like, oh, but where can I actually switch and let go, once I know that I feel safe. And that all my, my little mind facts and everything. And my whole body, the freeze can just open can thaw, because I know that everything that I feel safe enough to do that. And that is like, your whole body just responds, and it can let go. And it’s like, that is the most incredible feeling ever.

Leidy Dahinana  30:59

Yeah, trust and surrender. It’s funny, you brought the same because this is why monogamy then became very juicy. I need a lot of time to trust and surrender, we may be together for three years am, I may not have actually really surrendered or really trusted you. And I realised about me, it takes a long time. And it’s a long, deep journey where Oh, now I trust you a little more. Now I surrender a little more. So actually, and I need a container of safety for that, you know, for that to happen. And my lover the other day, when I asked him for pussy massage, he was like, Oh, my God, thank you. I don’t have to like I get lost. Sometimes, you know, I know what you like last week or like, but I changed so often that he’s like, it’s good to know exactly what you want. I don’t have to read your mind. I don’t need to get annoyed that he’s not reading my mind. Because as a shapeshifter, I just, I’m always shifting, even I sometimes don’t know what I want, and I’m trying different things. So it was

Juliette Karaman  32:07

but this isn’t right. And for the lovers, the partners in our lives not to take that personally, when we give them adjustment, saying Hey, could you try a little bit more to the left or a little bit softer, they’re a little bit harder, a little bit faster, a little bit slower. And then sometimes you can just feel them like getting frustrated, though, right? Like often we want to have a set way. It’s like, oh, if I touch her on her, her neck and cuddle her there, give her a few kisses that will turn her on. And then we’ll go from here to here. And it’s like, stay open, stay curious know just a body sensations, what’s happening in your own body, use that as your compass. And then keep looking at what’s happening and asking for feedback. Like this A or B, though but softer, a little bit harder, just things where we don’t get into our head, kind of like trying to explain this for for women or for for for partners that may not know how to do this.

Leidy Dahinana  33:04

Yeah, seeing it as something that is like I love the Xi’An place with no end and go. He’s just playing and he’ll shift and your chain like there’s no destination. And I think that’s really an amazing thing to bring into like, we’re just exploring, this may not work. But let’s try this for a little bit in that may not work. So there’s no metal at the end. Or it’s not just about the orgasm. It’s almost about just collecting information about who you are. In that moment. I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is that we assume we know ourselves and we know our partners, and we’re constantly changing second by second Microsoft. So if you’re really present, you’re never the same. So it’s I’d actually don’t know, do you want to find out together what I might like in this moment and I may fuck it up. I may give you the wrong direction. Your hand is bigger than my hands. So when I tell you to touch me here, it may feel different than what I think it would feel like if I touch myself there’s so many like little nuances. So just entering this space with we might fuck it up. This might not even work and can we be okay with that?

Juliette Karaman  34:19

I love it so much permission. What a beautiful conversation. Maybe if if there are some young mothers if there are some other people that are just like Oh, I’m want to try monogamy or there’s just something about lady that I’m like yes, I want to find her I want to see what does she have available for me? Are there any classes? How can people work with you? Where can they find you?

Leidy Dahinana  34:44

So you can find me a Leidy Dahiana coaching on Instagram. On Facebook, I’m Leidy Dahiana right now I am doing in person immersions I’m going to be travelling to New Jersey and New York City so if anybody happens to be there I’m going to be doing those in December in January. And and there’s two spots to work with me one on one in a long term relationship with is really what I’m truly passionate about. So if you’re interested in that you can just reach me at Lady Diana coaching at Gmail. And, and we can take it from there if you’re feeling if you’re feeling or just scream

Juliette Karaman  35:29

I LOVE this. Thank you so much. It’s been a beautiful conversation. I just love where we we went everywhere.

Leidy Dahinana  35:39

Just so unexpected. It just like went everywhere.

Juliette Karaman  35:43

This is why I keep telling my listeners. I don’t have questions. I never prepare questions. I never prepare my client, my my guests and some of them are a little bit discombobulated by that it’s like a where are we gonna go I’m like, wherever that energy takes us. Oh, this was

Leidy Dahinana  36:01

amazing. This was so beautiful and amazing. Thank you for allowing me to share energy and space with the this actually, I think our first like really one on one conversation in this in this way and I’m just you blow me away. Like we have to find a way to continue spending more time.

Juliette Karaman  36:20

Thank you my love. And to all the listeners, please share, you know what to do. Rate us and leave a review because that really help spread the word to more people. If you have someone that is going through this, share this with them. Tag tag me if you want and there are lots of ways to get freebies from me and I’m sure it will come in the show notes and see you next time.

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