Episode 46 Embracing the Path of Transformation with Auli Nissinen

On: Dec 15, 2023

Welcome to another enchanting episode of The Scrumptious Woman! In Episode 46, I had the pleasure of hosting the extraordinary Auli Nissinen. Together, we delved into the transformative journey of self-discovery and the profound impact of reconnecting to one’s core.

Auli’s gift lies in guiding individuals towards a new sense of freedom and power, allowing them to consciously choose the life they desire. Highly intuitive and operating in the quantum field, Auli shares her experiences with channelling light beings known as the Council of Light, offering beautiful insights and teachings.

In this captivating conversation, we explore Auli’s path, from working in event marketing to the transformative moment at 40 when she decided to step into the unknown. Her journey involved years of study, becoming a yoga teacher, and exploring various approaches until she discovered her unique gift. Auli founded “Be You Be Magic,” marking the beginning of her impactful work.

We touch on the importance of facing shadows, releasing false identities, and the journey towards regaining integrity. Auli’s story resonates with those contemplating a shift in life, echoing the waves of awakening that many are experiencing.

Join us as Auli shares her wisdom on embracing the unknown, unlearning, and understanding the profound healing that occurs when we release past traumas. We discuss the significance of witnessing death and the transformative power of facing it from a higher perspective.

As we navigate through Auli’s experiences, we’re reminded that the journey of self-discovery is a continuous unfolding. Auli’s unique perspectives and meditative teachings offer listeners a chance to explore their inner selves, fostering a connection to the quantum field.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embracing the journey of self-discovery.
  • Channeling light beings and exploring the quantum field.
  • The transformative power of facing shadows and releasing false identities.
  • Witnessing death from a higher perspective.
  • Navigating the waves of awakening in these supercharged times.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP46 –

Embracing the Path of Transformation with Auli Nissinen


Juliette Karaman, Auli Nissinen, Scrumptious Woman podcast, self-discovery, quantum field, Council of Light, Be You Be Magic, embracing the unknown, releasing past traumas, transformative journey, facing shadows, higher perspective, waves of awakening.

Juliette Karaman (00:02.766)

All right. Perfect. And yet another episode of the scrumptious woman and I have Auli Nisenan, I’m not sure how to pronounce it. You will correct me with me.

Auli Nissinen (00:14.873)


Auli Nissinen (00:30.287)

You’re doing great!

Juliette Karaman (00:33.09)

Thank you. And I’m going to just look at her bio a little bit. And her gift is really to bring people to reconnect to their core. The path of real transformation is a journey of self-discovery, as we kind of know, but a new sense of freedom and power to choose the life that you want consciously and to make that happen. She’s highly intuitive and works in the quantum field.

All that is at that level of consciousness gives us access to the whole history beyond time and space. A beautiful guide as we open the layers and all the bits to be witnessed, released and embraced. You began channeling light beings that called themselves the Council of Light in 2020. Love this. These meditations have then since grown into a beautiful experiential teaching which

guided by higher wisdom and grace. I love it. Your words are beautiful and knowingness is limitless because you are tapping into everything. I love this.

Thank you so much for coming on.

Auli Nissinen (01:51.595)

Thank you, Juliet. Thank you for having me.

Juliette Karaman (01:55.65)

Hmm. And it’s so beautiful because I actually don’t know Auli, but now that I’m tapping into you, I can feel your radiance and your essence. And I already did because a friend of us connected. So I looked at your website and I’m like, oh, this is one of my peeps. I can really feel her. But actually having you on camera with me here in the studio, it’s a completely different experience.

Auli Nissinen (02:16.86)


Auli Nissinen (03:24.799)


Juliette Karaman (03:42.214)

I am delighted to have you here with us. Thank you so much for being here and for being this bright light that you are.

Auli Nissinen (03:51.167)

Thank you. And I’m so thrilled that there, you know, our numbers are growing. There’s so many amazing women doing the work, showing up, becoming visible. Like you say, it’s beautiful. And it is time. The waves of awakening, they are massive. And we are here. We came here to do this work.

Juliette Karaman (04:02.734)


Juliette Karaman (04:14.574)

Completely. Can you take us a little bit into what started this for you? You’re in Finland?

Auli Nissinen (04:23.599)

I’m in Finland and I’m a mother of three. And when I turned 40, I’m now 54. When I turned 40, I had a kind of breakdown. I was exhausted. I had lost myself. I used to work in event marketing, long hours and the values in that branch. They just didn’t meet my needs anymore. So I lost myself. So I started a project as I was a project manager.

Juliette Karaman (04:28.415)


Juliette Karaman (04:40.834)


Auli Nissinen (04:53.419)

to discover myself. And I left my work and everybody said, you’re mad, you’re 40 years old, you can’t do it. And I did it. I stepped into the unknown and I’m still on that path. And I studied for five years, different approaches, how to understand our mind, our body. I became a yoga teacher. I started gestalt therapy, but there was always

Juliette Karaman (04:55.971)


Juliette Karaman (05:23.284)

It was always something else.

Auli Nissinen (05:23.391)

something missing until I found that gift within me through various workshops, various visits to sacred spaces, spiritual teachers, you know, how we all find our way. And then finally, five years later, it just clicked. I established my company, which is called Be You Be Magic, and I started the work.

Juliette Karaman (05:48.382)


Juliette Karaman (05:54.862)


Auli Nissinen (05:54.867)

And there are many people, many, many people out there right now who are thinking, shall I quit my job? Shall I, you know, step into this new path? And I love that the path really shows you the way. Through every client, I became more confident because my gifts, my talents grew through my work.

Juliette Karaman (06:14.97)


Juliette Karaman (06:19.842)

Don’t they always, you kind of, you have to teach, or that’s what I believe anyway, I always have to teach what I have to learn. So, or I have to take my clients through the stuff that I have to learn and constantly we’re peeling back more and more and more layers. And I love that you came to this pretty much at the same time that I did, right? And in forties and I’m 55, you’re 54, so we’re the same age.

We have a common friend and then we have a friend in common who’s also around that age and where

Auli Nissinen (06:54.251)

Thank you, Vickla. Yes.

Juliette Karaman (06:56.754)

Isn’t it funny, right? But isn’t it just like we tick all the boxes. So we go to university, we have the first job, we get maybe the first house, perhaps we get married and have children or not get married, but you know, we tick all those boxes and then at one point it’s like, oh, but there’s more to life than this.

Auli Nissinen (07:24.479)

The feeling I got or the experience was that this is not me. I’m not living my life. This is somebody that my life are based on those roles and pleasing other people. So I lost my power and I lost my integrity.

Juliette Karaman (07:30.598)

Mm-hmm. Completely.

Juliette Karaman (07:44.942)

Mmm, I love that word. You lost your integrity. Yeah, because

Auli Nissinen (07:49.267)

Yes, and I have regained that. So now I’m living a life that is me. I have obviously ups and downs like everyone else, good days and bad days, but it’s my life and it looks like me. It feels like me. And that’s different.

Juliette Karaman (07:56.239)


Juliette Karaman (08:05.718)

completely. And I love where you said, you know, we’re back in integrity. So you’re back into, into power, into that part of you that we have when we’re little babies, right? Because we’re all born perfect. We, we have all this beauty when we come into the world, we’re just inquisitive. We are full of wonderment, full of curiosity, and then life happens and we take on.

meanings and when we take on personas or we take on roles and you are back to like pulling all that away and being in integrity with who you are and the channel that brings this through to you to then turn on the lights again for the world.

Auli Nissinen (08:53.595)

It is, it’s like it’s not so much about becoming anything anymore. It’s like unlearning the ways that you’re not.

Juliette Karaman (09:02.466)

That’s such a good way of saying it. I’m learning.

Auli Nissinen (09:04.723)

But I wish to, I wish to add something, what you said, like be calm to this life, innocent and pure and full of wonder. But I also believe in soul contracts in the wheel of karma. And I believe that we carry those codes in our DNA and we move them from life to life, these lessons that needs to be learned. And once they have been.

Juliette Karaman (09:19.082)

Yes. Yeah, I agree.

Juliette Karaman (09:32.032)


Auli Nissinen (09:33.727)

Faced and witnessed and released and learned the healing happens naturally.

Juliette Karaman (09:39.278)

Mm-hmm, completely.

Auli Nissinen (09:40.699)

And that is freedom. When you’re freed from your past lives, from your history, your stories. And the real question is that who am I without my stories? Without the past defining who I am today. And that is the journey of healing, of releasing the false identities.

Juliette Karaman (09:49.613)


Juliette Karaman (09:57.295)

Thank you.

Auli Nissinen (10:10.223)

And many people, even spiritual people, they try to bypass that. And it doesn’t work. You need to put your hand through the nut. You need to face it. And then it can be released.

Juliette Karaman (10:19.853)

It bites in the butt, right?

Juliette Karaman (10:28.918)


Auli Nissinen (10:31.155)

So there is that good and bad in polarity in physical reality. But now we have passages to move us beyond that into a quantum field, like you mentioned in the beginning.

Juliette Karaman (10:42.674)

Mm-hmm. Completely. And let me just get back to you. You have three children. They saw their mom being an event organizer in this big company or busy and burned out and tired and just not living the life that she wanted. What happened when you switched that? What were their reactions?

Auli Nissinen (10:53.013)


Auli Nissinen (11:11.911)

Well, my kids, I think my middle one, my daughter, when she was 12, she wrote an English essay and she said, my family loves me the way I am. And that was kind of the greatest gift she can give me. And I believe that my kids have taken me as I am, but whenever I talk about light or meditation or energy, you know,

Juliette Karaman (11:27.078)


Juliette Karaman (11:39.47)

Thanks for watching!

Auli Nissinen (11:40.575)

They’re like, okay, mom, whatever.

Juliette Karaman (11:45.968)

I still love it because my four kids are like, oh yeah, mommy, but things rub off. They’re kind of like they look up with their eyes a little bit. Yeah. But now, you know, after a few years, they’re like, okay, yeah, things have rubbed off. They aren’t as angry anymore. They aren’t as reactive anymore. All of a sudden it’s like, oh, mommy, I’m really proud of you. Can you help one of my friends? Like, yeah, of course.

Auli Nissinen (12:10.091)

That’s so sweet. And I have the same. Actually, my kids send their friends to my sessions like, please mom, can you heal him? Can you help him? So they trust for me to do healing for others. But you know, at home they want me to be their mom. As normal as I can.

Juliette Karaman (12:30.546)

And that’s, that is such a good point at home. They just want you as mom.

Auli Nissinen (12:37.631)


Juliette Karaman (12:39.174)

And they don’t want us to fix them. There’s nothing to be fixed anyway. But they’re just like, yeah, you’re the role of mom. I want to come to you with just normal things. And yeah.

Auli Nissinen (12:50.739)

And I believe in soul contracts when it comes to children as well. I believe that we choose our parents before we come to get certain experiences in our childhood, et cetera. And I’m just proud to be a mom. They chose me as their mom, so probably on a soul level they knew what lies ahead.

Juliette Karaman (12:55.515)


Juliette Karaman (13:14.61)

It’s so interesting, right? I was talking to another guest who hasn’t had such an easy childhood, but that’s exactly what she was saying. It’s like it was such a pure gift of love for my father’s soul to come in, to give me that experience so that I could become whole again. This is where I see like, oh my God, especially like we become a bit more conscious. We’re conscious of what our parents.

did to us, not that anyone ever does anything, but you know, we’re conscious of the patterns that we carry from our parents with us, let’s say it that way. And then we’re also very conscious, especially, you know, as moms that get into this a little bit later, it’s like, ooh, what are the things that I’ve, I’ve said to my kids? What are they carrying? What codes are they carrying from me that they have to just go through if they want to? Right? So it’s kind of like a double whammy. You kind of become really conscious of

your behavior as a kid, your behavior as a parent. I’m like, wow, okay, that’s a lot of influence I’ve had.

Auli Nissinen (14:20.271)

Exactly. And there are so many inner models there. I also had a severely handicapped brother and it had a strong impact on me, obviously, and our family. But when my brother died, I was 19 when he died at the age of 22.

Juliette Karaman (14:23.893)


Juliette Karaman (14:29.806)


Juliette Karaman (14:34.178)

Of course.

Auli Nissinen (14:48.395)

I had a chance to meet him before he was taken away, you know, when, when he was already dead. And I’m so grateful for that experience because usually, you know, dying and death, it’s, it’s cleared away without us really experiencing it. And the impact, the experience that I had when I, when I saw him lying there, I was 19 years old. Just, you know.

Juliette Karaman (14:55.202)


Juliette Karaman (15:04.777)

I’m here today with honor and experience.

Auli Nissinen (15:17.263)

had my A levels and there was a life beginning and his life ended. But what I experienced was, I was, you know, just a normal, you know, not teenager anymore, but you know, just on my youth having fun. And suddenly at that moment, the love that I felt, I knew that it was not from this world. It just came from somewhere. It, it filled me.

Juliette Karaman (15:32.653)

Thank you.

Juliette Karaman (15:43.917)


Auli Nissinen (15:47.343)

And that changed me forever. Kind of because the world stops. Especially at that age when someone dies.

Juliette Karaman (15:51.282)

Isn’t that beautiful?

Juliette Karaman (15:58.038)


Auli Nissinen (15:59.951)

And to experience that sort of love, I’m so grateful for that, even today.

Juliette Karaman (16:09.962)

I feel the love there and I feel how it impacted you as a young adult. I lost my sister and she had twins that were just in their late teens, early 20s and one of them was severely handicapped in the wheelchair so it really touches me.

Auli Nissinen (16:31.795)

Yeah, I’m so sorry to hear.

Juliette Karaman (16:35.302)

It was also probably one of the most beautiful things that I did. I helped her pass over. We took her back home from the hospital to die at home and cleansed the body, put her in her coffin. I put some makeup on her, did her hair, dressed her, and then we sat with her and freely expressed our love to her. And then

I just think these days it’s so often we take our dead ones away quickly. We don’t allow ourselves that moment to grieve. And actually to sit there to be with her, to spend about 24 hours really with just her body.

was a beautiful way of being. And it was a really, it was a gift for her kids as well at that age to notice what, how beautiful it is, how the last moments with mom, we could actually be there for her 100%.

Auli Nissinen (17:31.123)


Auli Nissinen (17:41.863)

Yes, because to witness that transition, it is important. And I hope, and I’m envisioning this, that our relationship with dying and death will change. I’ve had the privilege to… In Finland, one of my clients brought in this education of death doulas.

Juliette Karaman (17:58.633)


Juliette Karaman (18:09.186)

Do this, yeah? Yeah.

Auli Nissinen (18:10.163)

Dolas, yes, Death Dolas. And there’s an education and they invited me to give them a meditation. And since I channel my meditations, it was really interesting to learn how we were guided through that meditation and to face death from a higher perspective through opening to that experience with purity, with innocence.

Juliette Karaman (18:18.178)


Auli Nissinen (18:39.667)

without the programming, it was amazing.

Juliette Karaman (18:43.826)

How beautiful. How beautiful. I mean, it’s so funny, right? So we are so connected. My father, a year after that, passed away. And I remember being with him and he was in a home. Dementia had kicked in, lost his daughter, and we didn’t realize how far it had kicked in until he fell, broke his shoulder and then came into hospital. And they were like, no, he can’t go back home. So.

Auli Nissinen (19:04.371)


Juliette Karaman (19:12.354)

I somehow knew he was going to die between Christmas and New Year, just around that time. My partner was like, oh, let’s go to Budapest. I’m like, no, I need to go back to Belgium. My dad’s going to pass. And he’s like, how do you know? I’m like, I just know. So I went there and he had always wanted to come to euthanasia, but because of the dementia, he couldn’t. So I get there. He’s skinny. He’s a tall man and he was like 40 kilos. I’m like, no, it’s suffering.

So I called the doctor, I said, we really have to now aid this. Doctor came, completely agreed with me. My dad all of a sudden was conscious. And I told him, I said, dad, what’s gonna happen? It’s because I had a near death experience and I re-remembered. So I told my sister, helped her. And then I told my dad, I said, so for me, what it was, it was like going through a dark tunnel and then going up to the light and you become one with everything.

And his face and his expression was like, oh, thank God I’ve been waiting for that. So they administered the medicine the next day and you could just see his joy at becoming one again. And it was just such a beautiful thing to hold space for. And then six months later, it was my mother. So, and then it’s been a few clients. So yes, I understand the death duel, I think.

very much. I would love to hear your meditation at one point, because I just see it will give such relief to people.

Auli Nissinen (20:39.59)


Auli Nissinen (20:44.287)

You’re absolutely right. And thank you for sharing that. It really touches me as well. I, my father has died too, about 10 years ago. And I remember he spent a week in a hospital before he died. And I had a chance to see him as well when he was lying there. And my mother was there too. And energetically, I think it’s interesting.

that I saw that half, because it was a long marriage, 40 years with my mom and dad, it was like 50% of my mother energetically, because I can see the energy fields. She lost 50% of her energy field. And I felt that I lost my right arm, right side of the body being the masculine. And it was so concrete.

Juliette Karaman (21:29.516)


Juliette Karaman (21:33.878)

Yeah, that’s crazy.

Juliette Karaman (21:38.656)


Auli Nissinen (21:43.215)

And people don’t see that normally, obviously, because we don’t use the energetic lenses like I do. But those ought to be part of that process, you know, to have words, to have terminology, to describe our experiences. And there is so much beauty present, because the higher levels are than there, the veils are thin.

Juliette Karaman (21:48.185)

We don’t hear a thing on the transom, this is a flat light. Yeah.

Juliette Karaman (22:07.492)


Auli Nissinen (22:12.671)

during death.

Juliette Karaman (22:14.722)

completely. I think it’s such an honour to be able to be there with others to actually see it.

Seeing energy.

When did that start for you?

Auli Nissinen (22:31.667)

Well, my mom has healing hands and, you know, being weird and, you know, having mediums in our living room in the eighties. And, you know, that was normal in my family, even though, you know, my, my father had a company and he was successful businessman, but there was this side present in our family, partly perhaps due to my brother’s illness.

Juliette Karaman (22:58.075)

I got it. Of course.

Auli Nissinen (23:02.539)

And I was always, you know, after my brother died, I was always looking for something deeper because I knew then that I had touched something, but it wasn’t until I kind of made that choice at the age of 40, you know, I wouldn’t listen before because I’m, I’m strong headed that way and you know, I can do this by myself type of person. So.

Juliette Karaman (23:08.531)

I was really just so tender because I knew that I had touched something, but it wasn’t love to you.

Juliette Karaman (23:24.014)

I’m gonna go to the restroom.

Juliette Karaman (23:28.366)

Thank you.

Auli Nissinen (23:30.519)

After I kind of gave in, I surrendered that I can’t go on like this. And then gradually I, I noticed that I have these special gifts, but it takes a while to get, to have confidence. I was in Tibet in 2018 with the John and Crowley, who was my mentor. And there I realized that my gift is.

Juliette Karaman (23:48.642)


Auli Nissinen (24:01.007)

It’s special. Even, you know, there were people from all over the world. And the, you know, my friend said to me, Oh, please speak out. Use your voice, show your visions, show your experiences, share your talent. Cause we are often really shy to speak out.

at first, in the beginning.

Juliette Karaman (24:28.018)

We’re shy, we think it’s not true, we think why are we special? Is this really true? People are going to laugh at us.

mind fucks as I call them that really keep us from connecting to that greater us.

Auli Nissinen (24:44.267)

And being bold and open. Yeah. Like use our talent, but I’ve also believed that there are a lot of programmings and trauma from past lives, you know, being burned as witches, et cetera. So to overcome those is, is part of the journey.

Juliette Karaman (24:54.798)


Juliette Karaman (25:04.158)

Mm-hmm, completely. And that’s it. I’ve taken people through all their past lives and everything. And, but you know, for me, like, I don’t know, 10 years ago, 12 years ago, I’d never heard about the Akashic Records and Soul Contracts and all of this. I’m like, yeah, whatever. And now I’m just like, okay, coming out of the spiritual closet.

Auli Nissinen (25:26.783)

But when I started my company nine years ago, you know, when I said the word energy out loud, I could, you know, people, they would look down and I could feel that they are, they started to feel uncomfortable and think now, you know, everybody’s talking about, you know, good vibes or bad vibes or, you know, energy is just normal stuff.

Juliette Karaman (25:30.844)



Juliette Karaman (25:41.614)


Juliette Karaman (25:51.414)

completely and then you have like the big people like, you know, Joe Dispenza and everything talking about the quantum field where everyone’s like, oh, okay, there are more of us out here.

Auli Nissinen (26:00.159)

Yeah, the 5D and higher self, it’s, you know, it’s normal almost.

Juliette Karaman (26:06.25)

Yeah, and I wonder if it’s normal or if we are just more aware of it because we’re more in it and this may have always, there may have always been communities of this already but we just weren’t quite as tapped into it. I do think we are changing though and I think the whole world is actually coming together to bring more of this forth.

Auli Nissinen (26:29.759)

Yes, I’ve worked with many groups and we work for Gaia, you know, planetary ascension for humanity and individuals. And we have created a consciousness platform. So every time someone chooses to wake up,

Juliette Karaman (26:37.014)

Yes. Yeah.

Juliette Karaman (26:42.542)


Auli Nissinen (26:54.787)

I believe that there is this, you know, space that opens a doorway for someone to follow. And the awakening waves are so big now. These are very, these are supercharged times. So people are being pushed into their, out of their comfort zones so that they will choose eventually freedom.

Juliette Karaman (27:01.355)


Juliette Karaman (27:12.221)


themselves so that they choose eventually to be them. Mm, I love that and I think it’s so true as well. I’m not sure if somehow I feel like the whole COVID experience has accelerated a lot of this as well.

Auli Nissinen (27:35.727)

It definitely has because there is no normal. It created so much uncertainty and the wars and you know, the climate change that you cannot rely on the old structures anymore. So it pushes us to find our inner peace, inner power.

Juliette Karaman (27:40.53)


Juliette Karaman (27:52.514)


Juliette Karaman (28:00.162)

completely. And this is, there’s always beauty in a space of sadness or in a space of death or you know with the COVID and with all these wars but it does have us not look outside ourselves as much but really start to focus inward.

Auli Nissinen (28:22.823)

Yeah, and to, you know, I believe that we need to begin to ask different questions and not to expect ready-made answers. We are stepping into the unknown, you know, boldly. And that unknown for me is abundance, peace, joy, lightness, all the stuff, love.

Juliette Karaman (28:32.911)


Juliette Karaman (28:43.428)


Auli Nissinen (28:50.143)

that we’ve been missing when we were blindfolded, walking in the darkness, in the lower levels of existence.

Juliette Karaman (28:58.606)


What’s coming to me, a vision that I’m getting right now, is like ants and like how they work in troops. And that is when we’re in the lower ranks that we’re just not thinking and we’re just walking around and bringing these little pieces of whatever food or whatever we’re doing, like an ant colony. And then once you come outside that and you can start to actually question, like, who am I? What am I?

What is my purpose here? And it’s the age old inquiry, right? Sorry, go ahead.

Auli Nissinen (29:38.599)

No, no, sorry. I just got excited. Um, but I feel what I love the most about my work is that when people are ready to release, you know, face their shadows, you know, let go of the story and because many people are looking for something and when they realize that this new path, it really supports me, it, it opens, you know, like there are codes.

that’s been dormant in my DNA or in my fields. And now those codes are awakening. So I don’t have to build the house. The house is there, it’s furnished, that garden is beautiful. So I just kind of draw that in through this new magnetism that’s been created through my purification.

Juliette Karaman (30:21.029)

The water is beautiful.

Juliette Karaman (30:27.534)

Thanks for watching!

Juliette Karaman (30:31.246)

Mm-hmm. And I love that you’re speaking about codes because a lot of things have been coming through for me. Why I started this podcast is like, okay, my voice code needs to be carried. And actually I want to introduce other people and I want that to reach at least 100,000 people or more so that they can then pull in their codes and that can activate other codes. And, you know, on we go.

Auli Nissinen (31:00.195)

Exactly. And I loved when I, when I looked at some of your Facebook posts that you’re really, um, walking proof of magnetism. Because many people, they still use their linear thinking mind trying to create this new path and this new path. You know, we have new toolkit now and it’s all based on magnetism. These realities.

you know, a mirror of me. So if I’m confident, I’m, I live in a kind of higher vibration. When we talk about energy, we always talk about vibration and frequency. So higher vibration naturally organically creates something much more beautiful. And we can live our life. You know, it’s not full of effort and trying it’s with ease. And that’s what I love the most.

Juliette Karaman (31:31.775)

Mm hmm.

Juliette Karaman (31:53.27)


Auli Nissinen (31:58.323)

that this can be easy. Like in the old, we were programmed to fail and we needed to push hard to succeed. And now we’re programmed to succeed.

Juliette Karaman (31:58.701)

This is where I love the most. And this can be easy, but in a little.

Juliette Karaman (32:07.249)

And that’s it.

Juliette Karaman (32:10.826)

Yeah, and that doesn’t mean that we don’t do anything, right? Because I think some coaches and some spiritual teachers kind of say, oh, yeah, I just sit in meditation and everything comes to me. It’s like, you also do need to make a few aligned steps in the right thing. And a lot of people don’t know what happens behind the scenes, right? For me, it’s, I deal with a lot of trauma. So, you know, for me to hold my clients, I need to make sure that I go in nature, stick my feet in.

move stuff through my own body. What I used to do is take their stuff on, alchemize it in my body. It felt like I was giving birth again. I have four kids, I know what that’s like. And then they’d be cleared. And I’m like, no, I’m not doing that anymore. But it does mean that we have, we continue to play, to work, to, you know, a next thing will come up. And we’re like that infinity side, just going up.

like a little bit down again okay two steps back okay one step forward and one step back and three steps forwards and this is how it is but you get to have fun with it joy and be in that vibration of love and of wonder.

Auli Nissinen (33:24.803)

Yeah, that is so true. That, but what I love now is that I’m human. I, I’m a mess and I’m a goddess. So I have embodied all those archetypes, all those aspects of me, and there is no judgment. And it’s just, you know, embracing it all. So it’s okay to be a mess. And I have value even in those days.

Juliette Karaman (33:30.122)


Juliette Karaman (33:55.138)

completely. That’s really important. Mm-hmm. That you don’t have to be perfect the whole time. It’s, I see the value of actually of us as leaders, bringing in more leaders and being that vulnerable and fucking up and just saying, oh, okay, class above the class, look at what I did there and bring a bit of humility and a bit of humor into it, right? And just really.

Auli Nissinen (33:55.251)

That’s really hard for many.

Auli Nissinen (34:23.031)

Exactly. And it’s about sharing a path, you know, like within my meditation group, it’s, we share a lot of what’s going on and I don’t, I’m part of the group. I’m not, you know, putting myself in a position of a guru or something, you know, it’s not from up down anymore. It’s the same level and we’re sharing this path and we’re expanding this experience of life together.

Juliette Karaman (34:36.375)


Juliette Karaman (34:43.853)


Auli Nissinen (34:50.815)

because this new is about unity and oneness. So the separate itself, it just simply do not function in the new path, which I love.

Juliette Karaman (35:00.238)

completely. And I love what you’re saying. It’s like there are no gurus. It’s we’re all on the same level. And maybe it’s like we’re two steps ahead and we pull up and give out a hand. It’s like, here, come here. I know how to get there.

Auli Nissinen (35:12.923)

Yeah, we smoothened the way for the ones who follow, but we chose this role.

Juliette Karaman (35:20.826)

And it’s perfect. We smooth the way and others have smoothed the way for us, right? And that’s what it is. Oh, this has been a joy. Please let our listeners know how they can get in touch with you. And they’re like, oh, my God, I want to learn more about this woman. I want to work of her. How do I get more in of her into my life?

Auli Nissinen (35:24.825)


Auli Nissinen (35:42.215)

Well, my website is withauli.com. You can find me on Instagram with Auli and I have this portal to new me meditation group, I channel council of light and, and they’re very transformational, you know, they’re really, really change your whole being and upgrades and activation of codes.

And I just love that work. Every Monday we have Monday classes, every other Monday in English. So especially in Instagram, there’s a link tree. You can find all the links there. Please. I would love to see you.

Juliette Karaman (36:16.445)

Oh, that is beautiful.

Juliette Karaman (36:24.898)

Perfect, I will make sure that all the right links get popped into the show notes. So please go and see Auli on Instagram, go and visit her because you’ve probably felt the light that she is in this world at this moment.

Auli Nissinen (36:29.491)

Thank you.

Auli Nissinen (36:43.019)

Thank you, Juliet. This was a joy. This was my first podcast, so I was a bit nervous before, but this was fun.

Juliette Karaman (36:51.746)

I love it. Oh, my God. This was your first podcast. And I’m going to actually tell my listeners again, I never, ever, ever prepare. I don’t send questions to my people that are coming on. Guests are called Juliet guests. Sometimes English is difficult. I never send questions to my guests because we just go where the energy flows. And that is, I think, the beauty of this.

Auli Nissinen (37:19.931)

It is. And I must admit that I was like, really nothing. I know anything, but that is exactly what I teach. Step into the unknown and trust the journey. So thank you, Juliet, for making this so smooth.

Juliette Karaman (37:36.838)

I’m so pleased that you came on. Thank you so much. And this was delightful.

Auli Nissinen (37:43.403)

Thank you. Lots of love to you all.

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