Episode 43 Unlocking Your Abundance: The Mindset Shift That Transforms Lives with Judy Van Niekerk

On: Dec 5, 2023

Welcome to another episode of The Scrumptious Woman, and thank you for joining us on this profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. In today’s episode, we have a deeply moving conversation with Judy, an extraordinary individual who has traversed the depths of personal challenges and emerged with a remarkable story of resilience, healing, and spiritual awakening.

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains discussions about child sexual abuse. Listener discretion is advised.

Judy takes us through the intense and transformative chapters of her life, from her experiences with child sexual abuse to battling addiction and facing near-death encounters. Her story is one of profound healing, self-realisation, and the pursuit of a life aligned with authenticity and inner truth.

The episode unfolds as Judy shares her journey, starting from childhood trauma and we delve into her near-death experience and the pivotal moments that sparked a profound shift in her perspective on life. Judy unveils her newfound awareness of the energetic realms and how she uses her unique gifts to assist others in clearing interference and connecting with their infinite being.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Healing Journey: Judy’s story highlights the importance of acknowledging and healing from deep-seated traumas. Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of resilience and the pursuit of inner healing.
  • Energetic Interference: Judy introduces the concept of energetic interference and how it affects our trilogy of being – body, being, and planet. By harmonizing these elements, one can establish a connection with infinite being and experience a profound shift in perception.
  • The Power of Authenticity: The episode emphasises the freedom that comes with embracing authenticity and making decisions from a place of inner truth. Judy’s commitment to living authentically has paved the way for a life of joy, bliss, and serenity.
  • Spiritual Awakening: Judy’s near-death experience serves as a catalyst for a deep spiritual awakening.

The episode explores the idea that life is not solely about love but also involves navigating challenges, embracing the duality of existence, and uncovering the divine connection within.

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Thank you for joining us on this soul-stirring episode. May Judy’s story inspire you on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Remember to follow us on iTunes, Spotify, google plus all other podcast platforms and leave a review if you found this episode impactful. Stay tuned for more engaging conversations on The Scrumptious Woman!
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The Scrumptious Woman EP43

043 Unlocking Your Abundance: The Mindset Shift That Transforms Lives with Judy Van Niekerk

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: near-death experience, energetic, field, interference, harmonize, divine, connection, freedom, quantum, manifesting, spinal, autonomic, energetic, work, magnetic energy field,  gratitude, transformation, mindset, frequency, energy, aligning, abundance

Juliette Karaman (01:03.31)

So welcome to another episode of The Scrumptious Woman. I have with me from Mexico, Judy VanUkirk, and she is an incredible woman who has overcome.

Judy (01:11.846)


Juliette Karaman (01:19.886)

really things that people that would have put most people in a completely different mindset, in a completely different state. So I have a lot of respect for you and how you’ve come out of this and how you are helping other people. So I want you to actually just go into this a little bit more and just introduce yourself.

Judy (01:40.969)

Thank you so much Juliette. You’ve no idea what a privilege it is for me to be on this call with you. Since the moment I heard your voice about just over a year ago, I was hooked. I was hooked. I’m so in love with you. I love you. I love what you do. I love everything about you. So it’s so good to be here.

Juliette Karaman (01:58.946)

Thank you, thank you. I’ll receive it! Hehehehehehehehehehe

Judy (02:01.226)

I’m sorry.

So, yeah, it’s been an interesting journey. It’s been an interesting journey and sure, like typically in this society, given what I have experienced, what I am living now is not predictable and not generally the norm. And that is what I dedicate my life to, is to make it the norm because it is so easy, actually it is so easy. And I have…

I have an awareness that I have a privilege to have an awareness that it is so easy for us to connect to the truth of who we are, our source. And in the moment of that connection, everything and anything that we experience in that moment, no matter what it is, we become whole again. It’s even the whole concept of healing for me is even not, it’s a false construct because we’re never broken.

Juliette Karaman (02:46.132)


Juliette Karaman (03:01.938)

I’m not going to say it’s a false construct, but never broken. Never broken. That’s the way black artists should play experiences. But I’m just taking it right from that.

Judy (03:04.653)

Never. And that’s the one thing that I’ve learned through my experiences. And I’m just deeply grateful now that I’m able to articulate that in a way that what is the word activates or makes people or allows people to become aware of their own truth so that they can get to experience it. Does that make sense?

Juliette Karaman (03:22.354)

Mm-hmm. Completely makes sense. And I just want to give a little bit of background and probably get you to do that. So for the listeners that, you know, there will be some bits in Judy’s background that are quite graphic and that might trigger you. So take care of yourself to your breathing. Like we all know nothing is ever wrong. You’re listening to this. You’re hearing.

this at the exact right moment where it’s ready for you.

So Judy, you were… You didn’t live a very normal childhood whatsoever.

Judy (04:04.569)

No, no. So, so to just go back to it, I was born to, yeah, I have had a very dysfunctional early start. So what happened essentially was I was locked up from a very, very young age and abused in the most awful, dreadful ways and isolated from society and used as a slave.

in all ways tortured and abused by my father being one of many. And yeah, it was really traumatic. The type of extreme torture was worse than any of the sexual abuse that would have happened, to be honest with you. And I think there is a key in that allowed me to

Juliette Karaman (04:55.608)


Judy (05:03.293)

have an experience that set the course for my life. So if you would like, I would talk about that.

Juliette Karaman (05:08.342)


I love that. So this is also like earlier on I recorded with someone else and this is like where that life, where these experiences actually happened for you. What did you get out of it, right? So this is where we’re seems like we’re going here as well with you, Judy.

Judy (05:28.793)

Yes, definitely. So I remember like back in those times when I was so beaten down and so I was such, I was nothing, I didn’t matter nothing. Whether I lived or died, didn’t matter. Many times I was lucky to survive a torture. And I felt like, you know, I’d go to sleep at night begging that my heart would stop beating, and I would not wake up. And…

Juliette Karaman (05:42.434)


Judy (05:58.517)

I would live, don’t you, because my heart was beating. I felt like a piece of meat. And then it’s that complete surrender that you’ve got nowhere to go. There’s no outward distractions. There’s nothing except what is within. And I’ll never forget this one particular morning after a night of the most horrendous torture and going into the bathroom, looking in the mirror and seeing myself

Juliette Karaman (06:16.63)


Judy (06:27.717)

and it felt like for the first time ever. And I was around about 15 years old. And I was looking beyond my face with the bruises and the blood and all that. And I looked into my eyes and saw something. It was almost like I was reaching in to my eyes and I grabbed something and I called it my something.

That something became my something. I didn’t know what words to use, and I was uneducated, unsocialized. And in that moment, I was transported to another world. And it was just awe-inspiring, and I literally felt one with everything, this oneness, this sense of just complete dissolving into everything. The rain on the window, the birds, the…

Juliette Karaman (07:03.671)


Judy (07:19.641)

the smell of the grass being cut, the whole thing, everything around me, I was just one with. And I experienced this sensation that I had never ever felt before. And for a while didn’t feel out of that. Now I do feel it frequently. But I felt this feeling, this sensation, that words don’t really describe it accurately. It was so powerful, so beautiful, so exquisite.

And I realized now that it was just pure, unconditional love. And in that moment, as I looked up, because I was sort of separate from my body, I looked up, I looked at myself, this little girl looking in the mirror, and I healed in that moment for everything that I had been through, everything I was going through and everything I was yet to go through. In that moment, there was complete healing.

Juliette Karaman (08:06.469)


Judy (08:18.501)

beautiful. It was pure. It was exquisite. It was everything and everything started to make sense. And I knew without a shadow of a doubt in that moment that I would escape. And I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would create an extraordinary life because I could see the infinite possibilities. I could see all the things that I could choose. It was like, I choose that.

Juliette Karaman (08:33.538)


Judy (08:45.857)

I choose that and I choose that. And in that moment, I planted three seeds, love, prosperity and adventure. I didn’t use the word prosperity in those days, I now use prosperity. I use the word luxury in those days because that’s what I aspire to. I was living in such poverty, I was even eating dog scraps because I was living in such poverty. So luxury was the word, but now I understand it was more prosperity. And I knew I would escape and I knew as well that

Juliette Karaman (08:50.05)

Mm-hmm. Mm.

Judy (09:15.417)

in that moment that no matter what happens in my environment, nothing can touch my something. You could hurt my mortal body, but you can never touch my something. And that was the most extraordinary. That was everything. That is wholeness. That’s everything. And I walked out of that bathroom and I knew two things. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would escape, that I wasn’t going to die. And I didn’t want to die.

Juliette Karaman (09:23.17)


Juliette Karaman (09:43.874)


Judy (09:44.681)

And I knew that I would escape and I would create a life of phenomenalness. And I knew I would get a job, and this is so crazy, this makes no sense, and I still don’t understand it. I knew I would get a job in stockbroking, shipping, merchant banking, or oil and gas. I had no idea what that meant. Given the deep spiritual experience that I’d had, and now I was saying that, I had no idea what that meant. Shipping?

There’s car ferries, I know about that. You know, banking, merchant bank, what’s banking? What’s merchant banking, what’s banking? I had no idea, stock broking, no idea. Oil and gas, all that, oil and gas.

Juliette Karaman (10:23.29)

Of course, because you didn’t have any TV, you didn’t have any access to anything, right? And this is where people really just understand that Judy had no access to anything but herself. So it feels like this is what people have been searching for all the time. This is what they call their connection to God, their connection to their God, to their soul. You had an awakening.

Judy (10:29.165)

No, there was no wifi then!

Judy (10:48.857)

Yeah. And I had lost all fear in that moment. And I took another six years to escape, but not once did I ask myself when or how was it going to happen. I just knew it was going to happen. I sure there was a lot of torture that happened in the interim. And in those moments of torture, I was suffering. But very quickly, I came back home to myself and I had the most serene joy, the most exquisite bliss, the most

Juliette Karaman (10:56.009)


Judy (11:18.929)

pure sense of calm inside and nothing and no one can take that.

Juliette Karaman (11:21.535)

Isn’t it beautiful?

Juliette Karaman (11:25.722)

Do you mind if I probe a little bit more? It might be a bit… okay. Did, because I know you said that it was your father and other people, did they notice the change in you?

Judy (11:29.67)

Yeah, go for it.

Judy (11:38.885)

Yeah, it made it worse. Made, yeah. Totally. It made, it did amplify the level of torture for sure. Because they could see there was now an unbroken part of me, a whole part of me, and nothing could break it. So it really, you’re the first time ever that anyone’s asked me that question, so.

Juliette Karaman (11:40.39)

And yeah, exactly. Okay. Yeah. Completely. Right.

Yeah. Yeah, I thought so.

Juliette Karaman (11:54.516)


Juliette Karaman (11:57.782)

Yeah, and that would have enraged them even more.

Yeah, it would have arranged them even more and directed that towards you. So my heart goes out to you. To the little Judy at that time, right? Because I know you as a woman now don’t need that, but, you know, we can, I can feel the empathy and like, oh my God, my whole body is going cold of what you would have had to go through at that point.

Judy (12:10.409)


Judy (12:14.537)

It’s a… Yeah. Yes.

Judy (12:29.721)

Yes, yeah, but remember that outside of that, you know, when that stopped, you know, instead of staying in that broken state, I was back to wholeness and that was joyful, that was blissful and that was everything.

Juliette Karaman (12:40.663)


Juliette Karaman (12:46.762)

Yeah. So you’d have little points of like being abused, being beaten, being whatever. And then you’d be able to like, get back to the nothingness, to the joy, to the being one, being whole. Beautiful.

Judy (12:59.577)

Yeah. So, yeah. And I, and the strangest thing is that I did eventually escape. And I did within a week of getting, um, of escaping, I had two job offers, one in shipping and one in, in oil and gas. No, no, this was in the early nineties, right? This is nearly 90s.

Juliette Karaman (13:18.25)

I mean you can’t even make this up right?

Judy (13:25.505)

I took the job as a trading accountant on an oil and gas trading floor. This is somebody with no education, not socialized, having known nothing but torture and slavery. And here I was living in London in the West End as a trading accountant on an oil and gas trading floor reporting daily positions to the chairman in New York.

Juliette Karaman (13:30.67)


Juliette Karaman (13:40.078)

That’s incredible.

Juliette Karaman (13:53.786)

Wow. I mean for people that don’t see my facial expressions because we’re not on YouTube yet, but I like my mouth is open like in the weirdest way I’m like whoa.

Judy (13:54.253)

How’s that possible? But yet it was.

Judy (14:01.954)


Judy (14:07.781)

How is that possible? I walked into the office and I like, the funniest, just to backtrack, I had interviews, as you can imagine, and I remember the one interview I had for the shipping company, they were offering me the job and we went out to lunch. Now I don’t know what it was like to be in a restaurant, right, so I’m following everybody. And that was all great, all fine, and everything’s great. I think, yeah, it was an Italian restaurant in London. And then it got to the end.

Juliette Karaman (14:22.456)


Juliette Karaman (14:26.683)

Ah, yeah.

Judy (14:35.461)

And they’re saying, we shall have a coffee. So I said, yeah, that’d be great. Coffee would be great. And they said, well, what type of coffee? And I’m thinking, type of coffee? What do you mean type of coffee? You mean there’s more than one type of coffee? Yes. I’ll never forget. The word out of my mouth was cappuccino. I had no freaking idea what that was that I was saying. I had no idea.

Juliette Karaman (14:46.379)

Same coffee that you’re having, same cut.

Judy (15:05.029)

and the word that came out of my mouth. And I know everyone will step back and go, oh, that’s very luxurious. Now in those days, cappuccino was the most luxurious that you could have, not like now, but cappuccino. And this cup arrived with foam and all this sort of stuff. And I thought, oh my gosh, so what is this? It was like, it was crazy. These were the sort of experiences that I was having in my life.

Juliette Karaman (15:13.41)


Juliette Karaman (15:31.091)

Isn’t it incredible?

Judy (15:32.953)

And how I now explain it is that when you are deeply connected to Infinite Being, when you’re deeply, deeply connected to Source, because you have nothing else to rely on, that plus you’re not conditioned in the narrative of looking outside of yourself, because that’s where I was blessed, because I wasn’t mixing with anybody, didn’t interact with anybody, I had none of that sort of conditioning, right? So I just had my Infinite Being.

Juliette Karaman (15:49.743)

Uh huh.

Juliette Karaman (15:56.11)


Judy (16:00.581)

And when we have that, we have awareness. And even now, this is how I live my life today, is that I move on awareness. It’ll be forward hits the brain. So like whatever comes out of my mouth, I just surrender completely. There’s no commobulation of it in my head whatsoever. It just comes out. And that’s what I was living. So my, you know, when I walked into the office that day and I saw there was a computer, like I didn’t know how to turn it on.

Juliette Karaman (16:20.078)


Judy (16:30.013)

But by the end of the day, I was like working with it. And that’s how I live my life for a long time. For that.

Juliette Karaman (16:38.182)

Isn’t it wonderful that curiosity, that child’s curiosity where everything is new, because for you everything was new and everything was like, I can do all of this. If I could, I survived. I knew that I’m infinite possibilities.

Judy (16:45.989)

Yeah. Yeah, yes.

Judy (16:54.809)

It’s, yeah, it’s, um…

I think for me it’s like an understanding that I am, you know, we all are. We all are divine. We all one with the universe and as such we have access to all information, all knowledge, all intelligence that ever has been, is and ever will be. And all we are required when we experience blocks, struggles, challenges, fixed points of views that keep us trapped.

is just to come back home to our authentic self and ask for awareness and have the awareness or be aware that you’re aware that you move on that awareness. Now here’s a magical thing that happens when we do that. When we move on that awareness, that’s what I call the unconventional move. When we move on that awareness, one, you never, ever, ever regret it.

Juliette Karaman (17:59.202)


Judy (17:59.529)

because it’s always from your higher source. And two, only then when you do that, you’re activating the newest part of our brain, the full brain, the telencephalon. And that’s the part of the brain that has the foresight, the insight to navigate, to tap into all of the possibilities that come from that unconventional move.

And that’s the part of our brain that has intuition. A lot of people feel, in my model of the world, a lot of people feel that intuition comes from the divine. No, intuition is what we create when we move from awareness from divine, from our higher self. And we activate that part of our brain. And that part of our brain is whole, is connected. It is the newest part of us. When we…

Juliette Karaman (18:30.786)


Judy (18:53.789)

Don’t do that when we start and when we think an idea that may well have come from our higher self and then we think it and then we start debating it. Yeah, but what if and this and that and the other, we immediately are in the oldest part of our brain and that’s the part that keeps us stuck in survival, in separateness and in lack. But for me, I wasn’t, I didn’t, that was not my way of living for a long time.

Juliette Karaman (19:22.254)


Judy (19:23.789)

until it was. And that’s where the suffering started.

Juliette Karaman (19:25.846)


Juliette Karaman (19:29.09)

Say more about that because yeah, I deal with a lot of people in trauma and a lot of sexual trauma that I deal with and that I help people with and what I notice is that even if we can get it through and we can move it through there is still stuff stuck in the body and that’s where energy is stuck often right but I love that you’re saying if you don’t have an idea of that suffering if you don’t go into that animal brain right of freeze flight or fight or fawn

what happens, then everything is just possible.

Yet the suffering happened.

Judy (20:07.133)

Yeah, and this is the interesting part that, and I’m really grateful that it did because it’s given me a whole picture that I wouldn’t have had it not happened. So when I escaped and I was creating, I was living in creation reality. What else is possible? Infinite possibilities, I have an idea. I would move, I would without question just do it. And I…

Juliette Karaman (20:15.365)



Judy (20:35.653)

I traveled the world and I ended up in South Africa. I represented South Africa at world championships, scuba diving, I was a pilot. I was doing all the things, right? I was just like, everyone say you can’t do that. I say, yes, I can. I couldn’t understand the dynamic. I couldn’t understand that construct. It just was like alien to me. And then I got into a group of people. We were test.

Juliette Karaman (20:55.265)


Judy (21:04.573)

test flying paragliders. They were new, they were coming out, they were sort of new in the market. And it was a group of people who were test flying paragliders. And it was a very sort of, I know this is going to age me, but yuppie group, you know. So it was like, you know, people who had success and people who were, you know, were like doing exciting things.

Juliette Karaman (21:09.621)


Juliette Karaman (21:18.826)

I know all about that edge. Ha ha ha.

Judy (21:33.189)

and we would fly from Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and I had the most extraordinary life. A classic day for me would be working, walking up Lion’s Head, which is a beautiful mountain in Cape Town, flying and landing down by the beach, packing up my paraglider, driving around the corner, doing a scuba dive, packing up my diving gear, hopping back around the corner, and having a party till midnight, go to bed, and do the whole thing again, the next day, the next day, and the next day.

and then at the weekend take out my boat and going water skiing and all this. That was my life, right? I was a sponsored pilot, I was competitive in many different sports. So, brilliant.

Judy (22:14.985)

But I didn’t understand people, and people didn’t understand me. And I started to fantasize about belonging and feeling that I was one of the crew and one of the group, and I would be one of the dudes, right, and the dudettes. So I remember actually making a choice. I’m gonna become normal.

Juliette Karaman (22:17.262)

Mm-hmm. Hmm.

Juliette Karaman (22:40.482)

Uh-huh. So you felt separate of.

Judy (22:41.537)

I made that choice. Yes, yes, for separate from other people.

Juliette Karaman (22:47.022)

from other people and say you wanted to belong. We all want to belong to a tribe. Even if we don’t want to, somehow in our bodies, in our minds, we do want to belong to something else.

Judy (22:50.426)


Judy (23:00.327)


And that is what set me off on a course for the next 18 months of sheer hell.

Juliette Karaman (23:10.186)


Judy (23:11.585)

Oh, oh, jeez hell on earth. I had everything on the outside. And when I decided to become normal, I switched to being fulfilled, to seeking outside of me for fulfillment. And nothing, it got to a stage where I panicked if I did not have at least two or three invites to a party every single night. It was just…

Juliette Karaman (23:28.647)


Judy (23:40.717)

It was insane. The addictions, the addiction to being needed, the addiction to being wanted, the addiction to being desired, the addiction to excitement, all of the addictions that triggered. Like my sport got more extreme, more dangerous. I would fly and everybody I would take off from the mountain and everyone would land because no one wanted to fly near me. I was so, so extreme in everything that I did.

Juliette Karaman (24:06.366)

Yeah. You just needed a bigger adrenaline hit, right? Almost. It’s like, I want more, more. Yeah.

Judy (24:12.729)

Yeah, but I was looking for it outside. Instead of everything as I had experienced, was there was nothing, yeah. I just.

Juliette Karaman (24:22.114)

where it was all on the inside. There is nothing missing and then all of a sudden you felt everything was missing because you were looking at it from the outside. You were looking at outside to bring in instead of inside to bring out what you’ve been doing.

Judy (24:29.417)

Absolutely. Because I wanted to be one of… Yeah.

So it was my emotional naivety that triggered this. Yeah, so then that wasn’t enough and I started taking overdoses and I was doing overdoses in the most crazy, crazy ways. And like in eight months, I took about nine overdoses. I don’t know, something crazy. And so I’d be in a coma and have stomach pump and all that, get out of hospital, same day, take another overdose, be back in hospital.

Juliette Karaman (24:43.15)


Juliette Karaman (24:52.341)


Judy (25:06.841)

Sometimes there’d be like a two month gap, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes the same day. It was just crazy. In that time, I was institutionalized a few times. I was forced to see therapists. I was forced to be hypnotized and all this sorts of things. And I kept saying over and over and over again, this has got nothing to do with my experiences as a child growing up. Because that’s the story everyone wanted me to run. I was saying, it’s got nothing to do with that. I’m healed, that’s fine. I’m whole. There is nothing.

Juliette Karaman (25:31.51)

Of course.

Judy (25:36.345)

missing there and no one would understand it and no one could understand it. And until I took the last overdose and as I was taking the overdose my body wanted to repel it because it had the answer but I was one of those sort of people that I made a decision so I’m doing it. God damn your body you’re taking these pills. So eventually I got them down and again in the hospital stomach pump covered in charcoal.

Juliette Karaman (25:41.134)


Judy (26:05.813)

And I remember, it was April 1999, and I remember waking up and it dawning on me. I’d rather have the whole world against me than my own soul.

Juliette Karaman (26:14.09)


Judy (26:15.269)

And I understood everything in that moment. Whilst I was locked up in outer hell, I was in inner heaven. And I created a life of outer heaven, but I was in inner hell. And that’s when I started the journey back to my truth, to my authentic self. And started the journey to marrying an outer heaven with an inner heaven, an inner heaven with an outer heaven.

And that was the journey that evolved over the past 20 odd years, more than that. No, so 20, no, 23, 24 years. So yeah.

Juliette Karaman (26:53.13)


Juliette Karaman (26:57.543)

It’s quite a story, right? I’m sure a lot of people are like, what the heck, right? So fast forward to today, and I know that you’ve had lots of incredible jobs and you’ve made like a shit ton of money in like no time, like in ways that people are like, yeah, that’s not even possible. What is it that you love about your life now today?

Judy (27:03.657)

I’m sorry.

Judy (27:27.31)


I love the freedom that I have today. I love to know that I wake up every morning and I don’t know what the day is going to be. I don’t know what I’m gonna create today. I don’t know what I’m going to experience and I’m open for it all, no matter what. That’s what I love. And I love the…

Juliette Karaman (27:53.208)


Judy (27:59.281)

trust I have to be able to move on awareness without having to justify, align, agree, resist, react. I just move. I love that. I just love that, that freedom. That’s what I love. I love the freedom. It just creates a life of joy and bliss. And I love the fact that I get to share that with people.

Juliette Karaman (28:30.271)

Mm-hmm. And you have a partner in crime that shares this with you every day, right?

Judy (28:36.557)

Yeah, I do. I do. It’s one of the things that actually funny enough, Tiny, my hubby, best friend, soulmate, sex partner, you name it. He does. We were mates when I was taking the overdoses. And so we go back a long, long time. But, and

Juliette Karaman (28:50.303)


Judy (29:01.833)

one of the things that he’s a very wise man and you know he’d be the only person I would ever tell that I was taking overdoses. For everyone else I was making up all sorts of stories like I had a strange illness or whatever and but he would never try and change me he’d never try and change you just like he would just be there but never be anyone that I would be interested in or into as a partner until I took that last overdose and I realized

Juliette Karaman (29:13.186)


Judy (29:30.353)

the truth of who we are and I came back home to me, all of a sudden everything shifted, everything, my perceptions, my understanding, you know, my addictions, my attachment to external things. When I say addictions, I’m talking about addictions to excitement or addictions to adrenaline, that was more the stuff, that all changed. Everything shifted to.

more to back to experiencing more joy and bliss and love of myself and my love of my experience of life and presence. And then I saw Tiny from a very different perspective and very quickly fell head over heels in love with him. And he’s been with me throughout the years. One of the things that I did

Juliette Karaman (30:17.688)


Judy (30:27.789)

was I did actually go back to Ireland. And this is an interesting part of the story. And I feel that we would not be complete if I didn’t share this. I did go back to Ireland and I reported. And again, it was not something I planned. It was a move I made. It was awareness. I woke up one day, go back to Ireland. And I did. I didn’t know why. I just did. I got to Ireland. Find your mom. I did.

Juliette Karaman (30:34.058)

Yeah, yeah, it’s a beautiful part.

Judy (30:56.417)

And then after finding my mom, go to the police station, the head office, like the, what do you call it? The Scotland Yard of Ireland. And I did. I walked in and I said, I want to speak to a detective. And each move was like that. None of it was planned. None of it was, I had no idea. And the detective, I want to report a crime. And I gave them the bare bones of it. And they said, well, it was too long ago. It’s not possible to do anything. I said, okay, fine.

Juliette Karaman (31:03.714)


Judy (31:25.433)

Next day they called me and they said, could you come in because we can actually proceed with this? And they did. And they charged my father and it took a number of years for the whole thing to be investigated. And eventually he pleaded guilty, I think to two, three or four of the 49 charges against him. And went to the high court and I went to court in 2000, I think it was. And Tiny came with me.

Juliette Karaman (31:34.894)


Juliette Karaman (31:40.878)


Juliette Karaman (31:50.339)


Judy (31:53.501)

and we stood in court and I said, my peace. I asked for the case to be held at a camera. Again, I didn’t know why. I didn’t even know what that truly would mean or what, anything. It exploded. It exploded, the story exploded, across Europe, India, South Africa, where I was living. It was a huge story, it never happened before. And the judge sentenced my father for a total of 54 years, just on the three or four.

charges he pleaded guilty to. And it was the worst case ever to be brought before the courts of Ireland. Incidents of reporting crime against women and children went up something like 74, 75% at that point in time, which was extraordinary, which is okay, now I get it. That’s why I went to the bank. Because it was never about revenge, never about anger, never, no. No, is it, yeah.

Juliette Karaman (32:24.994)


Juliette Karaman (32:39.139)


Yeah, it’s not about you, but it’s about helping others, right? And it’s about being the light that others can have that ripple effect and see, oh, she could do it, we can do it too.

Judy (32:55.345)

Being the conduit, yeah. So that was great, right? There was a minefield of emotions that I was going through, but it was all working through all the things that we are conditioned to believe, and then always coming back home and always feeling back to that wholeness. And four or five years later, the police phoned me.

Juliette Karaman (32:56.982)

Yeah, so beautiful.

Juliette Karaman (33:06.402)


Juliette Karaman (33:19.872)


Judy (33:24.213)

in South Africa and said, your father’s been moved to a hospice, he’s dying. And I turned to Tiny and I said, we’re going to Ireland again. I had no idea. Got to Ireland and Tiny and I walked into the hospice and we went to see the social worker. And the plan was Tiny and I would go in together because like, why would I do it myself? And she said that he refuses to see Tiny, me with Tiny refuses to see Tiny.

Juliette Karaman (33:45.134)


Judy (33:54.385)

So I had to make this, I had to go in alone. I had to make the decision to go alone. Again, I didn’t understand why would I wanna do that? But I walked into the room and this is like, and I wanna say this and I’m gonna predicate it with, this is my journey, it doesn’t make it for everybody. And obviously as you can see that I have done so much work, right, to get to this point.

Juliette Karaman (34:02.794)


Juliette Karaman (34:14.542)


Judy (34:23.137)

I walked into the room and he stood up as the door closed behind me and I still get the shivers till this day. The first words out of my mouth were, thank you dad, I love you for everything. And I looked at him and I realized I was not looking at him, I was talking to his soul. I was talking to the

to an infinite being, for having done what he has done, for having to be that person, for me to be who I am. That’s an extraordinary act of love. Again, guys, I did say that this is not for everybody. This is my journey, and this is how I saw it. For me, it was a phenomenal act of love because I get to be me for that.

Juliette Karaman (34:52.462)


Juliette Karaman (35:15.831)


Judy (35:16.837)

and to experience what I experience. Every day I get to experience my divine connection. I get to experience the authentic projection of who I am without all of the traps experiencing such deep separation and struggle. I don’t…

Juliette Karaman (35:40.251)


I mean, it’s a beautiful moment, right? And I can feel the sacredness of it, of actually accepting and also recognizing for him to have stepped into that, that was what his soul chose, right? And we don’t often think about this, and this is the work that I’ve done on my rapist and people that abuse me as well, where it’s like, oh, they have actually given me a gift. Although most people don’t see it like that, but it’s like.

Judy (35:58.727)


Juliette Karaman (36:10.498)

They’ve given me the gift of connecting back to who I am. I mean, and just the beauty of that, right? The being able to lead our lives and then to help others come back to who they are.

Judy (36:25.053)

Totally, totally. The amount of people hand on my heart. I really, really believe that I have been able to activate wholeness for them just by me being who I am because of what he did is extraordinary. Right, that is love. That is real love. Now.

Juliette Karaman (36:46.114)


Judy (36:51.573)

Obviously in this world, in this society that we live in, and there are certain things that are acceptable and not, it doesn’t mean you condone. That’s a different thing. How we manage and deal with things in the physical realm is one thing, but how we deal with things in this energetic realm, there are two different things. So I still feel that it was the right thing to do what I did, and it was appropriate in this society.

Juliette Karaman (37:16.546)


Judy (37:19.729)

but also it doesn’t mean that I have to energetically buy into all of that. There is a different experience to be had on an energetic level.

Juliette Karaman (37:31.138)


Beautiful. So fast forward. That was in 2000, you said, or 2005 or somewhere around that. Yeah, we’re now in 2023. I know that you’ve had a near death experience and I’m also a bit conscious of the time quite recently, and that again has propelled you to a new height.

Judy (37:40.945)

That was 2000, yes.

Judy (37:54.322)


Judy (37:59.277)

Yeah, that was the craziest thing. It was in March last year and it was bizarre because I, you know, I live, I’ve created businesses in various countries that have made history. I’ve made so much money, you know, and out of nowhere from nothing. It’s like it’s just it’s just beggars belief, the sort of stuff that I’m able to create, right. And I love life. I have an extraordinary life.

And the past three years we’ve been traveling. We’ve lived in London and Italy and Barbados and Mexico. And it’s just amazing. And I walked into a, what’s it called? Acupuncturist in March last year. And because I had a small knee injury and he took one look at me and he says, you’re going to hospital. What? I was like, I just wanted to get the acupuncture on my knee because I was going scuba diving that weekend.

Juliette Karaman (38:43.095)


Judy (38:58.505)

And turns out that I was in the midst of a stroke. I was inches from death. My whole face, everything was there. It was like crazy, crazy. I was literally, they weren’t sure what I would make true or not. And I was told.

Juliette Karaman (39:04.823)


Juliette Karaman (39:19.394)

So again, you knew to go to the acupuncturist. You had no idea what the heck was happening with you, but you’re like, okay, let’s get some relief from my knee. Right time, right place.

Judy (39:24.238)


Judy (39:28.993)

Exactly. It made no logic. It was like a minor niggle. I’d lived with it for a while, you know. So anyway, but and then this happened and I had a choice. I had a choice in that moment um to and it’s gonna sound a bit odd but just to put just to pre-frame it.

Up until that point, my life was all about everything is love. We are all love. Everything is one. Everything is bliss. There’s no nasties. There’s no negativity. There’s no evil and all that. That was my life. That’s how I saw life. Tiny would often like sit by me and he’d look at me and he’d say, you sure about that, Jews? Absolutely, totally, 100%. I was polarized by that. It’s about the only thing I was ever polarized by. And here I was.

Juliette Karaman (40:04.45)


Judy (40:24.902)

on the breath from death. And I was being asked, do you really believe that? Because if you do, you’re coming back to my over soul. Because your job’s done. You’ve done what you’ve come, you’ve gone as far as you can go. Yeah. Okay, I’m not ready to go yet.

Juliette Karaman (40:34.146)

Yeah. Oof.

Juliette Karaman (40:44.975)

going ice cold over here and I’m like oh I know that place I’ve been there

Judy (40:52.025)

It’s a crazy place. It’s a crazy, crazy place. It’s a pure place, but it’s also a crazy place to go. And then I decided, well, I’m not ready to go yet. I will explore the other side. And that set me off on a journey.

Juliette Karaman (40:59.015)


Judy (41:15.605)

I didn’t have the immediate awareness of what the other side was, but it set me off on a journey, an extraordinary journey. And the miracle of this is that I was told that I would need operations, I would need medication and all that. Within less than a month, I was on zero medication, no operation, nothing. My organs were failing at the same time. I was having multiple organ failure.

everything, completely. The doctors were in tears. They couldn’t believe that I had completely recovered. Like no sign of it, what I had gone through. And over the next few months, I would, I committed to diving so deep and getting deeper and deeper awareness to the truth. And the truth is, it’s not all love. Everything is not.

Judy (42:15.289)

When we are living as a human being, what I call the trilogy of being, body being implanted that makes up this body, when we’re living in that realm of matter, we’re living conditioned, programmed, and interfered with energetically. There’s a lot of negative, and there’s a lot of interference, negative energy interference in our world that holds us separate.

Juliette Karaman (42:33.859)


Judy (42:44.265)

to our divine. And I became very clear about that. Because my awareness that’s come through is ego is a very, very interfered with construct. And I believe it doesn’t tell the whole story. We are body being a planet. And when that is harmonized, we have that divine connection. And through that divine connection, everything is love.

and only through that divine connection. Not as a, not just as a human being with living in a, with a corrupted trilogy of being, moving through life. Everything is not love. In fact, everything is lack. Everything is separation. Everything is struggle. Everything is suffering. And that was the shift that I had to make. And that was an important shift for me to be able to truly embody deeper myself and awareness.

of my being, but also how then I can activate others as well, if that makes sense.

Juliette Karaman (43:43.608)


Juliette Karaman (43:50.53)

completely and that’s what you do now right? I mean let’s take this all the way to the finish line and how do people contact you? What do you do? How do you help people? What are your gifts? What are your giveaways? What you know all of these things?

Judy (43:54.215)


Judy (44:13.145)

I’m able to, I’ve awakened to my gift that I have, that I’m able to connect to the energetic field of others. And I’m able to clear out the interference that stops their trilogy of being harmonized that will allow them to connect to infinite being. And when they connect to infinite being, it’s like everything gets unraveled.

and it’s just simple flow and everything just flows. There’s a serenity that comes in, a calmness, a sense of joy and bliss that you just exude where everything, how you perceive everything changes and therefore your experience of everything shifts. And that is what I had dedicating my life to now is that. And I work with people, even that you’re they,

Juliette Karaman (45:01.771)


Judy (45:12.625)

I’ve worked over the past six months, I’ve worked with people from who are as young as six. I’ve worked with men and women across the world with autism, level three autism, the impact, the symptoms of that. Alcoholism, severe emotional looping, mental issues, trauma to money issues, relationship issues, that whole thing. There is nothing.

Juliette Karaman (45:25.496)


Judy (45:41.277)

that we cannot reframe the blueprint of in the energetic field. And when I do that, what actually gets to come through into this world of matter is a very different experience for people.

Juliette Karaman (45:44.622)

unravel. Yeah.

Juliette Karaman (45:58.898)

And I love the language that you’re using. I mean, I’m obviously, I do a lot of Dr. Joe stuff. And when you’re in this field of energetics and the quantum and stuff, you do tend to pick stuff from everywhere. And it’s like, oh, okay, he explains it in a way. Now you’re explaining it in a way. I keep pulling stuff that makes sense for me, right? Because everyone has a different way of saying it, a different way of interpreting it.

Judy (46:14.076)


Juliette Karaman (46:27.322)

So I love how you’re saying it actually brings it into matter, into the here and now. That’s how you pull stuff in and that’s how we talk about manifesting, manifestation and the secret and that is really what we’re doing here.

Judy (46:42.161)

Completely, yes. Yeah, it’s the more we move, it’s like the more harmonize the trilogy of being, the more awareness we get from infinite being and the more we can make what I call the unconventional move on awareness without logic, without going to the brain, without contemplation. Now that you just move without question, just ensure complete exquisite trust devoted to your authentic truth.

Juliette Karaman (46:44.118)


Juliette Karaman (47:11.662)

But isn’t it beautiful? That’s actually how babies move, right? When they’re tiny, they don’t think, they just move. And you look at them in their pure delight, chasing a butterfly or whatever, right? When they’re toddlers. And we’ve had so much conditioning and so much energetic stuff coming in that we’re like, oh my God, what’s gonna happen to me? But once that is gone, what I’m hearing, your interference, it’s like, you go back to that place of pure delight.

Judy (47:19.259)


Judy (47:24.049)


Judy (47:38.545)

Yeah, you go into the… Because we are designed, we’re anatomically, what I’ve come up to realize is we are anatomically designed to connect, communicate and create from infinite being through our body. Our body is our most important channel. And that is something that is not appreciated in this current matrix, it’s just not. And that is one of the things that I have come to seriously value is through my body that I keep clear of all interference.

Juliette Karaman (47:49.068)


Juliette Karaman (47:52.918)


Judy (48:07.033)

and that allows me to harmonize body being and planet, the trilogy of being, to connect with my infinite being and to move on that awareness and to trust that awareness without question. And that is, that’s freedom.

Juliette Karaman (48:18.366)

I love it completely. And for me, every time when I do journaling, every time when I go deep into meditation, what do you want? Freedom, freedom, freedom. And I got to that place, like you said, and my kids’ faces came to me and I was like, oh no, I don’t want to go yet. I’m like, I’m not, like, and then, you know, part of me was like, you’re done, you’re done, baby. It’s time to go. And I was like, no, there’s my…

Judy (48:29.929)


Judy (48:45.212)


Juliette Karaman (48:48.278)

My physical body, this Juliet and this body actually wants to stick around a bit longer.

Judy (48:54.257)

It’s beautiful that we get that choice, isn’t it? It’s really beautiful that we do. So I’m grateful for it. It was terrifying for, it was terrifying at the time. It was for terrifying and for timing. So yeah.

Juliette Karaman (49:06.21)

Oh, terrifying for the people that were with her. And they’re like, stay. I had this with the client of mine that came to me for energetic work. And I was moving, doing spinal autumnal and just moving whatever was stuck in her body, right? To move it through. And she had that moment. Everything became cold, all, you know, it was like everything came in, everyone came in. I was like, ooh, okay. And I’ve had.

helped people pass over, but I just remember just putting my hand on our heart saying, you have a choice here. It’s, it’s, it’s your choice. This is your decision. Yeah. She came back and since then she’s been manifesting like a motherfucker. And she’s like, Oh my God, this is so…

Judy (49:42.121)

She’s, yeah, wow.


Ooh, and she came back.

Juliette Karaman (50:01.61)

You came back, you decided to stay in your body once and for all.

Judy (50:01.854)


Judy (50:05.785)

Yeah, that is awesome. What amazing experience.

Juliette Karaman (50:10.087)

Yeah, my poor little nervous system was like, oh, I’m like, holy shit, I’m not sure I’m gonna do people in person anymore.

Judy (50:19.744)

Was there a shot of whiskey after that by any chance?

Juliette Karaman (50:23.126)

I don’t really drink so no. Yeah. Judy, let people please know how they can get in contact with you. This is going to air about six weeks from now. So I know that you have free, it’s free telegram group and you’ll probably have many more things that you’re going to guide people into getting to know you.

Judy (50:42.521)

Yeah, yeah, I will hop on to follow me on Facebook. I do Facebook. I don’t do an awful lot of marketing. I tend to a lot of people come to me from word of mouth and stuff like that. But follow me on Facebook because I do have something company in November activating the magnetic energy field because our energy system, our energy centers get interfered with and locked down as well as our magnetic energy field. Our magnetic energy field is critical.

for actualizing that which we create in the field. And that’s what I’m gonna be doing in November. So follow me on Facebook. And I will share information about that.

Juliette Karaman (51:22.938)

Love it. Thank you so much for coming on. This has been an absolute delight. I think you’ve also gone the longest time period of any one of my guests, which is super cool. But there was just, I couldn’t stop you anywhere because it was like, oh, so captivating. I was like.

Judy (51:42.301)

Thank you so much, Juliette. It was such a wonderful joy to chat to you today.

Juliette Karaman (51:46.958)


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