Episode 42 Unlocking Your Frequencies: A Journey with Transformation Coach Nadia Isk

On: Dec 1, 2023

Welcome to “The Scrumptious Woman” with Juliette Karaman

In this episode, Juliette is joined by Nadia Isk, a transformation and magnetism coach specializing in human design, gene keys, and quantum subconscious work. Nadia helps her clients gain deeper insights into themselves, guiding them towards their highest timeline and unlocking their natural magnetism.

Nadia shares profound insights into the intersection of science and spirituality. She explains how every individual is imprinted with specific frequencies at birth, influenced by the neutrinos emitted by the sun. These frequencies, representing gifts and higher aspects, shape one’s life journey.

The conversation delves into the concept of higher timelines, the duality of human and spirit, and the role of adversity in personal evolution. Nadia emphasizes the importance of unity between the human and spirit aspects for lasting happiness, joy, and prosperity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Imprinting Frequencies: Nadia explains how everyone is born with unique frequencies, imprinted by the sun’s neutrinos. These frequencies shape an individual’s gifts and higher aspects.
  • Higher Timelines: The discussion explores the idea of higher timelines and how individuals attract experiences and circumstances based on their frequencies. Adversity serves as a catalyst for growth and unlocking higher frequencies.
  • Balancing Duality: Nadia stresses the need to balance the human and spirit aspects for a fulfilling life. Acknowledging both sides contributes to overall well-being.
  • Universal Symphony: Every individual plays a vital role in the universe, contributing to the grand symphony of life. Each person’s unique gifts are essential pieces of the cosmic puzzle.
  • Purpose to Power: Nadia hints at a potential course titled “Purpose to Power,” where she aims to help individuals unlock their purpose and translate it into personal power.

This episode provides a fascinating exploration of the cosmic imprinting of frequencies, higher timelines, and the interconnectedness of individual journeys in the universal symphony. Nadia’s insights offer a refreshing perspective on personal growth, purpose, and the dynamic balance between the human and spirit aspects.

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To connect with Nadia and explore her transformative offerings, you can find her on Facebook as Nadia Isk and on Instagram as @Nadia.ISK. 
Whether you’re intrigued by human design readings, Gene Keys insights, one-on-one sessions, subconscious work, or personalized affirmations, Nadia provides a variety of potent tools to help you unlock your higher frequencies and navigate your evolutionary journey. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Nadia on these platforms and discover the transformative power of Purpose to Power, a potential upcoming course that promises 
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The Scrumptious Woman EP42


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Juliette Karaman (00:00.268)

So happy to have Nadia with us. She is a transformation and magnetism coach and guides her clients into deeper understanding of themselves so they are liberated and clear how to step into their highest timeline, an expert in human design, gene keys and quantum subconscious work.

As an alchemist, she creates flow, liberation, and natural magnetism in her clients’ lives. She is an intuitive guide for women who are ready to dive deeper into their life purpose and have radical self-love relationship to themselves. She’s passionate about bridging the realms of science and spirituality on a conscious quest to unlock profound insights into human nature and the intersection of genetics, consciousness, and

personal transformation. I love it. Your mission is to empower individuals to live meaningful purpose-driven lives full of love, joy and prosperity. Welcome, welcome. I am so happy to have you here. I have had several readings because we call them readings, right? The Human Design and G and Keys readings.

Nadia Isk (01:11.534)

Thank you for having me.

Juliette Karaman (01:25.792)

with Nadia and you are so much more than just a reader. You carry these codes and it’s kind of like, what I see you do is you unravel the ball of wool, which is life and which is kind of like knotted together. And then you just unravel it and you kind of like show us the threads, how they are and how they connect.

Nadia Isk (01:54.038)

Yes, I help you to remember who you are.

Juliette Karaman (01:58.672)

completely. I love this.

Nadia Isk (02:00.798)

which is a divine spirit in a human body. And so we are living the spirituality, which is just us being spirit in reality. That’s why it’s called spirituality. Ha ha ha.

Juliette Karaman (02:18.58)

I love it. I love how you break this down. I’m going to let you speak.

Nadia Isk (02:27.38)

I think that.

Something important for everyone to know starting this conversation is that if you deny your human self, that is a disservice. If you deny your spirit self, that is a disservice. You must be able to unite them and be able to be connected to both sides.

Nadia Isk (03:01.551)

That is what will bring happiness, joy, and prosperity into everyone’s life.

Juliette Karaman (03:09.4)


Nadia Isk (03:11.818)

And if you’re too much in the human, it’s gonna be difficult. If you’re too much in spirit, it’s gonna be difficult. It’s that balance. We live in this duality. We live in the realm of duality and polarity. And our mission is to navigate that.

Juliette Karaman (03:33.176)

And it can be a hell of a rollercoaster in time to time, right?

Nadia Isk (03:37.938)

Absolutely. You know, I feel that there are specific souls as well that may have a more turbulent journey, but Source, Spirit, God, the universe will never give you anything that you can’t handle. It will never send you anything that you are not capable of transcending.

Moving Beyond.

So sometimes the adversity in your life is in correlation to the mission that you have, to the amount of power that you carry. And it continues to be tested. But that’s what life is all about.

Juliette Karaman (04:32.276)

It’s in correlation. I actually want to pause there for a bit because that felt like a massive transmission that we are never given more than we can handle. And I know especially with what’s happening in the world at the moment, people are like, but how much death is someone supposed to have? How much pain? How much physical pain? How much everything?

And I’m hearing where your soul’s mission is to actually expand, to alchemize that, and to have an even bigger power to shine out, to lead with.

Nadia Isk (05:17.378)

Yes, and I’m going to say something that may trigger some people, and I never intend to do that in a harmful way, but this is my personal belief, is that each soul incarnates with a mission. And so when we come to this world, we are here to carry out this mission. Right now.

our world is going through chaos. But what happens after chaos? Innovation happens. Innovation takes place after chaos happens. And therefore, some souls have chosen to help the evolutionary process that’s happening in this world right now, because we are amidst an evolution.

You speak to an astrologer, they’ll tell you it’s the age of Aquarius. You know, in human design, it is the, um, 2027 mutation. In Ginkgoes, it’s called the great, um, uh, the awakening. It’s called something, I forgot exactly, but you speak to any, uh, people in the spiritual industry, um, and people that aren’t into human design in Ginkgoes.

they see it, they just call it the people are awakening. But in order for people to wake up, it’s going to take that polarity, that duality of having something shocking enough to wake you up.

Juliette Karaman (06:47.525)


Juliette Karaman (07:00.356)


Nadia Isk (07:05.138)

Now in the long run, it’s going to be for the benefit of the collective. But again, this may be triggering because it’s not fair that, you know, if it was my loved one, no, it’s not fair.

But I also want to reframe death and the concept of death for people. Death is simply a transition from one realm to another. In fact, death is actually birth. It’s almost like in this lifetime, we’re in a purgatory. Is that how they say it?

Juliette Karaman (07:29.782)


Juliette Karaman (07:49.08)

Mm hmm.

Nadia Isk (07:49.77)

It’s almost like this lifetime, this life is not even, it’s not even the greatness of what our soul is here to experience. It’s a mere glimpse, a mere taste.

Here we’re asleep. When people pass, that’s actually when they awaken.

Juliette Karaman (08:18.609)

Hmm. And it’s a completely different way of learning it.

Nadia Isk (08:19.05)

And I know that may be triggering again. And I know it’s triggering. That’s not something that you would tell someone. And I’ve had death. I’ve lost two brothers. So I’m not immune to pain. I’ve lost my sister-in-law in a tragic incident. So for me to help myself heal with that, it helps me to know.

that they have passed in material sense, but they have not passed, they’ve just transitioned.

Juliette Karaman (08:59.364)

Mm-hmm. And they’ve kind of like reborn, like you said, right? Their soul lives on. And I like that reframing. And yes, I can see where it will trigger the heck out of people. And that’s also then a way to look at it, saying like, we don’t all have to agree with what Nadia is saying, what I’m saying. At times it’s enough that a little seed is planted.

Nadia Isk (09:04.13)

They’re reborn, yes.

Juliette Karaman (09:28.672)

in you to just notice it’s like, oh, what if? What if I could look at life slightly differently? What if I could look at all the hardship that I’m going through as what Nadia is describing? This is for the collective. This is how we change humanity, how we bring in this new world.

Nadia Isk (09:52.758)

Yes, and I still daily I send love, I send light, I send prayers to the people that are affected with what’s going on in the world and people that are affected just by their daily conflicts of life. Because that’s my human side. Again, we’ll go back to the first thing, which is you cannot deny the human side of you and you cannot deny the spirit side of you. So my spirit understands

that my loved one’s spirit has transitioned, but I have to also honor my human that misses them and thinks about the memories that we had together and thinks about the pain of the other family members that have been affected by their passing and thinking about just, it can be overwhelming. It can be overwhelming. So I only invite people to

to take on this perspective because it’s a healing perspective. It’s hard, but it’s a healing. It gives closure and it gives you a sense that, you know, there is a divine orchestration of events happening and there is only so much that we have control over. We think we have control over a lot of things.

Juliette Karaman (11:19.706)

I love that. Yes, we do think we have control over a lot of things, right? It’s like, surrender. What do you mean? I don’t want to surrender. I want to control everything.

Nadia Isk (11:20.366)

But there is… But… ..

Nadia Isk (11:29.838)

No, there is this, you can say it’s like a background frequency. There is a background frequency that is helping orchestrate this universe. And your job gets to be to attune to this frequency and use it to your advantage. So it’s like having, some people might call it a conversation with God.

or it’s a conversation with the universe.

Juliette Karaman (12:05.036)

I love this. And that’s it, right? We can attune to it. And it’s funny, because I actually do things called attunements with people and I work on their energetic field in the field and just where energies are stuck, where emotions are stuck in and around the body. And I touch, well, I touch the field, basically, I told you. And then it starts flowing.

The energy starts flowing again and it’s not stagnant in one place. So I love how you use a tuning and I often think of it like we are an instrument, right? Our body is an instrument. We are souls having this human experience and we only have this body suit, this flesh that we have, that we have in this lifetime, in this human lifetime.

And the more that we can tune in and actually use our body as a tuning fork, which from time to time that instrument might need a little bit of tuning. Yeah, it might need to be like when you have a piano you get it tuned. When you have a guitar you fiddle around with the strings. I don’t even know what everything is called but just like this our body, our psyche from time to time needs a little attunement and it could be…

Nadia Isk (13:22.902)


Juliette Karaman (13:29.736)

in a way of, like you say, with your readings, how you teach people about their frequencies and how they can step into their next frequency, or it can be with attunements that I do or with whatever other spiritual means and metaphysical ways and also psychological ways of moving through different energies, right?

Nadia Isk  (13:56.942)

Absolutely. For example, you reside on the frequency of freedom. So it only makes sense that you help people to become free from the entanglements that are present in their body. You reside on the gift, on the frequency of intimacy. And intimacy is not necessarily sexual. It’s that deep connection.

Juliette Karaman (14:02.847)


Nadia Isk (14:25.962)

with someone. So put that together. What do you do? You go intimately into their field and help free them. What do I do? I help you explain in verbal words what you do. It’s something that you know you do. You know that you do it or maybe it took you a while to word it, to grasp it because you felt it and you were doing it all your life. You were doing it all.

Juliette Karaman (14:52.428)

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Nadia Isk (14:55.41)

your life but you weren’t aware which you know brings me to another aspect we must become aware of ourselves which is that unity between spirit and human because this frequency that you reside on freedom and intimacy these are your higher frequencies these are the

Juliette Karaman (15:08.6)


Nadia Isk (15:26.45)

the frequencies of spirit that have been embedded in your DNA. And when you attune to these frequencies, what do you do? You begin to become more magnetic. You begin to become more magnetic for who? For the people that may need this attunement to freedom or perhaps to people that need to be attuned to…

more intimacy because intimacy is also connected to honesty. And so you, I know you do work with the subconscious as well. And the subconscious is always honest. So do you see how this all just intertwines?

Juliette Karaman (16:00.906)


Juliette Karaman (16:14.208)

It’s so incredible, right? And I love what you say. It’s like you are born with it. And I actually, I think that’s a part that people may not understand. Can you explain a little bit more? We’re born with it.

Nadia Isk (16:26.606)

Absolutely, it’s not Maybelline. Absolutely. It’s not Maybelline, baby. You are born with it.

Nadia Isk (16:37.77)

Yes, you were born with gifts. Every single one of us were born with the gifts and they were imprinted upon us in our mother’s womb and at the time of birth. The quantum field that everyone speaks of, I have a different translation for it and you can prove it in science, but also raw channel this.

The sun omits trillions and trillions of neutrinos every single second of the day. Right now, there are trillions of neutrinos that are circulating you. When they’re coming from the stars, that’s why you’ll hear people say like, oh, you were made from the stars. It’s like, what do you mean, I’m made from the stars? I’m telling you right now, this is what it means.

The sun is the biggest star in our solar system, and it omits 70% of these neutrinos that I’m talking about. When you are born, you get imprinted with these neutrinos. And depending on the position of the sun at the time of your birth, you get imprinted with the specific neutrinos. What are neutrinos? They are codes of information. They are codes.

Juliette Karaman (17:39.504)


Nadia Isk (18:05.61)

of consciousness or as Dr. Joe or whoever coined the term, this is the quantum field. This is why people will tell you, you have access to the quantum field at all time. However, you must be, what’s that word? Aware, the magic word, awareness. Bring your awareness to the present moment because you have access to higher consciousness in every moment.

So we have baby beautiful Juliet born and she gets imprinted. You’re so beautiful Juliet. You get imprinted with the frequencies from the son of, from spirit of freedom, intimacy, the higher frequencies. Trying to remember your other two because they’re very prominent. So there’s like

Juliette Karaman (18:52.075)


Nadia Isk (19:05.262)

four main ones and you begin your journey into this life. Right? It’s like, here’s the way I see it. You are the result of the universe having an orgasm, each and every one of us.

Nadia Isk (19:32.682)

You are dualistic. You’re feminine, you’re masculine.

And you’re imprinted with these frequencies and this becomes the story of your life. On a lower frequency, you’re going to attract, you’re going to magnetize things to you that correlate to the story that you can say you’re the opposite of the higher self. You know, lots of people will talk about this as well, like, my higher self, my highest timeline, what is that?

Juliette Karaman (19:45.433)

Thank you.

Nadia Isk (20:08.342)

What is your highest timeline? Well, if you’re on a lower frequency, you’re going to experience people, events, circumstances, all the things that are in your lower timeline. However, what it’s trying to do, what the universe is trying to do is send you lessons or send you codes to unlock your higher frequencies. So if you reside on the frequency of freedom,

what are you, what is the lower frequency? It’s the complete opposite. Some form of constriction, some form of event circumstance, person that would limit that freedom or try to um

Nadia Isk (20:52.246)

freedom. So then Juliet, the story of her life becomes how can I liberate from this constriction? And then once you free yourself, you attune to the higher frequency and it becomes your life mission to help other people attune to this higher frequency. How this plays out, how this plays out on a bigger role is

Juliette Karaman (20:53.366)


Juliette Karaman (21:00.377)


Nadia Isk (21:20.782)

You have something that will help me fulfill my life mission. And I have something that may help you fulfill your life mission. We, so what it means when the industry tells you to stay in your lane. Cause I used to piss me off. Stay in my lane. I am in my lane.

Juliette Karaman (21:27.545)

Thank you.

Juliette Karaman (21:32.656)


Juliette Karaman (21:43.074)


Nadia Isk (21:46.462)

I am in my lane, I think I’m in my lane. Well, what this means is, when you are shining your frequency, shining that light, what is that light? Again, it’s this imprinting, it’s source. They’ll say, shine the light within. That’s it, right there, it’s the higher frequency. And then you begin to magnetize a different timeline.

Juliette Karaman (22:12.589)


Nadia Isk (22:12.842)

People, places, events, and circumstances that reside on the frequency of freedom.

Juliette Karaman (22:19.064)


Nadia Isk (22:20.51)

And here’s the caveat. You will continue to experience the dualistic side throughout life. So you’ll continue to experience someone trying to limit that freedom again. And then you work through it. And then you rise higher again. So every medicine woman needs to give herself

a dose of her own medicine from time to time.

Juliette Karaman (22:53.672)

It’s so true!

Juliette Karaman (22:59.664)

That’s not always, we’re not always the best patients, right?

Nadia Isk (23:03.666)

Because I tell you why. Our gifts, first of all, if we think of a gift, a gift is meant to be given and it’s meant to be received. You know, and from time to time you buy yourself a gift. But when we think of a gift, it’s meant to be given. So your gifts can often, it can often seem like you help other people more than you can help yourself.

Juliette Karaman (23:32.068)


Nadia Isk (23:32.67)

And it’s like, what the hell? Like I.

this aspect and this aspect, but that’s okay because we’re here to exchange energy. Therefore, this is a good time when you reach out to people that are attuned to their higher frequency and we help to unlock each other through our frequencies. Now like I reside on the frequency of acceptance.

Juliette Karaman (23:59.864)

I love this.

Nadia Isk (24:05.49)

Lism magnetism and I forgot my own one. So let’s say I forgot my own frequency.

It is um, delight delight. So let’s say Juliet is Having something difficult in her life. She may come to me and I would help her step into that gift of acceptance Like accept it and when you accept it began it makes you lighter it brings you into the frequency of delight so

Juliette Karaman (24:20.048)


Juliette Karaman (24:43.744)

Mm-hmm, of course.

Nadia Isk (24:46.094)

Then I’ve done my energetic job. Juliette moves on and maybe she has something come up with entropy. Like we’re transiting Genki 1 this week, entropy. And entropy is about, you know, having no energy to do anything. And someone carries the frequency, the higher frequency with just freshness and they may help.

Juliet step into bringing something new into the world. But at the same time that person may have Limitations in their life and they would come to you for you to help free them I Remember your other two keys now Bounteousness you reside on the frequency of bounteousness and style No

Juliette Karaman (25:38.532)

That is true. I was just looking at it like, yes, I think it’s.

Nadia Isk (25:43.938)

So let’s say I’m having a hard time with my personal style, with how I want to portray myself. So Juliet can come in and help me. It’s like shape, bring that style, my unique style into this world so that I can also access the frequency of bounteousness.

Because the more unique you are in your own style, right? The more, the more bounteousness you’ll have. The more you stand out.

Juliette Karaman (26:20.62)

And isn’t this cool? So we unlock each other’s energies. So where you say, you know, Nadia will come in to help Juliet, Juliet will come in to help, you know, X, Y, Z. It’s not so much that we do anything, but that our frequency interlocks with their frequencies. I’m not sure how to explain this, but it’s like, we don’t have to do much, but we just be ourselves, and we already carry those frequencies.

that then unlocks other stuff. And I kind of like see it as, I have really these keys, like this old fashioned rod, like wheel with these spokes in it, and that we kind of like intertwine and then things get slowly unlocked, kind of like, it’s safe.

Nadia Isk (27:12.662)

Yes, or pieces of a puzzle. Pieces of a puzzle and we put, yeah, and like when we put each other, when we put us together, we form one big picture, which is the universe. And that’s why every single person is important. Every single person is a vital part of this universe and whatever piece you have. And again.

Juliette Karaman (27:15.748)

completely. That’s even better.

Juliette Karaman (27:25.166)


Nadia Isk (27:41.526)

whether you are here or not here, you’re still a vital piece of this universe and the part that you played in it, no matter how short or how long, because it was your soul that came here to help this symphony continue playing, which is the song called the universe, right? So you come in, you play your note.

Juliette Karaman (27:55.12)

We had a fun.

Nadia Isk (28:11.154)

It may be one day, it may be 10 days, it may be 100 years, but every single person was a vital part, is a vital part of this universe.

Juliette Karaman (28:24.484)

That feels like a beautiful circle we’ve kind of been in. What an incredible way you have of explaining this. I mean, I could listen to you for days, but I know we have a short period of time only.

Nadia Isk (28:36.982)

Thank you.

Juliette Karaman (28:41.62)

going to ask our listeners if you have felt something because this is really about the feeling right and something in you some energy has shifted by hearing Nadia talk please go and find her. So Nadia share with us how can people find you what do you take them through what are your offerings what you know because if I was listening to this I’m like oh my god give me more you know.

Hold up my arm for like a little hint of Nadia.

Nadia Isk (29:13.998)

Thank you, Juliet. So I am on Facebook, Nadia, I-S-K, Nadia Isk I am on Instagram also, Nadia.I-S-K. And what I offer for my clients ranges. It can take you on a short journey. I can take you on a long journey, but every journey is potent. Every journey helps you to unlock something within you the next step.

in your evolutionary process. Every journey helps you to remember who you are. Every journey brings you closer home to your spirit, whether it’s a human design reading and we look into your energetic blueprint, whether it’s a Gene Keys reading and I help you understand the frequencies you reside on, the shadows and the light, so that when you are in your shadow, you’re able to shed light on them.

and attune higher to your higher frequencies, be able to spot them. Whether it’s one-on-one work, where I go deep, I just give my all. Whether it’s subconscious work, where I reframe your subconscious using energy works, a bit of somatic, it’s kind of magical if you ask me. And so I can even do affirmations. I’ve done personalized affirmations.

for my clients, yes, based off of the frequencies that they carry and their gene keys. So, no, instead of saying, like, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am worthy, like, I tweak them and I put, I infuse them with the frequencies that you reside on so that you can continue to talk to yourself, to your DNA, and attune that word to your higher frequencies.

Juliette Karaman (30:39.558)

Yes, you did.

Juliette Karaman (31:11.468)

So many options, so beautiful. This conversation was incredible. I can’t wait until you come and speak at my mastermind, Scrumptious Visibility, the collective. Oh my God, there’s like so much in this. I mean, I’m just dying for you to bring out a course, that is, you’re Nadia-esque, or yeah, you bring your mastermind. But anyway.

Nadia Isk (31:37.026)

I’m dying as well. Thank you. I’m thinking about calling it Purpose to Power.

Juliette Karaman (31:43.692)

Mm-hmm. Because really what I see where your gift is, is unlocking in people what their purpose is, what their gift is, and translating it into humanness, into human words. Yeah? So it’s because we’re all like, yeah, we’re here and we’re helping you step into your higher power, but it’s like you actually make it really concrete. You’re like, okay, you’re on the frequency of freedom, intimacy, you bring connection to people.

Nadia Isk (31:59.3)


Juliette Karaman (32:11.604)

and you bring them into that. And I was like, yeah, that’s what I do. But I never knew how to put that in words. So incredible gift what you have. And it’s not just in the head anymore but it becomes really a soul deep knowing. Nadia, thank you so much for being here. This was absolutely delightful. And please, everyone knows, share this with your friends if…

Nadia Isk (32:18.866)

Yes, exactly. Yes, like you know it. Thank you so much, Juliet.

Nadia Isk (32:36.494)

Thank you.

Juliette Karaman (32:40.848)

If you know that there’s someone who needs to hear this in your arena, please share this episode with your friends. And remember to rate us and to leave a review. All of this helps get the light and bring the frequency of the whole world forward.

Nadia Isk (32:59.554)

Thank you so much, Juliet. It was so fun. I don’t wanna stop.

Juliette Karaman (33:06.718)

We’ll come back. You’ll do a next one next year.

Nadia Isk (33:11.042)

Absolutely. Thank you for having me.

Juliette Karaman (33:13.38)

Thank you for being here.

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