Episode 40 Transformative Insights on Divorce and Conscious Living: A Heartfelt Conversation with Radhika Lakhani

On: Nov 24, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of The Scrumptious Woman! We’re thrilled to have you join us for this insightful conversation.

In this episode, Juliette Karaman engages in a meaningful conversation with Radhika Lakhani, a conscious co-parenting expert and relationship coach. The discussion delves into embracing change, tuning into our inner guidance system, and the power of vulnerability and authenticity in our journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embracing Change and Evolution:
    Radhika emphasizes the beauty of embracing change and evolving in our individual journeys.
    Both speakers highlight the importance of creating a unique path, incorporating various modalities, and allowing for constant evolution.
  • Inner Guidance System:
    Radhika introduces the concept of an inner guidance system, encouraging listeners to connect with their hearts and ask, “What do I need right now?”
    The speakers share personal experiences of tuning into this guidance and the profound impact it can have on decision-making.
  • Self-Care and Authenticity:
    Juliette and Radhika stress the significance of self-care and authenticity in our lives.
    Radhika shares experiences of asking her inner guidance system for direction, often receiving messages that prioritize rest and recalibration.
  • Vulnerability and Authenticity:
    The conversation explores the power of vulnerability and the beauty of showing up authentically in all aspects of life.
    Juliette shares a personal story of bringing her authentic self to a teaching session, creating a space for openness and connection.

Thank you for tuning in, we hope you found this episode inspiring and full of valuable insights. Remember to embrace change, connect with your inner guidance, and show up authentically in your journey. Don’t forget to check out Radhika Lakhani’s programs on her website. Until next time, stay inspired and keep evolving!

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The Scrumptious Woman EP40

Tue, Nov 14, 2023 12:20PM • 36:58


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Radhika Lakhani, Juliette Karaman

Juliette Karaman  00:00

All right, my lovelies, we are back again. And we’ve got the beautiful Rad. Radhika how do you pronounce your real name? Because I always call you Rad?

Radhika Lakhani  00:12

Most people call me Rad.

Radhika Lakhani  00:13

it’s Radhika

Juliette Karaman  00:15

Radhika. Oh, you are a force of nature. A coach, lawyer attorney, give us a little bit of your background. And tell people what a wonderful person you are. Because I know that but you know, our guests. Oh,

Radhika Lakhani  00:37

you’re very sweet. Well, thank you for having me here. You know, I’ll tell you about myself. And you can determine wonderful or not. It’s all subjective, I suppose. But yeah, I’ve had a really interesting kind of ride on planet Earth. I started out as a divorce lawyer didn’t think I’d ever be a divorce lawyer thought I would be a business lawyer. Of course, as life would have it, I ended up working for this family lawyer and I loved having the kids running around in the office the odd time. I loved working with real people, and solving real problems. And really feeling like I could come in and be of some value for people at a time when it was their one of their lowest points of their lives. And I also had a very,

Juliette Karaman  01:27

I mean, that’s if you just think about it, right? I mean, because I’m divorced, right? But to really have a lawyer that feels into and that doesn’t kind of like push you to go nuclear with your soon to be x, but really recognises like, hey, there are emotions, their feelings, there’s their stuff going on. There are children involved their lives involved. It’s not just a business transaction.

Radhika Lakhani  01:53

Oh, yeah. I mean, it’s it’s the furthest thing from a business contract. It’s the furthest thing. In fact, people used, you know, one of the million dollar questions my clients would ask, which I would always kind of dread in the beginning, then I just got used to it. But it was how long is this going to take? How long do you think this is going to take? And I would say, Well, how long is it going to take for you and your ex to agree, is really the question because writing up a business contract, just a contract with terms that you give me, I can do a Separation Agreement in three hours. with my eyes closed with a nice coffee and music on and bloody dad’s done. That’s not the hard part, right? We have software’s for that, and specific tick, tick, tick, tick the boxes. And that’s the easy part. The harder part was the emotions. And so some lawyers and practitioners get offended by this comment, I’m kind of over it. But this is the truth, as I see it, you can’t be a good family lawyer unless you understand human beings completely. Let’s put it another way, the best family lawyers out there, understand human beings, right. And they understand the complexity and the psychology. You know, people would start bite with the consultation, and they would start by just kind of offloading on me. And then they would kind of get apologetic and like, Oh, my giving you too much detail. And I was like none of them go, go go like I need more detail, the better. Because this is the furthest thing from cookie cutter. Completely. I need to know did somebody cheat? Not that we’re gonna judge it. But I need to know what the mindset is who ended the relationship? Why How many kids do you have? How old are they who’s doing what? Forget the legalities, you want me to negotiate on your behalf, I need to know how everyone’s feeling. And, and I think unless you have your finger on the pulse, you’re going to be in there for a long time. And what’s really fascinating, and again, something that most people don’t like talking about is that the hardest part of being a family lawyer is usually dealing with the other lawyer. And why is that? No one talks about it. And I just had one of my colleagues over here for a hot tub day the other week. And she’s one of the best lawyers I know. And I said that to her. And she was like, Oh, 1,000% And we all know it. We all know it right? Like we’re not complaining about our clients. We’re not complaining about the judges much. We’re not complaining about the case law. You know, I mean, sometimes you get some wild balls, and you know, you don’t agree, but they’re all really doing a really hard job. It’s the other lawyer and the secondary divorce that ends up happening. And again, everyone’s meaning to do their best. But why does that second divorce happen between the counsel? Because we have feelings and emotion and we get triggered? And we start to take other people’s stuff on as our own. Like, I’ve had to tell lawyers, hey, I really liked you. And you know, you and I are not getting a divorce. Right? Like you know that right? And you know that we’re probably going to have more cases together. So we’ve got to really learn how to detach from this and have our Eagle view on life, right and what’s happening here. And I think it’s hard to do that, if we don’t have a framework for working out our own emotional stuff, that we haven’t done our emotional stuff before we come to a table like that, you know. And it’s interesting, because therapists from all the therapists, friends that I have, they have built into the profession, a system where therapists have to have a therapist completely to offload their stuff. So that there’s this, there’s not this entanglement, but in the legal profession, we’re not quite there yet. And so anyways, I guess my love for my people, for people in general and for resolving issues. And my just gift of understanding humans, you know, you don’t always need a psych psychology degree to know that, although I do have a minor. You know, I was an actor, I was a dancer, there’s other parts of my life where psychology is actually very important to try acting out a script, if you don’t understand what makes people tick. You can’t be a good actor without that. Right? So there’s so many locations where that happens, right? And, yeah, so I was flourishing and busy in my business, in my practice, and with the clients, and I started getting asked by other lawyers, how do you look so happy? To have so many clients? How do you get the best gifts? You seem like you’ve got it together. And I never really even paid much attention to that, you know what I mean? The guy didn’t think I was special, or that I was doing anything different. Until a few people started approaching me. I thought, okay, maybe I am doing things a bit differently. And might one of my best friends who’s in the who, you know, Katherine, she said to me, you need to start coaching people on this, you need to start teaching people how to manifest their dream, legal practice, and how to do this conscious type of lawyering. And I don’t have time for this, right? I have two little kids. Practice, like I love Yeah. But I’m like, no one’s gonna pay me for this and what I would charge? I don’t know if they’re gonna want to pay that. Because why would I pay? Why would it make any less than what I do? Of course. And so I created a group coaching programme for lawyers. And it was something that started to like, you know, the seeds get planted, and the alignment happens. And you started to realise, okay, and I said to my very first lawyer that I worked with, I said to her, I’m going to tell you how I do it, but you’re in you may not like the answer, and you meet, it’s very unorthodox. It’s very unorthodox, I don’t have an ad in the Yellow Pages. I don’t have a website, even I manifest them universe sends me my clients. I love it. And she wanted to know more. So that’s kind of how it started. And then clients of mine beautiful clients I got to work with, who are going through a divorce said to me, we love this stuff that you kind of give us on the side because there was always this spiritual lawyer. You know, they call me the woowoo lawyer in my office. Like, you know, universe has your back cards to male clients during a divorce. And, but it was like, how could I not give those tools because they’re not just tools. I read in a book, there are tools that I use to create my dream life and to get myself out of the worst depths of hell, including losing my first child at delivery. We all have our story and, and I knew that this lifted me beyond what I thought I could survive, surely it could help someone else. So I would get clients to meditate while they’re going through their legal process to help them clear their lands, I would talk about frequency and how to raise your vibration and I would talk about children and the long term effects. I wouldn’t take phone calls if little Johnny was in the back of the car, right? It’d be they’d be like, well, at least not listening. And I was like, no days Call me back when your kids not in the car, right? Like I had a very clear path ahead. And I started to coach co parents, as well. Beautiful. And then it kind of took off not only in for others, but for me, like in my heart. This like an insatiable, insatiable hunger or you say, desire to keep doing this. And this knowing that this is what I actually was always supposed to do eventually. And so I left LA and the beginning of January last year 20. Remember to do this full time? Yeah. Yes.

Juliette Karaman  09:37

The radical sabbatical it’s been so beautiful to see. You take that radical sabbatical for her and then thinking to see you actually thrive and what do you know are bringing

Radhika Lakhani  09:52

Thank you. Thank you. It’s been quite a ride. And it’s a real exercise in practising what I preach, you know, all of the things that I’ve ever said and believed and known and experienced, I’m now like, living at a whole other level, you know, letting go of the ego, surrendering to a higher plan, loving myself through challenging moments. All of it has been such a ride. And yeah, there’s no turning back. So I had no idea what’s ahead. It’s really like a deep dive into the black abyss. But very cool things have happened. And, again, when we step into our line state, and we’re connected to who we are, and our purpose, which is ultimately what I share with others on how to get onto that track, things just start to happen that you wouldn’t imagine. And I’ve always felt that, and this, this sabbatical has been no exception to that. So beautiful.

Juliette Karaman  10:52

So you, you talk to us about your losing your child, which is Yeah, I mean, heart wrenching. Is that really how you started getting into this? Or have you always felt that there was a purpose to life that there was more to life than you were saying?

Radhika Lakhani  11:17

Yeah, thank you for that question. It started well, before that, it started well, before that, when, I mean, I always felt the spiritual connection. And this like, energy of devotion. When I was a little girl, like I was that weird one that would step into the Hindu temples with our parents, and everyone would run around or chat. And sometimes I did that too. But I would then be caught like sitting in a corner with my head, like with a shawl over my head, which is not required in a Hindu temple. And I would just pray, and I would kind of get quiet and just connect to something I always had this connection is very subtle, but for others, perhaps, but very real for me. I remember when I was 14, my mom took me to this Monday night shift puja, opened up like a ceremony for Shiva. And it happened every Monday. And I didn’t love going to the temple on the weekends, because it felt like a big social event and food and running around and saying hi to people, and but Monday was really pretty beautiful, because it was quiet, the temple would be dim. And all they did was this beautiful little ceremony of devotion, and then it would be a meditation. So I went a couple times with my mom. And I remember the very first time I meditated I, the the main priests there who’s still there. You know, I mean, 30 years later, he, he led us into this meditation. And you know, it’s funny when you have no resistance, and you’re young, which is why I’m passionate about teaching meditation to children now. I slipped right into the cosmos, like I was gone. I was in no time. And I remember coming back to the room and going, Oh, wow, I’m here. Oh, God. So there was always that. And then when I was 16, my parents moved to Kenya, which was the wild wild west beginning. Wow. And yeah, that was crazy. And it was for business purposes. But long story short, it seemed like the best idea for me to stay back with a family friend and finish high school instead of going with them. And in the end, I ended up moving nine times in one year, 10 times over total living. Yeah. Landing back into first year university. And so that’s when I had this beautiful family friend of mine, who I was in theatre and dance with, step in and kind of take me under her wing as my mentor. I started to connect me to having a conscious relationship with the universe in a moment of being homeless. So it’s been a

Juliette Karaman  14:04

steady journey, right, from quite early on. What is one thing that you can teach our listeners? What’s one thing that really to take away from your journey? What’s What’s one thing that you teach upon that it’s just like an easy to implement step for

Radhika Lakhani  14:22

them to do every day? So there’s a few things but you know, the one thing that I think is paramount is having a connection to something bigger than ourselves. And it’s funny because my mind wanted to say to you a connection to ourselves. And I felt this override in my system of coming to the ultimate truth, which can feel really deep sometimes but it really is about having a connection to something bigger than ourselves. And it can look, however you want it to right and I have people who come to me and they say you But how like, you get all these signs and you get all these messages and right. But I’m not like you, you’re special. And I always remind them that we’re all actually the exact same, right? That makes absolutely no sense. So maybe some people started a little bit earlier, maybe I had a little bit of a propensity towards that, you know, even as a little girl, but I wasn’t getting messages when I was younger, you know, the only thing I kind of knew was that I was here to serve that, that those words always rang in my ear, and, and to this day, that’s the primary mantra. But it’s just try, just like open yourself up to a connection. Because the thing that you see, you know, they say, I don’t know who won’t quote him here a bit, but the one that you seek is seeking you. And just waiting for you. You know, in the way my mentor said it to me when I was 16, I rest her soul, my older sister adopted sisters, Lonnie, she said, the universe is just waiting for you to pick up the phone and call. And, and so often were calling our girlfriends and recalling our spouse, or our paid mentors, or our mom or, and that’s great. And that’s all there. But every time the universe is just holding its breath going, Ah, maybe she’s gonna call me today. And then she calls her. Oh, okay. You know, I get it, I get you know, and sometimes, unfortunately, it takes that moment for us to hit a point in our lives where everyone has failed us, or no one has the right answer. Right. And, for me, meditation is the portal to getting that connection, which really, in the simplest way is just getting quiet. And releasing resistance. Right, that sounds right.

Juliette Karaman  17:04

And it’s so beautiful how you say it means getting quiet, releasing resistance, so you don’t have to go and sit on your meditation cushion. To send music on and the headphone or the I block. Nico eyemask. If you want to perfectly cool, you don’t have to put Dr. Joe on if you want to. It’s cool. Lots of other people on as well. But for me, I’ve noticed actually where I drift in and out of my proper meditation, right? So I said, So I be in a place I’m quiet. And I have my either my guided meditation or my mind, I must God. And then I’m just like, nope, everything my buddies go, nope. Everything My mind is going nope, I’m like, Okay, I’m just gonna put this down, but I’m going to do it away. So that means I will go for walking meditation, or I will just consciously cook or be with myself take a bath and really tune into what else wants to come through. And for me, one of the biggest things actually is not doing guided meditations but turning my phone off so that I don’t have any electric interference.

Radhika Lakhani  18:24

Make sense? There’s no,

Juliette Karaman  18:26

there’s no wrong way to do it for what it is right?

Radhika Lakhani  18:31

Totally. In my programmes. What I’ve always felt so strongly about is giving people multiple modalities to try. Even the meditation is my number one, like even the retreat I just ran in August with 21 Women in person. I had a breathwork person I had a body full person and you know the ego. And he’s like, Well, let’s just meditate all day all but no, like, that’s the best thing. And everybody has a different way. There’s 100 ways to climb the mountain, the key is knowing what thing or combination of things works for you, and then doing it.

Juliette Karaman  19:12

The doing it right? That is some part to actually doing it taking conscious time away from your busy life. To steal that that subconscious mind that’s going on monkey monkey monkey running around with you.

Radhika Lakhani  19:28

That’s right. And you can’t change what you don’t or you’re not aware of. Right. So there’s the connection to self. There’s the connection to Source or universe or spirit or your higher self or your intuition or your inner guidance system, whatever you want to call it to kind of see it all as the same. You need to it requires us to slow down. Right. And I think that’s the second thing I would say is doing less By doing less, so that you can hear yourself, so that you can shift and start to see where is the lack of alignment happening with my path? You know, I know I want this. And I know I meant to go here. And when I can be really fucking honest with myself, I know I’m here to do big things. What is in the way when when we can’t get quiet, and we don’t slow down to get quiet. There’s just this excess noise that gets in the way. Right. So that’s, I think some of the keys of living consciously, which is why every programme I’ve ever created started with the word consciousness or conscious lawyering conscious co parenting because it’s self awareness. Right? And self can be self with the little s. And then self could be with the big S. Right? Higher Self Awareness. Yeah. So kind of like,

Juliette Karaman  20:54

Isn’t it beautiful? And I love the way that you just said that there is no one right way. And because I have learned so many modalities, I have created my own modalities with a mixture of a little bit from this little bit from that a little bit. And then whatever came through for me, that’s like, an even that is changing on like a daily basis. So here I teaching it to therapists and to coaches and to entrepreneurs. And I’m like, oh, maybe we add a little bit to dispense it. It’s a constant evolution. And there is no right way. But the one thing that you also need to reset to slow it down. So today, I suppose to have three people back to back someone after you. And then she texted this morning, or we spoke this morning. She’s like, Yeah, are you okay for me to come on? And actually, I slowed down enough. Today. I texted her back saying, Hey, do you mind if we actually just skip this afternoon? Yeah, I feel like I need a little bit of expansion, maybe a little bit of breath. My daughter is here from London, I haven’t seen her in a while. I’ve just hit your top 5% In podcasts. So my nervous system is going. I’m just recognising where I need to just be and let these things filter through and maybe have a little code of the university. Thank you. What’s what’s next? Can you slow it down a little tiny, teeny bits of this human can can calibrate to all this bigness that we’re bringing to the world? Yes,

Radhika Lakhani  22:41

absolutely. And you literally took me to the third point I wanted to make, which is there is literally an inner guidance system that is giving you moment to moment direction, okay. And what has been so much fun, is working with people who are brand new to this, who haven’t got a message to talk about, right? They’re like, I’ve never gone to sign up, never got a message. And I say, Okay, close your eyes. And literally, we take a couple of deep breaths. And you can try this on your own, you know, after this call, or after listening to us, where you could pause us, put your hands on your heart and just connect to your heart and ask it with the expectation that it will answer you. What do I need right now? What do I need right now, and just get quiet for a few breaths and hear what comes through. And what’s been so wild is I this has worked with people who are like I coach, sometimes people who are dealing with loss and grief of a child, which I know you and I are kind of we have that commonality of working with some intense life situations. And it’s worked for, you know, moms in those very dense energetic situations. It’s worked for complete newbies, it’s worked for men, women of every background. And sometimes they don’t hear and on the first one, which I was gonna say like 80% of them get it on the first shot. I will hear by the second time they try it so far. So far, it’s been 100%. And what’s even more wild and I know you’ll get this Juliet is as we’re so tuned into ourselves, we tune into others. So as that person is getting their message, I’m getting their message to me. Right and I’ll literally hear my Spirit say to me, like their spirit, their higher self say to me, she needs to go up and just walk in nature and just start being around people again. She thinks and then right then my client said to me, I got two things. Something about being out with people in Right. And if you really want to play with this, I mean, I believe this is the highest, most aligned way to operate. And sometimes I fall off this waggon because we get busy. And in a period of my life, like right now, I feel like I’m back into this. Playing with moment to moment direction. And it can be so much fun. It can be so much fun. It’s literally a GPS system.

Juliette Karaman  25:28

And from time to time, it needs to be upgraded. And it might be a little bit wonky. And that’s when we actually take things off her plate. Yeah. Because we’re so busy, right? I mean, I’ve I’ve just noticed, I looked at my schedule. I’m like, Oh, my God, this is crazy. Start taking off. And other I love working with my mentors, and with the people and being on other podcasts as well. And on summits. I’m just noticing like, whoa, okay, your dream to get 200,000 people, you’re almost halfway there. Plus, plus all the other podcasts I’ve been. But it’s like, okay, where do you though take time for you and your family? Right. And that’s it. It has to be fun as well. And this is where, where me. You talk about the consciousness. I talk about scrumptious pneus which, to me is that same kind of energy, but like that VAVA voom. That’s that’s

Radhika Lakhani  26:31

all of us. Yeah, absolutely. The the last few times I asked my system. Last week, it was kind of back to school week with two little kids. I have only my nanny went part time now. So I’m kind of stepping up a bit more as a domestic diva, which I’m actually really enjoying. And

Juliette Karaman  26:50

domestic diva. I just have to like really anchor that in. I love it. Domestic diva. Doesn’t that sound scrumptious? Right?

Radhika Lakhani  26:59

And it’s gorgeous. Like I’m enjoying like getting back in the kitchen and thinking about cooking. And my husband is to like really, really enjoying it. So. So when I asked, you know, what do I need to do right now. And I’ve got a list of 48 things that I need to do today. And I’m this like high powered, former lawyer who could get a lot of shit done in fucking really little time. And I heard rest.

Juliette Karaman  27:26

I know, isn’t that a bit when you hear that one? I’m like, yeah.

Radhika Lakhani  27:31

Great. But I’m like, yeah. And then the next day, I asked again, as I take a nap. But that is recalibrating, that is coming, you know, and that’s, that’s when we’ve got our foot too firmly on the gas, that you’ve left no room for the universe to kind of do what it needs to do. And, and it seemed to you, you’ve just told us to do 18 things. Could you please go like, bugger off so that we can actually like, pull some strings for you. Because every time you move, you kind of take over the mic. Right? And I know that’s been my challenge for sure. Next thing is, you know, not always trying to do everything by myself. And, you know, in my business, I was very good at delegating in my home. I’m good at delegating. I’m talking about delegating to the universe and a whole other level. And realising that, for me, the shift that’s happened is instead of God being on my team, or the universe being on my team, I’m on the universe’s team.

Juliette Karaman  28:38

Yes, that is a beautiful shift. And then it also feels a little bit less. Less scary that we’re holding on for dear life. Although I still do have those moments, I must say, like yesterday was one of them like whoa, we’re getting that. Joe, my beautiful editor and producer and helper of my podcast. texted me in the morning saying you’re on the top 5% Go on celebrate. And I was just like my whole corner emphasis was like, Oh, this is a lot of goodness. Oh my god. But balloons earlier in the weekend to celebrate the you know being 1/3 of the way 200,000 And then all of a sudden this came in and on the weekend I’d been cooking and I have all these incredible tomatoes from the garden and making tomato jam and chilli jam and all this kind of stuff kind of like Okay, I gotta embody this and this has got to come and then yeah, I had loads of things to do yesterday. And of course then Joe comes with this message. And I look at it I’m like, wow. And everything is like go back to bed. So off I go back to bed and actually just cry do my movements because As you know, I do a lot of somatic work through the body because our nervous system is usually quite okay with holding on to bad things and we can move it through quite quickly. But when we receive good news and good things, that’s often when people blow out. So that means a little bit more calibration a little bit like, Okay, so for me, I went, made some macaroni ham and cheese, got into a car pivot, kind of crappy for a little while. I was like, Okay, I recognise where I use food as a way to actually ground myself so that I don’t feel like I am falling off a cliff. And it was just such beautiful awareness. Right? There’s no, right, there’s no wrong. It’s just okay, this is what my human needs at this moment. And that’s perfect. It’s perfect.

Radhika Lakhani  30:51

It’s perfect. You have to give yourself what you need. And I think that as a divorce lawyer, former, whatever you want to call it, you know, helping people in relationships, because now I actually coach people who want to save their relationship is so amazing, because I had this moment of, well, what if I just gave everybody the tools because we were seeing crazy shifts and crazy transformations and ridiculous amount of time. What if we just earlier into, you know, early intervention that then and you know, there’s kids involved and and you don’t need to save the marriage. But the truth that I believe is, excuse me, whatever patterns are causing the conflict in the relationship that we’re in, that remain unresolved, continue in our lives. And a lot of my clients will say to me, Oh, don’t worry, I’m never getting married again, like, I’m never doing this again, I get that. But then it shows up with your business partner, or it shows up with your mother in law, or your mother or whatever, right? So it was just like, Well, if the stakes are so high, and there’s lots of good here, and we can intervene early and give tools earlier, maybe we can get things back on track earlier. And all of that for me, for clients comes back to the relationship itself. Completely, right, we go into this relationship seeking, this person is going to save me they’re going to complete me they’re going to do everything. For me, we have such high expectations of what marriage and relationships are supposed to look like on TV and childhood and conditioning. And also who we’re supposed to be, you know, that I was supposed to be a domestic diva from day one, which I had no interest in being and which was very good. But it came back to me being very clear on who I was, and having a very clear relationship with myself, and not needing somebody to complete me. And so part of what you’re talking about, about you know, taking care of yourself and giving yourself time to integrate and your somatic work and have the mac and cheese. I mean, I see that as a form of just loving yourself and taking good care of yourself completely, fueling yourself, like the plant that you are right. And being that you are and when we do that, we show up better and everything else completely and so right in relationships and your podcasts and the juiciness that you bring to the world. Like that’s literally what you’re doing is you’re you’re upping your game by doing that, and

Juliette Karaman  33:33

it’s being real Alright, yesterday, I had a group of women that I’m teaching about VIP days and some of them are going through divorces and in and I kind of explained how I dealt with mine and how we really went from the best for us and the best for our kids you know, co creating at parenthood and, and honestly I’m I’m super good friendly with my ex husband we spent Christmas together with with our new partners. I mean, it’s it’s the Modern Family. Yeah, but I got on the call and I said hey, how my nervous system is a little bit fried. So I’m gonna be like teaching class about the class. Be honest. Just say what’s happening in your life. And you can still show up in that and you can actually be vulnerable. And it was such a beautiful class because of that because of me giving permission saying, Hey, this is what’s happening in my life. I’m like, and then people are like, Oh, we get to see all of you and I’m like, There’s no hiding, you know, you get to have all every single little wrinkles, stretch marks. Snorting, laughing outrageousness and sadness as well.

Radhika Lakhani  34:48

Yeah, and that’s also a form of self love, right? Is I love myself enough that I will show you all of it and not achieve any of it. I’m not to apologise Seeing for any part of it. And I think when you do that, you give permission to other people to do the same thing.

Juliette Karaman  35:09

Template. Darling, thank you so much for being on here. Where can people find you? They’re like, Oh my God, I want to learn everything. Or they have someone that is going through a divorce. And that you know, they think, okay, they might actually learn a lot from going through a course I know that you do courses and all kinds of things. Tell us more.

Radhika Lakhani  35:35

Oh, thank you. Yes, well, so fortunately, now I’ve taken this year of my radical sabbatical, to record all my programmes so that they’re available immediate access, because it’s not possible to always, you know, run everything every single month. So the nice thing is conscious co parenting is now available, the option C programme Coming Home to love on relationships, is all available. All those things are there. And then sometimes they do live things from time to time. And all of that can be found on my website at consciousness with brad.com. Consciousness,

Juliette Karaman  36:09

what thread.com Yeah. And

Radhika Lakhani  36:13

then my IG is actually also consciousness with rad. So hopefully, that makes it a little bit easy. It’s not that easiest word to spell in the dictionary. But it has a big meaning. So that’s why I

Juliette Karaman  36:26

will make sure that it goes into the show notes correctly.

Radhika Lakhani  36:28

Thank you very much. Thank you. We love shownotes we love your notes and links. Yes,

Juliette Karaman  36:34

absolutely. So yes, please have a look at https://www.consciousnesswithrad.com/ And look at all the incredible ways that Rad is showing the world and how you can actually start using some of our tools.

Radhika Lakhani  36:51

Thank you so much. Thanks for having me here today.

Juliette Karaman  36:53

Thank you for being here. My love. Much love

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