Episode 39 Navigating the Schism: Embracing Unity in a Divided World with Juliette Karaman

On: Nov 21, 2023

Welcome to The Scrumptious Woman Podcast with Juliette Karaman.

Juliette Karaman welcomes you to a solo episode amid the challenges in the world. She believes in guiding us through these turbulent times, emphasizing the importance of recognizing our shared humanity, regardless of differences.

Exploring the Schism: Juliette shares a personal incident involving her sons’ conflict, highlighting the broader issue of division in families and society due to varying beliefs. She suggests tools to navigate through such challenges, encouraging listeners to go beyond polarities and find unity within.

Addressing Grief and Emotional Frequencies: The episode delves into the emotional spectrum, focusing on grief as a prevalent emotion in today’s world. Juliette guides a powerful exercise, helping listeners feel and release grief while transitioning into the energetic frequency of happiness. The goal is to merge these frequencies, fostering unity and choice.

Experiencing Oneness: Through a guided exercise, Juliette leads listeners to feel both grief and happiness simultaneously, allowing these energies to merge. This process aims to remove emotional charge, providing a path to clarity, choice, and a bird’s-eye view in challenging situations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Feel to Heal: Acknowledge and feel your emotions to release their charge.
    Dualistic Nature: Recognize the dualities in life, but aim for unity to overcome division.
  • Power of Choice: Clear emotional interference to regain control and make conscious choices.
  • Embrace Oneness: Find unity within yourself to contribute positively to the external world.

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The Scrumptious Woman EP39

Tue, Nov 14, 2023 3:56PM • 23:50


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Juliette Karaman

Juliette Karaman  00:00

Hello, my loves, today it is a solo episode. There’s been going, there’s been so much going on in the world. And I really do feel that there’s a way that we can lead ourselves through everything that’s going on wars, families being ripped apart, genocide happening, and not just in Gaza in lots of different places. And this whole idea of idea of one life being worth more than another life. And really letting that sink in for a moment, it doesn’t really matter what your religion is, where you’re born, what your skin colour is, what your status is, but to recognise that we are all having this human experience. So I see on social media, where families are being ripped apart, not only by atrocities, but then also by their political views. By having one person believes something, and then the other person believes something else and getting so heated up by this, that then they create this schism, this this division in themselves, right. And between families, between members of families, a, we’ve been seeing this life long all all along, that this happens everywhere. So this is where really, we need to find some tools to come out of this ourselves. The other day, I had an example of my two sons feuding and getting so heated up, that they actually lost their core, they got hijacked by whatever emotions were going on for them, whatever history of of emotions of trauma of remarks that had been made to each other, or by by social media, whatever the impulses were, that they got, at one point, they hit it, they butted heads, and it got pretty violent. And secondly, these are kids that have been privileged, brought up, you know, and have so many tools. And yet, they also have this, just like each and every one of us have emotions that come up. And instead of numbing them, which is what we often do, we’re like, at the moment very much what’s happening. We get bombarded by messages bombarded by images that are so grotesque, that are so horrible that we kind of like oh, well what can I do? Like what you can do? Is release feel, because feeling is a superpower? And how can you bring that feeling into bettering the world bettering your own world? Because it obviously always starts with you, right? If you can start by recognising when that schism, when that divide happens within ourselves. How can we come back from that? So I’ll be taking you through a little exercise today. So if you’re driving, probably best to not listen to this, because I will take you through a duality exercise, right? Because when we’re in this world, we live in this dualistic world, good versus bad, bad, white versus black, evil, good, rich, poor. Whatever opposites you may want to use visible nonvisible fear and whatever the opposite is, for others. So I’ll be taking you through an exercise of this and actually to notice that if we allow ourselves to feel all the feelings if we really go deeply into it, this is how we remove the charge. So we remove the interference and charge what I mean no of charge is that when we’re say pro Israel, yeah, we are we have a lot of charge. And that is like where we this is our belief and anyone who isn’t that is whatever you want to call it. And I’m just using this as an example. So that is charged. Once you can actually feel the two sides of that duality. That is how you move through it and that’s how they start joining. And that’s when you get to a place of choice, because when we are so pulled into this polarity into this entity of Schism of war with ourselves, because we have that as well. Outside world, the inside world, what does outside world reflect what is actually happening inside. If we’re constantly at a war with like, I want to be thin, but I like to eat that. But I want to have this I’m not good enough, all these thoughts that create an emotion, and once and have an image and create a body sensation, this is why everything loads into the body, right because we have these thoughts and create emotions that create body sensations that our body then starts feeling it and contract or expect. So by doing this exercise, we will get to a place of unity, a place of oneness. And that’s when we can actually see past what’s happening. That’s where we can start taking that bird’s eye that eagle view. And for so many of us that is actually what is needed now. So I want to take the polarity of grief. Because so many people at this moment in the world are grieving. And a lot of people don’t know how to be with people that grief, right, and I know I’ve done a whole episode on grieving, grieving could be grieving of a relationship, grieving of a relationship that’s no longer there that the person has actually died, belonging to something, to belonging to a job and a job belonging to a tribe, a group of people, all of a sudden they are warring with you, they are against you. And you feel that grief that you know you’re being subjected to a place that is new and that you don’t know everything that’s familiar is no longer there. Then on the other side of grief is I would say probably happiness and joy. And for everyone, you can just plug in the word but for you is the polar opposite. And everyone will have slightly different polarities here. And that’s the beauty of this work, you can just plug in whatever word it is that you want to get rid of the charge get rid of that interference. If you want to do this driving, you can but then just keep your eyes open and drive slowly, right and on the motorway. It’s always better to pull over so that you can close your eyes and really feel everything. So let’s get started. I want all of you to just settle down, take a moment. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. And again, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Taking a moment to come back to you may notice that there’s a few wiggles here sits bones, the shoulders might want to drop a little bit more and there might just be a tiny bit more space from your solar plexus and your breath behind your heart, just taking this time. So I’m going to take more than about 10 or 12 minutes total, total. So allow yourself to have this time. Now I want you to get to step into this energetic frequency of grief. So bring to mind a time that you are grieving. To really step into that. Feel what you felt, then see what you saw, then experience what you’re experiencing then bring to mind an image, see them much. Think the thoughts or whatever thoughts are coming up. Feel the body sensations that are arising. Allow yourself to feel that emotion, whatever emotion, grief has an emotion but whatever other emotions come up, take a deep breath there. And, and out and just close the door to that let it go. Now I want you to step into the energetic frequency of happiness. bring to mind a situation when you were really happy.

Juliette Karaman  09:57

Feel that fully step into that see it, hear it, be in it as much as you can see the image. Think the thought, feel the body sensation and feel the emotion. Take a deep breath in, exhale, and let it go. Completely closing the door to that. Go back to grief. And again, feel that fully the images, the thoughts, the emotions, and body sensations that it brings up. Really dial up the volume on this just for a minute. Take a deep breath in and exhale and let it go. And go back to happiness, that energetic frequency. Step into that rev up the dial completely. See the images. Think the thoughts. Feel the emotions. And notice the body sensations. really allow yourself to experience this fully. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, and let it go. Go back to grief. Feel that fully. And we’re just thoughts, body sensations, emotions. And let it go. Happiness speeding up a bit as you can tell. Again, images, thoughts, body sensations, emotions. Lead back go. Now my next breath, no way to feel both happiness and grief at the same time. Because we can experience both at the same time. Take a deep breath in. Hold it, exhale at it go and start to see where these energetic frequencies are they still polar opposites? Have they started coming together a bit. Have they merged. So I’m going to take you through a next round of this. So let’s step into that frequency of grief. And notice it may have changed and whatever is coming up now. Just allow yourself to feel that again, the images, thoughts, body sensations, emotions, the four elements that I speak about. Take a breath in, exhale, let it go. Go to happiness, stepping into the frequency of happiness, images, thoughts, emotions, body sensations. Yeah, letting that go. And just notice how things start to appear in your body how there might be a little bit more space. Going back to grief feel it, experience it the images thoughts, the body sensations, the emotions, feel it, experience it and then just letting it go closing the door to that getting back to happiness. Feeling that fully experiencing that fully. Go and feel it images, thoughts, body sensations, emotions. Take a deep breath in and out. And now again, I want you to feel both at the same time to birth these energetic frequencies, bring them up, feel them and then notice where they start to merge how they might be dancing together how the release of say good or bad charge for or against is starting to unlock kind of unclench its imprint on it. So we’ll do a quick round of feeling grief. Image thought body sensation emotion. breath in, breath out, letting it go. Happiness. Again, take a breath in, feel it experience it fully. Let it go. Grief again, stepping into the energetic frequency of happiness. And now I’m not even going to do the third time I’m just going to get you to feel both at the same time. Man step into how that energetic frequency feels like. They union that place of oneness, the place of where them Mind the monkey mind is kind of still a place of choice. When we can clear all the cobwebs or the energetic imprints that are still there, you can actually ask yourself if you’re ready to clear or interfere, interference of thought forms and motion forms, anything that may be hidden, cloaked or buried, accessible, yet non accessible. Just notice where your breath lands, and allow that to go. The points of view that you may have on certain situations, the emotional ties that are keeping you stuck in one pattern, you can decide to let them go now. Feeling to your body, if that feels lighter, if it feels heavy, if it feels like you’re ready to let it go, and then banish vanish, let it just go. Feel it feels heavy, you may want to just ask your body, your mind your higher power, what happens if we hold on to this, and that is where it might become a little bit more heavy. On st gate, so now are we ready to let go of all of these points of view, all of the identities, all of the separation that is keeping me separate from me and my higher power for me and my highest self. vanish, vanish, liquefy, cut it, cutting all the chords, and then stepping into that place, that place of unity. Place where anything is possible. Take a few breaths there, noticing what’s available in your body. Now, there may be more breath, there may be a bit of opening in your body, you may have tingling, you may feel very little recognising, where you’ve actually taken some time to take away the division that gets created in our mind to create it in our body created in our infinite self, of where we are keeping ourselves separate. And then come back to the room. Or wherever you are. Look around. Notice two or three objects, wiggle your toes, your fingers, recognising that those objects are here in this 3d world in the here and now placing your right hand on your left shoulder, giving yourself a little wiggle their little shake a little need. And then bring it across your breath. So all the way to your right hip. Moving it down your legs, giving your kneecap a little wiggle and little squiggle on make rounds. And just noticing thanking this body for what it’s done for you. Take your left hand, put it on your right shoulder. Again, your shoulder a little need a little squeeze. And again, bringing that bringing that hand across your breast all the way to the hip positive hip for a minute, give yourself a squeeze, go down your upper leg up to your kneecap and just place your hand on your kneecap and just circle that a little bit thanking your body keeping you safe. Thanks for being here for all the services it has provided for you. And then I’d like you to have your eyes go all the way to the right. So look straight ahead but move your eyes all the way to the right and up and look as far as you can strain your eyes all the way to the right. Take a deep breath there. Exhale, move your eyes to the front again. Bring them all the way up to the left and up. Look up, look up, look up. Take a breath there. Exhale, let it go. And then come back and go about your day. And notice that this is how we remove charge from a situation. Right because when we’re so hot headed, we just can’t often have the time to go through this war two things

Juliette Karaman  19:56

don’t register. But the more we start Looking at polarities, the more that we can actually get out of this dualistic world. And the more that we can do this exercise, and it gets really quickly when you when you do this more, it speeds up when you can almost do it within like, two, three minutes. It’s just like, ah, feel one side, feel the other, it’s like, oh, and then we’re clearing the interference and you clear it clear them, then that’s when you get to a point of choice. Because we can’t come to a point of choice we we can’t actually have our our brains not not online, right? When we’re angry, when we’ve got an activated by something, when we’ve seen all these horrible images on TV, when we are in an argument about what’s right for you, and what might not be right for the other person. Yeah, we get hijacked, we actually our brain gets hijacked, we don’t, we are just reacting. So the more that we can get to a place of unity, the more that we can take a breath and just have that sacred pause and recognise that there’s always an image, there’s a thought, there’s an emotion, and there’s a body sensation that goes on in that moment. And once he can clear that, by this is one of the ways but there’s so many other ways by just feeling it for a moment. That’s when you can get to that place where you’re like, Oh, this is not about what I’m thinking what I’m making it up to me. Right? This is actually a moment of connection, we may not agree on what is happening in the world, we may not agree on each other’s points of view. But we can respect it. But if I’m getting hijacked by my emotions, if I’m getting hijacked by my thoughts, if I’m getting hijacked by another situation, which I am going back to in my mind, then we can never get to that place where we can actually have a communication where we can agree to disagree. So my love’s take a moment for you, when people are asking your your opinion. Notice what happens and the body is a beautiful way to really track what’s going on, take a breath. Notice what’s happening in that beautiful body of yours, where is there some constriction and be with that construction for a little bit. And then once you notice all of that, that’s where you can then come and say, okay, hey, I need a moment. Right? Where I’m trying to give you some tools here so that we can all get to a better place so that we can all get to a place where we’re not pulled in one direction, we’re not pulling the other but we can actually have that bird’s eye view and see what is happening and what we can do what we can do in ourselves and how when we start changing what’s happening on the inside, how we can then change what’s on the outside because we are calling in that reality. As always, if this was helpful if you have suggestions for what you want to hear more of please leave me a message please rate us please give us some feedback on iTunes on all the platforms that it’s on. And you can always email me at Juliet at feel free you for explanations have more for suggestions on what you want to hear me riff on. As always, have a beautiful day and stay safe

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