Episode 38 Unveiling the Power of Spontaneity: A Journey Through Singing, Human Design, and Conscious Parenting with Nadine Termeer

On: Nov 17, 2023

Welcome to “The Scrumptious Woman” Podcast!

Indulge in the delightful conversation between your radiant host, Juliette Karaman, and the enchanting Nadine Termeer, a Human Design Guide and Coach with a voice that will captivate your soul.

Embark on a journey through Nadine’s evolution, from using singing as an escape during her teenage years to becoming a beacon of transformation through Human Design. Uncover the power of spontaneity, connecting with your body, and the intuition that shapes a fulfilling life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spontaneity Unleashed: Discover the transformative power of embracing spontaneity as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Singing as Liberation: Uncover Nadine’s inspiring journey from using singing as an escape during her challenging teenage years to embracing it as a tool for self-expression and authenticity.
  • Human Design Revolution: Explore the profound impact of Human Design, unraveling the secrets of your unique design to empower your life journey.
  • Conscious Parenting: Delve into the beauty of conscious parenting, understanding and appreciating your child’s unique design for harmonious growth.
  • Authenticity in Action: Witness the authentic and emotional power of Nadine’s singing, a true reflection of her journey towards self-discovery and embracing all aspects of herself.
  • Connect and Transform: Reach out to Nadine for Human Design readings and coaching, kickstarting your journey to claim your authentic authority and transform your life.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of wisdom, warmth, and music on “The Scrumptious Woman” podcast.

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    The Scrumptious Womn EP38

    Mon, Nov 13, 2023 5:48PM • 30:27


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    Juliette Karaman, Nadine Termeer

    Juliette Karaman  00:02

    All right, my lovelies, we are back again with another episode of this scrumptious woman. So I have with me my Dutch sister,

    Juliette Karaman  00:15

    Nadine Termeer. There aren’t a lot of duchies that I know that are in this personal development, but slowly I’m getting more and more of them. Nadine is a Human Design Guide. She’s a coach, and she has the most incredible voice. So as a six three mind splenic projector she sees her clients deeply through the combination of their energy and their design. Using her intuitive gifts, Nadine helps you remember your unique way in this world and takes you on a journey. Her desire for you is to awaken all of your potential, claim your own authority and be the artist of your own life. I love that bio that is so good. And that really encapsulates who you are right and what you do.

    Nadine Termeer  01:10

    Yeah, I could have never imagined that my, my singing career and this career could ever blend in together so beautifully.

    Juliette Karaman  01:20

    It’s so cool. So you and I have been in this incredible mastermind for the past two years. And I have seen you blossom. I’ve seen you blossom. As a mother. I’ve seen you blossom as a coach. I’ve seen you blossom as a woman I’ve seen you blossom as your career as a singer as one of this incredible trio takes off on just creates bigger depth and more of a ripple effect into this world. It feels

    Nadine Termeer  01:51

    so good to be recognised like this. And just the feeling of you seeing me in this journey is so precious to me. Especially since I’m a projector for projectors, it’s definitely important to be seen like that. And yeah, you really make me a little bit emotional.

    Juliette Karaman  02:18

    My brand is called I get people to feed. Yeah, I think I think that’s really funny that you say this, because I think one of my superpowers is actually give people permission to feel all of themselves and to be themselves. And I guess that can bring up some emotions, that there’s not flying and that there’s tissues and that there’s laughter There’s there’s ecstasy, and it’s all available to us, right? That is what I mean with the

    Nadine Termeer  02:50

    scrumptious pneus of life. It is and it’s exactly what do you embody. I remember from from the start of getting to know you in this channel, we were in together, we are still in together. This is exactly your energy, your vibe that I got from the first, like the first encounter online. And then of course meeting you in person, it all confirmed what I felt about you. So yeah, skills really great. And you have something I don’t know how you call it, but it’s something primal about you, that I really love. And that reflects somehow something in me that is also very primal, even though I have not have not show it showed myself like that. Beautiful

    Juliette Karaman  03:43

    right? So when we mirror stuff back to each other, like so I mirror that primal part, back to you that you hadn’t quite recognised in yourself that you hadn’t quite realised that was this. It’s kind of like opening the curtains to parts of ourselves that we might not have been aware of. Since how have you started bringing human design into your world? And how, how has this evolved? Because I’ve seen this evolution and you it’s been beautiful.

    Nadine Termeer  04:21

    Well, it actually started way before human design, I think get because human design it has been in my in my life since about five years. And it’s such a beautiful tool. But I feel that that my journey started a long time before that in personal development. So somehow, it’s always been really important to me, or like some I was always I was I was always driven to to do the inner work. To confront myself to face everything that was challenging in life. And life was pretty challenging emotionally and mentally. So it’s like a feeling I cannot, it doesn’t feel like a choice. It feels like something I always like, had to do had to live for two to work at myself and experience inner freedom, free myself from every limit I could find. And that’s been a whole journey.

    Juliette Karaman  05:43

    Ascension is journey. Right? And,

    Nadine Termeer  05:50

    and part of the journey now also is human design. And it it’s for people who don’t know the system, it’s it’s based on ancient wisdom and science. And it’s a very accurate system that shows your, like, your user manual, like the way the way life works for you best. Your uniqueness, your gifts, your superpowers. And it’s really amazing to understand in that way, about yourself. It’s

    Juliette Karaman  06:28

    what you say, right? It is the user manual, I call it mean, I’ve printed out one of my friends made me playbook. And I printed it out. And it also has a gene keys on it. But it’s like, it’s this massive manual instruction manual to me. And I read through it from time to time, and I’m like, Oh, my God. Yeah, how can I still stumble on these things? These This is really, you know, I had the made for all my kids, my ex husband, my partner, my clients, because I was like, Oh, my God, an instruction booklet to yourself.

    Nadine Termeer  07:07

    Yes, yes. And that’s exactly how I got into it at first. Like I for myself, and my partner or my family, like, I checked everyone’s design, and I got to understand so much about not only myself, but the people that I love. And relationships changed because of it.

    Juliette Karaman  07:32

    Yeah, isn’t that beautiful, right. And I’m not saying that it’s the Holy Grail. But we come across these things at the right time, where then they are kind of our building blocks, right? Like we’ve little kitties, and I know you have your, your daughter, we all have building blocks as well that we build upon, and that we receive that knowledge and that we actually use to further us. And maybe in a few months time, or in a few years time that will that ascension path will be something else and you’ll pick from different modalities or for different things that really resonate with you that

    Nadine Termeer  08:10

    yeah, so that’s exactly how I, I feel it because it’s, it’s not supposed to be like a truth or something you should live by, it’s actually more of an experiment. So it’s about finding your own truth

    Nadine Termeer  08:30

    through the system.

    Nadine Termeer  08:32

    Instead of just taking things for true and then just keep on living you, you benefit from, you know, starting an experiment and see for yourself if it’s actually something you can, it can that can support you in your life. And, and this is also what I what I believe I believe that systems like this aren’t here to empower us right and never to limit us in any way.

    Juliette Karaman  09:04

    That’s the beauty of all these different systems. I’m trying my my headphones in our one thing is not quite working. So the beauty of all these different things of all that awareness that we actually cultivate, where we start becoming aware that there is so much more out there that we can actually live the life of our dreams. So just a little bit how that has happened for you.

    Nadine Termeer  09:41

    Living the life of my dreams, you mean? Yeah.

    Nadine Termeer  09:45

    Well, I have to say think one of the biggest. One of the biggest things and

    Nadine Termeer  10:01

    In creating the life of my dreams, being the artist of my life, like how I write in my branding it all. For me, it all starts with trusting myself. Yes. And Human Design plays a beautiful part in that through that, you know, authority and things like that. But

    Nadine Termeer  10:23

    I find

    Nadine Termeer  10:25

    trusting yourself and understanding how to listen to your body. How to listen to your intuition is like the foundation of everything that comes next of building the life you desire or building the life of your dreams.

    Nadine Termeer  10:44


    Nadine Termeer  10:48

    for me, that has that has obviously been a journey, right? So this is why I’m so passionate about this, because I used to make decisions from my mind from my head, like, lots of people do. Because that’s what the mind, the mind wants to do. Right? The mind wants to take you into a direction they want, it wants to direct you somewhere. But then the mind is not here to make our decisions. That’s not what I believe. And then human design, in the end, when I got to know human design that confirmed exactly that decisions are not meant to be made by the mind. So yes, this is something I’m very passionate about. And, and when I started since I’ve been starting to connect to my body, again, to connect to my feelings, again, to connect to my intuition, again, to open up the channel. Life has completely changed for me, this is some Yeah, an important important part for you give us like

    Juliette Karaman  11:58

    examples of life used to be and how it’s changed now so that our listeners can kind of understand, like, a lot of us come on who said, Oh, my God, you know, it’s changed so much for us, but they’re like, What are one or two things that I can actually learn from this? What what happened from a, that you got to Zed?

    Nadine Termeer  12:19

    Right, so one of the things that I like what, how I innately responded to things very spontaneously, as a as a kid, and growing up, I was actually. But my surroundings people around me always felt like I was being too impulsive, for instance.

    Nadine Termeer  12:43

    And so I,

    Nadine Termeer  12:45

    I got conditioned, that’s what we call it a human design, you get conditioned in the areas of your design, when you’re, when you’re undefined, where you’re where you’re sensitive to other people’s energy. And so I got really conditioned on that. So I toned like my spontaneity, I toned it down. I made myself smaller, to fit in to, right. So

    Juliette Karaman  13:14

    anyone really, I’m putting, I’m sure a lot of like, and yeah, I can relate.

    Nadine Termeer  13:22

    Because that’s what we do, right? We, we get, we get easily influenced in some parts of our design of our life. Where we, like, lose little parts of ourselves. We don’t remember, we don’t remember suddenly, how it is to be us. And well, the fun thing through through understanding my design was that my inner authority in human design is splenic. And splenic authority is, is like the way you are in or authority is the way you make decisions. And the splenic authority is tune into your intuition. So it’s all from the intuition. And it’s, it’s called spontaneous recognition as well. So it is about being spontaneous in the moment, right? Being in the moment feeling Yes, I need to do that. Okay, go and it goes really fast. So that really explains now looking back. How are you? I used to be so impulsive with things and just knew what was going on or what I had to do.

    Juliette Karaman  14:36

    I love this. And really well explained what the splenic splenic authority is I’m an emotional authority so I wonder I have others feel emotions around me. It also massively impulsive like yeah, let’s do this. Let’s quit. Messing generator and I did like turn and Twitch 1000 things at the same time that come in. And I, for the longest time used to shame myself for that. People were like, Why don’t take with one thing I’m like, But I’m so good at so many things, and I just get bored. shitless and if I do one thing, I’m like, You’re

    Nadine Termeer  15:16

    a manifesting generator, right? Yeah. Yeah. So you’re supposed to take yourself in new directions every time you feel like, it’s, it’s part of who you are. Yeah.

    Juliette Karaman  15:28

    But I was shamed for it as a child and stick with your thing, you finish, whatever, and I’d have like half, half finished art projects. And you know, and I’d start sewing something and I do like 10 dresses for my student life. And then in Latin, and all that I do for all my, my student friends, I make their their their, their prom dresses, their their bowl dresses. And then I get really bored. And I just like, this machine. Everyone’s like, why don’t you continue them like that? It was fun for a while. But

    Nadine Termeer  16:05

    now, exactly, until they have can you imagine? What would happen if we, if we understood our children’s design from a young age completely, and understand that we’re different than our children most of the time, and then we need something else and that they need something else, as well for for growing up as a kid but also as a parent in parenting, what do you need as a parent? It’s, it’s, this really changed. And I have I have a little girl. She’s two and a half right now. And this is it’s so fun to see her already in her design, doing it her way. And I’m so happy to know how she innately works because I can just leave it be not worry. I just know she’s in the right place.

    Juliette Karaman  16:54

    I mean, it’s our into this now, you are a conscious parent with a conscious child. Of course, I’m 55. So I’m in right in my sixth line. Yeah, this is one when we slide. And I have kids in their early 20s. I’m like, Oh my God, you know, where as a parent? Why have I messed up? Where have I like, told him to do things my way? Where have I kind of like overwritten their own intuitions like no, go give it whatever name with her big, big hair sticking out of her warts gonna give her a kind of nurse? I think he’s just lucky. I’m like, Oh, my God. So not only am I aware of my own childhood, where you know, where my parents did the best they could but you know, I still got caught on things, and traumatic and intense experiences and all the stuff that I brought into my life. And then I also know see, it’s like, whoa, but hey, you you definitely doled out some of that to your kids as well. So I spend to actually laughing at my journey. I’m like, oh, double.

    Nadine Termeer  18:12

    Yeah, and some in some way, we have to fuck up at some, at some places, right? Because that’s what eventually creates these humans that that actually can can overcome things and can get really strong at certain things. I mean, exactly the the the, in the places where I in my childhood, did not receive what I might have wanted to receive. That’s exactly the places where I got really good at really strong at, right. So completely, and that’s

    Juliette Karaman  18:51

    the thing, the one like, small thing that we wished for most in our childhood, we probably can never quite receive back we give to others in spades. And that’s the gift.

    Nadine Termeer  19:08

    I love it.

    Juliette Karaman  19:10

    I want to talk to you a little bit about your singing and I was going to invite you to just to give us a tiny little bit of a sound like my people this box is talking about this little bit so Nadine and I walked in and in Tulum, Mexico. That was in February Yeah, a few months ago. So in February already. And we, I mean, I knew that she signed but I wasn’t quite aware of exactly how incredible her voice was. So with this big group of woman world chanting and singing and, and some of the woman actually opened their voice, and it was really beautiful. You weren’t feeling so well. So I heard a little bit of what you’re doing but And I was like, oh, okay, it’s beautiful, but I didn’t hear the magnificence of it until we’re in the back of a golf carts. And nothing goes blasting out I have a song and one of our friends is driving the golf guide. I’m like half hanging on because there’s too many of us in my mind, my boobs are falling out everywhere going up and down. And there’s five of us in this garden. I think we’re only supposed to be four. And all of a sudden a dean just breaks up into this thing. threadable so song, and everyone starts in their tracks and just looks at you. And like, what?

    Nadine Termeer  20:43

    You’re told the story really spectacular ly

    Juliette Karaman  20:50

    five of us.

    Nadine Termeer  20:50

    Yeah, absolutely. How did she get into singing?

    Nadine Termeer  20:59

    Well, I always well, this is interesting. I think I’ve never okay, this is fun. You asked me this question. And I realise there comes an answer to me that I did not expect.

    Nadine Termeer  21:17

    Um, but

    Nadine Termeer  21:21

    how I really got into singing was because in my teen years, I felt I suffered a lot from depression. And I think singing was a way where I could escape. I could, I could escape the down feelings and the numbness and I could actually feel and be in a different place be in a different world, and fantasise? And I was going to answer like, yeah, I wanted to be a musical theatre. And then I went to the conservatory, and well, hello. But now you ask this question. And this immediately, and I haven’t thought of this for a really long time. But this just came up. And I feel myself actually sitting behind my little stage piano in my room upstairs. House and,

    Nadine Termeer  22:24

    and trying to,

    Nadine Termeer  22:26

    you know, play these songs and sing along and be in this different place. So yes, this is actually how I swapped that started out. Yeah. Yeah.

    Juliette Karaman  22:39

    I’m so pleased that you’ve got to that. How old am

    Nadine Termeer  22:47

    I? We’re about 1415. In this period of my life, yeah.

    Juliette Karaman  22:54

    The hormones, yeah, teenage kid. Not knowing what to do with your changing body not quite knowing if you’re fitting in or not. I understand that sometimes there is a lot of downtime. And, and I think as parents, we don’t often know what to do with our kids in that time. How to help them when they’re getting. So I’m so happy that you found your outlet.

    Nadine Termeer  23:22

    Yeah, yeah, definitely. And of course, then I eventually made it made it a profession. And I’m so happy that I did because I’ve learned so much through singing through being onstage through auditioning through putting myself in places that I that are really scary, actually. Hello. Yeah, and as you realise something really beautiful lately, because the singing is, I’ve always been singing covers. Yeah. And and what I realised is, is I could I was it’s beautiful to do and it’s a way that I was able to express myself from a young age and now through this work through them, coaching and the guiding and human design and working with people. It feels more like an uncovering, I have to be all of me to do this. And show all of me to

    Nadine Termeer  24:36

    to be in this

    Nadine Termeer  24:39

    in this in this place of being a guide to others and yeah, that is that is that is something really beautiful because now that I’m doing this and enjoying this so much. I feel looking looking back how much I’ve actually yearned to be in that authentic place. You know? Right.

    Juliette Karaman  25:10

    I mean, I think you ready, sir? All of me

    Nadine Termeer  25:15

    I don’t know if I’ll sing I’ll sing. I’ll sing the song I’d sing on the golf cart

    Nadine Termeer  25:26

    Yeah. I believe the children out of you shall teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them sing soft ride. To make it easier. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be there to define succeeding there’s no one can take away

    Nadine Termeer  26:25

    love is happening to me. I found the greatest love of all inside of me

    Nadine Termeer  26:45

    Oh, my God. Oh, also the words

    Juliette Karaman  26:53

    as a way to carry a beautiful tune first of all, and then it has a way to really get those words inside our bodies. We can feel it viscerally. And where it’s like, the greatest love of all is the love that I found inside of me. That is your story. That’s your journey. That’s all. Yeah. Man, I’m gonna like Oh, use thumbs.

    Nadine Termeer  27:27

    Thank you for inviting me to sing.

    Juliette Karaman  27:30

    I am. Yeah, there’s there’s such power in your singing. And I love how you’re saying that you are showing all of you. And singing and coaching and helping others find their way to themselves to loving themselves. Nadine, tell me, how do people find you, if they’re like, Oh, my God, I want more of this. I want to come sing at my party. I want her to do fine readings. I want her to teach me about my children, whatever it is how

    Nadine Termeer  28:08

    people can work with me through human design readings. I have a website. They can, they can book their readings. They’re like single readings, one to one, but also relationship readings. Because I see how important it is for relationships as well. So either with a partner or a child, like two people together in a reading, that’s what I do as well. I also offer longer term coaching for who feels like that’s a fit. And actually, every goes everything goes through my social media and the website that’s attached to that. So I think you may want to put in the show notes or we will

    Juliette Karaman  28:58

    definitely leave it in the show notes. It’s Nadine anad i n e ter meer te R m e r.com. And it will all be in the show notes. And the Dean has this incredible free ebook that please download it and get to see more of her magic. Darling, thank you so much for having for being there for having me on my own show with you. Oh, that’s Oh, ugh, that the your voice just really, really like landed into my body. So thank you so much for being on.

    Nadine Termeer  29:41

    You’re so welcome. And thank you so much for having me here. And, and congratulations on your success with this podcast. I love seeing you go to heights in this way. It’s beautiful.

    Juliette Karaman  29:57

    Thank you. Thank you. So I’m gonna ask you Your favourite as well please download and rate it give us a five star if you love it and leave a review because actually getting reviews will get us up to maybe you know past the five top percent and maybe in the top 2% That’d be cool.

    Nadine Termeer  30:17

    I really cool

    Juliette Karaman  30:19

    alright bye my lovely,

    Nadine Termeer  30:20

    thank you. Thank you so much Juliet

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