Episode 37 Unveiling the Soulful Journey: A Conversation of Transformation with Dimple Thakrar

On: Nov 14, 2023

Welcome to The Scrumptious Woman Podcast!

In this delightful episode, Juliette Karaman and Dimple Thakrar embark on a journey of joy, laughter, and authentic storytelling. From their shared experiences to the transformative power of joy, this conversation is a true celebration of life.

Juliette and Dimple share their heartfelt stories, from Dimple’s journey as a dietician to her exploration of soul reading. The conversation flows effortlessly, touching on relationships, personal growth, and the magic that unfolds when you embrace your authentic self.

Key Takeaways:

  • Authenticity and Soul Reading: Dimple’s transition from a dietician to a soul reader is a testament to the power of following one’s true calling. Embracing authenticity and allowing oneself to evolve can lead to profound transformations.
  • Relationship Dynamics: The discussion explores the evolving dynamics of relationships. Juliette and Dimple share insights into the complexities of marriage, the importance of individual growth, and the beauty of coming back together after periods of growth apart.
  • The Transformative Power of Laughter: Dr. Joe Dispenza’s event becomes a backdrop for the exploration of joy, laughter, and the frequency of magic. The duo reflects on the importance of unclenching, staying present, and finding humor in life’s twists and turns.
  • Supportive Sisterhood: Juliette and Dimple highlight the importance of supporting and uplifting fellow women. Their experiences in the Channel Mastermind showcase the strength found in sisterhood, where women nurture, encourage, and learn from each other.

Join Juliette and Dimple on this magical, laughter-filled journey, celebrating the beauty of growth, authenticity, and the scrumptious essence of life!

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    The Scrumptious Woman EP37

    Mon, Nov 13, 2023 1:53PM • 32:21


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    Juliette Karaman, Dimple Thakrar

    Juliette Karaman  00:00

    Hello for another episode of The scrumptious woman and I have with me my dear friend, colleague, sister, dimple. You are just such a delight. Thank you takes on to do what?

    Juliette Karaman  00:18

    It does. I’m so pleased to have you here. I remember meeting you the first time that I met you and I was just like, this woman is just pure love. I mean, our heart is like massive, massive, massive. And then we came up with the phrase you’ve been dimpled. So, I’m gonna let you just kind of take over a little bit. And tell us about your story from dietician to what you do now.

    Dimple Thakrar  00:45

    Thank you, Juliette. First of all, just it’s a blessing to be here with you. I’m so blown away by witnessing You and the growth in you and the the reassurance of who you are like you. epitomise femininity in its strength and love all at once. So, thank you. Thank you for being that role model. It’s incredible. So in turn,

    Dimple Thakrar  01:14

    yeah, please like you teach receivership. You embody receivership right, unapologetically? And that’s what I love. I love that about you. So in terms of your question, yeah. So dietician to I don’t even know what I do. Now. I couldn’t even give it a name thats the A buddy, David grey, I couldn’t even give it. Um, I think when I think about it, what comes to mind is soul reader more than anything else? So dietitian, right. I started off and it’s so interesting from being a very young girl had very clear clarity on direction and knowing what I wanted and already had a strategy on deciding what my career was at 13. I just clearly knew that there were three things I loved in life, food, people and science. So I had to just go find a job that created all those embodied all those three things. combined them all right, people science and food. So I ended up I don’t know how this happened, then, but I do now. I magnetised work placement for a clinical community dietitian. And I shadowed her. And it was brilliant, manifested the career of my dreams, the jobs every job I’ve taken has been a brand new job that manifested from nowhere. And that was a beautiful apprenticeship for what I do now. Because the career in the dietetic field was all into neuro. So my speciality was neurology dealing with people who were dying prematurely, who had motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s, als stroke. And I look back now, and I know why they patients always ask for me. I know why. I could tell if somebody was going to die before they clinical pinscher felt that I could tell if somebody it looked like the clinical picture was that they were passing and they weren’t, I knew they weren’t there. I could read their souls. But I wasn’t conscious of what it was I was doing. It was just an unconscious, knowing Ness. Right. And so my beautiful man, my husband knew we’ve been together now. 28 years, married 28 years together. 33 He always serial entrepreneur has always said, employ you need to be in your own business. Employ you need to fit like peppering my head every, like for 22 years. It takes me a while to kind of get the message. Especially when probably from him. Host Yeah. Right. And so I ended up creating my business and original and initially it was in nutrition, and the collaboration of nutrition and mindset work and intuition. And then it manifested and morphed into relationship work because my relationship was on the rocks. Healing that supporting others. And now I just feel like it’s manifesting moving on another turn. nother turn. Exactly. And yeah, the turn is the truth about who I really am. And you mentioned the Ben dimpled, and actually it’s a term that has come about that really is giving yourself permission to be our authentic self. And that is what I love about you that you give yourself permission fully, to be present in your authentic self. And that’s where I’m at now, it’s about fully embracing the grey the, all of it, right? So they

    Juliette Karaman  05:20

    go your sixth line, we’re in our 50s. This is where we shine. For people, we’re going into human design a little bit. But it’s so true, right to really be ourselves. And, and I didn’t recognise how funny it was that I called my brand feel fully you. And now I’m like, like, every time I write it down, I’m just like laughing at it. And like, of course, I would choose something like this unconsciously, subconsciously. And like you’re being dimpled in that actually, we recognise that this is our soul in this human journey. And we are expanding and it’s like, okay, we get to be all of us. And upon

    Dimple Thakrar  06:06

    Yes, unapologetically, right? We get to be all of us. And it’s a journey to get in there. And that’s also okay. Right, like you’ve mentioned in our 50s, six line. For us, it’s been a journey. For some it’s not as long a journey for some they’ve never they never reached the end of that journey. Is there an end? Right, all these questions of evolution and constant growth, the so delicious, scrumptious, as you would say, it’s right.

    Juliette Karaman  06:40

    I know I’ve returned scrumptious. Everyone’s like, sweet. Scrumptious is

    Dimple Thakrar  06:46

    loving it. And

    Juliette Karaman  06:47

    the funny thing is, so we’re both doing podcasts at the same time. You’re starting yours, I think in a month or two. And we’ve had quite the experience with Joe are incredible podcast hosts. But somehow when you you’re and my podcasts get edited, Joe’s electricity blows, her computer doesn’t work today, I could not get on for the life of me. I mean, it’s like, all the electricity just kind of goes around like, oh, it’s interesting when we have a special message that for people, it’s like, listen, you’re on an ascension path. You’re getting out of the matrix, you’re starting to become aware of energy. I mean, you do energy healing. I do energy healing online, people look at me like is that exorcism? I’m like, No, that is just energy flowing through the body.

    Dimple Thakrar  07:44

    Exactly. It’s exactly. It’s so fascinating, right? When we go into the realm of energy, and we go into the realm of energy healing, I mean, I had my daughter ring me. In the lunch break that I had today, I literally had one hour that I had boxed off for lunch, I overran on my call before lunch. And so I literally had half an hour. And she rang me and she said, Mom, I am so ill, like, I can’t move, my neck is hurting. And I feel like there’s something and it was so beautiful. She said, Mom, there’s energy that’s not working in me, it’s trapped. Can you help? And within 45 minutes, she was a completely different person. And it took it literally is that quick. That clicks, right? Because we are all energetic beings. And so when the infrastructure that relies on electricity, which is basically energy when it relies on Wi Fi, which is basically energy frequency, it’s just wavelengths, right? And if we alter the field in our frequency and wavelength while there’s going to be a bit of disruption, and bless Joe our users She is just like so used to it like there was this things that happened on our like, on my when we’re setting up like she’s like, like the last last week I was recording one and she’s like, it’s telling me it’s recording, but it’s not recording and there were two studios being run at the same time never happened before for Joe one was recording one wasn’t and it was like the matrix. It was literally like two paradigms signed on fine. So she came off I came out of the studio and we came back in and it was the set it was the the other paradigm studio that was recording that we managed to jump into bro How do you

    Juliette Karaman  09:45

    really like reverse timelines everything

    Dimple Thakrar  09:50

    everything everything right? Everything. People

    Juliette Karaman  09:54

    looking at you going a little bit cuckoo you know what’s what’s going on? Yes. But and

    Dimple Thakrar  10:01

    at the same time, Juliet, their souls are going Yeah, but we know this. Oh, completely right. Exactly. The conflict is between the human and the soul. Right? I was I was teaching this piece right today I was teaching about the quantum. And the breakthroughs that were people were having, not from a conscious level but from a from a subconscious level, right? Raising their subconscious awareness to the conscious, and sometimes that can be very confusing. In this master class I was teaching about the quantum and how the, the soul has this knowingness. So everything I was teaching, they were like, Oh, this sounds familiar. But yet their human brain was being mind blown. Like, how can you have two paradigms at the same time? And how can you like, Why did my browser suddenly just stop, but it makes no sense in this logical 3d world, right. But when we actually see through what I call, not our physical senses, but our quantum senses, when we see hear feel through them, we can see that the frequency is being distorted is being rearranged, and therefore, sometimes the browser won’t work. And it’s okay. Just angered a lot.

    Juliette Karaman  11:31

    Have a bit of humour with it, right? Because we’re so serious, and I kind of see that our soul actually wants us to have fun and sometimes I kind of feel like it’s poking at me. It’s like, half I’ve made fun. I’d like to cheeks and just have fun.

    Dimple Thakrar  11:48

    I love that when clench your butt cheeks. Breathe, some people will pay greed Juliette says unclench elbow cheeks.

    Juliette Karaman  11:58

    Completely. Why are you so my mother used to like, okay, you’ve got to tilt your pelvis and clench your buttcheeks for your button. I’m like, Mom. It’s like no, but you know how people like clench when they are, you know, they’re tight about something. It’s like, okay, just let it all relax, and, and loosen out and have a bit of fun, have a bit of humour have a bring of awareness to everything? And then just laughable. It’s like, wow, I’ve really wanted to get a very intense into to be on this intense journey. I mean, you’ve just come back from a beautiful journey of Dr. Joe.

    Dimple Thakrar  12:38

    Yes. Oh, my word. So we were and again, he is the epitome of joy and laughter if you meet him in person, he’s hilarious. Like, he’s so funny and creates the message in such a funny way. So we were invited to an intimate event in Vail but it was an invitation only. There was maximum 150 people, including staff there. So his events for those who don’t know, Joe Dispenza, it’s normally 2500 people. So it was up close and personal. We got to sit with the staff. We like there was there was lots of movement in the end, and the laughter Oh my gosh, the laughter and the joy and the fun. And the unclenching of books, the jaw because, right here’s the piece, there’s a piece right? When, when we’re in joy and laughter and from that is actually the frequency of magic. That is the frequency of love. That is the frequency right? So he really is the epitome of it. And both my husband and I were natural in our and our whole paradigm has shifted massively massively like we actually moved paradigms where different people completely different people in the same now

    Juliette Karaman  14:07

    that makes sense. Beautiful. Yeah, I’m can feel it. There’s a different vibration to you. So it really feels the I was gonna say feel softer, but that’s not the right. Right explanation either. It’s more expansive and it kind of feels like a really peachy skin around it. That’s all I can say. Feels really beautiful, and it’s a beautiful vibration. Yeah.

    Dimple Thakrar  14:41

    Thank you. Thank you for witnessing that. It’s true. It’s true. I’ve let go of the the struggle per se I’ve let go of the past now. Not perfect. I have human moments where it’s not easy and there are so many things moving and shift Dinner in my life as we speak now. And just like the browser went, I choose, as we all have a choice to laugh about it. Or to get really uptight about being right. I was late on this call 20 past, like, you guys were so gracious, you could have been really pissed with me. And actually, you couldn’t get on either. And Joe’s amazing is so in the flower of things that we all believe it’s meant to be when it’s meant to be. And what if we all lived our lives like that? Were just trusting in the notes whenever?

    Juliette Karaman  15:45

    Yeah, that’s it. You know, I understand that we all have this, like, Oh, my God, is my time not valuable, right. So that could could have gotten activated? And I’m like, No, not activated at all. And I noticed where it’s like, oh, how can we continue just to secure it’s like, okay, whatever, if it works, it works. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Right. And then We’ll reschedule and we’ll do something else some other time. But it’s, if you can start just living your life like that. It’s like, Okay, why don’t you have a bit of humour about it, laugh about it. These are the things that you’re gonna remember, in 20 years time. It’s okay. Do you remember when that podcast when everything blew up? Right?

    Dimple Thakrar  16:29

    These are the stories that make the magic. You know, I remember being interviewed for a podcast. And it was got it got rearranged three times and I wasn’t stressed about it. I just thought, oh, it’s not meant to be this time. It’s not meant to be this time. And then the time it got rearranged. I was gifted a message which got me to another thing and a sequence of events that occurred now had that podcast, I’d have been pissed off that it was rearranged three times that would have been resistance I wouldn’t have been open to receiving the sequence of events that occurred that blow your mind afterwards, right? You just always Juliet always but it’s taken me a lifetime to unclench my buttons. Right? I’m

    Juliette Karaman  17:19

    very happy to see that unclench at the moment.

    Dimple Thakrar  17:24

    Well wobbling, it’s all wobbly. It’s slow.

    Juliette Karaman  17:30

    Dip, but I’ve had so much fun in person in in London at the Dr. Joe event at my house before and then and to Lou with all our beautiful channel sisters from Melania layer. We have some really kick us. Oh, and then of course also Sedona I forgot about that whole bit when we were together.

    Dimple Thakrar  17:55

    Yeah. Without beautiful nurtures.

    Juliette Karaman  17:57

    Yeah, yes. Yeah. Andre Morningstar. We’ve had some beautiful mentors, some beautiful places and spaces that we’ve been in together and how we kind of like CO created some magic.

    Dimple Thakrar  18:13

    Yeah, so good. So good Juliet. And, and what I love about our journey together is that it’s been effortless. It’s been effortless in terms of planning. You know, the there wasn’t really much planning. Like we’ve we’ve toured America together with zero planning. We created like, even the first time that I reached out to the channel, sisters, and for those of you don’t know, the channel is a mastermind that Juliet and I were privileged to be part of with Melina Melanie and Leigh as well. So the channel is a mastermind that Juliet in an eye and 50 Odd women were privileged to be part of in Melania layers world. And so we got to know each other deeply. And I reached out one day and I was having the most taking and feeling. And Juliet said, Just come come to my home. I don’t know this woman from Adam. I know, early on. Also, I don’t know where she lives. No idea where she lives. And the minute she invited I felt her truth, authenticity or heart and knowing that she was absolutely offering a safe sanctuary for me to just devolve. And I immediately said yes. I never say yes. And I like say yes at that point. Right. Something inside of me said yes, then I was there, like three days in her sanctuary in her bosom. It was just like the most divine. And we didn’t really do much We just hung out. We just like went to a yoga class. And we just like, didn’t do much. It was 40 hours, right. And what happened was she nourished me, she fed me and just took care of me. And I lost my mother when I was 22. So I didn’t necessarily have that feeling of being taken care of, right? Because I didn’t, I mean, my mother in law’s incredible, but it’s not quite the same. And I really felt that from one woman to another, she was like the village, the unseen village was taking care of each other. And it was so divine, I’m so grateful for that. Because our friendship just I was sold reunited in that in that moment, and it was beautiful. So as it said, For me around, magical, magical,

    Juliette Karaman  21:16

    magical Carpet Ride that we’ve been on. And it’s it’s really beautiful, where we don’t often get a chance to just be and actually invite someone into our space. And I think I told you, this is like, hey, when we bought this place this this was what our vision for the house was people come here to heal people come here to relax. People come here to create, and there’s no no mothering so much, but it’s like this energy is just like you can be you get you know, you get fed you get this, you get that it’s be who you are, you don’t need to perform, just take up all your layers. And be. Yeah,

    Dimple Thakrar  21:58

    yeah. And you provide that so beautifully. You provide that nurturing foundation, so beautiful, beautifully, not in a mothering way. And you’re correct. It’s very much a sisterhood. It’s very much aligned. It’s very much equal. It’s it’s very much respectful. Right? So it’s really important those definitions in those distinctions. So, yes, thank you.

    Juliette Karaman  22:23

    Thank you. And it’s also it’s just so nice that women can do this for each other. Right? We don’t have to be like the elbowing out of each other as always, like, oh, no, you know, if she is really successful, then I can’t be. You know, if someone asks me is like, who is the best at helping, and 2023 year old marriages that are on the brink of divorce? Like, send them to dimple? Like, if they if they’re not having sex, I’d say send them to me. They’re on the brink of divorce and actually, just not in agreement with each other, I’d definitely send them to you. Yeah,

    Dimple Thakrar  23:04

    exactly. And vice versa, I have somebody who is clearly needing to release some trauma, clearly needing some exploration sexually 100% Like, I don’t even like that’s not fun for me. Like, like, we stay, we honour each other. And also, something else that I learned that was so beautiful, from you, through your modelling is on how you support sisters, how you support the sisterhood, how you support women. I love that about you. And I know that when I first started my journey with you in must be three years now. I know that that was a trigger and the thing that I had to work through this whole jealousy, the competition, that there’s not enough room for everybody, all that scarcity mentality, and it’s through your muddling of a pure abundance through love, pure abundance, through space, pure abundance through there’s enough for everyone that really, truly helped me embody this. This space of there’s enough for everyone, like let’s just open this platform and, and help each of us rise together. Like no man gets left behind. No woman gets left behind. It’s a collective right, there’s enough space for everyone.

    Juliette Karaman  24:36

    It’s a collective completely and it’s so funny. I’ve just called my mastermind the scrumptious visibility the collective as I’ve always had collective, but this is really it right? It’s so much more fun to play with other people as well. It’s like, Come on, let’s play. Yeah, it’s not like you otherwise it just gets boring to be. People look up to like what for me? don’t just come and play. Yeah. And I know that you do that so well. I love how you bring how your daughters are in this how your husband is in this. It’s just wonderful to see.

    Dimple Thakrar  25:12

    Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I’m really blessed. I have two incredible daughters as you have for incredible children. Who really are my cheerleaders. My husband’s when cheerleader always has been at times I’ve not appreciated it as much as I could have or should, I’ll be honest.

    Juliette Karaman  25:35

    Or learned your journey.

    Dimple Thakrar  25:37

    That’s the Grow mind. I can teach it now. Right? Because I’ve lived it completely. And we all

    Juliette Karaman  25:46

    need to teach what we need to learn. Right? And that’s

    Dimple Thakrar  25:50

    and I’m super honest with it. I’m super honest with it because I can’t not be because then you can smell the bullshit. Good swell. Oh, it’s a perfect Everything’s perfect. No, it’s not. It’s not and I’m okay with it not being perfect. I actually love that it’s not perfect. Because then so much of it well, it gives you space to be not perfect. It gives you space to be you. It gives you space to be what the hell is perfect. Anyways.

    Juliette Karaman  26:23

    It’s surreal, right? It’s a surreal everyone has their ups and downs there we fight. We go away we make up again. And then it’s it’s so much more fun. And it’s really to stay curious. Like this morning, I was talking about some stuff with my with Alex, my fiance, and then he’s just like, Hey, babe, I’m really I don’t have the bandwidth for this. Can you just please stop. And I heard it, but it didn’t really go in. And I was just like, I was kind of like talking out loud. And that’s how I process way off it. And he just grabbed me by the hand and said, Hey, baby, I’m like, Oh, I’m doing that thing again. Okay, sorry. But you know, before I wouldn’t be like, Why is he not listening to me? He could have gotten triggered. But we don’t have to get triggered anymore. We can just clarify. Okay.

    Dimple Thakrar  27:12

    Remember? Yeah, absolutely. And it’s that it’s about being conscious for the communication, it’s beautiful, the way that you created this open, respectful understanding that you’re both individuals. First. You’re both individuals. First, this whole idea of a partnership being 5050, it’s bullshit. It’s not 5050. If they are your better. Right, if they are your better half or your other half, then you’re creating through co creation, and you want to be interdependent, you want to be able to be so dependent. And then when you come together, you create magic. That’s a bonus. That doesn’t complete you. And that’s the work. Certainly for me, my husband, we went into our relationships. So young, I was 17 I didn’t know who I was. who I was, he had no idea was 23. Right. And through our marriage, we’ve had to separate to figure out who we are to then come together. So it’s been very much push pull, push pull, with zero awareness up until our 40s. And now, where we realise that even at the Dr. Joy event, this time around. We sat separately because we realised on day one that we it wasn’t working or sitting together, we had to have our own journey, and then come back and brightened. Right.

    Juliette Karaman  28:53

    It’s such a nice way of doing it to have your own journey and come back at night. It’s super, super good. It’s but also if you think about, you know, Dr. Joe’s energy work, if other people might want to do plant medicine, whatever, it’s always your journey with you, and then you can come to someone else. So it’s your relationship with you, you’re 100% responsible for that you’re 100% responsible for the relationship that you have with others. And they’re 100% related. They’re 100% responsible for that, and then you create magic.

    Dimple Thakrar  29:32

    Right? Exactly. And there it is. It’s it’s not 5050 it’s 100 100. Right? You bring the whole self a view to the relationship. And this is where Esther Perel talks about most marriages. Most people have three solid relationships or marriages in their lives. And she, I love this quote, she says Most people have three marriages in their lives or three, three solid partners. And one would hope it’s with the same person. It’s not always the right. Because you grow apart, you grow together, you grow apart, you grow together, and that’s what I’ve experienced in my marriage grow apart, grow together, grow apart, grow together, but there’s a choice of whether you come back together. And for some it’s not a match and that’s okay.

    Juliette Karaman  30:29

    Right? Right. It’s that shame yourself over but just kind of say hey, I like my ex husband and I were better friends. We’re really good friends. We’re really good co parents for our kids we absolutely adore each other love each other but we’re just not so good made or we’re better not married.

    Dimple Thakrar  30:50

    Right and it’s great to spend holidays together with the children your ex you know your fiancee right now so

    Juliette Karaman  30:58

    I’m Alex Yeah The Modern Family

    Dimple Thakrar  31:07

    Yeah, exactly. When you and your ex were very compatible, right? You just grew apart completely?

    Juliette Karaman  31:21

    Yeah, completely. And also you don’t need to break up with someone you don’t need to shun them for your life. Just you know the energy has changed and it is completely cool. Dimple My Love Where do people find you? How do they get more of you? They’re like Oh my goodness. Who is this woman? I want to be dimpled.

    Dimple Thakrar  31:44

    I love that. Thank you Juliette. Thank you so much for this time and space with you. If you want to find out more about me. I have everything’s on my website dimpled global.com Or my name. You can search me on social media Dimple Thakrar, T h AKRAR. And I also have a book. You can find me on Amazon. It’s the number one best selling book so go check it out. It

    Juliette Karaman  32:09

    has been a delight my lovely thank you so much for coming on.

    Dimple Thakrar  32:14

    Thank you for having me. Love you so much Juliette adore you.

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