Episode 29 Revolutionizing Well-Being: Harnessing Frequency Technology with Jenny Bitner

On: Oct 17, 2023

Welcome to the Scrumptious Woman Podcast! In this enlightening two-part episode, host Juliette Karaman delves deep into the world of frequency technology with the insightful Jenny Bitner. Jenny shares her journey from anxiety to empowerment through the use of a revolutionary device. Get ready to explore how frequency technology can elevate your vibrations and transform your life. Tune in for a fascinating conversation that may just inspire you to embark on your own frequency journey.*

Juliette and Jenny engage in a captivating discussion about the transformative power of frequency technology. Jenny highlights her personal experience with anxiety and how using the Healy device has brought about profound shifts in her life. She explains how the quantum field operates beyond time and space, making distance irrelevant. By using the Healy app and device, practitioners can tap into clients’ bioenergetic fields, gaining insights into their mental and physical states. Jenny emphasizes the potential of frequency technology as a manifestation amplifier, shedding light on its ability to uncover and address resistance to desired outcomes. She recounts her own remarkable journey of overcoming anxiety during plane rides, thanks to the consistent use of the Healy device. Juliette and Jenny also discuss the potential of running frequency programs for clients remotely, providing a powerful tool for those with a fear of flying.

In the second part of the episode, Juliette and Jenny delve deeper into the world of frequency technology. They discuss the potential of using balanced nerves programs to alleviate fear and anxiety associated with flying. Jenny emphasizes the power of frequency technology to raise collective vibrations and create a world free from fear. She highlights the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals and leaders in the field to amplify the impact of this transformative technology. Jenny provides valuable insights into how individuals can integrate frequency technology into their businesses, ultimately contributing to a higher vibrational collective. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that may just ignite your curiosity about the boundless potential of frequency technology.


Key Takeaways:

  • Frequency technology operates beyond time and space, enabling practitioners to connect with clients’ bioenergetic fields.
  • The Healy device serves as a manifestation amplifier, helping individuals identify and address resistance to desired outcomes.
  • Consistent use of frequency programs can lead to profound shifts, as demonstrated by Jenny’s journey from anxiety to calm during plane rides.
  • Frequency technology offers a valuable tool for remote sessions, particularly for clients with a fear of flying.

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Juliette Karaman, Jenny Bitner


Juliette Karaman  00:01

hello my lovelies. We are back with another episode of The scrumptious woman and I’ve got another really scrumptious woman in front of me. Her name is Jenny Bitner. She is a motivational speaker and keynote speaker, motivational trainer actually, over expertise in high performance and goal orientated woman who have experienced burnout TO THE CHASE who can relate right. So Jamie has helped numerous companies to boost employee morale, get mind fit, increase profit and productivity and build strong teams that last and love what they do. Through the frequency of fun. We love a bit of fun. She believes in a culture where profit meets play paving away for a world where women are only as wealthy as they are free. I love that bio. Hello, welcome, my love.


Jenny Bitner  00:59

Thank you for having me. I’m so excited to be here.


Juliette Karaman  01:03

I’m so excited that you’re here, Jenny. And I have been in this incredible mastermind for the last two years together. Met in Mexico in person and just really connected, right?



Mm hmm. Didn’t we? I got to experience Juliette in our real life. And if she is something to experience, that is


Juliette Karaman  01:31

the truth. Well, this way people get to experience us, actually. Yes. So Jenny, tell us a little bit of your story a year living in Mexico, but you’re Canadian.



Correct? Yes. So I am Canadian. And me and my cute little family decided in September of 2021. To pack up our lives and headed down sell. So we moved ourselves to Mexico. You know, with one way tickets weren’t 100% sure what we were doing if we were staying if we were coming or going but we we decided to take a leap of faith and we wound up you know, in the Caribbean, the Caribbean ocean and we stayed we decided to get our residency, we sold our house in Canada while we were in Mexico. And now we come sort of back and forth now that the world has opened up a little bit more. You know, we’re able to come back home and come home for the summers. We live in our trailer while we’re here in between our parents house and and then we head back to Mexico for the school year.


Juliette Karaman  02:49

Isn’t it cool? Right? And have you always had that free spirit? Have you always just been able to? I mean, with two kids, it’s not the easiest thing in the world, right to pack up and just like okay, let’s go.



Right? Yeah, I had a five year old and nine month old when we first when we first did it. So it definitely wasn’t, I would say the easiest, but they were young. So they were versatile. And it was you know, the baby didn’t know any different he just needed her mama. And my five year old has now gone through school there and has learned a new language which is really cool. But you know what, both of them now are fluent in Spanish, which is really awesome. Because in Canada, that’s not our second language. It’s French so it’s really been exposed. Now you did ask Have I always been adventurous. And I would say that my core I am like a camp counsellor through and through I love creating environments and fun spaces where people can just have fun and be full of joy even at work I was known as the director of fun for my decade long career as a general manager for Canada’s largest chain of fitness clubs. And I would just always was known to be thrown into these different locations that were struggling with their culture and I would go in I break down the silos and I would infuse just this energy of playfulness and fun and it would bring the teams together people loved coming to work so obviously their performance would go up, retention would go up and profitability would of course follow and but it for myself was I always full of adventure for my entire 20s I would say a huge hail no because I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety and panic disorder at 22 and that was where I was living with two identities because yes I was this fun police I was just you know full of joy and and and just climbing the corporate ladder and all of these things but behind the scenes I was no running into my office locking the door closing the blinds turning the lights out and hiding under my desk sometimes do So I could get into a little cave feeling and have another panic attack. And so I really hid this second identity because it was the polar opposite of who people saw me as on the outside. So, you know, going on road trips going on an aeroplane, like any of these things were so challenging for me, because they would throw me into these anxiety attacks and into these panic attacks. And you know, I just had a very unregulated nervous system. And so I adventure for me was, by the time I hit, you know, my 20s, it was awful, it was off the table. So anything that I wanted to do that was adventure, I either had to drink a lot to lose my inhibitions. And the way that my mind would work around this, or I just did it in very comfortable settings like work, I would have a lot of play, because, you know, it was a place where I could feel safe.


Juliette Karaman  05:56

Thank you so much for sharing that. And I’m sure so many people relate. So I want to actually just pause it there a little bit that we can have one identity and it looks a certain way to the outside. And then inside there is still crippling anxiety, it could be something else. But there’s something else that’s going on for us that that facade doesn’t show, and people don’t understand is like, but you’re so outgoing, that you’re so self assured. What do you mean? Yeah, it’s like, you don’t know what’s going on here. What I have to deal with every day, how difficult it is to get myself out of bed, right? I’ve worked with so many people that are just like, you don’t know what it takes me to actually go to work? Yes, so I do. That’s why I’m coaching your coaching with me. But it’s also it’s interesting how, how there’s such a taboo to even speak about this, and I love that you are being really open about this, I’ve read part of your story online, that’s been really beautiful to see, it’s like you are climbing that ladder. And at the same time, really being crippled by anxiety.



And a lot of the times know, when people say, Oh, but you look so this or you look so that it’s like yeah, that’s the plan. The plan is that I up here, that I’ve got it all together, right? Because then I won’t lose out on that promotion, or my boss won’t think that I’m uncapable of, you know, continuing or going to the next level. And so I am putting on the I’ve got it all together, because if anyone finds out what I’m actually dealing with behind the scenes, then I’ll appear broken, I’ll appear, you know, just unequipped to be able to handle more than what I’m handling. So then it’s like, okay, now I’m taking on more and I’m putting more on my plate. And I’m saying yes, so that I can compensate for what I know is falling apart behind the scenes and this is what leads us to this constant chase the constant chase the constant external validation and external approval, that we’re good enough because we feel broken on the inside, it’s like okay, there’s got to be a place where I can compensate for what I’m dealing with behind the scenes and yet that is the actual vicious cycle that we just continue to perpetuate.


Juliette Karaman  08:28

So true. And then your your bio is reading now you say it again, the chase, so we’re looking for something outside of ourselves that will make us complete, right or that will just complete the picture all of a sudden, you know, like, Oh, if only I lost 10 pounds or only I got that job promotion or if only I had a husband or if only I had that beautiful house earlier I had a million dollars if only then was then you’d start loving yourself then you’d be happy and it’s that wanting to have instant gratification and once you’re there then what and this is what you know I talked about this with our bodies and about you know plastic surgery a lot it’s like people think that only if bigger boobs or smaller nose or this or that no I’m not against against plastic surgery at all. I had my boobs Yeah, reduce massively. But it’s if only then we’re going to be happy. What about if now we can start loving all those parts of us that we don’t really love but how can we start shining the light on them and really start loving them a bit. Tell us a little bit about you had a chance to get to this confident woman over our red lipstick God and her. You Your red all the way back at us.



Oh, this was a lot, uh, you know, it is it is a lot of work to unravel to unwind to to do the deep work is, you know, it can appear scary, it can appear very uncomfortable and challenging. And if it didn’t, if it didn’t feel that way everyone would do it. You know, everyone would do that deep, deep work, but that deep work, what comes up? And what’s comes to the surface to heal during the deep work, that that feeling of pain that comes to the surface is what will move most people away from doing that kind, you know, doing doing that kind of work? And for me, it was no, I do feel that sometimes we have to hit rock bottom in order for it to be so uncomfortable that we finally agree to the change. And until it becomes so uncomfortable that that what we are experiencing is outweighed. That’s when we make a change. And so for me, it’s like I lived with upwards of five panic attacks a day for 10 years, I had to drug myself up with Ativan and gravel to walk down the aisle for my wedding. Because of the fear of what if I had a panic attack when I got to the altar, and I have all these people who have come to watch this. I’m stuck. I’m at the altar. Like I can’t just like do a slow moonwalk fade out the side door. Like everyone’s staring at me, you know. And so by the time we got to our reception tonight, we got married on 1212 12 at 1212. Noon. Okay, so and on the beach. Yes. So I by the time we got to a reception at night, I was done, my husband actually had to take me back to the room and put me in a cold shower, because all of the things I had to take to get down the altar. I finally by the time the reception rolled around, I was done. And I just remember these moments as these pivotal moments of, of ways that this anxiety had impacted me in ways that, you know, it had really affected my life. And, and there came a point where I had tried all these modalities, like it wasn’t like, I wasn’t trying, I had seen therapists, I had done all of these things. But there were definitely things that at the time, I don’t think I was either ready to face or, you know, the deep work, it seems sometimes it seems like it’s not even working. But really, it’s just there’s so many layers that we have to stay committed, we have to stay committed. And even if 2% of we’re feeling that 2% shift, or that 1% shift, just like they say right 2% of the of the world’s wealthiest people hold 80% of the wealth, right? It’s, it’s, there’s always just that there’s, there’s a small little compound effects, just that slight little needle moving forward, when you can see that, know that that that’s, that’s the compound effect. And we just do that day in and day out. And we make those small little shifts, and we stay committed to those small little shifts. Eventually, by the time you know, 100 layers have been shed and healed. Now you start doing the deep work, and it creates massive shifts at the beginning, it feels so tiny, because it’s there’s so many layers ahead of you can barely feel it. It’s like a little pea. But by the time you’ve shed so many layers, you’re now feeling massive impacts. Now, when I do healing, I feel that work on a deep, deep level. I’m like, Oh, that was a good one. You know, I may not have been open to that, when I had 100 layers to go through. So I think there’s just a lot of that. And so you know, there’s certain tools that I use, that have made a massive impact with raising my frequency, raising my vibration, getting myself into a state, where now my energy and you know, my vitality and everything. It’s like it’s amplified, it’s magnified. And this has been a massive turning point in my life, where I’ve started to actually realise that we are the ones to deposit into our field, our thoughts, our beliefs, all of that anxiety, all of those panic attacks that was all rooted from conditioning from an experience from quantum entanglement. With a time in my life where I experienced one thing there now became this quantum entanglement between the event and my response that’s so came together that that that entanglement stuck with me on a deep level. And then I magnified the entanglement I magnified the fear. And then when I started to realise how I was the one depositing those thoughts and beliefs into my field, and then I was magnetising more events, more experiences that drew in the trauma that that that that deepened it. I thought to myself well they’re more must be a way that I could do the reverse. What if I started depositing positive thoughts positive, you know, this is what I termed mind fitness, right? It’s like using our thought system using the thought system of our mind and exercising that on purpose. So we all know exercise is not easy, and we have to choose to do it. And it’s got to be on purpose, you know. So it’s like depositing this new information into our field, and being able to actually magnify that. And so that is where I am at this point. You know, I teach a lot of people how to use a tool, specifically, the Healy devices is a huge one for me. The Healy device is frequency technology. And it is, you know, patented technology that allows us to actually scan or bio an energetic field and pick up what is in our space, what is in our space that might be bringing us to a space of disharmony. And then we can run frequencies and we can run new coding and we can deposit new information into our field. And that new information starts to attract at a very high vibrational level other people, places things and experiences that are on a high frequency, so that we can start bringing things into our life that we actually desire. And so little, you know, manifestation amplifiers like that, to me, like a tool like that, that I can wear every single day, that has been a very profound, positive benefit in my life recently, and I have seen dramatic changes. I’ve been using it for almost a year now. And I’ve seen dramatic changes. So I would say like, you know, what do I do? Or how did I get to this point, I know that that has has has made a very huge impact on on, on me, my energy, my focus, my attention, all of that. So the Healy


Juliette Karaman  16:49

device for when this goes on, on YouTube, this is the healer device. It’s a Dutch company, actually, I think, and I know that you have really gotten into it, I bought one of mine, like ages ago. And then I actually didn’t use it that much. Because I also have another mat, which is much bigger, and I lie on that and that regulates myself and, and especially, it also really helps re regenerate stuff, you know, when I was having massive pains. But now you know that you’ve actually taught me how to use the healing device a little bit more. I am using this not every day, I’ll be honest. But I do notice like when I have negative thoughts, right, and we all teach about this, that you know, where you put your attention is what grows. So the moment I’ve got my four kids, my son in Dubai needs to move house he needs to pay a year in advance soon. So there’s a lot of finances, my two girls are still in university, and then you know, Fi term terms are coming up and fees. And then my other son is in between jobs and not quite sure what’s happening to him. So it’s like, there’s all this fear in my immediate community and in my life happily. You know, I’m they like to process with me. So they like like, Oh, Mommy, what do I do? So I noticed that my vibrations is like, whoa, times, I am just like, I wake up and I’m like, oh my god, how am I going to fix this all and then it’s like, hey, put this on me listen to a meditation. Let me take myself through my rapid release, re restore method. Put this on notice, Oh, okay. My heart chakra is a bit close, like, oh, yeah, no wonder because I’m like anxiety, I start feeding it in my body. And then I run it. Wow, I take myself through and out there process or then I do some journaling, or I do some somatic work. And the effects are so immediate, because of my vibration is different. That means that I attract different thoughts, different things to me. And oftentimes, my kids will also shift my ex husband on sudden will shift my partner Alex here, things will shift and they’re like, whoa, we had a really shit day and all of a sudden, it’s really good, what happened? You don’t know.



I’m depositing new thoughts into your field.


Juliette Karaman  19:29

For all the listeners that are listening, well, listeners are listening right? We will drop a link into the show notes with the link how to get one of these healing devices and to be 100% transparent. Yes, that is my own affiliate link that I will get commission for. So I like to be transparent that we both really believe in this and i i would love because I know that you’ve become a trainer and you’re really training people in this. So give us a little bit more ARP daddy.



Okay. So essentially what this device is doing is the song was invented by a quantum physicist from Germany, as it was invented by quantum physicist who decided to go to India to become a professor and deepen his understanding to actually practice as a monk for over 10 years to deepen his understanding about the bridge between matter and consciousness, and really tap into some of those other dimensions, like the fifth and sixth dimension, like where’s our traumas stored where it doesn’t mean it’s not stored in our brain. And you know, if we opened our brain, we’re not going to find a filing cabinet full of words and information. No, that is all sitting in our field in this metaphysical space that we can’t see with the naked eye. But it is energy. Right, Nikola Tesla said, if you want to know the secrets of the universe, look at energy, frequency and vibration. Everything is energy. And our bodies are matter, this physical 3d form, that our spirit and our soul, you know, when when a body was created by a mommy and a daddy, right, that body that that physical body was created a soul chose that body, so that soul could come into it, and it could have a human experience. And so this is really the bridge between that matter and consciousness and how we can actually impact and influence our bioenergetic field, that field that is around you, that holds all your emotions, all your thoughts, everything. So you know, some people actually have this ability where they see with their human eyes, they can actually see words surrounding people, they can see people’s auras, they were born with this gift to do so. And I do believe everyone can reach that state with a lot of intentional practice, right. But this device is allowing the everyday person to have access to frequencies and frequencies are, these are coded for over 230 different possible things that could be happening either to your physical body, so it uses microcurrent, which is electricity, so your cells have their own electricity. And then if you use the cords strapped to your wrist, you’re actually delivering little microcurrent voltage to your cells, which uses your meridian lines, it uses the body’s water system to carry this electricity. Because when our cells are charged to a certain Milla voltage, certain things cannot survive in the body. And so it works on a physical plane that way, but then the Healey also can do aura photography, and it can actually assess our seven chakras. And it can pull the energy centres and see what might be low, why it’ll actually give you a present state description of exactly what it picked up in your field. And then it’ll allow you to run vibrate pulsations into your field to bring it back into coherence. And the cool thing is distance


Juliette Karaman  23:13

comm Alright, let’s take a breath here. So it can we can work with people’s coherence in the field. I mean, I do spinal attunement in the field. So I work with distance. You just said that this works distance as well. How do you use this with your coaching clients? I mean, I have one and I haven’t really used it. And I have like people that can’t use their hands that are in contact with me like we do a session with me. And I’m just like, I actually haven’t used this to the best of my ability. And I’m like, wow, I have two or three people on my waiting list they’re dying to get in. But how do I add this to it?



Well, the quantum field does not, it does not have time or space, which means from point A to point B, it doesn’t matter how far that distance is because it doesn’t measure time and space. So if your client if I’m with you right now, Juliette, I could pull up my smartphone, I would use the Healy app. And I would use my Healy here with me, I would register you as a client, we would take your photo we would put in the proper information that is almost like these little measuring points so that it truly connects you as the client to the quantum sensor inside the heli. And I could run the scan on my end and the quantum sensor in the Healey is using the information field which connects all of us every human being is connected to the information field. And it will use that to pick you up as the client and then it can tap into your bioenergetic field. It can tap into that metaphysical space that surrounds you where we can pick up all this information. All that information in your field will tell us what’s going on in your mind. Tell us what’s going on in your body. It’ll tell us what’s going on. You know, there’s there’s one app called the success coach app where I could put in exactly what you want to manifest right now. So if you have a client that has something that they’ve been working so hard on, and they don’t know why they haven’t had it yet, why haven’t I manifested this? Why haven’t gotten this result we put in to the app as if you have manifested it. And when we run a scan, it’s actually going to pick up the resistance, and it will straight up tell you why you haven’t achieved it yet. Because you read it, you’re like, oh, yeah, that is what I’m experiencing right now. Or that is what I would need to shift. And so we can run these vibrate frequencies into your field and deposit new information, it will deposit new beliefs. This is why I say it’s like a manifestation amplifier. Because you ever, you know, people say, whatever you say is what comes through watch what your words your words are powerful. And it’s true, because your words deposit affirmations into your field. And so that the Healy will not only put the this information into your field, but it’s, it’s sending behind that information, these pulsations, that vibrate into your field, so that it comes and brings that coherence that comes and brings whatever’s out of alignment back into coherence. And so it’s very, very powerful to be able to use this quantum technology and influence our space, especially for people who have no sweet clue that their thoughts are actually creating their reality.


Juliette Karaman  26:42

I love it. Tell me what you said, you’ve been using this for about a year, what’s what has changed?



Okay, so we talked about my story and how I couldn’t go anywhere, drive anywhere, fly anywhere without having massive anxiety. Okay, so I had this for 18 years. And I had gotten better after kids. Surprisingly, because through pregnancy, our body naturally releases oxytocin. So for both of my pregnancies, I had a full year where I naturally my body had made myself so calm, that I started to experience a little bit less of the anxiety and I was able to use my tools. So when the heli came around, I still had major anxiety on aeroplanes, and I still couldn’t drive anywhere without us, typically stopping at least once to pull over to find me a bathroom because I would get so anxious. So my anxiety had lessened, but I still definitely was experiencing it on aeroplanes, especially, and in cars. And so I started using the heli and I started using a protocol for anxious feelings. And I would administer this every single day. So there’s certain protocols that are already programmed into the device that set you up with a schedule for any health concerns you may be experiencing. And I ran this and I did it every day. And I started November 4, that’s when I received my healing because I opened Mexico and so we didn’t actually have Healy’s in the country. So my parents had to kind of smuggle it in when they came to visit me November. I was totally legal, not smuggling totally legal. But I started using it November 4, and then I went on my first plane ride on March, march 18. And for the first time in 18 years, I had zero anxiety, I sat at the front of the plane, which is the first time I’ve ever done that in 18 years, I always sit in the very back row in the ILC. I sat at the front of the plane, I had no anxiety. Then we got in the cab to go to to the hotel, and I was like, How have I not had a panic attack yet. And I was like, maybe this is a one off situation. And then in April, I went to Miami, and I had no anxiety on the plane. And I had no anxiety in the car taking me to the hotel, and I was like this is okay, this is super weird. The only thing I’ve changed is the heli. I mean, maybe it’s a coincidence again. And then the next month I went to Nashville and I had to go on three flights to get to Nashville from Cancun. And I had no anxiety and I was like, okay, the only thing I’ve changed is I have administered this microcurrent into my body. And I have cleared myself of trauma that was there. And so I know for a fact that that has made a huge impact. And is it 100% gone, there’s still sometimes there’s still a few thoughts that pop in and, but my response to it is so minimal compared to what it used to be that this to me has been the greatest blessing and has totally changed my life. And so that is one, you know, testimonial, and there’s many, many, many testimonials. And but you know, for each person, it’s so different. It’s like what holds them back. Let’s clear it.


Juliette Karaman  29:52

Isn’t it incredible? Right. So for you, you really have to start that programme that would just help raise the frequency See, so you wouldn’t be in that fear state anymore in that,



correct? Yes. And when I get into my car, and it’s our it’s sorry, before the plane ride, and I put on balance nerves, it’s one of the 230 programmes that are programmed into the heli, I take the balance nerves, and I pop it on with my coil, which makes it wireless. So I don’t have cords hanging from my wrists while I’m on the plane. I pop it into my bra. So that you know, no one. No one sees it just in case they’re like, Excuse me, ma’am. What is that thing that you’re bringing onto this aeroplane, I pop it into my bra. And and I wear that I run that one hour programme. It’s about an hour long. and I were at well, just about 20 minutes before I boarded the plane. I do it every time. And it has just brought me so much peace and so much ease and joy because now I’ve started travelling like I’ve gone on I went to Portugal in June, I didn’t think I could ever do a flight like that. And then I just went to New Mexico again three weeks ago, me I didn’t travel unless I absolutely had to. And sometimes I would choose a four day road trip over getting on an aeroplane. And now I just feel like I’m making up for all this last time.


Juliette Karaman  31:09

Isn’t it incredible? Because my Alex’s son actually finds it a little bit difficult, I think you know, flying is I have a lot of other actually, clients that find flying just terrifying. And I use hypnotherapy and I use my own methods and, and everything. But what I’m hearing you say is that I can actually run balanced nerves on them the moment like if they call me, hey, I’m in the airport, or about to board I can actually just run the programme for them for the whole floor for the one hour that it works. Yeah, we on the other side, they’ll just be like, Oh, okay, that was easy.



Yeah, so you can definitely run distance. Now that’ll be a different type of frequency than the one I’m using when I’m using it on me because your coil doesn’t work distance. And neither does the microcurrent because that’s attached to you and it’s delivering electricity. But you could send the vibrate frequencies and the vibrate frequencies are sending that vibrate pulsation into their field. So it’s sending almost new information versus sending the frequencies that are programmed in the personal device. So if we can get them their own device, that would be ideal, because then they’re going to actually be running the frequencies versus just the vibrate pulsations. Which I feel like are a little bit more effective. But still a you know, even sending just that information into their field can help to shift what they’re magnetising what they’re attracting.


Juliette Karaman  32:45

I love it. I love how knowledgeable you’ve become about this, right?



Because I knew nothing when I started


Juliette Karaman  32:53

the thing in November, how did you come across it,



I saw a girl that I was following on Facebook who does all these beautiful Mary Magdalene retreats and she’s very much a light worker. And she had started using this as this manifestation amplifier as frequency technology. And I was so interested. And she sent me a little short minute six minute video, which I would love to plug. So if anyone is listening here, and they’re like, I just need some more info. You know, just what I might even say is if you message me on Instagram, on frequency foundations, and let me know you heard through Juliette’s podcast, then I am going to be able to reference it back for Juliette, send it back for Juliette but I have a little video that I can send you that for me it gave it just it landed for me and I understood it. And then I was able to get set up with my own and, and I decided to immediately I decided I knew that I wanted to take this around the world. And I wanted to help as many women in business to layer this into their business to layer it in as an extra tool into their businesses. And so I spend, you know, a lot of my work right now is is growing this team is educating is creating resources as being able to work one on one with them. And the beautiful thing is that when you join our spaces, Juliette is you know, one of my partners is that you actually get to, you know, get to work with me and that comes with purchasing the device. I am so passionate about helping people you know, and mostly women is who got but I’m definitely looking for some conscious men to join our space, who believe in frequency technology, but that’s what comes with it is being able to actually help you layer this into your business and we have a team all around the world now UK, Madrid, Italy, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, US like we’re just all over all over the place now and it’s been it’s been an absolute blessing to say that very least because you know, when one person raises their frequency, we raise the frequency for the entire collective. So it’s very, very big work, what we’re doing in a very tiny device.


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And that’s it, right? Because we, we hear a lot about lightworkers. And the world is changing. And I’m, you know, I thought it was all a little bit woowoo for a while. And then the more layers that I pulled off myself, the more that I started having access to things, and you and I are in a group called the channel together, and yeah, my channelling abilities have opened. Now, of course, we know why, because we’re all very high frequency to yours, that we’re just, yes, some of them are very spiritual leaders in there, and that frequency we step into. So I just love how. And a way to maybe explain this is when, when you see someone and you immediately have that hits, like, oh, I want to know her I want to be near her, there’s something intriguing about them. It’s kind of like, when you see little baby peekaboo with, oh, you know, you get really excited about this, you have the same idea when you are you you physically will feel it in your body and your frequency will be attracted to people have the same frequency or higher frequency than you often. So really start trusting that a little bit and start knowing that this is like, Oh, this is where where we have that ripple effect. So my frequency starts turning someone else on, that’s what we say with turning on the light. And then that person that will report effects go to their kids, their partner and their friends. And all of a sudden, before we know it, we actually have a world that vibrates and oscillates at a different frequency. And where there’s not so much fear, and where we’re not in those lower vibrations, because the lower vibrations are often fear and death and like and then you know, we can get into the heart and we can get into the joy and into desire and into like the state of oneness. And we don’t necessarily need to do that with only meditation. This device really helps.



Absolutely, and it opens you up to a whole new collective of these mastery level leaders that are teaching their own genius. And you know, even just coming into this collective and being able to learn from these incredible leaders in their space who are teaching on all of this like it’s it’s it’s kind of like the device brings us all together and then together we rise and it’s it’s very powerful because of the time that we are in right now.


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Beautiful again, can you your length is Instagram frequency foundations Correct? Yes, or I am Jenny Bitner, Jenny GJENY Bitner vi t and VR



yes so jet I am Jenny Bitner is my corporate training page more my my corporate side and then the frequency foundations is like my little passion passion project here so definitely if you are looking to grab that video that short six minute video that really explains what it is. Send me a DM I’m happy to I told Juliette like don’t worry, I will take care of all the people so So yeah, just feel free to send me a DM and let me know though specifically that you came from Juliette or the scrumptious woman podcast so that I can link it all that


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I love it and I mean, you can feel them through Z Azzam Smith through the ethers. Right. So all of you that are listening, please share this podcast with people that you love. Yeah, this is something that we want to have that ripple effect we wanted to ripple out to millions of people worldwide. And if you aren’t enjoying this, subscribe, please leave a review. Take a screenshot of your review. Send it to me on my instagram Juliette cameraman and then you get the scrumptious date programme for free. Love it. This has been incredible my love. Thank you so much for coming on. That has been a wealth of information. I think a lot of people will probably want to have that six minute video where it’s like, my mind doesn’t comprehend but something in me is saying yes. So listen to that voice. Trust it Now that that is the frequency talking and you are being pulled in to raise your frequency to this as well.



Thank you so much for having me. I had so much fun with you guys last night.


Juliette Karaman  40:13

Um for everyone, see you next time

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