Episode 28 Embracing Life’s Adventures: Spirituality, Sexuality, and Tablescaping with Val White and Adam Podsednik

On: Oct 13, 2023

In this lively episode of The Scrumptious Woman Podcast, host Juliette Karaman is joined by two extraordinary guests, Val White and Adam P., who share their diverse life experiences and passions. Together, they embark on an unscripted adventure, touching on everything from spirituality and sexuality to the joys of tablescaping. Join the conversation and immerse yourself in their lively exchange!

Juliette Karaman, Val White, and Adam P. take us on a dynamic journey through various aspects of life. From navigating the intersections of spirituality and sexuality to their shared love for tablescaping, they engage in candid discussions that are as enlightening as they are entertaining. Their conversation is a testament to the richness that comes from embracing diverse interests and experiences.

Key Takeaways:

Embracing Multifaceted Passions: Val and Adam emphasize the beauty of being multi-dimensional. They challenge the notion of narrowing down one’s interests and encourage the exploration of diverse talents.

Navigating Spirituality and Sexuality: The guests delve into their personal journeys of reconciling their spiritual beliefs with their sexuality. Their candid reflections shed light on the importance of acceptance and self-discovery.

The Art of Tablescaping: Val shares his passion for tablescaping, an art form that involves creating captivating table arrangements. It’s a delightful reminder that creativity knows no bounds and can be expressed in a myriad of ways.

Join Juliette, Val, and Adam for an engaging, laughter-filled conversation that celebrates the vibrant tapestry of life’s adventures. Whether you’re drawn to spiritual exploration, creative expression, or simply relish in the joy of a beautifully set table, this episode offers something for everyone. Tune in and let the adventure unfold!

Resources Links:

Val White is a spiritual teacher, public speaker, and author of the mindful living column “Happiness Hunting” and the e-book of the same name.

Val has trained many spiritual entrepreneurs to create their own thriving businesses through one-on -one coaching, group coaching, and through his LIVE writer and speaker training “The Inner Circle”. He has recorded  the albums “Prayers and Meditations”, “balance.”,  and has also created several online courses including “Elevate: A guide to rising up”, “Five Sutras to Weather Any Storm”, and “Tuned In”.  Val and his partner Adam host multiple retreats and live trainings each year throughout the United States.

Val is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor, trained in EFT (tapping), Ho’Oponopono practitioner, and an alumni of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Levels 1 & 2 along with completing Gabrielle Bernstein’s Bestseller Writing Training.

Adam Podsednik is an artist, clothing designer,  ‘spiritual stylist’, and spiritual life coach. 

His background in the fashion industry in Los Angeles has given him a first hand account on how authenticity (and not comparison) is the basis of true happiness.

Adam is a graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Levels 1 & 2,  and is an attuned reiki healer.  He is also the creator and CEO of the globally successful ‘rebirthe’ brand of one of a kind hand painted clothing, and also serves as Vice President of Val White, Inc. 

Together, Val & Adam are the creators of The Pinnacle Mastermind Program




Website: www.valwhite.com


Find out more about Juliette Karaman here: 

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The Scrumptious Woman EP28

Wed, Oct 11, 2023 4:57PM • 44:50


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Val White, Adam Podsednik, Juliette Karaman


Juliette Karaman  00:00

All right, my lovelies, we are back with another day in the scrumptious woman podcast and I’ve got two incredible people on vow YT. And Adam, you’re going to need to help me with your last name. Yes.


Juliette Karaman  00:16

Okay, I will leave that to you. Because


Juliette Karaman  00:23

they are both I’m going to just I mean, you have such beautiful bios, but I’m gonna actually just just kind of like bottom line it. You both are spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches that came in from acting and also fashion. So it’s just so cool. How to combine these two and the three of us are in a mastermind together in with our dear friend Andy love. So I saw you there and I’m like, I don’t know who these guys are. But I absolutely love them. And I need to have them on discussion Foreman podcast. So welcome. Thank you.


Juliette Karaman  01:01

I’m so pleased to have you here. Tell me a little bit about your journey into into the into the people that you are now.



Wow. Well.


Adam Podsednik  01:16

One thing that I want to say is that I feel like the word journey is used so often, like everyone under the sun says my journey, my journey, my journey and balanites like a few years ago, we said no more journey. We’re gonna say it’s our life adventure. So this is our adventure into where we were we were becoming so adventurous. Seems a little bit funner. Right.



So we’re getting on


Juliette Karaman  01:39

an adventure. That’s right. Yeah, a little bit. Michael Beckwith?



What was the question? The question was, how did we get?


Juliette Karaman  01:50

Just tell me about yourselves? Yeah, come on, let’s let’s get to know each other a little bit.



down to it, right, let’s get raw.


Val White  01:58

I grew up in a sleepy little town in south Florida, where there were more cows than people. And I grew up in a very conservative Christian upbringing. And so whenever I came out, I actually was, didn’t know gay people. Were a couple for other people. So I didn’t know any people that that I could relate to. And growing up in a very conservative Christian home, I was taught that any actions that I took on what I felt naturally were wrong. And so I married at a very early age, I married at 19 had a child at 20. And then, and it still to this day, you know, better friends with my ex wife and my best friend as well, actually, yeah, so it’s a very modern family, very beautiful. But I also grew up in the theatre, and I also grew up acting. And so I moved to Los Angeles, to go to an acting school there. And then, of course, of being there, and just being such a distance from my family. I eventually came out to everyone. And so we ended that relationship, officially, on a romantic level. And then I met this one, we were going to a, I’d actually been like dating, I was like, I’m out. Now I’m going to date I’m gonna, you know, do the whole thing,



and then make up for lost time.



And then I quickly realised that men were jerks, and they didn’t have anything to do Oh.



American men were



the ones that were that I was. Because the end, and I was like, Nope, I’m swearing it off. I’ve I’ve done all of this personal work to feel comfortable enough to come out. And now I’m swearing off men. And the very next day, a friend of mine that was under 21. There was this club in Los Angeles that on Wednesday nights, they had 18 and over 18 and over type situation. And so my friend was like, we’re going to the club and I was like, No, we’re not because I’ve sworn off men. I’m never dating again. And she said, No, you we’ve already had this plans, you have to go and I was like, fine. And so we ended up at standing in this big circle of my friends, people that I knew he was in the group because his friend was friends. I



brought an 18 year old girl as well. Yeah, I was in the same position as he was



we he looked at me and anyone who was over 21 had to wear a wrist bracelet or little thing, a wristband, and he said, Oh, you’re over 21. And I said, Yeah. And then the conversation just stopped. And I said, Did did you want to get a drink? And he’s


Juliette Karaman  04:35

got a terrible thing. I’m over 21 Yeah, so you’re gonna kill me or whatever.



So we went upstairs to get a drink. And then it was like last call. It was 2am and all the lights came on. And I was like, Well, I’m sure I’ll never see you again. And he gave me his number and the next day, he called I was on my way home from work. I try it was like 2am in the morning. I work at a restaurant. I was trying to fiddle with my radio controls turn, they went right through a red light and a car like jackknife. Me and I spun around and they spun around, and the airbag deployed and it was in my face, and the phone rang and it was him. And I said, Hey, I’ve just been in a car accident. Can I call you back? And he goes, Are you okay? Oh, yeah, I’ll give you a call back. And, and so I was driving a Volkswagen. And those things are like tanks. So I could just drive I actually drove after the police came and we filed all the paperwork. I just drove home with the airbag in my lap, and got home and I couldn’t call the insurance. I called him back. And we stayed on the phone until like 5am. And did so for the next three days. And then he was like, You know what, when we met, I was drunk. I don’t remember us. So let’s meet. I say all of that, because that’s when we started on our adventure together. Yeah. And it did not start out as a spiritual adventure at all. It started out as just guys in LA trying to figure out how to to Lost Boys. Oh, I love lost. Yeah, he’s it’s such a good



because you were very young. So I mean, we’ve been together 16 years now. So we were nervous. Yeah, we were in early 20s At the time, so we were lost. Wow. And to figure out this thing called life and we started doing it together. And it’s been the best adventure ever. What’s it? Oh, I’m sorry. I interrupt him a lot. And you will see him get angry.


Juliette Karaman  06:33

You guys crack me up so much. All right. So I’m just gonna recap a little bit because I got some ideas last adventure. Last boys on an adventure. I mean, my goodness, that sounds like a TV movie or, or you know, either like, like a TV series or a movie or a book. Be Kind of cool.



Yeah, we’ve been wanting to write a screenplay. We’re


Juliette Karaman  06:57

just planting some ideas out into the universe, the acting



background, but he has like three or four books he started to write. Shouldn’t yet but he’s just so imaginative, so creative, but continue with your story we got. So we



we met, we were together. And then I always had this I always despite growing up in a, in a religion that felt confining and condemning to me and my nature, I felt always a very strong connection with what I called God. And I always felt super supported and connected to that energy. And and when I tried to bring it up to Adam, he was very much like, nope, grew up Catholic don’t want anything to do with any of that. Because he felt so rejected by the churches as I did. And so I kind of started this adventure on my own. And then I started working for a blog in Los Angeles. That was a self help blog. And so it’s the we started getting submissions from new authors, people like Gabby Bernstein when she was just starting out, Marianne Williamson, all of these things. So I was introduced to a spirituality that I had never seen before that I never knew. And then malady that embraced me rather than shunned me. And so I felt like a renewed sense of like, oh my goodness, I started diving into things like law of attraction, listening to Abraham Hicks, and the secret and I was like, coming home and playing all these YouTube videos for Adam and saying, isn’t this amazing? Doesn’t this seem like something you always knew, but you just forgot, and you’re just suddenly being reminded of it? And he was like, I wasn’t ready yet. Yeah, whatever.


Juliette Karaman  08:39

Beautiful, because some people aren’t ready yet. Right? And I want to actually, I’m just going to stop you there also for a bit because you touched upon something really beautiful. The difference between spirituality and religion, that both of you had gotten burned by religion a little bit, get yourself hurt, or here and just kind of like, No, thank you. Bye, bye. But I do believe that there is something else out there and that is spirituality. Right? Well, what is your definition of spirituality? How would you describe it? How would you



spirituality to me is faith and belief in something greater? But I know that you it’s kind of funny, because when people like I was I was raised Catholic, so I’m raised by my great grandparents, like my little story is my father died when I was three, he was 20. My mother had me at 15. So I grew up my great grandparents and I had Catholicism pushed on to me. But what I realised as I grew older, and to this life experience I’m having is that all religions are so linked is it’s like seven stories under the sun. If you look at other religions and Christianity, it’s all very similar, and it’s all within. So I think spirituality is having faith and knowing that there’s a greater good and knowing that, like your mind and your work Words and everything are so powerful and you don’t need like, because I was Catholic, I would think I have to go to confession, I have to go to a priest and tell them what I did wrong or I will not be saved. And I’m and I’ve realised now as an adult that I have the power to forgive myself, like, we’re all spiritual beings living in this world. So spirituality is like, encompasses a lot more than the narrow minded thing that was was delivered to me as a child that I carried on for so many years. And that’s why I kind of lost my faith when I was younger because I was gay. And because I grew up with my great grandparents who did the depression, so their views weren’t course, they were it was more ignorance. Like, it wasn’t, they were bad people, they just didn’t understand that they were taught that homosexuality was bad. So in order for me to live the life that I wanted, I had to leave the state that I grew up in, I had to leave college and baseball that I was playing, and I had to leave my religion because I didn’t feel like I fit in. So I had to leave all that and try to be happy and feel myself within my own skin. And it took me a while. And when. And I day to day to date, and when I found bow. And he started doing the abraham hicks things and all that and I wasn’t ready. But I was. But I was curious, but I just wasn’t ready. I was very hesitant. But that is exactly what I needed. Because that is when I realised that I can be a gay man and be spiritual and have faith. I can have it all. Like it is not like, pick one or pick. Yes. So especially Jimmy is so broad, it’s hard to like define,



I think one of my favourite analogies that I ever heard was, you had five people. And these five people have never experienced or seen a sunset before. And so you have a person who says, Okay, I’m going to show you a sunset, and they have that you have this big, huge wooden fence. And the only way to see on the other side of the fence is are the little holes that will not holes from the wood that have fallen out. And so everybody grabs a hole and they look through and, and they experience their first sunset by looking through this little knothole on this wooden fence. And so after the sunset, the person says, Okay, what was the sunset like for you? And this person said, Oh, it was the most beautiful hue of purple I’ve ever seen. And then somebody else says, No, it wasn’t it was the most beautiful orange and somebody speaks up and says no, it wasn’t it was the most beautiful pink. And somebody says no, it was the most beautiful yellow. And I feel like that’s how we are with that which we call God is that we each get a glimpse of that broader source perspective. And we then I think that’s how religion has happened. I think that religion has been born out of other people’s experiences. So I think that for me, religion is me practising something that was based on somebody else’s experience of the sunset. And for me, spirituality is me practising something that’s based on my experience of the sense that


Juliette Karaman  13:02

that is such a good way of explaining it. And that just makes so much sense for everyone, right? Because, you know, I’ve had a lot of people here and they’re talking about spirituality and God and I can just feel someone’s buttholes clenching going, Oh, God, they’re talking about, oh, my fucking God. Like, I don’t want to hear this. But actually, we’re not talking about it out loud, she can just relax. Really just notice that, you know, we’re all everyone has been speaking about the same Buddha, all the big thought leaders, and I mean, you being with Gabby Bernstein and Marianne Williamson, and coming across these things 20 years ago, that is, that’s a big deal.



Yeah, you know, we were at a party in the Hollywood Hills with your boss, like she had a big house in the Hollywood Hills, and she would have parties, she would have listened parties. So we would walk in and you would be handed an iPad, and it would have Abraham Hicks on it. And this was like, hey, like this was like, blew my mind because this was my first step into this kind of community. And I remember going to her house, and I was like, 25, I didn’t give a shit. Really. I was like, I’ve seen celebrities like, Oh, whatever. Now I wish I would have gone up and talk to these people. But Marianne Williamson was there Jason morass was there. Trisha Huffman, who goes on tour with Jason Mraz was there, all these amazing individuals would gather and would be given headphones and Abraham Hicks on an iPad and just walk around? And it was just like, way before its time, I believe, and you were like in the infancy of that. So I mean, you and I do it take and you know, he didn’t push it on me. He just said, I’m really open to these books. I’m gonna leave it by your bed just in case and I think it took me like four years, but I did finally grab a book and it was Marianne Williamson book. It was the law of divine compensation, the law of divine compensation. And that was the first spiritual book I read. And I was hooked. And then Gabby came along. And I think there’s a lot of teachers out there that have the same message. But when you find someone that you resonate with that you just like, click with, it may be the same words, like I said, seven stories ever told under the sun. But Gabby just made me click, she’s, she dropped the F bomb. She said, Fuck this and all that. And I just was like, yes, you know, it woke me up. It’s, you know, like, if I was in, in a crowd, and I was listening to a spiritual person or a thought leader, and it was just, it almost became monotone. Like, I just was like, okay, okay, but you know, I, I suffer from my patients, like, I need patience is a virtue, and I’m working on that. But when Gabby would just say an F bomb, and it would wake me up, and I’m like, Oh, she’s, I resonate, I get it, I get it. I speak that language. I’m a customer. So it was that was when I started having my own adventure. And he was a few years ahead of me on his spiritual adventure. But I think that was key for me, because he not only was my partner and my lover, but he was also my teacher, and my mentor. And if I had questions, I could go to him. And it was just a beautiful dynamic in our household. So that was the start of where we are now and where we will be going in the future. Because we have such great big ideas.


Juliette Karaman  16:32

I love it. And I really love what you say about different teachers, right? I was, I’m an erotic blueprint coach. So I don’t have a tonne of qualifications, whatever, it doesn’t matter. My way into spirituality was by clip fiddling by doing this, this practice of 15 minutes of touching, someone’s clipped so orgasmic meditation, and thinking like, Wow, is this Yeah, that’s actually enlightening. It’s the only thing is to feel. And I was like, That is genius, you know, for people to actually feel orgasm to feel good in their body to feel sexuality, sensuality. And then that opens a path to spirituality. So I’ve been on some sort of conscious sexuality path for the last 20 years or so. And the funny thing is, I’m teaching my erotic blueprint coaches how to put together a VIP day. And yesterday was my was it yesterday, Monday, Monday was my day with them. And I was just teaching them about how to have depth and also have energy when you’re talking. Right? So it’s like, you can have a class and talk like this. To go Oh, and it’s only now and it’s now and you’ll be like this the whole time? Yeah. And it’s like, Okay, I can’t do either of those, but I can. It’s like, I have walked out and Tony Robbins and other coaches because I’m like, yo, this energy, it’s just not my thing. I can’t mutate that high energy. Yeah, yeah. Which doesn’t mean that they’re wrong. It’s just, it’s just not good for me, my my person but it’s like when we have that mixture of being like high energy, and then also having that massive depth, which I think you’re talking about Gabby are talking you know, our friend Andy has that. You guys have it, it just feels like that is where what hits us right? What opened that door that journey for us that not journey, but that that adventure for us. I love that I’m gonna start using that now too.



I love that I love the, um, the intimacy erotic blueprint is what you said, That’s so amazing, intriguing. I think as gay men in the era that we grew up in, and the religions we grew up in our, I don’t think for so much for him. But for myself, I know there was a lot of guilt that I carried on from my Catholic upbringing. Just like I said earlier, I said, I need to go to confession to confess my sins that has I have lived with that. And it’s, it’s I’m a human being like I it, it stays with me I am in my healing process. But it was so integrated into my childhood that it still lingers. So for sexuality and things like that, like lately, we’ve been really opening up more about our sexuality and, and intimacy and, and sex magic and all that kind of stuff that really turns us on. And let’s say five years ago, I think I would have been too afraid to speak this into existence because of my upbringing because of what the church told me that I was going to hell and all that like I was an over sexualized child. But I was thinking with women, I would be like, Yeah, you know, I would date all the girls, but I didn’t do much because wasn’t any of the girls.


Juliette Karaman  19:54

But isn’t that true? Right? You were doing all the right things and you’re like over sexualized and you’re like bigging yourself up but actually kind of feels like you were glossing over the sensations because they actually weren’t any. So it’s like, a thing, right? Can we slow down enough to feel and it’s sensation for and it might not always be comfortable. But you know, it’s it’s an incredible way to get in touch with what this vessel is.



Hell yes. And when you’re uncomfortable is when you grow the most. So when you’re uncomfortable, you’re doing the right thing. I mean, yeah, when you’re when you’re uncomfortable growing like that. There’s other ways of uncomfortability that aren’t good. But that’s a whole different story.



out of your comfort zone is when you grow the most. I’m very fascinated, because I think I like I said, I’ve always been a very spiritual person without knowing the word spirituality, but I always was a very sexual person as well. So we’re just we actually just started listening to an audio book. We listen to audiobooks in the morning together. So we’re all about queer and spirituality. And so we queer men in spirituality. And so it’s so fascinating. So fascinating how to marry spirituality and sexuality, I think is, it’s I think it’s the key to really becoming a holistic living person.



Yeah. And I feel like isn’t that cool? Yeah. And I feel like with the groundbreaking teachers that were very prevalent, a few years ago, like in 2015, and before and everything, they were big on the spirituality notion, but they weren’t talking about sexuality. They weren’t talking about like orgasms and doing this and doing that, like it was almost taboo in a way. Just like when I first started doing my spiritual adventure, I felt like if I had a martini, or I got drunk one night, I would feel ashamed about it. Because I was taught by my some spiritual leaders that you need to do green juices and detox and be sober. And just like it, that’s not everyone’s journey or adventure. That is yours. And I appreciate that. But some people like a drink and some people like to hook up with a bunch of people. And that’s okay. You know,


Juliette Karaman  22:05

isn’t completely okay. But you get so shamed and we weren’t going back to shame me right shaming, feeling, blame, fear, feeling guilt, that we’re not doing it the right way, which has kind of been indoctrinated into us all the time. I mean, for me, one of my biggest turning points was probably when I got flogged, I was in this BDSM class. And these this DOM was flogging me and I was like, it’s not enough, give me some more. And I could feel that my body was just about to pop right. And there was like something simmering. I’m like to get both of you. And so like, right between the shoulder. And like, and then I had the actual the visceral remembrance of being date raped, which I had, you know, shoved under the carpet 20 years ago, because it was so uncomfortable in my psyche, and my body couldn’t handle it. So my body started shaking. I started moving it through and I went back to London and I reenacted the array before I actually knew that you have to duplicate things to move it through it. I actually reenacted the array with a DOM and five guys, but gave it a different ending and then fast forward I became a conscious dominatrix I became a dominatrix that actually helped women and couples deal with trauma and move through trauma to get to enlightenment. So it was just super cool how you use certain things for your growth.



I ambulance you took You are a fucking rock star. You are amazing. I am so into you. You’re amazing. Juliette.


Juliette Karaman  23:40

I love you. But it’s it’s just one of the ways right and then now the more that I learned, I’m like, oh, isn’t that cool? That is the way to actually do it. You duplicate feelings, emotions. You know, I have a whole course on as I have a whole programme that I’m teaching other coaches and therapists on, but it’s just yeah, you do. You take that little adventure and you see the breadcrumbs and you just follow that little trail and it’s like, Okay, where am I going next to I’m going down. God knows where I’m going. It’s like, it feels like it’s a free fall, but I’ll wind up somewhere.



I love that. Because sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in Are we doing the right thing? Not? I feel like we’re like you said we’re programmed to be like to do things right. And I do a lot of talking in art with our clients about self worth, I really truly believe that. The diminished self worth is is is the root of why we don’t have what we want. I think that once we really, really embody feeling worthy of what we want we can have or do you ever be anything. And I think that we take that we have this life where we’re programmed and we’re conditioned to believe that you have to be a certain way in order to be accepted and loved and wanted And then we have this epiphany on this new spiritual awakening. And then we carry the same behaviour into our spirituality is like, well, we have to do it the right way, we have to get the right coaches, the right teachers, we have to carbon copy what they’re doing because it worked for them. So we’re going to do what do exactly what is on their path, or what helped them. And it’s still it’s still it’s, we’re playing in a new arena. But we’re playing the same game as far as like, we have to do it the right way. We have to live by these standards, and so to imitate others, and everyone’s unique, and I think that by that sometimes we do get so caught up with Am I doing it right? That we’re really limiting how far we can go and how high we can go. And sometimes it does feel like free falling whenever you’re really listening to that inner voice. And you’re just going and you’re like, Well, I’m doing I’m doing what feels good to me. But it feels really scary. And it feels like I might land and splat on the concrete. But then you look back. And I think it was I think it was Gabby Bernstein who said this, once somebody said this. And it was like somebody said, How did you get to where you are. And she said, I don’t even know, I really don’t know, it was just like a lot of little tiny right steps. And that’s kind of how I feel like you are in alignment with who you truly are. Sometimes you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Or you don’t know if the fruits of your labour will be there and you don’t know what’s going to happen. But then you look back and you go, it was just a bunch of tiny little write steps and look where I am. Now,



I want to add also as a few tiny wrong steps to because you’re never going to learn or grow or uplevel if you don’t make mistakes, and I totally understand. It’s like you get in your head and you overthink and you’re like, Am I doing the right thing? And then you talk yourself out of it. But really, it’s all about feeling.



But what if the wrong step was the right step? Whoa, mind blown one


Juliette Karaman  26:56

step forward. Two steps forward, one step back, but then one big leap into your adventure. Yeah. And it’s completely I tell my clients as well. I’m like, listen, incremental steps, think about a plane taking off in London, and it’s going to New York, and incrementally the pilot just moves the rudder a tiny bit, and they just move and move and move. And all of a sudden, yeah, after so many hours, they don’t live in New York anymore, but they’re in LA. So that is what happens it might not seem like you’re doing a lot. But if you get out of the comparison lane and you stay in your own, you stop comparison itis and actually stay in your own lane and swim or your own lane. But you’re gonna get there.



Oh, I love Harris scientists. I



love it. I would just say that I would just love to you brought it up because as two gay men who work as coaches, the comparison thing would pop his ugly head up. But there was no way to compare ourselves anyone because in our community, I don’t feel I feel like we’re like a rare breed. Like there’s not many there’s a lot of a couples that are coaching two on one, or anything like that there’s



I think that the industry is is is evolving a lot bigger, but there are less than there are less men in this industry because I feel like women naturally are in tuned with their feelings and emotions. We are naturally more spiritually it’s men and this coat in today’s society have been conditioned to not listen to those things and to kind of out but I think men the men that we do have in the industry are our like you said earlier, like the really big energy, the Tony Robbins, the very like, you know, it’s a lot of alpha energy. And I feel like we can’t compare ourselves to that because we’re but I feel like we kind of embody that. You know, like the Native American three school the Two Spirit to spirit the Two Spirit people, because we have the the feminine and masculine energy more readily available, I think and I think that’s the comparison yet. We don’t really have anybody to compare ourselves to I don’t think,



but it does creep in such a little head up sometimes ego in comparison, it was like What Why am I comparing myself to that person when I’m completely different? Yeah, it’s Yeah, but it’s just


Juliette Karaman  29:21

we are we are humans, right? We’re just souls having this human experience. And it’s like, okay, of course, we’re gonna compare ourselves to someone. But then it’s just like, you know, but who are you comparing yourself to the top 10% or top 1% of the population and then you wonder why you’re not there yet. Because they’re, like, 30 years ahead of you. That’s kind of like, okay,



thank you social media. Like when I was growing up, I had a pager. I didn’t have a cell phone. I had a little pager that I would put, I would make words with numbers. Now social media has all these like, you know, on Instagram showing people at their best, and I’m like, but I’ve met that First and in real life and they have down days, you know, so like, the comparison has gotten to like the biggest I think it’s ever been in our world. It’s funny, we



were watching. We were watching a show that takes place in Los Angeles in the 1930s, which is like my absolute favourite era. I love everything about Perry Mason shit, the Art Deco architecture floppers Oh, yeah, that whole era is just so gorgeous to me. If I could time travel, I would want to go back there and just spend a little bit of time. And they said something about they were dancing. And somebody said, Do you know why people don’t like to have their picture taken? Or why they don’t like to dance because they don’t like to be seen. And Adam looked at me and goes, Wow, times have changed. I mean,



people take selfies on the toilet. Oh, my.


Juliette Karaman  30:51

So true. And it’s so funny, because I was speaking about this with my parents when they were still alive. And they were just looking like, what is this thing with? Yes, they would video call me but they’re just like, What is this thing about? People taking selfies all the time. And when they passed away before COVID, thank God because it would have been a bit of a struggle, but they’re just didn’t understand. And I remember my grandmother when she passed away, we had just gotten mobile phones. And you know, we could just start sending pictures with it. And she’s like, she was born in 1907 or something. So she’s like, What is this technology?



What a beautiful thing, though, to have a life that went from one extreme to the other. It’s just like, and I feel like the same way for us. Like when I was growing up, we didn’t have access to computers. And we didn’t have wasn’t internet, the first iPhone. I remember the first iPhone that came out. I had connections and Beverly Hills, and it was on hold for Paris Hilton. And I said, she’s not showing up. I went back and five when they were closing, like the Paris show up and they’re like, No, she didn’t, but we’re gonna hold it like no, I’m gonna pay for her right now. And it was the day it came out. And they were all sold out, like all rusty and I had to get it for a bow. And I handed it to him. And I had an eraser phone. I still don’t really understand electronics, but he’s a whiz. But I remember that and to see how far everything’s come in our lifetime. It’s mind boggling. It is craziness. It’s I love how our conversation is so many tangents so they are this way I swear we love you Juliette like you are our people. You get it.


Juliette Karaman  32:40

But that’s all fair guy. So you guys go live. I’m like, Okay, I’ve got to talk to them about it. I absolutely adore them. So for our listeners who don’t know this, this is actually the first time that we speak it ever



feels like we’ve known each other for years.


Juliette Karaman  32:56

Isn’t that the beauty of sort of social media of technology of today that you know, I can be in the UK and you are all the way across the pond?



Yep, wishing that we were wearing I know.



Well, I most of my family lives in the UK. So I and his best friend lives in the UK. So when we are on Zoom half the time it is in the UK. So this is nothing new to us. My family all lives in Liverpool and when they zoom. I can’t understand a word. So I’m like please email message because you have very cognitive.


Juliette Karaman  33:35

Liverpudlian? Liverpudlian is



Well, that seems good said Nick. And they call me little putt. So Liverpudlian little pod? It all worked out? Yeah.


Juliette Karaman  33:50

I love it. I still I still get caught here because I’m Dutch. Right? So people are like, Are you American? And like, no. Are you Canadian? No. Are you South African? Like no. Like, what are you like, I’m Dutch. And they’re like, Oh, well, you don’t have a Dutch accent. I’m like, Yeah, I’ve I’ve lived abroad for quite a while since I was 12. But it’s just so funny, right? Because I’ll still get things wrong. And from time to time, I’ll just say things wrong. Or I’ll say it in in an American way or in whatever you know, I’ve lived all over the world. So I just kind of wherever I go. I’m just the foreigner which which kind of helps. Boxes.



You’re like a nomadic queen. You just go to different places and gather what you want, and you bring it into your own.


Juliette Karaman  34:37

I do I do. And the funny thing is, so I was married to Lebanese Palestinian. I used to spend a lot of time in Beirut. So my four kids are Muslim. And I used to walk around with a T shirt saying the Pacino’s orgasm expert. So they’re like, What the fuck mommy really? Do you have to do this? Like you are like so blind that you can’t See that we don’t like it. This is the beginning of my, my, my adventure where it really is like, Oh yeah, I want to really like like dive into this deeply but not quite realising that my four kids weren’t 100% on board with this. Anyway, they have all said that, you know, I’ve toned it down a little bit I’m not not okay, if I’m kind of like it just there are so many different ways of taking it right. And then at that time, I had my sister that passed over. So I helped her pass over, it helped pass over my dad and my mother committed euthanasia. So it was grief was then my biggest teacher. So the sexuality kind of like took a little bit of a back back path. And now it’s there are so many different things that come into my world that’s like, I’m just a mixture of all of them. And this is where when people say you have to niche I’m like, yeah, it just doesn’t work. I’m a shapeshifter. I’m a manifesting generator. I do everything. So can’t do that. You can niche your your programmes, but I can’t niche myself. I love



I have the chills right now because everything that you just spoke resonates so much to bail it Yeah. Well, I lost a lot of people in a very short amount of time my my grandmother passed my mom a month to the day later euthanized herself. My dad died the next year, my brother, brother, my other grandmother, like in the course of five years, I was sick to call and I was talking to somebody, it’s a lot. That was that was when everybody died. And I got drunk because I was pretty much I didn’t have the time to unpack anything. Because it was like, by the time I was kind of dealing in my grief, something else would happen. Something else happened. And it was like I just I just was like, Okay, I would wake up next to a glass of wine from the night before and just start


Juliette Karaman  36:57

riding that wave.



Pouring the glasses like I was there. I’m like, I’m here for you and bring it with you. Yeah, I fell into that as



well. But yeah, my my friend said, you know, you really need to write a book called everybody died. And I got drunk. toying around with that.



But also we, we were, we had just done Gabby and we, Andrea and Gabby scabies course, and Andy and him and myself, we were all talking and we were saying we, you know, we really wanted to get a high pro profile coach, we wanted to get a coach. But we had only worked with women. So Val was looking work with a man for more masculine energy. And he had two that he had chosen. And he went on a call with one. And he the man said, you have to narrow it down to one nice. You have your you have too much going on. And bow said thank you for your time. I don’t believe that. And I hope you have a wonderful life. Because now you’re multi dimensional, you’re a psychic, you are an amazing teacher, you’re an actor, you have so many valuable tools that when that person and it still resonates with me and I was actually I wrote down a note, write a post about it, which is so funny that you brought this up. But it’s not funny because everything happens for a reason. But it was it when that coach said no, you have to narrow it down to one thing that you offer or that you represent. And Val said, but I don’t want to I feel like I can represent a lot and show all of my, my talents and my abilities and still have a following, you know. So that’s why, oh, she hit it right on the head that you two are so similar. Juliette values?


Juliette Karaman  38:36

What’s your human design? Well,



I don’t know. I’ve never done that. Well,


Juliette Karaman  38:42

I’ll ask I’ll DM you your your details. And I’ll work it out for you. I think you’re probably a manifesting generator as well. We just pivot really quickly. And then there are lots of five gazillion ideas that come up where I’m like, Oh, I’m good at that. And I’m good at that. And for me, I’ve been shamed about that so many times that it’s like, Oh, why don’t you just stick with one thing I’m like, but I am but you know, now that’s kind of like that energy is not there anymore. And now I’m going to do this interior decorator and then it was you know, same co teaching, teaching kids on the spectrum, and then it was a coach and then it was this and that and



yes, the design. All that design aspect is something that we’re really big into he tablescapes like crazy. He loves to do all that. He’s a big fan of tell me what


Juliette Karaman  39:30

tablescapes is. It’s not a word that I know here in the UK. It’s the



tablescaping I think is the art. It’s the art of creating tables. So you can tablescape anything it could be your bedside table. It could be your desk it could be but I love to do crazy outlandish over the top dining tables or yeah, this with themes. So one year, from Valentine’s Day we did an Alice in Wonderland theme And I created this huge fake topiary Gary Hart that went straight down the middle of the table and then we did tea Marty on one side did a nice like romantic dinner for Sue on the other side. And we had roses that we painted red because remember in Alice in Wonderland the Queen of Hearts the Queen of Hearts was like paint the roses flamingos weekend


Juliette Karaman  40:24

my garden then, I don’t know if you can see my flamingos in the garden Yes, I do.



And also, you said that you worked with people on the spectrum. One thing we talked earlier about the modern family that we have with his ex wife, we’re very close. She’s our best friend. And she has a 13 year old and twin 12 year olds, and they’re all autistic and we’re actually their godfathers. So we when we were in Florida we they grew up with us so we’ve been barely we would take him to to speech therapy and we would go to all the things with them and like it’s been a big part of our lives to advocate for autism awareness and all that so when you everything you’re saying is it’s hitting so fun it’s so fun it’s just like we were meant to meet we’re meant to be like in the same crazy right


Juliette Karaman  41:23

I’ll connect you with someone that does beautiful blown glass and in Paris from from Egypt anyway then that might they were now doing stuff for backer as well but really I mean beautiful tables is definitely my thing right? Anyway let’s let’s start wrapping this up because you know you do too and I could speak for hours but let’s make it a little bit concise. Tell us how can people find you if they’re like oh my god these two I want to iron them for tablescapes I want to coach with them. I mean we haven’t even talked about your fabulous jeans jackets that you may come in there’s so much to you.



I am an artist yes as well I paint denim jackets and if you want to message me you can message me on social media my instagram Adam said Nick, which is I guess I should spell it out.


Juliette Karaman  42:20

Spell it out we I will definitely give the correct spelling to my editor. So it will be on the show notes.



A D A M P as in Paul ODSED En ik that is my name. Find me on Instagram or you can email me Adam at rebirth and rebirth is spelled R EB i r th e.com and I will create some magic on some denim for you Bellwood you can find me on Instagram at V Val white VL W H I T E and you’ll see lots of my tablescapes there and bow white.com



If you want to check out all of the group coaching programmes mastermind programmes that we do on the spiritual teaching level



and we’re actually hosting a retreat soon so if you’re in the States, or if you’re not you just want to fly over. We’re having a retreat in November in New Orleans and it’s all about psychic abilities and intuition which balance that’s a whole different podcasts gonna be very well it’s been very with Jill and this stuff since he was a little kid. So


Juliette Karaman  43:29

oh my god we can talk about that as well. I do spinal attunement and then tune into through their body Okay wow this has been absolutely delightful thank you so much for coming on. I’ve really really thoroughly enjoyed it the whole adventure we went up and down and around and down some cliffs and up again absolutely without any plan of going anywhere this is what I keep telling my listeners I never have my guests prepare for this I’m like no just come let’s see where the energy takes us this is what’s the beauty what is happening in the field



Yes, well thank you so much for having us it’s been equally



as delightful like and I hope this isn’t the last time we talk I feel like this is just the start of our friendship adventure adventure yes the start of our life adventure all together a friend venture friend venture we need to have you trade my words here.


Juliette Karaman  44:33

I make you need to my partner’s is a lawyer he can help from bat. All right, lovely. Thank you so much for coming on.



Thank you, you

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