Episode 26 Embodied Wisdom: Navigating Stillness, Healing, and Self-Discovery with Andee Love

On: Oct 6, 2023

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Andee Love, an embodiment expert, soulful facilitator, and creator of the Soul Flow method. Andee shares her profound insights on embodiment, the language of the body, and the power of stillness. Join us as we delve into the transformative practice of tuning into our bodies and unlocking our inner wisdom.

Andee Love, an embodiment specialist and creator of the Soul Flow method, joins us in a conversation about the language of the body and the art of deep listening. Both Andee and Juliette highlight the significance of stillness and the power of silence, emphasizing that healing often occurs in the present moment. They share personal experiences of holding space for others in moments of profound silence, revealing the depth of connection that can arise from simply being present.

Juliette and Andee delve into the importance of recognizing and voicing our needs, highlighting how it’s safe and essential to ask for what we require. They touch on the significance of grounding techniques and choice-making when supporting someone in a trauma response.

The conversation expands to the realm of motherhood, as Andee and Juliette share their experiences of needing moments of solitude for self-care. They stress the importance of acknowledging and meeting one’s basic needs as a foundation for further expansion and manifestation.

Key Takeaways:

The Healing Power of Stillness: Embracing moments of silence and stillness can create a profound space for healing. Being present without the need for words can be deeply transformative.

Safety in Expressing Needs: Recognizing and voicing our needs is a powerful act of self-care. It’s safe to ask for what we require, whether it’s in moments of stillness or during times of overwhelm.

Communicating in Trauma Responses: When supporting someone in a trauma response, offer choices and avoid open-ended questions. This provides a sense of safety and empowerment for the individual.

The Language of the Body: Learning to understand the signals and messages our bodies send us is a valuable skill. Trusting these signals can lead to profound self-discovery and healing.

Self-Care in Motherhood: Taking moments of solitude and self-care is crucial for mothers. Recognizing and meeting basic needs provides a solid foundation for personal growth and expansion.

Thank you for joining us! 

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Mon, Oct 02, 2023 8:01AM • 35:51


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Juliette Karaman, Andee Love


Juliette Karaman  00:01

hello my lovelies, we are with the scrumptious woman podcast and I have my beautiful guest Andee love, who is this incredible woman that I was together with in a mastermind for two years, and I have tested some of her magic. She is beautiful how she creates and mixes her somatic psychology movement and intrapreneur show ship. She is the creator and the founder of soul flow embodiment, the love five, five immersion method and body bass, an extensive training programme combining embodiment work and the business nervous system. So that’s quite a few different methods, but it just, you have done so much. I mean, you hold a Master’s Degree in transpersonal, Counselling Psychology, you’ve done somatic experiencing your advanced practitioner, you’ve just continued studying and you are a mother of twin boys. Yeah, tell me more. I’m so excited to get into this with you.


Andee Love  01:14

Oh my gosh, I’m like listening to you say all that I’m like, wow, I’ve created a lot of things.


Juliette Karaman  01:21

Oh, my God, this is a loved one.


Andee Love  01:24

All woven really through through the lens of of Cymatics and embodiment. So it’s, it’s really cool. And I’m so excited to be here today and just have like, a totally open raw, like stripped down conversation about whatever flows through us.


Juliette Karaman  01:41

That is how I jam. I love it that you are cool with that. cool with that? So Andy, I love it that you you kind of like gave a little bit of your background. But you got into this work really early? Yeah. Yeah, you’ve been doing this for over 20 years.


Andee Love  02:00

Yeah, I, I kind of fell into this path in my early 20s, late teens, early 20s. Just because of my own. I say health conditions. But I don’t even feel like that’s what it was there was this, this deep longing of like, I just felt like there had to be something more, there had to be something more, I didn’t know what that meant. But that was like a thing that just would flow through my head a lot is there has to be something more. And I was dealing with a lot of physical challenges, health challenges, in and out of doctors offices, trying to figure out what was you know, quote, unquote, wrong with me. And there wasn’t really an answer. And so I kind of landed into the world of energy and energetics and embodiment and dance. And it was like a portal of there has to be something more opening up. And that was kind of the start. And it’s been 20, gosh, almost 24 years of really just journeying along this expansive path. And it’s been profound ly impactful in my life and in the lives of the people that I work with.


Juliette Karaman  03:13

Beautiful. And what I hear, like energetically here, whatever is coming through for me is like you’ve built such a trust in yourself. Yeah, in your body in the signals that it sends off in the universe and learning to slow down to actually listen to what’s coming through for you. Yeah, but this is what you teach others, right? Yeah, amongst other things.


Andee Love  03:40

Yeah. It’s funny that you say that though. Because this morning I was. I was like, you know, going through my morning routine and getting myself kind of ready for the day. And I was like, Man, I am so committed to the process. Like I’m so committed to finding like the joy and the fun and the playfulness in what some might call hard or messy or challenging. And although it’s like, Yes, sure. And, you know, how do we shift the relationship with the things that create the expansion that we want? And if we look at it through a lens of fun and joy and play and curiosity, there’s a, there’s a different response, I think we get met with back, whether that’s from our own internal experience or even from our outer world. So I was thinking about that this morning, as I was getting ready, like wow, like I really am committed, like I do really actually walk the walk, you know, and, and I think that’s a true testament of just being so immersed in the integration of everything that I am learning and teaching continuously every second of every moment, so yeah,


Juliette Karaman  04:49

yeah, I love it. But isn’t that just so true, right. So I was cutting me after being in one of your master classes, you’re you’re 21 Days embodiment. Anyone that has not been on this 21 days embodiment or Vandy, love you have to do that. That was incredible. And for me, it was gorgeous to be held because I help people similar but different, right? We’re all similar paths, but slightly different. And then yesterday, I went to this immersive experience in London and it was this theatre play that was being held in this this huge these two huge warehouses that you walk through. So you get this Venetian mask on there strobe lighting. There’s lots It was super, super hot. We don’t do they see in Europe, super hot, lots of people stroke lightning at one point, you know, I just went straight back into a trauma, stress response, I lost my friends, they were all over the place. I couldn’t get out of it. It was amazing. I was like, wow, I think we’re doing this work for over 10 years that I’ve been helping so many others. And at 1.5. My partner was also like, Get out of here. On the street, I couldn’t even walk anymore. My hip had locked up completely. My tummy my womb was like in agony. This beautiful lady gave me some peppermint oil that didn’t even speak English. And that kind of helped clear it through. And I’m tapping and I’m doing all my things I’m like, and I’m safe. And I’m anchoring and all my safety points are like smelling doing everything. I’m like, I’m here, I’m here. I’m not backing up that thing. And I’m like, wow, this is someone who’s been doing this for so long. And I saw people outside there and I’m like, they’re actually there’s no one that’s trauma informed in this big company. They’re like, they’re like taking on two 300 people in a tour like that. And host is like, Whoa, it’s incredible. Yeah.


Andee Love  06:46

I mean, first of all, you’re describing that and I’m like, Yep, I would be you outside locked tip room space going bonkers, like, get me out, get me out. But this is the interesting thing, I think, you know, that I have found at least so this is just my from my own, you know, I’m speaking from my own experience is that there are a lot of these spaces that are curated that are the intention is to, you know, have this experiential, like, fun vibey event experience, name or whatever you desire, and people aren’t informed. And so then people come into that space, and they have a reaction in their bodies. And then they’re not held. And I it’s funny that you’re saying like, I know, one of the questions he would ask me in my programme was, you know, how are you held? Or how do you receive? And, you know, it’s, I keep going back and reflecting on that question, because I think it’s, for me, it’s like, the capacity in which I hold space for myself is the capacity in which I can hold space for others. And I find often that I don’t want to say I rely on myself, but I’m so solid in knowing that I have me that I forget sometimes that other people have me too, and that there are people that are safe that I can lean into. And yet that comes from a trauma response, right? To say like, I can only rely on me. And so then we steal your answers, right? And we go into these experiences. And I’ve also been in experiences and events where I’m like, oh, man, can I just come in here and train all your people please? Like, can I just come in and like just give you guys even like a 92nd 90 minute presentation on like, what it means when someone might be in an activation and how to spot it out. Because it’s in those experiences that I’ve also been like, Okay, I need to have me like I need to know where to tap and what to say and what my resources are. And yet we still have those experiences where, when we’re gone, when we when we leave the body, we leave the body and let’s hope someone that we trust in that is safe is with us. So yeah.


Juliette Karaman  08:55

It’s crazy, because I remember just getting out there and I’m seeing two or three people with like the Stuart. And I’m just, I mean, my first reaction is like to go there and say what the fuck you need some trauma informed people here. And I’m like, no, no, just take care of yourself. Just don’t don’t get, you know, there will probably be a little email following it. Just come on, guys. Just just get some people on board that really do know what’s happening here.


Andee Love  09:20

Yeah, yeah. Well, and I think to you know, it brings up an interesting conversation I’ve been having as of late around, going even beyond trauma informed, like understanding trauma, and then going even beyond that and saying, like, okay, so if we understand that people come into a space, and they may be holding trauma, which like, let’s be real, the entire world. Right? Yeah, exactly. And then how do we identify that? And then how do we, how do we hold someone in that as well? And I think a big piece is that a lot of people don’t even know how to hold themselves in it. And then they’re creating these spaces saying, I’m going to hold you and yours but I can’t even hold me in mine. And then we have this very interesting thing where the facilitator or, or the organisers are in their own trauma. And it’s just a can get really messy. So I hope you


Juliette Karaman  10:09

I have been in a few of those where I’m like, oh, okay, if I systems actually stronger than the more grand that was before you? Yes, yeah. But yeah, whatever it’s in. And I also realise where where people are shouting trauma left, right and centre. And it’s like, okay, there’s actually been some harm being done by just normalising that. First of all, everyone has some sort of trauma because or what is your your definition of trauma? Because then people will understand.


Andee Love  10:42

Yeah, so for me, it’s just this and this comes my interpretation and definition comes from somatic experiencing. So I’m very much in that world. And Dr. Peter Levine describes it as too much of something too fast. The system having something happen too fast. So it’s some you know, it’s not even the experience necessarily, but the response and or what the system didn’t get to complete, in an experience that is overwhelming for our nervous system. So for me at the real simple terms is like too much of something too fast that overwhelms the system, and then something doesn’t get completed. And then in that the system stays in that overactive response


Juliette Karaman  11:24

completely, because we all experienced trauma, and it’s just what do we do it? But does it get stuck in us? Or do we just kind of like, oh, okay, that wasn’t a big deal.


Andee Love  11:32

Right. Right. Exactly. And shifting the relationship with the thing, that whatever that thing was to, because then we hold on to it, and then it it literally infiltrates every future moment. And tell it’s


Juliette Karaman  11:47

about us being aware of it. Oh, all of a sudden, for me, it was like, all of a sudden, I started fainting, I spent nine months in hospital. And I didn’t know what was going on. I’m like, oh, okay, it’s all actually landing in the body. So where people say, Oh, it’s all psychological. It’s like, no, it’s also physiological.


Andee Love  12:11

Yeah, yeah. 100% 100%.


Juliette Karaman  12:15

But I love the play and the Cymatics and the dance, and like, the dance of joy that you really bring in, in creating this, and actually, the dads that you have with quite heavy topics. Yeah.


Andee Love  12:32

Yeah, you know, I think that we have to bring joy is not necessarily the right word. But I think a curiosity curiosity. My, my, my kiddos, you know, they’re, they’re 16 months old today. And I watch, the wonder and curiosity that they have right now is they’re like, learning the world. And when we go somewhere new and the way that they, and there’s there’s cautiousness, sometimes when it’s a new experience, and there’s, you know, let me let me like, touch this lightly and see what it is type of thing. But there’s also a level of like joy and playfulness. And I’m like, if we could approach our own internal experience in that way, almost through the lens of a young child who’s very secure in their attachment feels safe, feels held, right? How does it shift the way that we understand what our body’s actually trying to tell us? And I think a lot of us avoid it, because we don’t know what’s underneath. And the uncertainty or the unknown of that can can reactivate a drama. So I like to, to approach it in a way of like normalising it, but then also really being able to hold someone in the depths of it. And I think that that’s, I, for me, it’s like that’s, that’s how I’ve been able to really uncover a lot of my own stuff. You know, it’s like,


Juliette Karaman  13:57

every word that you’re saying of like, I’m hearing it before you say it’s,


Andee Love  14:01

yeah. When we got we’re speaking the same language because we get it. You know, I think there’s, there’s a flow and a wavelength here of like, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes. And it’s because we’re in the integration of the work we’re not just doing the thing to do the thing to say we did the thing. We’re doing the thing to actually be in the embodiment of it, and that that’s, there’s a big difference there.


Juliette Karaman  14:24

I think so that’s true. But there’s also the bit that people like like I told them, but story yesterday and they’re like my, you’ve been doing this for 1510 1520 years, you’ve been working on this and this is still getting activated and like yeah, it just means that I moved through it much quicker. Yeah, it was the awning in the car and I went down and had a little nap afterwards because my body was really tired. And then I put on Netflix because I was like, Okay, I need to just numb now, because I felt enough for a while. I need a bit of like, I need to breathe again.


Andee Love  14:58

Yeah, well, I think that’s part of that misconception right like that, oh, we just eradicate that thing and it never shows back up. Then the thing shows back up and we’re like, oh, I’m screwed. Like, I’m just, you know, I’m, I’m never gonna heal or whatever it is. And for me, I’m like, No, we need to shift the relationship and then we move through it quicker, right? So it’s not that we’re trying to eradicate whatever the thing is that’s happening in our bodies, but how do we shift our relationship to it so that when we are in inactivation, it’s like, well, we can notice it and we can move out of it quicker. But I think there is this like preconceived notion that like, we just like, I don’t know we eradicate it goes away. And then we like never have another like, shitty moment. It’s like, No, I wish like, I wish it was that if it was that easy. If someone’s figured that out, please call me. Sign me up. I’m, you know,


Juliette Karaman  15:50

I’m in for Yeah, I mean, you we rewire the brain, right? Absolutely. creating new neural pathways. But yet there is just like, come on, you know, you’ve you fix me last time. Like, there’s nothing ever broken. So I didn’t fix anything. But you know, we got through that thing that was was holding you back. And you’ve now created a new way of thinking a new way of doing a new way of being with your body, but doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve had to fix it. i The whole like fixing people just just Yeah, goes down the wrong throat.


Andee Love  16:27

Like that we literally let could be like a whole nother podcast episode. Because it is it’s like what nothing’s wrong with any of us really, truly, you know.


Juliette Karaman  16:38

But also to stay in that curiosity. And I love that you used your kids, I often use babies or puppies the way that little puppies just like, bounce around. And they’re big polls and have no idea what’s happening to them, like, a bit scared, but also really curious about what’s going on.


Andee Love  16:55

Yeah, yeah, I had a really amazing mentor, her name is near God. She said, you know, whenever something is really like charging through the body, like, get curious. And if it’s hard for you to get curious, then imagine what a curious person would be doing or what they would look like, you know, and it’s like, oh, yeah, they would be like. So she’s like, if you can approach it in that way, it shifts, even the sensations in the body. And a lot of times we’re running off of these sensations, the body sending signals to the brain, the brain sending signals to the gut. We’re like Ron, get out of here. But if we can pause for a moment and like take a beat, and just say what’s happening right now? It’s so different, sacred


Juliette Karaman  17:38

SPA’s sacred. Yeah, very important. And it’s interesting so for me, it’s often it’s like you know, it’s almost like touching yourself their their love, you know, taking a little butterfly hug their their love, you’re okay, you’ve got this just take a breather.


Juliette Karaman  18:07

There we go, we froze a little bit. I think we


Andee Love  18:10

took a sacred pause. I was like in the universe is like, we’re gonna take a sacred pause. Here we are.


Juliette Karaman  18:15

Isn’t it beautiful? But so often people are afraid to just take a pause, take that sacred pause. And this is one of my biggest tools, I think, in coaching. And when I’m with people when I’m taking them through embodiment stuff, and attunement things, it’s like, okay, let’s take a breath. Let’s pause. And then they’re trying to talk on top of me, I’m like, I hear you. And let’s just actually also take a pause from talking.


Andee Love  18:45

Yeah, it’s, the silence sometimes can be really uncomfortable for people. When I worked as a therapist, I had a client, I think it was not until like session, like six or seven that they actually spoke. And we would sit, and they would sit, and I would sit, and we would listen to each other brief. And finally, when there was that, that breakthrough moment of actually getting into conversation, no, they asked me later, Did that bother you? I had so many other therapists who told me I should go find somebody else. Did it bother you? Like you sat with me? You were the you were the therapist that sat with me the longest in my silence. And I was like, No, it didn’t bother me at all. Like, sometimes we just need someone to be in the presence of us. And there’s nothing that needs to be said. And it was so interesting, because it was such for me that of course, you know, when I was a baby therapist, I was new and I’m like, Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to force them to talk? And I just kept going back to the mindfulness practice that I had been so rigorous, rigorously trained in that said, like, the healing is in the present moment of now. Like, can you Be in the discomfort of the presence and what happens when you just sit in that. And so I was actually doing a lot of my own inner work. So they didn’t even realise it was like we were therapy rising each other, quite honestly, because I had to also, there was a piece of me that really anchored into my own personal power, and not that I like had power over this person, but that, like, I had power in the silence and that I we didn’t, we don’t need to make anything happen sometimes for healing to occur. And they kept coming back. So I’m like, Well, if they’re coming back, there’s something they’re getting out of this, you’re not going to get into a car and drive to a place and pay the copay, or whatever it is to sit on a couch and say nothing for 50 minutes. So I think that was my first real life experience with like, a sacred pause. And, and it was an extended sacred pause. But man, did we do a lot of deep work on the back end of that? And to hear someone say, like, most people would tell me go find someone else. And like, what they actually wanted was someone who would just sit with them. Pretty amazing. So the this, this pauses, the silence, the stillness, the like, long beats in between, like, they don’t make me uncomfortable. You know? I’m like, Yes, let’s go there. What’s underneath that? So yeah, so


Juliette Karaman  21:18

beautiful in itself. So funny. One of my VIP clients, she slept through one of our sessions. And that’s what she needed. So I stayed, I stayed, watched her. And it went, and she woke up probably about five minutes before session. And she’s like, Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, no one’s ever allowed me to do this. I’ve always had to perform. I’m like, Yeah, this is your time, your body wants me to sleep. So I’m here holding space for you. I’m not going to wake you up. And if you’re, if you’re tired, if this is why you want to use this space, so completely cool.


Andee Love  21:55

And the healing that happens, like that’s where it’s like that shares of like every wiring a renegotiation, or recalibration of like it is it’s safe to have like my needs met in this moment, whatever that is. So I love this work so much. So that


Juliette Karaman  22:14

is beautiful in that it is safe to have my needs met. How many people don’t believe that it’s safe to ask for something or to be a certain way.


Andee Love  22:30

Yeah, or to even just say, like, I want this, like, I actually want this, and I need this, or I desire this or however they they just, you know, phrase it, but that it’s okay to like, want and need, I think how many of us don’t give ourselves permission to actually want and need something because we feel like that is coming from lack. But for me, it’s like if the want and need is coming from a place of expansion, then it’s not. There’s no lack in it at all.


Juliette Karaman  22:58

And it’s so beautiful. Because so often that that was one of my questions, what do you need? And they’re like, I’ve got no clue. If I if I knew I would ask for it. I’m like, Okay, so let’s start going through your basic needs. Is your basic need yet to be sheltered to have food is all of that. Yeah, that’s all met. Okay, great. So let’s take a little step up. And if you do it that way, then there’s so much permission, like, oh, yeah, actually, I need a bit of this. I had realised it was quite low down the ladder that I actually had some of my basic needs that weren’t aren’t being met at the moment. So no wonder I can’t manifest or I can’t you think outside the box a bit more than than what I actually need in this moment right now.


Andee Love  23:44

And the awareness to have like, when someone has the AHA of like, Oh, my basic needs are actually met, it creates, at least in my experience, a level of safety in the body that they may not have even realised existed. So it’s like, oh, wait, my basic needs are met. Okay, so I can settle into at least the knowing of that. And then that opens up the portal of like, Okay, what else is there that I actually want? And now I can dive in the end, because, uh, yeah, a lot of people are like, I don’t know, I don’t know. And if you’re in a trauma response, you really don’t know like, someone asked me what I need when I’m spiralling, I’m like, I don’t know, my husband has a list. It’s like, here are the things to offer me because if you asked me, I’m not going to be able to access in my mind what it is. So just know, try this. Try this. Try this and try this. You know,


Juliette Karaman  24:34

and that’s actually a really good point to give to our listeners. If you are with someone that is in a trauma response. Don’t ask them open ended questions because their brain is gone offline. Just saying Would you like some grounding? Would you like some grounding, touching your legs and you’d like someone your back? Can I hold you can I get you some water? Like, yes or no questions? Right? I mean, you probably


Andee Love  24:58

know and choices like think about it. child that’s tantruming not that like a trauma responses a tantrum, but it’s like to cold water or hot water. Can I touch your back or your leg? Like? Simple?


Juliette Karaman  25:11

A B, what do you want us choices completely and but not open ended? We don’t want them to cease at this point.


Andee Love  25:19

Exactly, exactly. Yeah, that’s a really good one. And to ask people to if they’re okay with touch, I think that’s it. I mean, I love physical touch. So I’m like, but some people it’s like, like, you know, so,


Juliette Karaman  25:32

yeah, or, or touch specific. Like, like, I had one. When Alex used to come up behind me. I, he noticed and I started noticing that I would freeze and I was like, Oh, where did that come from? And all that it really mattered, but it’s like, Ah, okay, yes, that’s the time that I was sexually assaulted. I get it. Okay. So, you know, but I would see his face like, good. It’s like he’s doing something wrong. So he would go into his low response. I’m like, No, hey, stay here. Bed. Stay here. Stay here. I’m just just, yeah, I just need to tell my body that I’m actually safer. Okay. So if you could just hold onto my shoulders, and breathe and we’re both okay. And that, I think, for him to, for me to recognise what was going on, and then to explain it to him had such an impact. When he’s like, wow, okay. So often when I think that people might, you know, might stuff me or my, you know, not like, like me or something. It’s because something else is going on for them. I’m like, Yes, always. It’s for me, always. Yes. Exactly.


Andee Love  26:44

This is why I say like, learn the language your body speaks because it’s a whole another language. And when you understand that, you then can know like, Oh, this is why I’m getting has nothing to do with this person. This is my own thing. Same thing with my husband. I’m like, No, I’m just in my thing right now, baby. Just give me a second. Working through it. And he’s like, Okay, gotcha. Yeah, that’s


Juliette Karaman  27:05

it right? Once we can start building this communication with our loved ones and just saying, hey, I need to do this now. And you’re gonna find this out if your kid at one point, you’re gonna be like, Hey, Mommy needs a little bit of mommy time.


Andee Love  27:19

Last night, I was like, Okay, Mommy wants five minutes a piece who’s gonna meditate with mommy? And they’re just like, like, yes. Okay. You know, like, we’re gonna take some deep breaths. They do understand the deep breath, though. They will take the I’ve been working on that since like, they were nine months old. But last night, I was like, Okay, mommy just needs like five minutes, please. Just five minutes.


Juliette Karaman  27:41

I remember I used to go to the loo and just like lock myself in there for like three minutes and like, okay, breathe, breathe. Just stick your head between your knees. Just know you can do this. So for all the moms out there, you can do this, but just remember to tap into your resources, right? Yeah.


Andee Love  28:00

Yes, that was me last night. I’m like five minutes, five minutes.


Juliette Karaman  28:05

Andy, tell us how can people find you what is going on in your world? This will probably go live in about six weeks time. So thinking about October November.


Andee Love  28:17

Yes. So I mean, I hang out on the Instagrams. So if you guys aren’t Instagram, you can find me there. I’m Andy love, underscore, and I have fun over there. I play in my stories. I use a lot of my babies. So that’s a real motherhood is a real big part of of my embodiment of the expansion I’m in right now. So come find me on Instagram, all of my goodies are on my website. So Andy love.com has all my upcoming things that are going on in my world, I am always creating so you never know what you’re going to find. So I tell people go to that website occasionally and just see what’s up. Because when I get inspired, I move and I move quick. But specifically for the end of this year, we are actually opening up the doors to my soul flow embodiment master practitioner training, which is really exciting. So this is an embodiment modality that I created all around the language that your body speaks. And we’ve trained over 150 facilitators in seven different countries. And we I expanded the programme last year, and added on nine very specific somatic protocols. And so we’ve had 30 practitioners actually go to the advanced level, and we’ll see what happens next. So those doors are opening and we’re enrolling for that which will be really fun and everyone will be trained by like April of 2024. So if embodiment is your jam, and you want to learn more about movement and movement practices in this work and in this field, and definitely check that out, for sure.


Juliette Karaman  29:54

And to people need to be a coach or need to have a basis of it or


Andee Love  30:00

No, you know, it’s so interesting. We have so many people who come into the certification specifically for sell flow that want the practice for themselves. But the cool thing is that we, we allow you to build out a business if you want, and we do all the marketing for you. So


Juliette Karaman  30:18

it’s your job. Isn’t that amazing? A really cool


Andee Love  30:21

brand. It’s part of it’s another branch of one of my other companies, and it’s really fun. So, no, we have real estate agents. We’ve had doctors, nurses, hair stylists esthetician like, and now I have men reaching out and I’m like, okay, yes, like, yes. So it’s really cool. So some people are coaches and have businesses and other people just want to be in the movement, and they’re in the movement practice for themselves. And then they realise that they can actually go out there and teach. And so we have people bringing it into corporate, I actually have one of our facilitators, who’s becoming a trainer, teaching at a car dealership, for the cars, I love it. It’s so cool. But it’s all about increasing productivity. Moving your body getting blood flowing. So it’s really fun and dynamic. And it’s a totally different angle of my work. And it’s exciting. So it’s grown quick.


Juliette Karaman  31:21

Oh, my goodness, how exciting. That sounds amazing. Now, I would like to say that Andy is a big giver. So she always overperformed and over gifts in her in her programmes. So I would definitely go and check out her website, because I’m sure there’ll be a lot of goodies that you can download, and you can actually get started on.


Andee Love  31:44

Yes, there’s lots of stuff on there. So and I am a giver. So go and receive if you have difficulty receiving, I want to give so go go and receive go click around you’ll find stuff you can access download. Yeah.


Juliette Karaman  32:01

Is there any one thing that you think people should start with? If they if people haven’t heard of embodiment yet, but they’re like, Yo, there’s something here that kind of piqued my interest?


Andee Love  32:12

Yeah. So if you go to my website there are there’s actually a soul flow class that you can download that’s free on the bottom on my website, and my podcast, obviously, you can listen to, but I would go into the soul flow, I would try that. First. Do it by yourself. Let me guide you. Close your door. Don’t let anybody listen or watch and just let yourself play and be curious and have fun and feel uncomfortable. And that that’s where I would start for sure. And just let yourself ask yourself this question. If my body wanted to tell me something right now in this moment, like what would it want me to know? What would it want to say? And don’t go okay, this is the tricky part. Then notice how quickly you want to go into mind and find the right answer. And then bring yourself back and say, Well, what is the body want me to know? And it might be something really silly like ice cream cone, purple flowers, and don’t try to interpret it. Just listen and be curious. Our first instinct when we’re asked a question is to go into the mind and filter through our Rolodex and find an answer. So just notice if you do that and then go back and say what does it really want to know? Image thought sensation feeling colour and those are your indicators. Don’t try to interpret just say okay, cool. That’s it.


Juliette Karaman  33:37

I love it some fights. It’s like I’m speaking to my or I’m listening to myself shaking when I like I forget that to the fourth exam which thought body sensation emotion so, so similar. I love it. I love it. Oh, this has been absolutely the light for my love. I have loved having you on and you are just such a bright light. How do you like to receive?


Andee Love  34:03

Well, lately, it’s been taking a bath the door closed. Thinking about it, the door closed has actually been of late. But honestly at the end of the night once the boys are asleep, I like to lay in the bed. They are sleeping in our beds, but I like to lay in the bed with them. It’s so chill and vibey in our room I have like my salt lamps on the little like sound machine. And I actually have my husband make me a salty and sweet snack. So he goes and finds something salty and something sweet. He mixes it together for me in a bowl and then delivers it to me in this beautiful, beautiful gorgeous like crystal blue bowl and ice water. And that for me lately has felt so luxurious. It’s so silly. Sometimes it’s Cheez Its with gummy bears like you guys. Seriously. Oh, I love it. It is like I feel like I am eating like a five star meal at a gourmet any restaurant and he clicks the fan on, I put the covers over my feet and I just chill in the dark with my salty sweet snack and my ice water and it is literally everything. So that has been my favourite thing as of late and so every night I’m like once the boys are down I look forward to like what is my salty snack going to eat tonight? So last night it was gummy bears and cheeses.


Juliette Karaman  35:25

Beautiful beautiful. What a good man. Yeah, for you a really interesting combination. And that’s where he’s staying curious what’s in the house. What can I mix together? What will give her pleasure? I love it. All right, my love. Thank you so much for coming on. It’s been a delight.


Andee Love  35:44

Thank you for having me. It’s so fun always.


Juliette Karaman  35:47

Much love

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