Episode 25 Embracing The Divine Feminine: Overcoming Burnout with Kim Kaase

On: Oct 3, 2023

Welcome to The Scrumptious Woman Podcast! I’m your host, Juliette Karaman. In today’s episode, I had the privilege of hosting the amazing Kim Kaase, a seasoned coach and a dear friend from our transformative mastermind. We dove deep into her journey, which led her from a high-paced corporate life to helping others recover from burnout and embrace their true selves.

We explored the concept of burnout and how it often masquerades as just ‘normal’ work stress. Kim’s personal experience shed light on the importance of recognizing the signs, like feeling like you’re in a pressure cooker or constantly juggling too many responsibilities.

Kim shared her powerful shift from a masculine-driven approach to a more spiritually connected, feminine energy. This shift enabled her to not only recover from burnout but to truly savor life and help others do the same.

We delved into the essence of slowing down and aligning with the natural flow of life, rather than trying to keep pace with the modern world’s frenetic speed. Kim emphasized the beauty of tapping into our sensual, feminine energy and learning to receive the gifts life has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

1. Slow Down for Authentic Alignment: Slowing down allows us to connect with our true selves and align with the natural rhythm of life. It’s about valuing presence over constant productivity.

2. Embrace Divine Feminine Energy: Opening ourselves up to receive from the Divine, our partners, and life itself allows us to experience a deeper level of intimacy and connection.

3. Live Your Truth: Remembering who we are beyond societal expectations, beliefs, and personas is a powerful step towards living authentically and embracing our own unique essence.

Kim’s journey is a powerful testament to the transformation that can occur when we let go of the need to constantly achieve and instead open ourselves to the fullness of life. If you’re seeking to overcome burnout and step into a more aligned, fulfilling existence, Kim’s insights offer a beautiful roadmap.

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Wishing you a life filled with presence, sensuality, and authentic self-expression. Until next time!

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The Scrumptious Woman EP25

Sat, Sep 30, 2023 9:07PM • 32:42


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Juliette Karaman, Kim Kaase


Juliette Karaman  00:02

All right. hello my lovelies, I have got the beautiful Kim Kaase with me she is an incredible coach. We have been together in this beautiful container this beautiful mastermind for the last two years. And this deep sisterhood has create has become co created right where we we meet pretty much every week, we get to know each other, we help on hot seats. And you have just been your heart has just shown through so much in what you do and who you are, that I reached out and said, Please come on this scrumptious woman podcast. So Kim, I’m gonna let you introduce yourself and really tell our listeners what kind of coach are you what, what drew you into this?


Kim Kaase  00:54

It’s a it’s a good question. So I spent 23 years in corporate America. And I was I learned to be successful. Through a very masculine presence. I was very ambitious. I tried really hard. I worked very hard and really ended up with burnout. But I didn’t realise I was burned out. And I ended up leaving my corporate career in 2012 at the beginning of 2012 and started coaching people. And it was interesting, because a year and a half into my coaching career, I had changed a lot of things about my life. I was working with clients that I love doing work that I loved, I worked a lot fewer hours, I picked my son up from school at a much earlier time. Like, in a lot of ways my life was perfect. And I was still experiencing burnout. So this got me really curious and actually led me more to the work that I do now, which is around on one level helping people recover from burnout, but by getting so deeply connected with who they are at core, their spiritual self,


Kim Kaase  02:13

so that they can truly enjoy and savour their lives. Like that’s really what it’s about. And that’s been a journey for me. I’m sure your work. I know it’s been a journey for you as well. Like is that enough? Is it enough to help people enjoy their lives? And I say yes. It took a while though. completely


Juliette Karaman  02:31

right. And that’s what this scrumptious woman is all about. Where we actually give access to that lifeforce. Again, right that we all have, but the Chi the whatever you want to call it, right. The orgasm, that lifeforce. Ah, yeah, and we shut that down because of beliefs because of what people have told us. But what I keep hearing from you is burnout. Now, how do you recognise that you’re burned up? Because I’m sure there are going to be a few listeners here. They’re like, Oh, my ears are prickling. I’m hearing this word. But I don’t want to recognise it. What does it mean?


Kim Kaase  03:13

You know, I know my own journey with this. And I hear this from so many clients is, the experience of burnout is so much like feeling like you’re in a pressure cooker, or feeling like that you have so many balls in the air that if something drops, like everything’s gonna go to hell in a handbasket. Like there’s some, like, it’s that sort of thing. And a lot of people wouldn’t realise that’s burnout, that just seems kind of like work or having your own business. Like I thought that was just normal for myself and I landed in the hospital in the emergency room twice, without, I still didn’t realise it had anything to do with. I started conference calls at seven in the morning, I was still on conference calls at six at night on my way home. Like I had no idea that those two things were connected, you know, so it’s this feeling of, you know, people can tell like, if you just feel pressured more than just a little bit now that it’s normal to have pressure at times, it’s not normal to feel like you’re living in a pressure cooker. It’s not normal to feel like if you don’t take care of every detail, your life’s gonna fall apart. Like that’s a another symptom. Not sleeping at night, obviously not taking care of ourselves not having time to eat, or, you know what my friends and I used to joke when we were when I was still in corporate America, like we go two or three meetings without just going to the bathroom, even though we really even to go like this is the kind of thing like we joked about it, but it was so like it was just so we expected that of ourselves. It’s such high expectations.


Juliette Karaman  04:51

Isn’t it incredible? Right, the high expectations that we have and I was also going to say it’s like a It’s a lot of expectations on women, if they have a career and to a high flying career, and then kids and a family and all of this on top, you know, we’re supposed to look good. We’re supposed to be the perfect family’s supposed to have a great home supposed to have a really good job and be influential, and have incredible sex on top of it and be the host of the most it’s and it’s like, you know, former recovering Superwoman. I had four kids for three years. Right? So, yes, I know what it’s like. And I really loved where you say it’s like, we used to joke about it, that we didn’t make time to pee. And now that you’re a little bit that we’re a little bit older, I’m 55. You know, that has its own little, you know, consequences wherever if you don’t actually be we need to be them. But you start laughing. Oh, okay, go to do some proper pelvic pelvic floor pelvic bow exercises to make sure that that actually all stays healthy. And it’s funny because I say this to my my partner. I like sometimes, you know, he’ll, he’ll leave and I’m already in calls with people in Australia. And he’ll, he’ll come back and I’ll be in calls with the states. And he’s like, like, I’ve got to pee. And he’s like, where are you coming down to say hi to me, like, Man, I gotta pee gotta pee. It’s like, how long have you been able to get in? I’m like, Well, you know, and then I got sidetracked. And I put on the washing. And I went my I walked to the bedroom to pick up my my ear pods, but there was washing, so I folded it. But on another level. I mean, I’m sure people can actually relate. But oftentimes, it’s something as as, like what you said that you want to hospital that something had to give.


Kim Kaase  06:54

And I just feel like it’s my mission to, like, I don’t want people to end up in the hospital at Christmas time. That wasn’t fun. That was such a huge disruption to my life. And I am and what I see now is we don’t have to, we don’t have to have it that way. Women, we as women, we don’t have to have it that way. I coach a lot of men, same thing. Men don’t have to have it that way. It presents a little differently in men than it does in women. But we don’t have to have lives like that. Like it’s okay to. Yeah, have our expectations be different, not even lower. I’m not even gonna say lower, but just be different. It’s okay to at times go at a different pace than the modern world which goes very, very fast. It’s not natural, as you know. And be tapped in like I love your message about the scrumptious woman the scrumptious woman is not going 90 miles an hour. She can’t feel or so. Right like you feel ourselves we’re going so fast.


Juliette Karaman  07:59

And that’s it. Where did we hear that we need to go so fast. Right? And it’s it’s being in that fear base. It’s like, oh my God, I need to provide provide for my family, my four kids, my this my that my my ex husband. So I get into this like mind spin as well. And it’s completely discombobulated cut off from my body. Yeah. It’s like it’s early on, I bring in all my practices. And when I’m like, Whoa, I’m a floating head. And I don’t know where my body’s gone. It’s like, oh, okay, time to come back to the present.


Kim Kaase  08:33

I remember when I made the decision. I want to share this story because this this might might be very relatable to your listener it is. I was sharing this with my with my husband, the other day I was, I was married before to my my son’s dad. And before my son was born, he’s now 18. So this is a long time ago, I spoke out the desire to my then husband that I wanted to be a stay at home mom, like I really wanted that I had, I’d have a stay at home mom. And I just really wanted that for myself. And I happen to say it in front of my, my then husband and his mom. And this is nothing against them as a judgement. They made fun of me. They said well, how unrealistic is that? Nobody does that in this day and age and they really, like I felt so shameful for even stating my desire. And that day, I said to myself, Well, damn, you all, guess what, I’m gonna go do that. I’m going to be the most ambitious, successful and I literally went full speed ahead for Yeah, almost, you know, probably 15 years to just show them I could do something different. Because just I reacted to the shame. Like I you know, and I was thinking about that the other day and just like, oh, like, what if I just stayed in my design? I didn’t I didn’t even know the language for that back then. But it was really, you know, I just I want to spread that word to people because I really wanted that back then. I mean, I’m, I wouldn’t change my path for anything. Because it’s been an incredible path. Like I had some success that was just amazing in corporate and have loved what I’ve done as a coach, but it’s just, yeah, I just, I often wonder what if I could have held that desire? And, and even when someone was trying to sort of like, yeah, this me stay with it, you know, at 30, you know, instead of kind of learning is 56.


Juliette Karaman  10:43

I know exactly what you said, it’s, we wouldn’t change our path. You know, I look back at my marriage with my ex husband, and we’re super good friends, do we have four children together? Right, that we co parent, although they’re in their early 20s, we’re still very, very much on Bucha, then we probably talked pretty much every day. But you know, sometimes I wonder, I’m just like, oh, what would have happened if I was aware of I was as conscious as I am now. 1512 years ago, whenever we got got divorce, right, what would happen because he’s also done his work in that time, right. And we actually now come together as people that absolutely adore each other, love each other, but are just better not married. And you know, and I go on holiday with my partner to Lebanon instead of my ex husband. So it’s, it’s super cool.


Kim Kaase  11:38

I love that. I love that story. I love that story. Yes, so much opens up with our consciousness, doesn’t it? It’s, it’s really, so incredible to think what just what just keeps expanding for us in terms of our, to your point earlier about, just like expanding beyond being a talking a floating head, you know, and into into these bodies that we’ve, you know, are engineered with so much pleasure and so much experience. And that that level of consciousness, that expansion, and then where the mind can go into really infinite places. And it’s like, it’s just it’s such a gift and, and I think that’s I think that’s really why I was drawn to coaching even though back when I started in 2012 I said that one thing I’m not doing is I’m not going to be one of those spiritual woowoo people.


Juliette Karaman  12:34

How’s that working out for you?


Kim Kaase  12:39

Well, it’s you know, I should know by now that when I say something that strongly that that’s exactly what the universe that is exactly what the divine that’s exactly what my higher self has in mind for me.


Juliette Karaman  12:53

Okay, we’re just gonna go there, my love. It’s opening up. So tell us all about it. What? You know, this is yeah. Yeah, take a breath. It’s actually all of us need to take a breath. I can feel the whole. Yeah, the whole field was all of a sudden, it’s like, okay, we’re opening this up for a really beautiful and also kind of vulnerable. Opening can and my body is starting to vibrate. shiver. So I know. It’s beautiful up to here. It’s been fun. It’s been engaging, but this is the part where there’s actually a deeper message that needs to come through there is.


Kim Kaase  13:46

Yeah, yeah, that message. You know, it’s, I know for me, and I’m probably not the only one I got really attached innocently, to my accomplishments and to my identity. I’m a business coach, a business coach, a business coach. And it’s fascinating because when when people would talk to me, they always say, Oh, Kim is a life coach. And I don’t know if this happened for 10 years. But I was really, because of my own expectations of myself. I wanted to do something that made dollars and cents difference for people. You know, if I’m really honest, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, actually. I don’t want to make myself wrong, but I kept getting pulled. The conversations I was having with my clients when I was insisting I was, you know, a business coach and not a spiritual coach, are very much like they always include Who are we At the level of divinity, who are we beyond the personality? Who are we like how much can we experience and receive the divine divine guidance? Like that was, there’s that nature of conversation that was happening. And it just took me time. I mean, the transition took a couple of years for me to go, okay Ay, ay, ay, given, I feel my higher purpose, I’m just gonna say what it is. Instead of saying I’m this, but behind the scenes, we do this, you know. And it’s not that I don’t understand the business part. Of course I do. I spent a lot of time in corporate America. And it’s it that comes in handy a lot of times, but but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here. So that we wake up to something deeper in ourselves, something higher in consciousness, something more connected, so that the world can be a good, safe place for all of us.


Juliette Karaman  16:10

Beautiful, and a good, safe place for all of us, that really anchor them. So many people that I speak to, and especially in them the sex and intimacy around, don’t feel safe. And also don’t feel safe to be visible. To be out there. Like what you’re just saying here. And what yeah, I’m also like, transitioning to like, okay, my wounds coming out of the closet. Like, I’m just going to, like, go for alien. Right as, as one of my mentors says, but it’s, it’s with a partner who’s like, yeah, it’s it’s sometimes a little bit tough with my kids that are Muslim. They’re like, Mommy, you’re talking about stuff? I’m not sure. It’s like, I know. And, yeah, this is really what is happening in my life at this moment. Yeah, we need to expand. And it’s I don’t like the word need, but it’s like, there’s that that impulse, almost like I’m getting a kick up the bat, it’s like, yeah, how low Are you gonna have to fall before you actually start trusting yourself? 100% that you are the massive creator of your life?


Kim Kaase  17:21

Yes, I mean, that. That question has been so relevant for me the last couple of years, like I had a moment in late 2021. So just as we were starting the mastermind, the channel together, I had this moment where I had been pushing and launching and coming up with all these great ideas and, and just like really taking control, and I mean, the divine spoke to me in November 2021. And the message would stop. Listen, wait for what’s coming. Like it was so clear, like I could hear it. And it was like, what, what, and then it really took me some time, like almost all of 2022 to really, to actually stop and wait for guidance. Like I had a few kind of like, well, I’m just gonna do this when because this is really good. You know? And then and then having things like nope, that’s not going to work. And then really, coming back to myself, opening my heart, opening my ears, opening my spiritual ears to truly hear and like it. Like I I look back now, and I kind of go Why did that take me so long? In a way? And all perfect timing, right? It’s just, it’s yeah, we just, we keep getting the taps. We keep getting the taps. And then I like I say, sometimes I need the sledge hammer over the head.


Juliette Karaman  19:03

Right, do you want the stick? Or do you want the carrot? It’s like, do you want the character you want stick? Whatever, whatever way around. And sometimes that is really it. Right? Like you were saying you have to slow down and then your mind is constantly your house is going to work. How’s it going to work? And it’s like, trust, trust. And I was like, no, no, no, no, I can’t trust that. It’s. So tell me about I remember you telling me about this incredible moment. I think you were in Costa Rica and something happened.


Kim Kaase  19:35

Yeah, so I was in Costa Rica on a women’s retreat last year. And one of my friends was on the retreat and we had this table long table of women and she began speaking about her topic like that. So her topic and like all the women all like getting it was a dozen women. Like they were captivated by what she was saying. Like she You just stepped into her full power. And like people were just drinking it up. And I was noticing this and feeling the energy of it. And I remember going back to my room, like being so happy for her and saying, God, I want that. Like, I want to be so in my own truth and out with it, that like, people just listen and are captivated. And while I was still on retreat, in Costa Rica, like four nights later, we were at dinner. And I was chatting with a couple of the gals. And one of the women just happened to make a comment, something like I was asking her about her dating life because she was kind of newly single. So tell me what your day like. And she said something like, Well, you know, men, and she kind of, you know, maybe kind of made a little snarky comment. And I just, I said, No, I don’t know men that way. I see kings. And I began to just channel what I was experiencing deep in my heart, from my marriage, from my relationship with my king. And all of a sudden, I noticed the women at the table. Were looking, I could feel the energy of everyone listening to what I was saying, and people were kind of moving seats so they could hear. And it was like, that was the beginning of trusting myself to like, it wasn’t even a decision. It wasn’t a decision Juliette, it was just what like, I feel like the divine just graced me with coming through in the moment. And, and was again, just like this, this other aspect, this other piece of nuance on something now that I’m working with people on, you know, it’s, it’s because Elvis is so interrelated, isn’t it? Like, it’s, you know, as I was not a feminine woman for very many years, like, I’ve just really come into that maybe in the last four or five. And I see what that did to my relationships with men. And I see even with my son who’s 18, right, like, just so I see now what’s how I’m still blossoming at 56. And seeing kings instead of men, you know, like, it’s a totally different vibe. It’s so much more enjoyable to me to like, it’s just so much bigger that there really was something else in my life.


Juliette Karaman  22:38

Yeah. And that’s it, right? So, so often, like, people ask me to come and speak on their podcasts. And I do kind of like the way that we do it. Now, no, no questions. We’re just gonna go for where the energy is, right. And that’s how I really love doing it. And for the longest time, I was so nervous about it nervous about being visible and nervous about being this, but yet, there was a part of me that was just pulling me forward. It’s like, oh, yeah, Chrissy gonna do this. So it’s like that part. Like, you don’t even know what’s coming out of your mouth, but all of a sudden, you’re looking or you’re on stage, and all of a sudden, they’re, like, 150 people in front of me, I have no idea what I’ve just said. And I’m like, looking at them and they’re crying, and I’m seeing their energy change. I’m like, oh, okay, that must have been. I mean, I do know what I’ve said. But you know, I haven’t quite realised the transmission that I’ve given, because that is what we do. Right? We give codes we, we transmit our energy, which then gets picked up by people around us.


Kim Kaase  23:47

Yeah, it’s just a reflection for you. Like, that’s so who you are, like, you know, just being in your energy and presence these last few years, like I ate your energy carries that, that embodiment and that’s consciousness and that sensual, like it just it’s just who you are in it, it is just the just the frequency heals we know this. Just the frequency act activates, you know, without without a sing word, and we have the words because that’s fun too. But


Juliette Karaman  24:26

I know that sometimes it’s like you know, you almost want to go like I’m doing a retreat of to another woman here my house and somehow it’s, you know, we’ve got a few people on a boat, we’re not fully sold. And I’m like, what’s happening here there? What’s, what am I repelling stuff? What’s happening? And part of me is like, maybe it should be a silent retreat. I have this beautiful friend of mine, Liang, who came on here as well who does these silent tea ceremonies, and she wants to come from Edinburgh and be here for the retreat. And we’re like Love it. But at the moment we don’t have for enough retreat that you that we can can get you to come. And there’s this this part of me and I keep thinking, so maybe it needs to be even more silent and maybe even more, I bring in more shamanic stuff will bring in all the directions. I’m in this beautiful spot in the English countryside right next to sheep. And really, it’s around the equinox. For Equinox. I’m like, Okay, if we actually I think we need to play on that a little bit more. Thank you that just came through now.


Kim Kaase  25:36

And I can feel the truth of that. For what for for you and for your event? Like getting really? Yeah, just feel the truth of that.


Juliette Karaman  25:49

And it’s funny, right, these things will come in? And well, I’ve been my two co hosts have been posting a lot. And I’ve just made this beautiful reel, and I haven’t posted it yet. And I’m like, Oh, this is why because there needs to be a moment of silence at the end of it. So yeah, it’s, it’s interesting how you when you allow yourself just a bit of time to sit with things. And it doesn’t even need to be long to come back to your body can do some practices, and really just allow yourself to come back to you. Coming back to us, what are three takeaways that you can give to your to our listeners? What are three things that bring you back? To to bring you back to your saying this feminine? And yeah. Boy, the king that? Yeah.


Kim Kaase  26:45

So the first one is like, impact, I may post a real about this today. I’m gonna say it in a, in a funny way, slow down. That is, it’s the first thing because we match to the outside world. And we forget that word designed to go in flow with nature, and it’s slower. It’s not that you have to do that all the time. But to come back to ourselves as feminine women, we have to go at the speed of life, not the speed of light, you know, like really slow down to an actual life. I think that’s, that’s first and foremost. And then I think it’s allowing ourselves to be penetrated. It’s like opening ourselves to the Divine, to our men, to life itself. So that it can come in and through. Like we we can, we can, yeah, there’s a way we can just drop the armour that we have, you know, needed at some point in life, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But we can drop that and really open to life coming in to the divine command and to the to the men in our lives coming in. And then I think the last thing is the hardest one, maybe. And it’s as we do that, as we slow down as we open, allowing our truth to come through reminding ourselves of our truth. Who am I in this moment? Who am I in the eyes of the Divine? Who am I in the eyes of my higher self without all this stuff, I’ve learned all my beliefs, all my ideas, all my whatever, you know,


Juliette Karaman  28:46

and all the personalities personas that we take on.


Kim Kaase  28:50

I’m a business coach.


Kim Kaase  28:57

And this just gets us in Yeah, activates the body. It’s like live in this beautiful flesh that we have.


Juliette Karaman  29:06

And one last thing, what’s available for you now?


Kim Kaase  29:12

Cool. There’s so much I mean, I think the biggest one of the biggest changes, one of the biggest transformations that has happened in my life has been like I got married again a couple years ago, two and a half years ago. And I have a marriage that I honestly didn’t even think was possible didn’t even know to ask for when I was so busy proving myself but it’s like what’s on offer like I my husband, just gosh, I made a kind of controversial post a few weeks ago about this. Like, I love being taken care of by my husband. Not because I need it but because it’s so pleasurable for me as a woman to not have to handle everything. Um So, so like there’s so much on offer, like, you know, the intimacy, the sex the open relating, like the just the conversations he and I can have with openness that I’ve never been able to have before and then that, that I’m just realising like my son is now 18 He’s a man and being able to relate to him in a different way. I’m a little not quite as good with not mothering him yet but I’m more I’m working on it with this is like what’s Yeah, and then we can still be successful women but it’s it looks really different to me now than it has in the past. There’s a different level of expectation and pressure that I put on myself. That’s much lower. Amazing.


Juliette Karaman  30:51

Oh, this has been divine Kim, how do people find you? If they’re like, yes, I want to connect this woman I want to hear more. What courses does she do? What does she offer and lively?


Kim Kaase  31:04

Yeah, absolutely. I’m very easy to find on Instagram at Kim Kaase and LinkedIn like i Those are the two places. And both of those are just just my name. And I I just tried to put out content there that is helpful to people provide some value provide some sort of deeper spiritual stuff, connection. And yeah, that those are great places to find me.


Juliette Karaman  31:32

Beautiful, thank you. And I’m sure we have some new listeners that are definitely going to find them. Now I have a request of you and of everyone that is listening. Please leave a review. And then I’m going to do a little actually price giving if you leave a review, take a picture of it and send it to me a Juliette Kamaran at him on my Instagram to send that picture. I will give you scrumptious dates a six week programme where you can have the most incredible sculptures done with your partner or yourself for free.


Kim Kaase  32:07

Amazing. Oh, I will absolutely do that. What a wonderful, wonderful gift.


Juliette Karaman  32:13

Because we kind of want to just bring this ripple effect forward, right? It’s like, we don’t want to keep this far though. It’s like we’ve learned this and we’ve learned this at 50 Plus, so I would love it if some younger people can understand this and start their path a little bit earlier.


Kim Kaase  32:30

Definitely saying thank you. Wonderful.


Juliette Karaman  32:35

It’s been wonderful having you. Much love

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