Episode 24 From Food Blogger to Intuitive Mentor: Andrea Franco’s Journey to Empowerment and Success

On: Sep 29, 2023

Welcome to another episode of *The Scrumptious Woman* podcast! In this episode, I am joined by the wonderful Andrea Franco, an intuitive business mentor who guides women in tapping into higher consciousness while also providing practical business strategies. Andrea’s approach combines structured business advice with energy work, inner child healing, and anger release techniques. Get ready for an enlightening conversation that blends intuition with strategy for empowering business growth.

In this episode, Andrea Franco shares her journey from being a professional food writer to becoming an intuitive business mentor. She emphasizes the importance of providing value, building a community, and setting clear boundaries in the early stages of entrepreneurship. Andrea’s upcoming event, *Met for Magic Live 2024* in Scottsdale, Arizona, promises to be a unique and transformative experience for women entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Giving value and building a community are crucial in the early stages of entrepreneurship.
  • Setting clear protocols and boundaries helps maintain focus and efficiency in client interactions.
  • Balancing high-end offerings with lower-priced programs allows for a diverse and inclusive clientele.
  • Andrea’s event, *Met for Magic Live 2024*, in Scottsdale, Arizona, is set to be a game-changing experience for women entrepreneurs.

Remember, whether you’re at rock bottom or reaching for the stars, Andrea’s story reminds us that with dedication and belief in oneself, incredible transformations are possible. Don’t miss out on Andrea’s insights and the exciting event on the horizon!

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Website: https://www.andreafrancoxo.com/letsconnect


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The Scrumptious Woman EP24

Fri, Sep 22, 2023 6:52PM • 28:28


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Andrea Franco, Juliette Karaman


Juliette Karaman  00:00

All right, my lovelies, welcome to this scrumptious woman podcast. Again with me I have the beautiful Andrea Franco, we are together in a mastermind in Alphapharm. Experience a mastermind, and Andrea wanted to come on my podcast, I actually don’t have your bio. So I’m gonna let you introduce yourself.


Andrea Franco  00:24

Oh, thank you so much. It’s so lovely to be here with you today, I was so drawn to your beautiful energy. I am an intuitive business mentor. I’m really a wealth activator. And I help women especially tap into higher consciousness, and a little bit of a half and half of structure strategy profitability, business scaling, content creation. But on the same tune, I do energy work.


Andrea Franco  00:51

And some beautiful inner child healing anger least and all the things in Cymatics that help us reprogram our brain and our body. So we can tap into the highest level of consciousness in my


Juliette Karaman  01:03

I love that. So explain a little bit what an intuitive business coach does. I mean, I know you did that already. If people are singing, they’re like, Whoa, this is getting a little bit woowoo chill. Yeah.


Juliette Karaman  01:22

But still,


Andrea Franco  01:23

no, I love that. It’s a great question. Um, so I realised, obviously, I have a completely logistical background, I started a media company years back, and I also was a professional food writer. Funny enough, I actually got paid to eat food.


Andrea Franco  01:39

Yeah, I will see things that I did before be like starting to mentor people. But I realised when I stepped into mentorship that I had gifts, that everything wasn’t coming from my logical brain, I was getting what I call downloads, I was like getting these feelings, getting intuitive nudges able to really, now I read tarot of that. And I’m very intuitive around. So for me, you know, logical is one thing, but like being able to tap in someone’s energy, being able to feel, I think is really important. Because for me, a lot of people struggle with this strategy, because their energy is feeling off, or they’re not feeling confident, or they’re not feeling like, Oh, I got this, I love myself, I believe in myself. So you can give them all the strategy in the world, but it’s not going to work if they’re feeling off, right. So for me, I use my intuition and my energy work to help them align their energy and especially their mind. And I’m able to do that through a couple of different things. But I just call it downloads and intuition.


Andrea Franco  02:39

But yeah, that’s, that’s a little bit more of an explanation.


Juliette Karaman  02:43

I love it. So my brand is called fuel fully. I did I don’t know if you knew that. But


Juliette Karaman  02:51

yeah, so it was just like, for me, it just came through, right? Like, like you said, intuitive. It’s like, oh, we’re all here to feel fully ourselves, right. It’s like we we put this cap on feeling because feelings, emotions are body sensations, sensation for and feeling all these sensations, feeling all these emotions is something that we’re not used to, you know, we might have been used as a child and we use throw time, Trump’s to just move that energy through our body. But as adults, you know, feeling all this much is a little bit sensation for which some people might interpret as really uncomfortable. But to get comfortable in the uncomfortable comfortable in the sensation, full sensations, right? It’s like, oh, I don’t know if I actually even have language, if I have words for what’s happening in my body right now. Or what the emotions are. Because you know, you can ask someone how you doing? And they’re like, Yeah, fine. It’s like, Yeah, well, that’s telling me anything. But if you say, Well, what’s happening is like, I have a bit of a tightness in my chest. It’s warm, it’s a bit jagged around the edges. And my hands are massively warm. And I think the emotions that are coming up are a little bit of disbelief. I mean, you’ll be like, Whoa, I can tap into what you’re feeling because I’ve had similar sensations before. Yes, that’s so beautiful. I love the way you just explained that.


Juliette Karaman  04:26

And it’s just, it’s just allowing ourselves to have that language. I remember when I first started doing this, my kids are like, Mommy, what the fuck? Why would we even want no language like this? It’s like, because then we can start discovering and unpeeling those layers what is going on inside of us?


Andrea Franco  04:46

Yeah, and I think some of my work with women especially so beautifully articulated, this is a lot of women that I work with. They’re really deeply stuck in their masculine because they’ve been suppressing these emotions, right.


Andrea Franco  04:58

So I believe that


Andrea Franco  05:00

the body knows and it often holds trauma. So I do some of the inner child healing and the Cymatics and breath work and the anger release. So they can let this stuckness out of their body and actually feel again and allow themselves to have that duality between the masculine and the feminine and receiving and all these beautiful energies that I feel some women in today’s society have blocked off due to what society tells us we should be doing.


Juliette Karaman  05:28

Isn’t it interesting, right? We all have such a large such a massive toolbox of different things that we can dip into, that will be perfect for someone and if it’s not perfect, then we make it our own, and then we customise it for that client. Just really like like the Bruce Lee mentality of take what resonates with you make it your own and just discard the rest.


Andrea Franco  05:57

That’s my favourite sentence. My favourite. It’s so funny that you just said that. I literally was saying that last night to my girlfriend like take take what serves you leave what doesn’t?


Juliette Karaman  06:08

completely right? And then kind of like put your own twist on it. Come on, we’re all getting the same downloads. We’re all getting the same. I was talking to my girlfriend the other day. This weekend we were doing receiving codes one of one of our master classes, thinking that it was just going to be a one day masterclass. Yeah, right. not realising that receiving has so much to do. But it’s like, we’re all receiving the same code, the same downloads the same ideas. It’s like, but if you don’t run with it, if you don’t implement it, then three months down the line, you see a shop that has opened with exactly the idea that came to you in a dream, right?


Andrea Franco  06:49

Not crazy. That’s higher consciousness, by the way, that the fact that we are all one, that there’s limitless abundance here for all of us. And when we tap into those frequencies, there’s so much joy so much love so much peace, so much money, so much abundance so much limitlessness. And people don’t really understand that connected all humans are when we really go to that higher level.


Juliette Karaman  07:12

We were like, Yeah, you’re a little bit Woo, I’m not sure I get that. But then the more that you tap into this, and the more synchronicities start happening. You know, I’m, I’m a doctor jofa and I go to his, his retreats, I have my own method of getting to that place of oneness that there is no body, no space, no time, we all create our own little ways to tap into that Universal Consciousness right into that oneness into the beauty of what is


Andrea Franco  07:43

ABS, I love in person stuff. I think that the industry right now is making a pivot to more in person and doing the deeper work in person. Because I do feel that when we’re tapping into these higher realms, like in person really does help having someone facilitate these things for you. So you can really be in those frequencies with other people and aside now add, I want to say this before I forget, if you haven’t read the greatest secret, it is such a great book, it’s the sequel to the secret, all on higher consciousness. I think it’s great for the topic we’re talking about right now. So your listeners may want to listen in on it. i It was like, Oh my God, I feel like I could have wrote this, but she articulated it so well around higher consciousness


Juliette Karaman  08:27

is so cool. Now I’ve read the secret, but I haven’t read the greatest secret. Of course, there’s so many books like The Secret man, I know, it became a movie and people are like, Oh my God, you know, and all of a sudden, you hear about Joe Dispenza. And God knows other people, you know, Bruce Lipton, and so many others are speaking about the same thing. Gabby Bernstein you know, it’s, we all use maybe a different way in. But the outcome is all the same, right? I mean, I used to lead an organisation called orgasmic meditation where the sole purpose is 15 minutes of connection by touching on the clitoris. You’re like, wow, that is your way into lighting. Yeah. It is. And there can be so many different ways. I have dealt with a lot of conscious sexuality where Tantra and where BDSM takes people in DC statics love that one. And that’s one way to move trauma right? removed.


Andrea Franco  09:39

I love that you brought that up because a lot of people in general we hear people being judgmental about how someone processes or how someone does these things. And for me, when you are in higher consciousness, it’s the utmost no judgement, unconditional love. However, someone’s process is and I love BDSM and all of these different things. They’ve been a gateway into here. Like, for me, especially someone who grew up in a more of abusive home, that was a way for me to like, surrender and gain back control at the same time and then eventually, you know, have a healing modality for myself and I think it’s it’s beautiful when we’re open to all these different modalities and don’t judge


Juliette Karaman  10:19

completely and that’s that’s the whole thing, right? How can we stay in this curiosity? In the curiosity of it doesn’t have to look one certain way. For me, it might look something for you, it might look like something else for your client for my client. I mean, I’ve had to hold space for like, the most intense things. And if my mind would have come into my judgement would have come into I’d be like, Yeah, I’m out of here. Thanks. It doesn’t, ya


Andrea Franco  10:52

know, it’s so true. I feel like that was actually something that I’ve deeply worked on over the past year is like a deep sense of detachment from humaneness. And also like no gossiping, and no complaining, no judging. I think that the way I grew up in old fashioned Catholic Italian family can’t even word the use the word intuitive around them, you know, there was a lot of like, oh, look what she’s wearing, or who does, she thinks she is. And like, my family is big on like, you know, how people look and how women present themselves and how we’re supposed to be old fashion. And I was put into a box all my life. And so when I decided to be the alien chain breaker of the family and come out with all these different things, people are like, Oh, Andrea, but she’s doing you know, and now it’s like, oh, I’m trying to look what she’s doing. Right? And it’s like it the way they say it’s shifted, but it’s so beautiful. When you don’t back down from higher consciousness and you’re okay being the alien, and you’re okay being the chain breaker, and you don’t care because you want to participate in lower vibrational frequencies like judgement or gossip anymore.


Juliette Karaman  11:57

Come pletely Andrea, this is the light for tell me you said that you were a food writer before? It was, Oh, how did you land into this change into business coaching mentorship, you know, really aligning with higher consciousness. How did that come about?


Andrea Franco  12:21

I think I’m going to give you a one to two minute spiel of six years. I like to make this short and sweet. So hi, I was in a lower vibrational energy. I was definitely healing from the abuse as a child unsure of where I was going. A lot of different things happened to me. I was abusing alcohol cocaine. I was in a really low place. And I was waitressing. And then a glass exploded in my hand. And it was the worst injury of my life. I actually still can’t feel a large portion of my hand from bed. I actually tried to kill myself. I did not succeed. I don’t know how God woke me up. And I remember going to actually a psychic medium after this experience and knowing I knew I was gifted, but she was like you were saved. And like I knew like my uncle who was passed. Like, somehow he was like, You’re not ready to go yet. So that day, I was like, what actually lights me up and funny enough, like I didn’t really know where I was supposed to be going in life. But I knew I love to eat food. And so from my bed, I had a million different pictures on my phone of food. It was like this thing. So I started a food blog called The hangry Italian girl and everyone’s like, there’s a million food people in the world, you’ll never make it. And I was like, well, a million people aren’t like me. So every single day, like six to seven days a week, I would go to local restaurants. And I would just ask for the bill for free. I didn’t want to be paid. And it was so quick. Like within a couple of weeks, like my page was building so quickly, people were talking about me all around Connecticut where I live. And then like just like that, and a little bit of time, I got my first message, how much for you to come into our restaurant. And that was the day. That was the day and I will never forget the name of the restaurant closed. Now all these years later, it’s called tiger’s den. And that was the day it became a legitimate company. And so I started charging to go into restaurants. So at the end of my career, it was $500 have moved step foot in your restaurant. And it was $1,000 a month to have me manage your socials, I did a lot of different things like photos, social media, blah, blah, blah. So I got smart, I went into eating and then I would go into the restaurant to eat and be paid and then say, Oh, by the way, your social media only has 3233. We can get you to 5000 in a couple of weeks. And I would then pitch them. My next service and they worked so well together. So long story short, I was very good at building other people’s social media. I was incredibly well known all over the state people were knowing me for the food. And then I started getting the question, how do you build social media? How are you doing this? Right? Like how are you putting together these media kits to get in these restaurants and blah, blah, blah. So that’s where it started. My first company was called from blog to business, and then it just kept evolving. It’s evolving. And so it went from just business consulting, to coaching to, okay cats out of a bag. I’m actually a psychic medium, and then it just, I just, I let God in source and channel in the higher consciousness come through, I got sober, I healed, I started getting better. And I just kept letting the company involved and kept investing in myself to evolve as a human.


Juliette Karaman  15:26

Beautiful. So you said something in the beginning where you said, Everyone said that there are so many blogs out there, there are so many food writers, but you said Yeah, but they’re not me. And that, really, I just wanted to come back to that for our listeners to recognise that you can start at whatever level you are from waitressing from from having a glass explode in your hand getting an injury, not feeling anymore, to realising like, Hey, this is probably the rock bottom I’ve hit, I don’t want to be here anymore. And then deciding that food is something you love. I love food, my kids love to do something with that food. And this is a change if you believe in yourself. This is how that start. Right?


Andrea Franco  16:21

That it’s actually a really beautiful statement. And I actually just want to say one thing about rock bottom I got on a stage. And I said rock bottom is actually sometimes the most beautiful place you can be if any listeners are there right now. Because you get to build your whole life from the ground up again, and you get to create the way you want it. So if you’re listening and you are at rock bottom, just know that you get to be the creator again, and off the sentence of no one’s me. Also, no one was willing to do the things I was like I was like, whatever it takes to make this successful, I’m in.


Juliette Karaman  16:52

And that’s it right? That really rooted like, deep believe in yourself, I am in whatever it takes. If that means that I’ll work through the night, one or two nights, that’s fine. Do it


Andrea Franco  17:05

in a lot of people’s. That’s the other thing that I see going on in the industry and stuff where it’s like, oh my God, you have to be in your feminine never work, just sit around. And it’s like, to me and my honest opinion, the first year of a company, there’s a little bit of extra work that goes into foundational pieces. Like in year one of my company, I definitely worked more, I don’t really work as much now. But I was able to go from $100,000 in debt to 2019 to multiple millions in a couple of years. But the foundations were made in the first two. And so yeah, you put in a little bit more work. And that’s okay, if you want to build a really successful company.


Juliette Karaman  17:40

That’s so true. And it’s it’s really I love that you’re saying that because so many people say oh yeah, I just work four hours a week, etc, etc. And I have this many, many things. And I’m like, Yes. And you know, first of all, we need to get to the safety part, or we say the invisible, then when do we actually have ways of people to contact us? Do we have ways that they can buy from us? And then you know, all the strategies? And I’m sure this is where you come in and all your funnels. How can we actually automate this stuff now? Because big way, when you booked like I just gave you a tie, or maybe I get to give you slot. But before what I started with this podcast, which is not even two months yet, I would book A lingo book some time with Joe. And then I’d get back to my person that I wanted to interview. These are the times where they work for you. And then I’d have to go back and it’s like, whoa, I’m spending a lot of time going back and forth. So I was like, Okay, how can I do this easier for myself? Great. Book in two hours per week, put that in my scheduling link, send that to people then have email send. I’m like, Oh, this now becomes easy. That now is automated.


Andrea Franco  18:53

I love that. Yeah, no, I just clicked a time I looked at the time. It was like this one time I had available to him I scheduled so crazy this month. And I was like, That’s the sign I’m in and it was super easy. I got an email from you. And I agree automation coming in after foundation is important.


Juliette Karaman  19:12

And I didn’t realise that first. And I’m like, oh, yeah, I’m not tech savvy, savvy. And I’m still not really you know, I’m not the genius at Tech. But but that’s it. What are like, if you have listeners that have we have people that are listening that are like, Oh my God, I am just beginning in this mentoring in this coaching space and helping others whatever it is, what are the three things that you say? You would tell them to do immediately.


Andrea Franco  19:42

So first and foremost, give value give value, give value that the reason that I think I was so successful so quickly, is I wasn’t listening people to tell me to 10 times my rates in five seconds. I wanted to actually like no trust I wanted people to see See my work, get results from my work and I wanted to get testimonials, social proof is huge. So I think that some people starting out get lost in the sauce of the internet. And they’re like, oh my god, she’s charging all this money and I should be making all this money. And then lo and I’m like, Whoa, you should be getting testimonials. You should be you could you be it. So number two going into that is create raving fans and a community. Like I have women that have been with me for well over a year, some years because I pour into them. I love on them. I see them. I hear them. I’m not someone who’s like, oh my god, I’m so untouchable. And again, there’s different tiers like I have high tier like, you know, my mentor, my membership, that’s 111 a month. No, I’m not in there. Every day, they get one call, you have to. So I’ll move into this then you have to know your protocols and your boundaries. That’s so huge of like for me, for example, like boxer people can boxer up to four minutes, they come to ask a question or celebrate. A lot of people come in and they don’t really guide their clients to the highest. It’s like your mentorship starts day one, I don’t let my clients vent and complain and go on and on about what they had for breakfast, because that doesn’t serve them nor does it serve me and my time. So unstoppable value, creating community, knowing protocols, and then show the hell up and let people know who you are, how you can serve them. And what is the result that they get working with you a lot of people create so much content around themselves, which I think is beautiful, because you want to be able to see someone for who they are and your morals align. But I think it’s important that someone knows well what’s in it for me because at the end of the day with all the love People are selfish and they deserve to be if they’re paying you to know what’s going to be happening when they enter your world.


Juliette Karaman  21:45

Completely. Oh my god, I love it. The No bullshit just bottom line it, you know, give fucking value. You’re not really this is why I created this podcast and like people can’t afford to be with me. Pay work with me one to one perfect, then I’m giving this value to them. And also all the people that I interview because they might not be able to be in a position to pay them either. But take two three things away from each podcast. Yeah, then then they expand their horizon. So much community, we are building, we are actually building relationships. It’s relationships with everyone, right? That’s what we all we all want to be heard, seen and loved. And then I love that you just said boundaries. Don’t let them be a certain way. If you really I mean, when Voxer I have two minutes, 22 seconds. I just got them off. I say listen, just bottom line it. And really, it’s doing them a favour. At first it becomes it’s really uncomfortable, but it’s doing them a favour. And what I love what you also said is like have multiple programmes. At the moment, I’m running a 30 day scrub business boxer challenge. And I was just called to do it for 11 pounds. I mean, everyone’s like, help me on monitors. I’m like, I don’t care. I’m having a lot of fun. I’m getting a lot of research. I mean, I’m getting so many downloads from from what these women are sharing and they’re like, Oh my God, this would be cool programme to do on Facebook, I’ll make it much bigger. But that will keep it in like a price range that people are like, Yeah, this is a no brainer. I’m gonna show myself but yet, you know, put it probably up a little bit more that people actually think I do have something to gain from from actually showing up.


Andrea Franco  23:33

That’s beautiful. I love that and I love when we do you do things that are lower level of investments that feel juicy. Like that’s, that’s a big thing is like, you know, my $111 membership, it’s like, I go in there once. I usually stay on for two hours, but it’s it’s life changing and, and everyone in there loves it


Juliette Karaman  23:52

completely right. And I was like yeah, no, the lower end stuff is not for me, you know, and I have my packages that go over 180k as well. So it’s just like, you know, but everything in between as well. It’s kind of like, just have fun with that. I’m a shapeshifter. I’m a manifesting generator and I light up by by by, you know by other people so, and that changes. It’s so beautiful. Love it. Oh my goodness, this has been incredible. So Andrea, tell us how can our listeners find you you said you have a membership you or do you have a group? How can they like get more of you?


Andrea Franco  24:32

Oh, thank you. So my free Facebook group is intuitive female leaders met for magic. So that’s where that’s only for women. And then on Facebook. I’m Andrea Franco on Instagram. I am Andrea Franco. So it’s spelled like Andrea A and D R E A F ra NCOXO on Instagram. And right now the main thing that I’m really enrolling in is my three day live event in April. Everything that I talked about on this podcast, higher consciousness anger release Matic, we’re going to be doing that and it’s actually presale right now where you have a waitlist going and it’s called net for Magic Live 2024. So that is really where my heart is calling me to just make a mention of that on this podcast if anyone is drawn, I’d love to have you there. But all of the rest of this is just a free value resources. And once I get my podcast, I just actually announced it, it’s called net for magic and I’ll be contacting you to to come on with me.


Juliette Karaman  25:30

I would love it. I love it that you’re already really looking forward to April right? I really have this long vision because you know when this airs would be 5666 maybe seven weeks we’re we’re podcasting. We’re recording a bit ahead of time, but it’s August now end of August and you’re already looking at the first quarter.


Andrea Franco  25:51

We’ve already sold over 20 VIP tickets and I’ve already landed three speakers like I’m a Virgo so I’m gonna make this the best thing ever but I’m so in love with the event. Yeah, but thank you for that.


Juliette Karaman  26:04

Love it where is it going to take place let’s actually hear about this little bit because that feels like that juices you


Andrea Franco  26:12

Scottsdale you guys know by the time this comes out I’m like we have to give up probably I don’t want to manifest that either. On Scottsdale Arizona so I wanted to be different I found this luxury boutique hotel in Scottsdale Arizona and it just like blew me away the plants the pool the vibe the luxury. So I actually negotiated them down I had to spend a lot of money to to negotiate them down but instead of like peak season 708 I got the hotel for all my guests at 279 a night which is incredible.


Juliette Karaman  26:45

Wow, how cool


Andrea Franco  26:47

Yeah, so it’s gonna be this epic vision. We have so many different beautiful speakers and the AV team is incredible. I’m flying out Photo Video and flying out makeup. I mean, I’m curating every moment of this event and I want this to be something this industry is just never seen before. So much love so much value, no part pitches all over the stage. Just connections and you really getting a lot of value in this room.


Juliette Karaman  27:13

Oh my goodness. Isn’t that what we all want? I absolutely adore it. I hope that you’re going to have loads of people. I don’t know what you’re copying it. But it sounds like it’s going to be an incredible event where it’s only woman. Yeah 175 Women 175 woman that is a lot of energy. Oh my goodness. Scottsdale. Watch out in April. Anyway my love this has been incredible Andrea Franco a n d E d r e a Franco OB C F ra n co please visit her on Instagram with an x o behind it more on her Facebook pages and I will have all the links in the show notes.


Andrea Franco  28:10

Thank you so much. It’s been nothing short of a pleasure. Your energy is beautiful. I was drawn the second I saw you drop a link in our wonderful mastermind chat and I hope to get to know


Juliette Karaman  28:19

you more. Absolutely much love. Thank you

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