Episode 21 Awakening to Your True Self: Embracing Love, Energy, and Contradictions. A Conversation with Homaya Amar

On: Sep 19, 2023

Welcome to a transformative episode of “The Scrumptious Woman” podcast! Join your host, Juliette Karaman, and special guest Homaya Amar on an enlightening journey through the realms of consciousness, love, and the power of embracing contradictions.

In this soul-stirring conversation, Juliette and Homaya delve into the depths of unconditional love, exploring how it transcends conditions and expectations. They share insights on harnessing our inner energy for personal growth and transformation, and discuss the profound beauty of merging contradictions in our relationships and experiences.

Homaya Amar, known for her unique approach to awakening energy and intuition, brings a fresh perspective on living authentically and passionately. Together, they invite you to release the confines of rigid expectations and embrace the boundless possibilities that love and energy hold.

Tune in for a heart-expanding dialogue that will leave you inspired to live with full passion and presence. Whether you’re seeking deeper connections or a more vibrant way of being, this episode offers invaluable wisdom and practices to integrate into your journey.

Join us in this exploration of love, energy, and the art of embracing contradictions. Get ready to tap into your limitless potential and awaken the true essence of your being.

Key Takeaways:

1. The Importance of Intuition: Juliette and Homaya highlight the significance of following one’s intuition and inner guidance. They stress that we all have the ability to sense when something resonates with us on a deeper level.

2. Awakening to Higher Consciousness: Homaya shares her journey from a career as an architect to her current path as a spiritual guide. She emphasizes that awakening can happen at any moment when we become aware of our true nature and sovereignty.

3. The Role of Reflection: They discuss how life reflects back our own energy and consciousness. Homaya explains that we are constantly co-creating with the universe, and our external experiences mirror our internal state.

4. The Sovereignty of Self: Juliette and Homaya delve into the concept of sovereignty, which involves owning one’s spiritual nature and recognizing that we are creators of our reality. They explore how self-love and self-acceptance play a crucial role in this process.

5. Shifting from Obedience to Alignment: The conversation touches on the transformation from blindly obeying external influences to aligning with one’s inner wisdom and authentic desires. Homaya suggests that embracing our true nature leads to a more fulfilling and aligned life.

6. The Journey of Self-Discovery: Both Juliette and Homaya share personal stories and insights, emphasizing that the path of self-discovery is unique for each individual and can involve profound shifts in perspective.


The Scrumptious Woman EP21

Fri, Sep 15, 2023 2:07PM • 50:34


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Juliette Karaman, Homaya Amar


Juliette Karaman  00:00

So how am I, we are going completely live. I am so pleased to have you on my podcast. I don’t even have your bio to read because I thought we’re just going to riff and you’re going to explain who you are and how incredibly important you are in my life and in everyone’s life.


Homaya Amar  00:21

This is so sweet. So Juliette, first I’d like to congratulate you congratulate you because I’m you know that this is a beginning of a new chapter. And I’m like, I had the moment I can afternoon where I listened to the first podcasts that were already on. And I just love them. I’m speaking about it. They have Luxans, a full body shivery for that. It’s really beautiful. And I do feel that podcasts that that style are really missing. So it’s amazing that you bring it and you bring I know you asked me about myself, but it’s like that you you bring your magic to the world in that way. It’s it’s just scrumptious


Juliette Karaman  01:05

to scrumptious woman in the world.


Juliette Karaman  01:12

Bringing our energy and I know that that is your speciality. So.


Homaya Amar  01:19

Yeah. So to share about me and my life and what I do, where would I start? Where would I go? I feel at the state that I am now in my life. And actually, I feel that again, in in the context of the state that we are in life, the world is in its evolution. I feel my background and what I’ve done until now, which was very much based on being connected to a lineage of teaching that is passing from master to students and so on. One of the things that I that happened to me is, I woke up to the realisation that what I’m doing is a heritage for those who will follow. And yeah, and as I’m coming from the light and energy field, the healing realm, the healing world, playing with dimension, playing with vortexes and portals, and like all of this mystical realm is so concrete. For me, it’s so real for me, I’m realising that it is time for me and for all of us to really look towards where we’re heading, and to recreate new norms and new state of connection to spirit to light to energy, and to divinity, whomever would like to use whatever words that will echo.


Juliette Karaman  03:08

Beautiful. So I remember meeting you. So who am I and I were in a mastermind still are in the mastermind after almost two years. And it really became a sisterhood. All of us signed up, although we had no idea what we were signing up to. But we listened to the cop. And this is what I wanted to speak to we all have that intuition. We all have that knowledge like, oh my god, I’m yes to that. Or I’m a no. So over 50 of us came together. And this mastermind was created with our dear mentor, Melania layer. And I remember the first time that you came on and you spoke and I’m like, Who is this? What? What is she? Right? Because I didn’t quite understand what you were speaking about. But it felt like coming home. And I think that is a really good way to explain this whole realm of higher consciousness of ascension. Like, we might not have the words for it. But we feel the energy and it’s like, oh, this is why soul coming home.


Homaya Amar  04:22

So beautiful. Again, I must start when I relate to that to the first time that I went and see all of us on screen. And I remember that I looked at you and I said this woman going to be my friend.


Juliette Karaman  04:43

Isn’t that funny? We know these things, right? We just did something beautiful. We know these things and we lose that intuition. As a baby we know these things. We as a child, we know who we want to come to for hugs and we feel that energy that people have. And then that gets shut down often.


Homaya Amar  05:07

It is it is, I feel that there’s something that happened in my life, which was not necessarily experienced at the time that it happened as something good, you know, it was very challenging my childhood, my interaction, the first interactions of the first I would say 24 to 30 years in my life was very, very, very challenging. And it didn’t felt like something, you know, like, good. At the same time, this period was such a strong period in my life, where I feel that the human that I am, was in some way trained, trained to become the one who would live the one who would hear the one who would have conversations with higher dimensions and will support energies and wisdom and light codes to come from higher dimension into this into this space. So with that challenge, and with that training, something in the entire constellation was amazing, because my psychic abilities were in some way protected, my level of sensitivity, my empathic nature, my intuition, in some way was was protected, I just kept on going deeper and deeper and richer and richer, but I do feel as I am guiding many ladies, because most of us feminine ladies, you know, most of us that have a very strong feminine energy. In the level of constitution, we carry it type of receptivity that allowed us to grasp subtitles nuance, and render them inside of our system into guidance, even if it would not be rendered through the mind. There is something that is happening there, that is guiding us and I feel you were mentioning before the calling and answering the quality, I feel that for me, I am so blessed that it’s almost like an internal mechanism within me to know where I go right or left and like how to move and this internal mechanism is not protecting me from having some challenges and life experiences. But what it gives me is the strength irrational strength to go through those life experiences.


Juliette Karaman  08:18

I love that. So it’s really trusting your inner compass that it’s in, nothing is gonna be like, super duper, everything is perfect all of a sudden, right? Like we all want to like wake up in a dream and we have loads of money and the men and the husbands and the this and that but we want


Juliette Karaman  08:45

and yet, we’re so often stuck in that. Just that rat race of work, taking care of the kids, the house, this the that the little boxes that we take, and then all of a sudden, and I know that has happened to me in midlife, we kind of have this awakening. It’s kind of cold, like, oh, is this all that there is to life? And that’s an expert as well. So this is really where you see most people struggling. And it’s not so much early in their marriage, but it’s the relationship to self that’s really struggling. Yes.


Homaya Amar  09:24

Yes. Everything would be finally a reflection to the relationship that you have within you. Right? Everything will be a ripple effect an echo of this internal relation that you have. Have with yourself, how you ask yourself, how you guide yourself, how you connect with yourself. And even when I’m saying it, I’m assuming that there wouldn’t be people who would listen to that and will sink or might get confused that this is a verbal communication and some people actually when you give them the guidance, okay, let’s start having and get better cultivate a better relationship within you. They sometimes go through a moment of dichotomy because they feel that they need to have a relationship with themself. And this is like two objects, which is not. It’s not, it’s like really moving into an alignment, moving into an inner dance moving into the, it’s like inner position, right? you position yourself, you anchor yourself so much more within you. Knowing that everything that we’re experiencing is an echo to what we feel and the way that we move within us. Every there’s, there is no possibility that something will be different than that.


Homaya Amar  10:48

It challenges us to follow it.


Juliette Karaman  10:51

Right? And I think for a lot of people like well, how do I do that? Tell me how age old tell me how. And that’s where it’s really like, we all want to get outside approval, right? We all want to have others reflect back to us that we’re, we’re okay that we’re doing all right, that we’re on our path were successful, we’re loving people like us all of these things. And if you don’t like yourself, and that is what is what’s going to get reflected back to you. And there might be subtle things, but you’ll notice that all of a sudden, life just isn’t. It’s got a few hiccups, ups and downs and keep getting that same challenge again, and again. It’s like, oh, but it’s that person that did it to me. And it’s like, is that really true? Because that’s the second or third time that it’s come around? And it’s like, Oh, where am I not believing in who I am? The beingness of who we are, right?


Homaya Amar  11:56

Yeah, you know, in the way in the morphology, we can say of this realm of this, what we named 3d dimension, and so on. We do have each other, and we reflect each other. This is part of the game, one of the beautiful thing that I love to explain many times is that I’m actually have never seen my face, you do, you’ve never seen your face. All that you could have seen ever, ever, ever in your life is a reflection of your face, when you’re looking at the mirror or a reflection of yourself when you’re looking at a photo. But you’ve never seen your face, right, we have never seen our face we have each other to exchange faces with. So


Juliette Karaman  12:45

just wait a minute, just let that sink in. We’ve never our own faces, you have wrecked your face, which is so true. We have one row we have a mirror we have others that reflect this vibration back to us. But we’ve never been an observer of our own faces, our own bodies.


Homaya Amar  13:09

Exactly. Exactly, never impossible would never happen. I can only touch and tell myself a story about how this touch is touching an object that I’m already designed, brainwashed, I would even say, to believe in the way that it looks. So yes, we are here for each other to reflect. We’re here for each other to support to guide to support this navigation. But therefore, even the word creation have a little bit of a twig in it, what is happening is that we are co creating we’re co creating God is God’s we’re co creating, it’s the sum of all it’s the sum of all life is the same sum of all frequencies that accumulate itself into one phenomena that shows itself again and again and again and again and through that I am experiencing. So I do have reflection. And I do you know I am basing my movement through a reflection that comes back to me from you from my friends from my boy from my husband and so on. But when I forget that I was the one reflecting and everything is actually a return light coming back to me the source. This is where we get lost.


Juliette Karaman  14:43

Period. I want to take a breath there because I think this is going to blow some people’s minds. And that’s okay. This is actually where you just feel the transmission that her Maya just gave us and where you’ll feel the truth of it? Or you’ll notice that we are the ones reflecting. And that’s reflected back. We are the creators. Yeah. So if someone I mean, most of the people that come to you are already on this path, right? They find you but some way. Yeah. Okay. Tell me more. How do people find what’s what’s, what’s one of your stories that someone? Or how did you, you were an architect, right? You did something completely different for years.


Homaya Amar  15:36

Yeah. So that it goes box again, back, excuse me, goes back again, to the calling. So maybe we give a little another little transmission. And from there we go back to the storytelling.


Juliette Karaman  15:52

Perfect, I let you lead darling.


Homaya Amar  15:56

So what we experienced in reality is a density of frequency. So what actually exists is a free flowing energy, what actually exists are waves of consciousness that are being translated through us the machine. And then we gradually reduce the frequency not because it is less, but rather, so it will match the much the machine. And then we’re being educated, oh, this is why this is red, this is square, this is a circle, like we get all the geometry and we get all the frequencies of the colours. So frequencies and vibration, we get all of that we translate it, and then we relate to it as matter. And since I am, my presence, I wanted to say my work. But this is really ridiculous even to say that this is my work. My presence, my position, my inner position in my life, and in this world, is that I am very much feeling that I’m seated in the higher heaven that I’m anchored in the higher heaven, and I am there where the court are being written and where the code are being reorganised when templates are being composed. So most of you know, if I go and meet people and have conversation with people who have met me, those who come to me have met me, in dreams, in astral plan, in places where they could feel my frequency, or you know, they heard my voice, some something needs to be in an activation that start in the subtle places. And I do feel, and I feel that that is something that really supports the type of relationship that I have in my life is I feel that those who are coming to be with me, they just know it. They just know they’re really done. I knew that we’re going to be in contact and we’re going to be connected, it is just 100% clear there is something in a soul level there is something in the most incurred place within me. So, so this is most of the people, this is how they come to me. Somehow they hear me they feel me they hear about me, they see a comment that I comment on someone question or something like that. And there is something in the frequency that it resonates. And then let go. I had a so little story that I wanted to share is I’ve had a meeting with some of my students. About three weeks ago, they invited me there were some students who came from Switzerland, different students from different parts of the world. And we were sitting together and somehow the conversation went into the wave of what happened when they How did they get into my world. And all the stories were literally spirit guides brought spirit guide brought me or brochure. I dream about you at night I heard your name I was walking in I heard your name. I felt sad. Most of the people especially those who are long term students with me, most of them knew that they are supposed to be in my presence as their spirit guides. Now it doesn’t mean that you need to be prepared mentally for that. So many people are assuming that. Oh, come and learn with Maya you should be already fully baked. Fully cooked already done master in that realm and I feel that there is a master DNA in people. So there are the quality of mastery that exists in different people. And those qualities sometimes shows up on the spiritual realm. And sometimes not sometimes those quality of mastery you can see it in the way that a woman is holding her house, you can see it in the way that she’s having her relationship you can see it in the way that she read a book the way that you prepare for a journey, the way that Adam a soulmate the way that you take care of the garden, the way that she makes love, you can see the quality of mastery and an awakening happen you awaken is the right time in the in the now time to what exists now, because everything out of it is is a narrative is a linear narrative. We think that we should be prepared for the time that we meet the master there is also the sentence no life when the student is ready the master will appear right they will see the master is coming right. And for me this is not correct. This sentence, the master is always here, the master is not showing up, suddenly, the master is always here. And you are coming when you are in the right now. And you are able to say okay, I am enough with ignoring that there is something greater than me that bring air air to my lungs. I’m enough with ignoring that I am enough with ignoring signs. I’m enough with ignoring that. There’s synchronicity that there is divine plan. I’m enough with ignoring that the world and in the matter, I’m enough with it, you wake up to what exists. Now you don’t need to be ready, you can go from 100 From zero to 100. In one day, you can be completely ready in one day.


Juliette Karaman  22:18

Beautiful, right? And it’s so true what you say. The teacher is always there, where we just don’t see it. And then all of a sudden we see it and I’m like, oh, okay, and maybe we are our own teacher, right? becomes even more like whoa.


Homaya Amar  22:39

So correct. So true. Yeah. And I feel that you’re touching something so beautiful here, because there’s something in committing to your spiritual nature, nature, that is about sovereignty. And sovereignty, as we said, is the Yes to the self love is that yes to my relationship with myself is the Yes to the teacher and the master that exists within me. This is sovereignty. Complete, so you are in that. Right you are in that state where you want to own who you are. And you want to own the creator that you are. You cannot keep on thinking behaving as you are an outcome of reality. Because if you look at your life, you would see that it didn’t get you for


Juliette Karaman  23:39

that it’s such a good one. And I think a lot of people will feel even if they don’t understand it, they will feel the truth of that. They’ll look back over their lives. And they’ll be like, Oh, yes, wasn’t I clever creating that on? And like, Oh, I’m still in that normal pattern. And it keeps repeating itself until I’m done with it and that it’s gone. And it means I hate that word needs. But it’s sometimes it’s we get to a place where we wake up to that reality we wake up to like, oh, I have had my my blinders on like the horses right when they put these things in them on the side that their blinders that they just go straight and that they don’t see what’s on the left and on the right of them. And so often that’s how I explained to people what, that’s what I explained what scrumptious nurses for me, it’s that life force, it’s that she has that orgasm, it’s everything that runs through it. And it’s kind of like taking the Vaseline off a lens and then all of a sudden the camera lens becomes high definition. And you start seeing the colours and the different vibrations and the shadows. It’s like whoa, where has this been all my life and the you realise it’s always been there. We’ve just put a little veil on top of it. Yeah.


Homaya Amar  25:07

I felt the word scrumptious, it will be for you start, you started speaking, it was so present now in this level of our conversation, I want to tap into this what you explained, you know, like those, you find their strength. Yes, so you’re like just going straight and you’re not. As, as we evolve, you know, we’re human nature. We go through a development of what we name as ego. And there is something so powerful in that, and this is why we need so need each other and especially we need parents and friends. Conscious one, aware one. Because at that time, where we develop our ego, we are in a point where the trajectory of our life from within can shift it’s either that we’re going to keep on evolving with the remembrance of our true nature and with this inherent will and free will and freedom that exist within us and that will keep on evolving and we will believe in alignment and commitment with or what will happen is we will fall we I would use the word fall unfortunately, into the believer of the limit limited illusion the 3d world and it’s almost like either we choose the monkey or we choose the robots. So when we are free, when we are free, we don’t need to necessarily keep on developing with our monkey mind. But we cannot keep we can evolve as one with nature. But once we start limiting ourselves into the functioning into the to do list into what needs to be done away from scrubs business, away from pleasure away from neutrality and and naturalness, into a very low vibration neutrality that goes into functioning, functioning, functioning. We move into obedience and we move into a very I want to say the words functional efficiency, way of living. And I feel that the difference between an awakened person, the one that is connected to life, the one that can really play with life, the one that can compose life in the way that he she they were designed to compose life and the one who are just following the trail and running in the rat race is whether you just obey orders. Even if they come in so many, you know like deceiving way or you follow what in your heart feels


Homaya Amar  28:48

divine pleasure Ristic at expensive nourishing the matrix cannot do in the presence of those energies.


Homaya Amar  29:07

The computer the robot is doesn’t understand that this one obeys orders and create orders to himself.


Juliette Karaman  29:23

And it’s so beautiful how you’re referencing computers, the matrix and AI and how that’s been programmed and nothing wrong with any of this. Right? But it’s also if I just look at social media when I talk about pleasure. I get censored. When I talk about scrumptious pneus they haven’t caught on to that. Yes. And they’re like, what’s something delicious like great, but it’s kind of thinking it’s like we’re governments and people in power have kind of CO created this way to keep people in check so that how are flowing this are scrumptious and this our aliveness kind of gets boxed in. And I’m not saying I’m not blaming anyone because that is our own creation as well but that’s the bit where it’s like oh become unshackled become unbound become. And when we’re in the rat race, and I was like, oh my god, how am I going to pay my next bill? II? When you have all of this, to trust is tough.


Homaya Amar  30:42

Yeah. I feel that maybe trust is an overestimated attitude


Homaya Amar  30:55

if I need to trust so I’m not trusting. Yeah, right. Okay, so I feel that there are wise reasons and bless why reasons why the entire population started to create itself in a certain order, where things are being taken care of. It’s like the difference between the invention of times through a mind agreement, a cosmic and, and the human mind, mind agreement is not that different from you know, the agreement to have order. Any type of other order, that seems okay. The fact that one can cancel the other, and one is been threat, by pleasure and by love. This is something that we need to pay attention to. Order is magnificent. It creates space, space, creates space, create awareness, create spirit, it doesn’t create spirit, you know, in a higher vibration, we can say space, Great Spirit. But oh, yeah, I think that we can understand, right? I hope that we can all understand what I’m saying when I mean, when I’m what I mean, when I’m saying it. What, what I’d like us to look at is when we are in love, I love giving this example, when we are in love, when we are with our heart open, do we think about the bills that we need to pay? Not thinking about those things, it’s like you’re like, who would like him to speak you just like anything is a waste of energy and a huge distraction from what is really happening because the heart is open. And the beauty is here. The feeling of coming back home, it’s so present, it’s like, this is so alive. And once you think about the operation, it’s almost a shock, then I was not really anchored in love. So this is why I’m saying if we’re going to overestimate trust as a link to overcome the matrix, I would, I think that we will going to be very much rely on evidence and evidence will be need to be relayed on confirmation. Confirmation can come from most of the people from the mind if they are not connected enough to their heart. So instead of taking this path, the path that I highlight is you stay in love being in love, be love, be love, be in love, be love be in light, be be be in bliss, be in that frequency. Just stay anchored in it.


Juliette Karaman  34:06

And we see the science of it right the Heart Math and Dr. Joe and Dispenza. And all these people have actually measured it, for those of us that need that cognitive, where our brains need to actually understand it, but it is being able to be measured and that people do completely step into their new lives into the other timelines where everything is already perfect and where you are your healthy body and you are that living that abundant, beautiful life in love, in love with life itself.


Homaya Amar  34:43

And this is our birthright. Look how much love is coming I’m sure that like I don’t know how many people who are listening now are gave birth was the act of getting pregnant. The eye itself of making love? Or is it like it can something be compared to that the entire world is being a race, it’s the highest form of meditation. And that’s the art of giving birth and the act of of having a child in your arms, like, what is it doing to your heart, it’s just like, you thought that this is what you knew about love. Let me introduce you at your scale. This is what we’re talking about. And it’s endless and it’s overflowing and it’s, there’s no limitation. It’s full on over the house come and take, we’re not going to limit it.


Juliette Karaman  35:41

Isn’t that incredible? Right. When you? I mean, I would say yeah, of course, there are some people that aren’t happy in their pregnancy. And it was, you know, something happened that it wasn’t the highest vibration. But yet, when you hold that baby, it’s unconditional love. It actually is unconditional love. You can’t help. But love that baby. Like when you look at puppies, you can’t help but smile and be happy or kittens or small mo D or Dakotans, right? And this is where what our resting state really is that love. And then it’s just all the layers that we’ve put on top of it, the armoring of the heart of the mind of the body.


Homaya Amar  36:30

So it’s here, it’s here, and we are it is alive within us. So tapping into that space. And again, allowing ourself to tap into that space away from ideas of how we should be because as it is a fountain and as it is overflowing, the way that it shows up today would not be the way that you would show up tomorrow, would you still be in that? Right? There is an expectation that everyone would love me the way that I love. It is impossible. No one gonna love you the way that you love others. The way that you love them, it’s like it possible you actually love them because they represent something they bring different qualities they bring different vibration and you’re being nourished by that dynamic and you’re being feeling complete and Hall in the intimacy of this contradiction. So why comes the expectation to be loved the way that your love no state stay into our I actually can expand into the place where I can be really in connection with another type of love. Can I be that can I be in that? Can I be part of it.


Juliette Karaman  37:50

And I love what you say expecting the same kind of love back. And this is where it becomes kind of like commerce, right? It’s like I’m gonna love you this way. Because I want to get back and this is I guess we marry each other where we get that root reflection back. But that is where the doubt and where they’re not being 100% in your heart comes back. That’s where where where the little niggles come in? It’s like, oh, and that’s the bit that gets reflected back.


Homaya Amar  38:28

Yes, yeah. Yeah.


Juliette Karaman  38:32

It’s so good. This isn’t this is such a such a mindfuck.


Homaya Amar  38:37

This no other words, actually, you’re so correct about


Juliette Karaman  38:43

this, but Oh, like, there’s no other word. Monkey Mind. Yes, but that doesn’t really quite explain it.


Homaya Amar  38:52

So this is, we say a deeper calling into how are we really opening ourselves? Do we have a catalogue of how we should love? What are the love options that exist? Or do we really believe in this co creation and we are so strong in the creator that we are as we’re meeting someone, as we are part with a certain a certain community? Are we or are we able to bring ourselves and to welcome a reflection and to welcome this reflection as part of the composition of love without saying this is not how I would like to be loved or this is it’s like, oh, maybe I wanted to be loved like that on the first day but not on the second day. Now I have other things. You know, it’s like, this is where we really limit. We really limit what love can do for us. We forget that love is merging of contradictions.


Juliette Karaman  40:00

Hmm. The merging of contradictions.


Homaya Amar  40:05

And we expect, right?


Juliette Karaman  40:09

It says yeah, go ahead, you expect that it will be the merging that the releasing of charge, there is no no positive, no negative, there just is.


Homaya Amar  40:25

Yeah, I think that they want the mind wants to take control very quickly over a phenomena and want to copy it want to reproduce it want to reproduce the way that it is the way that it was. And that is impossible, like you cannot reproduce. The first case you cannot represent reproduce the first date, you cannot reproduce the first birth birth that you gave like you cannot reproduce them. And what you can is that you can bring your presence into this virgin experience that you’re willing to meet a new and every single moment.


Juliette Karaman  41:11

Beautiful. I love that distinction where I was because right before that I was going towards people are trying everything they’re trying plant medicine, they’re trying sacred medicine, to get to that place of remembering of that first breath of that static place of being of remembering, right, really knowing who they are, where they came from, what what we are is an energy form. And it feels like searching. And I’m not saying that it’s wrong, because I’ve done that. I dragged off. I’ve done all kinds of different medicines. And really, it’s peeled back a layer and a layer and in there and at one point, it’s like, oh, we can get to these static states without any additional stuff substances or having to smoke or drink or take anything, except for ourselves being in the present time.


Homaya Amar  42:25

The remote, would you be willing to surrender to your


Juliette Karaman  42:29

right. Are we winning? Yeah. And I remember one of the first times that I really understood what I still I still don’t understand, right? The first time that I recognised how much energy was coursing through this body, I came home and I put on the lights and all the lights on the island and in the kitchen, all the light bulbs just blew and I was like, Oh, okay. contain that a little bit so that it doesn’t blow out things because I remember that. Like for a month or so I had so much energy and my body didn’t know what to do of it that cars next to me would crash, I go next to shop and the alarm would go off car alarms would go off. And that’s like the beginning I just thought it was nothing. And then afterwards like, oh, okay, maybe I’ve turned on a little bit too bright. Or maybe I just don’t quite know how to contain it yet.


Homaya Amar  43:32

I feel that one of the things that I love working with people is both in awakening, the energy, the energy is always there. Yeah, awakening to what you have inside of you. And allowing that to flow and to have connection, your intuition, your psychic your connection to what exists, how you move in life, what you commit to what you’re aligning with, etc. And then also learning how to use that. Because, you know, one of the things maybe we can bring here is like one of the things that you’ve received from me is a breath of God, remember? Yeah, so what is that this breath of God that I can, you know, use my breath to move in that state was you to move you into a half trance state where your entire energy field is being reorganised into a higher state of awareness, a higher state of health with a breath it, you know, actually, how long would it was it? Five minutes, 10 minutes? How long would it take doesn’t take so long. So part of the work that I feel that we should wake up to now we should connect to is that awareness of how much energy we have What can we do for it? What is where would we put our attention? What is our priorities? What is our value? And how do we use the resources that exist within us in the most beautiful way? Complete, this is the Creator. And again, if we go just to remember a little bit, what is the robot, what is the machine is doing, you’re going to tell me what I should do tell me that I should learn, tell me that I should pay taxes, tell me that I should have children and have kids, I don’t have activation of my freewheel. And therefore I can run on a very, very little energy. And I would actually keep on taking different things in my life, to dim my light, to reduce the level of energy to put me in numbness. But that is living without living. While the other option is living with full passion for connection and black. It’s the same body house, same house, your wife, your children, your husband’s same. But what is a life the depths of experience is so big, it is so beautiful. It’s it’s a complete different type of life. And I feel that is the art that is the art that is so missing in the world for the world. To flow with ease. And for us to feel that we are being nourished by being alive, that we are being inspired. By you know, everything that we’re looking for success, connection, love, intimate relationship, any experience you want to have in your life, you want to be the one who generate that, and you want to be the one who take it to whatever, you know, whatever state you want to take it.


Juliette Karaman  47:02

I love how that’s kind of coming to a complete circle. So how am I tell me how people can find you how they can work with you. If they’re like, Oh, my God, this woman, there’s something there. I know that I’m one of these ones that has been called to her.


Homaya Amar  47:21

Yeah, so first, my name is very unique. So in that sense, it’s so easy to find me on that. So Maya, H O Ma, ya, you can find me on Instagram. This is the social media that I’m playing with. And I feel that there’s possibility of course, to work with me one on one and the one who feel the calling can always proach through social media. And there’s also so many different offering that exists there. If you feel that you just want to stop massaging your consciousness into it, you know, like massaging, like you hear that and you feel that Oh, actually, I’d like to dive deep there. So there’s so many offerings, there’s so many ways just to start feeling that you are working in behalf of your higher self, and in, in alignment with divinity. So the easiest reach out, it’s really easy to find me.


Juliette Karaman  48:31

So how Maya on Instagram HOMAY. A. And in your link, there will be lots of different ways to maybe courses or just just go and have a look. And then be intrigued where it’s kind of like like an Oracle go and see where it leads you.


Homaya Amar  48:49

Exactly. Exactly. You know, there’s a sentence that I’m feeling quite often now that I received in a conversation with Melanie, she said, if you need to convince someone to follow his calling, how far are we going to go in transforming his life? Yes. So the freewheel of everyone is here completely. You decide how real are you going to be with yourself?


Juliette Karaman  49:22

Beautiful. I love you. Thank you so much for this most beautiful conversation. We went everywhere and nowhere and just beautiful heart, heart moments


Homaya Amar  49:37

to like I love you. I’m so honoured to be here and I’m very grateful to in that sense contribute to the source of light that you are and to be part of it to empower it to highlight it. For others it’s it’s a great honour I deeply believe in your work and in your magic And above all those really deep soul level love that exists. Yes. Thank you. I love you, bless you. Thank you all for listening and being part of this journey.


Juliette Karaman  50:21

As always, if you want to share this podcast with someone that you think yes, this person needs to listen to this, please do.


Homaya Amar  50:30

See you next time

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