Episode 16 Exploring Human Design, Self-Healing, and Ascension with Lauren Saracione

On: Sep 1, 2023

In this enlightening podcast episode, Juliette and Lauren Saracione engage in a heartfelt conversation that delves into various aspects of human design, self-healing, and the journey of ascension. With a deep passion for understanding the intricacies of human behavior and personal growth, Juliette and Lauren bring their unique experiences to the table, creating a dynamic and engaging dialogue.

They explore the profound concept of human design, a personality profiling system that incorporates the flow of subatomic particles through the universe and our bodies to shape our individual personalities. As manifesting generators with emotional authority, Juliette and Lauren share their perspectives on how human design has given them insights into their energy patterns and helped them navigate life’s challenges.

Lauren opens up about her personal journey of self-healing, revealing her struggles with binge eating, chronic migraines, and emotional trauma. She discusses the interconnectedness of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies, emphasizing the importance of aligning these aspects for holistic well-being. Both guests highlight the transformative power of meditation and inner exploration, leading to greater self-awareness and growth.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Juliette introduces the concept of spinal attunement, a practice focused on releasing emotional and physical blockages along the spine. This practice fosters a deep sense of safety, alignment, and healing within the individual. They discuss the significance of embracing darkness and the emotional landscapes that reside within, highlighting the potential for growth and understanding through these experiences.

As the episode unfolds, Juliette and Lauren reflect on the collective journey of ascension. They discuss the interconnectedness of all individuals on this path, the power of shared experiences, and the importance of guiding others back to themselves through understanding and support.

Join Juliette and Lauren as they navigate the realms of human design, self-healing, and ascension, sharing insights, personal stories, and wisdom that will inspire listeners on their own transformative journeys.


Key Takeaways from today’s show:

  • Understanding Human Design: Lauren explains that human design is a personality profiling system based on subatomic particles flowing through the universe and our bodies, contributing to our unique personalities.
  • Manifesting Generator Experience: Lauren, a manifesting generator, shares how human design has given her permission to work on multiple projects simultaneously and pivot between them based on her energy.
  • Personal Journeys and Realizations: Both guests discuss their unique life experiences and realizations. Lauren opens up about her struggles with binge eating, PTSD, chronic migraines, and physical ailments, leading to her journey of self-healing.
  • Inner Transformation and Mind-Body Connection: Lauren emphasizes the importance of aligning the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies for holistic healing. She discusses the power of meditation, connecting with the universe, and letting go of fear-based mental patterns.
  • Spinal Attunement and Healing: Juliette shares her experience with spinal attunement, a practice focused on releasing emotional and physical blockages along the spine. This practice helps access deep safety, alignment, and healing.

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Juliette Karaman, Lauren Saracione


Juliette Karaman  00:01

Hello, my love, I love that you are like so enthusiasts. So I’m gonna just read your bio. And Lauren is a 22 year fitness Pro, that’s a long time manager and six to just like me and emotional authority. And that’s how we connect. Yes. How health crisis is in your adult life and was resuscitated as an infant. But being the natural role model, she learned how to self heal and spends most of the time teaching others how to do the same. Living in LA, California with four dogs, and you’ll find her at the gym or behind the laptop if she isn’t playing with them. And I will put all your details in the show notes later on. He kind of tell us about all of that. Further, it’s so cool that you are here.


Lauren Saracione  00:50

Yeah, I’m so grateful I was so I was when you when I heard what you were talking about as your experience. With the human design. I was like me. Hi, let’s be friends. So I was really excited that we were able to connect so soon. And I listened to your podcast, and I really love what you’re bringing to the table for us to have these big discussions.


Juliette Karaman  01:08

Isn’t it fun, right? And we just kind of like went straight from there I met on a programme that we’re doing together, we’re both like, yes, human design, we’re both a six to manifesting generator emotional authority. And for a lot of people, they might not know what human design is. I mean, I’m not an expert at it. I think both of you and I are learning but there’s a lot of it that really resonates with me. Tell me what, what are the things that you are like? Yes, that’s what,


Lauren Saracione  01:39

oh, my God. Well, I you know, um, so So yeah, so human design is like a personality profiling system. And I went a little I do know a little bit about it, not like all the intricacies. But the thing that like I love is that it’s really incorporating what’s called the Nano stream. There’s sub atomic particles that flow through the universe, that they’re subatomic, but they have mass. And so as they float through the constellations, they also float through our body. And so that’s how we get our astrology or personalities. So I love that aspect of it. And I love how deep it is. So as a manifesting generator, it’s like, it feels like all of my craziness of like multiple conversations going off in my head at all times and projects. Now, like I have, like a permission slip of like, oh, I can work on this one right now. Work on it, work on it, work on it until this idea clicks over here that I was waiting to understand something, put this one back work on this. And then now oh my god, now I can complete this one because all the pieces just came together.


Juliette Karaman  02:44

Isn’t it funny, and I love that you talked about this nano, but I didn’t even know that right? So it’s like, I’ve been kind of attracted by by a human design and the gene keys. And somehow astrology. I mean, I’m 55 I’ve tried to love astrology. And I’ve had my chart read and all of this. And it just somehow doesn’t go in. And like it’s, it’s just not filtering in. So I’m like, Okay, there’s no shame in that. It just, it’s doesn’t want to stick to me. It’s like Teflon, it just goes straight out. So but we’re human design and the jinkies. I’m like, oh, that’s kind of my instruction booklet. Not to say that I can only act this way because we don’t want to box anyone in either. But we get so many like aha moments like oh, this is why I don’t stick to one thing. This is why I’ve been an interior designer. This is where I’ve I’ve helped kids with special needs. Why I’ve been a caterer that’s why I’m a coach’s is why I’m this woman sexuality. I’m like, wow, you know, and, and, and because so often when I was growing up, and I had all these 5000 ideas that came out, and then I do like 10 of them. I would hear it’s like you don’t stick with one thing.


Lauren Saracione  04:07

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And as like the sixth line, where we’re talking about lines is like your, your first, the first line. So we’re six two. So for everyone listening, the first line is where we’re like conscious like what like we kind of bring forth more of our personality. And then the second line is more of what your unconscious were like, you don’t notice these things about you necessarily. It’s just your base operating system. So for like the six, you know, like I’m 41 and I realise now learning more about the six is that we’re a lifetime of, of manufacturing wisdom. And it was like made so much sense of like, why most of my life has been a shit show and like why everything has been hard like in every category of life. And then also like my obsession with time I And I really like was able to let go of like the rushed feeling last year where I felt like I always had to like, go go go as fast as I could, because I really felt like time was running out. And it sounds ridiculous, but like it was, it really drove me nuts. And so that kind of like went away. But it’s like, yeah, like it, it the frustration of things not going well when like you kind of like are a smart person and you’re like, why did this still get messed up? Why did that happen? I should have known better. And like, you know better like right after the thing happens. And you’re like, and I think they’re like, I had a lot of shame for a long time until I was like, Oh, actually, I do things really fast, like the bad experience the mess up, and then the wisdom and then let’s recalibrate and learn from it. And then what I also noticed is that was really intimidating to people. So I attracted a lot of people that didn’t like how fast I could move through stuff and like expected that like, oh, no, you should be more upset or you’re not as spiritual because you’re not feeling the things. You’re just moving on too quick. I’m like, but it’s done. It’s like, I figured it out.


Juliette Karaman  06:11

I’m just really, yeah, we can pivot really quickly. It’s like, oh, okay, that’s gone. Now. It’s time for something else. So tell me a little bit about your life. You said you’ve been in health and fitness for 22 years, and you’ve had some pretty intense experiences.


Lauren Saracione  06:32

Yeah, yeah. So um, yeah, like my mom when I was resuscitate it, somebody had sprayed the yard next door with pesticides. And it just shut me down. And totally turned me off. So she’s like, you know, foaming at the mouth, the whole thing, like, had to go to go to the ER. And then. I mean, there’s like, so many things. So but like the big ones that I think that like, Okay, hang on a second. I have them listed so that I don’t get all distracted. So my first one was 13 years ago, when I really realised that binge eating wasn’t working anymore. Where I was, like, crying so hard during the binge that I couldn’t swallow. And I was like, oh, no, like, no, I really have to figure stuff out. And I was diagnosed with PTSD. And the diagnosis was from unresolved stuff when my mom had a stalker, when we were when I was nine years old. And that’s when I think I really imprinted a fear mentality. And that like, also, like, had a cascade of events of my mindset and my emotions, because it was really scary. And he kidnapped my cat when he had my cat stolen when he was in jail. And his friends tortured my cat for the length of time he was in jail. And when he got out, they gave me my cat back. So when I was in my 20s, and I have this, like, I was 28, my Saturn Return, nervous breakdown. And I’m in therapy, and there and I said, Well, you know, the thing happened when I was a kid, does that play a role? And they’re like, yeah, it does. So, so I did all of that. I worked through that stuff. And the where I am now is like on the total other side of it. And there was a therapist that told me I went to several because I didn’t connect very well with most of them with any of them. And he said, you have all the answers within and I was so mad and I said if I knew the answers, I wouldn’t be here. And then what then happened though, is so that was 13 years ago. Then in 2015, my gym dissolved, I financially folded. And then I was had so much guilt and shame around that. And I always had chronic migraines. Then in 2017, a disc in my neck slid up and under and to tore so it was just excruciating pain, not able, you know, really to do much of anything. And I learned about Dr. John Sarno, and we could like circle back to that and stuff. So 2017 like is when I started to do the meditations from Joe Dispenza and really understand that you have to change your personality. And I was like floored because then I was going through a divorce the year later. And then in 2020 It was my second time getting severe haemorrhoids. And the first time was like in 2013 and I had surgeries. But this 2020 Partially had to do with a spontaneous kundalini awakening. Like 2020 was like a big break in the matrix, right? So my whole system was shifting and I had to change everything. I wasn’t able to exercise my flares were back. My haemorrhoids were back like I had to recalibrate. My whole body with this new emotional awareness. And now, I’m like, oh my god, like I did it. And at the time when each of those things happen, I felt like a fraud. Like, I was doing fitness wrong, because I was like, I should know better to be able to control my body and not have these issues. But each thing, I learned something different about the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. So now it’s like, my whole system is all for the bodies is what I’m doing with people.


Juliette Karaman  10:31

Isn’t it incredible? Right, that sometimes we really have to go through it, the only way out is through, right. And I do Dr. Jones, meditations and I work with the body as well, a lot in the emotional body. And, and really where we do know that our thoughts are so important, our thoughts are the thing that the brain has, and then the emotions, the feelings, and the body sensations is the body’s language. And when you can actually link those two up to release any of the fear based or any of the thoughts that keep you looping and get to that place of no space of no time. And, and just where you connect back to the universe. Have the healing. That’s where there’s no time, even right where we step into that. Yeah, identity, that different personality of who we are.


Lauren Saracione  11:31

Yeah, and it makes me emotional. Because that meditation like when when Joe Dispenza, whichever one it is, when he’s talking about where there’s no space, no time. I remember the first time I got to that place, and it was just all black. But then it was really funny, then all these like, rectangle shapes started to come up. And I was like, Oh, those are buildings. Oh, this is how the material gets gets born like it’s here. But then it’s shaped and then it builds and then this and then that. But that place of darkness where there’s nothing is like so peaceful and so much love. Like it doesn’t make me want to cry. Because once you’re there when you’re not worried about when you’re not regretting the past, and you’re not worried about the future. All of your four bodies are right here. There’s no tug of energy and energy vampire. Like there’s nothing there’s nothing bad. And it’s just I wish I’m getting chills. I wish I wish more people would know the power that they have to come into themselves and come into that place.


Juliette Karaman  12:37

Beautiful. That take us through the four bodies, I know what they are, but a lot of our listeners might not know.


Lauren Saracione  12:45

Yeah, so our physical body is the most densest. Everything is sound. We are in the plane, the 3d plane where sound is so dense that we can touch it, then we have the emotional body and that they’re kind of layered, but they’re like spherically layered, we’re the centre of it. And then so the emotional body, then you have the mental body layer, then you have the spiritual body layers that go on and on and on and on forever. Because we are all part of the one energetic field of God. It just feels like we’re separate because we’re all the way over here on the dense plane. But really, we’re fully connected to it. And I didn’t understand this stuff like at all before 2020. Like, I was so frustrated with the spiritual community because they made it feel it felt so abstract. And when I started to realise that like mindsets are kind of like fences, that I had like a frequency fence of fear because of this guy trying to kill us. I had this like, shield across me, you know, here’s some doggie poop bags. I felt like I had this just like really thin shield across everything I was doing of fear that everybody was out to get me. So I was always I was very closed off and always resting bitchface. And I realised like it was just because I was afraid I was going to be attacked. But it was nothing I was ever consciously thinking. And when I started to see that as like, Okay, if the mental body is above the emotional body, then if the mental body is all like this all freaked out tight, then the emotional body is going to be like this. And then the physical body is going to be like this. So I was like, okay, like, if it’s thoughts and feelings and they’re causing me pain and inflammation and disease, what are these thoughts? I have to like go through to like, let these things kind of like open up and relax.


Juliette Karaman  14:44

Isn’t that beautiful? Right? And I love the way that you’ve explained that and I do something which is called spinal attunement. It’s very close to spinal network analysis. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but you actually work. No, tell me in the diff Our bodies. So people, people have a vibration in our spine. And it’s like your Kundalini awakening, we have that vibration through our body. And oftentimes the emotions get stuck in the spine. And that is what creates disease. So if we can manipulate, not even the spine like like chiropractors do, but but just by touching it, and sometimes it’s in the emotional body. Sometimes it’s in the spiritual body, sometimes it’s in the physical body. And then a wave starts to happen. And this is where we all have that Kundalini, we all have that scrunches. And as we all have that chi, we have that available to us. But it gets locked down, it gets stuck. So I’ve been doing this for the last two years. And it’s I saw it online somewhere. I’m like, Oh, my God, this is I have to do this. So you know, when


Lauren Saracione  15:56

I got to check it out, it’s super cool. Yeah, for


Juliette Karaman  15:58

me, it’s quite big. So super cool. So I started found someone in London. And now I’ve actually learned how to do this myself. So this morning, I held a group of three, four of us. And I actually did it virtually, the movement, and the body just knows what to do. Right? And I know Dr. Joseph is like, damn, tame that body. And yes, we can get to that space. But then there is parts of our actual physical body that things need to move through. So if you do a combination to like, like, I know that you’re a fitness person, but like, all of a sudden, my arms are hurting stuff. And like, I didn’t know I had muscles in these places, because I’m like,


Lauren Saracione  16:41

yeah, yeah, my body will


Juliette Karaman  16:43

twist in places that I didn’t realise that I actually could do. And there’s a space of deep safety, of knowing there’s actually nothing wrong. It’s just things that have lodged into our bodies. And we don’t, there’s no thought there’s that place of no thought. And for me, it’s not particularly dark. I know that he says, go to the dark space on like, for me, it’s light, or it’s there is no. And it’s just really beautiful. Yeah, everyone has a completely different experience. And yet, there’s such familiarity in it. And we can actually measure that, that we are all on that same coherence in that same wave.


Lauren Saracione  17:25

Mm hmm. Wow, I wonder why I really embraced the dark. And when my mom had her stalker that I would have I had to really hurt like really scary, recurring nightmares of me being the only person in the world with this guy. And he was in he would like swing this like plastic. He was dressed like a mummy with black shiny, like patent leather strips. And he’d wave this thing and slam it on the ground. And the whole thing would with would earthquake. And a Looney Tunes character of an old lady would be there to the one that was with Tweety Bird. And I always wake up and be like, Oh my god, this is so creepy. But I would have that. But then I also had this dream where it was just white space, a huge ice cube and Seagull flying around it. And that terrified me because that was also the only thing left in the world. And so the black, you know, and I think part of the two part of the two for me being a hermit, I’m like, close the blinds. Let me put on twinkle lights. Let me go into the dark. So that’s just interesting that that you know what I mean? Like, like, I’m like, Yes, like it feels cool and relaxing, and calm when I’m in black. Oh, and I’m in black right now.


Juliette Karaman  18:41

Isn’t that funny? And even the blackness is there. It’s just waves its energy. We are making it black in our minds, but it’s it’s nothing right? It’s what Yeah. give meaning to so it’s it’s yeah, it’s I mean, today I’ve had another I had my friend Oh, my aunt earlier who is deep into all of this and explains it in a way which is like a spiritual leader and it’s mind blowing, but yet deeply familiar. So I just love how all of us are on the path of ascension the path of walking each other home of being of being yeah light.


Lauren Saracione  19:30

Yeah, yeah. I mean, that’s definitely what it feels what it feels like and in 2020 I really wasn’t into a lot I not in the spiritual stuff at all like Joe Dispenza is really as far as like I went into anything before it before that. And I found out the thing about there’s a Lionsgate portal that’s on Eighth, eighth, and the energy is going to be there until December 21 and December 21 2020 is When we really click into the Age of Aquarius, where we really move, so the joke was like, I was ready to be beamed up. My mom and my mom’s boyfriend was like, deeply concerned that like, I really thought we were gonna have like our star family come and get us


Lauren Saracione  20:21

but hidden, like what I did on top of thinking that was gonna happen. Um, I, I, knowing what I knew, like having this energy move, and seeing the chakras and seeing how it all worked. But I was still very new to it, I was only a couple months into my awakening, my obsession with time, I thought I had like a three month window to like, get all this information out there. So I was like a maniac. And like I have these are just some of my paper notes like this whole little office space had like, posters and like notes all over, because I would like get a download and be like, Oh, this thought and feeling over here makes the shoulder pain over here. So if we do this, then this will work. But it’s really that and it’s the light body here. And it’s the third dimension is the second. Like I was just insane. And yeah, I forgot why I told you that. But yeah, I mean, I thought oh, the path to ascension. I thought that that was a window. I thought it was like that. And that was it. So I was like in a really big hurry.


Juliette Karaman  21:28

Hurry to get there.


Lauren Saracione  21:31

Yeah, yeah. But now I’m like, okay, like I got the elixir, I figured out how to self heal. Let me give people the same tools that I used and see. And you know, help them use them and then walk them through that. That’s that’s Sorry. Yeah. The hero’s hero’s journey, helping people walk back themselves back home. Yeah.


Juliette Karaman  21:49

Beautiful. Could you give our listeners like, maybe a quick recap of like five or seven minutes, something that they can actually take away and do themselves? And then of course, you know, you share everything?


Lauren Saracione  22:04

Oh, yes. Absolutely. Yes. Okay.


Juliette Karaman  22:07

That actually will change your life now.


Lauren Saracione  22:11

Yeah, okay. So


Juliette Karaman  22:15

yeah, take a breath.


Lauren Saracione  22:20

Because the real, okay. So at the end of the day, this is what I found out. That really what the issue is that we’re having with our body is separation consciousness, we first perceive that we’re separate from source when we come into a human body. And we have whatever perception we have of the birthing process. So the first thing, the first fear is that we’re separate from God, as we’re in this tangible body. We live live, live, live live, the second fear becomes we’re afraid to separate from the body into the death experience. So at the end of the day, with all the stuff that I did, that’s what like I came to. So everything is about separation, every pain is about separation. So when we have the fear, based on separation, and we take the fear out on our body, as I did with binge eating, and laxatives and just destroying my body, they did a lot of stupid exercises without taking proper care of my structure. When we are the person who uses the body, as the thing to take out the separation, whatever thoughts that we have, have been inadequate and not worthy. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we say, I’m unworthy because of my thighs, or my stomach or the back of my arms. But it’s not anything to do with the body. That’s a cultural thing. But because we’re focused on the body, we’re using those thoughts and feelings to experience those separation wounds. So that like that’s the deepest level of it, because we’re talking about being separate from your four bodies, where we I work with my four bodies all the time, I feel connected all the time, I never feel disconnected from source ever. So how I got to that part of that how how that I want everybody to do is this is my body energetics coding system. So you look in the mirror, and whatever it is that you don’t like about your body, right down the body parts that you don’t like. Because those body parts that you don’t like, hold the emotions of however you are shamed or guilted or braided or victimised in any way. So first, you have what you don’t like right? The aesthetic, that’s your body image. That’s your self image. That’s your image of who you are in God, that you’re not noticing that you’re noticing her somebody picked it apart. So that’s how you start to actually gather your power because the things that you don’t like, from the shamers, the braiders, the victimizers, they’re stored in the body parts. So when you actually look at that emotional meaning of the body part that you don’t like, that’s when you can actually start to work with it with that memory of something bad that happened either from a person or from culture, or from a societal structure. The second thing, so then, so then you actually have some memories to work with, and forgive and do whatever type of spiritual process you want to do. But you start with the body part. And you I’ve got the Encyclopaedia of ailments and diseases that I used, I used Google, I use Louise Hay, you can heal your body, and I just decoded it, and allowed myself to remember whatever it was, I remembered that was similar to that emotion. The second thing is your performance. So I have a forward head. And I forget a stenosis, like my spine is narrow, or whatever parts of my spine are narrowing. Whatever is not going right in your body, if you have elbow pain, if you have ankle pain, same thing, but with the pain and the dysfunction of our body, that’s the deepest levels of self avoidance, because those emotions are representative of how you’ve completely cut yourself off from yourself. Because someone made who you are bad. So same thing, what I would do is be like, okay, like, I have neck pain, and shoulder pain, I would look up the metaphysical meanings of those. And then I would say, Okay, well, like, how does this resonate with me and not every single Google search you you get, the first one is going to make sense to you. So I would like reword the sentence of tension, ailment, like, whatever, until something really hit. So then when I found the metaphysical meaning of that pain, I was like, how does that show up in other areas of my life? And how can I work on those other areas, so that this will start to release, because sometimes when we’re focused on the pain, you can’t, you can’t let it go, because you’re still too close to it. So I did that, like that was like my main thing. And like my spiritual resonance with who I connect with in other dimensions, like, that’s beside the point, that part doesn’t matter. We have the tools. It’s all through the body, the ascension is through the physical body. So if we just look at what we don’t like, forgive all the memories that are associated with those body parts. Look at the parts that aren’t functioning, and look at those bigger metaphysical meanings and see where they have resonance and see where they’re showing up in our life. And usually, there’s like an OP well, like in Louise Hay. And in my ailment book, there’s a positive mantra to help recalibrate your thought system. And so it’s just reprogramming your subconscious mind and you know, just being it. It’s, it’s not easy and aware. But that’s what that’s that’s like, my main thing. And it’s so easy, right? It’s Google.


Juliette Karaman  28:19

It’s, it’s so true. It’s funny, right? Because I work with a lot of trauma and a lot of people that have had sexual abuse. And then of course, we realise how incredible the psyche is how it can just conveniently forget about it until the body is actually ready to let it go. Because that’s what disease is, right? It just loads into the body. So I remember being in a BDSM class, and I was getting flogged on my back. And I was just like, I felt Oh, my God, I was starting to stir. And I was like, I asked the needy that the DOM that was doing the class, whatever it is this and I’m liking both of you, both of you, Florida. There’s something about pop, and they could see that I was ready for it, right. And it was like, I just had this visceral memory of what happened and my date rape when I was 18. And all of this and I just ice my body started shuttering. And I started shaking, and I just shook it through my body like a dog or like any animal does when it’s frightened. And once I just scare, and it completed that trauma cycle that had been lodged in there for over 20 years. And that I can allow or not because my psyche couldn’t handle it. So knowing what I know now is that in order to move through something, we have to duplicate it. So this the memory shaking, move it through, but I went back to London and this was when I was in California, it’s San Francisco and I went back to London and was like okay, I’m going to find it Tom, and I’m going to reenact the rate but give it a different ending. And we’re gonna idea that this is actually how you move through things. And of course, now you know, by study this much longer, I know that that is the way through. And it was just incredible. So instead of not wanting to feel it, you go deep into it. If you look at Viktor Frankl, he wrote about this in the concentration camps, it’s like, actually going into something is the only way to feel it. You don’t have to feel it for very long. Yeah, the emotions, the body sensations. If it’s done in a safe way, within two minutes, you’re through it. And then that charge, which is what gets stuck in you leaves. And then once you’re in this place, you’re like, oh, no, I have a choice. Now. It’s like, it’s just something that happened. But it doesn’t define who I am anymore. I won’t get there in some way or another, and we just try to help others do this quicker. So they don’t have to wait for 20 years.


Lauren Saracione  31:09

Exactly. I know. Like don’t take three yet. But hopefully this will take you a year instead of 13. Yeah, like Yeah, mine was 13 years of like, having the awareness that something was off. Yeah. You know, like, Yeah, wow, I didn’t know that about like I didn’t when you first started talking about that, when you were saying logging it cut out a little bit. So I didn’t realise the context of what you were what you were saying until you kept talking. I’m like, Oh, I didn’t know like that was part of that experience of like, why it’s such I want to say like popular like, why a lot of people like talk about how like they they released their emotions during that type of play. I had no idea I haven’t looked into it that deeply. Yeah, it’s


Juliette Karaman  31:53

one of the states it’s one of the ways to get to static states is by by being flogged by being by by having that pain pleasure border that that limit kind of like being extended right being on that edge. And where our conscious mind can just not keep up with it anymore. Right it’s just like okay, just surrender I can only be in my body and this is why I became became a dominant dominate tricks at one point to help others heal through reaching those static states and knowing that there will held it’s very different from seeing like 50 Shades of Grey that you see or from from from some of the play that you see of other people that they love kink and that’s completely cool, but I really use it for healing people I think there’s some bits of the king of the BDSM community can be quite unconscious people drink a lot people get to do impact play where it’s not very safe. So I would say if if this is something that you want to look into make sure that you get references and you really you tap into your intuition right and this might not be for everyone like not everyone wants that can then lead you not everyone wants that but complete openness to source to God you I know you said God at times people might get triggered other people said the universe source goddess what whatever your thing is to oneness. Yeah. Just something more of their right. Or not just


Lauren Saracione  33:39

Yeah, person. Yeah, yeah, totally. And I just started saying God recently, because a lot of my karma, I’m a 12th house Pisces sun. And so according to astrology, I like went through the whole wheel. And then another aspect of my chart is like, I’m unloading karma this lifetime. So the pain stuff that I went through the big ones were the religious wound with my pagan ancestors who were genocided for the Catholic Church. And then, really, I kind of feel like the scientific wound with my Jewish ancestors who were experimented on. And we have a world experiment going on right now. So So I like went like pretty deep and pretty dark for a long time. I was apathetic for a while. But, um, but yeah, I mean, that pain. I was talking with my mom about it. I was like, you know, I was like, some of this was like, really messed up because pain and pleasure are actually very, two very similar sensations. She’s like, what? And I was like, so I like I shared with her some stuff, because I had a moment where I was like, oh, everything that was painful to me. Actually now like I’m so joyful about it because it to me it was like a book to like, learn and evolve. You know, so yeah, like, yeah, thank you for elaborating on that, because I didn’t I didn’t know all of that stuff, but it definitely resonates. People actually,


Juliette Karaman  35:07

that have gotten to the state that they are in now would never trade whatever they’ve been through to get here. Because they’re like if we hadn’t Yeah, if like I hear a lot of people that have been ill and have been in wheelchairs, and then all of a sudden actually heal themselves and walk or Yes, I had the honour to to help people Passover, which has been beautiful. And part of me is like, Yeah, fuck, I would have really liked my sister to be here. But part of it is how I have come to be who I am as well. Yeah, where can people reach you?


Lauren Saracione  35:50

You can find me at Lauren Thursday on just on Instagram is like super easy in the in the direct messages. And I have a lot of free content on YouTube. It’s youtube.com/lauren sericea. And there’s all bodies, there’s meditations. There’s Kundalini meditations on there. You just have to search them out. But yeah, Instagram is the easiest place.


Juliette Karaman  36:11

Perfect everything will be in the in the show notes. But can you spell your last name Lauren is L A, u r e n just for people if they spell it a different way? And then your last name just so that people can hear that too?


Lauren Saracione  36:26

Yes, it’s I’m gonna I’m gonna do the the NATO phonetic alphabet, right? Yeah. Okay. I have it on my computer. My work computer. S is in Sierra. A is in alpha. R is in Romeo. A is in alpha. C is in Charlie. AI is in India. Oh as an Oscar and as a November II as an echo. Yeah, they’re a sound. Yeah, I said it


Juliette Karaman  36:55

will be in the show notes, bro. whoever’s listening to this and just go into the show notes. See where you find Lauren and connected with her just spread the loves. Give this this podcast to someone else. Send it to someone saying oh, this woman I really like her. Maybe follow her along as well.


Lauren Saracione  37:15

Yeah, yes. Thank you and he’ll heal yourself. Thank you so much for having me.


Juliette Karaman  37:21

I’ve loved having you. I love your energy. I love what you’re doing out in the world. And thank you for being here.

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