Episode 14 Unlocking Your Inner Receiver: Embracing Goodness and Calibrating to Success

On: Aug 25, 2023

In the latest episode of the Scrumptious Woman Podcast, Juliette delves into the importance of receiving and calibrating to goodness in our lives. She shares how often we struggle with accepting positive events, and emphasizes the need to pause and anchor in moments of achievement. Juliette discusses the role of the nervous system in adapting to change and encourages listeners to recognize their beliefs about receiving. She explores the tendency to deflect compliments and gestures, shedding light on the discomfort many feel when receiving without giving back. Through her insights, Juliette highlights the significance of anchoring in positive experiences and introduces the concept of intentional laziness to bask in the present moment. She encourages listeners to identify small pleasures and positive aspects of life before drifting off to sleep, ultimately fostering a greater capacity to receive and appreciate life’s goodness. Connect with Juliette and explore the journey of embracing the art of receiving and calibrating to positivity.

Embracing Receiving: Receiving goodness and positive experiences is a gift that many struggle with. It’s important to pause and acknowledge the positive events in our lives.

Calibrating to Goodness: Just as our bodies need time to adjust and adapt, our nervous system needs time to calibrate to new levels of positivity and success.

Deflecting Compliments: Women, in particular, tend to deflect compliments and gestures of kindness. It’s essential to examine the beliefs and discomfort around receiving without immediately giving back.

Anchoring in Positivity: Taking a sacred pause to anchor in positive experiences is crucial. Rather than rushing through moments of achievement, take time to savor and integrate them.

Intentional Laziness: Intentionally embrace moments of “lazy” relaxation after accomplishments. Disconnect from devices and relish in the present to attract more goodness into your life.

Small Pleasures: Reflect on small pleasures and positive aspects of life before bedtime. This practice can help foster an attitude of gratitude and enhance your capacity to receive.

Receiving Codes: Juliette is launching a program called the “Receiving Codes” that will delve deeper into the art of receiving and embracing positivity in various aspects of life.

Mindful Calibration: Observe your thoughts and beliefs about receiving. Challenge any negative or limiting beliefs that may hinder your ability to accept goodness.

Appreciating Moments: Recognise the beauty in simple moments, like the sun hitting your shoulders or a smile from a stranger. These can contribute to a more positive and appreciative mindset.

Remember, taking time to appreciate and receive goodness is a skill that can be nurtured, leading to a more joyful and fulfilling life.


The Scrumptious Woman EP14

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Juliette Karaman


Juliette Karaman  00:00

Hello, my lovelies, I am so pleased to be with you once again in the scrumptious woman podcast. So a bit has happened since I last spoke to you a lot of goodness has actually happened. And it’s taken my body, my psyche, a little bit of time to actually calibrate. And oftentimes, when we hear this, we’re like, bro, what do you mean having good stuff happen to you, it’s really easy. But this is where receiving is actually a gift. And it’s not something that comes really easily to us. Later on in the summer, I’ll actually be dropping a programme called the receiving codes, because, you know, we really do receive information from the universe from what is around us right from the field. And if we’re not open enough to actually receive it, if we keep busy with doing things with living life, which we all do, but if we don’t actually put in a moment to pause, put in the moment to anchor in back goodness, whatever level that we have achieved, because ascension is really a path, right? It passes as why. And this is you’re probably understand when I explain it to you in this way. It’s like have you ever had an idea? And you just thought, oh, that be so cool to do it. And they didn’t act on it? And then I don’t know, two, three months later, you see someone else online or someone in your your friends or acquaintance group? Who’s doing exactly that thing? Yeah, like, how, how did we get exactly the same download? Well, that is actually what happens, you do receive, you get that download. But if you don’t act on it, if you don’t have that impulse, and like, Okay, let’s go with it, let’s bring it my, my flavour, then that download goes to someone else. So that’s a bit of the wall stuff. What I was then talking about this weekend last, how I’ve had to slow down and I said this very often in my podcasts and all my teachings, with my private clients with my VIP clients. In order to speed up, we actually need to slow down sometimes, yeah, becoming aware of some patterns that we’re running, becoming aware of the thoughts that are running in our mind, the images, the body sensations, all the emotions that come up those four elements that I speak on so often. And only then do we actually have the time that it takes our body and psyche to catch up to calibrate to have that become our new baseline. Now, last week, I was in a training of spinal network attuning so spinal attunement.


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There’s something called Network Spinal Analysis. And it’s a practice where certain parts of your spine get touched where you’re holding tension, where you’re holding the DIS ease, where, because anything that is dis ease is usually in our nervous system. And that is where we hold that charge or Tory hold that emotional charge. And that is then what creates that stagnancy that stuckness that there’s ease. And once we work on the points on the spine, or just off the spine, we can move energy through that. And that is where we can get a lot of relief. So I was at a training for this for three days. And I’ve been having these adjustments done for the past year and a half. And the change that I’ve seen in my physical body has been incredible. And also my emotional body and really in the anxiety or the fears, the thoughts that come up, just all of a sudden when you’re there lying face down on a massage couch, slightly smaller than a massage couch. And then all of a sudden, recognising that your body has an innate wisdom. It has innate wisdom to heal. And so many teachers out there teach this is Dr. Joe Dispenza. So I mean, there’s there’s quite a few big ones actually teach you that your body can heal. And your thoughts definitely do matter. What you think about yourself is also what you create in in your space, and then what gets created in your body as well. So short, long story trying to make it a bit more succinct, three days of training like this beautiful, new VIP clients that all of a sudden, popped out of nowhere, I had never met these people, they had somehow followed me online, found my VIP offerings. Because I’ve been putting a lot of attention on my VIP offerings on my scrumptious experience, I’ve created this incredible, beautiful brochure, with pictures that I’m proud of that I loved. And that really brings across the essence of what it is that you experience when you go on scrumptious experience. And those are usually VIP ones, one to one, or oftentimes with a couple, so that they can actually learn how to receive how to receive pleasure in their body, how to receive healing that had happened. So obviously, I had put my attention on that I put my thoughts on it, I’ve put my emotions in it, I put all my attention in detail and hard work into it. And funnily enough, two people showed out of nowhere, showed up out out of the blue and signed up for through links on my show social media, then I was featured in Forbes magazine is as a feature. And oh, and then of course my podcast came up. So it’s like I had so much goodness, happen in about a week’s time. And then so much healing in my body as well. And me, healing others with my hands on and off their body. But I took a moment to calibrate to that goodness. And that is often where I say let’s take that sacred pause. Let’s just take a moment and take it in take in all the goodness. And I would say we as women are not often very good at it. Think back to how you receive a compliment. Do you brush it off? Yeah, say someone says, Oh, I like that tough on you. Looks great. So go, oh, this whole thing. I’ve had it in my closet for years. Or Oh, you look amazing. Your hair is so good. Like, yeah, but you have that dandruff here or you’re all my curls are gone. Notice how often we actually deflect and then kind of realise why do we deflect why do we deflect compliments? When someone wants to give something to us? Is that uncomfortable for you? Do you feel you have to give something back? Do you have to do something back? Do you have to give something back? Where does that stem from? And even if you don’t know where it stems from just like oh, yeah, for me, it’s going back a long, long time. I remember when I was a teeny tiny toddler. And I would come near people and I stroke their their fingers, their hands. And I just saw how how their energy changed and how they really relaxed. I’m like, Oh, I’ve always got have to do something to be loved. This is how people like to receive me by me doing something by me performing some kind of act some kind of service to that for them. And oftentimes, woman have this more than men. And maybe that’s generalising but I’ve I’ve seen it in most of my female clients where this is like, yes, but you know, I am loved because I do this the mat for my children for my partner. And when I say so what are the qualities that they love about us I call because I’m caring because I love them so much. And because I take care of them and I do this for them. And that actually is where the receiving block actually starts. So start noticing what are the beliefs that you have about receiving? Do you have to give something back? What does it feel like to receive compliments? What does it feel like to receive a cup of coffee? Say something I like doing when I when I’m out and I buy myself a cup of coffee once in a while I’ll just buy. I’ll pay for the person behind me. And I don’t know them but I’ll just pay for that. And then yeah, that’s it their their coffee gets paid for they usually don’t say who it’s from, but they’ll just say, oh, yeah, someone paid your coffee for you, and to actually watch what happens, but kind of like the disbelief. It’s like, why would a stranger, buy coffee for me? What’s wrong with them? What? What have I done? Well, how can I how can I thank them, I mean, I’m now obligated to do something for them. And this is where it’s like now you can actually receive. So having a lot of good things happen in our lives, oftentimes, we then sabotage this, I was reading an article the other day about what happens to lottery winners, to people that win millions and millions in the lottery. They’re not their system. So their nervous system is not calibrated to having that amount of money, say 16, or 60, or $80 million, or pounds, or whatever your currency is, all of a sudden lands into your account. So just take a moment and feel that all of a sudden, you have your bank account, and there is $80 million, or the equivalent equivalent pounds, whatever the Euros, whatever it is, in your currency, what happens just notice where does your breath go? There’s your heart start beating a little quicker are your fingers and hands they start getting sweaty? Do you have thoughts but oh my god, wouldn’t that be amazing? That would save me that would would help or my family have you gone immediately into thinking what you would do for others has that felt slightly uncomfortable? Has it felt really liberating. So that is where we have to kind of calibrate to our capacity, Mike, oftentimes when I’m teaching to a class, and I see that there are a few people that have some pretty intense trauma onboard, I’ll take everything much slower, I’ll talk more slowly. Because they can’t always hear me, I’ll repeat what I’m saying more and more, more often. So that I’m actually now calibrating to what they can hear, and what they can feel. And this is what I mean, with calibration, it’s like taking the time so that you have an if you think about your nervous system, just think about it as a box as a container. Right. So like, like, like these plastic cups that we get the really cheap or white ones that always fall apart when when we get like a coffee and whatever it


Juliette Karaman  13:04

truckers plaisirs happening, sometimes they have these really thin plastic cups. So think about that as your nervous system. It gets filled and filled and filled with hot liquid that has no place to go anymore. And if there’s more and more and more and more and more of that goodness going out in, then it’s going to expand and collapse. And the sides may just collapse to the side. And then the liquid spills out every hands over over the table wherever you have it. That is a little bit what happens to our nervous system. Right? We put good things in it. We have a great week, we have loads of new clients, we get lots of loving from our husbands or partners. You may have made it promotion at work. There’s a lot of good things that happened and then all of a sudden, it’s like, Oh, I’m not sure I can hold this colour collapse, either and collapse could look at becoming lethargic, which is one of those is like all of a sudden being really tired and yawning and yawning is moving energy. So when you’re with people and all of a sudden they start yawning means that your energy that they’re in, they have to calibrate to that and their reaction is to something that you’re boring. It’s not that they don’t constant you it’s just an energetic thing. So that’s one thing that happens. Another thing what I noticed, especially when I’ve been teaching people in a course and they’ve calibrated to so much goodness, with other woman with other couples where they all of a sudden they’re very expressive very much into their scrubs. Is life is that they’ll start picking fights, that they’ll maybe drink a bit too much alcohol or have a glass of wine, which actually doesn’t help when you’re that in that really expanded open state. When that expansion, that newness feels just like a big open home, it’s like, oh, what do we cover this? What what do we fill this with? Because this, this new, new way of being is really uncomfortable. And I want you to just sit with that for a moment. And think about how often have you had like, really good things happen to you. And then maybe a few days, or even a few hours later, something happens to completely derail that. You might have a story in your head, or you might have that thoughts, and you see it never last long. You know how they say seven years bad luck, and then it switches, it’s oftentimes you haven’t given yourself the time to calibrate to anchor in that new baseline. So with all the processes that I do in my rapid release, rewire and restore process, one of the big steps is a question of anchoring in question is, what can you do today? To feel this sensation more to feel this as your baseline? And oftentimes, I’ll have people think like, What do you mean? Like, so you’re feeling this expanded now? Or you’re you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world? Or you want to confront your boss? What is one way? What’s one action step, just one step, what we’re looking for is that one crop that you can bet you can take that action step that you can take today, to feel this for a little bit longer. And that has them then go back into their minds a little bit. And I said, just first answer is your best answer. And then oftentimes, it’s not at all what they felt, it’s not like I’m gonna pick up the phone and call my boss. It’s like, Oh, I’m gonna go nature, park my feet in the grass, take a bottle of water with me look at the sunset and actually appreciate how I’m good my life is. Or they’ll say, I’m going to spend some time with my granddaughter, the kitty cat and really connect with them a little bit. And more often than not, it is actually taking some time off some time. And it can be as little as five minutes to calibrate to what it was that they have just experienced. Because what we do is we bring you into the here and now realising that this moment is so beautiful. And this moment, and this moment. And a dear mentor of mine, Sachin Raja, who has the accelerated evolution academy that I was teaching for, and I’m a trainer for and I’m a master coach for a lot of the processes that I have in my art for method are derived from him and from some other peeps that he has also named in all the processes. And one of the biggest learnings and one of the things that he likes to say often is complete laziness. Yeah, and really have like this intentional laziness. After you’ve given a course or after you’ve maybe just finished your deadline, take an hour to hour and just be lazy, switch off your telephone, your your, your TV, switch off all your devices, and just allow yourself some time to bask in that moment. Because as we know, where you put your attention on, bat is work rose. So when you bask in that moment of feeling amazing of calibrating to all the good things that have happened, that my love is Are you calling in more of that goodness? And it takes a moment. Yeah, it takes a moment to calibrate to that. Take that time for yourself. A good way of starting this process is to, before you get to bed, take a moment if you have a pen and paper next to your bed, perfect. If you don’t take, take some notes on your phone or just think, yeah, I’m also a firm believer of not being on technology, knowing how it keeps me awake at night. But last thing before you close your eyes and you drift off to sleep, just think about four or five things that were absolutely great in your life as it is right now. And it might be something as small as the way that the sun hit my shoulders today. Or the woman that smiled at me. And while I was doing my shopping, and we we had a little chat about the flowers outside could be like, Oh my god, the sheets are just the vine. I love it want to have clean linen. Might be that glass of water today was just wonderful. I could be Hey, my body I’m just so proud that I did 10,000 steps today. But I walked for 10 minutes without pain. All of these things are really how you receive life. And then notice where you’re going to get more impulses where you’re going to get more thoughts more ideas. You’re actually going to receive more from the universe more goodness. As always my loves. See how that resonates with you. Go on to my website have a look for the receiving codes which will come later this year. The summer and see how you can receive look back at all the history of yourself and like Oh, am I good receiver and don’t get Don’t get angry at yourself. You’re not this is a journey. We’re learning how to receive. As always, lots of love and stay scrumptious.

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