Episode 13 Unlocking Authentic Growth: Embracing Vulnerability, Humor, and an Enlightened Heart with Christine Borschneck

On: Aug 22, 2023

In this weeks episode, join hosts Juliette Karaman and Christine Borschneck in a heartfelt conversation about embracing vulnerability, self-discovery, and personal growth. Christine, a trauma specialist and embodiment mentor, shares her insights and experiences in helping individuals navigate their journeys towards healing and transformation.

Key Takeaways:

Embracing Vulnerability: Christine and Juliette discuss the power of vulnerability in personal growth, highlighting how it allows us to authentically connect with others and ourselves.

Healing through Humor: The hosts share their experiences of using humor as a tool for healing, helping to release tension and allowing emotional processing.

Unearthing Self-Discovery: Christine emphasizes the importance of introspection and self-discovery on the path to growth. Engaging with our inner selves helps us understand our wounds and desires.

Navigating Trauma: Christine delves into her work as a trauma specialist, explaining how she helps people overcome trauma by providing a safe space for healing and growth.

Being Seen and Heard: They explore the human desire to be seen, heard, loved, and understood. Genuine connection can create a powerful healing space.

Navigating Overwhelm: Christine discusses the intensity of being fully seen and how it can sometimes lead to overwhelm, both in herself and her clients.

Receiving and Giving: Juliette and Christine talk about the importance of receiving and giving, and how stretching our receiving capacity can lead to personal growth and an ability to support others.

Becoming Catalysts: The hosts reflect on how discomfort and triggers can serve as catalysts for personal growth, urging listeners to step into authenticity and self-discovery.

Heart Samadhi: Christine explains the meaning behind “Heart Samadhi,” highlighting the significance of having an enlightened heart and leading with love in all aspects of life.

Take a Sacred Pause: Christine’s actionable step is to take five minutes daily to connect with yourself, embrace stillness, and be present with your thoughts, feelings, and body.

Tune in to this illuminating episode as Christine and Juliette share their wisdom on navigating life’s challenges, embracing vulnerability, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

You can connect with Christine through her website at https://heartsamadhi.com, where you’ll find more information about her work as a trauma specialist and embodiment mentor. You can also follow her on Instagram at @christineborschneck and find her on Facebook as Christine Stinson Borschneck.

Don’t miss out on the insights and guidance she offers to help individuals navigate their healing and personal growth journeys.


The Scrumptious Woman EP13

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Juliette Karaman, Christine Borschneck


Juliette Karaman  00:00

Hi lovelies, this is Juliette, and I’ve got with me my beautiful friend Christine Borschneck. Now Christine is a fellow director and a fellow teacher with me in the embodied Leadership Academy, we go back a little bit, you know, we go back about five years or so have co worked together, and absolutely adore each other. So today, we’re going to riff a little bit, and you’re going to hear a little bit of her story. So Christine, welcome. Thank


Christine Borschneck  00:32

you, my dearest friend, Juliette, for having me here. And I’m so excited for you on this adventure. I am, you know, just really jazzed up in life, I had a week off. And I always find that when I have spaciousness within my life, there’s just so so many downloads, and so much openness and expansion, that that comes through afterwards. And so, you know, I was, I was back at work yesterday, and I do, you know, a lot of Trump like, hands on body trauma work and sexuality work, and it has just been absolute magic. The frequencies clear, you know, it’s just, you know, when we really, we really are our frequency, we really, when, when you’re leading with this, like high vibe, it doesn’t matter what kind of interventions we do, it doesn’t matter. You know, all the things that we know when I’ve learned it really is who we be, rather than what we do. Yes, and people just, yeah, and people just organically, you know, unfold and change and unlike they, you know, just it’s like a, like an unweaving process. Yeah, it’s just so


Juliette Karaman  01:51

it’s gonna unravel, you can almost see like the ropes starting to unravel to like uncoil where the nervous system becomes more settled and elongated and can all of a sudden be?


Christine Borschneck  02:08

Absolutely. So I’ve just been sitting in this really beautiful vibration of just being with one another in the trueness of ourselves. You know, it? It really is that simple kindness, care? Genuine give a shit.


Juliette Karaman  02:31

Isn’t it funny how online too. and I are, I know that you’ve had your week off. And then yes, we we chat a little bit on text or voice mode. But exactly the same has been happening for me where I’m actually just taking a step back. And I’ve started this wha I went to see my kids and Lebanon and in Dubai and where it was like, Oh, I’m I’m helping people. But what started as to have me have a little bit more time for my kids and for myself, actually became like, the calling where I’m helping so many other people, but it’s like, oh, I don’t have time enough for me, myself. And that’s when you burn out. And that’s when you get resentful. And that’s when you get tired. Not that this happened to me. But I, I noticed it and I caught it on time. And just like you said that when you create that space, and I thought Great, I don’t have a lot of one on one clients that I’m holding the moment and I consciously didn’t do that. It’s like so I actually have this space. And that’s one of the most beautiful Divine Messages come through because we all have access to it. Yeah, we forget, we can absolutely see the next time often or what the next mentor or another teacher or you know, it’s like, give it to me, you know, like you’re putting out your your arm for like another dopamine, it’s another head of heroin. The next the next hit, right? We see this in our work so much. And it’s not just a conscious, but it’s everyone. And so we live in this super fast paced life. But we just need that new hit. And if we can notice that become aware of that pattern. Like step back, and actually just bookmark it saying, Hey, hello, I see you just be with that and then move through it right because the only way out is through


Christine Borschneck  04:31

you, you know I completely agree. And I think that, you know, I watched myself last week when I had some spaciousness think, oh, you know, the first thought was, oh, I’d love to create a course. The second thought was, oh my goodness, I’ve been so interested in a subject. Who can I learn from? That just wait a minute here instead of going oh go you In. And so I came into my own body and I sat with it. And, you know, the the, it was a knee jerk reaction to come out of myself and go looking, you know, for something, or feel that, that kind of incessant, like I need to create, but it came from a place of need. It wasn’t like a direct drop. And I know the difference. You know, like when I’m in my creative zone, and I’m creating courses, they just come, they’re just there. And this wasn’t that. And so I knew in that moment, okay, this is this is time to just like settle, rest. Have a nap flowed? Read a book. Yes, slow down. Exactly. So


Juliette Karaman  05:46

could you tell our listeners what the difference is? And also, yeah, let’s start with that. First, I don’t want to do too many


Juliette Karaman  05:58

different steps, clarifying the question,


Juliette Karaman  06:01

having that direct hit that direct download those codes dropping in, right? Or it being a knee jerk reaction to how you’re feeling how that sacred Paul’s has actually created that space?


Christine Borschneck  06:20

Yeah, I think that’s a really beautiful question. Because it’s one that I think over time, you get more and more, maybe becomes more clear. So in the beginning, you know, I didn’t know. And so it just felt like I was just chasing everything. And then I recognised that I was chasing everything. I mean, I was going to courses every month, every two months for years, flying all over the world. And I just gave myself an absolute pause for one year. And I didn’t allow myself to go to any courses whatsoever. And that’s when I was able to see all that was my nervous system driving the bus. I couldn’t slow down I my body couldn’t not have that stimulation. So when I slow down, so I want to just bookmark that for and so when I


Juliette Karaman  07:18

heard nervous system was in such overdrive, and I’m sure a lot of us can recognise that me included. I have both my hands up. Yeah, that you just have this impulses, you have to have more and more and more.


Christine Borschneck  07:33

Yeah. And so what I think a lot of people don’t recognise is when you do slow down, what is underneath the slowdown is often the urgency, the anxiousness, the discontentment with life, this really kind of internal quickness or internal discomfort, tightness in the guts racing heart, not able to take deep breaths sometimes. So fast forward, you know, and I really hear everybody just take a nice, big deep breath. And so I really was disciplined with myself and didn’t let myself do it for a whole year. Because I was really, at that point in my life, I was really training my nervous system and and building its capacity. And, you know, I knew what I was doing, I was actively doing this to heal. And so afterwards, when I would be in creation mode, it just felt like a knowing it felt like it came through, you know, it just spilled out onto the paper, my hand just wrote, it was like, oh, you know, there were so many more ideas and I could ever do all the things, you know, it was just this like, beautiful download of this is a possibility of something, you can offer some possibility. And it has a life of its own. It’s almost like it has its own energy. And you either get to be the conduit for it, or it will go to the next person often. And so the difference for me is when it feels like it’s coming from a direct kind of line, it just feels like it’s funnelling and flowing through. When it feels like it’s something that I’m needing to do it, there’s a little bit of a push behind it. I’m having to ask myself the questions deeper like what am I wanting to create? Why am I wanting to create it? And yes, those questions come for sure. But that’s after the creation process for me completely. You know, when the two of us When the two of us are in creation mode with all of our programmes we have so much fun, it just it flows. And it’s, it’s it’s dumped on our paper within what? Seven minutes. Sometimes


Juliette Karaman  10:13

it’s super quick, right? It’s like little post it notes. It’s like, Oh my God. It’s like the hat. My hand is right. So quick, the years and we both got like downloads, which are often the same, or slightly different. But that is how we course grade right? It’s incredible. And that’s, it’s almost like, that’s when it’s ripe. That’s, that’s really one. It’s like the low hanging fruit. It’s ripe for the picking. And, of course, I’ve also had, and I’m sure we’ve even had this together, we’re like racking our brain, what are we going to do? You know, what are we going to offer? And it just like, Okay, it says unpacker that butthole? And let it just flow? Oh, you bet. So yesterday held a lot of tension there.


Christine Borschneck  11:01

Yeah. Yeah, I remember when we were when we were pushing to get something out on on tele on the embodied Leadership Academy. And we were having some push from someone we were working with at that time. I remember, we got off the phone, and we were like, Okay, what are we going to do? What are we going to do? We sat there and it was just, it wasn’t fun. And then thankfully, we were like, Okay, we’ve got to abort this mission, we both know ourselves far too well, to know that if something is not flowing, and something doesn’t feel fun, and pleasurable, and scrumptious, and delicious, we are not doing it. And so we just the board have the mission. And that’s the


Juliette Karaman  11:49

thing, right? And came back to it frequency. And I know I’ve been talking about this, this week, as well, where really people can feel your frequency, sometimes you just have this split minutes, or you have like a few seconds, maybe maybe half a minute, a minute or two, feel that frequency from someone else. And when they are pushing something when they are saying something that they don’t really believe your body starts bracing, alright, your body kind of says like, oh, there’s something off here. And I was talking about this on one of my podcasts about energetics behind it right, and how we’re all made out of energy and how we all have that innate, knowing that innate feeling that we can feel each other’s frequencies. So if we had pushed that course out, it wouldn’t sound because everyone would be like, yeah, that doesn’t feel good, doesn’t feel good to be in their energy. What’s what’s off there. And this is something that people don’t, don’t realise often. So when you feel scrumptious little on lap, loving life laughing your in your butt off, people are attracted to you. So you’re like that magnet. And it’s like, you ever seen the massive magnets and then like all the metal near just sticks on on the magnet? That’s what it feels like?


Christine Borschneck  13:17

Absolutely. I, I really believe that coherence. And that’s what we’re talking about that alignment that what we show, the outside world and who we are and who we be are in alignment. There’s coherence, there’s a connection, there’s a melding and a full integration of who we are, when we are being that people feel it so deeply. You know, as an example of that yesterday, so I came back from, from this amazing holiday and everybody who sat in my office within the first minute or so they just started to cry. And these were folks that said to me, I you know, I don’t I don’t cry. And I have a theory about that. And my theory is, within every fibre of my being, and my DNA, I have no judgement around someone’s raw, authentic showing up. And when people feel that at the depth, at the depth that I offer it, it’ll it just allows the masks and the armoring to come off. You know, and, and that’s something that you so beautifully have, when, you know, when we’ve worked with people like we just, it’s so beautiful to hold people in the totality of who they are, no matter what. Because the coherence just allows people to just shine and you know, when when you allow yourself to be really, truly present within your own self That’s That’s what you’re you’re summoning from other blocks theatre


Juliette Karaman  15:04

fall when and I call this scrumptious nests when you’re in that whole feeling of the whole embodiment we we hear embodiment term a lot Somatic Experiencing we are all of this a lot. And so when you are in the totality of your essence of your being, it doesn’t matter what you say, because there are really no thoughts that interrupt the pattern or whatever messages come through. Because you’re putting your attention on that other person, just like you were saying yesterday, it’s like I could have done anything. But here’s the beauty of not having any judgement of being completely accepted. A feeling safe enough to be to be all of yourself that isn’t that what we’re all yearning for more than that we’re all longing for.


Christine Borschneck  16:03

Absolutely, absolutely. You know, Juliette, how many times have we heard from folks? Oh, yeah, you know, you told you, you really you really helped me with or you really changed my life when you told me and they say something and you’re like. And, you know, and it’s happened so many times that I’m unsure if i It doesn’t sound like something I would ever say. So either I was channelling it, or B, we were in such a resonance, that it didn’t matter what I said, they got what they needed.


Juliette Karaman  16:47

And that’s the beauty of it. I want to just kind of like touch upon that. It’s like, you’ve travelled a lot. And I’ve travelled a lot. And yeah, I speak different languages. And originally, I’m Dutch. And when I had to learn English, it was like, like Chinese for me. Yes. So I’d heard. Yeah, my little my little tape was like, This is my house, the garage next to the house is mine to the car is in the garage, before moving to Texas. So. But the beauty is that if you are in different cultures, you adapt, you don’t need to speak the language, you can actually pick up on each other’s energy. You can you can intercept set these thought patterns. And with a bit of hands and feet, and smiles and actually just silence often. Words volumes are spoken.


Christine Borschneck  17:46

I cannot agree with you more. I and I find that within travelling, that’s where you really learn that. You know, I have so many so many examples of that that just are so beautiful because because if you don’t travel, you don’t understand the commonality, the global commonality of all of us and how we truly have the ability to communicate.


Juliette Karaman  18:18

By now you shared a really beautiful story with me at one point and you don’t have to share it. It’s quite vulnerable. But I remember myself even having some incredible stories where people just just like almost dropped themselves at my feet. And just to thank me for being there for opening my heart sank. I didn’t have to do anything. But yeah, the feeling of safety.


Christine Borschneck  18:50

But our hearts see each other to each other.


Juliette Karaman  18:53

That’s so true. amounts, that’s a beautiful thing. Also, the heart. Energy is at a certain level, and it recognises people that also have their heart open. And I know we talk about heart to open a lot but but how what would you explain to the listeners that are listening? What can you do to open your heart? What do you what do we mean with heart?


Christine Borschneck  19:16

That’s a big question because I think that so many of us don’t have enough safety in our lives to have our heart open and be vulnerable. I know what it I know what it feels like I know what it looks like and I know the exact extreme opposite. And so I’ll explain this but unless you’ve had an experience of it, it’s really hard to get logically. We we walk around braced, there’s membranes within the chest that actually tighten up to hold the whole the heart area The lungs, this whole torso area, they actually tighten, to help us feel braced in an armoured. And of course, this is all subconscious, it’s not something we can do caught, like consciously. And when we, we want to start to feel our lives because whenever we start to, to close down, we closed down from joy and bliss, as well as anguish and sadness. And so, you know, when we’re numbing one thing, we can’t, we can’t not numb everything. You know, it’s like everything gets numbed, unfortunately. So I often say to people, this isn’t easy work, but it’s worth it. It’s not easy, it’s going to feel like shit, truly feel awful, but it’s worth it. And so because when when these membranes start to soften, when the energy starts to lift, it can feel really vulnerable. And for those of us that haven’t had soft places to land, or haven’t recognised, soft places to land, because often people are in relationships that are very lovely. They have friends that love them, and people that you know, are willing to be in their corner, but they can’t uptake it because it’s, it’s not been safe in the past. And so these membranes start to soften, we start to feel so you start to feel grief, and anguish, and love and joy. And so these these all, every single one of these feelings have sensations attached to them. And sometimes these these sensations can feel pretty bloody big, like a rumble or a heat or a vibration, or shooting or tightness or expansion. And and as I said, like any of them can feel so they can feel


Juliette Karaman  22:07

overwhelming said absolutely.


Christine Borschneck  22:11

And so it’s not easy. But it’s where it’s interesting,


Juliette Karaman  22:15

where you say it’s not easy. Or for me that kind of feels like it’s words, it’s we’re not accustomed to it. It’s just it’s a different sensation. We’re so used to bracing ourselves. We’re so used to like tightening up to keep ourselves safe from feeling. But once we’ve had that taste that one taste of what it feels like to fully feel like, oh my god, can I have more of this? And how do I do it? And then we become a little bit rudderless, right, we can bit a bit like, Oh my God, how we how can I have more of this? Or how do I do this? And then you really do turn to people. And this is where where you’re so brilliant. And you help people with massive trauma overcome that? Part where where they’re searching and where they don’t find that safety in themselves.


Christine Borschneck  23:16

Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s really a beautiful you know, I’ll say beautiful, it’s beautiful and deep and brutal for the for the folks to feel it because it can feel quite terrifying to have somebody finally see you, if we’ve been longing to be seen, heard, loved and felt, which is what I believe. That’s what we’re here to do. We all desire to be seen, heard, loved, felt and understood. And when somebody really gets it, and takes our hand and holds us in our reality, the stuff, the real stuff, the stuff that, you know, not the photoshopped stuff. It’s like, hey, you know, like, I have pain. Here, I’ve anguish here, I have, I have dreams that I wanted to bring to this life and I haven’t been able to do it because I don’t have the confidence in which to do so. And when you can hold somebody in that tender piece, they it brings tears to my eyes. You know, I I just feel so blessed to be able to do that with people all the time. And, and I know what it feels like for me I remember I remember the days where, you know, I was on my early journey with with my nervous system and my nervous system was all cool. It was one big ol jumbled mess of, you know, like yarn like it was just it was a really tough nervous system that I that I was living with. And I remember somebody, you know, seeing me truly seeing me and loving me through it, and I will never forget that moment and that It was the moment where I was like, Oh, my goodness, this is possible. It’s possible to be loved, and completely undone and feel feel broken. But I mean, now now it’s like, oh, none of us are broken, none of us actually need to heal. I mean, but that’s that’s far, far, far down the road that I had that, you know, that realisation but in the beginning, I needed somebody to be able to see me.


Juliette Karaman  25:34

So yeah, we are all mirrors. So what you see in Me and Christine, is what you probably can’t see in yourself yet. Yet. We are mirroring back to you. And I wanted to just touch upon the people that have had a session with you or have had a session with me, and then they’re out of that. They’re like, yeah, oh, this is too much from my sister, Daniel. I don’t know if I want to be seen this much.


Christine Borschneck  26:03

Yes. Yeah. Do you want to? Do you want to riff on that? Or do you want me to go?


Juliette Karaman  26:08

No, go for it.


Christine Borschneck  26:12

I, I’ve been, I’ve been at this for 25 years. And I am, I used to take a really a really soft kind of approach. And then I went into, you know, just meet people where they’re at. And now I do that I meet people where they’re at, but I always have the kind of that, that idea of, I can see your potentiality. And if you’re coming to me, if you are coming to me with the contract of I want to reach the fullest potential, or the biggest iteration of myself, meaning like, the next up levelling of who I am, I am making a contract with your soul, not with your comfort level. You know, and so, and so sometimes people, people are like, Whoa, this is a lot to a lot to feel, or this is, it’s hard to be seen. It’s you know what Juliette? I’m gonna pause that for a second and just even pull in a story, a personal story with the two of us. You know, one of the one of the most beautiful gifts that you’ve given me, is blowing by having this level completely open, and blowing my receiving level completely open. So, when I met you, I, you know, have this amazing life, everything’s going good. And then all of a sudden, you know, we’re playing in Paris, and we’re going to the places and, you know, you’re gifting me things, and we’re going to these fine restaurants. And I mean, like, I live in the prairies, you know, like, like, you’ve been here. But fog? No, it is, it is the prairies like prairies means, you know, the joke of, you know, your dog can run away for three days, and you can still see him running like it is it is flat. There’s not a lot going on here. It’s gorgeous. I mean, we’ve got nature and we’ve got, we’ve got connection, and we’ve got you know, like there’s, there’s things that we have that a lot of places don’t have. So I come over to see you in, you know, Paris, we went to Scotland and we did all the fun things. And it was just it was a lot for my nervous system. You know, it was just like this having this level in this, like it just kept stretching, you kept stretching me and stretching me and stretching me. And and I remember because I know my nervous system well enough, and I know how to you know, when there’s an opportunity to expand, I take every opportunity I can. And there was a time where, you know, you had gifted me something really, really extravagant. And I just I just said, Okay, we need to stop everything to stop and be with me hold space for me. Don’t go anywhere, just be with me. And I cried so hard. I got a nosebleed because it was so much pressure in my internal system. And so I say that from a personal perspective, because I want people to know that it’s real, like it is a real thing when your nervous system is up levelling and you are reaching a new level. It’s not comfortable, but it’s worth it you know, say it was not comfortable Juliette being seen in my vulnerability being seen where I was stuck Being seen where I had my edges around. I don’t deserve this. Who am I? You know, what, what is this? What is this mean? Does this mean that I need to pay this back? Does this mean that I owe something now I’m in debt because sure as hell, I don’t want to be in debt to anybody in this life. So what does it mean? You know, and as as, as, as givers like you and I are, we’re so used to offering but the receiving is another code. It’s another it’s another frequency that is, is a humdinger. So I just want to say for your listeners, if anybody wants, they’re having this level blown open, or they’re receiving level blow blown open, this is the girl that do it, because she just she, you know, Juliette, you have this beautiful way of holding the frequency that everybody can have every single thing they could ever want, everybody, and when you have what you want, then you can give it out to all, you know, for me, for you, for us, you know, as we’ve as we’ve said, it’s, it’s not just for, you know, your your gifting me in the receiving, you know that receiving code now allows me to teach other people how to do that. You don’t read that shit, you don’t get it from a book, you get that from a direct transmission.


Juliette Karaman  31:42

It is that is the direct transmission and the direct experience. And this is why I often say to people, it’s like, when you mentor with me, it’s a direct experience. It’s experiential. And so you will actually feel it in your body, your codes, the resonance in your body will change. Because you’ll receive certain codes that I transmit through my voice or my being. And the funny thing is that you’re talking about receiving codes. That’s exactly what I have been downloading, I think I’m probably it’s been my life’s mission to talk about receivership and how we receive. So later this summer, I’m actually bringing forth a programme called the receiving codes that this came up right now. So of course it did. Course. But yeah, and of course it did. And that’s the beauty of being God, how many 1000s of miles apart and yet being in that same frequency. So to bring it back to your story, and the nosebleed, and I’m also going to tell the listeners why we do this little bit of class above the class. Oftentimes, when we bring in personal stories, it has your nervous system and has your whole body just kind of respond to that. And you can co regulate to the frequency that we’re bringing in you. And that there’s not so much your vision and centre is not so much oh my god, what what next bomb are they going to draw, but I’m going to have to learn. So you just kind of stay relaxed. We I talked about implementing your butthole a lot, because actually, it just means that he can be a little bit more relaxed. And by talking about personal stories, it’s really we’re raising the hands. It’s like, Yeah, me too. I’ve been there. It’s you are not alone, we’re shining the light there, there are really lots of ways out of there. You’re not the only one. And this is one of the things I would say to the people that I have blown out by putting so much attention on them, that they actually blew up. They’re like, didn’t know where to look them. They’re like, whoa, you know, for for days, they’re like everybody’s shaking. I’m like, oh, okay, I was a little tone deaf there. myself to to read a bit. And it’s not fine. What I did, it’s not like how intensely I looked at them, but it’s just their nervous system could not could not handle that. And for the longest time I really like beat myself up about this and like, well, what am i What the fuck, you know, why are you doing this to people? And it’s like how, okay, so now I put attention on them a little bit and then I’ll go back into a personal story or or if I’m teaching a class or put my attention on someone else, because although we all want attention, sometimes too much attention is too much of a good thing.


Christine Borschneck  34:56

Yeah, because it hits people’s attachment styles too. their attachment styles, their wounds, you know, being seen. It’s in your correct you know, when when you’re an embodied human being people, people feel it, people really feel it. And so then it, it’s, it’s a calling, there’s something in them that says we’ll come back home, come back to myself, I want to be back in my body too. And it’s like, you’re allowing someone to come back in their body, that their body is not always a very comfortable place to be. There might be anxiety living there, there might be emotions that are having been felt, you know, so I like yourself, you know, I’ve Oh, man, I’ve absolutely blown people out. Like, oh, shit, like, they felt like I brought in like the stadium floodlights, you know, when I needed a little shitty Fisher Price light that that was like the batteries were almost dead, you know, like, it’s like, Oops, see?


Juliette Karaman  36:02

The humour, actually the humour and the humility and authenticity that we bring to this work, right? It’s like a sum. Yeah, we all raise around with a cat from time to time. And it’s never too point that you can’t ever repair. I mean, you blow up people then you stick around, only make sure that they come back down and that they’re arriving that you scheduled in another session a few few months later if that’s what they need and just just kind of realise like you know, if you’ve ever made a remark to one of your friends that actually wasn’t so kind because yeah, I don’t know you were angry or you’re in a state of reaction versus really like response. So didn’t you like come to a few minutes later or a day later and just kind of said, Hey, shit, that was that wasn’t cool. I’m sorry about that. That’s all we do.


Christine Borschneck  36:55

Absolutely, you know and I think it’s such an opportunity for us to see where we can I call it being a catalyst in someone’s life you know like in like grade nine shitty science class where you did all your your beakers and everything and then you dropped in like something and then it you know, it was the catalyst that created the little explosion whatever. Each one of us gets the opportunity to be a catalyst in another person’s life. So many people are walking around going you know what I’m you know, in the people pleaser extraordinaire world, right? Like, trying not to step on anybody’s toes trying to say the right thing instead of just being who in the fuck they are. And, and just taking this air of like, I need to be perfect and not hurt anybody and not do anything wrong. It’s like, Oh, my goodness, you’re you’re not being who you are in your authenticity. But then you’re also not not being a catalyst for other people’s growth. When we make people uncomfortable, they rub up against their edges. We’ve both rubbed up against each other’s edges, we have a we have tried to do that for each other. We have said, you know, I have said I in this lifetime Juliette, I am committed to being your soul sister, through and through, shoulder to shoulder together, we will rise. And so that means I hope I rub up against you. I hope you rub up against me so that I can see the places where I’m, I’m unconscious.


Juliette Karaman  38:35

And that’s the beauty right? There are such glimmers in the triggers. It’s really one we start becoming aware of it’s like oh, that’s where I am still unconscious. That’s where I’m not 100% Clear. So Christina, and this has been beautiful and I want to just wrap it up and wrap our listeners in this beautiful kind of like scrumptious little package. Where can they find you?


Christine Borschneck  39:12

I am at WWW dot hertz Samadhi and that’s H E A. R t r t h e AR T Sumati. S A M A dhi.com. I’m also on Facebook, Christine Stinson Borschneck and on Instagram at Christine Borschneck, perfect.


Juliette Karaman  39:36

And tell me what is what is heart Samadhi mean? Because if I repeat it a few times people actually remember.


Christine Borschneck  39:49

It means enlightened heart. And so I believe that there is nothing we can’t get through. If our heart is right Really online. So if we are coming from a place of true love it everything else can be dissolved. So heart Samadhi is the Enlightened heart with fully open heart that unarmored heart, just like we were talking about earlier, like how can we? How can we just be with one another in an unarmored state and show our hearts faces to to each other


Juliette Karaman  40:28

beautiful, beautiful. All your details will be in the show notes. If you could give our listeners one. One action step, what would it be?


Christine Borschneck  40:43

It would be to take five minutes a day to just listen to yourself. To go into yourself, we call it the sacred pause, to go into yourself and just start to be with whatever is here. Whatever’s arising. It might You might notice that your body wants to move, or wants to vocalise, but even five minutes to just be with yourself, to come into oneness with your own self. It can change your whole life.


Juliette Karaman  41:18

It’s very much along the lines that I give, obviously, for together. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you so much for being on the show. I know that you and I are going to record another session of inside Pandora which is a podcast that actually Christina and I are both we both co hosts. So if that’s something that you want to look at that will also be in the show notes inside Pandora podcast, and that’s on iTunes and on Apple. I love Thank you for having for being here. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for explaining your part of this journey to our listeners. I love I love you so much and that my love’s is another session. Thank you for being with us and we will see you soon

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