Episode 11 Energetics and the Dance of Sensitivity

On: Aug 15, 2023

In this episode of “The Scrumptious Woman with Juliette Karaman,” we delve into the captivating world of energetics. Juliette takes us on a journey through the concept of energy imprints, intuitive abilities, and the unique experiences of energetic individuals.

Unveiling the Essence of Energetics:
Juliette introduces the idea that everything is composed of matter or energy, creating a web of interconnectedness.
Thought patterns and movements leave energetic imprints, contributing to our experiences and interactions.

Revisiting Childhood Intuition:
The discussion touches upon the innate intuitive abilities of children, who instinctively sense energy and express their needs.

Over time, societal imprints might lead to a suppression of these innate abilities, disconnecting us from our intuitive selves.
Energetic Blueprints and Sensitivity
Juliette introduces the concept of energetic blueprints, showcasing the spectrum of sensitivities people have to energy.
She highlights the remarkable abilities of energetically sensitive individuals to sense and interpret their surroundings and interactions.

Navigating Relationships and Spaces
The episode explores how energetic individuals experience relationships, emphasizing intuitive connections and boundary awareness
Energetic sensitivities may lead to preferences for certain environments, such as nature, where their energy can harmonize.

Supporting Energetic Sensitivity:
Juliette shares strategies for understanding and supporting those with heightened energetic sensitivities.

Practical tips are given for partners, parents, and friends to create safe and comfortable spaces for energetically sensitive individuals

Embracing Intuition and Self-Awareness
The episode emphasizes the importance of trusting intuition and reclaiming the innate awareness we had as children.

Energetic individuals can cultivate self-awareness, recognizing red flags and personal boundaries to thrive in their sensitivities.

Harnessing Energy for Pleasure
Juliette explores the connection between energetic sensitivity and pleasure, including the ability to move energy through the body

She discusses how energetic individuals can tap into sensations, even experiencing spontaneous orgasms through energy play.
Connecting to Self and Others
The episode concludes by highlighting the interconnectedness of energetic individuals with the world around them.
Juliette encourages listeners to embrace their energetic sensitivity, fostering a deeper connection to themselves and their relationships.

In this enlightening episode, Juliette invites us to explore the intricate world of energetics. From childhood intuition to adult experiences, we learn to honor our energetic blueprints and appreciate the profound dance of sensitivity that shapes our interactions and relationships.

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Juliette Karaman

Juliette Karaman 00:01
Welcome to the scrumptious woman with Juliette Karaman. This is a sacred space, where we embark on a profound journey, reinventing the most intimate relationship in life.

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Relationship with yourself. We look within uncover and reclaim the territories of relationships, intimacy, sensuality, kink, spirituality, embodiment, communication, parenthood, and grief. Through this podcast, we challenged ingrained beliefs and address taboo subjects. Awareness truly is the first step towards self love. Welcome once again to the scrumptious woman, and get ready for an adventure as we dive deep into your essence. Together we will receive reveal, rewire and restore the secrets and living a more scrumptious life. Are you ready? Let’s begin. Hello, my love’s super happy to be back with you for short and powerful power, about energetics. And what do people even mean when they say I have a certain energy? Oh, I can feel your energy is off, right? It’s like, what does it mean? There must be no that everything in the world is made out of matter or energy. Everything has an energetic print. And there are people like Joe Dispenza and others that really explained this concept well, and just as our thought patterns create a certain energy patterns, it then how we move through it creates an imprint and how we can feel people. But I wanted to talk about energetics also in a way that make makes it has it just come home a little bit more, right. It’s why as an erotic blueprint coach, one of the ways into pleasure is the energetic blueprint. And I wanted to touch upon us so because then it has you understand a little bit what I talked about when I say energy. I mean all of you have probably been massively intuitive as a kid. Right? As a baby, we’re where we’re born perfect. We know exactly what we want, because we cry when we want it to chin. When we want a boob or milk when we want a nappy changed when we’ve got craps. There’s nothing that a baby is especially brand new newborn baby is afraid to do because it’s just instinct, right? It cries, the baby cries when it needs something when it wants something. And over the years, imprints have formed. Your parents may have said no to loud stuff crash. Get up off the floor. You can’t have hurt yourself so much. It’s nothing just a little booboo. All of these things have actually imprinted and have made it feel slightly unsafe to be the fullness of who we are. And for energetic people we have felt into others like oftentimes you’ll have a feeling of deja vu, you’ll walk into places you’re like, oh my god, it’s like have I dreamed about this place? Have I been here before, I really know this place. And the same thing is like your walk into a house. And this is how I always find my houses that I know I’m going to live and I walk into the house and like yeah, this feels like home. I want to be here this this has a certain feeling a certain energy that is drawing in. And at the same time you can have a certain dry, a certain energy that can just push you away from that completely. And this is where others are very empathic and can almost read each other’s thoughts. I had this one I lived in Texas. I moved with my parents in Texas when I was 12 and from Holland and I just remember waking up in an airport or down looking down and seeing this freeway and it was massive like five lanes and everything was big. The cars are big the trucks are big. Everything was was big, even from like I don’t know the 20th floor that my sister and I were staying and they went downstairs for breakfast and they were like big stacks of pancakes and steak and bacon and this mat and I was like I got this everything in Texas big. But the funny thing is I tapped into my intuition and into that people say the paranormal, right that you can read each other’s thoughts and that you can be aligned with each other. So I had this really cool biology teacher, and my English. I didn’t speak much English when when I went there, yes, I’d had some English lessons like, This is my house. This is the garage that is next to my house. My car is in the garage that was about the English I had learned before I moved to Texas. So it was a little bit of a rude awakening when people talk like, y’all have a good day and and I was like, Whoa, first of all, I can’t understand that accent. And second of all, I don’t know what to say back. Although, in Holland, we had a lot of TV that was subtitles. So I had gotten used to the sound of it. But I just didn’t know how to speak very much. And that’s how kids are, you know, you throw them in on the deep end and women now time I was I was speaking it. But I hadn’t quite caught on to all the little nuances. So Dr. Dr. Hope, was my science teacher. And I remember that he was sitting on one side of the room. And he would just like, think of me, and I’d look up and I’d say, yes. Can I help you? And he’s like, Oh, you caught up. Like, you were talking to me? It’s like, No, I wasn’t, I was thinking you were catching on. I was like, Oh, how does that work? So he kind of explained the science about it a little bit. And then we just do these kind of like tricks. He’d sit on one side of the room, and I’d sit on the other side, and we’d have cards and you pick one and I be feeling like Oh, it’s this one. And that was kind of our little card trick. He’s also one of the ones that actually had me that I didn’t realise until just now what a cool cool. Brain Dump brain lightening up moment is he’s actually one of the first ones that had me moved through massive, massive, massive fear of spiders. I duplicating an experience. So I used to be terrified, terrified, terrified of spiders. So bad that when we lived in Holland before I moved to Texas that had this big house of high high ceilings about six metres high. And if there would be a tiny, tiny spider, I would scream until my mother would come get on the ladder with her broom, like, hidden until it came down and then tried to catch it and throw it out. Or I’ll be honest, sometimes kill it. I know. These days, people will say oh my god, you get spanked for doing that. But like, so I was terrified, terrified, terrified. So I went on the strip of this with Dr. Hope this biome trip. And we went to the Big Bend in Texas and the Big Ben tarantulas. Now I don’t know if any of you know tarantulas, but they are. Man, they’re badass. Just you know, if you’re terrified of spiders, you see a hairy tarantula with these Biggers long legs and that big body. I mean, even even now, I’m not afraid of spiders anymore. But still that that moment of like, woof so any any people that are afraid of spiders, stop listening. So I told him before, I’m like, I’m terrified of spiders. And then we cap there and he’s like, Hey, Jules, how you doing? I’m crazy. Like I’m like, I’m gonna go guess it. And I’m like, No way. 13 or 12? I think 12 or 13? Like massively like, my low like, Dutch accent? I don’t know. No, I don’t want to say to me, he’s like, No, come here. So he sat next to me. On the other side, his one of his other teachers sat next to me and they kind of did that to have me feel safe. Right? To invoke that my my nervous system started regulating to his. There were tarantulas everywhere, through about three on his foot neuro back to on the other person. Miraculously, there were none on me. When he grabbed one, he said, Okay, I’m going to put it on your leg. And I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. He’s like, No, breathe. Just continue to breathe. And just feel it. Have it be there. And I remember sitting there and my heart was like, oh, sweating profusely. And all of a sudden I just looked at the stretch, learn and like wow, you look really mean.

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And then all of a sudden, I could see the law hairs. I could see like the kind of like, like beady eyes and like, Oh, I was just starting to be a little bit curious. And I’m like, wow, okay, hello fear, this is a kind of cool thing. And then I started to tune in to just the energetic frequency of it. I’m like, I’m fucking massive compared to this tarantula. It must be terrified of me. And when those thoughts start running through me, all of a sudden, I recognise like, Oh, I’m duplicating an experience where I had a spider land on me when I was tiny. And I hated it. It scared me. And it got me into that freeze Reaction Response. So that is actually no, I look back, that was my first time that I duplicate it. That sensation. Super cool. So thank you, Dr. Hook, if you are listening. Wow. Thank you, I didn’t realise that my path started much earlier than I actually thought. But why I’m talking about this energetics is that you can tap into place you can tap into people, you’ll know instinctively, if you can trust someone, if you feel safe with them. And this is what it’s like for an energetic blueprint. We are very open. And I say we because I’m a shapeshifter, I have all of these blueprints in me. And I can definitely feel into the part of me that was empathic and that could feel people’s energy. And that was told by my mom go and give Auntie Carolina kiss. And Auntie Caroline had this big mole and then sticky out hairs from it. And me as the little one was like, yeah, no, I don’t want to do that. And it’s like, come on, come on, don’t be rude. You’re embarrassing me. And I want to just let that land that all of us have had experiences like that, where we instinctively knew that something didn’t feel right. And yet, we met before. So we may have just incurs we may have just been cajoled a little bit like this is I want to be your My kids are well brought up. Or there’s I even know as me as my mom, I must have done this. But it’s little by little we start not trusting our intuition, not trusting the energetics of what we are feeling. And then yet, some of some of us start shutting this down. I remember my son had had an imaginary friend, or we call it an imaginary friend. I mean, how I’m like, he could actually just feel the energy in the room. And he would call it psycho. And so I was like, Oh, I say, go there. It’s like, yeah, he’s on the other bed. Great. So I didn’t shut that down. I didn’t say, Oh, you’re crazy. There’s no one here. Although, you know, we’re four kids. And under three years time, sometimes when it wasn’t convenient, I’d be like, Okay, it’s also good to just hurry up and come on board with stuff. But really, this is where we can feel the energy. We know what’s going on in our lives, we can feel the energy from other people. And really, how can we get more safety in our body, more safety in our minds more safety in our environments, so that we can blossom. Now the beauty of people that feel a lot of energy, is that also once they become aware of this, they can move it through their body, and they can play with it. And then it becomes kind of like a Peter Pan Tinkerbell dance with sensations in your body, you can move your breath up, and you can start feeling the sensations moving all the way through your spine, actually moving through your cells. And really noticing how this can plant by yourself how you can heal them. And people can even have spontaneous orgasms by feeling the energy across the room by flirting with someone across the room by playing with their energy by not touching. A way in to pleasure for this is what I do with my VIP days is body mapping. So for the energetics, this will look like being really sensitive to smell. So you might walk past someone in on the tube are in the train station and they have a really clothing, scent of perfume and you’re like, well, not only does it evoke memories, but for you energetically it’s just too much decaf. Breathing. So sense of smell is really important. coming too close too fast is another red flag if someone comes too close to you, or like, oftentimes you’re at a conference or you’ve seen people online, and then all of a sudden you meet in person, you quickly come up to person, you want to hug them or in Europe, you give them kisses. If you’re with someone who’s very energetic, this is not the way to go. So take this as a rule of thumb, put your hand out. And that is a birth, but a major size that is your energetic body. All of that is probably not, it’s probably too close for that person to come into. So you can that’s almost like your protective bubble where you can start feeling stuff, right? Where, where, if that’s if they come too close. That is, that’s a kind of point. So please stay outside my energetic bubble, for you that are energetic stuck feelings, like oh, how close you like sitting on a train, or two aeroplanes puts you off a bit when there’s someone sitting in that middle seat, if you’re on the either on the window, and how do you breathe, when there’s no one near you. It’s like you need a lot of space, you are great in nature. And also this is where the certain kinds of touch, start noticing where the breath lands start noticing, like, how would you approach someone that isn’t energetic? How would you touch them? How would you look at them, because often, we can already start feeling pleasure, by just looking at someone in their eyes, we can have certain music, start swaying our hips, and that will create a lot of pleasure. Where people come in and say, Hey, I’m going to touch your arm, you will probably notice it at a much greater distance, the person that is going to touch the person on the arm is is moving the her hand slowly down from say about a foot 30 centimetres, 40 centimetres up, and then slowly bring it down and asking you when can you start feeling it. And oftentimes people that are energetic will feel it much further away from the body. And that’s when they feel it really strongly. And then maybe less strongly when when it touches the body. And that is where you can deliciously play with it. What what turns you on, where is the part that actually feels really scriptures in the arm, it might be at 30 centimetres. Other places say on your kneecap, it might be really delicious and scrumptious when you feel about two inches away from it and you start feeling the vibration of the hand. This is why Reiki and why a lot of these eastern practices work really well because we work with the energy that is in somebody’s body and we can start moving energy around. So this is what we talk about energy. And this is how you can also start to notice, what are your red flags? What are the things that you don’t like, when you’re a very energetic person? And then how can you build up capacity in all of that? How can you as a partner, as someone who’s very energetic, who feels energy who, who is finding it difficult to go in large places? How can you support them? How can you stay curious, instead of saying, Oh my God, you’re just, you’re just too much how as a parent, can you start becoming aware of this, just like there are so many different ways to really start becoming aware of who we are like there’s human design, there’s gene keys, there’s astrology, there’s also this erotic blue friends. It’s like your archetype, your blueprint in to pleasure and how you are. And for energetic people, oftentimes, the music will be too loud or there’ll be too much of a base and that their nervous system feels uncomfortable. You’ll often see them retract and need space for themselves. You’ll see them go into nature, they’ll eat grounding foods, oftentimes that they may not digest

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animal products so well so want to be vegan. They will take salt baths, and dance and move Have their body in a certain way, so that they start feeling safe. And all of this is just to bring again, awareness to how can you be with people that are very much energetic beings in this world? How can you slow down enough to honour yourself? If you’re massively energetic honour, your husband, your wife, your your child, your friend, your sibling. And just like, the light bulb kind of goes off, it’s like, Oh my God. Yes, this is me. I used to be empathic I used to be able to hear what people said, I used to be able to see things. I used to be able to see the grid around people I used to see their aura. All of this is starting to get a lot of attention. People that do sacred medicine that do plant medicine are starting to become much more aware of what’s actually happening in this earth and what’s happening in their spread. And how their energy is starting to shift. We look at the Schumann resonance and, and all the different frequencies with which we learn and we go into the different states of being and the delta, alpha and gamma all of these and where we radiate at a different frequency and where energy can become matter. Ai loves this was for you to get a glimpse and to energetics and to what it is like to be with someone who feels deeply and he was deeply aware of their energetic pattern, much love. Thank you for joining the scrumptious woman podcast. I appreciate you being here as time is your most precious commodity. If you enjoyed these insights, please hit the like and subscribe button. By doing so you’ll stay connected. Visit feel fully u.com for a wealth of resources, tools and guidance to support your journey towards living a more scrumptious life. Follow me on Instagram under the handle Juliette Karaman. French spelling with double TE Karaman ka-ra-man. Facebook again, Juliette Karaman, don’t keep this magic to yourself. But share this podcast with anyone who you feel will benefit from this energetic exploration. Spread the wisdom ignite their inner fire and empower them to embrace their true selves. Together let’s create this ripple effect of transformation and inspire others to embark on their own journey of self discovery. Thank you for being part of our vibrant community. Stay fully you and continue to radiate your unique essence and all that you do

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